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Online file hosting has been around since the early days of the Internet. It's nothing new to upload a file and share a download link with friends and family. Scripts promising to clone popular file sharing sites such as Rapidshare and Megaupload are abundant in variety and usually cost no more than a meal at McDonalds. But why would web entrepreneurs want to create another service already so redundant in the Internet landscape. Well the answer is simple; the demand is high and growing. First of all you must define why you need file hosting? Basically, there are 4 common types of files video, images, music and data. If you are looking for any special file hosting server, you should use the keywords "file upload" and add the type of file. For example "file video upload". Another good way is to type in SE "file hosting". The best SE in my humble opinion are Google and Yahoo! So, start your search and I'll tell you how to deal with file-hosting services. The basic meaning of file hosting is nothing but the method in which a computer file with added features is saved and another person can access as well as view it. In this process the file sharing and viewing becomes much easier no matter where you are. It is also convenient because you do not need to carry any storage device with you and you can retrieve the data and then transfer it elsewhere. All that the person who wants to download needs is a web browser. Some of the companies also have easy sharing links that can be used to share files and folders through email and or even through instant messenger. They can post the links received by the free file hosting services on their blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace accounts. The file hosts can be used to bypass emails filters that are very strict, which normally limit the attachment of files you want to send in a message. If you need to send a video or a large photograph, you'll find that it is very difficult to do it because of these filters of free email services. When choosing any file hosting solutions service you should look for affordability. Any good file hosting solution would come with various packages from where you can choose the one you like. You can go for a package which provides custom designing for your website, spam and virus blocking options and so on. Usually, file hosting services offer you to choose a file from your hard drive. As I've already said, you may choose mp3, video or any data you want. But keep in mind that the file must conform to upload restrictions. The upload limit may vary from 10 to 250 Mb. And this is not the only restriction. There may be upload and download speed limits, free space limits, and so on. But all these restrictions can be lifted if you sign up for "premium account". So it's up to you. After uploading a file you get a link that you can keep in the closet or share. Using this link you can download files whenever you want. There is no doubt that file hosting service is the most reliable and easy way to share and host your files.

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