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FILE 13 #2


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the new york stock exchange I am on the floor, sir. I just can’t get through these cro…

hey, Charlie! where the hell are you? I need you on the floor ASAP. My feed’s delayed!

I don’t care, Homme. You’re paid good money to do a job.

and right now that job is getting my goddamn feed up so I can do mine!


two hundred! two hundred!

Now do it! or I’ll find someone else who will.

SELL! SELL! yes, sir...

awesome…my first “you’re fired” threat of the day, and the bell only rang five minutes ago.


buy? BUY! BUY!


of course...all has been prepared for. I know how vital this is to our mission. you are certain he is the one?

yes. we have both foreseen it.

then it is time. a new world order will be established.


maintain your illusion. we shall take care of the rest.

that’s funny...I feel like I’m... too shall it create him.

what’s the status, charlie?!

as our power created you...

HUH?! What?? Oh, uhh, sir...

floating skull!?!

...I found the problem it’s… that’s it, homme! I’m tired of your $#!*! you’re fired!

do not fear, charles homme.

you have been chosen…

…you are meant for bigger things.

OH MY GOD!! an explosion!? we’re under attack!! that better not be my server!!

bill, cancel that order. invest in weapons contractors!

it is done.

haliburton! buy now! NOW!!

I love this place. Our father used to take us out here every summer.

southold, long island

thank god for my brother’s single-mindedness. now that randall took my half of soltech*, I’m glad I never had the chance to tell him.

When Dad died and left randall and me soltech--and all that money--buying this place seemed like the right thing to do. Like a way of staying close to him. I remember trying to tell Randall that I bought this place. I was so excited. He cut me off, told me whatever nonsense I was worked up about wasn’t important and that he needed trials completed ASAP.

I get to remember how things used to be, and he doesn’t know I’ve set up my own lab. I couldn’t have done it without my friends, though.

and Then Yoma hooked me up and Got me on my feet with some tech, so I could complete this armor.

*see last issue

newton sent over that truckload of surplus equipment from curtis-michaels the second he heard I was fired from soltech.

all he asked for in return were my notes from the theoretical work I did into wormholes and super-luminal quantum fields. I wonder what he’s doing with that?

I owe him big time.

once I get the pressurization issue worked out…

…I’ll fly to japan and thank him in person.

lower manhattan hospital

Mr. Homme, the results of your test are in, and other than a minor concussion, you seem fine. I’d avoid driving and doing anything too strenuous for a few days, but you’re free to go home.

What the hell happened today? They tell me I can go home…

Sorry. …Tell me I’m fine. I can’t even remember anything from this morning. your wife didn’t answer, is there anyone else we can call to pick you up?

excuse me.

I…don’t think so. I’ll be fine. watch it, @$$#*!@!

did I get fired today? I should be happy.

Because not everything that goes around comes back around, you know. god, I hate this city.

I just need to get some rest.

Where the hell is Jessica? Everything I do for her and she can’t pick me up?

instead I have to stand here listening to this idiot singing and chewing her gum like a cow.

One thing that is clear, it’s all down hill from heeeere.

Three more stops and my shift’s over. gotta stop off and get Janie’s medication.

thank god I got a seat on the train...even if it is next to this fat slob.

Martin, you better have gotten those tickets to the play today. I am not missing another opening night.

I just want to sleep.

There is no way I’m walking home. Jess is gonna have to pick me up. I don’t care if it’s in the middle of the freaking bachel…

Martin, you better have...huh... gotten... hu...

Umm...EXCUUUUSE me, sir! YOU are all over my shoulder!!

tickets. Tickets, please!

not missing another... opening night… huh huh...


it’s ok! you can I don’t have mind! whole the row of seats!!!

wh...What’s Happening?!?

if you see something, say something... I definitely see something!!

Oh my god!

who you supposed to call whe...

File 13 #2 Preview  
File 13 #2 Preview  

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