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Cleanrooms The Micro- and Nano-fabrication platform is equipped with a 70m2 environment with a controlled level of dust contamination. Different rooms with different contamination levels (between ISO8 and ISO5) are present. A photolithography room with suitable yellow lights is available.

Spin coater model WS650Sz-6NPP-Lite from Laurell Technologies Corporation Capability to coat up to 6” diameter (150mm) wafer or 4” (100mm) square substrates. Standard holders for microscope slides and holders for fragments with dimensions and shapes down to 10mm squares. The instrument is equipped with a Digital Processor Controller and remotely connected to a PC. Rotation speed between 100 and 12000 RPM (Resolution > 0.5RPM). Selectable acceleration up to 13KRPM/sec. Unlimited programs storage capability. Each program can consist in up to 51 steps. Double automatic dispensing system (one of which is orientable in order to allow the coating of the outer part of the spinning wafer).

NanoOnSi nanostructured thin films deposition system from Tethis NanoOnSi is a system for the deposition of thin films of nanostructured materials by means of the so called Supersonic Cluster

Beam Deposition technique (SCBD). It is composed of two vacuum chambers: the expansion chamber for the generation of the

supersonic beam and the deposition chamber for the collection of nanoparticles on substrates. The apparatus is equipped with a PMCS™ (Pulsed Microplasma Cluster Source) that is able to produce metal and metal-oxides nanoparticles. A robotic holder for handling the substrates is placed in the deposition chamber. The system is able to omogeneously coat surfaces up to 200x200mm2 big. The system is interfaced to the cleanroom facility allowing the production of thin films in highly clean environment. · Typical rate data: 100 nm homogeneously deposited on a 10 cm2 surface in 1 minute. · Deposition thickness from submonolayers dispersed nanoparticles up to several microns can be achieved. · Real time control of the thin film growth through quartz balances. · Room temperature process allows the use of every kind of substrate (metals, ceramics, polymers, membranes, micro-electro-mechanical systems). · Patterning with sub-micrometric lateral resolution can be achieved by simple non-contact stencil mask method.

· Nanoporous Oxigen/Water Reactive Layers for Gas-gettering · Nanostructured Gold Films for Thiol adsorption in Bio-Sensors CATALYSIS · Nanoporous Noble-Metal Thin Films for PEM Fuel Cells · Nanoporous Photo-Catalytic Layers · Dispersed Nanostructured Catalyst for Nanotubes Growth ENERGY · Nanoporous Electrodes in ECDL Supercapacitors and Batteries · Nanoporous Electrodes in DyeSensitized Photovoltaic Cells BIOTECH · Bio-compatible Layers for Lab-OnChip Applications · Bio-compatible Layers for DNAProtein-Virus-Bacterial-Cell Arrays

The materials produced have found applications in the following fields: DEVICES · Nanoporous Oxide Films for Conductimetric Gas Sensing · Nanoporous Noble-Metal Films for Cathalitic Gas Sensing

TECNA box coater for thin films deposition mounting a Ferrotec e-beam evaporation source. This system is specifically designed for the deposition of multilayered thin films using an e-beam evaporation source. The system is interfaced to the cleanroom facility allowing the production of thin films in highly clean environment.

This system is able to manage substrates with diameters up to 10mm. Thanks to an IR furnace, the substrate temperature can be risen up to 600°C. The pressure during the deposition process can be as low as 10-8mbar. The heart of the system is the Ferrotec EV-M6 multipocket e-beam source. This source is able to deposit sequences of up to 4 different materials (metals or metal oxides) and is suitable for a wide range of applications including semiconductor, thin film and optical coating.

Plasma System Colibrì from Gambetti This is a simple and easy to use desk-top plasma system, designed for those needing to clean, modify or activate surfaces of metal, plastic, ceramic or paper-based materials and more. Ideal for R&D, or for small productions. The power supply works in RF regime at 13,56 MHz, 200W. The plasma chamber is cylindrical with a diameter of 100mm and a depth of 260,5mm. The system is controlled by a microcomputer and uses two mass flow-controllers (MFC) for the regulation of the percentage of a single gas, or to define the ratio of two different gases. Applications : · Surface activation · Surface cleaning · Surface coating · Etching


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