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Dr Marc Dussault Elite Master Athlete Mental Toughness Specialist Squash Addict

Milestones & Achievements 2006 Wyong Men’s Master’s 40-45 Men’s Division 8 Champion 2009 Australian Masters Games Silver Medallist Men’s 45-49 2009 Australian Squash Masters Ranked #12 Men’s 45-49 2009 World Masters Games Ranked #18 Men’s 45-49 2010 Pan Pacific Games Ranked #4 Men’s 45-49 2011 Port Macquarie Masters Tournament, Division 2 Plate Winner 2011 Sydney City League A Grade Teams Champions 2011 Australian Masters Games Gold Medallist Men’s 45-49 2012 Pan Pacific Masters Games Silver Medallist Men’s 45-49 2012 Vancouver Rackets Club Early Bird Tournament Men’s Open Plate Winner 2013 Australian Masters Games Silver Medallist Men’s 50-54 Professional Squash Association Top Ranking - World #319

Marc Dussault - World #319 Friday 01 February 2013

My Journey Success is one of those things that for many, is hard to define, quantify or label. While we each have our own interpretation and perspective, for me and my business coaching and mentoring clients, success is about living one’s ‘purpose’. I define my mission in life as continuing to live my dream, empowering others to discover and live theirs. I originally played squash as a time-efficient way to maintain physical fitness. Winning the first tournament I competed in was the catalyst to developing a competitive career as a mature athlete. It was also convenient as another example of exponential mindset strategies in action – in a non-professional environment, with the unique twist of mental toughness to overcome adversity and perform at peak performance. Hitting my first squash ball at age 37 with only 5 years of playing experience and less than a total of 10 tournaments under my belt, on my blog, I chronicled how I reached the top ranks of masters squash within 3 years. The foundational principles of deliberate practice, peak performance preparation and mindful mental self-awareness reveal the building blocks of athletic success with parallels and analogies in other dimensions of life. One of my guiding principles of success is the holistic approach to achieving excellence in all 4 dimensions of mastery – business, the Internet, professional and personal. Achieving work-life balance without compromising results and achievements is something that eludes most people. My squash ‘career’ in large part was developed to prove you ‘can have it all’ and the same approach and mindset that creates success in one dimension can be replicated across the other dimensions. Joining the Professional Squash Association on my 49th birthday, as the oldest player on the tour was a life-defining moment. It was both scary and exciting to step into the realm of professional sports even though my expectations and intentions differ from the juniors who dream of reaching the top 10 or becoming world #1. I am doing it to determine where my ultimate all-time peak performance lies just as much as to have fun and explore new insights, distinctions and revelations about who I really am and capable of.

I am on my journey, having the time of my life, creating one breakthrough after another – what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Success Is NOT All About Money, It’s About Becoming The Ultimate ‘You’ Dr Marc Dussault

Squash Lessons For Marketing Squash Lessons for Marketing is a unique, lighthearted approach to exploring the Mindset Of A Champion for your business or career. With 29 specific examples, Dr Dussault uses humour and his in-depth appreciation for the game of squash to extract key distinctions of success that can transform how you see your role in the business playing field so you can perform at your peak and win the game of business much more decisively and with a lot less effort.

You’ll capture 29 game-winning squash strategies applied to growing your business or developing your career • Why most business people read the best books but get few tangible results (focus on hitting the ball versus getting to the ball). • Why so many entrepreneurs lose the ‘easy sale’ over and over again (by tinning the ball instead of developing the rally).

• Why most entrepreneurs will never win the game of business (not aware of the training regimen required or not willing to do the necessary ‘court sprints’). • Why working harder and exerting a lot of effort can tire you out quicker (and how you can reverse that to strategically wear out your opponent and send them out of business without getting your hands dirty!). • Why waiting for the kill shot, kills more business owners than the Spanish Flu (and how developing a rally can get you the winning shot more often) • Plus 24 more, each just as hilarious and yet disarmingly powerful distinctions! This funny, comical squash metaphor will help you see your actions from a refreshingly different and less intimidating perspective. In fact, you’ll chuckle and even giggle from time to time as you begin seeing moneymaking opportunities in your business. It will gently force you to look at EVERYTHING you do from a different angle. You’ll have no choice but to see things you have never seen before. …Things that will help you to win points with clients, prospects, employees and even suppliers at little or almost ZERO cost to you. …Points that add up to more profits at the end of the month.

The Mindset of a Champion Program Part 1: The Mindset Of A Champion 1. The 4 Keys To Success: How to create any outcome you want and reproduce it over and over again, effortlessly. 2. The 3 Ways To Get To A Destination: How ONE simple decision at the beginning of your training will affect whether or not you’ll ever win a tournament, competition or lose those extra kilos. 3. Your Decision–Making Horizon: How it affects your training regimen, motivation and chances for success. You might be setting yourself up to fail and not even know it. 4. How To Quickly Learn Any New Skill: Regardless of the sport or fitness regimen you’re involved in, there are skills to be learnt. Understanding HOW you learn will help you learn faster, reduce costly mistakes and most importantly avoid injuries. 5. Leveraging a MasterMind Group: All elite athletes have a group of advisors, coaches and mentors, but the trick is to decipher and organise conflicting information that is supposed to help, not confuse you.

Part 2: Peak Performance Strategies For the Elite and Mature Sport Athlete

Discover key success ‘distinctions’ to perform at your best each and every time you compete, recover more quickly and extend your athletic career for as long as possible 1. How To Uncover Your Success Clues: Practicing for the sake of it is not effective if you are a committed athlete. A handful of strategies will be revealed to enable you to ‘coach yourself’ and/or help others assist you in the quest to improve as quickly as possible. 2. Leveraging What You Don’t Know You Know: Every competitive athlete knows what it feels like to be ‘in the zone’. This single technique will enable you to recognise what you do whilst in the zone so you can get back into it ‘on command’. 3. Competition Preparation: Make sure you absolutely ‘peak’ at the right time, with the winner’s mindset as well as re-create your success combinations and triggers. 4. Tips And Techniques To Recover More Quickly: As we get older, recovery becomes an increasingly important aspect of competition and training. Imagine being able to train twice as long with less soreness, tightness and fewer injuries… 5. Secrets Strategies To Get The Edge: All elite athletes have secret strategies, tricks and tips that give them an edge. I will share some of mine with you as well as give you a template to keep acquiring them on an automated basis.

Marc Dussault Squash Preeminence  

Created for Dr Marc Dussault for his Squash preeminence.

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