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How to Keep Industrial Filters Clean

Industrial filters are an integral part of many different manufacturing processes. Without them, safety and quality would suffer to the point that businesses would no longer be able to operate. It’s also important that industrial filters are clean for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Here is some information on how to keep your industrial filters clean and working well.

Read All the Information It is possible to clean and re-use certain types of industrial filters, but it’s important to to know if the types you have can be cleaned. Certain elements, such as high efficiency filter elements, coalescing filter elements or filters with special filtration media usually can’t be cleaned. Take the time to read all the information that’s provided with your filters so you know exactly what you can and can’t do.

When to Clean Your Filters If you have industrial filters that you can clean, you should watch for signs that it is time for a cleaning. Watch for things like: • A noticeable reduction in air flow • A drop in the air pressure • Reduced performance • A reduction in product quality • Your maintenance schedule says it’s time

Hand Cleaning One method of cleaning industrial filters is by basic hand cleaning. For this type ofcleaning: • Remove the filter from the housing • Hold it out vertically with one hand • Run your fingers over the fins like strumming a guitar • Most of the dirt and dust will be dislodged from this motion

Compressed Air Cleaning Compressed air works great for cleaning many different materials, and industrial filters are on that list. Start by settiing up the compressor to blow about 100 psi of pressure. Then, blow the dirt and debris off the inside of the filter element, then the outside of the cartridge and then the inside again. This should give you a relatively clean filter, but if you still see dirt, try again until it is clean.

Washing the Filter If you’ve tried the hand cleaning method and/or compressed air method and the dust and dirt is still on there, you may want to try washing the filter. Wash off the filter or soak it in a mild soap or detergent and water until the dirt is removed. Afterwards, use the compressed air like before to get rid off any excess moisture. Don’t bake the filter or expose it to high heat to try and dry it, because you may cause permanent damage.

Professional Cleaning If you run a fast-paced operation or just don’t have the time to clean your industrial filters yourself, you can send them out for professional cleaning. A professional cleaning service will unplug the filter and perform a quality check before sending the filter back. Once you find a reliable cleaning service, you will save money because you will be able to re-use your filters several times before buying new.

Significance The significance of having clean industrial filters as part of your operation shouldn’t be overlooked. Clean filter mean efficient filters,and the efficiency of the filters can affect: • Product safety • Product quality • Meeting legislation and regulations • Marketing strategy • Company reputation

Industrial Filter Applications Industrial filters are used in many different industries and for many different applications. Here are some of the most common: • Pharmaceutical • Food and Beverage • Oil and Gas • Pulp and Paper • Chemicals • Electronics

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Fil-Trek Corporation is fundamentally a manufacturing based filtration company. Their goal is to become the industry's most reliable and competitive supplier with a complete line of products at the cutting edge of filtration. For more information, visit They are located at 70 Fleming Dr Cambridge, ON N1T 2B1 (519) 623-7448.

How to Keep Industrial Filters Clean  

Fil-Trek Corporation is fundamentally a manufacturing based filtration company. Their goal is to become the industry's most reliable and com...

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