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Different Types of Industrial Filters

Although they don’t play as glamorous a role as the actual machines or operational concepts, industrial filters are an important part of any manufacturing process. Industrial filters are used in several different industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic and chemical. Without efficient filters, the end products would be of poor quality and the safety element wouldn’t be there. Here’s a list of some of the main types of industrial filters that are used to keep products clear, consistent and uncontaminated.

Bag Filters Bag filters come in several different varieties, and are best suited for situations where large solids must be removed from a liquid. In this scenario, the liquid would flow through the bag and the solids would get caught inside. Bag filters may be made from a variety of different materials, and are usually available in different lengths and micron ratings to suit whatever job you need it for.

Cartridge Filters In most cases, a cartridge filter is cylindrical in shape, but occasionally it looks flat. Cartridge filters use a barrier/sift method to remove sediment and harmful solids from liquid. Some cartridge filter are designed to remove microscopic elements and some are designed to stop larger particles from getting into the finished product.

Panel Filters A panel filter is another type of industrial filter that may come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, depending on the application. In the majority of cases, panel filters are plan-shaped and are found inside ventilation or air conditioning units.

Hydraulic Filters Hydraulic filters are industrial filters that are designed to purify petroleum-based liquids such as oils. These types of filters are often found in a different hydraulic system to prevent a breakdown caused by oil impurities. It’s possible to use hydraulic filters to purify water-based liquids, too.

Strainers Strainers often become part of the manufacturing process when the process contains solids that are too large to be caught up in other types of filter media. Strainers consist of baskets that can be removed and cleaned out regularly to prevent them from being bogged down. Some strainers can be cleaned without interrupting the system, while others will cause some disruption each time they are cleaned.

Air Filters Air filters are an important part of most industrial processes, as they remove dust, dirt and other particles from the air. Most air filters consist of a mesh that catches the particles when air is forced through. If the air must be protected from gases and odors as well as particles, a high efficiency particulate air filter is used.

Gas Filters Gas filters are a type of industrial filters that helps to remove contaminants or particulates from a dry or liquid gas stream. Depending on the situation, the contaminants may be solid or liquid. Some of the different elements and accessories for gas filters include: • Gas filter separators • Coalescers • Gas scrubbers

References Fil-Trek Corporation offers bag and cartridge filter housings, as well as industrial filters for many industries. They are located at 70 Fleming Dr Cambridge, ON N1T 2B1 (519) 623-7448.

Different Types of Industrial Filters  

Fil-Trek Corporation offers bag and cartridge filter housings, as well as industrial filters for many industries. They are located at 70 Fle...