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SMA Kembang Luke Street 27DE Building A-Z Jakarta, Indonesia Phone. 085669431419 Team: Designer: Fika Mayang Sari Reporter: Aji Nur Hakim Anggya Avosma Vina Yusriana Date to be Highlight 23rd April 2014 Green Generation Green Consumption

22nd April 2014 60+ Action

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HEADLINE Green Generation Green Consumption:

Another Way to be Health Hello students! March coming! In this opening summer, our school had celebrated Earth Day. Our themes in this year is GGGC, Green Generation Green Consumption. The themes tell us about as a young generation we should take care our consumption. As a clever young generation, you have to pay attention to the health through meal. Eat vegetables, fruits, and nutritious food is one of the supports to our health. Every student participated well in this event on March 21st, 2014 in School Hall. Opening celebration held in School Yard by our Headmaster, Mr. Antonio Mark, and the entire event held in School Hall. The opening of event starts 08.00 a.m. until closing ceremony on 09.00 p.m. All the event held by School Council supported by schools and News time magazine. The first event of GGGC is seminar entitle “Slow Food Movement” on March 20th. Slow food is the opposite term of fast food. In this era, all the restaurant and food court cooked fast food which is based on Health Department research is not good for health. Slow food movement brings the solution to consume slow food or non-fast food and invite people to consume it. Green Generation Green Consumption gives us another good ways of life. Be a generation who care of health and food consuming. Have a good day on March! [ANM]


CALL FOR ACTION Do you know how much the trash caused by the plastic bottle? Do you know that thing will damage the Earth condition? So here, we challenge you to do this to help reduce the trash in this world: 1. No more plastic bottle usage 2. Change plastic bottle into tumbler

CALL FOR ACTION Use tumbler to save our Earth from a bunch of plastic and bottle trash. Bring your own tumbler to school. You can refill it in the canteen. It’s free! Small act, big change!


The Danger of Plastics See page 3.

Teacher of The Month:

Ms. Joe - Mathematics See page 4.

Students Achievement:

NATURA, The Most Naturalist Team See page 6.

3 Article The Danger of Plastics The problem of garbage in our country is still unresolved. This is proven when waste management still in a mess. Therefore it was led to the destruction of the environment around us. The environment destruction is air, soil, ocean pollution and the biggest factor of environmental destruction is plastic waste.

Plastics take a hundred years to be re-decomposed by soil. More than 80% of plastic waste from worldwide which directly dumped into the trash are moving out to the sea. Most plastic waste is plastic bottles and wrappers as much as 56% where three quarters came from housing. [FMS]

Then what do you know of any dangers caused by plastic waste? Plastic garbage will be harmful and difficult managed. Moreover, plastic will decompose only in very high temperature and take long time. When plastic breaks down then it will pollute the soil. In the meantime, when plastic is burned then it will produce toxic smoke that is not good for health. Yet, in the new studies, researchers found that some plastics decompose rapidly in the ocean. Plastic breaks down at the low or cool temperatures and within a year of the trash hitting in the water. They also said that degrading plastics are leaching potentially toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A into the seas. Scientist announced that plastic is a new source of chemical pollution in the ocean. The impact of a lot plastic on the surface of the sea, this is causes the birds eat plastic that looks like a jellyfish. Not only that, plastic also leads to climate change. The way of production and material used for the manufacture of plastic requires a considerable amount of oil. This makes lots of ‘greenhouse’ gases which scientists believe are warming up the earth and the air around it. What is the solution to reduce plastic waste? The little things that are beneficial to the environment is reduce the use of plastic such as carrying cloth bags when shopping and bring the tumbler. Besides reduce, we can also reuse and recycle plastic trash. So, as seen from any side, the plastic will always carry the negative impact for our environment. But, we can do small things that bringing positive impacts to stop environmental pollution caused by plastics. [AA]

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Ms. Biggie Physics

Ms. Joe Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Tobias Athletics

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Teacher of The Month 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Students' Choices Mr. Tobias

Ms. Biggie

Ms. Joe

Ms. Joe, who did know who she is? Almost students from each grade knows who she was, especially second years. She teach for Mathematics in this school, but Mathematics do not seem so hard for students. It all because she teaches in various fun ways and very energetic person. Besides, she loves nature as much as she teaches Mathematics. “Nature inspires me to inspire others” she said. Lately, school also choose her as one of NATURA supervisor.

Ms. Joe Mathematics Teacher

As school is welcoming to celebrate Earth Day, Ms. Joe plans to invite students doing some projects outside schools. “We will learn and back to nature. Mathematics come from there” she explained. [FMS]


INTO PLASTIC FUEL Unlike Indonesia, that Indonesia is still troubled by how to get rid of plastic waste, Japan has been moving forward to convert the waste plastic into fuel. The idea is very basic processing of all plastic is derived from petroleum and can definitely back into petroleum. Therefore, the Japan government took real action over the idea because it was very likely to happen. Now, the plastic trash is no longer a problem for Japan, even contributing to the welfare of society. In general, the mechanism of conversion of plastic waste into fuel is by using the method of pyrolysis, which heats the plastic at temperatures above 400oC without oxygen. At these temperatures, the plastic will melt and then turn into a gas. At the time of the process, the long chain hydrocarbons will cut into short chains. Then, cooling process is done on the gas, which will undergo condensation and liquid form. The liquid is what will be the fuel, either gasoline or diesel fuel. To get results and better performance, the catalyst is added. Several parameters influence the product produced, among others, temperature, time, and type of catalyst. This process need relatively short time to be, the range of time of about 2-3 hours. This technology are currently being used and even exported to foreign countries, ranging from Asian countries such as China, Thailand and the Philippines to the United States, Europe and Africa. Indonesia as a developing country where the ever-increasing use of plastics is expected to develop this kind of technology. By adjusting domestic demand, this technology is expected to solve the problem of plastic waste in this beloved country. [VY]

Students’ Achievement NATURA, The Most Naturalist Team Naturalists’ group of SMA Kembang, NATURA achieved award as “The Most Naturalist Team” in Bhakti Mapala Teknik Untan Apit Night in 1st April 2014.

Figure 1. Source:

Mr. Dedi Corbuzier as 9th grade physics teacher, is completed the Nationally recognized 'Physics Award' at Bronze level in recognition of their diverse Performing physics portfolios in Indonesia Science Week 2014 by Habibi Center. [VY]

Figure 2.

Congratulation Figure 3. Source:



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Tips and Tricks Easy Ways to Go Green Earth Day is an annual event that celebrated on April 22th. In the Earth Day was celebrated with a variety of action, including simple ways as saving energy. Saving energy means decreasing the amount of energy that we use every day. Saving energy also called the key to lighting up our world. If you try to count up how many times you save energy, you will get lost in the maze. Did you know? Using less energy helps us to preserve these resources and make them last longer for the future! Not only that, but also, saving energy can save your money just as well as the animal in the arctic and prevents the climate change. Here is some ways of saving energy to prevent some problem with simple way: 1. Turn off the electricity, never used appliances and electronics like your netbook are turned off when not in use. 2. Insulated the room if you turn on the air conditioning. 3. Use public transportation, bike or walk to school work. Which of these do you already do? Which ones are you going to focus on? Save energy, save our life! [AA]

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