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18 Bollywood

 Vol-19  Issue-12


Actors are like beggars : Rani

Ahmadis survive trials and tribulations  January-2011


P- 28 Revive Fiji Awards...

Obama signs 9/11 health care bill

Imam Shamshad A. Nasair Imam Baitul Hameed Mosque, Chino, explains the trials and tribulations of Ahmadis to more than 1000 member audience at the AMC West ( See page 8 ) Convention. (left) Dr. HamidurRahmanNaib Amir USA, delivering his opening adderess.

P- 12 A trip to West Coast...


Cold wave in Kashmir, Leh records -23.6°

Srinagar. The Kashmir Valley and Ladakh region were reeling under severe cold wave on Sunday with Leh recording a minimum temperature of minus 23.6 degrees Celsius while Srinagar shivered at minus 2.4 degrees. In Leh town, the minimum temperature was minus 23.6 degrees Celsius while it was minus 12.1 in Pahalgam hill station and minus 12.1 degrees in the ski resort of Gulmarg, said M S Wani of the meteorological department. In south Kashmir's Qazigund, the minimum temperature was minus 7.4 degrees Celsius. "Those driving on the SrinagarJammu route are advised to drive cautiously as highly slippery road conditions exist on the highway this time.

Washington. Ignoring India's concerns and veiled warning that it would drag the US to the World Trade Organisation, President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill that would provide free health care to the first responders of the twin-tower terrorist attack in New York in September 2001. Obama took some time off from his vacation in Hawaii to sign the bill that provides for a fund of $ 4.2 billion for the free health care to 9/11 responders, a portion of which is being raised by extending an increase in some categories of H-1B visa fee that would mainly affect Indian IT companies. India has objected to such an increase. It also imposes a two per cent levy on goods

and services the US imports from certain developing countries, including India. An extension in increase in H-1B visa fee is estimated to cost Indian companies $ 200 million. Indian Commerce Minister Anand Sharma had termed it as a retrograde step for greater trade engagement with the US. "I was honoured to sign the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to ensure that rescue and recovery workers, residents, students, and others suffering from health consequences related to the World Trade Center disaster have access to the medical monitoring and treatment they need," Obama said in his signing statement.

Pakistan's anti-terrorism law needs to be improved: Gilani

Islamabad. Pakistan's anti-terrorism law needs to be improved because thousands of terrorists apprehended by law enforcement agencies were bailed out in courts and again indulged in terrorist activities, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said. Gilani made the remarks while speaking in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament on reports by the foreign media on Pakistan's security agencies. He made it clear that terrorists nabbed by security agencies were bailed out because there had been no improvements in the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Husain expands his Quiznos biz

P- 28 Shawn plans to...

P- 31 SamajSewa “New Year...

LIVERMORE- Smart people do not take it lying down no matter how difficult the circumstance. They always get up and get back on track to win the race. Soft spoken and polite, SadiqHussain is one such person who does not believe getting it all on the silver platter. He believes in his own self efforts and determination coupled with a strong conviction in his religious beliefs to battle it all the way to ensure success and in the process leave lessons to be learnt. After a job-related injury and the economic melt- down in 2008 Sadiq’s long career at LUMIS came to end but not his abilities to turn the table around. He took an intensive training in restaurant manage-

ment and launched his first Quiznos at the Hacienda Crossings

Plaza in Pleasanton backed by his wife and children as his support

staff. Within two years Sadiqopened his second store two exits away in Livermore on 580 close to Home Depot providing job opportunities for several school kids in the area. “Faith in God is extremely important in life for me,” Sadiq explained to me as I munched on a complimentary Tuna Sandwich at his new Quiznos that looked spotless as customers jammed his restaurant. He performed a formal Hajj two years ago. Last year Hajji SaqigHussain performed an Umrah at Mecca as well as thanks giving to God, SadiqHussain is a member of the American Institute of Management.

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January, 2011

PO Box 265, Mt. Eden, CA 94557

An affinity with Late Haji S. A. Hussein M H Koya (PhD) Editor-Publisher

PHONE : 510-677-4488 FAX : 510-781-4884




“In Haji Syed Ahmed Hussein I always saw a touch of some of my Koyauncles specially late Senior Magistrate Abbas Koya for whom he had a lot admiration as old golf players. I enjoyed and absolute ease and freedom to discuss a wide range of things from sports to politics and business to family issues.” Our initial meeting

I met late Haji S A Hussein when I was 18 years old at a Quran Dars program at late Haji Hanif and Shah Mohammed’s residence – the famous Popular Furniture Limited owners in Lautoka. The three were married to the different sisters in the same family. Impressed with my short presentation at the program, uncle Hussein moved and sat closer to me and chatted through the rest of the evening. Given his fame and the popular myths about the rich and famous of Suva City where he owned his

resolve several legal issues that stood in the way of a smooth operation.


Nadi College trusteeship case l

Uncle Hussein was a keen community worker. While he worked round the clock for Hibiscus Festival and Fiji Soccer Association for several years on the sports and entertainment front, his passion for college education was always dominant. He was one of the pioneer trustees of Nadi College Education Board along with his brothers in law the late Haji Mohammed Hanif and Shah Mohammed. Due to his immigration to USA, the Board secretary Dr. Shaukat Ali Sahib dismissed him from the trusteeship. When uncle Hussein brought up the issue in personal discussions with me, I browsed through the documents and found Dr. Sahib had breached several constitutional provisions and acted with improper authority. In addition he had reneged on a long standing Board resolution to transfer Nadi College to Fiji Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. Based on the documentary evidence and minutes of the Board meeting,I prepared and Affidavit for uncle Hussein’s attorneys Sherani& C0.,which the attorneys filed verbatim in the High Court of Fiji. The documentation was so foolproof that the respondents settled of out court and uncle Hussein received $15,000 in compensation and reinstated to the Board.


Winding up the business

Suva Electric Co. one would think this was just a onetime affair but it continued in subsequent years. Every time I had an opportunity to meet uncle Hussein the warm, respect and affection he generated was the same throughout his life. I used to be very embarrassed whenever I walked into any gathering he would stand up to greet me – a respect as a junior I had the bounden duty to pay him. Our affinity grew fonder with the passage of time especially when I moved to Hayward City where uncle Hussein had lived for almost four decades since first immigrating to USA. On several occasions he chose me over many of his closest friends and relatives to be a guest speaker at family events and wedding ceremonies. I knew he loved Urdu that he had inherited from his late father Maulavi Syed Hussain so I would fill in a few couplets in my addresses for him. Uncle Hussein was also a regular at the various Mushairah and Quran Dars programs I hosted in the Bay Area.

His business and legal analyst

As a skilled businessman uncle Hussein was shrewd and careful with his money. However, some of his executives in his Denney’s Franchise in the Stockton/Lathrop area did not perform well. He sought my input and I stepped in and corresponded on his behalf as his legal analyst helping him

A few years ago uncle Hussein expressed a desire to wind up his business and asked me to draw up a Sales And Purchase agreement. I suggested him to sell the business to his elder son Sadiq Hussein but he decided to sell the business to his elder daughter and her husband. I wrote out Sales/Purchase Agreement with stringent clauses protecting his interest.


Secret of our affinity

Many must have wondered about our affinity not being blood relations although more recently my cousin magistrate FayazKoya, elder son of late S M Koya, married into the family. This is one juncture where we met on sacred grounds of our faith that we deeply shared. In 1970s when Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan a prominent member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and a two-time judge of the International Court of Justice visited Fiji, uncle Hussein played a key role in the background. He got very close to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat Fiji as he was already very familiar with the teachings with his previous association with the Lahore Anjuman Ahmadiyya. Uncle Hussein’s deep association with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Fiji and Maulana Shiekh Abdul Wahid Fazil and Maulana Al Haj NurulHaq Anwar atSamabula Islamic Library a black away from his home led him to take pledge into the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

1. Above members and friends of American Islamic Academic committee. 2. Mr. and Mrs. Yakub Khan with guests posing with Begs at their wedding. 3. Bollywood singer Ms. Bhatnagar (red sari) with friends. 4. Ms. Shabnam Khan with daughter and son at Begs wedding.

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January, 2011


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January, 2011

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Willie Mason is set to join Hull KR


Willie Mason is set to join Hull KR next week after travelling to the South Pacific in order to secure a Tongan passport. The 30-year-old former Australian international forward signed a three-year contract with the Robins last September but his arrival in England has been delayed as the club struggled to keep to their overseas quota. However, the decision to grant Mason a Tongan - his mother's nationality - passport will enable him to be considered a non-quota player. "I had to meet the prime minister," Mason, who despite being born in New Zealand chose to play for Australia, told the Sydney Telegraph. "I think it was a big formality but that is what I had to do to fast-track it and make sure it went through. "We had a few beers and chatted. He was a good bloke and it was pretty fun actually. "I need the passport to be registered in the Super League with an off-quota spot. I can't go over until I get it and I'm expecting to go over on January 7." Mason, whose last club was the North Queensland Cowboys, has been working out on his own in a bid to match the fitness of his future team-mates, who are now well into pre-season training.

Massive tsunami hit South Pacific Three strong earthquakes rocked the South Pacific near the Vanuatu archipelago Thursday, generating a small tsunami just over a week after another, massive wave killed 178 people in the Samoas and Tonga. There were no immediate reports of damage, and all tsunami warnings and watches were soon canceled. Still, the alerts caused thousands of residents to flee to higher ground in at least three Pacific islands. The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a regional tsunami warning for 11 nations and territories after a quake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck 183 miles (294 kilometers) northwest of the Vanuatu island of Santo at a depth of 21 miles (35 kilometers). Two other quakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.3 followed in the same area. The center canceled the tsunami warnings after sealevel readings indicated that the wave generated by the quakes was too small to cause much damage. There were no immediate reports of injury or damage from officials in Vanuatu, a chain of 83 islands. It lies just over 1,400 miles (2,200 kilometers) northeast of Sydney, Australia. "We have no damage reports yet, but we have had no contact with Santo so far," Vanuatu police spokesman Take Rakau told The Associated Press from the capital of Port Vila on another island. While the quakes were not felt in Port Vila, he said Santo island "most likely could have

felt them." In Tuvalu, a low-lying nation of eight coral atolls with about 10,000 people, thousands fled inland, some clustering around the government building in the capital, Funafuti _ the only multistory building in the country. "We've had a bulletin canceling the warning, and that has been broadcast," weather office head HiliaVavae told The AP. "Even though nothing happened, it was a good exercise for us. We now can react and get to safety." In Samoa, where at least 137 were killed in the Sept. 29 tsunami, the alerts Thursday caused thousands of people to "run for the hills," AP reporter KeniLesa said from the capital, Apia. "Thousands just dropped everything _ people just ran for it," he said from the center of the city, shortly after the alert was canceled. "The word tsunami is a scary word here right now." Before the warning was canceled, "it was so tense, you could cut it with a knife," he said. Cars clogged roads out of the city to the hills. Thursday's warnings also created worry in American Samoa, where at least 32 people were killed and hundreds of homes destroyed in last week's tsunami. Residents of the coastal village of Utulei fled to the hills after hearing there was a tsunami watch for the U.S. territory. Schools, government building and other residents were also evacuated to higher ground. Traffic was snarled in downtown villages of Pago Pago and Fagatogo.

January, 2011

Christmas in American Samoa

Thursday's small tsunami came just over a week after a quake of magnitude 8.3 rocked the South Pacific near Samoa, sparking waves that killed at least 178 people and devastated coastal villages in Samoa, American Samoa and northern Tonga. But seismologist Rafael Abreu with the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo., said the timing of Thursday's quakes was coincidental and the Vanuatu event appeared to be unrelated to the Sept. 29 quake. The quakes occurred on different fault lines and the way the earth's plates moved in both events also differed, he said. The second quake Thursday, just 15 minutes after the first, hit at the same depth but 21 miles (35 kilometers) farther north of Santo and Port Vila. The third was recorded nearly an hour later, 175 miles (280 kilometers) northwest of Santo at a depth of nine miles (15 kilometers). Abreu said the second quake was originally measured at 7.3 but later upgraded to 7.7. The third was originally put at 7.1 but upgraded 7.3. Also Thursday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey reported a strong earthquake struck south of the Philippines. Th quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.7 and was located in the Celebes Sea, 175 miles (282 kilometers) southeast of Jolo, Sulu Archipelago, and 730 miles (1,175 kilometers) south of Manila. The quake hit at 5:41 a.m. Thursday local time. USGS did not report any damages or injuries.

Samoan doctor honored

A Samoan New Zealander who’s worked as a medical doctor in Auckland for more than 40 years has been made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year’s Honors. Papa’ali’iDrSemisi Ma’ia’i is one of seven Pacific Islanders recognized for their contributions to the community. Earlier this year Papa’ali’iDrSemisiMa’i a’i published a comprehensive Samoan dictionary, Tusi’upu Samoa, which came nearly thirty years after he’d first produced a Samoa Medical Glossary. He says he was inspired in this work by the Samoans who’d travel from Auckland to his practice in Kumeu because they needed a medical professional who understood the language. “It was a kind of help for the Samoans really, although I saw some other Islanders coming to Kumeu, at the time. And that’s when it started to see quite a lot of work done, on the understanding of Samoans with the medicine and the English language


Protestors grab NZ PM

A protester grabbed New Zealand's prime minister Thursday, shaking but not injuring the leader as he arrived at a ceremony marking the signing of the treaty between indigenous Maori and European settlers. The motive for the attack on Prime Minister John Key was not clear, though Waitangi Day _ a national holiday named for the treaty _ has become a flashpoint for grievances among Maori, many of whom still consider that the country was stolen from them. The day marks the 1840 treaty _ modern New Zealand's founding document, which guaranteed Maori land rights after the arrival of British settlers. "When I got out of the car a couple of young guys tried to thump me," Key said, adding that Waitangi Day was about "dialogue and understanding each others' points of view, not thumping each other." Key currently has one arm in a cast after breaking it in a fall last month while attending Chinese New Year celebrations. Bodyguards for the prime minister pulled the men away, as they shouted about Maori rights. Another man nearby carried a flag representing the movement for Maori sovereignty. One of the men yelled, "Don't believe you are coming in here, mate," as he grabbed Key, the New Zealand Herald reported on its Web site. Maori are among New Zealand's poorest citizens, with low education and income levels, poor health and housing standards and higher numbers of unemployed. They make up more than half the country's prison population. Key's predecessor, Helen Clark, was also the target of angry protests on Waitangi Day and was jostled while entering the same venue, known as a Marae, in 2004. Key looked shaken by the incident but said he was not deterred from attending the ceremonies. "If they think it is going to stop me coming back next year and again and again, they can think again because I am a lot of things but I am not a quitter," he said. "They were out of step with what the majority of people think."

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January, 2011

Fiji prepares for fourth sugar export BRIEF NEWS

A cargo vessel is in Lautoka to load the fourth sugar shipment to London. The vessel has loaded 5,900 tonnes of sugar from Mallau in Labasa before arriving in Lautoka last weekend. According to the Fiji Sugar Corporation the vessel is to take a total of thirty thousand tonnes of sugar in this shipment. Meanwhile rain is affecting the loading of sugar onto the ship. The sugar is being transferred to the vessel through a conveyor. FSC has a contract to export sugar to Tate and Lyle Refinery Company in

FNPF issue lease payments assistance

The Fiji National Provident Fund has undertaken a new program together with the Native Lands Trust Board to enhance agricultural land use. NLTB General Manager AlipateQetaki says a report submitted at the NLTB annual meeting last week stated that FNPF is willing to provide assistance to its members who need to lease land from NLTB. Qetaki says this assistance is for members who need to lease land for agricultural use and FNPF can assist on its payments and also to build house on that same land. Qetaki says they can apply for land lease with NLTB and after being approved they can take it to FNPF and apply for assistance. He says this programme is to promote and build a platform for sustained economic growth for the nation and improve the welfare of the landowners and tenants.

New passports to arrive in January

The department of Immigration is expected to receive 2,500 new blank passports by the end of January, 2011. Director Immigration Major NemaniVuniwaqa says a further 17,500 new blank passports will arrive in March 2011. With the limited number of passports that are in stock, all applications received by the department will be treated on a case by case basis. Vuniwaqa says priority will be given to those who need to travel abroad for urgent medical treatment. He added that they would try to accommodate requests from those citizens wanting to travel abroad. However for students in the New Year, they will issue certificates of identity if they will be unable to issue them with passports.

FIRCA extends TIN registration

Registration for Tax Identification number has been extended to March 31 2011. Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority tax officer EpeliNaua says the extension has been made as people coming in to register bank account holders. He says if bank account holders do not adhere to the registration period they cannot withdraw their funds from the bank. Naua says it is important to register and get a Tax Identification Number. More than 152,000 people have registered through the FIRCA office. Members of the public are advised to register at the Suva, Lautoka and Labasa office.

SCGC Levy reduced by forty percent

The Sugar Cane Growers Council has reduced the levy deductions from the cane growers proceed by forty percent. Council Acting CEO-SundreshChetty says the levy deduction is based on total cane crop per season which is divided by the Council’s operational budget. Chetty says if the cane crop towards the end of a season is low than levy goes up to around 40cents per tonne of cane but if the cane production is high than the levy deduction is low as 25cents per tonne of cane. He says in the absence of the Council board of direct6rs the annual budget for the Council is approved by the Ministry of Sugar. According to Chetty when the Council was looked after by the elected Council the yearly budget was around one million dollars annually but this has now been reduced by forty percent.

Law Suit Filed Against Fiji For Greenwashing


The Newport Trial Group filed a class action lawsuit against the Fiji Water Company in the U.S. District Court in Santa Ana, CA on behalf of Desiree Worthington and other individuals to seek restitution for “the false claims from which [Fiji Water Company has] richly profited.” The lawsuit alleges that the company made money from its claims that its water products are carbon negative. According to the complaint: “This case is very simple: Defendants convince consumers to buy their “FIJI” brand of bottled water – and to pay more for FIJI than for competing brands –by advertising and labeling FIJI as “The World’s Only CARBON NEGATIVE bottled water”. In other words, Defendants claim that they remove more carbon pollution from our atmosphere than they release into it. In reality, however, FIJI water is not “Carbon Negative.” Instead, Defendants justify this claim by employing a discredited carbon accounting

method known as “forward crediting.” Thus, Defendants do not remove more carbon pollution than they create; they simply claim credit for carbon removal that may or may not take place – up to several decades in the future.” A 2007 press release claimed that Fiji

Cows to be imported from New Zealand

300 cows will be brought in from New Zealand early next year to replace the ones lost to Brucellosis and flooding at the beginning of this year. Agriculture Ministry Director Animal Health and Production TomasiTuinabuna says part of the $1.5 million dollars - set aside by government for the rehabilitation of the dairy industry will be used for the importation of these cows. Tuinabuna says the importation was delayed due to the legal procedures that have to be followed and the amount of cows that will be brought in will be based on the weight. A memorandum of understanding for the importation of the cows will be signed next week. More then 300 cows were culled following the Brucellosis attack on the dairy farms this year.

Bad weather affects rice planting in the West

Many farmers in the western division are ready to plant rice but because of bad weather condition they cannot do this. Rakiraki cane farmer living at Naria-Ram Dhani says he also wants to plant rice but he is facing difficulties to prepare land for planting. Because of rain almost everyday in Rakiraki-Ram Dhani says he and many other farmers cannot plough their field as the ground is very wet and covered with long grass and other weeds. Ram Dhani says the same is also happening at Waimari in Rakiraki where lot of farmers plant rice every year for their own use. Ram Dhani says last year the farmers planted very little rice because of drought caused by the effect of El Nino. Meanwhile-Ram Dhani says as soon as the weather improves many farmers will plant rice as there’s lot of rice seedlings available at the Ministry of Agriculture in Rakiraki.

will offset 120 percent of its carbon emissions, and the “production and sale of each bottle of FIJI Water will actually result in a net reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.” The press release stated that Fiji would “account for the carbon footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of its products,” and the company would offset its emissions “through a combination of meaningful reductions and carbonreducing land use and renewable energy projects.” Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is derived from crude oil, is used to make plastic water bottles. According to the Earth Policy Institute, making bottles to meet the U.S. demand for bottled water in 2006 required over 17 million barrels of oil a year, enough to fuel over one million cars for a year, and produced over 2.5 million tons of carbon. About 75 percent of the plastic water bottles are not recycled, according to Food & Water Watch. Plastic water bottles never completely decompose.

Chinese company gets cement contract

Fiji’s Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Netani Sukanaivalu on Thursday formalized a 99- year lease agreement for a Chinese cement factory to be set up in VeisariLami outside Suva. Sukanaivalu told local media that the Tengy Cement Company Limited was given consent by the state to secure the 99year lease to build the country’s second cement factory. This move has been welcomed in the island nation as they anticipate a decrease in the price of cement for the construction of affordable homes, he said. Tengy is one of the first Chinese companies to accept Fijian Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama’s invitation to set up business in Fiji after several trips he made to China, it was reported. Sukanaivalu said he was par-

Decline in the copra production for Fiji

The Copra Millers of Fiji is putting up strategies to improve copra production - which has declined over the years. Copra Millers Fiji Limited official IlisoniTaoba attributes the decline in production to lack of copra supplied by the farmers, the cyclone earlier this year and the drop in the price of copra. Copra production in Fiji stood at 13,088 tonnes in 1997 - while in June last year it was only 10,000 tonnes.Taoba says they expect a positive outcome in the copra industry. "In terms of national production it has really decline but this year itsunusual.It is really a challenging year and also the copra price has been good." The company is forecasting an increase in copra production in the next few years.

ticularly pleased that the Fiji government has stood true to its commitment to facilitate the request from foreign investors in the shortest possible time and within reasonable cost. Under the agreement, the new 40 million Fiji dollars (21.6 million US dollars) factory is expected to serve Fiji and the Pacific and reduce costs for home construction through competitive pricing of cement. In August 2010, the state owned radio Fiji B.roadcasting Commission reported that Tengy had been given permission by the Fiji government to conduct studies on the establishment of a wind power generation plant in Fiji. The Tengy group of companies said they would provide environmental protection industries while investing in Fiji. Source:Xinhua

Poor Christmas sale recorded

December is the only month when businesses record the highest sales, however this year was different for the business community says the Fiji Retailers Association. President Himmat Lodhia says retailers recorded a decrease in sales compared to previous years adding there was less impulsive buying this year. ‘Overall Christmas sales have been reasonable last few days ending towards Christmas day was definitely very good. We did not have the same hype that we have had in the past years because lot of people would have run out of cash or has limited resources. Most of the government pay, back pays, bonuses – I think came a little bit late. People still did their shopping but they just concentrated on the last couple of days.’ Despite this, Lodhia is confident of a better performance in 2011

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A visit to CID headquarters : PM


New road opening

Hundreds of residents from several villages and farming communities on South Taveuni are eagerly awaiting the opening of UraSoqulu Road. The six kilometers stretch, which took seven months to construct, will be opened by the Minister for Works, Transport and Public Utilities, Commander TimociNatuva within the hour. Safety of the travelling public and ease of cargo transportation are the expected outcomes of the road, which is a diversion from the old UraSoqulu Road. Director Roads ApisaiKetenalagi said the diversion was safer and easier for the travelling public. The old road runs over hilly terrain, which vehicles find difficult to access and lives of people from farming communities are placed at risk. MrKetenalagi said the new road runs along the coast. “It should be easier for trucks to transport cargo to the markets,” he said. “This is an intensive farming area and so we also look at the economic gains to be gained from the area when embarking on such road developments. “The road also reduces the distance travelled by as much as a kilometer.” The lesser the distance, the less the production costs for dalo farmers. The new road links markets to about 80 per cent of the dalo farming areas on the garden island.

The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama gave full support to the Police Drug Unit's operations after a visit to the Criminal Investigations Department headquarters in Toorak this morning. While this will be discussed further at official level he made a directive to senior military officers, who accompanied him, to look at ways the military could support Police in the war against drugs. The Fiji Military Forces have often supported Police in the war against drugs but now their permanent presence is required. The Police Commissioner Brigadier IoaneNaivalurua on Commodore impressed Bainimarama the possibility of Fiji's drug problem becoming a great security issue in future if not tackled more aggressively today. Commodore Bainimarama responded that stakeholders should tackle this problem now before it became a bigger problem for all in future. “I think the worst case scenario would be that in the South Americas, where drug lords rule, we do not want that here and judging by the amount of money involved right here in Fiji it is a worrying possibility,” said Commodore Bainimarama. The Prime Minister, who visited

the CID headquarters for the first time since its establishment in 2005 was taken through a detailed brief of the situation in Fiji and the region in regards to the drug trade. He was also shown resources the Police and other stakeholders have to fight this war, which is already the cause of many social problems and crime in Fiji. “A lot of crimes committed today in Fiji is connected to drugs,” says Brigadier Naivalurua. The main area of operations that will have military assistance will be in Navosa province, Fiji's hub of marijuana cultivation.

Reddy to meet FRU over lottery wrangle

Fiji’s Commerce Commission chairman DrMahendra Reddy will meet with the Fiji Rugby Union on Tuesday to raise concerns on a breach of the fair trading act with respect to the sales of its Rugby World Cup Lottery tickets that was drawn on Thursday. This, following complaints received from some members of the public who were disappointed with the decision made by the

Fiji Rugby Union to reduce the price of a lottery tickets to half the contracted price of $20 just hours before the draw at Sukuna Park. Reddy said: “We will meet with them on Tuesday. In fact our office will make contact with them on the day to make an appointment but we would like to meet to meet with them at 1pm.” “We would like to discuss how to deal with the matter that has come up, particularly deal

They maybe considered “babies” in the super premier division in 2011 but the Savusavu football side will be out to do wonders and create more upsets in the elite competition. The team from the “Hidden Paradise” of Fiji created history in October, dethroning Nasinu from the super premier division and moving up a notch after winning the promotion relegation series. The northerners won the first leg 1-0 via a TanielaLevea goal at Subrail Park in Labasa and held Nasinu to a goal-less draw at the tfl National Stadium to add a new chapter to the history book of Fiji

with the disgruntled buyers.” Dr Reddy said. Also to be discussed will be the likely penalties due to the FRU for breaching a clause in the existing fair trading laws enforced by the Commerce Commission. “We have laws to deal with this and necessary penalties to be dished out. We will present to them options to take to ensure that at the end of the day all par-

January, 2011

ties especially the disappointed ticket buyers are satisfied,” Reddy said. He has also advised buyers to keep their tickets well. “You may be asked to produce this as evidence.” Reddy says he doesn’t want to pre-empt the extent of the penalties saying the Consumer Commission will issue a press statement at the conclusion of the meeting on Tuesday.

everything correctly to claim our place in the super premier division.”

And it is being proposed that a more permanent base be set up in Navosa Highlands to look after, accommodate and train Army and Police personnel in the fight against drugs and for awareness purposes. Challenges Police face in the war against drugs include lack of equipment, vehicles and man power on the ground, especially in the hard and inaccessible terrains of Fiji's interior and violent responses from farmers. Around 57,729 plants were uprooted in Navosa from the period 2009-2010, all with an estimated value of $288.6million.

Ms. Kennedy foundation of Fiji

MsNehalPatel in Hibiscus festival float

Savusavu out to do wonders in 2011

soccer. “We have been rewarded for all our hard work in the past years and have rightfully claimed our status in the super premier division,” says team manager and Coach Ali Hussein who successfully guided the side to win the premier league as well. “Nasinu protested twice after losing to us but things did not work out in their favor because we played our cards right and did


“We had been knocking on the door for the past four years and always fell short but this year we took a much more positive approach and managed to finally break the deadlock and barge in.” “The team has been receiving a lot of support and backing from the business community and citizens of Savusavu as well as from the entire northern division.” “We are proud to increase the representation of the north in the super pre-

mier division and will do our utmost best in 2011 to keep the northern flag flying high in the National League and tournaments.” “We will retain the players that played for us this year and will also include some experienced super premier players to have a balanced and competitive team. A lot of players are showing interest in joining us but we will have our executive meetings and then decide on which players to sign” he added. Savusavu will face Labasa in its first super premier match in the opening round of the National Football League in February.

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PM Manmohan Singh pledges to clean up governing processes in 2011 8

January, 2011

NEW DELHI: With a welter of scams and price rise haunting the UPA 2, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a New Year eve message has promised his government will "redouble" efforts to deal with inflation and cleaning governing processes. Instead of a more routine wish-you-well message, the PM has chosen to address the crisis of credibility facing UPA 2 after the Commonwealth Games, 2G and Adarsh society scandals broke out in the last few months. "We will redouble our efforts to deal effectively and credibly with the challenges of inflation, cleansing our governing processes, national security and making our delivery system work for the aam admi," Singh has said in a three-paragraph message, which begins by pointing to the need to take stock of the year

gone by and the challenges ahead. He has said that on the New Year eve, he would like to "assure all our citizens that my government and I

will work with renewed resolve for the welfare of our people". The PM said he would pay attention to national security and making the delivery system work for the common man. The PM's effort seem to be to indicate that he is aware of an erosion of public trust while also making it clear that he does not lack the political will to address the malaise of corruption charges dogging the government. To this end, he has also made an oblique reference to the stand-off in Parliament with the Opposition and said it is time to make a "new beginning to the year" and to dispel the air of despondency and cynicism. "We need to believe in the resilience of our democracy and its capacities to deal with infirmities and shortcomings through course correction," the statement added.

MANGALORE: An MD radiology seat under management and NRI quota in medical colleges costs Rs 1.25-1.5 crore. And despite this pulse-stopping figure, seats have been sold out for the next two to three years. This is the where the gravy train starts, an explanation why consulting specialists and treatment in specialty hospitals cost the earth. No doubt modern equipment is expensive and adds to the cost of treatment, but the fee that an MBBS graduate pays is the main factor. It's an open secret: the fee charged by some deemed university medical colleges, as well as those affiliated to RGUHS, range from Rs 60 lakh to Rs 1.5 crore. A few years ago, orthopedics was the hot favourite. Now it is radiology

which commands Rs 1.25-Rs 1.5 crore. If graduates don't book their seats now, they should be prepared to add 10-20% premium the next year. Early booking ensures the rate is frozen. So what could be the reason that radiology costs so much? Believe it or not, it's insurance companies plus the fear of litigation, say doctors. "No hospital wants to get mired in litigation, so the first things recommended are exhaustive investigations, ranging from common blood tests to MRI. This has generated demand for specialists," says a doctor. "The first thing a patient is asked on arrival in hospital is whether he/she has a mediclaim policy. If the patient has one, a battery of tests is ordered, whether required or not," the doctor noted.

PORT BLAIR: Andaman and Nicobar Island Lt Governor Lt Gen (Retd) Bhopinder Singh today formally launched the country's first sea plane service in the Union territory. "The launch of the sea plane service is a step towards faster promotion of the tourism sector in the islands," Singh said here. He said besides developing tourism infrastructure, the plane service will also help improve connectivity between different islands of the Union territory. The sea plane service, a joint venture venture between Pawan Hans Helicopter and Andaman and Nicobar administration will be used to connect Port Blair with Havelock Island and subsequently others islands in the North and Middle Andaman. The sea plane is a Cessna Caravan 208 Amphibian and has a seating capacity of nine passengers and can land on water.

MUMBAI: The fear of terror has begun to take a toll on the 2011 ICC World Cup. International sports broadcaster ESPN has sought a record Rs 600-crore terror and weather insurance cover for the Cup, which begins on February 19. This is three times the Rs 200-crore cover for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. State-owned New India Assurance and General Insurance Corporation (GIC Re) are reliably learnt to have been approached for insurance support. The stakes for the broadcaster are very high because the matches are being held in a region that's prone to terror attacks. Also, India has been in much better form than in the 2007 World Cup and is expected to make it to the final stages. Add to that the fact the World Cup is, for the first time, being broadcast in high definition and will be available through mobile streaming.

SHIMLA: The snowfall kept date with the 'Queen of the Hills' on new year eve, nearly after two decades, bringing cheers to locals and thousands of tourists who have thronged the hill-state this winter. The city witnessed intermittent snowfall during the day, while it received about 15 to 20 cm of snow last night, Met officials said, adding, minimum temperature in the city was recorded zero degree Celsius and maximum stayed at 4.4 deg C. Adjoining resorts of Kufri, Narkanda and Kharapatthar had 80 cm to 100 cm of snow during the last 24 hours. Shimla and other tourist destinations in the state have a white new year eve after 1990-91. Himachal Pradesh was bereft of snowfall this Christmas. The Hindustan-Tibet National Highway was closed beyond Chharabra due to heavy snowfall at Kufri and Narkanda as vehicular traffic to Rampur and Jeory was being routed via Basantpur and Kingal. The Jubbal, Chopal and Rohroo areas were also cut off due to

heavy snow at Kharapatthar on Shimla-Rohroo road. The tourists were making a beeline to Kufri to enjoy the snowfall, but blocked road and power failure brought discomfort to the holidayers. Efforts were on to re-open the road and restore electric supply. Manali, Solang Nallah, Palchang and adjoining areas are experiencing intermittent rain of white flakes since yesterday and about 50 cm to 75 cm of snow has been recorded. The vehicular traffic up to Manali has been restored, while the traffic beyond it was suspended due to heavy snow. The mighty Rohtang Pass experienced 150 cm of snowfall while Dhundhi, Darcha and Koksar had 100 cm to 120 cm of snow. The tribal Lahaul and Spiti valley was completely cut off from rest of the state as even pedestrian movement was brought to a halt. The check post at Mari and Koksar to assist the pedestrians had been removed and people were cautioned against venturing to cross the

Radiology MD seat costs Rs 1.5cr, yet not available for next 3 yrs

Record terror cover sought for 2011 ICC World Cup

Country's first sea plane service launched in Andamans


Nityananda video fabricated : Ranjitha

BANGALORE: Actress Ranjitha on Friday claimed she was not the woman in the sleazy video involving Swami Nityananda. Breaking her silence after the sex scandal broke out in March 2010, Ranjitha told a press conference her first public appearance since then that she is ready to reveal the names of those behind the video if she is given security cover. "I was very scared for my life and that of my family. However, if I and my family are assured of 100% security by the chief minister of that state (Tamil Nadu), I am ready to name the persons behind it. These people are working with Lenin (former driver),'' she charged. "I want to live some more years" was her reply when asked why she was hesitating to reveal the names of those alleged conspirators. "I'm very scared. They have threatened me against revealing the names. They are people with political backing and power. I have no backing. My family is behind me,'' she said. Commenting on the video clip which purportedly showed her in a compromising position with Nityananda, she said: "It is fabricated. I am not the person in it. In fact, at that time, I was in a room that I was sharing with another female devotee in the Dhyanapeetham ashram." "I blame myself for this. It has affected my career though some people still ahve faith in me.''

Haven't met Nityananda

"I had left for USA on March 3. I have not met the swamiji since these happenings. I did come back in June and gave my statement. I have cooperated with the CID. I am a volunteer of Nityananda Dhyanapeetam. If time permits, and if they agree, I will certainly visit the ashram. In the last six months, many disturbing things happened. I was in Philadelphia. I'm tired of being hounded, bullied and threatened like this. I was not hiding, as some sections of the media have portrayed. I was deeply hurt by this. I've given a complaint against Lenin and others before the Ramanagaram court....," Ranjitha explained when asked why she took so long to respond.

After two decades, snowfall in Shimla on new year eve


Rohtang Pass during snowfall. The majestic Dhauladhar ranges, overlooking the Kangra valley, Churdhar Ranges in Sirmaur district and other high mountain passes are also experiencing intermittent snowfall, creating intense cold wave conditions in the adjoining valley areas. Kalpa and Keylong in tribal districts of Kinnaur and Lahaul and Spiti received 120 cm and 80 cm of snow, respectively but the minimum night temperature rose marginally to stay at minus 3.5 degree Celsius and minus 2.7 degree C respectively, five notches above normal. Mid and lower parts of the state were lashed by intermittent rains, accompanied by strong icy wind. Dharampur in Mandi district was wettest in the region with 120 mm of rains, followed by Palampur (99 mm), Kandaghat (90 mm), Sundernagar (85 mm), Dharamsala (71 mm), Mandi (65 mm) and Bhuntar and Solan (58 mm) each. Kalpa was coldest during the day with maximum temperature dipping to minus 0.9 deg C.

500 militants active in J&K : DGP

JAMMU: Pointing out that terror infrastructure is intact across the border to aid and abet terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, police chief Kuldeep Khoda on Monday maintained that 450-500 militants are active in the state where militancy has been lowest in past two decades but infiltration bids had increased. The terror infrastructure across the border - launching pads and terrorists training camps - are intact and active to aid, abet and infiltrate militants into the state, Khoda told reporters. "The camps and launching pads have not been closed down. The infiltration bids from across the border have increased while infiltration of militants is down because of the alertness and vigilance of army personnel who have killed more militants during the bids last year," he said. However, there are 450-500 militants actively operating in the state and 45-50 percent of them are foreign militants, he said.

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2010 remains a year of sufferings and struggle for Pakistan PAKISTAN NEWS

January, 2011


LAHORE: Pakistan said goodbye to 2010, leaving behind the year of insecurity, political disorders, bad governance, corruption scandals and increased foreign influence with the hope that judiciary and media activism would continue in 2011 to bring peace, prosperity, good governance and strong sense of sovereignty to the nation. Life is in optimism, which opens new avenues and innovative thinking to the nations for solutions to the prevailing problems and issues, while pessimism is a blind alley that closes all doors for the ray of hope to enter. Unfortunately, 2010 brought 467 bomb blasts killing 1,544 people and wounding 3,571 with 42 blasts only in January. Four deadliest and unforgettable blasts hit Lahore. At least 63 people were killed in March

12 blasts in Moon Market while Model Town and Garhi Shahu incidents on May 28 claimed 100 lives. July 1 Data Gunj Bakhsh blasts killed 44 people while September 1 Karbala Gamay Shah blasts claimed 43 lives. Fortunately, people and the law enforcement agencies are fighting the terrorists bravely and hustle bustle of life is there in all the cities of the country that reflects undaunting sprit of the nation and that morale is still high. Unfortunately the nation suffered the worst calamity in the form of devastating floods that began in July 2010 following heavy monsoon rains in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan and affected the River Indus basin. At one point, approximately one-fifth of the Pakistan’s total land area was under-

water. According to the government data, the floods directly affected about 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure, with a death toll of close to 2,000. The number of individuals affected by the flooding exceeds the combined total of individuals affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Fortunately, the nation got united to brave this calamity. The governmental and non-governmental organisations as well individuals stepped forward to help the flood-hit people and the floods brought about unity and national solidarity. The whole world saw that the nation stood firm and fought terrorism as well as the natural calamities bravely. Seeing the courage of the nation,

international community also stepped forward to support the country. The European Union is going to give special incentives in the form of trade and this would open new chapter of growth of business and industry in the country. Unfortunately, corruption scandals tainted the Pakistanis cricketers during the year. Fortunately, in sport, especially cricket, Pakistan won the title of World Cup Twenty-20, winning fame and name for the nation. Bad governance, corruption and heated political attacks on rival groups and individuals adorned the media talk shows and news throughout the year. The media viewership increased manifold during 2010 as viewers say they feel a sense of catharsis after seeing politicians in hot water while failing to find proper

answer during their media trials. Socio-political unrest is there in the society but the point one may consider commendable is that democracy is working even in its weaker form in the country. Further, it also remained somewhat positive that rivals PPP and PML-N have learnt the lesson of co-existence. The other nations of the world that are considered now part of the developed world also went through such transition phases and one may hope growth of the democratic institution in the coming years. Seeing in the broad spectrum where at least two pillars of the state, the judiciary and the media are seen improved and developed compared to 2009, the 180 million Pakistanis may visualise the dream of a prosperous Pakistan in future.

Speaking to the media today, a top US military commander in charge of securing the vast, mountainous border between Afghanistan and Pakistan admitted that there was literally no way for the US to actually accomplish this. The commander, Col. Viet Luong, insisted that it would require more resources than the force has at its disposal to secure the border and that it would require far more cooperation from the tribes inside Pakistan than they have ever been able to secure. The admission will likely be of particular interest to Pakistan, as the US has been demanding that the Pakistani military seal the exact same border virtually since the 2001 occupation began, and is only now conceding that even the much more powerful US military can’t do

what they’d been expecting Pakistan to do. At the same time, sealing the border to approved traffic is remarkably easy, as there are only two functioning border crossings between the two nations, and NATO supply convoys traveling through both are regularly attacked by insurgents. It seems then that the group with the closest thing to practical control over the border is the Taliban. And that is a situation that is only getting worse, as reports suggest that a number of the rival militant factions along the border are getting more comfortable at working with one another against the common cause of the NATO occupation in the north. Officials say that a number of the recent border attacks have involved members of several factions traditionally at odds.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said that the people of Pakistan have shown remarkable passion in timely helping their flood affected brethren. He specially appreciated the gesture of the employees of different government organizations who are contributing generously towards this cause.The Prime Minister was talking to Managing Director PTV, Yusuf Baig Mirza who presented him Rs. 9.0 million cheque for the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund along with Union Office bearers at PTV center. Minister for Information & Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira was also present on the occasion. The Prime Minister commended the gesture of employees of Pakistan Television and thanked them for their assistance in this hour of need.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Indian on Saturday exchanged lists of their nuclear installations and facilities under an agreement to prohibit any attack, by either side. The lists are exchanged every year on January 1, under the “Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack Against Nuclear Installations and Facilities”, inked by the two sides on December 31, 1988. The agreement is known as one of the best Confidence Building Measures between the two sides that has continued to remain effective despite the status of their ties. Pakistan and India first exchanged the lists on January 1, 1992. Under the agreement, both the parties to “refrain from undertaking, encouraging or participating in, directly or indirectly, any action

aimed at causing the destruction of, or damage to, any nuclear installation or facility in the other country”. The agreement defines “nuclear installation or facility” as a facility including nuclear power and research reactors, fuel fabrication, uranium enrichment, isotopes separation and reprocessing facilities. According to a statement from the Foreign Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed over the list of Pakistan’s nuclear installations and facilities to an officer of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad at the Foreign Office at 1100 hrs (PST). The Indian side handed over their list to an officer of the Pakistan High Commission at the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi at 1130 hrs (IST).

MIRAMSHAH: Taliban militants on Friday freed 23 tribesmen whom they had detained this month for meeting Pakistan’s army chief in the country’s tribal belt. Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq told AFP from an undisclosed location that a militant “court” freed the 23 tribesmen after “they swore on the Holy Quran that they would never support the government in future”. Officials had said 23 elders from the district of South Waziristan were summoned by the Taliban to Razmak, a town in neighbouring North Waziristan, on December 17 and had not returned. Local intelligence and administration officials confirmed the release. The military carried out an offensive last year in parts of South Waziristan targeting the headquarters of the country’s main Taliban faction, following an increase in militant bomb attacks in late 2009. Many of the Taliban commanders and their foot soldiers are believed to have fled into North Waziristan.

KARACHI: Despite a history of conflicts, mistrust and estranged relationship, an overwhelming number of Pakistanis and Indians want peace and friendship between the nucleararmed South Asian nations, a survey conducted on both sides of the border has revealed. The survey - conducted by independent research agencies and sponsored by the Jang Group of Pakistan and The Times of India on the first anniversary of their joint peace initiative `Aman Ki Asha` showed that 70 per cent of Pakistanis and 74 per cent of Indians want peaceful relations. Although, the process of composite dialogue between Islamabad and New Delhi remains stalled since the 2008 Mumbai carnage, 72 per cent Pakistanis and 66 per cent Indians hope to see `sustainable friendly relations` in their lifetime. Compared with last year, the number of Indians hoping to see peace in their lifetime has surged by 17 per cent. The optimism at the people`s level appears in a stark contrast to the current bitter offi-

cial positions. The Indian government accuses Pakistan of harbouring terrorists and not doing enough against the alleged sponsors of the Mumbai attack, while Islamabad says that New Delhi has been using this incident as a `propaganda` tool to avoid talks on the core issue of Kashmir. Islamabad also blames India for instigating violence in Balochistan. According to the survey, awareness of the Kashmir problem as being central to the state of relations between the two countries, particularly in India, has increased. The survey results show that 77 per cent Pakistanis and 87 per cent of Indians feel that peace can be achieved by settling the protracted Kashmir dispute. The scientific survey covered 10 Pakistani cities and 42 villages, covering a cross-section of people from rural and urban areas. Pakistani cities where the survey was carried out were: Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Hyderabad and Sukkur. In India, the survey was conducted in six cities:

Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad (Deccan) and Chennai. Adult population, both male and female, were represented in the survey. This was the second survey on Pakistan-India relations. The first survey was conducted in December 2009; just before the Aman Ki Asha peace campaign was launched. Survey results show a consistent and marked improvement in perceptions about each other by people in both countries. The survey showed that the issue of Pakistan-India relations featured in the thoughts of 73 per cent Pakistanis and 68 per cent Indians. The survey results said apart from settling the Kashmir dispute, 80 per cent Pakistanis and 91 per cent Indians think `stronger relations and better defence` would also contribute in achieving the goal of peace. The survey tracked the impact of the Aman Ki Asha campaign in India by asking a similar set of questions to two groups of people - one aware of this peace campaign and the other not aware of it. On all four questions asked - perceiving Pakistan as a high

threat to India, as a sponsor of terror, desire for peace and being hopeful for achieving sustainable peace there was a marked difference in the responses of the two groups. The group that was aware of the Aman Ki Asha initiative had a much better perception of Pakistan. Around 77 per cent of Pakistanis and 87 per cent Indians consider that international pressure may help in bringing peace, while 71 per cent Pakistanis and 72 per cent Indians pin hopes on greater people-to-people contact to pave the way for friendly relations. Eighty-one per cent Pakistanis and Indians see people-to-people contact as an effective `instrument of peace`. An increase in business has also been tipped as a vehicle of peace by 67 per cent Pakistanis and 69 per cent Indians, the survey said. Among other steps needed to promote peace, 32 per cent Pakistanis pinned hopes on sports, 28 per cent on business, 22 per cent on tourism, 20 per cent on travel for health treatment and 13 per cent each on culture and higher education.

US: No Way to Seal Afghan Border With Pakistan

Taliban free detained Pakistani tribesmen

Pakistan nation show remarkable passion in helping flood victims:PM

Pakistan, India exchange lists of nuclear installations

Pakistanis, Indians want peace, friendship, says poll

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January, 2011

Everyone's weight fluctuates. While not everyone can be a small size, the clothes you wear can make you look thinner, or (gasp!) larger, it's your choice. You don't need to completely cover your body if you have extra weight, and not every tip will work for you. You have some great features, so accentuate them and accessorize. Find out what best flatters your figure and stick with it. A small weight gain will make your clothes feel tighter, so always have some "fat" clothes available for those occasions and don't feel bad. Every woman experiences this. You can dress slimmer and look thiner with these simple tips.

How to

Dress Slimmer Tips to Look Thinner

♦ Find a good fit. Clothes that are too tight or too baggy will make you appear larger. ♦ Choose darker solid colors such as black, navy blue and gray. ♦ Dress monochromatic, all in one color, top to bottom, no patterns. ♦ If you want to wear patterns, go for smaller ones that overlap. ♦ Avoid horizontal stripes. Look for thin vertical and and diagonal lines for a fluid look. ♦ Select bold accessories to draw attention away from trouble spots. ♦ Avoid bulky sweaters and sweatshirts. ♦ Always try on clothes. Different designers have different size charts. ♦ Avoid pleats. Flat front pants and skirts are instant slimmers. ♦ Low-rise pants that hit just below your navel will lengthen your torso. ♦ For longer looking legs, skirts should fall




f late, most beauty products use jojoba oil in them. The oil is an odourless, golden coloured liquid wax which seeds of the jojoba plant produce. It is an oil that, to a great extent, never causes allergic reactions. Jojoba oil has many benefits. It is best used for the hair, but can also be used for the skin.

For hair

Jojoba oil is great to add shine and lustre to your hair. If used on frizzy hair, it

restores it's healths. On drying of the hair scalp, flakes generally tend to appear, and this causes itchiness. Using jojoba oil on the scalp, acts as a moisturiser. The oil is non-greasy, but then again never apply jojoba oil (or any other oil for that matter) directly on your hair and go out, as it may attract dirt. Use it with any other hair product, mostly shampoo or conditioner. Jojoba oil also helps in growth of new hair cells. The oil has an anti-dandruff effect and helps in hair fall control.

For skin

Jojoba oil is used both for dry and oily skin type. It helps regulate the sebum produced on the skin. Thus for oily skin, the oil just controls the greasy texture of the skin and on dry skin it acts as a moisturiser. Mixing a little quantity of jojoba oil with your regular

right above the knee. ♦ Forego the frills. Extra ruffles and material only add bulk. ♦ If you have a large bust, invest in a good support bra. ♦ Avoid shiny fabrics such as velour & satin. ♦ High heels add height and shapes your legs. That's why you always see runway models in heels. ♦ Dark panty hose will make large legs appear thinner. ♦ Stay away from patterned leggings. ♦ Wear undergarment foundations such as control top pantyhose and shapers. ♦ If you prefer wearing a sleeveless dress, cover your upper arms with a sheer, elegant shawl. ♦ Choose open collar shirts, v-neck shirts, and scoop necklines to make your torso appear longer. ♦ Avoid small handbags. Stick with a medium-sized bag in proportion to your body. ♦ A dress with matching coat can hide bulges. ♦ Match your belt and shoes to your skirt or pants to make your legs appear longer. ♦ Don't tuck your shirt in. Buy those that fall just below your waist, but aren't too long. ♦ You can still wear bright colors, just not on your problem areas. ♦ Frilly clothes are a no-no and just add to your overall size. ♦ Avoid too-tight pants that cling to your hips and thighs. Instead, try trousers with comfortable legs and wide cuffs. ♦ For longer, thinner-looking legs, opt for an asymmetrical, tiered skirt. ♦ If you're a petite woman, wear the highest heel you're comfortable with to add some height. ♦ For longer-looking legs, match your socks and shoes to your trousers. ♦ A thick waistband helps flatten the tummy. ♦ Like chunky jewelry? Don't overdo it. Choose one large piece and keep the others in proportion to your frame.

moisturiser works wonders on your skin. Jojoba oil also acts as a lip balm for chapped, dry lips.

For body

Applying jojoba oil on your body before a shower hydrates the skin. It also increases blood flow in the body and thus gives a glow to the skin.

For removing makeup

Take a cotton ball and soak it in jojoba oil, dab it on your skin, and it instantly removes all the makeup applied. Then take a tissue to remove the excess oil on the face. Jojoba oil is also gentle enough to remove eye makeup. Remove your mascara, kohl or eye shadow by dabbing a cotton ball soaked in jojoba oil gently on the eye area (lash, upper eyelid respectively). In no time will your eye makeup be removed. The oil has so many benefits that it has become a primary component of most cosmetics and creams. It treats many skin disorders, and thanks to its antibacterial quality, it also helps prevent acne. And if you're scared of aging, you could also try this oil as it helps reduce wrinkles.

How girls manage to walk in


high heels

ver wondered how ramp models manage to walk in 10-inch heels without tipping over? The answer lies in physics, it seems. Safe stilettos seems fairly straightforward: Two parts sacrifice and a dash of solid steel, said Fred Allard, creative director for Nine West, one of the world's largest manufacturers of women's shoes, reports Fox News. It turns out, there's a formula to avoid tripping in heels: In 2004, researchers at the University of Surrey devised an equation that uses shoe size, the Pythagorean theorem, and several sociological variables to calculate how high heels can safely go. Variables in the equation include aesthetic appeal of the shoe, experience in wearing high heels, how many months the shoe has been in style, and even the amount of alcohol consumed. The cost of the shoe plays a factor too, said Dr. Paul Stevenson of the University of Surrey, who developed the equation. In most cases, five inches seems to be the max, though Allard said Nine West puts no limit on the height of a heel. But wearing heels comes at a cost. They demand sacrifice: Sacrifice in comfort. Sacrifice in practicality. Sacrifice in stability. Sacrifice in mobility. And in some cases, sacrifice in health, including knee, hip, feet, and back injury, as documented by WebMD. As for the health risks, the weight of a woman's body is almost entirely focused on a heel the size of a pencil eraser, which creates immense pressure for such a small area. Much more, in fact, than a 6,000-pound elephant - which explains why elephants can walk on grass but women in spike heels can't without sinking into the ground. That said, heels can also have a positive effect on well-being. "They have a way of making me feel better about myself," said Dani Gooch, a high-heeled mother of two. "In that sense, I feel more confident in them than I do in other shoes."

Thick long eyelashes enhance the beauty of your eyes. Here are ways to get long and curly eyelashes.

For beautiful

Eyelashes I T

mprove your diet adding a lot of vitamins to it. Vitamin E helps gain thick eyelashes.

o moisturise your lashes, just apply castor oil or use petroleum jelly. Apply a mixture of olive oil and a few drops of lemon with the help of a cotton ball, and leave it on for a few minutes. Then wipe it off with water. Do this for over a month and get fuller eyelashes.


sing an eyeshadow of a lighter shade allows your lashes to stand out. Define your upper eyelid and try a dark shade of eyeliner.


lways remove your eye make-up before you go to bed.

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Lose weight!

'Get Off Your Arse' and


for a long life

likely to die early

opping a pill might seem a small price to pay for a peaceful night's sleep. But beware of the long-term cost - those who pop sleeping pills are a third more likely to die prematurely than those who don't, says latest research. The figure takes into account factors that can affect longevity, from social class and chronic health conditions to smoking and alcohol use. And, unlike previous research, it also recognises the effects of depression, reports the Daily Mail. With around 10 million sleeping pill prescriptions in Britain and many more tablets sold over the counter, the findings have significant implications for the health and habits of the nation, says the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Crucially, the study did not distinguish between those who were heavy users and those who only took them occasionally. Researcher Genevieve Belleville of the Laval University in Quebec, Canada said: "These medications aren't candy and taking them is far from harmless." Belleville analysed 12 years of data on more than 12,000 Canadians. When all other factors were equal, death rates were found to be significantly higher among sleeping pill users and those taking tablets to ease anxiety. Pill takers were more likely to succumb to every type of illness, from parasites to cancer, she said.

new Auckland research has found that typing while standing and moving while working could help workers shed extra pounds and reduce diabetes risk. Grant Schofield, professor of Public Health on "Weight goes r, at Auckland University of Technology a (AUT), has named it his 'Goya' policy under the rad to y a.k.a. 'Get Off Your Arse'. A review of a w a s i t i so research looking into sedentary ht i g e w e h t keep behaviour, co-authored by Schofield, was released in Feb and revealed off under the workers who moved as they worked ield radar." Schof a could not only shed up to 2kg a year conducted but would also have better posture. udy "Weight goes on under the radar, so it preliminary st rs is a way to keep the weight off under ke r o w r u of f o the radar." Schofield conducted a prerliminary study of four workers using a sing a comme u commercially available heightavailable y l l a i c adjustable desk and measured the ble amount of energy used standing, sitting height-adjusta ae m and lying down while working. His study d n a k s de found that a worker standing and typing ount sured the am sed used 84 calories an hour, 13 per cent more than someone sitting and typing (73 of energy u g calories/hour), and 16 per cent more than standing, sittin a person who is lying down (71 calon w o d g n i y l d n ries/hour), reports . The extra a . g n i k r o calories burnt, combined with the increase w e l i wh in movement for standing workers, meant their weight would drop rather than increase during the year. According to Schofield, standing for long periods can even avert the production of the enzymes that trigger type 2 diabetes.

Balance Proteins


Sleeping pill users


A diet containing just the right mix of proteins may be more important than reducing calories for a long and healthy life, according to new study on fruit flies. According to researchers, the study could help explain why 'dietary restriction' (also known as calorie restriction) - reducing food intake whilst maintaining sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients - appears to have health benefits. In many organisms, such as the fruit fly (drosophila), mice, rats and the Rhesus monkey, these benefits include living longer. Previous studies have shown that dietary restriction can have health benefits for humans, too, though it is unclear whether it can increase longevity. However, dietary restriction can have potentially negative side effect - diminished fertility. For example, the female fruit fly reproduces less frequently on a low calorie diet and its litter size is reduced, though its reproductive span lasts longer. To understand whether the health benefits of dietary restriction stem from a reduction in specific nutrients or in calorie intake in general, researchers at the Institute of Healthy Ageing, UCL (University College London), mea-

January, 2011

sured the effects of manipulating the diet of female fruit flies. The fruit flies were fed a diet of yeast, sugar and water, but with differing amounts of key nutrients, such as vitamins, lipids and amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of life as they form the basis of proteins. Methionine is one of the most important amino acids at it is essential to the formation of all proteins. The researchers found that varying the amount of amino acids in the mixture affected lifespan and fertility; varying the amount of the other nutrients had little or no effect. In fact, when the researchers studied the effect further, they found that levels of a particular amino acid known as methionine were crucial to maximising lifespan without decreasing fertility. Adding methionine to low calorie diet boosted fertility without reducing lifespan; likewise, reducing methionine content in a high calorie diet prolonged lifespan. "By carefully manipulating the balance of amino acids in the diet, we have been able to maximise both lifespan and fertility," said Dr Matthew Piper, one of the study authors. The results of the study are published today in the journal Nature .

How can you Live without it


Skin Care

he skin is the outer covering of the body. In humans, it is the largest organ of the protection system made up of multiple layers of epithelial tissues, and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. Skin of a different nature exists in amphibians, reptiles and birds. Human skin is not unlike that of most other mammals except that it is not protected by a pelt and appears hairless though in fact nearly all human skin is covered with hair follicles.Make Up Most women of the modern age manage both career and family. In the case of people living in the city, skin gets exposed to lot of pollution and the rate of damage is higher than ever. If you are so beauty cautious, you need to take steps to protect your skin. So you need a follow some easy skin care regimens. The precise skin care products for the exact skin will always give you better results and keep your skin from damage. A skin toner or a moisturizer will refresh your skin. Moisturizing creams provide intense moisturizing and helps prevents skin from becoming dry. A day moisturizer that is light on the skin as well as one with sun protection is of a better use. A night moisturizer is well when it can recharge your skin for a better appearance. A generous amount of cream over your hands will keep them soft and adorable. Its very obvious that skin gets tanned up at the Make Upexposure of the sun, a skin protection glove over your hands or masking will help protect your skin color. Diet also matters a lot in your skin color process, so a proportionate and a balanced diet will always give better results on the outlook of your skin.

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A trip to West Coast Jalsa with Imam Bilal 12


January, 2011

By H, Koya (PhD), National Award Winner Essay Competition USA For the 25th Ahmadiyya Muslim Community West Jalsa Salana convened from 24 to 26 December at Baitul Hameed Mosque in Chino, target was to have at least 1200 participants and Ahmadi Muslim members were encouraged to bring in as many guests possible. From my list of interfaith friends, I invited the NCIC (Northern California Islamic Council) chairperson Imam Bilal for an all-expensepaid trip to the Jalsa. Imam Bilal was glad and offered to drive to Los Angeles and offered to foot the bill for the gas for the entire trip. The registration team booked a three day reservation for us at Motel Chino 10 minutes from the convention when I submitted online registration for the two of us. It was obvious the 6 hour drive each way would entail a great deal of discussions. I adopted a listen and response approach being familiar with Imam Bilal’s longish analogies and what a tough cookie he is when it comes to his Nation of Islam thoughts and background. I counted not so much on my expertise but the enormous amount of

spiritual information at the convention.

We reached Chino around 1 AM and checked in the Motel as arranged. Next morning Friday 24 December we made it early to Baitul Hameed Mosque and completed our registration and badged ourselves. Next we went to the breakfast marque. And as we sat for the breakfast and no sooner I introduced Imam Bilal as a guest, our Ahmadi brothers began their round of conversation and inquisitions that Imam Bilal took with great cheer and traded equally well with his barrage of questions with his usual chuckles and humor.

Fiji Saleemtakes on a serious note

Of the several brothers who took turns to speak with Imam Bilal, brother from Fiji Islands, Fiji A. Saleem took a serious note of Imam Bilal’s version of the latter days and where Islam was headed. He took Imam Bilal head on that founder of Nation of Islam had first met with the pioneer Ahmadi Muslim Missionary Dr. Mufti Sadiq in early 1920s that Imam Bilal did not seem to know. I drew his attention to the Tonga’s Prime Minister, Lord Tu’ivakano, has named a cabinet of 11 which includes six people’s representatives, three nobles and two commoners from outside the legislature.The deputy prime minister is a long-time parliamentarian, SamiuVaipulu, who has previously served as justice minister. He will again take the justice portfolio along with infrastructure and transport. The leader of the Friendly Islands Democratic Party, ’AkilisiPohiva, who unsuccessfully sought the prime ministership, is also in the cabinet, along with his colleague,

(Fiji A. Saleem scans through the book for more reference in the bid to show them to Imam Bilal)

accounts published in the Muslim Sunrise – the first Muslim publication in America.Saleem sited from Islam and Afro-Americans. At dinner time, Saleem came with the book to show Imam Bilal who paid only a casual glance. For the most part Imam Bilal participated in most events. However, he was not keen on listening to any of the Nazm as it was in Urdu. I gave him a few dozes of the beauty of Urdu language and how it was a next best to Arabic. Besides, I told him that all Nazms were followed by English translation.

(Imam Bilal (NCIC Chairperson) meeting Shamshad A. Nasir, Imam Baitul Hameed Mosque at the 25th Ahmadiyya Muslim Convention Ramona Ave, Chino)

A synopsis of Imam Bilal’s Ummat-ul-Islamiya aka “Days of Allah” aka “Khalifa Consciousness”

In more than 12 hours of intensive discussions with Imam Bilal in which I was less on the offensive but occasionally intrusive, it became quite transparent that Nation of Islam once branded as Black Muslims is only for AfroAmericans, has anti-White sentiments, least inclusive of immigrant Muslims as so far not a single Arab, Pakistani or Indian Muslim has joined them, has gone through multiple fragmentations, has leadership problem, fed up of old school of thought and hence on a relentless search for an alternate leadership style with a vision unclear to themselves that is less likely to capture the interest of Muslims at large outside the Afro-American circle. As imam Bilal put it with the growing dissatisfaction within Nation of Islam and an apparent distancing from its current leader Minister Farrakhan, a new meaning and a new message was necessary for survival. Hence the discovery of the term “Days of Allah” (Face to face with Allah) a piece taken from

(Imam Bilal (NCIC Chairperson) meeting Shamshad A. Nasir, Imam Baitul Hameed Mosque at the 25th Ahmadiyya Muslim Convention Ramona Ave, Chino) Quran with reference to Day of a cobweb of confusing man made Judgment, where no one individual theories of “Days of Allah”, “Khalifa would be a leader of Muslims but Consciousness” etc. The mainmany small leaders just as the stream American Muslims care “Whites produce leaders” for their least about the theory and is poles purpose an analogy so out of con- apart from the leadership stipulated text and paradoxical that only those in Surah AnNur in “yastakhlefanna who are desperate for some sort of hum” the basis on Ahmadiyya new ideology would subscribe to as Muslim Community is rooted an escape route. spread over 180 countries with its “So where you guys going with Khilafat system already celebrating this? Obviously you are not interest- 100 years gigantic success. ed in the Whites and immigrant Muslims are not being targeted, Derogatory and humiliating what sort of future do you have?”, I comparison to the Holy queried. “We are not looking for Prophet of Islam numbers. We have already 300,000 members those who are conImam Bilal is a strong advocate scious,” Imam Bilal replied. On the of the view that Jesus is mentioned one hand Imam Bilal professors an some 30 to 35 times in the Holy All Muslim (UmmatulIslamiyah) Quran in contrast to just a few times approach and on the other limiting that the Holy Prophet gets mento only 300,000 members of Afro tioned. There are other prophets American decent caught in a kind of too who have been mentioned more

Tonga has a new cabinet

IsileliPulu. Appointed from outside the parliament is a former police minister, Clive Edwards, who lost his seat in the November general election to DrSitiveniHalapua. He becomes the minister of public enterprise and revenue services. Dr ’Ana Taufe’ulungaki, who has a PhD in education, is another appointee from outside and will take the education portfolio. As required by law, a noble is the

minister of Lands, with Lord Ma’afu taking the post, while the Agriculture minister is Lord Vaea. Lord Tu’ivakano says he wanted a cabinet of ability and experience that also gave representation across the country. “I think they should be happy about that. At the end of the day I have to look [for] a good calibre of people who will support what I am trying to do and I can work comfortably with.” Lord Tu’ivakano has indi-

cated he also plans to create associate ministerial posts with the aim of preparing new MPs for cabinet roles. Meanwhile, one of the newly elected people’s representatives, SemisiSika, says the prime minister is wrong to include non-elected people in his cabinet. MrSika says it’s inappropriate given the country’s move towards greater democracy. “I really believe that he should have picked his cabinet from the people elected, from the 26 members that we currently have, and so to bring people from outside it’s not fair and it’s not politically correct in the eyes of our people at this point in time.”

times than the Holy Prophet and Satan and Iblis are mentioned many more times than others. That is not a criterion for superiority or excellence. It is the context that matters most to the believing people. Jesus (isaIbne Maryam) is the most misrepresented and misunderstood prophet of all as many myths; fictitious stories and theories shroud his true character, personality and mission. Quran sets the record right and frees Jesus from those misconceptions to which Christians, Jews and Muslims have all been victims and their faiths contaminated as a result. In most the verses Allah dispels these charges and misgivings about Jesus and the 30 times Jesus is not extolled to a level higher than the Holy Prophet. I find the comparison very degrading to the Holy Prophet of Islam that no true Muslim can subscribe to such a belief. It is my hope that Imam Bilal being a brother of very fine character will reread these verses and abstain from making such a cheap comparison and hold the Holy Prophet of Islam in the highest regard Allah has granted in the tittle subliminal title KHATAMUN NABYEEN that Jesus was not given That the Holy Prophet has been designated as “the Mercy unto the World”. Jesus comes nowhere near such a glorious mention in the Holy Quran.I do this with absolute regard to the high status to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings of Allah be on him) as no mainstream Muslim would do for fear of persecution. I fear Allah alone and I revere His Noble Prophet Muhammad (swas) at whose feet is my life hereafter.

Divine dispensation

That Nation of Islam as a product of human imagination and design - unlike Jamaat Ahmadiyya based on resolute Divine instructions from Allah given to the Promised Messiah(peace be on him)- was bound for the consequences it if facing today. Reminisce of it in the forms propounded by Imam Bilal void of Divine approval has the same inevitable end. Such organizations will rise and many such ideologies will enter the market place only to face their own natural extinction for want of approval of Allah affording the world and clear and convincing evidence that support of Allah is with His chosen ones.

New CJ Nauru

Nauru has appointed a new Chief Justice, Australian Geoffrey Eames. Chief Justice Eames joins Justice John von Doussa, who was appointed to the Supreme Court in September. Mr Eames has previously served as a judge on the Supreme Courts in Victoria and the Northern Territory. A Queen’s Counsel, he has also been involved in the professional development of lawyers in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Isla.

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January, 2011


A key speaker Mr Anwar Khan sahib addressing the conventon.

Naib Amir West Coast, Dr. HamidurRahman delivering his opening address.

Afsar Jalsa and Imam Bilal pose A cross-section view of more than 500 people at the main Chapter president and Afsar Jalsa sharing for the Muslim News picture out- Hall at Baitul Hameed Mosque, Similar crowd was present at The new mosque rebuilt after the accidental fire a few years back. the ladies’ marque behind the mosque. notes during recess to be on same page. side the mosque.

Akal TakhtJathedar addressed Annual Ahmadiyya Convention at Quadian

BATALA: GianiGurbachan Singh, the head (Jathedar) of Akal Takht, the highest temporal seat of Sikhs in Amritsar on Monday addressed the 119th Annual Ahmadiyya Convention at Quadian town. He appreciated the contributin of AahmadiyyaJammat in spreading the message of peace and humanity around the world. The Muslim scholars strongly condemned terror in the name of Islam. Mohammed MuslehuddinSaadi, Ahmadiyya Missionary from Hyderabad speaking on the second day of the 119th Annual Ahmadiyya Convention said that Jihad is the most misunderstood concept and Islam never promotes violence." Akal TakhatJathedar addresses Ahamadiyya Muslim conference at Quadian Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. The word ‘Jihad’ itself means make efforts to achieve something.", said he. He further added that 'Forcible conversion of people to Islam is absolutely unjustified and it can never be labeled as Jihad.” Earlier, in the day, the session began with the recital of verses from the Holy Quran. Thousands of delegates gathered at the Ahmadiyya Grounds here in Qadian amidst chilling weather and fog. The session's keynote speech was delivered by MoulviGulaabNabiNiyaz, Former Missionary Incharge Kashmir, who spoke on the claims of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, the founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and the Finality of Prophethood. Addressing the audience Moulana Mohammed Naseem Khan, Secretary General Affairs, Ahmadiyya

Community, asked the delegates to follow the example of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, in treating people from all communities with love and compassion irrespective of religion, caste, creed or sex. Speaking in the second session of the day, Sheeraz Ahmad Sahib, Secretary Education Dept, presented an Islamic solution to the global economic crisis. Blaming the crisis on interest based economies; he said that an interest free economy, a simple way of living and less dependence on loans is very important to avoid such crisis in future. Quoting Hadhrat MIrzaMasroor Ahmad Sahib (Supreme Head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community), he said, “The root cause behind the economic crisis is that people are going away from Allah. The western countries have forgotten Allah. The Real and permanent solution is to turn towards Allah Almighty.” Significantly, more than 4,000 delegates have come from Pakistan to attend the spiritual convention. The Annual Convention will continue till 28th December here in Qadian, the headquarters of Ahmadiyya Community in India. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was founded by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib in 1889. It is noteworthy that the community members are spread in over 197 countries. The community has been in the forefront of helping poor and destitute sections of the society and to promote peace, harmony and love among people. The motto of the community "Love for All, Hatred for None", speaks volumes about the community

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January, 2011

Page 14

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Page 15

January, 2011


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January, 2011

Always Low Affordable Prices. And New Arrival Shipments, and Fresh Stocks!

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Page 17

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January, 2011

FROZEN MEAT! FIJI FISH! LOBSTERS AND CRABS Oqo ni sitoa e volitaka Na kakana vakaviti, na keda kakana na i taukei. O taukei ni sitoa e turaga dau loloma, e qaravi ira vinaka na tamata kei ira na i taukei era dau mai Volivoli Kina.

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Actors are like beggars : Rani 18

January, 2011


ani Mukerji says she wants to be seen more often on the big screen but describes actors as beggars waiting for good scripts to come their way, which is the reason for her long absence . "Actors are beggars! They wait for good scripts to come their way. It's always the makers who decide to make a film and then it's on the actors to choose what they want to do on the basis of what is being offered to them," Rani, who will feature in a never-before-seen avatar in " No One Killed Jessica", told IANS in an interview. "Honestly, the kind of roles that are being offered to me, I have to think hard before taking them. I have a responsibility towards my fans and I can't do random things. I have to do a role that catches people's attention. If my fans love me so much, the least I can do is to come out with a good film for them; that's why I do fewer films now," said the 32-yearold. The dusky damsel wants to be seen more, but somehow she is not so lucky. "I keep hoping and praying that I get scripts which are different so that I can take up those films. As an actor I want to be seen. "The constant reaction that I keep getting is that

In the last three years, Rani was seen in just two films "Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic" and "Dil Bole Hadippa", but both failed to spin any magic at the box office.

'Rani, we want to see more of you', and I too want to do more films. In fact, I want to come out with two-three films every year, but I've not been really lucky that I could do that. I'm not getting the roles that I really want to do," she said. Rani, who used to do a couple of films a year earlier, has squeezed it down to just one project per year now. In the last three years, Rani was seen in just two films "Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic" and "Dil Bole Hadippa", but both failed to spin any magic at the box office. She is, however, very optimistic about 2011 when her "No One Killed Jessica" will hit the screens. Slated for a Jan 7 release, the film, based on the murder of model Jessica Lall in 1999 by Manu Sharma, son of a Haryana politician, will see her as a gutsy, fearless and bold crime reporter Meera Gaitey. "When I was approached for this role, I was told that when the case was going on, there were a lot of reporters who pursued it actively. In a film, we obviously can't have all of them. So my character is an amalgamation of all of them," said Rani. "It would have been unfair to model the character on one person. So, I played it how I thought

the character would be. Also I have taken bits from reporters I have met in so many years. I incorporated inputs from my observation," she added. It was a long battle for Sabrina Lall to fight for justice for her sister and finally Manu Sharma was awarded life imprisonment by the Supreme Court. The film, which has been produced by UTV Spotboy and directed by Rajkumar Gupta, also features Vidya Balan as Sabrina Lall. Throwing some light on her experience of working with Vidya, Rani said her co-star is very involved as an actor. "Vidya is a method actor, which is what I have seen during the shooting of the film. She gets very involved in her character. She is a kind of actor who prepares a lot before coming on the sets. When she has to do a serious scene, I have seen her being very quiet and serious," she said. "When she worked with me, she got a pleasant surprise because I'm fun on the sets and she didn't expect that. The minute she used to look at me, she used start laughing to because she finds me very naughty," she added.

Stay happy: Prachi's new year resolution

Ranbir's mane'ly act!

There are many faces of Ranbir Kapoor. Well, we're sure the women in his life (especially the lovelies who can't stop talking about him) have something interesting, rather sensational things to say about his avatars, but we'll let that rest for now. We're talking about RK's many faces for his next film, Rockstar. zoOm discovered that the actor will be flaunting more than seven avatars for this one, each with a differently styled hair-do. Talking to zoOM, the man with the scissors, Hakim Aalim reveals, "Ranbir loves to experiment with his hair. In Rockstar he'll flaunting different hairstyles - from the disheveled long tresses and short hair to mid length and spiky." Now that's quite a 'mane'ly act, Ranbir. Now ladies, don't read between the lines and go chargin' at him already.


f Koffee With Karan has been bitchy, catty and controversial so far, this episode is sure to bring some good-old warmth and love back as Karan Johar hosts the fatherdaughter duo Amitabh Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan-Nanda. This is the first time that the duo decided to do an interview together and they sure made it was a treat of a show. One look at Amitabh and Shweta and you can totally understand that


Asin-Salman tie the knot!

Asin's screen marriage with Salman Khan for Anees Bazmi's "Ready" stirred quite a sensation. A section of the media claimed she tied the knot with Salman in the presence of close friends, that her parents weren't invited and stormed into the wedding to stop it. When a local Kerala paper announced Asin's "marriage" with Salman, the actress was flooded with congratulatory messages, with her fan base and relatives wondering why she chose not to invite near and dear ones. She laughs, " I'm enjoying the joke." In fact, both Asin and Salman have decided they will marry Punjabi style, if and when it happens. "It's a pact. It will be a big fat Punjabi wedding."

Prachi Desai who was in Delhi recently, braved the Delhi cold in a short dress . Said she, "I am from Panchgani and it gets very cold there, so the Delhi weather is something which I thoroughly enjoy." Prachi was in the city with her mother and when we asked her mom Amita Desai what she got Prachi for Christmas she replied, "Nothing, she already has everything." Prachi also told us about her New Year resolve to stay happy and added, "I am at that age where resolutions are only made to be broken. I am going to try and keep myself smiling this New Year. I'll try and stay happy."

Big B awaits SRK’s reply she is a daddy's girl. Bachchan did not hesitate to pamper his daughter and it was evident that Shweta is a super caring daughter. The two even engaged in some friendly banter and also showed rivalry in the rapid fire round trying to out-do each other to win the hamper. The suave Karan made sure that

he wasn't partial to either, thus making the round a really interesting one. During the shooting of the show, when Shweta could not guess an answer Bachchan was seen sulking which was adorable and humourous, much liked by the host as well as Shweta. One of the highlights of the show was when Amitabh disclosed that he

is yet to receive a reply from Shah Rukh Khan, whom he had wished on his birthday (November 2). It's been more than one-and-a-half months that SRK hasn't reverted and he asked Karan to tell SRK that. Hope this small thing won't hamper the good relationship that SRK & Amitabh currently share. There was a rumour, in the not so distant past, that they don't bond all that well until it was finally reported that they had patched up. Catch all this and much more when the show is aired

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Page 19



Amitabh, Karan


mitabh Bachchan paid visit to one of his very close friends in the industry, Karan Johar, who has been down with malaria. KJo has been doing much better and he and Big B had dinner together at the filmmaker's residence. They mostly chatted about how the industry has been shaping up. Bachchan spent a couple of hours with the celebrated filmmaker and also wished him well before heading home.

Kareena Kapoor talks about getting married to Saif in 2012, acting with Shahid in the future if the role is juicy and why family is over the Bachchans.

Bebo, Saif Marry in 2012! Do you think hits or flops do not matter to your career graph anymore?

I don't know about that but getting a blockbuster is a great feeling. When your character is appreciated, it is another high. But flop ka bhi maaza kuch aur hai. I have always given importance to my performance over my hits. In this industry you can stretch only to a certain limit but after that you have to be an actor to sustain it.


Have you discussed marriage with Saif?

Ajay on a


jay Devgn is ecstatic as this year has been eventful both professionally as well as personally for him. Ajay recently became father to his son Yug and on the career front he is celebrating the success of Golmaal 3 which marks his 4th successful venture this year with Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge, Rajneeti and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai being the other three. Currently Ajay has flown to London and is shooting for Priyadarshan's movie in London. Hope he doesn't the feel pressure to deliver next year and continues doing what he is best at - acting.



Akshay Oberoi, Sandeepa

Dhar, Mohnish Behl, Prachi

Shah, Aditya Raj Kapoor and Shagufta Ali


Habib Faisal

Remember PYAAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA? Kajol played a girl who comes to Mumbai to study and falls in


January, 2011

Of course, I talk to Saif and my family. Saif is extremely supporting and he jokes that marriage is a taboo in our film industry. Surely, there are norms that we can break but the fact is that the film fraternity considers a married actress a taboo. Saif is so busy with his production and his films, so a wedding will happen but after a year maybe.

So you'll get married in 2012 then?

Yes, probably the year when the world is supposed to end. But yes, I won't deny the fact that I think about it.

You are not a part of any camp as such?

(Laughs) I have my own camp. I think I respect all the Khans and they respect me for my work. Friendship aside, I am here to work and sell my talent. So, anyone can pick and take my talent. Moreover, I don't socialize with anyone. My camps are Saif, my family, my niece and my nephew.

love with Salman Khan, much to the disapproval of her brother, played by Arbaaz Khan. Well, ISI LIFE MEIN is PYAAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA meets DILWALE DULHAINIA LE JAYENGE, of course Rajshri style. Most films of Rajshri Productions have a perfect world. Be it HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN, VIVAAH or EK VIVAH AISA BHI, the scenarios in them reflect how an ideal family or society should be rather than how it actually is. But ISI LIFE MEIN...! is certainly a hatke and modern

film from the banner who gave us memorable films like



weakness revealed!

ou might have seen her ride a bike like a pro, but for Kareena Kapoor that's only to do with her reel life. Kareena Kapoor who enjoys a certain screen image - that of a tomboy girl, ready to do some stunts, kick some ass, and ride a bike or two - isn't such a daredevil in real life. She hardly even knows how to start a bike, forget riding it. Kareena has been seen riding two-wheelers in films like '3 Idiots', 'Golmaal 3' and recently in a motorcycle commercial. She looked extremely comfortable as she essayed the role of a smooth rider. But she suffered weak knees while performing those shots. According to a unit hand, who was present during the shoot of her motorbike commercial, director Pradeep Sarkar who directed the commercial wanted to present Bebo as a comfortable rider and not taking any chance used trolleys to pull her bike from the front which gave an impression that the actress herself was riding the bike. No doubt, the actress is crazy about bikes, but when it comes to riding them real time she loves to take the backseat. She'd rather have one of her hot, macho co-stars do what men are supposed to do - the kickstart and the riding!

She looked extremely comfortable as she essayed the role of a smooth rider.


Recently Abhishek and you patched up. However he had said that he doesn't want to work with you. What's your equation with him now?

I am very fond of Abhishek. He is my first co-star and these certain things that are irreplaceable. He did his first shot with me and no one can try and change that. I just feel that Abhishek should just do what he wants to do. If he is uncomfortable working with me then I am okay with that. I think Abhishek is one of the warmest people that I have ever met and we speak when we meet socially. I want him to be happy. Aishwarya has been very sweet to me and even said some nice things about me on Karan's show. I think we have grown above what has happened and our families have also grown above that. I just wish him well.

Will you do a film with Shahid if you are offered one?

I am a professional actor and that's my profession. If I have a great role, I will consider. Of course I won't say that it will be easy. I would be lying that it's easy and uncomplicated, it is complicated but I would love to work with him. He is a lovely actor and I want to see him up there. I think he was spectacular in Kaminey.

introduces Akshay Oberoi (Vivek Oberoi's cousin) and Sandeepa Dhar. Story : Rajnandini (Sandeepa Dhar) is a teenager from Ajmer, who has finished her junior college as a state topper. She wants to study further, but her orthodox father Rajmohan (Monish Behl) is strictly against sending her to a big city or foreign country. He believes that children there have forgotten their culture. With the help of her supportive mother Pratibha (Prachi Shah), Rajnandini

somehow manages to come to Mumbai and takes admission in a posh college. She also joins a Dramatic Society in college, of which Vivaan (Akshay Oberoi) is the chairperson. Rajnandini is now RJ and she soon mingles with her new found friends. RJ and Vivaan soon come very close and share an unspoken bond of love. All this while, Rajmohan is made to believe that RJ is Mumbai to learn cookery. Trouble sets in the day Rajmohan pays a surprise visit to Mumbai and finds out the truth.

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January, 2011

Page 20

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Floods strand 200,000 Sisters' prison release tied to kidney as Oz goes down under WORLD NEWS

BRISBANE: Military aircraft dropped supplies to towns cut off by floods in northeastern Australia as the prime minister promised new assistance on Friday to the 200,000 people affected by waters covering an area larger than France and Germany combined. Residents were stocking up on food or evacuating their homes as rising rivers inundated or isolated 22 towns in the state of Queensland. PM Julia Gillard toured an evacuation center in the flood-stricken town of Bundaberg on Friday and announced that families whose homes had been flooded or damaged would be eligible for disaster relief payments of $1,000 per adult and $400 per child. "My concern is for the people in these very difficult times," Gillard said. A

day earlier, she pledged about $1 million in federal aid to match a relief fund already set up by the state government. Officials say half of Queensland's 1,852,642 sqkm is affected by the relentless flooding, which began last week after days of pounding rain caused swollen rivers to overflow. The flood zone covers an area larger than France and Germany combined and bigger than the state of Texas. While the rain has stopped, the rivers are still surging to new heights and overflowing into low-lying towns as the water makes its way toward the sea. The muddy water inundating thousands of homes and businesses has led to a shortage of drinking water and raised fears of mosquitoborne disease.

The booking photos of sisters Gladys (R) and Jamie Scott. The two are serving a double life term since 1993 for an $11 armed robbery. Two Mississippi sisters serving double life sentences for their roles in an $11 armed robbery will be released, but only on the condition that the younger sibling donate her kidney to her sister, whose organs are failing, state officials said. Governor Haley Barbour signed orders suspending the prison terms of Jamie and Gladys Scott after a long campaign of online petitions, blogs, Facebook pages and internet radio programs rallied support for the sisters' release. A website called Free the Scott Sisters recently described problems that Jamie Scott, 38, was having in receiving dialysis in sanitary conditions while at the Central

Mississippi Correctional Facility in Pearl, where she and her sister Gladys, 36, are being held. Jamie Scott, who has diabetes and high blood pressure, suffered kidney failure in January 2010. She receives dialysis at least three

times a week. Jamie Scott wrote a letter that was posted in January 2009 on a site called Strange Justice in which she sought public support to pressure Mississippi officials. "We are compelled to plead and ask for a public outcry," she wrote. "Attention needs to be

China tightens grip on media, Skype calling BEIJING: Chinese authorities are ringing in the New Year discussing ways to enhance control over media and Internet communication. They have asked the public to report misdoings by television and newspapers while hinting that privately-run communication lines like Skype will be blocked. These moves come in the wake of an announcement about dismissal of editorial staff by a popular magazine, Party, which covered sensitive political issues. The magazine, published by China's most popular blogger Han Han, also said it was not publishing its next issue. The latest move asking the public to report on bad reporting by the media is likely to be used by Communist Party officials at provincial and municipal levels, and put tremendous pressure on newspapers and television channels that

have just begun to feel the taste of some freedom, observers said. The Ministry of Information and Industry Technology said on Friday that it was going to crackdown on "on illegal VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) telephone services". It was collecting evidence for legal cases against them, it said. It did not specifically name Skype and other VoIP service providers, but seemed to cover all of them. The move would help stop the losses suffered by government-run telecom providers like China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. Vast numbers of Chinese and most foreigners have switched to low cost VoIP services to make long distance calls. But the move seemed to have a political motive because privately run VoIP services make it difficult for government

11 Indians arrested in S Africa for possessing false documents

JOHANNESBURG: Eleven Indian nationals have been arrested for allegedly possessing illegal asylum documents after a raid on a house in the mainly Indian suburb of Fordsburg here. The raid was conducted by officials of the Home Affairs Ministry together with the South African police on Thursda y as part of efforts to check false documents. Officials said the arrested persons will be produced before court "soon". Home Affairs spokesman Ronnie Mamoepa said the documents found in their possession originated from the Ministry, but it was not clear how they had obtained them. It is believed that the house that was raided served as a safe haven for illegal migrants until they received their South African identity documents and passports at huge 'fees' charged by agents working in collaboration with Home Affairs officials. The raids followed the arrest of three officials of the Home Affairs

Ministry last week for their role in a Pakistani-led syndicate which specialised in getting false South Africa identity documents and passports for illegal migrants. The son of one of the officials was also arrested after he was caught trying to burn documents found in his mother's house. Two of the officials, Maria Moyo and Samson Mogashoa, are out on R2,000 bail each, while Calvin Moyo, 24, and the alleged Pakistan-born syndicate kingpin Faizel Shazaad, are still in custody as investigations progress. Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Somali illegal migrants are among the main ones frequently involved in illegal South Africa documentation deals. Last year, British authorities were prompted to introduce visas for South African visitors for the first time amid concerns over false passports being used, especially by Indian and Pakistani nationals to get into Britain.

agencies to carry out surveillance activities on dissidents and other people being watched. The public has been advised to use hotlines run by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, General Administration of Press and Publication, and All-China Journalists Association to complain against the media spreading misinformation. "Once fabrication is verified, harsh punishments will be handed out to those reporters and officials responsible," the government said. This follows an earlier statement by the General Administration of Press and Publication, which castigated six media houses for falsely reporting news. In one case concerning Gansu Daily, the editorial staff was punished and made to apologize for spreading false stories.

Three killed as Russian plane bursts into flames

A Russian passenger jet carrying 125 people burst into flames just before take-off on a runway at a Siberian airport in the country's Far North, killing at least three persons, including a child, and injuring over 40 others. The Tupolev Tu-154 passenger jet was engulfed in flames after one of its engines caught fire as the plane taxied down a runway and then exploded last evening in the Siberian city of Surgut. Most of the passengers and the nine-member crew were evacuated before the explosion, Ria Novosti reported. The plane, which belonged to the regional airline Kogalymavia, was to fly from the oil-rich Surgut city to Moscow, it said. At least three people, including a child, are known dead and more than 40 others received injuries, wounds or suffered from symptoms of toxic inhalation, the Voice of Russia reported.

January, 2011


given to public officials and a county that refuses to let justice be served. Our situation is complex, and heartmultidimensional wrenching. We will never cease speaking out against the disservice done to us. However, we have discovered our voice carries very little weight, especially now." As Jamie Scott's health failed, more traditional advocates - including black churches, community leaders, newspapers and radio stations joined in urging that the Scotts be released. But Charles Mombo, editor of the Chocolate City blog, said Mississippi would probably not have agreed to release the women if not for internet activism. "Once something hits the social networks, it's out there instantly," Mombo said. "It's much faster than going to church and hearing the pastor talk about it once a week.

Maldives to tax tourism from 2011

COLOMBO: The Maldives will introduce a 3.5-percent tax on all tourism-related services from Saturday, the Indian Ocean atoll nation's acting finance minister said Thursday. Hotel owners do not pay any income or profit tax in the Maldives, but the new goods and services tax (GST) will apply to the entire tourism sector from January 1. "It will gradually be extended to other sectors... to reduce relying on indirect taxes, especially import duties that hurt the poor," the minister, Muhmood Razee, said over telephone from Male, the capital. Home to 330,000 Sunni Muslims, the Maldives islands are a magnet for highspending tourists. The Maldives had received 750,000 holiday-makers in the year to December and the authorities hope the number will exceed 770,000 in 2011. Tourism accounts for nearly two-thirds of the Maldives' economy of over a billion dollars, with the rest coming from fish exports. Razee said the additional income will be vital to attempts to reduce the country's budget deficit to 16.0 percent of GDP in 2011, from the current figure of around 26.5 percent.

700 NATO soldiers killed in 2010; new firefights

KABUL: A coalition patrol fought off an insurgent attack in mountainous eastern Afghanistan today, on a day when two servicemen were killed in the country's troubled south, bringing the death toll for foreign troops in the country 2010 to 700, according to an AP count. This year is by far the deadliest for the coalition in the nearly decade-long war, as tens of thousands of additional international troops have poured into the country in an effort to suppress a virulent Taliban insurgency. But while NATO and the United States note progress has been made in the militants' traditional strongholds in the south, they acknowledge gains made remain precarious. Security has also deteriorated in the north, while many parts of eastern Afghanistan, along the border with Pakistan, remain violent and under militant control. NATO forces often engaging in heavy fighting there. In the eastern province of Kunar, a fierce firefight broke out when US soldiers from Forward Operating Base Fortress came under attack as their

patrol drove on a small road through mountainous territory in Chowkey District, an AP photographer with the troops said. A roadside bomb struck a vehicle in the patrol first, and militants then opened fire on the soldiers with rocket-propelled grenades and rifles. The US soldiers hit back with gunfire and artillery in an hour-long firefight that caused no US casualties. The clash reflected the daily violence faced by NATO forces confronting gunfire, roadside bombs and attacks in most parts of the country. NATO said two servicemembers were killed by roadside bombs in southern Afghanistan today. In line with its standard policy, it did not provide the nationality of either casualty or say where they were killed. With 700 international troops killed in Afghanistan, this year has been by far the deadliest of the nearly decadelong war. Previously, the worst year of war in terms of coalition deaths was 2009, with 504 foreign troops killed, according to an Associated Press count.

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From Sydney to NY, people ring in 2011 22


January, 2011

NEW YORK: Nearly a million revelers crowded New York's Times Square to witness the traditional dazzling ball drop, fireworks lit up Australia's Sydney Harbor and communist Vietnam held a rare Westernstyle countdown to the new year as the world ushered in 2011. (In pics: New Year celebrations ) In Europe, Greeks, Irish and Spaniards partied through the night to help put a year of economic woe behind them, and Japanese revelers released balloons carrying notes with people's hopes and dreams. In New York, a crystal ball with 32,000 lights descended at midnight, setting off a wild and noisy confettifilled New Year's celebration _ the country's largest _ at the crossroads of the world. And it all happened just days after a debilitating blizzard paralyzed the city and the surrounding area. Computer engineer Chris Tulloch, who came from upstate New York with his wife, Sherine, to experience Times Square for the first time, said the celebration was a good start for the new year. ``The amount of people in the crowd, the friendships that we formed, made us realize so many people have the same hopes and dreams for 2011 as we do,'' he said. All around the United States, people said they were setting aside concerns about the economy, bad winter weather and even potential terrorist threats to ring in 2011 at large and small gatherings. Even more than most years, New York was in the spotlight as it battled back from a severe snowstorm and security concerns eight months after a Pakistani immigrant tried to detonate a car bomb in Times Square. Police said the city wasn't the target of a New Year's Eve terror threat, but they had a strict security plan in

Obama ready to make tough choices on budget: Aide

US President Barack Obama is willing to make difficult choices on spending cuts when he unveils his budget next month, a senior aide said on Sunday. "We are going to have to make, in the medium run, a series of tough choices, and the president's not afraid to do that, and I think you will see in his budget that he's willing to," White House economist Austan Goolsbee told the ABC News program This Week in an interview. Goolsbee also said he saw some encouraging signs in the US labor market, including a recent drop in claims for unemployment insurance.

place, with sealed manhole covers, counter-snipers on rooftops and checkpoints for partygoers. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has endured days of withering criticism for the city's slow response to the Dec. 26 storm, which dumped 20 inches of snow. But the president of the Times Square Alliance said holiday tourists helped clear streets. ``We have the best snow plow ever invented _ 500,000 pairs of feet walking through Times Square,'' Tim Tompkins said. ``That's been melting our snow.'' As rain clouds cleared over in Madrid's central Puerta del Sol square, around 50,000 people, many sporting large, brightly colored wigs, gathered to take part in Las Uvas, or The Grapes, a tradition in which people eat a grape for each of the 12 chimes of midnight. Chewing and swallowing the grapes to each tolling of a bell is supposed to bring good luck, while cheating is frowned upon and revelers believe it brings misfortune. Police had painstakingly screened all those arriving to make sure drinks and bottles were left behind to avoid injury in the crowded square, so many quickly downed their sparkling cava wine before joining the

animated party. ``It's an annual tradition, and I'm here to make my wishes for the new year. If you eat the grapes your wishes will come true,'' beautician Anita Vargas said. As the 12th grape was swallowed, the skies above most Spanish cities lit up with fireworks that slowly filled the air with smoke and the smell of gunpowder. 2010 was a grim year for the European Union, with Greece and Ireland needing bailouts and countries such as Spain and Portugal finding themselves in financial trouble as well. ``Before, we used to go out, celebrate in a restaurant, but the last two years we have had to stay at home,'' said Madrid florist Ernestina Blasco, whose husband, a construction worker, is out of work. In Greece, thousands of people spent the last day of 2010 standing in line at tax offices to pay their road tax or sign up for tax amnesty. ``We can see that the quality of life is being degraded every day,'' Athens resident Giorgos Karantzos said. ``What can I say? I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.'' New Zealanders and South Pacific island nations were among the first to celebrate at midnight. In New Zealand's Auckland, explosions of red, gold and white burst over the

Sky Tower, while tens of thousands of people danced and sang in the streets below. In Christchurch, partyers shrugged off a minor earthquake that struck just before 10 p.m. Multicolored starbusts and gigantic sparklers lit the midnight sky over Sydney Harbor in a pyrotechnics show witnessed by 1.5 million spectators. ``This has got to be the best place to be in the world tonight,'' Marc Wilson said. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered along Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor to watch fireworks explode from the roofs of 10 of the city's most famous buildings. In Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, an estimated 55,000 people packed a square in front of the city's elegant French colonial-style opera house for their first New Year's countdown blowout, complete with dizzying strobe lights and thumping techno music spun by international DJs. Vietnamese typically save their biggest celebrations for Tet, the lunar new year that begins on Feb. 3. But in recent years, Western influence has started seeping into Vietnamese culture among teens, who have no memory of war or poverty and are eager to find a new reason to party. At Japan's Zojoji temple in Tokyo, monks chanted and

revelers marked the arrival of the new year by releasing silver balloons with notes inside. The temple's giant 15ton bell rang in the background. In Seoul, South Korea, more than 80,000 people celebrated by watching a traditional bell ringing ceremony and fireworks, while North Korea on Saturday welcomed the new year with a push for better ties with its neighbor, warning that war ``will bring nothing but a nuclear holocaust.'' At the stroke of midnight in Cuba, state television broadcast images of troops at Havana's Morro Castle fort firing 21 salvos of a cannon in honor of the 52d anniversary of former President Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution. The live broadcast from the fort was interspersed with images of Castro throughout his decades at the helm of the communist island and some of his brother and current president, Raul Castro. After the brief broadcast, state television resumed its string of holiday salsa programs as some Havana residents fired small firecrackers outside. In Dubai, the world's tallest building was awash in fireworks from the base to its needle-like spire nearly a half-mile (828 meters) above. Sparkling silver rays shot out from the Burj Khalifa in a 10-minute display. In Rio de Janeiro, more than 2 million people gathered on Copacabana beach's white sand for 20 minutes of fireworks, music and the unveiling of the logo for the 2016 Olympics. Traffic was shut down along the neighborhood's main thoroughfares for much of the day in preparation for a party rivaled only by Carnival. Revelers drank and danced to samba played on stages along the 2.5-mile beach, and at midnight many waded into the water, jumping over seven waves for good luck. In France, police were on alert for terror attacks and for celebrations getting out of hand.

Khuzdar district and his whereabouts are unknown. The recent abduction of spiritual leader Luckmi Chand Gurji has shaken the Hindus. Gurji was kidnapped with four followers last month. The captors released three men and kept the spiritual leader and the son of a trader. Similarly, an engineer named Nanak Ram was kidnapped near Rojhan Jamali and his whereabouts are still unknown. The Hindus are ethnic Baloch and have been unaffected by the insurgency in the province. They are being targeted by kidnappers due to the deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan. Hindus have lived in several Baloch-dominated districts like Nushki, Dera Allah Yar, Mastung, Khuzdar, Kalat, Jaffarabad, Lasbela, Kharan, Sibi and Kachhi and territories inhabited by the Marri and Bugti tribes for centuries. Hindus are also part of the Bugti, Marri, Rind, Bezenjo, Zehri, Mengal and other Baloch tribes and live under the tribal system. Minister Basant Lal Ghulshan contended that incidents of kidnappings are not confined to the Hindu community only. "Traders and rich men belonging to other sects or religions are also being targeted."

Four solar and two total moon eclipses will be observed in different parts of the world, including in India, in 2011. The first solar eclipse will take place on January 4. It will begin at 06:40 GMT and will be visible from Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. At maximum eclipse in northern Europe, the moon will cover 86% of the Sun's diameter. The next solar eclipse will occur on June 1. People on the Russian Kolguyev island in the Barents Sea will have a chance to observe the Moon covering 60% of the Sun's diameter. The eclipse will also be visible from the eastern Arctic, northern Canada, the Kamchatka peninsula and other regions of Russia's Far East. On June 15, a total moon eclipse will take place, which will be visible from India, the Middle East, Africa and southern Europe. Soon after it, another solar eclipse will occur, but this time the moon will cast its shadow on less then 0.1% of the sun. On November 25, the moon will cover a total of 90.4% of the sun's diameter, but the eclipse will be visible only from Antarctica and its surrounding seas.

Over 100 Hindu families in Pak want to migrate to India Over 100 Hindu families in Pakistan's Balochistan province are making efforts to migrate to India after becoming the target of a campaign of kidnappings and extortion, according to a media report on Monday. The Hindus of southwestern Balochistan have been hit hardest by incidents of abduction for ransom and extortion, with the records of the province's Home Department showing that a large number of the 291 people abducted last year were Hindus, The Express Tribune newspaper reported. Five Hindu families have already migrated from Balochistan's Mastung district to India and six more families are trying to seek asylum elsewhere or to shift to other parts of Pakistan, the daily quoted Hindu elders as saying. Vijay Kumar, a 33-year-old chemist, claimed that over 100 Hindu families of Balochistan are making efforts to migrate to India because of the campaign of kidnappings and extortion. "Our relatives are there in India, thus we Hindus prefer to settle India," he told the daily. Suresh Kumar, 31, who runs a grocery shop in Mastung district south of Quetta, wants to migrate though his family has lived in Balochistan for almost a century.

"Most of the people are trying to migrate to India or other areas of Pakistan because of the deteriorating law and order situation," Kumar said. "Kumar is not alone in this desire. Frightened by the rise in kidnappings in which their community is being targeted, many Hindus want to leave the country at the first opportunity," the report said. In provincial capital Quetta alone, four of eight persons kidnapped last year belonged to the Hindu community. The situation was worse in Naseerabad district, where half the 28 people kidnapped in 2010 were from the minority community. "It is a common perception that most of the victims were released after paying huge sums of money as ransom to kidnappers. Relatives are reluctant to disclose how much money was paid to the kidnappers, fearing that they will be targeted again," the report said. Balochistan's Minorities Affairs Minister Basant Lal Ghulshan said: "Recent incidents have shocked us." Forty-one Hindus were abducted during the past three years and four more were killed when they resisted kidnapping attempts. Juhary Lal, a well-known trader, was abducted about 16 months ago in Naal area of

Four solar, two lunar eclipses in 2011

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Match drawn after Pakistani fightback


New Zealand. New Zealand Cricket XI, a shadow New Zealand Test team, have come out of the tour match against the Pakistanis in Whangarei with the psychological advantage of having taken a 97-run first-innings lead. The match ended in a draw after both teams decided to end the third and final day's play early, with New Zealand having reached 111 for 4 in 32 overs in their second innings. Misbah-ul-Haq, the visitors' captain, completed his century on the third day as his team added another 53 runs to their overnight total of 234 for 8. Misbah, who has scored half-centuries in

each of his last three Test innings, remained unbeaten, finishing on 126, but New Zealand will be satisfied that he was the only Pakistani batsman to go past fifty. The New Zealand Cricket XI bowling attack was similar to the one expected to take-on Pakistan in the first Test, which starts on Friday, with Chris Martin, Daniel Vettori, Tim Southee and Brent Arnel all featuring in the tour match. Martin and Vettori had already taken three wickets apiece on the second day. On Tuesday morning, James Franklin picked up his second wicket of the match, dismissing Sohail Tanvir for a duck.

Pakistan's last-wicket pair put together 51 runs, with Tanvir Ahmed scoring 25 and sticking around for 52 balls to support Misbah. Southee finally took the last wicket, getting Tanvir Ahmed out caught by Tim McIntosh. Umar Gul was able to prevent Brendon McCullum from building on the confidence he earned with his first-innings doublecentury, bowling him for 18. Gul dismissed Kane Williamson two balls later for a duck to leave the home side at 25 for 2. McIntosh and James Franklin spent some time at the wicket, getting 26 and 30 respectively.

potentially dangerous matches if he is to reach the final and defend his title, with Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis seeded to meet him in the quarterfinals and Spaniard Fernando Verdasco in the semis. In other matches, Poland's Lukasz Kubot beat Germany's Daniel Brands 6-2, 6-2, Michael Berrer of Germany downed Israel's Dudi Sela 1-6, 7-6 (7/3), 6-2, and Santiago Giraldo of Colombia beat France's Gilles Simon 6-2, 6-3. Top seed Robin Soderling of Sweden, who arrived in Australia only on Monday morning, opens his campaign against US qualifier Ryan Harrison on Tuesday.

Batting icon Sachin Tendulkar and skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni were among the four Indian cricketers who found a place in former Australia captain Ian Chappell's '2010 World XI', which did not feature a single Aussie. Dashing opener Virender Sehwag and pace spearhead Zaheer Khan were the other two Indians in the XI, which features five South Africans. "Four years ago the Australian cricket team was cock-a-hoop. They'd regained the Ashes and had accentuated their superiority by smashing England at the MCG on the way to an eventual 5-0 series victory. Now the team is in tatters and it's best illustrated by a comparison of World XIs chosen at the end of the calendar year," Chappell wrote in his column for 'The Daily Telegraph'. "In 2006, Australia had six players in the XI, with Brett Lee 12th man. In the 2010 side, no Australian made the XI and Shane Watson is the 12th man," he pointed out. "It's been a slippery dip for Australia since the retirement of bowlers Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath. The ride gathered pace when Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden called it a day. They have now hit the sand pit because of the struggles of the one player who kept the brake on the downhill ride, Ricky Ponting," he further explained. Chappell described Sehwag as the most dangerous batsman in the world right now. "A dashing opener who can win a game

January, 2011


Roddick opens Brisbane Tendulkar, Dhoni in Chappell's '2010 World XI' defence in style

Andy Roddick opened the defence of his Brisbane International title in style when he thrashed Australian wildcard Marinko Matosevic 6-3, 6-2 in Brisbane on Monday. The secondseeded American overcame some early resistance from Matosevic to cruise away with the match and set up a second round clash with Ukraine's Alexandr Dolgopolov, who earlier accounted for Russia's Igor Andreev 6-4, 6-2. Roddick had too much class for the 25-year-old Australian, who fought hard but couldn't handle the power and consistency of the former world number one. Matosevic but made too many errors to trouble Roddick, who was always able to rely on his booming serve for easy points whenever he was in trouble. "It was alright, I thought the second set was probably better than the first," Roddick said later. "The first match is always a little anxious, but I was able to work my way into the match, and it wasn't a bad start. "I was able to put him into some long points and make him produce something," he added. "He was able to do it early but it wore on him as the match went on and I think he got a little bit more impatient and that was to my benefit." Roddick faces a couple of

Yuvi in list of players with egos

Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh finds himself in a rather unflattering list with a British newspaper naming him as one of the 'top 10 sporting egos' of recent times. Yuvraj, who has failed to find a place in India's Test squad for some time, was described as a talented cricketer whose ego has been inflated by the moolah from the Indian Premier League. "The Twitter biography says it all, really: 'Cricketer, Celebrity, Entrepreneur, budding Philanthropist aka Yuvi'," 'Daily Telegraph' said. "Wonderfully talented teenager got lost in the 'tamasha' which accompanied the Indian Premier League. Ego, bank balance and waistline have all swollen in recent years, but his perfor-

in the opening session of a Test. The most dangerous batsman in world cricket," he said. Chappell lavished praise on Tendulkar, saying the 37year-old, who recently became the first batsman to notch up 50 Test hundreds, seems to be getting better with age. "Unlike Ponting, Tendulkar defied the advancing years and enjoyed a tremendous resurgence. He even rediscovered the art of dominating bowlers," Chappell said. Explaining the reasons for picking Dhoni and Zaheer, Chappell said both have been consistent in their respective roles. "Dhoni has batted consistently, scoring runs when India need them and doing an adequate job with the gloves. He's a calm leader with some flair," Chappell said. "Zaheer is a left-armer who has developed into a dangerous bowler

with both the new and old ball. He performs well against good opposition," he added. Among others who found a place in the XI were South African captain Graeme Smith, their middle-order mainstay Hashim Amla, prolific all-rounder Jacques Kallis, the aggressive AB de Villiers and tearaway pacer Dale Steyn. "Smith is a solid opener who has the knack of making the tough runs when they're really needed. Hashim Amla is a player who really blossomed in 2010. He mastered the knack of scoring centuries and at an improved run rate," he said. "Kallis's churned out runs with his usual efficiency, displayed a safe pair of hands and bowled with some of his old pace and fire," he added. "De Villiers came of age. His ability to accelerate the scoring rate stood out like a beacon in a predominantly average-conscious South African team," he added. Chappell picked England's Graeme Swann as the spinner in the XI, the pace attack of which is spearheaded by the feisty Steyn with England's Jimmy Anderson for company. "A most improved attacking bowler who confirmed his progress with another successful year. A probing and accurate spinner. "Dale Steyn bowls at a good pace and swings the ball away from right-handers. A proven formula for dismissing good batsmen," he said. "Anderson swings the ball both ways at a respectable pace and has greatly improved his accuracy.

win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, I can clearly feel and sense the tremendous excitement which is gripping the cricket fraternity," he said. Commenting on his side's preparations for the World Cup, the wicket-keeper batsman said: "I'm happy with our preparations so far as we have gelled well, we have backed each other all the way and have played some excellent cricket lately. "But we are also aware that we need to peak at the right time and maintain a winning momentum as the competition will be tough and every team will enter the event fancying its chances." "Each team and match will bring a fresh challenge and we will have to play to our potential every time we take the field," he added.

To ensure spectators at matches that do not feature the host nations, tournament director of next year's cricket World Cup in the sub-continent, Ratnakar Shetty, has said the ticket prices would be kept nominal. "The Central Organising Committee (COC), which is headed by Mr Sharad Pawar, who is also ICC President, has taken several decisions in trying to make this event a memorable one and to ensure that the non-India, non-Sri Lanka and non-Bangladesh games also have good spectator attendance," Shetty said in an ICC release. "What we have also impressed upon the venues is to keep the ticket rates at the minimal and affordable so that people come to stadia, and to look after the spectators, media and players facilities.

Dhoni eager to win 2011 World Cup under his captaincy

With the Twenty20 title already in his kitty, India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Saturday said he wants to lift the upcoming ICC World Cup in the sub-continent as the coveted trophy is the ultimate dream of every cricketer. Dhoni, under whose leadership India won the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup in 2008, said his burning desire is to see India capture the trophy for its fans. "Every one of us in the India dressing room wants to lift that cup, not only for ourselves, but also for the billions of fans we have around the globe. It is not a surprise to me as it doesn't get any bigger than the World Cup. "It is the ultimate dream of every cricketer to represent his country in this competition and win the trophy at least once in his

"It is the ultimate dream of every cricketer to represent his country in this competition and win the trophy at least once in his career.

career. It will require a lot of hard work, self belief and also a positive approach which Team India is capable of displaying at the highest level," Dhoni said during a promotional ICC event to mark the 50-day countdown celebrations of the mega-event starting next month. With little more than a month to go for the tournament, Dhoni said he can feel the buzz around him. "With just 50 days remaining before we launch our campaign to

World Cup ticket prices to be nominal: Ratnakar Shetty

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Obama's New Year resolution : Fix the economy Two US soldiers die in Iraq, 24

January, 2011

first casualties of 2011

HONOLULU: President Barack Obama has set his New Year's resolution high for 2011: repair the struggling U.S. economy. In his weekly radio and Internet address on Saturday, the vacationing president said data recent showed the economic recovery was gaining traction even as millions of Americans are still out of work. "Our most important task now is to keep that recovery going," Obama said. "As president, that's my commitment to you: to do everything I can to make sure our economy is growing, creating jobs, and

strengthening our middle class. That's my resolution for the coming year." Unemployment of nearly 10% and dissatisfaction with Obama's efforts to spur an economic recovery from the worst recession in decades helped fuel Republican victories in congressional elections in November. Republicans will control the House of Representatives next year and Democrats will have a smaller majority in the Senate, a new political reality that will affect Obama's ability to push through his policy priorities. The President, who forged a deal with Republicans to extend Bush era tax cuts in the waning days of 2010, sought to strike a bipartisan note in his address. "In a few days, a new Congress will form, with one house controlled by Democrats, and one house con-

trolled by Republicans -- who now have a shared responsibility to move this country forward," he said. "I'm willing to work with anyone of either party who's got a good idea and the commitment to see it through." One area where Democrats and Republicans will be challenged to work together is on deficit and debt reduction. Senator elect Kelly Ayotte, a Republican from New Hampshire, said her party was ready to spearhead that effort. "Congress must get serious about meaningful debt reduction," she said in the weekly Republican address. "This isn't a Republican problem or a Democrat problem -- it's an American problem that will require tough decision making from both parties. Republicans are ready to lead that fight."

NEW YORK: United Nations chief Ban Ki-Moon on Monday strongly condemned the suicide attack on a church in Egyptian city of Alexandria that killed 22 people and asked authorities to bring perpetrators of the crime to justice. "The Secretary-General is appalled by the bomb attack at the al-Qiddissin Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt, on New Year's Eve," said a statement by the spokesman of the UN chief. "He strongly condemns this deplorable act of violence and supports efforts by the Egyptian authorities to bring those responsible to justice," the statement said. "The Secretary-General conveys his sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to the Government and people of the Arab Republic of Egypt," it said.

United States banking giant Bank of America scrambled to preemptively save itself from possibly becoming the next institution to be exposed by Wikileaks, the whistleblower website that raised a storm of controversy by unveiling private diplomatic cables of the State Department. Reports suggested that BoA had appointed “a team of 15 to 20 top... officials, led by the chief risk officer, Bruce Thompson,” to oversee a wide-ranging internal investigation covering many thousands of documents and seeking out instances where computer files and security could have been compromised. The action by BoA came shortly after Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange hinted, in an interview with Forbes magazine over a month ago, that his organisation would be releasing tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of documents pertaining to “a big U.S. bank” that

would expose an “ecosystem of corruption” within that bank. In that interview Mr. Assange also said that the upcoming exposé would not only reveal flagrant violations and unethical practices, but it would also supply vast numbers documents describing the supporting decision-making structures and the internal executive ethos behind the workings of the bank. Even as far back as October Mr. Assange had indicated that Wikileaks was “sitting on five gigabytes from Bank of America, one of the executive’s hard drives,” in an interview with Computer World magazine. He also noted that the documents in Wikileaks’ possession would show up the regular decision making that turned a blind eye to and supported unethical practices, the oversight that was not done, the priorities of executives, and how they thought they were fulfilling their own self-interest. The New York

Times reported that the internal team at BoA investigating the possible loss of confidential material had been joined by specialists from consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and several top law firms. Together they would also be looking into “the legal problems that could arise from a disclosure, including the bank’s potential liability if private information was disclosed about clients,” the newspaper reported, citing anonymous sources within BoA. BoA, along with a few other companies such as MasterCard and PayPal, earlier suspended processing payments to Wikileaks on the grounds that Wikileaks might have been in violation of the law in the context of the State Department cables that it had released. ccording to statements made in interviews, Mr. Assange expects to release the trove of documents relating to a U.S. bank “early this year.”

LOS ANGELES: Arnold Schwarzenegger today stepped down as California " Governator", defending his record to the last — and keeping fans and others guessing about his next move. After seven years at the helm of the Golden State, the former champion body builder turned "Terminator" movie megastar and businessman is leaving his adopted home mired in huge financial woes. But as he prepared to hand over power to Democrat Jerry Brown two months after November 2 polls — Arnie stood by all his decisions. "History will be the final judge of my administration's record," he said in his last weekly radio address. "But I leave office proud of what we have accomplished." "I am especially proud that we were never afraid to ...make the tough choices, and set aside ideology in favour of compromise.

a Dallas court. There have been 21 DNA exonerations in Dallas since 2001, more than any other county in the nation. Only two states - Illinois and New York - have freed more of the wrongly convicted through DNA evidence, according to the Innocence Project, a New Yorkbased legal center representing Dupree that specializes in wrongful conviction cases. Dupree's 30 years in prison will surpass James Woodard, who spent more than 27 years imprisoned for a murder that he was cleared of in 2008. Dallas' record of DNA exonerations is unmatched nationally because the county crime lab maintains biological evidence even decades after a conviction, leaving samples available to test. In addition, Watkins has cooperated with innocence groups in reviewing hundreds of requests by inmates for DNA testing. Watkins, the first black DA in Texas history, has also pointed to what he calls "a convict-at-all-costs mentality" that he says permeated the DA's office before he arrived in 2007.

BEEBE (KANSAS): Wildlife officials are trying to determine what caused more than 1,000 black birds to die and fall from the sky over an Arkansas town. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said Saturday that it began receiving reports about the dead birds about 11:30 p.m. the previous night. The birds fell over a 1-mile (2-kilometer) area, and an aerial survey indicated that no other dead birds were found outside of that area. Commission ornithologist Karen Rowe said the he birds showed physical trauma, and she speculated that "the flock could have been hit by lightning or high-altitude hail." The commission said that New Year's Eve revelers shooting off fireworks in the area could have startled the birds from their roost and caused them to die from stress. obby King, a wildlife officer for the agency, collected about 65 dead birds, which will be sent for testing to the state Livestock and Poultry Commission lab and the National Wildlife Health Center lab in Wisconsin.

US president Barack Obama signed into law a bill on Sunday giving federal health benefits to first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, staying unmoved by India’s complaints about a steep hike in skilled-worker visa fees which will partially fund the $4.3 billion aid bill. Commerce minister Anand Sharma slammed the bill as “retrograde” after it passed Congress at the close of the session on December 22. India is now mulling steps to take its complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as the bill will be funded by a 2% levy on goods and services sourced from contractors in countries like India, China and Thailand which are outside the purview of WTO’s Agreement on Government Procurement. The bill will also be funded by the continuation of a fee hike on work visas from 2014 to 2021. In August last year, Congress dramatically hiked fees for work visas to help pay for a $650 million effort to increase security along the

US-Mexico border. As a result, the fees for H-1B visas shot up from $320 to $2,320, while it increased by $ 2,250 for L-1 visas. This increase will now stay until 2021 to help cover the cost of the 9/11 responders health care bill. India’s IT industry which relies on work visas for bringing in engineers for US projects contends the hikes will cost $200 million a year. “We do not rush into disputes, but beyond a point, patience does run out,” commerce secretary Rahul Khullar earlier told business reporters, indicating that India may take this dispute to the WTO. The law, which Obama signed on Sunday in private during his vacation in Hawaii, provides $4.3 billion in aid over five years, with $1.5 billion for health-care coverage. It also reopens a $2.7 billion compensation program for those who became ill after working or living near the debris at the Ground Zero site in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack.

UN Secretary General condemns Egypt bomb attack

Bank of America scrambles to limit WikiLeaks damage

DNA clears Texas man who spent 30 years in prison

DALLAS: Prosecutors declared a Texas man innocent Monday of a rape and robbery that put him in prison for 30 years, more than any other DNA exoneree in Texas. DNA test results that came back barely a week after Cornelius Dupree Jr. was paroled in July excluded him as the person who attacked a Dallas woman in 1979, prosecutors said Monday. Dupree was just 20 when he was sentenced to 75 years in prison in 1980. Now 51, he has spent more time wrongly imprisoned than any other DNA exoneree in Texas, which has freed 41 wrongly convicted inmates through DNA since 2001 - more than any other state. "Our Conviction Integrity Unit thoroughly reinvestigated this case, tested the biological evidence and based on the results, concluded Cornelius Dupree did not commit this crime," Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins said. Dupree is expected to have his aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon conviction overturned Tuesday at an exoneration hearing in

Baghdad: Two US soldiers have been killed in central Iraq in the first deadly attack of 2011 on American forces in the country, the military said on Monday. "Two US service members were killed in central Iraq Sunday night," a statement from the US military said. "This was one incident resulting in the death of two US service members. These are the first deaths of any US service member in 2011," a spokeswoman for the military said, without giving further details on how the two were killed, or to which branch of the military they belonged. The latest deaths brings to 4,432 the number of American soldiers to have died in Iraq since the 2003 US-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein, according to an AFP tally based on data from independent website According to the website, 60 members of the US military were killed in 2010 -- by far the smallest number since 2003. Some 50,000 US troops remain in the country, but a security accord between Baghdad and Washington requires that they be withdrawn by the end of 2011.

More than 1,000 dead birds fall from sky in US

Schwarzenegger bows out as California governor

Obama signs 9/11 health bill, sticks India with paying for it

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Page 25


March-21 to April-20


June-22 to July-23

You will be thinking and talking about loftier topics than usual since your wide ranging mind is attracting you to fascinating new ideas. But you’ve really got to be clear in your own mind about the message you’re trying to get across, since you may get scattered in this busy time.

With the Sun in your chart area of service and health you need to be fit to crack on through the chores that are piling up in front of you. So you need to treat your body like a machine that needs the right treatment, good fuel and maintenance stops along the way.

More letters and phone calls than usual are keeping you on your toes, and a good many short distance trips will keep boredom well at bay. You want to see things in a much broader kind of way, to take the bird’s eye September-24 view rather than being stuck in detail.

You are more secretive than usual at the moment. You won’t readily divulge what you are thinking or planning to any but your most intimate partners. You want to give your body things that smell, feel and look nice. Pleasuring your senses is very tempting but you will also worry about financial position.


April-21 to May-20

A real party animal at the moment you will be playing spontaneously and not settling down to routine chores easily. Feeling outgoing and romantic, you want to allow your exuberance out on display as much as possible.


July-24 to August-23



to October-22

October-23 to November-22


December-23 to Januar-20

Today you may feel happier in your own company as you can be a touch overwhelmed by having too many people around, so give yourself a lot more space. Looking after yourself physically is more important than usual. Just think positively, eat healthily, and try to remember to relax frequently.


January-21 to February-19

The key thing at the moment is to learn the lessons of handling cash successfully. Maybe you are flashing it around a little too extravagantly just to boost your self esteem. You want to impress everyone, but try to save for security as well.

You are in your element in group efforts at the moment, keen to see that everyone pulls in the same direction. With the Moon in the dramatic area of your chart today you are much more emotional in the way that you connect to people. Really reaching out and expecting friendship in return.



INTRODUCING NEW SHAYER IN TOWN Friday Jan 7, 2011 | 7 PM to 11PM

Mughal Restaurant MubahsirAhmad (MA LLB)

4812 Thornton Ave., Fremont, CA 94536 Call: Dr. Koya 510-677-4488 Email:

January, 2011


May-21 to June-21


August-24 to September-23


November-23 to December-22


February-20 to March-20


Maybe you feel slightly more vulnerable than usual with the Sun in your opposite sign today, but there is support around if you look. Ask for what you need, but be prepared to compromise as well since relationships always mean give and take.

You yearn to feel rooted, as if you belonged to a familiar place and to the people who make you feel most relaxed. What you want is a beautiful home with an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. Just don’t overreact and imagine slights where none actually exist.

This is your birthday month so you fully intend to suit yourself. This is the time of year to lay down projects for the next 12 months. Work out what will suit you and then get cracking with plans. If you do stir up a problem, just don’t go too far. You won’t really want to see it through.

This is your peak time of year where work or community activities are concerned so recognition and success are likely if you strive hard to get your talents out on display. Though you don’t want any aggravation today. You really yearn for a pleasant, relaxing time.

Muslim girl tops in Sanskrit language exam

NAVAIKULAM: At a time when inspiring lyrics like Vande Mataram are branded communal, a Muslim girl who opted for Sanskrit has topped the Kerala University MA (Sanskrit) exam in 2006. Shajeena S notched up 79 per cent and is the first Muslim topper in the university’s history. The 24-year-old is the second of three daughters of Shahul Hamid, a poor labourer from Navaikulam. She took up Sanskrit three years ago. She is a very bright and sincere student, says Shajeena’s teacher R Nirmala. Did Shajeena confront any resistance from community leaders or from her parents Not really, she says, adding, my parents agreed when I told them I want to learn Sanskrit. When I topped the university exam, my ustad in the community asked for sweets. Though some people ask her why she didn’t take up Arabic for higher studies, she tells them that Sanskrit is the most apt language for Indians since most Indian languages are offshoots of Sanskrit. Besides, it also offers better job opportunities, she says. Shajeena recites Sanskrit shlokas at home. Nobody at home understands them though, she smiles. But they say they sound melodious when intoned in a low pitch. The Sanskrit language is poetic. There is rhythm in every syllable. She dreams of launching a Sanskrit publication, which can help Sanskrit lovers in India give vent to their creativity. She swears that she will teach her children this rich language. It’s a shame this beautiful language is reduced to a Cinderella in her own land, she says. (Submitted by Ben Venktash FBRH).

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Page 26

January, 2011

Labasa may sign on more players


Labasa Football Association is holding talks with six players interested in joining the Babasiga Lions next season. The players are Navua striker, MaciuDunadamu, defender TanielaWaqa, Rewa’sPosianoKalisito, Archie Watkins and Joseph Nimaraiu. A sixth player could be Pita Bolaitoga who is currently playing for Papua New Guinea based club Hekari United. Should these players join the northerners next season, Labasa will be an extremely strong side guided by a new and dynamic administration outfit elected for 2011.

FFA boss clarifies Singh’s statement

The Fiji Football Association President DrSahu Khan has strongly reacted to comments made by former Lautoka official Raymond Singh. This, after Singh put out a statement to Fiji FA confirming his willingness to take on the marketing manager role for the football house, however, not under the leadership of Khan. Khan says FFA made no such offer to Singh for the position and is adamant that the former Lautoka official made unnecessary statements. “I must make it very clear that he made the statement whether I was a leader or not a leader and of course I think he probably felt that we will reject his offer so immediately I had discussion with all my board members and than all agreed with my suggestion my recommendation to appoint him; so the next day I immediately wrote to him personally and offered him to accept this position than of course he didn’t care to come back to me and he went to the media instead saying that he will not work under my leadership; now that is going back like somebody is splitting or leaking his public offer but I accepted it and than of course he turns around and says no.” FBC Sports was unable to obtain further comments from Raymond Singh who is believed to be away overseas.

Dutt confirms resignation

Former national coach YogendraDutt has finally broken his silence stating his reasons on his resignation. Dutt told FBC Sports recent comments made by people holding upper posts in the Fiji soccer have dishearten him. He adds he has always had soccer at heart but will not be able to work with people with a different approach to the sport he loves. Dutt says after tendering his resignation he was later approached by the Technical Director Saiyad Ali to reconsider his decision but he maintained his decision to quit national duties.

Rika to participate at Australian Country championships

Cricket Fiji’s Development Manager Jo Rika will depart Fiji tomorrow ahead of the Australian Country Championships beginning in Western Australia on January 3rd. Batsman Rika has been named in the East Asia Pacific team for the fifth time and is likely to play a leadership role within the team who are looking to improve on last year’s sixth placing. Rika will link up with Fijian teammate SakariaLomani, who has also been selected for EAP. Fast bowler Lomani is currently playing cricket for Bunbury in Western Australia, where the tournament will be held. EAP will begin its tournament with a Twenty20 match against defending champions the Northern Territory on Monday.



The Lautoka soccer team will march into camp from the 4th of January for the lead up to the preparation for their crucial O-league match against Papua New Guinea based Hekari United. Coach Gurjeet Singh told FBC Sports it will be a mammoth task for him to mould the team coming back from their christmas break. Singh says despite the two victories in the past matches,they will not

Ms. Lalis first Indo-Fijian to joinnetball trial

Twenty-one year old Jacinta Lal has created history by being the first IndoFijian to participate at the final netball trial that will be

held at the National Netball centre next month. National Netball coach GabriellQoro says Netball Fiji is honoured to see the

The Fiji Bitter Nabua 7s is set to feature some of the top sevens teams from around the country when it kicks off next weekend. Tournament Organiser Elemaca Ravulo says they are thankful to Fiji Bitter for the sponsorship of $5000 top prize money. Teams that have already confirmed their participation are Police, Navy, Red Rock, Nabua and Warden while top teams from Vanua Levu include Bainivualiku, Macuata, Nasolo Young boys and Somosomo Sharks. Ravulo adds the tournament will officially be opened by the

Commissioner Northern Colonel IniaSeruiratu. He is urging members of the public especially to the three

interest shown in stepping up to attend the netball trials. "She's probably one of the first Indo fijians that have shown interest to participate at our final trials and we are very thankful and glad to have a player of her calibre to come and join and add flavour in our trial. She's been playing netball for the last five to six years and plays high level netball in Wellington." Lal is a mid court player who Qoro says will add flavour to the team.

Fiji Bitter Nabua 7s attracts top teams

take Hekari United lightly. Singh adds he will work on the fitness and combination of the team prior to the game. Lautoka earlier this year defeated Solomon’s Koloale FC 2-1 before beating Vanuatu’s Amicale FC 1-0. Lautoka currently leads group A with 6 points. The Lautoka/Hekari match will be played on January 15th at Lautoka’s Churchill Park.

Prasad denies allegations

The Suva Soccer President Mahen Prasad has broken his silence saying he has not spoken to any of the Rewa soccer players to join Suva from next season. Prasad comments came after reports speculated that he is holding talks with several Rewa reps. Prasad told FBC Sports it’s too early to say that Suva will sign few players. However he says most of the players are contracted players and to obligate their contracted huge money has to folk out to get them. Meanwhile the newly elected Labasa Soccer President Ajesh Narayan has confirmed FBC Sports release for striker MaciuDunadamu and defender TaneilaWaqa has been applied from Navua soccer.

FFA names squad for 2011 OFC Beach Soccer

The Fiji Football Association today confirmed Fiji’s participation at the 2011 OFC Beach Soccer World Cup qualifiers in Tahiti. The Fiji FA has also named a 27-member squad to prepare for the event. FA technical director Saiyad Ali says trials for selection into the final team will be held at the Beach Volleyball pitch at Laucala. “We want all players to assemble at the Laucala beach volleyball pitch on January 15 from 9am to 3pm. “In fact the trial is also open to other interested players. You must first inform us of your availability to attend on the day,” Ali said. The OFC

World Cup Beach playoff in Tahiti is February 20-27, 200. Fiji Beach Soccer SimioneTamanisau

provinces of Cakaudrove, Bua and Macuata to turn up in numbers and witness rugby action at its best.

Soccer set for

Squad: (Hekari

FC / Rewa), KelepiQaqa (Rewa), PosianoKalisito (Rewa), EsavaSamudre (Suva), Ben Aminio (Navua), TanielaWaqa (Navua),

SeveciRokotakala (Navua), MaciuDunadamu (Navua), Archie Watkins (Rewa), SamuleaDrudru (Nadroga), SanailaCagaica (Nadroga), Valerio Nawatu (Lautoka), Alvin Avinesh (Lautoka), Kamal Hassan (Lautoka), OseaVakatalesau (Hekari FC / Lautoka), Arvindra Naidu (Lautoka), MalakaiTiwa (Hekari FC/Ba), AvineshWaran (Ba), AkuilaMateisuva (Labasa), Luke Rawadamu (Nadroga), MeliCodro (Ba), RatuJosefataDugucagi (Nadi), Thakur Narayan (Navua), JosaiaBukalidi (Ba), Shonal Sharma (Navua), Pita Boleitoga (Labasa), SalenBuisena (Suva)

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ruschetta came into style some time ago and continue as a trendy nibble. You see them everywhere, on the appetiser menus of upscale restaurants, at cool cocktail parties and even at informal meals while entertaining at home. The bruschetta, a simple construction of toppings on toasted bread, has come to be a popular snack and first course order. Basic as it is, when you put together good Italian bread, sunripened tomatoes, the punch of garlic and a little fresh basil, not to forget quality olive oil, you emerge with something that delights and satisfies. I once watched an Italian chef put a platter of bruschetta together and it was an enlightening experience. He began, of course, with some excellent bread, sliced on the diagonal. These he griddle toasted, so they had the odd charred spot. Then, he took a plump clove of gar-

Bread Alone



Slices of bread, from a baguette, cut on the diagonal A cup of mushrooms, sliced 2 tbsp olive oil 2-3 cloves of garlic 1 tsp chopped herbs, such as parsley Salt and pepper to taste


lic, smashed it roughly, and rubbed it over the slices of tasted bread. He took a small sprig of fresh basil and rubbed it into the bread as well. And then cherry tomatoes, which were coarsely crushed into the bread. A scattering of coarse salt and a drizzle of the best olive oil completed the bruschetta. And it was so very good. Bruschetta is a good idea when you're

Pasta with

Pesto Sauce

Method  Wash the basil leaves in plenty of cold water. Leave them to dry on a towel. You can also use a handoperated salad spinner. During this process, pay attention not Ingredients to break, crush or rub the basil Basil leaves: leaves. You need 55gms to use a marble Pine nuts: mortar and a 20gms wooden pestle Garlic: when making one or two cloves Genoese Pesto. Parmesan  Once clean, (two years old): crush the garlic 40gms and pine nuts in Sardinian pecorithe mortar until no cheese: they are creamy. 10gms Add the dry basil Coarse salt: a leaves a few at a few grains; time, and add Extra virgin olive salt. Don't beat oil from the the mixture, but Ligurian Riviera: use the pestle 55gms. with a delicate movement, rotating it against the sides of the mortar. This movement is necessary to extract the essential oils from the veins of the basil leaves, which are therefore not broken but rubbed against the side of the mortar.  Continue this movement until the sauce is homogeneous and well-mixed, and the basil is very fine. Add the Parmesan and the Sardinian pecorino cheese. Slowly add the extra virgin olive oil and stir again with a wooden spoon until the cheese is mixed in.  If you aren't going to eat the pesto immediately, put it in a glass or plastic jar, cover it with a layer of oil and keep it in the fridge.

trying to think of starters or nibbles with drinks, especially for vegetarians. While there are some classic toppings, like grilled peppers, ripe tomato or zucchini slivers, you can always experiment with other ingredients that catch your fancy. The slices of bread being sturdier than delicate canap é s, they can hold up most any topping.


or a lazy brunch, you can surely munch onto mouth- watering Chicken sub sandwich


 200gms Chicken boneless  Salt and Pepper to taste  ½ cup Olive oil  4 Cheese slices  1 cup Mushrooms, chopped  1 cup Capsicum, chopped  1 cup Onion, chopped  ½ cup jalapenos

A mixture of mushrooms, rather than just button mushrooms will add more flavour - use oyster, and perhaps some dried shiitake that has been soaked and patted dry. Toast the bread lightly; rub each slice with the garlic. Heat the olive oil. Toss in the mushrooms and stir until they have wilted. Increase the heat and dry away excess moisture. Add the salt and pepper to taste. Top each slice of bread with the mushrooms and sprinkle with some parsley.


Cheese Olive Cocktail Snack


hinking what snack to make for the cocktail party tonight? Then, serve Cheese Olive Cocktail, a simple, easy to make recipe that wins everyones heart.

Ingredients • • • •

• •

Preparation •

Mix all ingredients and blend it well till smooth and creamy. Now, mold the mixture around each olive and bake it in the pre-heated

1 cup grated cheese 1/4 cup butter 1/2 cup flour 1/4 tbsp red pepperground Salt to taste 300gm green olives

oven at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Your snack is ready to be served.

Mouth-watering Chicken sub sandwich  Olive oil  Mixed herbs  4 Foot long buns


 Rub pepper and salt into the chicken and marinate for half an hour.  Take the chicken and microwave for 15 minutes to cook partially.  Now, in a pan, heat the olive oil and sprinkle a bit of

herbs, add the chicken and shred

Creamy pasta in Mushroom Sauce Ingredients

 Penne Pasta: 90 gms  For the pasta sauce: Olive oil: 10 ml, Elephant garlic: 15 gms, Dry Porcini Mushrooms: 20 gms, Brandy: 30 ml, Double cream: 40 ml, Butter: 10 gms Extra virgin olive oil: 15 ml, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese: 15 gms, Mushroom stock: 100ml  For the garnish: Parmigiano Reggiano cheese flakes: 2, Flat leaf parsley: 1, Dry porcini powder: 2 gms, White truffle oil: a few drops



January, 2011

 Blanch the penne in salted water for 6 minutes. Strain and reserve on the side. In another sauce pan heat some olive oil and sauté the flaked garlic. Pour in the brandy and increase the flame to burn up the alcohol. Add the reconstituted porcini mushrooms with stock, cook on medium heat.  Slip in the pasta with some mushroom stock. Remove from flame. Add butter, cream and extra virgin olive oil. Add Parmigiano Reggiano.  Garnish with parsley sprig, porcini powder and truffle oil.

it until it sautés. To the mixture, add

the onions, mushrooms, capsicums, jalapenos. Sprinkle mixed herbs, salt and pepper onto it.  Take the footlong and cut it into 2 halves. Butter both the sides of it and place the chicken filling in between and arrange cheese slices on top. Garnish with boiled corns. Serve hot.

Healthy Mediterranean



orget the old style tomato-onion salad, try a healthier, tastier variant- the Mediterranean salad this time round. Preparation: • Boil the potatoes for 15 minutes and peel them and cut them into small pieces. • Also, boil green beans for 15 to 20 minutes. • Also, wash the lettuce leaves and keep them aside to dry. • 4 tomatoes • Boil the eggs and cut • 2-3 lettuce leaves them into small pieces. • 3 cups potatoes • Also, quarter the toma• 3 cups green beans toes. • 2 eggs • Now, season the toma• 1/2 cup black olives toes and beans with french • 2 tbsp oregano dressing and arrange the • 1 cup french dressing lettuce leaves around the • Salt bowl. • In the bottom of the bowl, put potatoes and decorate it with beans, tomatoes, eggs and black olives. • Pour the remaining salad dressing and sprinkle oregano on the top.


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Page 28

Restaurant Round Up-a critical look at restaurant operations in Bay Area 28

January, 2011

Beginning this issue we are going to do some critical evaluation of Indian-Pakistani –Fiji Restaurants. We consider this is an important area and our readers should get a fair view of both pros and cons about a place as we tend to spend a lot of money eating out and hosting events. As we move around we come across some very professional people and some not very professional people in restaurant business. Some are there just to make money and care very little about food quality and customer service for which American businesses pay a huge attention and spend a lot of money to abide by industry standards. So no hard feelings if you find some hard hitting facts revealed in this column. (H. Koya,editor).

Pakwan in Hayward offers best Sunday brunch

If you are looking for a great social time with your family and friends with a sumptuous, delicious and filling buffet, then you must visit PAKWAN on Mission in Hayward on Sundays. It has the best of everything from Tandoori chicken to mixed vegies and puri to rice biryani plus an array of dishes ranging from Nihari, paaya, chickenkarahi, bhunna ghost to roast lamb. Eat all you can and top it with ice cream or additional Pakistani deserts, tea or sodas. It is the consistency in taste and quality that will want to back again and again that many restaurants fail offer or cannot always live up. At PAKWAN, it is rare that you will be disappointed. For Sunday brunch FIJISUN rates PAKWAN the best with an unbeatable taste.


Shawn plans to appoint distributor for his products

Alpha sales director Shawn was in the Bay Area last month exploring the possibility of setting up distribution center for his ALPHA DISTRIBUTION CO. Shawn visited several Bay Area location and talked a few

Paying a tribute to Police Commissioner PU Raman

Among many surprises was one encounter with Anil Raman – younger sonof former Police Commissioner PU Raman. I had met Anil while a police recruit more than 30 years ago at the Nasese Police Training complex where his dad the famous P U Raman was first local Police Commandant (the principal of the police academy). Anil was a young high school student then and sounded very articulate in that brief meeting with me discounting any ambition of following in his father’s footsteps. Anil quickly recalled our brief meeting and reading about me all these years. I shared with Anil that I have never had the opportunity to say before that I owe his dad the respected Mr. P U Raman my profound indebtedness for selecting me for as a recruit and giving me a break for a splendid police career at a time when I was rock bottom in my life. Mr. Raman had a high regard for me for my command of English

There is no doubt the cause chosen by FIJI SEWA SAMAJ is a very noble one to help the poor students accomplish their goals. And it was quite clear from what Raj Singh said at their New Year’s celebration that the organization needs more volunteers and funds as well. My immediate reaction was that FIJI SEWA SAMAJ must proactively seek Christians, Sikhs and Muslims to be on board to make it an allinclusive affair. We went to THE event just by accident because we were outraged at the price hike at the next door event which was a disaster we were later tol. Given RAJ TRAVEL and the groups “love affair” with the largest newspaper in the world, we were not expecting any VIP treatment or press privileges normally accorded but we were pretty surprised by the terse reaction and the high-handedness by the chairperson Mr. ParnaNand who circumvented Mrs. Ramiza Singh as she led us

to a table and screamed, “They need to buy the tickets.” PramaNand who once solicited FIJI SUN for promoting his mandali never came around to say hello while Raj and Ramiza made a point of meeting saying “Happy New Year.” Well that was a good start for the New Year! Parma Nand may not be aware that I am local City Ambassador for the HUMANITY FIRST that raises millions of dollars for the natural disasters around the world the most recent ones being Haiti quake and Pakistan flood. Not that my expertise is important but circumventing or limited people like us, he also slams the door on would be Muslims who also have a moral obligation to serve the cause (as part of Khidamat-e-Khalk – service humanity) and why not through FIJI SEWA SAMAJ. Happy New Year to all and we look forward to a more inclusivity in 2011. All the best! (Ed)

Swagat (Fremont) serves us stale food

the rank of Deputy Police Chief – first Indian Police officer as the second in command-he removed me from general duties and assigned a “freelance” position without a strict schedule on a difficult mission he knew I fitted for as a Commissioner’s Cadet. I had my fears. On the side though, I focused on a drug gang that was just budding in Suva and I wanted to a crackdown on them. Someone blew off the undercover lid on me. Fortunately, I had busted one group and made the first drug arrest. Had it not been for a “wildcard” under Mr. Raman, I would not have cut my career short and continued to serve as an important alley under Mr. Raman because he knew I was the only one then with tertiary education in Criminology. Iremain indebted to Mr. Raman to this day for giving me a great opportunity in my life that came about through intensive praying.

We were very hungry so we swung by to the nearest Indian cuisine SWAGAT in Paseo Padre, Fremont, tucked away behind small shopping complex which was before Fiji Hutt. Agreed, it was about three o’clock in the afternoon but buffet still available on display. And as we walked in a skinny male clerk with South Indian accent seated us and invited to the buffet. The burners were down and atmosphere very cold. Midway through eating, we felt the tandoori chicken had bad taste and smelled like old fish. We pointed this out to the staff. A male kitchen helper who was carrying a box on his shoulder retorted, “ ShankiRakho,” (keep patience). It was more like telling us shut up. The discourteous staff did not bother to heat up the meal nor give us some things fresh instead to save the name of their business. We have vowed never to go this outfit nor will be recommend anyone for below average food quality and poor customer service. Our rating: Poor.

FREMONT- At the New Year’s blast at CHNANDI Friday December 31 night, it was renewing old acquaintances. It has been 20 some years I had met Anil Singh and his wife at our first FIJI AWRADS NIGHT held at the Cupertino High School in San Bruno. This was the first ever public event for FIJI community. Anil was the CEO we found in our hurried search that was in the engineering industry. Anil got the best CEO Award. Since then we lost touch. Just as we were talking about the next big FIJI AWARDS NIGHT, Anil remarked, “ It was great. You better revive it.” So we will take the CEO’s words and host the FIJI AWARDS NIGHT this year with a bang. Fiji American Community has grown many folds since we first hoisted the FIJI AWARDS NIGHT and MISS FIJI-USA. Along with the growing number of Fiji businesses, many of our children have taken to college education and are making headways in various fields that make us a very community. It is just a coincidence that Ben Venktash and I went over some of the details of how we will integrate American Institute of Management Fellowship and the FIJI AWARDS NIGHT together to make it memorable where a large member of Fiji personality will receive recognition awards, fellowship and honorary doctorates in a variety of professional and work experiences. Thanks to Anil for that little push! (Anil Singh and wife)

An aggressive, forthright and outspoken young Fiji A. Saleem formally of Suva, Fiji is tipped to be a quest speaker in the Bay Area when he makes his next trip in February. Details will be released in the FIJI SUN. Fiji A. Saleem made it out all on his own running his insurance business and working in the construction industry. An avid reader Fiji ASaleem is worth listening to both on business management and his favorite pastime Interfaith dialogue. A tentative agreement has been worked to have Saleem featured at both the AIM – American Institute of Management open forum and at the Interfaith America meeting. “My objective is to come there and support the good causes that you are serving specially in the interfaith area,” Saleem told FIJI SUN editor at the AMC Convention over the Christmas weekend in Chino. “I was concerned about the low attendance by the SFO-Bay Area Ahmadis whom I have known for several years. I just do not know why they did not come this time,” lamented Saleem. Speaking about the Interfaith dialogue Saleem said, “I believe it is a very important forum and an excellent place to showcase your faith, make friends and from which to invite others to your temples and mosques.”

and current events and never hesitated to ask if he was in doubt of an English word. I had grown up reading a lot about Mr. Raman when was a prosecuting officer which is where perhaps I got my inspiration for police career. When Mr. Ramanrose to

Fiji SewaSamaj needs to broaden its base

likely distributors for quality species, Ghee and a host of Fiji favorites that his company packs in Fiji and Australia and the distributes them. Shawn plans to return in May to launch his distribution campaign.

“Revive Fiji Awards Night” editor told

Fiji A. Saleem to be featured as quest speaker

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