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atu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara’s escape from Fiji to Tonga after being charged for attempting to overthrow the pre sent Frank Bainimarama led military government has raised several legal and political questions. As the Fiji’s Prime Minister is trying to follow all legal procedures to seek extradition of a fugitive of justice back to Fiji, NZ


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June, 2011

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June, 2011



June, 2011

Reflections on the Pacific Islander Leadership Summit on Criminal Justice



spent about 3 hours today at the Pacific Islander Leadership Summit on Criminal Justice and I wanted to share some of my reflections about what I observed tonight. I guess we should start with what I felt was very productive about the summit…


The food was catered by Lanikai Grill and I loved it!


It was wonderful to see so many Pacific Islander church leaders, community based leaders, educators, politicians, law enforcement officers, etc. there tonight. It was a strong statement about the fact that people recognize the gang issue as a problem and are looking for ways to collaborate and work together to make a difference.


The keynote speaker was an elder from the Maori community who has done extensive work on indigenous cultural interventions in NZ among the Maori population and specifically with prisoners and those in the criminal justice system. It was great to acknowledge the wisdom that elders in our community hold while also deconstructing the popular myth that assimilation to mainstream America is the only avenue for success. okay now on to what I found extremely problematic about the summit. I begin by recognizing the hard work that was put into this summit. As someone who has worked on a variety of different events, I appreciate and understand the time and hard work it takes to put on an


event like this and so my critique is not going to focus on the logistical side of organizing an event, but rather on the idea and insight (or lack of insight) that guides an event such as this. First of all, whenever those who are organizing the event get up and say “we don’t want you to be offended” or” we are not here to say you are bad people or bad parents BUT…” (I am paraphrasing some of what was said tonight) means that you are going to be offended and they are going to indirectly allude to the ideas that are associated with what they just said they weren’t going to talk about. Lets be real, the only reason why we say things like that in the beginning is to absolve ourselves from being held account-

able for the things that we say because we want those who are listening to forgive us by acknowledging that our comments were well intentioned. I understand well intentions, I work with well intentioned people everyday who tell me that the Pacific Islander culture does not value education… yeah, it was well intentioned, but the impact of your well intentioned comment, does not justify the fact that your comment is false, racists, and full of prejudice. I give that example only to point out, that the summit was filled with many good intentioned presentations, but it doesn’t change the fact that their presentations were extremely problematic. The presentation from law enforcement focused on how to identify gangsters, gang signs, how they dress, their

tattoos, how they look, how to identify them in pictures and in real life, etc, etc. In their defense, they were doing exactly what is expected of law enforcement; I mean they aren’t really the people I look to when I think about rehabilitation, intervention or prevention. We all know that law enforcement as an institution is not interested in rehabilitation, they are all about surveillance, their solution to everything is lock them up! This is why it was so problematic for me to watch this presentation, not because I was shocked by the pictures, but rather because, here we are in a room with Pacific Islander leaders (who probably have more insight about what’s happening on the ground), and instead of discussing rehabilitation we want them to take on the role of law enforcement officers and racially profile their own children and community members. Now, I know that wasn’t the intention, but when there is no context fully given for this presentation, and all we see is pictures and the looming idea that “every brown person is potentially a gangster” one leaves thinking that surveillance and imprisonment is the only answer to this issue. In my opinion, it was a great disservice to Mr. Jones’s presentation on cultural intervention, prevention and rehabilitation to have it followed up with a presentation that focuses on surveillance and imprisonment…and then not allow anytime for further discussion of the issue. I say this to make the point that even at a Pacific Islander leadership summit, we see how our indigenous knowledge is continually pushed into the peripheries while centering and valuing western thought and epistemologies. The truth is that the majority of Pacific

June, 2011

Islander kids who are involved in gangs were born and/or raised in the United States, they are products of the American environment, when are we going to discuss the impact that has on their behavior, their choices and the way they view themselves and the world? We talk about how culturally based knowledge and models are the solutions, yet we have a Pacific Islander summit and give the majority of the time to law enforcement and politicians. It makes no sense!!!!! I am grateful that our communities were able to come together but deeply saddened that we missed an amazing opportunity to share critical ideas with those who work in our communities day in and day out-- about what their different organizations are doing and how we can work toward creating some kind of culturally relevant model that would fit a Utah context. I know that it was mentioned over and over again that this is only the first meeting, but come on now, how many first meetings are we going to have before we actually move to meeting #2? Having said that, if there is a master strategy and plan behind this that I am totally missing… then please enlighten me and accept my apologies. Disclaimer: When I say “law enforcement” I am referring to the institution, not the individuals. I know that our Pacific Islander law enforcement officers do the best they can and I am deeply grateful, but there are so few of them, that it would be completely unfair and impossible to make them shoulder all the responsibilities in addressing these issues just because they work for that institution.

H.Y.P.E. MOVEMENT (Helping your pursue emancipation).

Introduction of the H.Y.P.E. Movement

acific Islanders in school districts all over the United States represent one of the smallest student populations but are among the highest dropout rates. Since the year 2000 the incarceration rates of Pacific Islander young men have tripled, our suicide rates have doubled, drug use has become common place and the death rates due to gang violence have increased by 110%. The HYPE Movement, which stands for Helping Youth Pursue Emancipation is our way of breaking free from these negative trends and uniting our youth and raising our voices to make a positive change! I dedicate this poem to every young Pacific Islander in the struggle! [singing] I’m gonna make a change For once in my life It's gonna feel real good It’s gonna make a difference Gonna make it right As I look at my fathers’s eyes My mother’s fateful cries Their pain is blowin’ my mind I see my friends in the street Without a heart to beat Who am I to be blind Pretending not to see their needs A fatherless Tongan child Alone and suffering trials With broken hearts and dreams There’s more to life than This I know And so it’s time to let it go That's why I want you to know [Abby's spoken word] I want you to know about the Screams of my mother crying

Voices of my father yelling Me sitting in a corner Being put through this torture Many nights I cried Waking-up with blood shot eyes Thoughts would race through my head As I lay silently in bed I love them both so much That it hurts to even think Or imagine The sadness of separation Caused by acts and thoughts of desperation I want to make things better for me and you But I am just a child—what am I to do?

My friends tell me “not to worry… it’s all good” As they continue to skip school and do drugs To prove they are “down for their hood” But I can’t help but see how there is no gain In their choices that only bring more and more pain I want to stand up and make a change But another day goes by I suffer alone in silence As I wonder why It’s so hard for us to try To break free from all the negativity Just because the color of our skin Doesn't mean that we shouldn't win

Just because our cousins are locked up Doesn’t mean that we have to give up Just because we might have doubts Doesn’t mean we aren’t brown and proud Just because we were born and raised on the Westside Doesn’t mean that we don’t have dreams inside I know it’s hard sometimes, Without a doubt But we are strong and fierce We know what we’re about Mou'imanatuki ho tupu'anga Means our past is our legacy But we, we create our own destiny If you dream it You can achieve it If you believe it You can be it Life is full of the good and bad The happy and sad We don’t win by counting smiles and frowns We win because we stand up Every time we fall down If you hear my voice Then you know you have to make a choice Live the H.Y.P.E. Let go of the fear and pain Live the H.Y.P.E. We have so much more to gain Live the H.Y.P.E. Only we can make this change I’m getting up I’m taking a stand

For once in my life I’m livin’ the H.Y.P.E.!

[Singing] As I look at my fathers’s eyes My mother’s fateful cries Their pain is blowin’ my mind I see my friends in the street Without a heart to beat Who am I to be blind Pretending not to see their needs A fatherless Tongan child Alone and suffering trials With broken hearts and dreams There’s more to life than This I know And so it’s time to let it go That's why I want you to know

Abigail Langi-- Spoken Word Artist


n the past few weeks I have been working with my niece Abigail Langi on a spoken word piece that she composed to perform at the Island Groove Concert! I wasn't able to get a video recording of her performance but it was absolutely amazing!!! I am posting below her poem and her introduction of the H.Y.P.E. Movement which was infused with Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" with a little twist in the lyrics to fit her experiences and her poetry. She is only 12 years old, but she can hold it down with some of the very best poets out there! Much love to the PALE Foundation for creating the platform for her to perform!

I'm starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you wanna make the world a better place Take a look at yourself and then make that change

I'm starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you wanna make the world a better place Take a look at yourself and then make that change


[Abigail Langi performing her spoken word piece and being backed up by her aunty NetiTaumoepeau (676) and her mom LaviniaTaumoepeau. Special thanks to MaikoloIka for the awesome picture!]

What Does Ratu Mara’s escape to Tonga signal? 6



June, 2011

rom the published reports it is clear that Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara - younger son of Late Sir Ratu K K T Mara, was serving in the Fiji Military Forces. Unhappy with the Commander and the current Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, Ratu Tevita Mara led a mutiny within the army to overthrow the present Bainimarama government. Mara’s plan was hatched by the military intelligence and Mara and his accomplices were arrested and charged with treason. Mara was on bail and was supposed to have appeared before the Fiji Court to answer alleged charges. “Along with efforts to secure the return of Ratu Tevita, the police have launched an investigation into who helped the former Commander of the Third Infantry Regiment to escape. The Commodore has described Ratu Tevita as fugitive and said fleeing the country was an act of a despicable nature for someone who had been charged with an offence against Fiji law. Ratu Tevita has sent a message form Tonga saying those in power have been corrupted and not followed through with the original plan to run the country for a short time before returning to barracks. Despite being available on the internet, none of Ratu Tevita’s comments are being reported here as newsrooms are still overseen by censors. Speaking to rural people earlier today, most were unaware of what was going on and had no idea of Ratu Tevita’s criticisms.” Police in Fiji say the escape of Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara was well orchestrated.Colonel Mara faces sedition charges and has fled to Tonga. A police spokesperson, Atunaisa Sokomuri, told local media a number of associates helped Colonel Mara flee and most of these individuals are now being questioned by police.


Mr. Key says the sanctions New Zealand has imposed on members of the regime in Fiji no longer apply to Colonel Mara, so he and his wife could be granted the right to live in this country if a request was made. Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama says the escape of former army Commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara to Tonga is of secondary importance to the country. The Fiji Sun reports Commodore Bainimarama as saying Colonel Mara is not the Government’s main concern right now. He says Colonel Mara should join former land force Commander Jone Baledrokadroka as another lonely voice in the wilderness. Commodore Bainimarama says the Government will not comment on the issue again until there is a finalization of its extradition application sent to the Tongan government. He said investigations to find out whether there were locals who

helped Colonel Mara escape are continuing.


The New Zealand government is considering offering political asylum to a fugitive Fijian military man at the center of a diplomatic row. Fiji's military regime is believed to have filed an extradition order with Tonga calling on the immediate return of its former military chief Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara. Lt Col Mara, a former allyturned-foe of Fiji's controversial regime, escaped Fiji after being charged with plotting to overthrow the government and has been holed up in the Tongan capital Nuku'alofa ever since. He has used YouTube and blog websites to issue a string of stinging claims that the government is rife with corruption, violence and huge salaries for its most senior men. New Zealand media has reported that Fiji has filed an order with Tonga ordering it to return Lt Col Mara to Suva immediately to face sedition charges. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key told TV3 on Tuesday that there were a number of factors involved, but it was "a possibility" Lt Col Mara could come to New Zealand. In an interview with Radio New Zealand earlier, Key said his government was looking at removing his name from the list of Fijian government officials banned from travelling to New Zealand. "The ban that we have is a travel ban on those that are members of the regime or are related to members of the regime. In the case of Mr. Mara that is no longer the case." The New Zealand government has been working with Canberra to push the Fijian regime, which seized power in a 2006 coup, towards holding democratic elections in 2014. In his latest YouTube release and statement published on blog site Coup Four And A Half,

Lt Col Mara said self-appointed prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama had privately "joked" about his earlier promise to hold elections in 2009. "The dictator often laughed about this in private and he made that promise with no actual intention of honoring it," the fugitivesaid in the statement. "Just like his first promise, the 2014 elections will never be staged in Fiji. "It is only a ploy to soften the international community from the smart sanctions and extract as much loans from donor agencies to sustain the cruel dictatorship until they could for self-interested ambitions." He also claimed Bainimarama and his attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, paid themselves salaries of F$700,000 (NZ$500,000) a year, which he termed "daylight robbery". "People of Fiji, let me say that the 2006 coup objectives are no longer any part of the regime plan." "They are now indulging in unprecedented level of self-enrichment never seen under any previous government," Lt Col Mara said. "I am calling on the people of Fiji to unite first, and then we shall overcome the dictator soon before our nation is completely destroyed by Khaiyum and Bainimarama." He claimed Bainimarama was a "puppet" to Khaiyum, but the attorney-general hit back, telling the Fiji Sun "all decisions are made by cabinet and it's a collective decision". Khaiyum criticized the New Zealand media's "abhorrent and unprofessional" coverage of the issue. Fiji's government has refused to offer any official comment.


The critics have not ruled out the possibility of the return of the Mara Dynasty once enjoyed during the Late Sir Kemisese Mara Government whose defeat prompted the 1987 military coup by

Sitiveni Rabuka. They see Ratu Tevita Mara’ escape and his attacks on the present Bainimarama led government as in indication of his power to succeed Commando Frank Bainimarama if he has a way to fight the 2014 election. However, Ratu Tevita Mara has complicated his position and ambition to become the next Prime Minister of Fiji in the bid to resurrect first by creating a revolt within the army and second by escaping while facing serious criminal charges. He has obvious support of the Tongan King a Mara friend. Ratu Tevita Mara’s hide out in Tonga could create a major conflict between the two neighbors over legal issues. Ratu Tevita Mara has not denied his involvement in the mutiny within the army nor has he give clear and convincing reasons to explain his escape from Fiji waters to Tonga via Tongan a rescue ship.


Given the legal issues and questions, it will be foolish for Tonga not to surrender Ratu Mara to the Fiji Government. However, Tonga could stick to the gun and refuse to release him and grant him political freedom. This could hurt Tonga in the long run for it is dependent on Fiji for inter-island relation along, trade and social transactions. Additionally, as the NZ government has already indicated; if Ratu Tevita Mara is granted political asylum in NZ it will only help him stay free in New Zealand and probably travel to Tonga and Australia. Mara will not be able to re-enter Fiji waters as it would land him back in prison where he is likely to spend a long time. He has one option open to him: make a deal with Fiji government in return for surrendering which could include a plea of suspended sentence and a chance to fight the 2014 elections. This is just an option and Prime Minister Bainimarama’s government is not bound to accept such a plea. There are no such provisions in the Fiji Constitution or its Penal Code. While Tonga, NZ and Australia could grant Ratu Tevita Mara political asylum and a chance to travel freely to those countries, none of these governments, under current situation can compel Fiji to pardon Ratu Tevita Mara and pave a political footpath for his victory and power in the 2014 elections.


RistoHarmat charged with one count of obstructing to defeat the course of justice. An Estonian national living in Fiji appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday charged with one count of Obstructing to defeat the Course of Justice – for allegedly assisting former 3FIR Commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara escape from Fiji to Tonga. RistoHarmat is alleged to

have assisted Mara reach his rendezvous point inKadavu where he was picked up by a Tongan Naval vessel two weeks ago. He appeared before Chief Magistrate UsaiaRatuvili yesterday afternoon and pleaded not guilty to the charge. He has been released on bail and ordered to surrender his travel documents. Harmat is expected to appear in Court again on the 28th of June.


A self imposed kava drinking ban is bringing about change both in the economic and social well being of a village on Ovalau Island. The ban dictates that Vuma villagers within Levuka district cannot drink kava from Mondays to Thursdays because these are days dedicated to farm work and generating an income. Since the ban started five months ago, farming production outputs increased significantly. TuraganaRokoTuiVumaUsaiaDelai said men of the village now camp in the forests for up to three weeks at a time and focus on planting cash crops, dalo and yaqona. The Vuma experience is indicative of a Government target of encouraging the use of natural resources for economic production. MrDelai said villagers imposed the ban because they wanted not just to help themselves but also address overall government intentions. “men were drinking kava till three in the morning, or till day light so farming levels were pretty low,” he said. “Villager elders sat down and decided we couldn’t carry on like this so the ban was put in place and it even applies for funeral gatherings that will only take place at the weekend when kava consumption is allowed. “We noticed the change already because some of our men have expanded the size of their farms and have as much as 3000 yaqona plants and so much more dalo.


The village expects a construction boom as young men have been tasked with the responsibility of building their own homes and not to rely on their parents’ home to raise their families in. The benefits of the kava ban are also experienced on the home front. UnaisiTabuaqoro said quality time is enjoyed as men spend more hours at home instead of around the kava bowl. “Men come home and spend time raising their children with good biblical teachings and at the same time money is saved as it’s not wasted on things like cigarettes,” she said. MrDelai explained to a visiting government outreach team members that yaqona could not be offered to them because of the ban, which is for a five-year period.

Fiji army fugitive claims civilians are tortured FIJI NEWS



June, 2011

Huge waves swamp hotel rooms in Fiji 

luilakeba Mara, a "fugitive" from the military regime in Fiji, which is seeking his extradition from Tonga, says civilians are regularly tortured at the Queen Elizabeth barracks in Suva. The youngest son of Fiji's founding father RatuKamisese Mara and the brother of the President's wife, he also said the elections were "very unlikely" to happen in 2014 as foreshadowed by military ruler Frank Bainimarama, and that even if they did take place, only approved parties would be allowed to participate. Colonel Mara, who was the fourth-most senior military officer, was charged with sedition before he was rescued by a Tongan navy vessel. The Prime Minister of Samoa, TuilaepaSaileleMalielegaoi, has thrown his support behind Tonga in the stand-off: "Commodore Bainimarama should be thanking the Tongan government for rescuing Mara," who claimed he had been in trouble on a fishing trip

when the Tongans picked him up. The Samoan Prime Minister said: "Perhaps that's what happens when (Bainimarama) spends all his time in politics, leaving the navy headless." Commodore Bainimarama said investigations were being conducted into whether others helped Colonel Mara escape. But the Fiji government has said it will not respond to Colonel Mara's latest claims about torture and about elections. The government is drafting a decree, according to the Australian and New Zealand trade union councils, to outlaw unions in what it views as "critical industries" -- including airlines and sugar, two of the country's biggest employers. The union organisations both say they have been informed that such companies and sectors will be covered by the imminent Critical Industries Employment Decree. Ged Kearney, the ACTU president, called on Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd to "express alarm" about this

development. "A series of decisions introduced by (the regime) have curtailed human rights and suppressed dissenting views," she said. "The regime has adopted intimidation tactics to instil fear in workers and trade unions." Legislation outlawing unions in the sugar industry would seriously undermine the power base of former prime ministerMahendraChaudhry, the Labour Party leader who although an early supporter of the regime, has recently become a leading critic and is facing court charges. MrChaudhry is the longtime leader of the Fiji National Farmers Union, which represents most growers of sugar, a crop whose future is under severe threat. By contrast, Brian Anderson, the president of the Australia Fiji Business Council, recently called on Canberra to lift sanctions barring people who accept roles in the Fiji regime from travelling to or through Australia.

lcatel-Lucent (News Alert) recently announced that Fiji Government has completed its eGovernment phase one project acquired from Alcatel-Lucent. Fiji Government recently unveiled its data center, to provide a secure environment ensuring privacy and integrity of the information kept by the government and assures workers and citizens alike that their most confidential information stays that way. The e–Government project was secured by Alcatel-LucentShanghai Bell, Alcatel-Lucent’s flagship company in China. Commodore JosaiaVoreqe Bainimarama, Fijian Prime Minister and Jim

Yao, executive vice president of AlcatelLucent Shanghai Bell attended this government Data Center Opening Ceremony. The other phases in the operation include Genesys (News - Alert) Contact Center solutions along with a pilot deployment of a multi-service IP network based on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9700, OmniSwitch 6850 and OmniVista Network Management System (NMS). This initial deployment links government offices, data centers, and remote government se vice hubs at community centers and provides VoIP telephony via the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Through its ser-

vices, Alcatel-Lucent is helping Fiji’s Government employees to work more efficiently allowing them to deliver improved public services. “I acknowledge AlcatelLucent which participated in this project,” said Commodore JosaiaVoreqe Bainimarama, Fijian Prime Minister, in a statement. “e-Government not only means a leaner, more cost-effective government but it also makes government systems and processes transparent.” “Alcatel-Lucent is committed to helping governments become dynamic enterprises by increasing productivity through dynamic employee and public engagement, thus transforming how busi-

he six prison officers charged with abduction and assault with intent to cause grievous harm have been granted bail by Suva Magistrate Margaret Mua. The six men; Trevor Raiwalui, SakeasiRavutugaga, SeremaiaKaitani, NapolioniLatianara, VikatoreLeawere and EsalaNadruku were each ordered to pay $1000 for their bail and to provide two sureties each. The bail conditions given by Magistrates Mua for the six men include reporting to the Lami Police station every Mondays and Fridays between 6am to 6pm and to not interfere with any state witnesses especially the complainant, MetaiCamaibatiki. The men were also ordered not to re-offend and not to change

their current addresses while out on bail. Trevor Raiwailu and VikatoreLeawere also surrendered their travel documents to the court registry and the Director of Immigration was also informed of the restrictions imposed on them. Today, the six men who are aged between 28 and 35 provided two sureties each following an adjournment of their bail application yesterday afternoon. MagistartesMua had to further remand the six prison officers after they failed to provide proper sureties. Two of the accused men are part of the Dog Unit while the rest are said to be part of the Emergency Unit at the Prisons and Correctional Services in Naboro. Their case will be recalled on June 9 for their plea to be taken.

29-year-old man appeared at the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon charged with one count of money laundering for allegedly transferring US$119,980 from an Asian country to Fiji two years ago. NawinAvikashDewan of Nabua is said to have laundered the money from a company that he was working for in Laos to a Colonial account in Fiji from 7 to 9 December, 2009. Dewan, however, pleaded not guilty to the offence after it was read out to him in court. State prosecutor SeiniPuamau asked Magistrates ThusharaRajasinghe for a short adjournment on the case so that she could give her disclosures to Dewan’s defense counsel.

Puamau told the court that she had no objections to the accused bail but wanted conditions to be also given to which Magistrate Rajasinghe agreed to. These conditions required Dewan to report to the nearest Police station either from his residence or workplace twice a week from 6a.m to 10p.m. Also to surrender his passport to the court registry and be placed on the Immigration Department ‘stop departure list”. And finally not to interfere with any state witness and change the address of his residence without the courts permission. Dewan’s Colonial account has also been frozen by the Financial Intelligence Unit along with the money that he obtained. He is currently out on a $10,000 bail.

Cabinet has endorsed the awarding of a new two-year contract for the Naboro Landfill operations to the existing operator, H G Leach (Fiji) Ltd. Also approved is the continuation of the current gate prices up to November 30, 2011 and to increase gate prices at six-monthly intervals starting from the December 1, 2011. The decision was based on a submission by Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment minister Colonel

SamuelaSaumatua. Colonel Saumatua said in a government statement that waste collection and safe disposal was a Government and Local Council responsibility to protect the environment and to promote the health, welfare and convenience of the municipality and to preserve amenities “When the Lami Dump was approaching its end of life, the Naboro site was identified,” He said. “The European Union was approached by the Fiji Government to consider the development of

a landfill at Naboro.” “Naboro landfill was built in 2004 and 2005 with a FJ$10 million grant from the European Union and FJ$3m from the Government of Fiji.” “Naboro opened in September 2005 and receives waste generated in the Suva area, primarily from the four councils of Lami, Nasinu, Nausori, Suva and Navua Rural Authority. A five-year contract from 2005 to 2010 was tendered and awarded to the successful bidder H G Leach (Fiji) Ltd.” Col Saumatua

said. Col Saumatua said the new contract offered a subsidy reduction of 25 per cent and also allowed Government in this transitional period to assess and review other waste management options. He added that in the two-year new contract period, a stakeholder’s working party would be established to consider all possible waste management technical options and recommend to the Government a National Waste Management strategy to this effect.

iji authorities say there have been no casualties or injuries after high waves struck the country's popular Coral Coast tourist area today. Fiji authorities earlier issued a disaster alert as huge waves slammed the area. Several hotels have been affected by the waves, which were triggered by a slow moving trough of low pressure. In a statement this afternoon, Fiji Police Force spokesman Inspector AtunaisaSokomuri said the cost of the damage was not yet known and motorists in the area were warned to take care. "We are awaiting further reports from the weather station and our man on the ground," he said. The worst affected property appeared to be the Shangri La's Fijian Resort, where water went into 30 rooms, 10 of which were occupied by tourists. Seawalls had also been damaged, he said. Other hotels had suffered minor damage, with three beachside villas at the Naviti Resort and Spa under water. At the


Tambua Sands in Namada, Sigatoka, eight guests were moved to new accommodation after water entered four beach bures. Water also entered some rooms at the Fiji Hideaway Resort in Tagaqe, and seawalls were damaged. The Fiji Disaster Management Centre issued a public advisory, advising members of the public to take precautions, adding that flash flooding of low-lying areas was possible. According to the Fiji Meteorological Services there will be occasional rain and squally thunderstorms over Eastern VitiLevu, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Lau and Lomaiviti Group and nearby smaller islands. At 4pm the Fiji Disaster Management Centre warned the public to take public to take precautions and warned of damaging waves and swells for Yasawa and Mamanuca, Southwest Vitilevu, Kadavu Passage, Southern Koro Sea and Southern Lau Waters. It says huge waves are expected to hit at 9pm.

Alcatel-Lucent Selected as Provider for Fiji's e-Government Project Civil servants warned A Magistrate grants Prison officers bail


ness is done,” said Rajeev Singh-Molares, President of the Asia-Pacific region for Alcatel-Lucent. “It is through this transformation that operating costs are cut and government image is enhanced while interactions and collaboration with the business communities and citizens are made easier and more successful.” Alcatel-Lucent is a leader in mobile, fixed, IP and Optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services. With operations in more than 130 countries and one of the most experienced global services organizations in the industry, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with global reach.

Man in court for laundering US$119,980


Cabinet awards contract to HG Leach Ltd


our civil servants were today issued warnings, reprimanded and terminated from employment for committing offences that breached the Public Service Code of Conduct. In an issued statement, PSC chairman, JosefaSerulagilagi said in its monthly meeting had decided to penalise the four individuals by handing them warning letters, reprimand and issuing termination letters. Although the four individuals were not identified by Serulagilagi, he said they were penalised for “various offences committed leading to a breach of Public Service Code of Conduct.” He said in deciding on the penalty to be imposed, the Commission takes into account the nature of the offence, history of the offence and mitigation factors. He says the public service is guided by the provisions of Regulation 22(1) of the Public Service (General) Regulations, 1999 and the Amended Regulations 2008 and that Permanent Secretaries and Head of Departments are encouraged to recommend penalties to be imposed along the following guidelines which states: “If the Commission is satisfied that the employee has breached the Public Service Code of Conduct, the Commission may take one or more of the following actions; terminate the employee’s employment, reduce the employee’s grade, transfer or redeploy the employee to other duties, …reduce the level of the employee’s remuneration (or even) ….forfeit all or part of the employee’s remuneration which was withheld during the period of suspension from duty.”

EliniToluta’u Miss Tonga UTAH 8


June, 2011

leniSentilaniToluta'u is the daughter of ViliamiAsipeliHaveaToluta'u from Pangaimotu, Vavau and Sheila Grover Toluta'u from Anchorage, Alaska. She is the grandaughter of VavauLitiaHaveaToluta’u from Holonga, Tongatapu and ViliamiToluta'u of Pangaimotu, Vava'u. Eleni is currently a full time student at BYU-Provo, where she is a model for the Fine Arts department and also works at BYU's subway. Eleni represents the immense strength of our youth who seek to volunteer their talents and energy to bring about a positive change in our communities. She is a member of the hip-hop club and volunteers as a mentor for students at Timpanogoes Elementary School while also teaching Tahitian dance lessons once a week. She is also the newly crowned Miss Tonga Utah 2009-2010.


My most memorable accomplishment this year would have to be winning the title of Miss Tonga Utah 2009-2010. This was memorable for me because it was the first pageant I have ever participated in.

Mara ran away, PM refutes Tonga report

for American soldiers. My appreciation and respect for the troops increased tremendously as a result of this trip. My idea of service was redefined as I watched these soldiers work so diligently for our country. This trip inspired me to do my part as an American citizen and to serve others anyway I can. Fortunately, being Miss Tonga Utah has helped to provide numerous opportunities for me to serve others.


I feel blessed to wear both the state of Utah and the country and culture in which I was born on my sash. It is my main goal, as Miss Tonga Utah, to serve and educate not only Utah, but the entire world about our beautiful culture and people.



ensitive documents related to talks between Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his Vanuatu counterpart are said to have been copied by an alleged Australian spy who was recently thrown out of Vanuatu, the Australian has reported. According to the report, Australian lawyer, Ari Jenshel, 40, was thrown out of Vanuatu after being accused of spying for the Australian government. Jenshel is currently being investigated by Vanuatu police officers amid claims that he copied sensitive government documents that had been copied and sent to the Australian government in Canberra. However, Jenshel refuted the allegations against him saying it was not his role to disclose to the Australian government any details about files he was working on, which were subject to client confidentiality. "I'm also supposed to have forged a decision - and that's just not true. I've done nothing wrong. It's all politics and a smear campaign. “After the arrest threat, it was the preference of the Australian high

commission I be removed. I'm aware of the allegations of spying . . . and they are ridiculous. I have a lot more detail about that, but I would need permission from AusAID and the Department of Foreign Affairs to discuss it." Jenshel said. The Australian then cited police sources as saying some of the documents related to talks between leaders of Pacific Island countries, including Vanuatu, to work closely with Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. Jenshel, a former Australian Defence Force lawyer, denied espionage. "I am not a spy and I have never been a spook," he told the newspaper. "I was removed with scandalously short notice -- it was very Cold War -- after a threat from the Vanuatu government that I would be arrested. "It's not the first time I have been called a spy. Allegations of spying against foreign advisers in the Pacific are tediously common. But I am not a spy." Jenshel worked as a senior adviser in the office of Vanuatu’s Attorney General in Port Vila before he was removed.

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In May of this year I had the opportunity of traveling with a group of Polynesians to Kuwait to perform


iji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has hit out at a recent Tongan Government statement where they labeled fugitive RatuTevitaUluilakeba Mara’s ‘rescue at sea’ as a humanitarian act. Speaking to FijiLive this afternoon, Commodore Bainimarama said the statement issued by the Tongan government is their interpretation of the events that took place. “That’s their interpretation, ours is that his extraction by the Tongan Navy was illegal,” Commodore Bainimarama said. “He ran away.” Commodore Bainimarama said. Commodore Bainimarama said he would further comment on the issue once Police investigations were complete. Earlier today, Tonga’s Chief Secretary and Secretary to the Cabinet, Busby Kautoke said much had been made on the question of sovereignty in an incident which is wholly concerned with rescue at sea and a purely humanitarian act. “Sovereignty should be considered separately as the subject of bilateral engagement between Fiji and Tongan diplomats,” Kautoke said. "Disputes in international law are never simple, but require “diligence and clarity” and that the overall question of sovereignty should therefore address the violation of Tongan sovereignty on the islands of Telekitonga and Telekitokelau, also known as the Minerva Reefs, early this year." he said. Meanwhile, there is still no word from the Tongan government on the status of Mara’s extradition papers which had arrived at the Island Kingdom on Monday, May 23.

My father ViliamiToluta’u has been the most influential person in my life. He is the pioneer of our family. He was the first of 13 children to graduate from high school and college and the first to be baptized into the LDS church. My father made it a decision to work hard in school because he wanted to provide a better life for his future family. My father is now an Art Professor at BYU-Hawaii. My dad's life has ultimately influenced me not only to go to college, but to value education as it will provide many opportunities for me in the future. As I see the fruit of my dad's labor, I am inspired to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

Bainimarama and Vanuatu PM were ‘spied’


FFRA marshals troops, draws proposals


he Fiji Fuel Retailers Association (FFRA) has started gathering information from 45 different service stations around the country in its efforts to put together its proposal to the Commerce Commission to be exempt from price control. FFRA Secretary John Philip said they are gathering accounts, balance sheets and sale records from the service stations. “About one third of those data is now with Price

Waterhouse and Coopers and two thirds of it still needs to be gathered.” Philip told FijiLive. “It’s quite a big job and we have to cover a total of 45 service stations, so it’ll take us a bit of time to gather these data. “Once they are collected, than Price Waterhouse and Coopers will put all of the information together and than we can make our proposals from there.” He said the whole process would take about 2 to 3 weeks. FFRA’s pending proposal comes on the heels of Fiji’s

Attorney General AiyazSayedKhaiyum comments made yesterday at the associations’ AGM in Nadi. Sayed-Kahiyum strongly urged the association to “to make strong submission to Commerce Commission so the Commerce Commission can in fact take these issues into account when arriving at a new template.” “I hope that the new submissions that will be made to the Commerce Commission and with their determination that they will make, will pro-

vide more ground for you to make investments in the existing structures that you have.” Sayed-Khaiyum said. Meanwhile, Commerce Commission chairman, DrMahendra Reddy declined to comment on the issue saying that he would discuss it with the Attorney General once FFRA make their submissions. Currently, the retail price for Premix outboard fuel is $2.47 per litre, unleaded fuel $2.50 a litre, Diesel is $2.28 a litre and Kerosene is $1.88 per li

Germany decides to abandon nuclear power by 2022


June, 2011


German govt said it will shut down all nuclear power plants by 2022. The decision was prompted by Japan's recent nuclear disaster.

BERLIN: Germany's ruling coalition said on Monday it will shut down all the country's nuclear power plants by 2022. The decision, prompted by Japan's nuclear disaster, will make Germany the first major industrialized nation to go nuclear-free in years. It also completes a remarkable aboutface for Chancellor Angela Merkel's centerright government, which only late last year had pushed through a plan to extend the life span of the country's 17 reactors -- with the last scheduled to go offline in 2036. But Merkel now says industrialized, technologically advanced Japan's helplessness in the fact of the Fukushima disaster made her rethink the risks of the technology. "We want the electricity of the future to be safe, reliable and economically viable," Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters on Monday after overnight negotiations among the governing parties. "We have to follow a new path." While Germany already was set to abandon nuclear energy eventually, the decision -- which still requires parliamentary approval -- dramatically speeds up that process. Germany's seven oldest reactors, already taken off the grid pending safety inspections following the March catastrophe at Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, will remain offline permanently, Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen said. The country's energy supply chain "needs a new architecture," necessitating huge efforts in boosting renewable energies, efficiency gains and overhauling the electricity grid, Merkel said. The determination of Germany, Europe's largest economy, to gradually replace its nuclear power with renewable energy

Afghanistan no longer source of terrorism: Canada PM

OTTAWA: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Afghanistan "is no longer a source of global terrorism" during a surprise visit to the war-torn country, but still urged vigilance on the threat. His office announced the one-day trip after his jet was wheels-up. It comes as Canada prepares to transition to a training mission after nine years of combat in Afghanistan. "This country does not represent a geostrategic risk to the world," Canada's public broadcaster CBC quoted Harper as saying in a speech. "It is no longer a source of global terrorism." However, he added, nations such as Canada must remain vigilant. "Some might think that given all our sacrifices and with news of Osama bin Laden's death, the threat of terrorism has vanished," he said. "Unfortunately, it's an illusion. "We cannot pretend that terrorism (from elsewhere) does not threaten our world or our nation." Afghanistan's support for alQaida led to the invasion of the country by US and its allies following the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. A spokesperson for Harper said the prime minister made the trip "to thank the troops for their work and to get a briefing on the transition."

sources makes it stand out among the world's major industrialized nations. Among other members of the Group of Eight, only Italy has abandoned nuclear power, which was voted down in a referendum after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Until March -- before the seven reactors were taken offline -- just under a quarter of Germany's electricity was produced by nuclear power, about the same share as in the U.S. Energy from wind, solar and hydroelectric power currently produces about 17

percent of the country's electricity, but the government aims to boost its share to around 50 percent in the coming decades. Many Germans have been vehemently opposed to nuclear power since Chernobyl sent radioactive fallout over the country. Tens of thousands of people repeatedly took to the streets after Fukushima to urge the government to shut all reactors quickly. A decade ago, a center-left government first penned a plan to abandon the technology for good by 2021 because of its inher-

ent risks. But Merkel's government last year amended the plan o extend the plants' lifetime by an average of 12 years -- a decision that became a political liability after Fukushima was hit by Japan's March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster. "This is a great day of relief for all opponents of nuclear energy in Germany," said Sigmar Gabriel, leader of the opposition Social Democrats. "Today, our political opponents are forced ... to accept our policies." Merkel's government ordered the country's seven oldest reactors, all built before 1980, shut down four days after problems emerged at Fukushima. The plants accounted for about 40 percent of the country's nuclear power capacity. Shutting down even more reactors, however, will require billions of euros (dollars) of investment in renewable energies, more natural gas power plants and an overhaul of the country's electricity grid. Germany, usually a net energy exporter, has at times had to import energy since March, with the seven old reactors shut down and others temporarily taken off the grid for regular maintenance work. Still, the agency overseeing its electricity grid said Friday that the country will remain self-sufficient. The government has stressed that Germany must not rely on importing power from its nuclear-reliant neighbors. Environmental groups welcomed Berlin's decision. "The country is throwing its weight behind clean renewable energy to power its manufacturing base and other countries like Britain should take note," said Robin Oakley, Greenpeace UK's campaigns director.

Obama's limousine is world's most advanced bulletproof vehicle

LONDON: US President Barack Obama's limousine is the most technologically advanced bulletproof vehicle in the world. Nicknamed 'The Beast' by Secret Service staff, the cost of the black Cadillac is 185,000 pounds (USD 300,000) that can withstand attack from rocket-propelled grenades. This special car which is fitted with every conceivable defence mechanism, from super-thick bulletproof glass to tear gas canisters and pump-action shot guns, will carry Obama during his visit to the UK and Ireland this week, 'Daily Express' report-

ed today. According to the paper, the vehicle weighs three tonnes and has a top speed of just 60 miles per hour. Driven by an expert CIA agent, it has wheels that carry on even if the tyres are blown off. There are supplies of Obama's blood on board in case

he is shot and needs an emergency transfusion. The car is also equipped with state-of-theart communication technology so that the President can effectively run the US from the rear seat. At the touch of a button Obama, shielded behind 10-inch thick bulletproof doors, has access to a laptop with wireless internet, a satellite phone and a direct line to Vice President Joe Biden and chiefs of staff in the Pentagon. And if the President wants to relax he can pick from an array of CDs on the entertainment system, which includes an iPod dock.

‘Hitler directed Hess to secure peace with UK’

LONDON: It was Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler who actually gave the go-ahead to Rudolf Hess's mission to the UK during World War II to secure peace with Britain's wartime PM Winston Churchill, according to new documents. History has long recorded that the Nazi number three was acting alone when he piloted a Messerschmitt to Scotland in May 1941. He parachuted out over Renfrewshire but was held by a farmhand with a pitchfork. Hess was, apparently, trying to contact the Duke of Hamilton to set peace talks with Winston Churchill in motion , which was believed to be under his own initiative only.

Taliban attack Italian base in Af

KABUL: Taliban suicide bombers blew up two vehicles in the western city of Herat on Monday, killing at least five Afghans, displaying the militants ' reach into an area considered secure enough to revert soon to government control from Nato. Also Monday, four Nato soldiers were killed in other parts of the country. In the first blast in Herat, a suicide attacker blew up an explosives-packed car at the gates of an Italian military base in Herat. Five Italian soldiers were wounded, one of them gravely, Italian defence

minister Ignazio La Russa said. A second explosion ripped through a bus stop at a busy downtown intersection in the normally peaceful western city, and at least one other explosion was heard nearby the Italian base, officials said. Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi claimed responsibility for the two attacks in a phone call. Herat, western Afghanistan's largest city, is one of seven areas scheduled to be handed over to Afghan control in July as the first step toward transitioning nation-

wide security responsibility from international forces to Afghan troops by 2014. Attacks are rare inside the city, though there are a number of violence-prone districts on its outskirts. Attacks around Afghanistan have been increasing since the Taliban announced its spring offensive, with strikes on Kabul, the main southern city of Kandahar and in the north. Nato secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen said last week that plans to hand over control of seven areas to Afghan soldiers in July remain on course,

despite new insurgent attacks. Premier Silvio Berlusconi offered his "encouragement" to all Italian soldiers following the Monday's attack, but a prominent member of Berlusconi's Freedom Party, Margherita Bonniver, said the Herat attack should speed efforts to negotiate a pullout. "A political solution will have to be effective to permit the international contingent to make an agreed upon withdrawal in the briefest time possible ,'' Bonniver said. An Afghan policeman and four civilians were killed in the explosions in


June, 2011

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LONDON: Adolf Hitler-led Nazis tried to train dogs to talk, read and spell to help them win World War II, new research has revealed. According to the research, led by Jan Bondeson of Cardiff University, the Germans viewed canines as being almost as intelligent as humans and they attempted to build an army of fearsome "speaking" dogs. In fact, Hitler hoped the animals would learn to communicate with their Nazi masters and he had a special dog school set up to teach them to talk. The dog school, called the Tier Sprechschule ASRA, based in Leutenburg near Hannover, was set up in the 1930s and continued throughout the war years. One mutt at the dog school was said to have uttered the words "Mein Fuhrer" when asked who Adolf Hitler was. Another "spoke" by tapping letters of the alphabet with his paws and was said to have speculated about religion and learnt poetry. The Germans hoped to use the animals for the war effort such as getting them to work alongside the SS and guard concentration camps to free up officers.


KIEV: A 19-year-old Muslim girl was stoned to death under 'Sharia law' after taking part in a beauty contest in Ukraine. Katya Koren was found dead in a village in the Crimea region near her home. Her body was buried in a forest and was found a week after she disappeared, the Daily Mail reports. Koren's friends said she liked wearing fashionable clothes and had come seventh in a beauty contest.


MOSCOW: Posters apparently advertising a Moscow department store's new sports collection by depicting the Russian President and premier wearing tennis outfits were removed. The posters, showing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wearing white polo shirts and shorts, were put up Sunday night near the central Moscow TsUM department store. The government subsequently demanded the removal of the posters by Tuesday and said it the store would face legal action if they were not taken down. A spokesman for TsUM Monday denied the store had any connection to the poster, saying "the use of TsUM trademark is illegal in this case."

Afghan president seeks to limit NATO airstrikes


KABUL: Angered by civilian casualties, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Tuesday he will no longer allow NATO airstrikes on houses, issuing his strongest statement yet against strikes that the military alliance says are key to its war on Taliban insurgents. The president's remarks follow a recent strike that mistakenly killed a group of children and women in southern Helmand province. He said it would be the last. "From this moment, airstrikes on the houses of people are not allowed," Karzai told reporters in Kabul. NATO says it never conducts such strikes without Afghan government coordination and approval. A spokesman for NATO forces in Afghanistan said they will review their procedures for airstrikes given Karzai's statement but did not say that it would force any immediate change in tactics. "In the days and weeks ahead we will coordinate very closely with President Karzai to ensure that his intent is met," spokeswoman Maj. Sunset Belinsky

said. Karzai has previously made strong statements against certain military tactics — such as night raids — only to back off from them later. But if Karzai holds to what sounds like an order to international troops to abandon strikes, it could bring the Afghan government in direct conflict with its international allies. "Coalition forces constantly strive to reduce the chance of civilian casualties and damage to structures, but when the insurgents use civilians as a shield and put our forces in a position where their only option is to

Myanmar, North Korea come together in China

BEIJING: China simultaneously hosted two Asian leaders , who rarely visit foreign countries to avoid answering questions about the poor human rights record in their respective countries, over the past few days. They are Myanmar president U Thein Sein and Kim Jong Il, the top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or North Korea. What foreign policy officials in New Delhi, Washington and several other national capitals are keenly watching is signs of possible linkages between leaders of Myanmar and North Korea. There are reports of Myanmar's nuclear ambitions , and it might be keen on obtaining some technical support in this field from North Korea, informed sources said. Burma's state-run The New Light of Myanmar has reported that Maj-Gen Thein Htay, the countrys minister of Border Affairs and Industrial Development, held a meeting with North Korean ambassador Kim Sok Chol on Tuesday. It did not give any details about the content of the talks. Both countries depend on Chinese assistance because they have been refused support by western powers.

use airstrikes, then they will take that option," Belinsky said. It is unclear if Karzai has the power to order an end to such strikes. NATO and American forces are in Afghanistan under a United Nations mandate that expires in October. The United States is negotiating an agreement with the Afghan government on the presence of its forces in the country going forward, but this has already become contentious, with Karzai declaring that he will put strict controls on how US troops conduct themselves in his country. "The Afghan

Friends again: Naipaul, Theroux end 15-year feud

LONDON: One of the most public feuds in the literary world — between Nobel laureate V S Naipaul and writer Paul Theroux — has ended after 15 years at the Hay Festival, a major event in Britain's annual cultural calender. Nestled in the Welsh countryside, the village of Hay-on Wye is the location of the ongoing festival that features prominent figures from the world of politics, literature, journalism, and the arts. At his sold-out event on Sunday, Naipaul charted his development as a writer and his relationship with his family in his 'Letters Between a Father and a Son'.

An Afghan baker man waits for customers at his bakery shop in Kabul, Afghanistan.

people can no longer tolerate these attacks," Karzai told reporters at the presidential palace. He issued a veiled threat: "The Afghan people will be forced to take action." He did not, however, say what this action would be. Karzai said that NATO forces risk being seen as an "occupying force" if they continue with their current approach, using the same phrase that Taliban insurgents use to describe the international coalition. "We want it to be clear that they are working in a sovereign nation," Karzai said. At least nine civilians were killed in the air strike in Helmand province on Saturday, according to NATO figures. Afghan officials have said 14 were killed, including at least 10 children and two women. NATO officials have apologized for the strike on two houses in Nawzad district, saying their troops thought there were only insurgents inside the targeted compound when they ordered the strike. Southwest regional commander U.S. Marine Maj.

Gen. John Toolan said that the airstrike was launched after an insurgent attack on a coalition patrol in the district killed a Marine. Five insurgents occupied a compound and continued to attack coalition troops, who called in an airstrike "to neutralize the threat," Toolan said. The troops later discovered there were civilians inside the house. Karzai has vacillated between calling for an end to airstrikes and night raids and softer rebukes of NATO forces, telling them they have to exercise more caution. NATO has managed to significantly reduce civilian casualties from its operations in recent years. Meanwhile, civilians deaths from insurgent attacks have spiked. At least 2,777 civilians were killed in Afghanistan in 2010, a 15 percent increase over the prior year, according to a United Nations report. The insurgency was blamed for most of those deaths, and while civilian deaths attributed to NATO troops declined 21 percent in 2010, Afghan leaders say the number remains too high.

Berlin summons Iran envoy over Merkel plane delay

BERLIN: Germany summoned the Iranian ambassador on Tuesday after his country briefly closed its airspace to Chancellor Angela Merkel's plane, foreign minister Guido Westerwelle said. "Hindering the German chancellor's passage over Iran is absolutely unacceptable. It shows a lack of respect towards Germany that we will not accept," Westerwelle said in a statement. "That is why I have summoned the Iranian ambassador. We shall make it very plain that such a breach of international conventions will in no way be tolerated by Germany," he added. Iran denied Merkel's plane flyover rights while en route to India overnight, her spokesman said. "Strange start to Indian trip -- Iran temporarily denies overflight to chancellor's plane. Delayed landing in Delhi," Steffen Seibert said in a message sent on microblogging site Twitter. The reason for the overflight denial was not immediately known. Media reports said the plane carrying Merkel and a high-level delegation had to circle for two hours over Turkey before receiving permission to cross Iranian airspace.

Fear of killer cucumber grips Europe, 10 dead

BERLIN: A virulent form of E coli bacteria blamed on infected cucumbers from Spain has killed 10 people in Germany and sickened 300, health officials said on Sunday while warning people not to eat suspect vegetables. European health experts on Saturday said the outbreak of hemolytic-uremic syndrome, which affects the blood, kidneys and, in severe cases, the nervous system, was the largest ever in Germany and the biggest of its kind worldwide. An 86-year-old female patient died on Saturday, taking the toll of victims to 10, the University Hospital Luebeck said on Sunday. The hospital

in northern Germany said it was treating about 70 patients, including the dead woman's husband, for the infection and was expecting to receive 10 new cases a day. Health officials have advised people in Germany to avoid eating cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce and some of these products have been removed from shop shelves. "As long as the experts in Germany and Spain have not been able to name the source of the agent without any doubt, the general warning for vegetables still holds," German agriculture and consumer protection minister Ilse Aigner said.


Terrorism can't be fought selectively, says Indian PM 

Brief News


NEW DELHI: Union textiles minister Dayanidhi Maran on Tuesday sent a legal notice to Tehelka magazine that allegedly claimed that he had favoured telecom license to certain companies in 2006. Maran's notice has called the report a 'blatant concocted lie' and says the report is a lie on the pretext of investigative journalism. The notice also says that the magazine report is sum of false allegations against Maran. Meanwhile, Tehelka has issued a statement that they are yet to receive legal notice from the former telecom minister.


GANDHINAGAR: The judgment in a key case related to the 2002 Gujarat communal riots may take some time due to the transfer of an Anand district judge a few days before she was to pronounce the verdict last month, a lawyer said Monday. The judge has put in her papers. Anand Principal District Judge S.Y. Trivedi, who was to pronounce her judgment April 28, was shifted a few days before the verdict day. She resigned in the first week of this month but the matter remained under wraps till recently. She resigned citing personal reasons after she was transferred to Jamnagar as additional sessions judge. Billed as one of the nine most significant trials related to the riots, the case relates to the killing of 23 Muslims in Ode village in the district March 1, 2002. Judge Trivedi had heard one of the two cases related to the massacre in the village. According to special public prosecutor P N Parmer, the judge had made it known that she would give the judgment April 28 but the matter got delayed now.


SANGRUR: Punjab government has asked the Union government to raise the issue of the recent killings of two Punjabi youths at a village near Paris on Saturday night. PWD minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa said on Monday that the matter should be brought up with the French embassy and the bodies should be received at the earliest. Jaspal Singh and Mandeep Singh of Kapurthala were killed by unidentified persons when they were on their way after dinner. Jaspal's family had sent him to Italy about four years ago by selling some land. Jaspal, 35, who was an electrician, had gone to France from Italy to work at a building project. He is survived by two sons, wife and parents.

All India Anti Terrorist Front chairman MS Bitta along with the supporters raise slogans during a protest demanding, Pakistan to handover 50 most-wanted terrorist, at Jantar Mantar.

June, 2011


NEW DELHI: Terrorism has to be fought on all fronts and not selectively, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Tuesday. The prime minister told a news conference also addressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel here that terrorism posed "a serious challenge" to the world. But it "has to be fought on all fronts and not selectively", he said, in a message clearly directed at the US. Manmohan Singh said that he and the German chancellor discussed the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, including the Libyan unrest and their impact on global peace and security.

Afghanistan and Pakistan also figured in the discussions during the chancellor's day-long visit, her second to New Delhi since 2007, he said. "We have had very useful and wide-ranging discussions," he said. Manmohan Singh sought greater German investment in India, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, high technology, energy and basic applied sciences. India, he said, "offers a stable and friendly investment climate". Germany is New Delhi's largest trading partner in Europe and is among the largest foreign investors in India.

India, Germany discuss Pak, sign four agreements

SC grants bail to Binayak Sen's associate Piyush Guha in sedition case

NEW DELHI: India and Germany on Tuesday reviewed the security situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asserting that terrorism will have to be fought "on all fronts and not selectively". Singh and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who arrived in New Delhi this morning, held wide-ranging talks on bilateral, regional and international issues of mutual interest. "We discussed the developments in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Terrorism is a serious challenge which will have to be fought on all fronts and not selectively," Singh told a joint press conference with Merkel after the talks. After the

talks, India and Germany signed four agreements for cooperation in vocational education, medical research, science and technology and nuclear physics. Asked about the use of nuclear energy, Singh said every effort would be made to ensure that all safety norms and generation and utilisation of nuclear energy are world class. "Today our nuclear energy is three per cent of our total energy generation. Our capacity is less than 5,000 MW. We want to raise it to 20,000 MW by the year 2020," Singh said. He said if India has to meet the emission targets, the country will have to have a combination of

nuclear energy and renewable energy sources. On the selection of new IMF chief, the Prime Minister said he did not discuss the issue with Merkel but favoured "the best available" person regardless of nationality. "India's view is well known...the best available person regardless of nationality should be selected for the prestigious post of IMF chief," he said. Queried about their discussions on UNSC reforms, Singh said both India and Germany were on the same page on the issue and were of the opinion that the body should reflect the contemporary reality of the world.

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted bail to Piyush Guha, who was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment along with civil rights activist Binayak Sen, in a sedition case. The vacation bench of justices G S Singhvi and C K Prasad suspended the sentence of life imprisonment and directed Guha's release on bail. The bench also directed Guha to furnish a bail bond of Rs two lakh and two sureties of one lakh each. Guha, a Kolkata-based businessman, was convicted along with Sen and Naxal ideologue Narayan Sanyal for colluding with Maoists to establish a network to fight the state. They were awarded life imprisonment.

MADHUBAN (Haryana): Around 35 people, including 22 foreigners, were injured Tuesday morning in Haryana after their tourist bus collided with a truck, said the police. The accident occurred at around 5.30 a.m. on the national highway. The tourist bus was coming from Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh and going towards Delhi. "Thirtyfive people, including 22 foreigners, were injured and they were taken to the nearby civil hospital. All of them had got minor injuries...we have arranged private cars and gypsies to take them to Delhi," said a police official at Madhuban, around 120 km from the state capital Chandigarh.

NEW DELHI: The ice on the forbidding glacier heights is not going to melt anytime soon. With Pakistan dragging its feet on providing clear-cut guarantees for authentication of the 110-km Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL) in the Saltoro Ridge-Siachen region, no significant breakthrough is on the cards in the festering bilateral dispute. India and Pakistan on Monday began their 12th round of defence secretary-level talks on the Siachen imbroglio after a gap of three years, with the two sides presenting their "own perceptions" of the issue. Official sources described the talks, led by defence secretary Pradeep Kumar and his Pakistani counterpart Lt-General (retd) Syed Ather Ali, as "constructive", which will

lead to a joint statement on Tuesday. The fact, however, remains that the two sides will have to travel a long distance before there is disengagement and redeployment of troops on the world's highest, coldest and costliest battlefield to create a "zone of demilitarization". The "modalities'' for the AGPL authentication remains the main bone of contention. India wants proper guarantees for it, both on the maps and the ground, because its troops occupy most of the "dominating" posts on the Saltoro Ridge. After the 1999 Kargil incursion experience and in the backdrop of Chinese presence in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, India does not want to vacate the heights because if

Pakistani troops occupy them, it will be next to impossible to dislodge them. Pakistan has been dilly-dallying on the matter, and in the past has demanded that the pre-1972 troop positions be recognised since it feels India "violated'' the Simla Agreement by occupying the heights in 1984. Both sides have long accepted the need to demilitarize the glacial heights, with soldiers deployed at heights ranging from 16,000 to 22,000 feet in extreme weather and terrain. India has told Pakistan that it is flexible on the methodology to be adopted for verification of the proposed demilitarized zone but would "insist on some map coordinates, obtained through aerial or satellite imagery, to show the relative positions on the ground".

NEW YORK: A US Federal Court has set September 21 for pre-trial oral arguments in a case against urban development minister Kamal Nath and Congress for their alleged role in the November 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Judge Robert W. Sweet of US Federal Court of the Southern District of New York ordered serving of all motion papers in accordance with the stipulated briefing schedule of March 29. The court had on March 1 issued

summons against Nath and Congress in a case filed by Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), a US based human rights advocacy group, and some victims of the 1984 riots under Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) and Torture Victim Protection Act (TVPA). The class action lawsuit charges Congress party with "conspiring, aiding, abetting and carrying out organized attacks on Sikh population of India in November 1984," according to SFJ legal advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.

Plaintiffs will present evidence showing how Congress party planned and organized killing of Sikhs throughout India in November 1984, how it covered the organized and systematic violence as antiSikh riots of Delhi; and how it's protecting the killers of Sikhs for the last 26 years, he said. The plaintiffs will also present an affidavit from a witness who was present at an Oct 31, 1984 Congress Party meeting in which the alleged conspiracy and plans to

kill Sikhs throughout India were hatched, Pannun said. The meeting, according to the witness statement, was attended by several prominent leaders of Congress party and Chief Ministers of different states, he said. The evidence relating to killing of Sikhs throughout India consists of official figures obtained through the Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI) showing that Sikhs were killed in the states where Congress was in power in November 1984, he said.

22 foreign nationals hurt in Haryana accident

Defence secys fail to break Siachen ice

US court sets Sep 21 for pre-trial in 1984 riots case


Congress quizzes CAG on 2G loss 12

June, 2011

NEW DELHI: Congress members on the Joint Parliamentary Committee on telecom policy on Monday aggressively questioned the government's chief auditor Vinod Rai over his estimate that revenues losses in the 2G scam could be as high as Rs 1.76 lakh crore. In what came across as a strategy to knock down the 2G scam losses from the staggering figure computed by the Comptroller and Auditor General, Congress MPs wanted to know how likely values of an auction could be estimated when there was a definite policy decision not to do so. UPA members claimed that the telecom regulator had recommend-

ed that spectrum in the 2G band would not be auctioned. If there was a policy decision to this effect, was it within the purview of CAG to examine or compute the revenues an auction would bring in, they asked. "The decision of TRAI was not to recommend auctions and that being a policy decision, how come the CAG has come to the notional loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore... policy is not a matter which is a subject matter of audit. It is a government decision," JPC chair P C Chacko said, referring to the questions raised within the committee. Some Congress members also quizzed Rai over the auditor using the offer of telecom firm Singtel to

the government to evaluate licences. The 2G licences were sold at about Rs 10,000 crore in all. They said the firm was facing questions over its business practices and should not be a yardstick for evaluating the worth of licences. Faced with ruling coalition members charging the CAG of stepping out of its writ in assessing auction values of 2G licences when there was a specific policy decision to implement a first come, first served policy, Rai stuck to his guns and said he had not strayed outside his constitutional mandate. The JPC, mandated to examine telecom policy from 1998 to 2009, has already asked the telecom min-

NEW DELHI: India is likely to lodge a strong protest with Russia for the last-minute cancellation of the latest edition of the bilateral Indra naval combat exercise last month. The five Indian warships which sailed to the waters off Vladivostok had to make do with just a "port call'' before returning home. With the Indian Navy deeply unhappy at the way the Russian Navy pulled out of the exercise planned months in advance, the defence ministry has taken up the matter with the external affairs ministry. What was particularly galling was that Russia cited the "nuclear disaster in Japan'' as the "official reason'' to call off the combat manoeuvres but its warships sailed out to hold an exercise of their own, sources said. A question mark now hangs over the land-version of the Indra war games as well, the fourth such counter-terrorism exercise which was to be conducted between the Indian and Russian armies this year. An MoD official, on being contacted, said he was "unaware'' if the ground exercise too had been cancelled. All this is being perceived by

some as a "deliberate snub'' after India began to actively look to other countries to maintain Russian-origin aircraft, helicopters and other weapon systems in its inventory due to Russia's tardy supply of spares and after-sales service. New Delhi, incidentally, has also made clear its unhappiness over Moscow not sticking to delivery schedules, jacking up costs midway through execution of agreements and creating hurdles in the ways of transfer of technology. Though Russia has been India's largest defence supplier for long, notching up military sales well over $35 billion since the 1960s, coupled with several mega projects like the fifth-generation fighter aircraft still in the pipeline, their armed forces have hardly exercised together. In contrast, Indian and US forces have held over 60 combat exercises over the last decade after the postPokhran-II thaw. The five Indian warships -destroyers INS Delhi, INS Ranvijay and INS Ranvir, supported by a missile corvette and a tanker -- had set sail on their Far East overseas deployment in March.

YAMUNANAGAR: Call it yet another posture to avoid action, the district police on Monday expressed helplessness in arresting three students of Class XII, who allegedly snipped the hair of a Sikh boy following a spat at school last week. Notwithstanding the pressure mounted by district units of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and Haryana Shiromani Akali Dal (HSAD), the separate outfit who gave week's deadline, the policemen categorically said that arrest would not be possible till they get forensic reports. Investigation officer Rajiv Niglani said, "We are awaiting the report of forensic experts. They will check if the hair produced by family matches with those of the victim boy. Further action will be initiated only after the report as this is a question of their future. We do not want to show any haste in the case,'' inspector Rajiv Niglani, the investigating officer of the case said. "As far as prosecution is concerned, we shall submit challan against the boys directly in the court for the purpose of trial, hence arrest is unlikely," added Niglani. He also confirmed the memorandum received by them from Sikh bodies who sought immediate arrest of the boys involved in the incident.

DHARAMSHALA: The Dalai Lama on Sunday formally ceded his political role in favour of the new prime minister Lobsang Sangay by accepting the amendments finalised by the Tibetan parliament-in-exile. The Tibetan spiritual leader's other responsibilities shall henceforth be divided among the speaker, deputy speaker, the justice commission and other democratically elected leaders, said a spokesperson of the Tibetan government-in-exile. The parliament also approved that the title of Tibetan government-in-exile be changed to `Tibetan Administration'. The announcment followed deliberations over three days, May 26-28, during which the Tibetan parliament approved the new preamble and rights and responsibilities for the Dalai Lama under article 1 of the charter.

The powers vested with the Dalai Lama as head of the executive under Article-19 are now delegated to the Kalon Tripa (prime minister). Accordingly, Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay (43) is empowered to approve and promulgate bills and regulations passed by the Tibetan parliament-in-exile. The Tibetans at large had received the news of the Dalai Lama giving up his temporal powers with shock. Numerous representatives petitioned him to remain in charge of Tibetans' future. However, an unrelenting Dalai Lama refused to give in, arguing that the Tibetans must get used to genuine democracy. His announcment also settles the issue of the future leadership of Tibetans. From now on, the focus of Tibetan politics will be Lobsang Sangay, a Harvard scholar. Sangay

will have an unprecedented role to play in the future of Tibetan movement. Spokesperson of the Tibetan parliamentarian secretariat Tenzin Norbu said the amendments made in the charter by Tibetan parliament were approved by the Dalai Lama on Sunday evening. The new charter says that the Dalai Lama is the protector and symbol of Tibet and Tibetan people. His new responsibilities include advising and encouraging Tibetan people, to remain engaged in efforts to reach a satisfactory solution to the Tibet issue, and to accomplish the cherished goals of the Tibetan people. The Dalai Lama will keep guiding the assembly of Tibetan people's deputies and Kashag (the cabinet) and also meet world leaders and other important individuals to speak on behalf of the Tibetan people.

India upset over Russia calling off naval exercise

Sikh boy's hair cut, cops await report

Dalai lama cede his political role to new PM

istry to calculate losses incurred by the transition from fixed fees to revenue sharing during the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance's tenure in office. The committee has asked for the ministry's response submitted to the auditor before the report was finalised. There were some exchanges between UPA and Opposition members with CPI's Gurudas Dasgupta referring to conventions besides rules guiding the auditor and Congress's Manish Tewari staunchly countering by saying CAG must stick to its constitutional mandate. Rai will brief the committee again as besides the telecom ministry's comments, some action

taken reports by the government were also not available. The CAG explained its methodology that includes prices obtained in 3G auctions and the revenues raised by firms that got licences through sale of equity.When the committee meets next on June 7, it plans to finalise a list of witnesses that is likely to include former telecom ministers, former telecom secretaries and previous chairpersons of TRAI, besides representatives of corporate houses. CBI director A P Singh will also brief the committee on June 7, while the finance secretary, Enforcement Directorate chief Arun Mathur and TRAI chairman J S Sarma will make presentations.

Pak in no hurry to send 26/11 judicial panel to India

Bharati, the Indian dance group performs during the 10th edition of the Mawazine international music festival "World Rythms" in Rabat .

NEW DELHI: Pakistan is yet to convey to New Delhi when its judicial commission will visit here to take the statement of the magistrate, who had recorded the confessional statement of lone surviving Lashkar gunman Ajmal Kasab. Earlier, India had agreed to a Pakistani proposal of sending its judicial commission during the home secretary-level talks between the two countries on March 29 here. The panel is supposed to come here to record statements of additional chief metropolitan magistrate R V Sawant Waghule, investigating officer (IO) Ramesh Mahale and doctors who conducted post-mortem of the 10 terrorists, who were killed by commandos during the Mumbai terror attacks. An official here said Pakistan should have immediately informed its court about India's consent and obtained the required permission. But, Islamabad hasn't moved an inch on this front nor did it inform us about this, he added. Islamabad has been maintaining that it is necessary to send the commission to India as part of the judicial process of 26/11 case in Pakistan, and had promised that they would do so within four to six weeks, which lapsed or May 15. "But more than eight weeks after the home secretary-level talks, nothing has been heard from Islamabad on the proposed judicial commis-

sion's visit to India," an official said. Government has already conveyed to the Bombay High Court that Mahale and Waghule should be available for questioning by the Pakistani commission as and when Islamabad conveys about the timing of their visit. The Pakistani panel wants to interview the Indian officials in connection with the trial of seven jailed Pakistani suspects of the 26/11 case. Pakistan's contention is that the charges against the seven Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists, including Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Zarar Shah and Abu-al-Qama, are based on Kasab's statement in Mumbai. Hence, the magistrate and the IO's statements are necessary to submit before the anti-terror court there. India also wants to send its commission to Pakistan to question the 26/11 accused like Lakhvi and others. "We will, however, do that only after filing a chargesheet against American LeT operative David Coleman Headley, who scouted the Mumbai terror targets, and his accomplice Tahawwur Hussain Rana," an official said. The National Investigation Agency will file chargesheet against the duo after getting all documents from the United States that have been produced in the Chicago Court during ongoing trial against Rana. The documents will be received when the trial of Rana ends next month.

Cannot defend Hafiz Saeed in US lawsuit: Pak govt to court


LAHORE: The Pakistan government on Monday informed a court that it could not defend Jamaat-udDawah chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed in a US lawsuit filed by relatives of two Jewish victims of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Deputy attorney general Naseem Kashmiri, in a written reply submitted on behalf of foreign ministry to Justice Umar Ata Bandial of the Lahore high court, said: "The government is defending the ISI before the US court being an institute of the government while the JuD or its chief are not part of the government." "Therefore, the government cannot provide legal assistance to him or his organisation," the reply said. After examining the government's response, the judge asked Saeed's counsel A K Dogar to present the law under which the court could direct the government to

defend a private individual in a US court. Dogar sought time to prepare his arguments and the court adjourned the matter till June 30. The lawsuit was filed in a Brooklyn court last year by relatives of US nationals Rabbi Gabriel Noah Holtzberg and his wife Rivka, who

were among the 166 people killed in the Mumbai attacks. The US court had issued summons to Saeed, the current and a former head of the Inter-Services Intelligence agency and several other persons who were named in the lawsuit. The lawsuit accuses Lashkar-e-Taiba founder Hafiz Saeed, commanders Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, Azam Cheema and Sajid Majid, former ISI chief Nadeem Taj, incumbent head Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha and two others of providing material support for the Mumbai attacks. For each of nine claims, the plaintiffs have sought damages of USD 75,000. Saeed contended that he is the head of the JuD and had no links with LeT. He contended that the government should defend him in the lawsuit in the same manner that it is protecting the ISI chief and other officials.

CHICAGO: Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had attended the funeral of Mumbai attacks accused David Headley's father in 2010. This was disclosed by 50year-old Headley at a Chicago court during the trial of co-accused Tahawwur Rana (50) in the 26/11 attacks case. He told jury during the course of questioning on Thursday that Prime Minister Gilani attended the funeral of his father Syed Saleem Gilani and also offered condolences to the bereaved family. Saleem Gilani, who died in December 2010, was a well-known poet, author and musicologist. He was former Director General of Radio Pakistan and worked for the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC. Headley's half-brother Danyal Gilani works as a public relations officer at Prime Minister Gilani's office.

ISLAMABAD: The ongoing investigation in Pakistan will uncover the "local support group" that backed slain al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden while he was hiding in the country, foreign office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua has said. "Obviously, there must have been a local support group, presumably consisting of Qaida and its affiliates , for bin Laden. This is common sense. The ongoing investigations hopefully will bare the truth," Janjua said. US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said during a surprise visit to Pakistan on Friday that there was no evidence that "anyone at the highest levels of the Pakistan government" knew bin Laden was living in Abbottabad, where he was killed in an American raid on May 2.

Pak PM Gilani attended funeral of Headley's father in 2010

Karachi siege shows Qaida has recruits in navy, says official

KARACHI: The ongoing investigations into the Mehran naval station attack have determined that alQaida militants had indeed managed to infiltrate the ranks of the Pakistan navy. A Pakistan navy spokesperson confirmed that alQaida terrorists managed to gain not only sympathisers, but also recruits in the naval ranks. "We are still figuring out how many of these militants were in contact with our (navy) people," The Express Tribune quoted the spokesperson , as saying. The official said that although it was unfortunate that people within their ranks had been found to have links with extremists, "the navy too is part of the Pakistani society that is breeding extremism, so it was just a matter of time when something like this happened ." The navy is not the only Pakistani institution whose personnel were found to be involved in terrorism.


Benazir case: Musharraf a proclaimed offender

Youth cool down in the sea near the harbour in Karachi, due to the heat wave.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's antiterrorism court on Monday dealt a blow to ex-dictator Pervez Musharraf's plans to return to his homeland and join politics when it declared him a proclaimed offender for failing to cooperate with the probe into Benazir Bhutto's assassination. Investigators probing Bhutto killing at a political rally had named the general for failing to provide her adequate security on her return to the country from exile in 2007. The court had issued non-bailable arrest warrants thrice for Musharraf. At a hearing in Rawalpindi's Adiala Jail, the court declared the fugitive leader a proclaimed offender on a plea by the country's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The FIA produced documents and a CD of the statements of the former president in which he had announced that he will not appear before the court in the Bhutto murder case. Reacting to his party's leader being declared a proclaimed

offender, Musharraf's spokesman Fawad Chaudhry said it was aimed at stalling his return to the country. But this would not deter him from coming back, he said. Musharraf had recently said that he will return to Pakistan in 2012 before the next elections. Legal experts said declaring the former army chief a proclaimed offender would enable the court to attach his property in Pakistan and proceed with the trial of other accused in the case, leaving authorities to seek other means for his arrest. Until now, authorities in Britain, where Musharraf has been living since 2009, have provided no help in serving warrants to him as that country has no extradition treaty with Pakistan, prosecutors told Judge Rana Nisar Ahmed. Investigation officer Khalid Rasool told the court that Musharraf knew the warrants were being issued by the court but he chose not to appear to avoid arrest.

count these people on fingers who exactly know about the location of (our) nuclear arsenals. "These weapons are lying in tunnels and safe houses where no one can access them, except very few relevant people ," he was quoted as saying. Khan's views come following mounting fears globally that the escalating Islamist violence in Pakistan could result in the militants one day laying hands on the nuclear arsenal. Khan also told the daily that Pakistan's nuclear programme was proceeding without any break for the past 10 years.

KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari's chief security officer has been attacked by unknown gunmen in the Pakistani port city of Karachi. The armed men hurled grenade at Bilal Shaikh's vehicle and opened fire on it last night, Geo TV reported. The assailants fled the scene leaving behind their car and weapons when Bilal's bodyguards retaliated. Two bodyguards of Bilal were injured in the incident. Police have seized the vehicle and weapons. Bilal said he had been receiving death threats for sometime.

Pak: Probe to reveal Laden support group

AQ Khan says Pak nukes too secured to fall in militant hands

ISLAMABAD: The Taliban and external forces cannot seize Pakistan's nuclear weapons because they are "highly secured " and only a handful know where they are kept, disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan said in remarks published Sunday. Khan, still a national hero in Pakistan, also told the Dawn newspaper that the safety of the nuclear weapons "has been improved gradually" over the years. He explained that the nuclear weapons were not stored in one place and that very few people knew about their location. "You can

June, 2011

Unknown gunmen attack Zardari's security officer

Taliban co-founder tipped off US on Osama bin Laden hideout: Report

LONDON: A Taliban leader tipped-off the US about where Osama bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan, a media report here said. The cited secret papers found at Osama's highwalled compound in Pakistan's Abbottabad city as suggesting that the al-Qaida chief's cover was blown by his trusted ally, Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Baradar. Washington, in return, offered to

take back its troops from Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan after Osama was either killed or captured. Osama was gunned down May 2 by US commandos. Till now, it was believed that Osama was traced after the US intercepted a phone call made by his courier Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. But new reports in Pakistan suggest it was Baradar who told the US where he was hiding, mir- said. Baradar, an ally of Taliban leader Mullah Omar, was arrested last year when he was on a visit to Karachi. He was questioned in prison before being released last October. "Baradar is in the frame as he has been in negotiations with the Afghan government and is closely linked to both Mullah Omar and bin Laden," security expert Neil Doyle

was quoted as saying. "The US has announced that it is scaling back its military operations in Pakistan following the killing of bin Laden. That will fuel speculation about whether this is the start of the pay-off for insurgents who are willing to cut a deal," he added. "Military officials in Pakistan have also said there was a rift between bin Laden and some of his allies."

ÁµåòÅçÆÁź Çòð°µè ÇéðäÅÇÂÕ ÕÅðòÅÂÆ...

ðÇð§çð Õ½ð ìÅçñ çÅ Á§Çåî çÃÕÅð




ÁîðÆÕÅ é¶ êÅÇÕ é±§ ýºêÆ US hands over list of fiveçÆ Ã ç¶ ÁµåòÅçÆÁź PAKISTAN NEWS

June, 2011

terrorist to Pak: Report Áñ5÷òÅÔðÆ å¶ ÇÂÇñÁÅà ÕôîÆð

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) started its sit-in in front of Karachi Port against the US drone attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan, and logistic support en- route Pakistan to the Nato troops in Afghanistan. Thousands of people from different walks of life and political activists gathered at the Native Jetty Bridge near Karachi Port on Saturday, holding flags and placards. They chanted slogans against the drone attacks and the US interference into internal affairs of Pakistan.

5 arrested in Karachi for links to attack on Mehran naval base

LAHORE/KARACHI: Pakistani intelligence operatives on Saturday claimed to have arrested five people, including a prayer leader of a seminary at Faisalabad, for alleged links to the terrorist attack on a naval airbase in Karachi that killed 10 security personnel. The operatives of intelligence agencies raided the Deobandi madrassa at Siana Chak village in Faisalabad district of Punjab province and nabbed Qari Qaisar, the prayer leader, sources said. The arrest was made on the basis of information linking Qaisar to the terrorists who stormed PNS Mehran, the Pakistan navy's main air station in Karachi, on Sunday. Qaisar, who is linked to a banned organization, was taken to an undisclosed location for interrogation, sources said. According to a news channel four other suspects were arrested from Karachi. The channel said that Qari Qaiser, 30, was living in the Satiana area of Faisalabad and originally hailed from Dera Ghazi Khan where he was reported to be running a madrassa.

ISLAMABAD: The US has drawn up a list of five terrorists it expects Pakistan to provide intelligence about immediately and possibly target in joint operations, according to a media report today. The list was discussed during three meetings between Pakistani and US officials in the past two weeks, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's talks with Pakistani leaders in Islamabad yesterday, ABC News quoted a US official, a Pakistani government official and a Pakistani intelligence official as saying. The list also includes Osama bin Laden's deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri, Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Omar,

Á 鱧 Ç

commander Siraj Haqqani òÅÇô§×àé5Áñ7ÕÅÇÂçÅ ÁÅ×± úÃÅîÅ and ñÅç¶ Atiya Rahman, Çìé é é±Abdel § îÅð ç¶ä 寺 ìÅÁç the Libyan operations chief ÁîðÆÕÅ çÆ é÷ð Ô°ä êÅÇÕÃåÅé ÇòÚ ofܱç Al ê§Qaida. î½ Ü Ú¯àÆ ç¶ ÁµåòÅçÆÁź Òå¶ ÔË¢ The US asðÆ ÁîðÆÕÅ çÆ views Çòç¶ô the î§åðÆlistÇÔñ¶ a test whether ÕÇñ§ àé é¶ofêÅÇÕ ç½ð¶ ç½ðÅéPakistan êÅÇÕÃåÅé is§ ê§Ü "serious about é± ÁµåòÅçÆÁź çÆ Ã±ÚÆfighting ýºê ÇçµåÆ terrorists who long ÔË ÇÜé·Åº ç¶ ÇÖñÅë À°é·Åºhave çÆ ÃðÕÅð êÅÇÕ enjoyed éÅñ ÇîñÕ¶safe ÃźÞÅ havens ÁÅêz¶ôé within ÚñÅÀ°äÅ its borders", report said.çÆ ÚÅÔ° §çÆ ÔË¢ ÇÂÕ the ÁîðÆÕÆ ÁÖìÅð American Çðê¯ðAn à Áé° ÃÅð ÁîðÆÕÅsource ÇÂÔ î§étoo çÅ ÔË confirmed of ÇÕ Ã±ÚÆ ÇòÚ the î½Ü±çexistence ÃÅð¶ ÁµåòÅçÆ the list toÇòÚ theî½ÜDawn êÅÇÕÃåÅé ±ç Ôé¢ newsÁîðÆÕÅ paper theñÅç¶ US softòñ¯ º ýºêÆand ×ÂÆ Ã±said ÚÆ ÇòÚ é çÆ ÃµÜÆ eningðÔ¶its ÁÅÇÂîÅé position Áñ7ÜòÅÔðÆ, on unilatìÅºÔ eral action against terrorists ÔµÕÅéÆ é˵àòðÕ ç¶ ÇÃðÅÜÀ° µçÆé found in Pakistan was conÔµÕÅéÆ, ÔðÕå7À°ñ7ÜÔÅç7Áñ7

Taliban suicide bomber targets Pak tribe, kills 8

Khar: A suicide bomber targeting a pro-government tribe on Saturday killed at least eight people and wounded 11 others at a market in a restive Pakistani tribal area, officials said. The attacker blew himself up at Pasht bazaar in the northwestern Salarzai region, some 35 kilometres from Khar, the main town of the restive Bajaur tribal district, which borders Afghanistan. Earlier the officials had said a timed bomb exploded. "Initially it looked like a bomb blast, but later investigators found out that it was a suicide bombing and the body of the attacker was also found," local government official Saad Mohammad said. "Eight people were killed and 11 others were

wounded in the attack," he added. Health department official Khan Saeed said that condition of three of the wounded was critical. "Two tribal elders , Malik Tehsil Khan and Malik Mayn Jan also died in the bomb blast," local government official said. "We think that they were the main targets because they were the senior members of local peace committee which has formed a lashkar against the Taliban," he added. Taliban militants, who have targeted members of the pro-government Salarzai tribe in the past because they raised a village force to drive them out of region, claimed responsibility for the suicide attack. "We carried out the bombing against the peace committee

CIA team visits Osama hideout, Pak Islamist leader warned of searches for over six hours threats from Taliban: Report

ISLAMABAD: A CIA forensic team has carried out an extensive search of slain al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad hideout hunting for concealed chambers where he might have stashed his terror blueprints. The CIA team which flew to the spot in a helicopter scoured the three storied complex for more than six hours in the compound, 'The Dawn' reported. According to the report, police and other sources did not confirm the visit, but 'The Express Tribune' quoting their sources said that more than five CIA forensic experts were flown into Abbottabad. The team scoured the heavily-guarded compound in Bilal Town for an hour for additional clues, for example, evidence hidden in walls or buried under floors or elsewhere in the compound. Sleuths of Pakistan's spy agencies accompanied the CIA experts who reportedly used

sophisticated equipment to scour the compound, looking for clues, the report said. Police was tasked to make a second cordon 600 feet away from the bin Laden compound. Media persons were barred from covering the trip and television cameramen were not allowed to film the compound even from a distance. The visit comes after Pakistani authorities granted the Pentagon's request to allow CIA experts to visit the compound where bin Laden had reportedly lived undetected for years. Visit by the CIA team was first for the agency sleuths to enter a complex that it had previously scrutinised only from a distance, using satellites, stealth drones and spies operating from a nearby safe house before bin Laden was killed in the operation undertaken by US Navy SEALS commandos on May 2.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's hardline Islamist leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman, once considered close to radical militants groups but now hunted by them, has been asked by the authorities to cut down his public appearances for his own safety. Maulana Fazlur, the chief of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), has been warned by the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) of an imminent threat to his life, The Express Tribune daily said today. Rehman has recently escaped two back-to-back attempts on his life in his home restive province Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Based on credible intelligence reports, the NACTA has conveyed to Rehman that Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and al-Qaeda might target him. "The Interior Ministry has

36 killed in northwaest Pakistan suicide bomb attack

ÇÂÃñÅîÆ çÅ î°ÖÆ å¶ Áñ7ÕÅÇÂçÅ

because they had joined the government and were maligning the Taliban," TehreekeTaliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said. "We had warned them before and warn them again that they should disband this anti-Taliban peace committee otherwise we will continue to attack them," Ehsan said. In Pakistan's first known female suicide attack, a woman wearing a bomb under her burqa struck near a UN food distribution point in Khar on December 25 killing 43 people. The Salarzai tribe was again the target. Pakistani forces have carried out a series of military operations against the Taliban and other Islamist militants in Bajaur since August 2008.

informed JUI-F leaders that they might be the next target of TTP or al-Qaeda," party leader Maulana Shujaul Mulk was quoted as saying by the Pakistani daily. The warning was issued on account of intelligence gathered by Saudi agencies which suggested the JUI-F might have played a role in the elimination of some Arab militants hiding in Pakistan. Apparently, this led the TTP and al-Qaeda to brand him as an enemy, the daily said. In March, Rehman had two back-to-back attempts on his life. The attacks surprised political observers as the JUI-F is perceived as being pro-Taliban. Rehman has repeatedly called on the federal government to halt the military operations against the militants in the restive northwestern Pakistan.

ditional. ÁµåòÅçÆ ÇÂÇñÁÅà ÕôîÆðÆ, Áñ7 "TheçÅmessage given to ÕÅÇÂçÅ ÁÅêz¶ôé ÚÆë ÁÅåÆÁÅ Pakistani leaders loud7 Áìçñ ðÇÔîÅé Áå¶ was åÇÔðÆÕ7¶ and clear: coopåÅÇñìÅé ç¶ î°µyou ñÅ À°îeither ð ç¶ éźÁ ôÅÇîñ erate withÚËéñ é¶usç¯òź ç¶ôon Ôé¢ ÇÂÕ ÁîðÆÕÆ Åº ç¶ these...terrorists or éÅñ we'll À°µÚ ÁÇèÕÅðÆÁź ç¶ ÔòÅñ¶ ÇÂÔ take care by ourÜÅäÕÅðÆ ÇçµåÆofÔË¢them êÅÇÕ ÃðÕÅð Áå¶ selves," was Ö±ëÆÁÅ å§åð the éÅñ Ü°source ó¶ ÁëÃðź Áé° ÃÅð quoted the ÇÂà ñÚÆ Òå¶as ìÆå¶saying Ççé êÅÇÕ by å¶ ÁîðÆÕÅ newspaper. ç¶ ÃÆéÆÁð ÁÇèÕÅðÆÁź ÇòÚÕÅð ÚðÚÅ has Ô¯ÂÆ¢Ilyas À°ºÞ ÇêÛñ¶Kashmiri ç¯ ÔëÇåÁź ÇòÚ ÇÂà emerged as one î°µç¶ Òå¶ ÕÂÆ òÅð îÆÇà§×ofÔ¯the Ú°ÕÆmost ÔË¢ ìÆå¶ dangerous terrorists Ççé Ô¯ÂÆ îÆÇà§× ÇòÚ ÇÔñ¶ðÆ ÕÇñ§in àé recent He is ñaÚmiliòÆ ôÅÇîñyears. ÃÆ¢ ÁîðÆÕÆ Æ ÇòÚ tant international ôÅÇîñwith ÇÂÇñÁÅà ÕôîÆðÆ BFgoals éò§ìð and acrossç¶ B@@H ç¶connections î°§ìÂÆ ÁµåòÅçÆ ÔîÇñÁź Arabia Ãì§è ÇòÚand òÆ ñ°South óƺçÅ ÔË¢Asia. ( ìÅÕÆ ÃøÅ C Óå¶)

ISLAMABAD: The death toll in a devastating suicide car bomb attack in northwest Pakistan on Friday rose to 36 as more bodies were pulled out of the rubble of buildings that collapsed when the attacker detonated his explosives-laden vehicle in a congested area of Hangu city. Two more bodies were retrieved from the debris today, officials in Hangu said. At least 10 policemen were among the dead. Over 50 people were injured in the deadly attack carried out by the Pakistani Taliban to avenge the killing of Osama bin Laden in a US raid on May 2. The bomber detonated his explosives near several government offices and a court complex in the heart of Hangu city of KhyberPakhtunkhwa province. Deputy Inspector General of Police Masood Afridi said an estimated 450 kg of explosives was used in the attack. The condition of several of the injured is critical and officials said they feared the death toll may rise further. The powerful blast severely damaged several government buildings, including the offices of the district police chief and the district administration chief. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan accepted responsibility for this attack in phone calls to reporters. He warned the Taliban would soon carry out "bigger attacks" as revenge for bin Laden's killing. Cities across Pakistan have witnessed a string of deadly attacks in the wake of the al-Qaida chief's death.

òÅÇ î§åðÆ êÅÇÕà î°ÖÆ î½Ü±ç× Ö°ëÆÁ ǧàËñÆ ÕñÆé ÇòíÅ× ÁµÜ ç ÇÂÔ ê é¶ ÁÅ ÁµåòÅ ÕñÆé ÇÕÔÅ Ç À°é·Åº ÁÅÂÆ.


June, 2011


Ahmadiyya Muslim teachingsimpacted by Pakistani mentality and culture, troubling

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Fiji celebrates Golden Jubilee

Sikh leaders Prem Singh and Pyara Singh have a conversation with NawabMansoor Ahmad Khan Sahib, the director of Ahmadiyya Muslim Foreign Missions. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD. (Left) National president of Ahmadiyya Jama’atFazakUllah Tariq takes chief guest Commander JoeliCawaki for a tour of their display while Maulana Tariq Rasheed looks on. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

More than one thousand people from different ethnic backgrounds gathered at the Nadi College Hall this morning to mark Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Fiji’s 50th anniversary and Khilafat Day Celebration. Chief guest Commissioner Western Commander JoeliCawaki praised the organization for its contribution towards the development of the nation through education as well as moral, spiritual and cultural values. Commander Cawaki said government was


committed to uniting the people of Fiji irrespective of ethnicity, colour and culture. The slogan, Fiji the way the world should be, according to Cawaki until now remained only a mere slogan- but government was taking concrete steps to realize this. “The government is committed to change the mindset of our population towards one people, one

nation, and one destiny, irrespective of color, religion, culture, ethnicity and gender. I understand the teachings of Islam, has similar teachings,” said Commander Cawaki. Also attending the event was NawabMansoor Ahmad Khan Sahib the director of worldwide Ahmadiyya Foreign Missions. The delegate who is on his second tour to the country, said he was hourned and privileged to be in the country again to be part of the celebrations.

Rahmatullah Khan Freedom Leader I feel that it is so important for us to reclaim and restore our history to our people. It is an outstanding history of struggle, suffering and sacrifice that has not been commemorated and celebrated. I hope that through people like yourself, we can succeed in reconnecting our people our history. Girmit was perceived as a period of shame when it was truly a period of one of the greatest sacrifices made in the history of humanity. The British succeeded in putting a cover over it to escape the consequences for commission of crimes against humanity. The illiterate Girmitiyas maintained silence and went to their graves in silence, as they did not want their children to inherit the shame that they (wrongfully) carried in their hearts. It is sad that no one probed that period with a view to writing a book when our beloved Girmitiyas were alive. Tears in Paradise was written when not one of them was alive and depth of my emotion resides in the fact that we failed to pay our homage to them for the sacrifices that they made for future generations.

I feel that if the British abandoned them, what about us? We have also failed to give respect, honour and exaltation to them. With this in mind, I deliberately set on a path to write a book that will touch the hearts and minds of our people and I am glad to say that it has generated emotional

outpouring that I had not envisaged. I was deeply touched to read your piece on your great-great grandfather Rahmatullah Khan. I knew him as an iconic figure who owned most of Maro and respected member of the Fiji Kisan Sangh. My father was also a founding member of the Fiji Kisan Sangh and he often spoke about its members, including your great-grandfather. So whenever I go to Suva and pass this area, I remember this name with reverence. These were the people on whose foundation we built our lives and we must never allow their memories to be obscured from our children and families. By paying your respects, posting his picture, you have not only illuminated his name but also your own name because people will judge you also, reflecting on your origins. You hail from a proud stable! Late Rahmatullah Khan was an outstanding member of our Fiji community and I wish that descendants of such people are also inspired to highlight their lives. -Rajendra Prasad

If the attitude goes unchecked it will have a far reaching effect. Borrowing from the past experiences for the downfall of early Islam especially caliphate that degenerated into dynasties after the four righteous caliphs of Islam, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat adopted a stricter policy on morality and discipline. While the spiritual leadership is much more benevolent and much easier to communicate with as each and every letter (millions of them around world) is answered with much love and prayers, it is the operating teams comprised of mostly Pakistanis tend to be autocratic, self-centered and apt in using severe and disciplinary language. There is an apparent contrast between what is seen as traditions of Islam and Pakistani culture which is confusing in many cases new converts tend keep a low profile or eventually withdraw. Pakistani etiquette, Punjabi language and a tendency to ignore others often time do silent harm that they do not see. In US Whites are slower in accepting the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and Blacks seem to be more easily approached and accommodated than others. Usually there is an initiation period for most new comers in any organization. First there is some sort of orientation and familiarization with internal functions of the organization and then a gradual placement into official positions. The Pakistanis being in key positions for their superiority have the clout in AMC they are the “makers and shakers”. In the mix of all this FBAs (Fijiborn Ahmadis) lacking in many things found their niche to power play. At a local Oakland Chapter where they have the predominance the typical “love-hate” relationship and backlashing common among the Fiji Indians define the elite among them. Regardless how good they

My proposal for an AMC Chapter in Hayward

Given the large number Ahmadi Muslim families that live in Hayward and are compelled to travel in these times of economic crisis to Oakland, I proposed a chapter in Hayward for convenience and services that are needed here. It was seen as an effort to destroy the Ahmadiyya Jamaat especially by a few Pakistani Ahmadis. It is a declared mission of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to create chapters at corner. The tragedy is that the AMC with all its recourses and powerful training programs is often times misdirected by the egotistic Pakistani Ahmadis who think they know everything and they are more loyal to the Khilafat than anyone else. are in reading the Quran, in the outreach Tabligh work, interfaith and public relation, and where their children go and who they marry, the tiny group of FBA’s – the Fiji Born Ahmadis know how to play their card and keep the political power to themselves and drive any they do not like out of the fold. Although I opened the first Ahmadiyya chapter in Sacramento in 1987and was the first secretary and played a key role in helping establish the Oakland Ahmadiyya Islamic Library, I am ostracized by the FBAs. In several meetings, when my name was proposed for a position, the motion did get off the ground for want of a seconder. Lucky, my name got nominated but the rest of the 15 or so FBAs boycotted me by abstaining to second the nomination. That tells the whole story of “Love for All and Hatred for None.” I know you will say they love me so much that is why do not vote me for any position in the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.



June, 2011



June, 2011



June, 2011

June, 2011



June, 2011

June, 2011



June, 2011

Spine Center Wellbrook

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June, 2011




June, 2011



Now that you are over and done with campaigning for Dr Nirmal Majhi, a TMC candidate from North Uluberia, would you care to share your Kolkata experience? It was fascinating. Though it was tiring to campaign for five-six hours at a stretch in this heat, the experience was enriching. I am mature enough to realize how in spite of having it all, we crib for more. But there are thousands living in villages, who don't have roti, kapda aur makaan and yet, haven't given up on their zest for life. These souls dream of better governance, so that their living conditions improve. In fact, I was telling Zeenatji, who was campaigning along with me, how blessed we are but still keep complaining.

Did you call Dr Majhi to enquire how the polls went in his constituency? Of course, I did. He told me, that it went on fine and I should come after TMC wins. But what I realized this time around was that after a long time, the voting process was peaceful.

Having interacted with the common people, did you get a whiff of the poribortoner haoa? Absolutely. I am sure people want a change and TMC WILL come to power. We all are with Mamata Didi. She is the one who can bring a smile to million faces.

Are you fasting so that TMC comes to power? Oh yes. (Laughs) Sometimes, one needs to give maska to God, right? Added to that a diva needs to be fit and fine, what say? Zeenatji shared some amazing diet tips with me. She used to follow this routine during her "Dum maro dum" days. I am following those tips now. I also wish my forthcoming film, "Bin Bulaye Baraat", opposite Aftab fares well at the BO.

The Left has had a firm base for the past 34 years. Having interacted with the masses, what allegations have they brought against the current government? I feel, that a single party ruling for 34 years leads to autocracy, corruption and lethargy. People need a change, which in turn, will lead to development.

Coming from a filmi background, how well did you connect with the villagers? Acting, glamour, looking gorgeous, all these are part of my profession but, at the end of the day, I am a human being. We relate to people because of their emotions. Who they are doesn't really matter.

The TMC seems to have set a trend of roping in Bollywood actors to campaign for them... What's wrong in it? Even the Congress did it years back. I am always with people, whose aim is the welfare of the masses.


ll of Ranbir Kapoor's 'girlfriends' Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor decided to not to attend his party on Wednesday night, despite RK personally inviting them. Even Imran Khan, stayed away. This is a clear signal that none of these people are ready to make nice with RK. Read on to find out the possible reasons... Sonam Kapoor: After Ranbir's dad Rishi Kapoor lambasted her in print, Sonam has kept her distance from the Kapoor family. Later on, as a gesture of truce, they approached her to be part of

Are you aware that the party for which you are campaigning, has two actors, Tapas Paul and Satabdi Roy as MPs? And this time, other actors like Debasree Roy and Chiranjeet are also contesting.

I know. Debasree Roy is a fabulous actor and the others are equally popular here. Did you manage to meet Mamata this time? No, I didn't. But to me, Mamata Didi is an icon. Her simplicity, honesty and ability to connect with people are her USP. When you see her, you feel, she is one of us and not larger-than-life. In fact, her journey itself is so inspiring, I feel, a film based on her life would do miracles at the boxoffice.

And who would you want to direct this film? A newbie director will do justice to the subject.

Who will essay Mamata's role? Priyanka Kothari, the greedy actor!

You were born in Kolkata and can speak the language quite well. Any plans to act in a Bengali film? I would love to, provided the role is meaty and it matches my work schedule. So, do we see Priyanka Kothari as an active politician in the coming years? Kal kya hoga kisko pata...I live for the moment.

My body's better than Priyanka Chopra's! So what if she doesn't have a great body of work, in a customized TOI rapid fire, Priyanka Kothari dodged bullets and fired some of her own. Here are some that we managed to bite...

I would only wear shorts in summer. And, the shorter they are, the better! Covering up is so passĂŠ! (On being asked what's her fashion mantra for summer) I would love to give myself a whacky makeover! My directors have always told me that I look good in a no make-up look and I have come to believe that. But I'd love to go wild with my make-up. I love the way Madonna keeps reinventing herself at every age. I want a crazy makeover. Too much of the same thing gets boring, right? (On being asked the kind of makeover she'd like to give herself) I have been complimented about my radiant and glowing skin but, believe me, I have never got a facial done so far in my life! I know it's hard to believe but it's the truth! (On being asked about her skincare regimen) On a serious note though, she did manage to share some of her best-kept secrets about the body, beauty and Bollywood: Working out is about loving yourself and dicipline. I was always inclined towards fitness. I avoid crash diets, drink loads of water and eat seasonal fruits. The credit for having good skin goes to my parents. I have never used harsh chemicals on my face and relied on natural ingredients like honey and besan. I go to the parlour only for a face clean-up and never for facials and masks. I also stick to a single brand for my make-up. Priyanka Chopra and I share the same first name. It's a fact that even she has talked to me about. And we often share a laugh about this. I really love the way PC carries herself, though I believe, I have a better body! I am fasting for Trinamool Congress and hope they win! I love Kolkata and TMC's victory would be a good excuse for me to visit the city again. Talk about fasting and feasting, eh?


RK's world tour but she turned it down. She admitted in a recent interview that she wasn't on talking terms with him. Ranbir called her personally, but though she was in the city, she chose not to go for it. Deepika Padukone: Ranbir's ex-girlfriend was not in the city, so she had a valid reason. One can argue that she could've flown in for one evening for the bash, like she does for the IPL matches, but she obviously has

her priorities in place. She is cordial to RK when they meet in public, but after her recent ouster from Ayaan Mukherjee's film, she sees no reason to go out of her way to bond with Ranbir. Katrina Kaif: She has more than one reason for skipping the bash even though she was in Mumbai. Apart from still nursing a broken heart, she was shooting for a film. Her alibi is that she has a night shoot and then an

early morning flight to Thailand. But if she wanted to, she would have dropped by. After all she lives five minutes away from his house. Just last week Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan entered Maheep's birthday party post 4 am. Where there is a will, there is a way. Imran Khan: Ranbir's closest industry rival was also shooting with Katrina. But he did go home later in the night, which is two minutes away from where the Kapoor lad lives. So, if Imran wished to say a hi to Ranbir, he would have. The fact that he didn't, says a lot.




want to marry a nice indian man, says Caterina Lopez, the new item girl on the block, who talks about her latest Bollywood crush, butter chicken and more in a recent chat with TOI Bollywood Calling Everybody back home asks me – why not Hollywood, to which I reply, why not Bollywood?" Caterina Lopez, a native of Arizona, USA – sure seems excited about her Bollywood debut in the forthcoming film "Bhindi Bazaar". She says, "I did quite a bit of modelling back in the USA, I think that's how the producers of the film spotted me. They felt that I had a very Indian look, so they decided to cast me over anyone else." Ask her about her two item songs in the film and pat comes the reply, "The first one is called "Taan Ke Seena... Ho Ja Kameena" – it's an interesting number. I was drawn to it as it reminded me of my own personality – lively and energetic. It also has a slight Latin element to it. The second song, "Akkad Bakkad", is a promotional




alking about the film in a recent interview, Abhishek said that he wants to change audiences' perception about him being a non-actor with the film. Abhishek's last release Raavan, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se and Game have been box office disasters and he wishes to set cash registers




June, 2011


his may come as a surprise but Rakhi Sawant does have boundaries. While she is comfortable with baring her assets on screen, she draws the line at having sex on screen. The item girl was approached by an international filmmaker who wanted to make a docu drama on Kamasutra. The role required the actress to demonstrate various sexual poses mentioned in the ancient sex manual; with a male co-star. Rakhi turned down the project. "Kama Sutra is also about aesthetics. People who don't understand it like the makers of the movie I was approached for, will make it into a sleazy sex fest. I didn't want to be a part of it even though it is an international project and I was getting to play the lead. It wasn't a big banner, big director project, so, why take the risk?" She reasons. She has no qualms about exposing so why shy about sex scenes? She explains, "It is true that I expose and I do it quite often. It's also true that I'm very confident of my body but there are things that a girl can't do on screen. A line has to be drawn somewhere. I did not grow up thinking that I will expose my body and get credit for it. The filmmakers wanted me to do so, and I did it to get a break. So many girls do so many things to make it big, so for me exposing was no big deal. But the project needed me to do sex poses on camera. I felt weird. I'm an Indian girl at the end of the day and couldn't think of doing such a thing on camera. It was sleazy and embarrassing."



number directed by Kaizad Gustad (who also directed Katrina Kaif in her debut – "Boom")." All things desi Having relocated to Mumbai, she reveals that her family is still coming to terms with her living and working halfway across the globe. But Caterina, on the other hand, already feels right at home in Mumbai. "My family finds it hard to believe, they keep asking me – 'how can you live so far away and not miss America and our way of life?'" Smiling, she adds "I do try to go home off and on. I went home for the Christmas holidays and for my birthday, but my trips back home are becoming a lot less frequent – the plane ride is just too darn long." She has spent a lot of her time travelling across India, "I have been to Delhi, Bombay, Goa and Bangalore, and I loved Bangalore. I also plan to go to Goa again to get a better feel of it. Between Delhi and Bombay, I feel Delhi is a lot more relaxed, it has a very suburban vibe as opposed to Mumbai, which is all hustle-bustle." When the conversation turns to food, the starlet responds with enthusiasm – the degree of which certainly belies her lithe frame. "I love butter naan, and black dal, they're not the best things for my figure though (laughs)." She spoke at length of her love for butter chicken, but also revealed that at times, the high-spice quotient of Indian grub did upset her watered-down American palette. "I must learn how to cook Indian food, so that I can marry a nice Indian man," said a blushing Caterina. Desi men sure seem to have caught the sexy latina's eye. Having already spoken of her fondness for Akshay Kumar and a certain Shah Rukh Khan, Caterina spoke of her latest Bollywood crush. "I saw a movie called "Luck" recently. And I was so disappointed to know that the guy ( Imran Khan) is married. I was like – dang it."

ringing with Dum Maaro Dum. The actor also candidly talked about how favourite co-stars. He said, "Rani is the best costar I have ever worked with. She's beautiful and is a brilliant actor." When asked if he would like to work with her again, Abhi promptly replied, "Of course, I would love to work

with her." It can be recalled that Abhishek and Rani, who have worked in films like Yuva, Bunty Aur Babli, Laga Chunri Mein Daag and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, had been linked up with each other before AbhiAsh's marriage. There were also rumours that the two are planning to tie the knot. Though audience felt that Jr. Bachchan and the bong beauty made an awesome couple, the two refrained from working together. However, now with Abhishek's confession, we look forward to seeing Bunty and Babli light up the screen again with their amazing chemistry.



alman Khan hasn't worked with director Kabir Khan and producer Aditya Chopra before and we hear that the situation is kind of awkward for the duo who will soon start filming Ek Tha Tiger which also stars Katrina Kaif. Since Salman is not a phone person, Adi seems to have decided that the best way to communicate with his hero is through Kat. Since Kat shares a good bond with the having worked with them before, she doesn't mind playing the messenger between them and her exboyfriend. Buzz is that both Khan and Chopra haven't really opened up to each other. Perhaps it has something to do with the producer being close to his rival SRK. We are sure things will improve once they begin shooting for the film.

Big B Arjun team up for a thriller


mitabh Bachchan and Arjun Rampal will be seen together in Pritish Nandi Communication's (PNC) untitled film. According to an industry insider PNC's has revived its shelved project with Big B with a completely new script. Pritish Nandi's son Kushan Nandi will make his directorial debut with this thriller. It can be recalled that a film based on Bollywood starring Mallika Sherawat opposite Big B was announced last year. Unfortunately, the film got shelved in the scripting stage and it is believed the same film has been revised with a complete new script. Arjun and Big B have been signed to play the key roles while the leading lady is yet to be finalised. The duo has earlier worked together in films like Aankhen and Ek Ajnabee. Their next thriller will go on floors by late 2011.



Chana (chick peas): 2 cups Cooking oil: 3 tbsp Chopped onion: 1 large Chopped garlic: 1 tbsp Green chillies: 2 Ginger (grated): 3 tbsp Coriander powder: 2 tsp Turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp

For a lip-smacking feast


hanna Masala

What you need:


June, 2011

Red chilli powder: 1/2 tsp Garam masala: 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds: 1 tsp Cumin powder: 1 tsp Tomato (chopped): 2 Fresh chopped coriander leaves: 1/4 cup Salt to taste

Wash and soak the chick peas in water overnight. Cook the chick peas in a pressure cooker till soft. Drain and keep aside. Heat oil in a deep pan and when hot, add the cumin seeds. Cook till they splutter. Add the green chillies, ginger and garlic and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add the onion and fry till soft. Now add the boiled chick peas, coriander, cumin, turmeric, garam masala and red chilli powders and mix well. Cook for a few minutes and then add the tomatoes, chopped coriander and salt to taste. Mix well and cook for 5 minutes. For added flavour, put in 1/2 tsp raw mango powder.

Time to sit down and share a meal. If your feast is normally vegetarian, try these typical dishes including: Poori (unleavened, deep fried bread) , Kala channa, Khasta aloo, Kheer

A lSoaoag


Chocolate fudge


Condensed milk 400 gms Brown sugar 180 gms Butter 100 gms Dark chocolate 200 gms

Heat the ghee in a nonstick pan over medium heat and fry the vermicelli till it is golden brown. Stir often to fry evenly. In another vessel, boil the milk and add in the vermicelli. Pour in the condensed milk and add sugar to get the desired level of sweetness. Let it cook on a medium flame, with constant stirring. Add in the badam/cashew nut and raisins. For added flavour, lightly fry them in ghee and then add to the mixture. Cook till the vermicelli is well done, adding more milk or boiled water if needed. Once the vermicelli is cooked, heat till the kheer starts thickening.

Method -Combine sugar, butter and condensed milk in a heavy bottom pan and heat till the butter melts and sugar dissolves to form a homogenous mixture. - Add chopped dark chocolate to the above mixture and stir, allowing the chocolate to melt. - Pour the above mixture in a parchment paper-lined tin and let cool for 2-3 hours. - Cut into desired pieces and serve.

What you need Broken vermicelli: 1 pack Badam/cashew nuts: 1 cup Raisin: 1/4 cup Condensed milk: 1 tin Boiled milk: 1 to 1 1/2 litres Ghee: 1 cup Sugar: 1 cup

AND FOR AFTER DESSERT... After all that festive feasting, here's something to ensure that your tummy agrees with all that Diwali feasting. Grind dry ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, garlic, black pepper and then fry them with some gingelly oil, ghee and honey and some jaggery. Have this concoction after a heavy meal and rest assured, you should be fit and fine for more delicacies.

An easy apple fruit leather recipe

What you need


Boiled potatoes: 4 Oil: 1 tbsp Cumin: 1 tsp Mustard: 1 tsp Fresh ginger (finely chopped): 1 inch piece Green chillies (finely chopped): 4 Tomatoes (chopped): 3 Red chilli powder: 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder: 1/4 tsp Warm water: 1/2 cup Salt to taste

Peel the boiled potatoes and then crush or dice them into small pieces. In a deep-frying pan, heat the oil and add the cumin and mustard till it splutters. Saute the ginger and green chillies for a few minutes, then add the tomatoes and fry till the mixture is almost dry. Add salt, turmeric powder and red chilli powder and stir. Now, put in the potatoes and fry for a few minutes. If you'd like the dish to have a little gravy, then add warm water and let it all boil.

Mushroom sauce


Penne Pasta: 90 gms For the pasta sauce: Olive oil: 10 ml, Elephant garlic: 15 gms, Dry Porcini Mushrooms: 20 gms, Brandy: 30 ml, Double cream: 40 ml, Butter: 10 gms Extra virgin olive oil: 15 ml, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese: 15 gms, Mushroom stock: 100ml

For the garnish

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese flakes: 2, Flat leaf parsley: 1, Dry porcini powder: 2 gms, White truffle oil: a few drops


- Blanch the penne in salted water for 6 minutes. Strain and reserve on the side. - In another sauce pan heat some olive oil and sautĂŠ the flaked garlic. Pour in the brandy and increase the flame to burn up the alcohol. Add the reconstituted porcini mushrooms with stock, cook on medium heat. - Slip in the pasta with some mushroom stock. Remove from flame. Add butter, cream and extra virgin olive oil. Add Parmigiano Reggiano. - Garnish with parsley sprig, porcini powder and truffle oil.

Core, peel and slice a bushel of apples and place them in a large stock pot. Add a cup of water and one cup sugar to this. Cover and boil until it resembles apple sauce. Reduce the heat and simmer for another 45 minutes. Spread cooking spray on your baking sheets and spread the contents of the pot onto those. Then place these in a 140-150 degree oven. It takes 10-12 hours

to dry the apple leather for your edible underwear. Lay out your apple leather on plastic wrap to prevent it from sticking to your countertops. Lay your underwear pattern out over your apple leather and cut it out using the paper as a guide. Line up your underwear pieces and use the pointed end of a chopstick to poke holes in both sides of the edible underwear. Weave licorice to sew it together.


ost of us m u s t h a v e coloured our hair or got streaks done at some point of time. It is very easy to sit for a couple of hours reading a magazine while the hair professional does his job. But it is the care of your coloured hair that becomes a task for many. Everytime some permanent colour is applied to our hair, it undergoes chemical treatment which is not considered healthy. These chemicals end up damaging the cuticle, the outer covering of a strand of hair. There is also a little fading of the colour with time and a lot of people end up either with brittle, rough hair or start getting dandruff.



1. It is mostly about the shampoo that you use after getting your hair coloured. Using a mild shampoo is the best thing that you should go in for in the intial few days.

o longer is stone therapy just a privilege of the few. Spas of every type, including an express foot spa launched in Bandra recently has included stone therapy as part of their offerings. But so little is known about this therapy, except that its source is traced to the volcanoes and the molten lava. But it's been in practice for centuries with people from China, Japan and ancient Rome. The Chinese are known to have used hot stones to ease pains associated with muscular pain, while the Japanese placed warm stones on their bellies to aid digestion. This has inspired the modern use of water heating bags to ease cramps. The Romans, however, always were a step ahead when it came to indulgences. It's been recorded that they rolled on a bed of warm rocks after a bath. It ensured that they got their massage as they cooled off their bodies. Modern forms of hot stone therapy make use of volcanic stones as it retains heat. These are most often seen at saunas. It's also seen as an excellent water purifier. The most common form of volcanic stone is


June, 2011


Keep your coloured mane protected You can go in for shampoos made for babies since they do not have the kind of chemical content a normal shampoo would have. 2. You can also go in for special made shampoos for coloured hair. Conditoning is one thing that yopu should not avoid after the treatment. 3. To avoid a colour fade, try not to go into the sun too much. If you cannot avoid this situation, try and cover up your head with a scarf or a head gear all the timeIt is generally said that the maximum fading of the colour will happen in summers. 4. Avoid using blow dryers and irons too much. Over drying the hair can lead to maximum damage of the hair. This is the absolute worst thing you can do to your hair. Always use a thermal based iron to avoid too much direct heat going to your hair. You should atleast wait for a minimum of one week

before using a dryer or an iron. 5. Go in for a trim every four weeks to avoid the spilt ends. This would add life to your dead hair. 6. When combing your hair, try not tugging and pulling your hair since the hair will be most vunerable in the first few weeks. 7. For damaged hair, a hair serum is the best solution after the colouring. 8. Taking a dip in the pool might not be advised after the treatment, since the chlorine and other chemicals will prove to be harmful for yur hair. 9. You can indulge in some luxury for your hair like maybe a hair spa once a fortnight to keep your mane shining and healthy. 10. Try not to go in for colouring too often. You should atleast have a gap of three to four months before going in for another treatment.

Get stoned with

Stone Therapy!

nate the body with a renewed energy. The dual effect of the stones, when combined with other forms of therapeutic spa treatment, is a sure-fire winner when it comes to holistic treatment. So is it any wonder that a spa treatment today is incomplete without including the stone therapy?


the solid form of lava called basalt, it's smooth and cools off rapidly. Since it heats up fast, and cools off equally fast, one has to handle these stones properly. Surprisingly, marble is another form of stone

used for stone therapy, but it's used as a cold stone as it is unable to retain heat for long. So, how does a hot stone therapy benefit the body? By gliding or placing hot and cold stones on certain points, it releases blocks in your body and aids in blood circulation. It also eases out any form of muscle tension, and relaxes the body. Hot stones, generally, soothe and iron out the blocks in your body, while the cold stones tingle and rejuve-

 The masseur sanitises the stones, and heats it up in 120 to 150 degree water.  The masseur warms up the body with traditional Swedish or Thai massage, and follows it up with a massage using a heated stone. When the stone cools, it is instantly replaced by another.  Hot or cold, depending on the treatment, stones are placed on specific points along your spine, on the length of the calf, belly, or between toes to improve the flow of energy in your body  Cold stones are used for those suffering from an injury.

Exercise regularly keep


Anxiety at bay!

egular exercise can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety in patients with chronic illness, a new University of Georgia study shows. In the study, published in the Feb 22 edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine , researchers analyzed the results of 40 randomized clinical trials involving nearly 3,000 patients with a variety of medical conditions. They found that, on average, patients who exercised regularly reported a 20 per cent reduction in anxiety symptoms compared to those who did not exercise. "Our findings add to the growing body of evidence that physical activities such as walking or weight lifting may turn out to be the best medicine that physicians can prescribe to help their patients feel less anxious," said lead author Matthew Herring, a doctoral student in the department of kinesiology, part of the UGA College of Education. The patients in the studies suffered from a variety of conditions, including heart disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer and chronic pain from arthritis.



June, 2011


Chennai Super Kings beat Royal Challengers Bangalore to win IPL 4


CHENNAI: The Super Kings are the emperors of India. In the battlefield called Chepauk, Dhoni's army ambushed the Royal Challengers to defend the citadel they had clinched in Mumbai last year. The Chennai mean machine started working from Ball One with M Vijay (95 off 52 balls) and Mike Hussey (63 off 45 balls) taking over and there was no looking back. Vijay never looked good throughout the tournament, but Dhoni stuck with him. And what a day the Chennai boy chose to come good! The right-hander, in an outstanding opening partnership of 159 runs off 14.5 overs with Mike Hussey (63), did the groundwork and built some towers on it for good measure as CSK raced away to 205. One man who could make a match out of it was Chris Gayle. But the shrewd Dhoni brought R Ashwin in the first over and the offie got the first two balls to turn away from the left-hander. Then came the killer ball which spun in and Gayle, on the back-foot, edged it to Dhoni. After that, it was just a matter of

keeping it tight as Royal Challengers kept losing wickets at regular intervals to go down by 58 runs. But this final will be remembered by one and all for the way

Vijay batted. He is highly rated and on Super Saturday he showed why. Shots were flowing from his bat like a stream as RCB skipper Daniel Vettori simply ran out of options.

Sachin Tendulkar flops as a skipper once again

CHENNAI: The Little Master can work wonders with his bat, but when it comes to captaincy, it just doesn't click for Sachin Tendulkar. It has happened in his two stints as India skipper and even after his fourth year as Mumbai Indians captain, it's the same old story. The world knows that Tendulkar has one of the shrewdest cricketing minds, but when it comes to taking decisions as captain, all the moves seem to backfire. It happened in last year's IPL final when he held back Kieron Pollard till the 17th over and the West Indian just didn't have enough overs to take them to the title. This time too, some of the decisions Tendulkar took at the MA Chidambaram stadium against Royal Challengers simply defied logic. It started with winning the toss and choosing to field first on a pitch where teams batting first have won six of the seven games this season. Tendulkar had an explanation to give at the prize distribution ceremony but it hardly had takers. "When we were playing CSK in the first season, they scored more than 200 and we lost by three runs," Tendulkar said. Three years have passed since then and Tendulkar has played enough games here to know that the pitch has only got slower. Daniel Vettori, the Royal Challengers skipper, made it clear that Tendulkar, by opting to field, had made things a little easier for him. "If we had won the toss, we would have batted first... But then, sometimes, it works, sometimes it doesn't,"

Vettori said.Mumbai Indians' James Franklin looked like a lamb to the slaughter as he was made available by the management to face a barrage of questions to the media. "The toss decision was the team management's, I didn't know much about it," he said as scribes across the media-room couldn't hide their smiles when the Kiwi came up with that explanation. If the decision to field first was a mistake to begin with, the second blunder was to ask Abu Nechim Ahmed bowl the first over. With Lasith Malinga in the line-up, one could expect that the Sri Lankan would be unleashed to keep Chris Gayle in check. The Assam bowler just didn't know where to bowl as Gayle plundered 27 runs off the first over to set the tone for the game. Vettori, quite predictably, avoided the query whether he was surprised saying "someone had to bowl", but the fact remains that Mumbai Indians struggled to fight back after that one over. Tendulkar said that he expected the middle-order to be a little more consistent, but then he didn't specify why Harbhajan Singh got promoted to No. 3 while a chance was never taken with somebody like a Pollard. Harbhajan may have a couple of Test centuries under his belt, but he is not known to anchor an innings coming in at No. 3. "He hit the winning runs for us against Kolkata Knight Riders, that's why we took a chance with him," said Franklin, offering a very weak explanation. The Little Master will probably try his luck once again next year. And who knows, something better may just be in store.

CHENNAI: The decision to stick to basics and work on his singles rather than playing just the big shots were the key to his success, said opening batsman Murali Vijay whose knock of 95 paved the way for Chennai Super Kings' 58-run win against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League final in Chennai on Saturday. "Personally, I was missing out on lot of singles in some of the previous games because Hussey is more of a timer and I was trying to play of my skin," said Vijay at the post-match media conference held in the early hours of Sunday. "I had thought I could have ran a lot more singles for myself as well Hussey and the team's cause for a momentum. I was working on it consciously and today, I went out for it and excelled as well. "I was batting well today. I was confident about my tasks and did not worry much about anything else. My only worry was that I was getting 30s and 40s and was thinking about performing. "Everybody in our team was performing well. I raised my hand and said to myself that this is going to

be my day and I succeeded." Vijay was overjoyed that the Super Kings retained the trophy and said that although he was disappointed at missing out on a century, it was more important that the team won. "A bit (disappointed) now. But at that time, I was trying to hit the ball because the wicket was deteriorating and I thought a total of 220 might be a good score. "In this format, any total could be chased by the rivals. I tried to clear (the field) but it did not come out in the way that I wanted. However, I am happy that the team won," said Vijay who earlier in the week was selected for next month's Indian team's tour of the West Indies. After having gone through a lean patch in the IPL this season, Vijay said he was determined to come out on top in the final, but did not bat any differently than he had previously. "Actually, I was not trying to do anything differently. I was trying to see the ball and hit it when it was in my areas. I knew that if I bat well for the first six overs, then I can take it from there. I was just working on the basics."

Sticking to basics was key to Vijay's IPL success

The crucial phase was when Vettori brought himself on, but Vijay showed excellent temperament. Vijay has the gift of timing and it was all so flawless on Saturday evening

June, 2011

that a champion performer like Zaheer Khan looked helpless. And while Vijay was giving the fans all the reasons to cheer about, Hussey played the role of the guiding light to perfection. In the humidity of Chennai, it's not easy to keep it going, but the two kept pushing each other. Even the strategic timeout, which is generally taken after the 16th over, was brilliantly timed. Hussey and Vijay took it after the 13th to get their breath back and carried on with the onslaught. As the runs flowed, the shoulders drooped in the RCB ranks with misfields and overthrows creeping in. It all added to the Royal woes and finally, when Hussey got out trying to clear the long-on boundary, the game was all but over. One would have loved to see Vijay completing his second IPL century, but that was not to be. He got out in the 17th over, trying to clear the fence, but that didn't stop CSK from easing past the 200-run mark. In another couple of hours, they lifted the trophy as Chepauk sank in the sea of yellow.

Domestic players continue to shine in IPL

NEW DELHI: With the crowds fading, the popularity of the Indian Premier League (IPL) dipped in the fourth season but it continued to be a platform for the cricket crazy nation's domestic talent. Kings XI Punjab's explosive opener Paul Valthaty, who is yet to make a first class debut, Kolkata Knight Riders allrounder Iqbal Abdulla, Bangalore Royal Challenger fast bowler Sreenath Aravind and Pune Warriors' Rahul Sharma have been the new stars this season and have staked their claim for a potential national cap in the future.Valthaty took the IPL by storm with his match-winning 120 runs off 63 balls for Kings XI Punjab against eventual champions Chennai Super Kings in a league match at Mohali. He overshadowed his opening partner and captain Adam Gilchrist on many occasions during the league stages, smashing the ball from the word go with the great Australian batsman being a mere spectator. Valthay, with 463 runs from 14 matches, ended up as the sixth-highest run-getter despite being inconsistent. "Paul has an attacking style of play and in such a style results are always inconsistent. I know this because I am speaking through personal experience," said Gilchrist. Mumbai's Abdulla also made had a fairytale run and from a bench-warmer emerged as a match winner for Knight Riders. Abdulla had an impressive Ranji season and continued in the same breadth in the IPL as well. The left-arm spinner from Azamgarh played a crucial role in the turning the fortunes of Kolkata Knight Riders, who made their maiden second knock-out appearance after faring poorly in the last three seasons. With 16 wickets in 15 matches, Abdulla was the pick of the


bowlers for the Kolkata franchise. The 21-year-old delivered whenever the team needed wickets in the first six overs and was also handy down the order. Abdulla, who has played for India A, was adjudged as the rising star of the tournament. "I never thought I will get this award before the start of the tournament. It will motivate me to get into the Indian team," said Abdulla. The IPL was also the turning point of Punjab youngster Sharma's career as one time he thought of giving up the game due to a careerthreatening facial nerve dysfunction during his stint with the Deccan Chargers last season. But the leggie has fought back strongly as looked as if he was the lone warrior in Pune Warriors team, who finished ninth in their debut season. The leggie took 16 wickets in 14 games, conceding a mere 5.46 runs per over, the best economy rate of the season. "IPL 4 has been the turning point of my career. I had played for Deccan Chargers in previous season and took six wickets in as many matches. But this time, I am extremely happy with my performance. I played well in the Ranji circuit also but unfortunately those matches do not get telecast," Rahul said. But among all Indian bowlers, Karnataka boy Aravind was the show stealer. He was the second highest Indian wicket-taker in the IPL with 21 scalps. Aravind came into the Royal Challengers as a replacement for Dirk Nannes and the made the most of the opportunity that came his way. "During the last two years, I have been improving a lot on each day by watching the seniors. I can say that in Karnataka, many people are helping me out in domestic circuit.



Al-Qaida plot to kill Lockheed Martin chief : David Headley

June, 2011

Dana Bowman parachutes with a large US flag before the start of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coca-Cola 600 in Concord, North Carolina.

Strauss-Kahn's defence team to target maid: Report NEW YORK: The defence team of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is likely to question the credibility of a hotel maid, who has accused him of sexual assault. Strauss-Kahn has already indicated that he plans a consensual-sex defence, the Wall Street Journal said. This tactic requires undermining the credibility of the maid, a 32year-old immigrant from Guinea, according to experts. "There's not a lot of rocket science to this. They're going to be looking to discredit her," John Cutter, vice-president of the investigative firm Beau Dietl & Associates and a retired New York Police told WSJ. Strauss-Kahn, 62, allegedly forced the maid at the Sofitel hotel in Manhattan to perform oral sex. He was taken into custody a few minutes before his Air France flight departed for Paris on May 15. Defence attorneys for Dominique Strauss-Kahn asserted in a letter last week to the Manhattan District Attorney's office that "were we intent on improperly feeding the media frenzy, we could release substantial information that in our view would seriously under-

mine the quality of the prosecution and also gravely undermine the credibility of the complainant in this case." The New York Post reported that Strauss-Kahn's defence team employed Guidepost Solutions, a private investigations firm run by ex-federal prosecutors, to crosscheck every statement in his accuser's allegation. "When you have money you can put up a good defence for what should be indefensible," Anne Seymour, who works at Justice Solutions in Washington, DC, and has worked as a victim's advocate for the past 29 years told WSJ. "It means you can hire high-profile attorneys and in many cases they will rip the poor victims to shreds and go into her background and completely question her lifestyle and go deep in her personal life and find things that have absolutely nothing to do with the case." The former IMF chief is spending his house arrest at a posh pad in Tribeca in Manhattan. He has posted $1 million in bail and $5 million bond to stay out of jail. His next court appearance is on June 6.

Saturday night from a six-day trip to Europe, toured a disaster scene where crushed cars, piles of wood, clothing and a broken dishwasher lay helter-skelter amid the rubble on lots where houses once stood. Tree trunks, their branches shorn, were white where the bark was stripped nearby. The May 22 tornado was the deadliest single twister in the United States since 1947. It killed at least

tor Rana in exchange for avoiding the death penalty and extradition to India, Pakistan or Denmark. Headley testified that he secretly used Rana's office computer for research on the plot to assassinate the Lockheed Martin executive but dismissed his brief online search there as insignificant. "My research is more indepth than Googling someone a couple of times," he testified during cross-examination by Rana's defense attorney. Headley said he was working on the plot with Ilyas Kashmiri, the commander of the Pakistani-based terrorist organization Harakat-ul-Jihad al-Islami (HUJI), and a senior member

of al-Qaida. Headley pleaded guilty to working with Kashmiri on a plot to attack the Danish newspaper Jyllen Posten, which published controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, after Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) got distracted with the Mumbai plot. Rana is accused of providing Headley with a cover and acting as a messenger, with prosecutors alleging he played a behind-the-scenes logistical role in both the Mumbai attacks and another abortive plan to strike Copenhagen. Rana, a Canadian-Pakistani and Chicago businessman, has denied all charges, and his defense attorneys argue that he was duped by his friend,

Storms leave 100,000 without power in Michigan

Obama picks Iraq war veteran as military chief

WASHINGTON : More than 100,000 people in Michigan went without electricity on Monday due to a series of storms. The storms, with winds in excess of 130 km per hour, mainly affected the city of Battle Creek, which has 50,000 residents. Numerous trees fell onto houses and automobiles, a large part of the city was without power and many businesses had been damaged, Mike McKenzie, Battle Creek's emergency services chief, told CNN. So far, there have been no reports of any deaths or serious injuries. The National Weather Service confirmed on Monday that the series of storms affecting the region had spawned a low-grade tornado. In recent days, central US has been hit with numerous tornados that have taken more than 150 lives in the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. The hardest-hit town was Joplin, Missouri, where the most devastating tornado the US has seen in the past six decades killed at least 142 people and injured more than 700. There are also many people still missing in the area, and it is likely that the toll will increase in the coming days.

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama on Monday nominated General Martin Dempsey, who commanded troops in the Iraq war, as the top US military officer. If confirmed by the US Senate, Dempsey would replace Admiral Mike Mullen as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff when he steps down on October 1. At a White House ceremony, Obama hailed Dempsey as "one of our nation's respected and combat-tested generals. Obama made the choice for the high-profile post just before heading to Arlington Cemetery for a Memorial Day event to honor America's war dead The selection

Obama vows national response to Missouri tornado

JOPLIN, Mo.: US President Barack Obama said on Sunday that a tornado that killed at least 139 people in this small town a week ago was a national tragedy that will require a national response. "We're going to be here long after the cameras leave," he said, referring to federal support for rebuilding efforts that he predicted would be "a tough, long slog." Obama, who returned on

CHICAGO : Obama picks Iraq war veteran as military Pakistani-based chiefA branch of al-Qaida was hatching a plot to kill the head of US defense group Lockheed Martin, self-confessed terrorist David Coleman Headley testified in a US court on Tuesday. "There was a plan to kill him because he was making drones," Headley testified during the Chicago trial of his childhood friend, Tahawwur Hussain Rana. Headley pleaded guilty to 12 terrorism charges related to the deadly 2008 Mumbai attacks and other unrealized plots in the wake of his 2009 arrest in Chicago. He is testifying against alleged co-conspira-

139 people and injured more than 900. Scores are still unaccounted for. The tornado slammed into Joplin, a city of 50,000 in southwest Missouri, and left a swath of destruction nearly a mile (1.6 km) wide, damaging about 8,000 buildings. Standing amid the wreckage, Obama told reporters after meeting survivors that he had heard some "harrowing stories" but also some "miraculous ones."

comes as Obama is facing growing pressure to accelerate a troop drawdown in Afghanistan and is preparing to complete a withdrawal from Iraq Echoing remarks Dempsey himself recently made to US troops, Obama vowed: "We will provide whatever it takes to achieve our objectives in the current fight. Dempsey is currently Army chief of staff. Obama said he was naming General Raymond Odierno to succeed Dempsey in that job Admiral James Winnefeld, commander of US Northern Command, was nominated as vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Lockheed Martin foils cyber attack

WASHINGTON : Lockheed Martin Corp, the US government's top information technology provider, said on Saturday it had thwarted "a significant and tenacious attack" on its information systems network a week pany, the world's biggest aerospace company and the Pentagon's No 1 supplier by sales, was working around the clock to restore employee access to the targeted network while maintaining the highest seago but was still working to restore employee access. curity level. The US defence department No customer, program or employee personal data was compromised thanks to "almost immediate" protective action taken after the attack was detected May 21, Jennifer Whitlow, a company spokeswoman , said in an emailed statement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'begs' wife for second chance

LONDON : Former California governor and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who split from wife Maria Shriver after 25 years, following revelations of a secret love child, is reportedly begging her to give him another chance. The 63-year-old, who fathered a now 13year-old boy with the family's former housekeeper Mildred 'Patty' Baena, is desperate for "one more chance", reported Contactmusic. "He's actually shed tears. He knows he's done wrong, and he's begging on his knees for forgiveness and one last chance. Arnold

has been making calls to Maria repeatedly, asking her for one more chance," claimed Ian Halperin, who wrote an unauthorised biography of the actor. Shriver who has four children with Arnold, Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13 was earlier seen this week with Bono, lead singer of rock band U2, who is helping her through the split. "Maria and Bono have been friends for years. Maria just wanted to seek advice and Bono's going to help Maria get over the devastation of being cheated on all these years by Arnold," Halperin said.

Republican Palin rolls into Washington on a Harley


WASHINGTON: US Republican Sarah Palin rolled into Washington on the back of a Harley-Davidson on Sunday, sparking a frenzy of attention and renewed speculation about her 2012 presidential plans. Dressed in black jeans, leather jacket and helmet, Palin opened a campaign-style East Coast bus tour by joining tens of thousands of participants in the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally to honor military veterans. Her arrival in a Pentagon parking lot where the riders gathered set off a crush of photographers and cheering fans seeking autographs, many urging her to run for the White House and shouting "Sarah, we love you." "Thanks for doing what you're doing for the veterans," the 2008 vice presidential nominee told one rider as she chatted with fans, posed for photos and signed Tshirts and posters. Palin's bus tour and other recent moves have generated a burst of speculation about whether she will enter a slow-starting Republican race for the right to

challenge President Barack Obama in 2012. Many Republicans are unhappy with the field and have urged others to enter. Palin would be the bestknown candidate in a race that includes former Governors Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts along with former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich. Palin's political action

committee says the bus tour of historical sites on the East Coast is part of an effort to educate Americans on the country's founding principles, although it has been vague about the details. But her participation in the motorcycle rally spotlighted her undeniable star power. Her appearance, along with husband Todd and daughters Bristol and Piper, thrilled fans and drew grum-

bles from riders who said she was politicizing the rally for military veterans that takes place each year during Memorial Day weekend. "I don't think you should be using this to run for public office, this is to honor vets," said Richard Orndorff, of Winchester, Virginia, who arrived at the Pentagon before dawn to line up for the ride. "This is definitely not the place for politicians," said Ed Ellis of Middletown, Virginia. Artie Muller, national executive director of Rolling Thunder, said Palin was welcome to attend the event like any other American. "We're all here for a reason. She's just like anybody else," he said. Palin was hardly like anyone else at the event, however, cruising into the lot with a police escort 45 minutes before starting time and eventually taking a place near the front of the line, which snaked for miles through the mammoth lot. She shouted "Whoo!" and gave a thumbs-up and wave as tens of thousands of motorcycle engines revved for the ride across the Potomac River from Virginia to the

June, 2011


event near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the Mall in Washington. Palin ignored shouted questions about a presidential run and said "Heck no, I'm an American," when asked if she was politicizing the rally. "I'm out here supporting veterans," she told CNN. "There's no better way to see D.C. than on the back of a Harley," she said in a statement after the rally, adding she was more used to snow machines than motorcycles but both celebrated "a free spirit."After meeting Palin, Chris Rogers of Gaithersburg, Maryland, showed off her T-shirt with signatures of the former Alaska governor and husband Todd. "I thanked her and said to tell her family thanks for all of the obnoxious stuff they have to put up with," she said. In addition to the bus tour and a revamped website, Palin has authorized a film about herself that will premiere next month in Iowa, the state that kicks off the nomination race in February, and reportedly bought a home in Arizona where she could base her campaign.

Lockheed Martin says hit by cyber incident Headley's timely arrest WASHINGTON : Lockheed Martin Corp, the US government's top information technology provider, said on Saturday it had thwarted "a significant and tenacious attack" on its information systems network a week ago but was still working to restore employee access. No customer, program or employee personal data was compromised thanks to "almost immediate" protective action taken after the attack was detected May 21, Jennifer Whitlow, a company spokeswoman, said in an emailed statement. She said the company, the world's biggest aerospace company and the Pentagon's No. 1 supplier by sales, was working around the clock to restore employee access to the targeted network while maintaining the highest security level. The US defense department said in statement late Saturday night that it was working with Lockheed to determine the scope of the attack. The incident's impact on the department is "minimal and we don't expect any adverse effect," Air Force Lieutenant Colonel April Cunningham said by email. She declined to specify the nature of the impact, saying that as a matter of policy, the

department does not not comment on operational matters. The department of homeland security, or DHS, said that it and the defense department had offered to help curb the risk from the incident. Lockheed is the maker of the F-16, F-22 and F-35 fighter jets as well as warships and other multibillion-dollar arms systems sold worldwide. There was no word on what information may have been compromised in the attack nor where it may have originated. military contractors' systems contain technical specifications on weapons under development as well as those currently in use. The US government has offered to help Lockheed analyze "available data in order to provide recommendations to mitigate further risk," Chris Ortman, a DHS official, said in an e-mailed reply to a query from Reuters. A person with direct knowledge told Reuters on Friday that unknown attackers had broken into sensitive networks of Lockheed and several other US military contractors. Boeing Co and Northrop Grumman, the Pentagon's No. 2 and No. 3 suppliers respectively, declined to discuss matters involving corporate security.

Exposure to pesticides at workplace ups Parkinson's risk WASHINGTON : People exposed to pesticides at workplace are at a greater risk of suffering from Parkinson's disease, a brain disorder among the aged, a study by the University of California , Los Angeles school of public health said on Saturday. "The researchers have found that the combined exposure to ziram, maneb and paraquat (types of pesticides) near any workplace increased the risk of Parkinson's disease (PD) threefold , while combined exposure to ziram and paraquat alone was associated with an 80% increase in risk," the

study, published in the Science Daily, said. Parkinson's disease, a brain disorder common after the age of 50, leads to shaking and difficulty with walking, movement and coordination. Symptoms of the disease include uncontrollable body movements, drooling , impaired balance and walking , and shaking tremors among others. The research comes as a follow-up to the study conducted by UCLA researchers that established a link between the disease and two chemicals commonly sprayed on crops to fight pests.

saved many lives

CHICAGO : The trial of Tahawwur Rana being played out in Chicago court is remarkable not for the defendant's indictment for aiding and abetting terrorism, but for illuminating to the world, via David Coleman Headley, the star witness, the shadowy underworld where terrorism, military and spy agencies converge. According to David Coleman Headley's testimony in Court, his foray into this world began in Lashkar training camps, but quickly graduated to more than 50 training camps operated by the Lashkar and the ISI, Pakistan's espionage outfit. Headley admitted in court that his original motive when he joined Lashkar in the early 1990s was to serve with terrorist groups operating in Kashmir. His desire to operate in Kashmir was thwarted by Sajid, his Lashkar handler, who said he had other plans for him. These plans were later identified as theMumbai terror plot.

‘Secret Santa’ sends balloons to cheer DSK NEW YORK : An unknown man brought colourful balloons and an inflatable shark to the doorsteps of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's $14 million Manhattan mansion, where he has been kept under house arrest, for apparently cheering up the strained former IMF chief. StraussKahn is currently held in the mansion after being released from New York's Rikers Island prison on a $6 million bail for allegedly raping a hotel maid in the city earlier this month. The Daily Mail quoted a spokeswoman for the Balloon Saloon in TriBeCa, as saying that the order was made anonymously. Meanwhile, Strauss-Kahn looked stressed out as he was spotted

Along with Sajid, Headley identified Major Iqbal of the ISI as making critical decisions in masterminding the Mumbai attacks, assisting with funds and adding the Chabad House to the list of targets, where three people including a pregnant woman were killed. When asked in court about how he felt when he heard that the attacks had begun, he said with an icy calm, "I was pleased." His satisfaction with his arrival onto the infamous centrestage of terrorism, however, was short-lived. As one follows the trajectory of Headley's infamous activities, one is struck by his grandiose ideas, and larger-than-life perception of his role in the shadowy world of terrorism. Soon after the Mumbai attacks, he had a growing sense of ennui, displeased with Major Iqbal for not giving him more credit for the Mumbai attacks, and not happy with his Lashkar handler Sajid, either.

Texas governor Rick Perry now says he will consider running for president

AUSTIN, Texas : After months of resisting calls to join the race, Texas governor Rick Perry said on Friday he would consider seeking the Republican presidential nomination, potentially reshaping the party's field. At the same time, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is heading to New Hampshire next week, further stirring speculation that he will jump into the still-gelling field of Republican candidates to take on President Barack Obama. Perry, the longest serving governor in Texas history, would bring conservative bona fides, a proven

fundraising record and a fresh voice to the field. Even as Perry's closest advisers say he has no intention of getting in the race, he has methodically raised his profile, fanning interest. "I'm going to think about it," Perry said Friday. "I think about a lot of things." The Texas legislative session ends Monday. That was enough to set off speculation Perry would jump into a campaign that lacks a clear frontrunner. Despite the country's continuing economic woes, Obama is seen as hard to beat in November 2012.


June, 2011



June, 2011


Yusuf lead to landslide victory with 97% votes for Teamster Local 853 34

June, 2011


ohammed Yusuf, who hails from Taveuni Island, Fiji, first met us at a movie screening at Century 25last year desirous of touching base with Dr. Alfred Pillay who had been featured in the Fiji Sun as an AIM guest speaker. Education: Mohammad Yusuf was born in Taveuni Fiji Islands. He did my primary education at South Taveuni Indian school. After primary he went to Suva Muslim College. Yusuf did further studies at Fiji Institute of Technology and Fiji National Training Council in printing technician. He worked for Fiji Times for number of years.

Community Service

General Secretary Narere Muslim Youth League General Secretary Narere Muslim League Founder / President Vato a Neighborhood crime prevention of Nasinu. Community service with Fiji Police Force. Executive member National Federation Party of Nasinu Executive member Southern Division Crime Prevention. Community service working with Fiji Police Force.Migrated to USA in 1997 after winning green card lottery. Worked for Sun Microsystems in Newark and did further Studies in management at CAL STATE UNIVERSITY AT HAYWARD CALIFORNIA. When computer industries went down in 2006 our company was bought by Oracle, Yusuf

hundreds of others were laid off. Then he went to work for Cargill

Salt at Newark and became active member for the union. After a year at work, Yusuf fought for shop steward and won with land slide victory over 90% of the total votes. Yusuf is the only Fiji national ever nominated in the Teamster Local 853 union. Yusuf did charity work with his friends and donated soccer uniforms and library books plus computers to various primary schools in Taveuni. Currently Yusuf is working on some projects for Taveuni Muslim League in regards to painting and tiling projects. As a management graduate, Yusuf is tipped to be a speaker at the next Fiji Open Forum at the Hayward Library in the monthly AIM – American Institute of Management program.

Space for matter


Inspiration for Tears In Paradise


arly Indo-Fijian history has been an enigma. Much of it hidden and, without a written text, it has left a community with little to reflect on a period that was referred to as Narak (Hell) by the victims of the indenture system. It was perceived as a gruesome period of Indo-Fijian history and without the background information, it cast ominous shadows. Undoubtedly, those shadows were clearly reflected in the eyes of the Girmitiyas during their sunset years but few could sense it. Deep-set eyes bore the glint of fear but their lips were sealed and yet the memories haunted them for the rest of their lives. With these emblems of Girmit, they went to their graves. The cover over that period was discreet and the descendants of the Girmitiyas were restrained from peeking intensely into that period. The victims were reluctant to share the violence and indignities visited upon them with their descendants, as they felt deeply humiliated. However, the descendants of the Girmitiyas remained silent but anxious to know about the indenture period in Fiji. After 125 years, Prasad has lifted the cover in a way that has shed new light on Girmit in Fiji. Perceived as shame by the victims, it was, according to the author, one of the greatest sacrifices made in the history of humanity. Prasad poured his heart in depicting a true picture of what happened in the theatre of Girmit in Fiji with such power, passion and emotion that left many readers in tears and many searching for their roots. Tears in Paradise is pulsating with heart-wrenching emotions and a sample of it is reproduced below. He sets the scene -

“I have often stood on this hill above our home. Even in sorrow, it has a refreshing and recuperative effect. Yet it is the sugarcane fields that have constantly gripped my attention. Behind the beauty lies sadness, both profound and intense…Even in stillness, one can almost feel the powerful presence of spirits of sorrow and grief exuding from these sugarcane fields. These are the spirits of my ancestors…. And concludes, …I have constantly been drawn to this sorrow and this solitude. I have grieved in the stillness of the night, and in the distant peal of thunder, I have heard the echo of cries of our ancestors laying a burden of debt upon us, their descendants, to tell the truth about their painful existence…” Prasad claimed that he was caught in the swirl of emotions that became the driving force for him to sustain his mission. It was long, tiring and intriguing journey that was frustrating but also illuminating and challenging. For Prasad, it became a mission to reclaim and restore the honour, dignity and the history of his community.


March-21 to April-20


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December-23 to Januar-20

Sudden events at home will keep you on your toes and rather edgy. You’ll get jangled if anyone crowds you or tries to cramp your style. So let yourself be free to suit yourself. The Moon in your own sign always has that ebbing and flowing quality, one moment outgoing and charming, the next moment rather withdrawn.

Try not to feel badly done to, since it’s all work and no play for a while. Don’t get gloomy since it is only a passing blip. Saturn always demands discipline and makes indulging yourself difficult. You’re likely to find your feelings more on public display than usual. At work you will be more scattered than usual but also more supportive. You will try to keep companions at arms length, since you are playing your cards close to your chest, and don’t want to be manipulated. There could be the odd confrontation through the day, not because you’re assertive, but you just feel a little over-emotional. If you do stir up a problem, just don’t go too far. You don’t stop at the moment, or take time to come to conclusions. The words all just flow out like a flood. Whereas if you could stand back and be a bit more sensible about one or two things, it really would help enormously. Constantly on the move, chattering animatedly as you go, you will be skimming the surface and cutting a few corners.


April-21 to May-20


July-24 to August-23


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January-21 to February-19

Able to communicate harmoniously with almost everyone at a social level, you will be popular than usual, whereever you go. Don’t feel martyred because your efforts are taken for granted. Give gladly and look after yourself as well in the absence of anyone else doing it. If you are at a loose end then you can apply yourself to a general clear out. You will be highly strung, or just rather rebellious. Right reason or none you are determined to protect your independence. You want to see things in a much broader kind of way, to take the bird’s eye view rather than being sunk in minutiae and detail. Maybe you are having to resolve certain practical or business problems around your home or family. Knuckle down, get it done and then you can play truant. Maybe you are having to get down to brass tacks with loved ones. Face the bottom line and then the only way from there is upwards. The Moon at a tricky aspect to Saturn could make you seem chilly and stand offish but really deep down inside you may be feeling shy. Try to open up to those close and explain what you really need. Also be clear in your own mind about the message you’re trying to get across, since you may get scattered in a busy, busy time.


May-21 to June-21


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June, 2011


You will tend to get pulled into tricky situations, and end up feeling a touch frustrated or blocked. You may become a little bit jealous if you think a friend is off talking to someone else when you want to be talking to them. You will not want too much togetherness for a couple of days. You much prefer to be one of the crowd. Because you’re so relaxed in yourself you are able to put companions at their ease. You could work well as a go-between. This isn’t the day to fly solo or do things entirely on your own. You’ve got to push yourself to make new agreements with close partners where money or emotional matters are concerned. At times your rather rebellious attitude towards family and close partners will unsettle the co-operative atmosphere, so try to fly solo. You are very restless, maybe for good reason, so find an outlet for your original ideas. You are much more emotional in the way you connect to people. Really reaching out and expecting friendship in return. Try to shrug off suspicions, doubts and keep sharp comments to yourself. Where cash is concerned, you will be wanting to save and spend at the same time. Pleasuring your senses is important to you now but you’ll also worry a little about leaving yourself feeling insecure if you go too wild.

Your work environment can affect your health

One's perception and behaviour is shaped by the environment in which he/she lives. A positive environment gives us a happy mind and a healthy body, whereas a negative environment yields stress and deteriorates our health. Researchers from Wake Forest university, USA, have proved the importance of a positive work environment. The research has unveiled startling facts which mention that a negative work environment can affect a person's productivity by 50-55%. The research has also concluded that a positive office environment can lead to a healthy lifestyle among the employees. The statistical figures used for this research was collected from a health monitoring agency.



June, 2011


s announced previously, FIJI SUN will feature an interview segment ‘COFFEE WITH KOYA” which will be also available on DVD and uploaded on YOU TUBE. If you have a subject and you are passionate to speak about it then give me a call. We will set up interview session with you. Imam Bilal and I had a twodiscussion on Islam the details will appear our next Muslim publication

Coffee with Koya

Imam Bialal my first guest in “Coffee with Koya” program.


By Dr. H. Koya Good friend Ashok Muni took lead to host a two- hour talk show on radio KLOK 1170 AM this past Sunday. Two days before the show Ashok met me at the senior citizens dinner and invited me to speak on the subject. I agreed and he asked me to call him between 10.30AM to 10.50AM during his 9AM to 11 AM time slot. I marveled at him in full suite armed with a note pad, brand new HD camcorder and a tripod tucked under his arm. He looked every bit like a Wall Street Journalist ready for a grilling

send matter interview. I couldn’t figure out then what he was going to do with the camcorder for a Radio Talk show. Ben Venktash called me later to say that he was also invited to speak on Ashok’s pro-

gram. He sounded kind of excited and insisted that I must make a point of calling the show. Ben kind of gave me more impetus to make the call. I dropped most of my Sunday assignments includ-

ing a photo shoot session to listen to Ashok Muni’s program. As soon as I tuned in I heard Ghani Sahab –former Suva law clerk often mistaken for an attorney, on the air struggling with the subject after few Urdu words he is famous for. Ashok not being a radio person sort of chided him to speak on the subject of GIRMIT. After that GhaniChahcha’s voice fizzled out. Ashok played an old recording of HariShanker on GIRMIT and took some more calls. I heard a lot of errs and ums and lots of dead on the program as Ashok pressed for more narratives in mostly a two minute time slot to a large of number people he had asked to call amid talking free-for all call ins as well.. Suddenly, Ashok was running out of air time and breath seemingly pleased to have covered it all. Around 10.35 AM I dialed in a KLOK 1170 number. An Indian male voice said, “Call this number,” and read the numbers back to me. I placed another call at the numbers given and was encountered by a lady who dropped my call. I made another call thinking that Ashok may be desperate to hear me. The lady answered again and ordered,” You should call the other number.” When asked what would that number be, the lady bid me to wait and she would all me back. There was no call back for several minutes. Then I attempted one last time and Ashok on line. As

opened my narrative, Ashok joined in with the flow and then he said with regret that he was running out of time if I could speak on GIRMIT . That is what everyone was trying doing but none could be accommodated in the limited two minutes. After the show Ben called me to express his disappointment as his call was not even taken. FANA’s president Davendra Kumar is also said have made similar comments, guess he also did not get the airtime. I understand Ashok’s passion for being a Radio Jockey and stage show host that he tried last year. Sadly, everyone is not cut for the job. In addition to a good command of language, one needs a sense of timing and cover a lot of stuff in short time with quick short sentences with a constantly modulating voice. For a Radio Talk Show, one best way to do is a have a two or three panelists cover various aspects of a subject. After the interviews - for which a host be extremely good at asking the right questions to get the most out of the panelists- open the line for callers with questions and brief comments. He must has enough time at the end to sum up and leave the listeners brag about the program. A talk show must never end just because it ran over time. I will Ashok one * for the show hoping he will do a much better show next time.




Let’s face it: Many times you are not sure of powers so you cannot touch anything. You do not have time. You do not have skills and license. You need independent party to verify. The job is half done. Police did not do a complete investigation. They have don’t time. You are not sure what to do and how to it. What’s where we come in the experts-CID. You have a dispute: Someone owes you person loan and the party is not paying. Repair work on your car, home and any property has been screwed up. Unknown/blocked callers are harassing you. You suspect someone has damaged your car/property etc. You think someone has committed an offense against you. Or anything else you feel needs to be investigated. Check us out first. CID Here’s what you get! Full report! Where necessary pictures and documents! Video footage where necessary! Audio recording where necessary! Self-Help for Legal Action !

June, 2011



June, 2011



June, 2011





June, 2011


FIJISUN USA is a 20year pioneer publications for Fiji Americnas in San Francisco Bay Area


FIJISUN USA is a 20year pioneer publications for Fiji Americnas in San Francisco Bay Area