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Fiji Military march past for Fiji President’s funeral

Vimal meets his teacher!

Veteran Fiji Leader Dies

After Bhatti, Sherry in jihadi line of fire?

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan MP Sherry Rehman, who had proposed a bill to reform the blasphemy laws, may be next on the extremists' hitlist. Of the three politicians who stood up for Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death last November for allegedly committing blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, just one is still alive– Rehman. Following the slayings of Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer and minorities affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, worries are growing that Rehman could be next. "Make no mistake: she is in grave danger," one of her friends said. "We will continue to target all those who speak against the law which punishes those who insult the prophet. Their fate will be the same," Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan's deputy spokesman, Ahsanullah Ahsan, told

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'The King's Speech' sweeps Oscars 2011

Kalikas celebrate 50th Anniversary in Bay Area

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SC rejects petition for mercy killing of Aruna Shanbaug

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has rejected Pinki Virani's plea for mercy killing of Aruna Shanbaug. The court rejected the case and laid guidelines for mercy killing in extreme cases of terminally ill patients. Aruna Shanbaug, is lying in a "persistent vegetative state" in Mumbai's KEM Hospital for over 37 years after a brutal sexual assault. On last Wednesday, the Supreme Court had reserved its judgment on her euthanasia plea. The apex court heard the plea of activist Pinki Virani that feeding of the nurse should be stopped immediately. The petition that has been

filed in the apex court on Shanbaug's behalf contended that she cannot see or speak properly and keeping her alive violates her right to live with dignity. The government forcefully argued against a petition in the apex court that seeks mercy killing for Aruna Shanbaug, a 64-year-old comatose nurse. Making his case, Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati sought to draw a distinction between the right to choose to terminate one's life and the right to terminate one's life at the instance of others. He argued that there were moral and ethical issues involved in the case of euthanasia. Taking an

unusual step, the apex court had earlier appointed doctors to explain the expert report after examining Aruna and present their views on euthanasia. A Supreme Court bench of Justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Misra had appointed Dr JV Divatia, Dr Roop Gurshani and Dr Nilesh Shah to examine Aruna and submit a report. The doctors had duly submitted the report on February 17, along with a CD. Aruna Shanbhag, a nurse from Haldipur, Shimoga, Karnataka, was assaulted by a Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki, a ward boy at Mumbai's King Edward Memorial Hospital in 1973.



March M H Koya (PhD)

Fiji Embassy Staff at Washington DC

Winston Thompson Ambassador


inston Thompson took up his appointment on April 2nd, 2009 and presented his credentials to President Barak Obama on May 20th, 2009. Mr. Thompson has previously served as Chief Executive, Telecom Fiji Limited (1995 – 2005), Secretary for the Public Service (1992-1994), Permanent Secretary for Tourism, Civil Aviation and Energy(1991-1992), Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations(1985-1991), Secretary for the Public Service Commission (1983-1985), Permanent Secretary for Finance(1978-1983), Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forests(1973-1978) and Director of Agriculture(1970-1973). He joined the Department of Agriculture in 1962 as an Agricultural Officer. Other appointments held have included Chairman, Fiji Museum Board of Trustees, Chairman, Fiji Hardwood Corporation and a number of board directorships. He has been awarded the Order of Fiji, Fiji Civil Service Medal and Fiji Independence Medal(1970 and 1995). Mr. Thompson was educated in Fiji, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago and Australia. He is accompanied by his wife Queenie and they have four grown children.

Dr. Narayan Raju

Honorary Consul of Fiji, San Francisco Consulate of Fiji, San Francisco 521 Rocca Avenue South San Francisco, CA 94080 Phone Number : 650.580.1951 E-mail:


 Osmania University, Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine  Melbourne University, Master of Veterinary Studies  Michigan State University, Residency in Pathology, PhD  Specialty certification: Diplomate, American College of Pathologists.


 Government of Fiji  Resident Instructor, Michigan State University  Specialists (Pathologists), MSU  Toxicologic Pathologist, Monsanto Company  Director, Neurotoxicology Program, SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute), Menlo Park, California  CEO, Park BioSciences Inc.  Director, Pathology Research Laboratory Inc., South San Francisco  Member of the Science Advisory Committee, Republic of South Korea


 author of 45 research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals  Research Interest: Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Research.  Job description: Consultant Pathologist. Services include evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs, biotech products and medical devices for Regulatory (FDA) approval.


PO Box 265, Mt. Eden, CA 94557


PHONE : 510-677-4488 FAX : 510-781-4884

Vimal Raju finds his elementary school teacher

pleasantly surprised to know that Vmal was my student in grade 7 when I was a teacher at Lautoka Muslim Primary School more than 25 years ago. I was thrilled to know that Vimal has been Graphic Designing and Artwork business. Below is an excellent sample of the his artwork that shows how ably he can restore an old torn picture to its original quality. This picture has been published in the FIJI SUN twice before in the battered form that is in my collection that I recovered from my hurricane-ravaged little home in Fiji.

A marvelous artwork by Vimal below

SAN MATEO – VivalRaju sat quietly at a distance at the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. Kalika Prasad in a crowd of more than 100 people. Vival made a few gestures in the direction we sat and I thought first he was trying to draw the attention of Ashok Muni who sat next to me. Then he move from there and came to our table and inquired about me. I was

Fiji Nationals in the USA, Canada and Mexico F

iji citizens residing in the US, Canada or Mexico should register with the Embassy. Through registration, the Embassy can more accurately gauge the number and location of Fiji citizens in the event that an emergency situation necessitates the rapid dissemination of vital information. Registration may be done in person at the Embassy or by clicking on the link below to downloading, completing and sending to the Embassy the form below. Downloadable Registration Forms for Fiji Nationals in the United States of America Fiji citizens traveling in the US, Canada or Mexico should be aware that the Embassy can only provide a very basic safety net for travelers in difficulty. Travelers need to be aware that Fiji citizens who enter a foreign state become subject to its laws and are legally accountable for acts they

commit on its territory. In the event of a Fiji citizen finding him or herself in difficulty, Fiji Embassy Officers will seek to ensure that Fiji citizens receive the benefit of the same laws, administration, protection and means of redress which the foreign state affords its own subjects. If you do happen to encounter serious problems while you are in the US, Canada or Mexico, you should seek the assistance of the Fiji Embassy. However, there are very clear limits to what the Fiji Embassy can do.

What the Embassy Can Do

• Issue emergency travel documents. • Provide assistance in the case of an accident, serious illness, or death to arrange for next of kin to be informed. • Provide a list of doctors and lawyers. • Visit you in jail, if you are arrest-

ed, if you so request and arrange for your family to be informed, if you wish. Help you during emergencies, such as natural disasters.

What the Embassy Cannot Do • • • • •

Arrange any of your travel or hotel bookings. Pay your hotel, medical, or any other bills or become involved in disputes about these expenses. Provide funds to pay your legal costs or fines. Get you out of jail. Represent you at legal proceedings or give legal advice. Obtain special treatment for you in jail, or hospital, or in any dealings you might have with local authorities. Obtain work or a work permit for you.


We sell fresh hand slaughtered Lamb, Goat, Beef. JungleeMurghi and JungleeMurgha CALL IN ADVANCE FOR BIG ORDERS

PH 510-538-1885 Ali (OWNER )






Fijian Church Member Finds Faith Community a Strong Ally in Immigration Battle

COMMUNIT/BUSINESS NEWS |SACRAMENTO, CA - Just weeks after the Annual Conference session led by Bishop Beverly Shamana issued a challenge to churches to stand for those caught in the moral injustice of the current immigration system, a San Rafael church is front and center with a response. For San Rafael First UMC, a church serving both Fijian and English communities, the Old Testament’s story of Ruth holds prophetic meaning these days. Ruth tells the story of Naomi, a woman whose extended family draws close to her in a time when she might otherwise have lost hope. “For wherever you go, I will go.” Those could certainly have been words another “Naomi” in California-Nevada heard recently. Neomai (pronounced Knee-yo-Meye) Quai Hoi was in church Sunday, July 22 for the first time since her release from jail on immigration charges. “There were a lot of tears in peoples’ eyes. They told me they had been praying for me,” said the 42-year-old mother of three. Indeed, for eight days her pastor and both the English speaking and Fijian congregations had kept a promise to go ‘wherever

you go’ as Neomai faced a grueling and often frightening ordeal – an undocumented worker subjected to the country’s broken immigration system. It began the morning of July 10. According to Neomai, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents waited outside her Marin home, initially to issue an immigration warrant for her boyfriend, who is also a member of San Rafael First. Alison Hendley says Neomai told her she had been stopped as she left to take her 16-year-old son to school. “She didn’t know what her rights were. She said she had to show her passport.” Hendley is serving as the pastoral intern at San Rafael for a month, while the senior pastor, The Rev. Dr. Liza Klein, is away. Hendley, a seminary student whose youthful voice reveals British roots, says officers of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed Neomai in handcuffs and escorted her to jail, held on $20,000 bail for the next eight days to await a hearing. For Hendley, the crisis offered the chance to crystallize her own calling. “I grew up in an abusive household,” says Hendley, “having no voice, feeling power-

less. When I see someone without a voice, I have to respond on their behalf.” Hendley and San Rafael First responded immediately, reaching out to the wider United Methodist connection. At the June California-Nevada Annual Conference Session presided over by Bishop Beverly J. Shamana, a resolution passed calling in part, “For an immediate stop to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids that terrorize our communities and a critical examination of ICE’s detention and removal plans, including ‘End Game’ and ICE’s current raids action called Operation Return to Sender’ to deport 12 million undocumented immigrants, including families, children and workers.”For the complete Immigration Resolution link here. Neomai says the first day in jail was overwhelming. Knowing she couldn’t afford the $20,000 she worried what would happen to her children if she were sent back to Fiji. “A little voice said, ‘You ask anything in My name and it will be done.’” Neomai says the Bible she kept with her during those eight days gave her a way to stay

strong. I read Joshua 1: 5 and 9 again, and again; the words, ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, be not afraid.’” Neomai says she knew her visa was expired, but like so many people caught in the immigration trap, she had been trying to keep her family together and send money back to family members who are still in Fiji. One of the writers of the CalNevada Conference immigration resolution, the Rev. Phil Lawson, learned of Neomai’s situation in an e-mail from Alison Hendley. A retired pastor and current program director for the interfaith East Bay Housing Organization, Lawson is part of the New Sanctuary Movement in Northern California. “I have listened to many stories of mothers in Richmond, [California], people afraid to leave their homes because ICE agents would confront them on the street, asking to see their papers. I have listened to young children, U.S.citizens, plead with me to help their parents not to be deported.” The New Sanctuary Movement was founded in May, a national, renewed effort from the 1980s, calling for prophetic hospitality, what national sanctuary leaders call



an opportunity for congregations to provide hospitality for families in the deportation process, including citizen children, and adults. Bishop Shamana spoke out about the New Sanctuary movement in a recent Time Magazine article, time/ printout/0,8816,1645169,00.html “I think it’s an issue where churches can take the lead. We are taught to follow Jesus and risk transformation and risk changing the status quo.” Speaking to the communications office Wednesday evening from Arizona, Bishop Shamana had just returned from a two day experience along the Arizona-Mexico border with the College of Bishops in the Western Jurisdiction and the Humane Borders organization based in Tucson, Arizona. “What we’ve seen highlights the border experience thousands are living, and makes us more aware of what’s happening in our own Conference. I applaud and support the ministry of San Rafael First as they move from solidarity to a new kind of pro-active ministry that will help change the immigration system.”... (Continue on page 7)

Bay Area Grand Milaad-Un-Nabi Celebrations 2011

On Sunday February 20th, 2011 Sunni Muslims of San Francisco Bay Area, in collaboration with Alameda Muslim League in Hayward, Al Madinah Academy in San Bruno, Bayview Islamic Unity Center Anjuman Fadayaane Rasul in San Francisco and Maunatul Islam Association of California in Sacramento held a successful Grand Event to celebrate MilaadUn-Nabi, the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) featuring speeches on the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad in the light of Quran and Hadith and the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Huffaaz and Qurra and poems in praise of Prophet Muhammad ((peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The venue Sangha Hall on 32975 Alvarado Niles Road in Union City that has a 500 audience dinning capacity was filled with families of the Bay Area Sunni community from San Jose, Hayward, and San Francisco up to Sacramento area. Many families attended this spiritually uplifting and blessed gathering that had free admission which started around 2:30 p.m. and ended around 8 p.m. with serving of

Refreshments, Dinner, and Desserts. A Special MilaadUn-Nabi edition magazine was also distributed during the program, which included program information and knowledgeable articles regarding the celebration of Milaad-Un-Nabi in the light of Quran and Hadith. The event, first of its kind held in the Bay Area uniting various sunni muslim organizations of the Fiji community featured speeches from learned Scholars from Abroad, International Speaker Allama Hazrat Maulana Mohammed Shakir Noorie Razvi, the Ameer/Leader of Sunni Dawat e Islami an international organization whose mission is to propagate peace, love and harmony in Islam. Sunni Dawate Islami also accommodates and educates orphaned and deprived children. Well renouned Scholar and one of the most popular Imams of the Fiji muslim community who not only served the Fiji community in Fiji, but also here in U.S.A and currently serving the muslims in Canada, Hazrat Allama Maulana Qari Abdul Lateef Naumani, Head Imam and Board of Religious Affairs Chairman of International Muslim Academy of Canada,

Celebrating the Blessed Birth of Leader of Prophet’s

President of Aisha Islamic Gift Center and Vice President of Shariah Council of British Columbia was also a Special Guest Speaker at this event. Prominent Scholar and Imam Qari Mohammed Ibrahim Razvi from Al Noor Society of Greater Houston, Texas and many other scholars from around the Country as well made their presentations. Among the local scholars who delivered their lectures were Maulana Hafiz Sayed Yazdani of RichmondCalifornia, Alim Abdul Rahman Faizhi Imam and President of Maunatul Islam

Association of California in Sacramento and Maulana Abdul Hannan Khan Imam of Alameda Muslim League. The month of Light, Rabi Al-Awwal (third month of Islamic calendar) is the month, which marks the birth of the most perfect and beloved of all Allah’s creations, the mercy to the worlds, the greatest of all Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Prophet Muhammad set the best example how muslims should live their lives. May Allah Almighty instill in our hearts the true love and respect of

our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), and may Allah Almighty give us guidance to follow the sunnah and path of our beloved Prophet so that we can be righteous Muslims. This is the start of a new era where our Bay Area sunni masaajids have united together to bring such a grand event for you all. This is the first of many such programs and efforts being coordinated in the Bay Area. In corporation with Br Arafat of Expressiss Information System Solutions and Alameda Muslim League A St Masjid, A Robo Telephone Announcement System has been activated where the community receives Janaza (Death) Announcements, Milaad-un-nabi and other Religious program announcements as well as Moon sighting announcements for Ramadhan and Eid and other special occasions are being made. If you wish to be a part of these programs or to use any of the facilities of the organizations for your akika, marriage, Quran Khatam, Isaale Sawaab and Prayer and other religious sessions, you can provide your contact information including your name, address, email

address and cell phone number and you can be added to this program. We also have Kafan arrangements in various masjids and locations headed by Br. Yusuf and Br. Asad of Al Muqaddas for the convenience of the members of our community. For further Information, please contact Shahif Mohammed, Chairman of the Organizing Committee at (510) 331-4650 or E-mail him at aaataxcent e r @ y a h o o . c o m and Special Thanks to Editor and Publisher of Fiji Sun, Mr M H Koya (PHD) for newspaper coverage of this event and coverage online through Muslim News, Naz Khan our local radio station announcer, and local businesses Dosa Hut, Raj Travel, Jackson Tax Services, Saudagar Supermarket, New Cal Financial, S & S Tours, Welch Travel, Legacy Transmissions, Mandrai’s Wholesale and Fast Imaging Printing Services and other members of the community who helped make this one of the most successful events of all. The program which received such great appreciation and applause has been requested to be an annual event now.


A veteran Fiji leader who, Appeal in 2009. Iloilo, on as president, supported the Bainimarama's orders, then 2006 military coup, has died. sacked the court and declared Josefa Iloilo, 91, died yesterthe constitution null and void. day in a private Suva Hospital. He never spoke out against Fiji has not been told however the coup or the ending of and under tight censorship will democracy. Iloilo was vice not learn of his death until milpresident to Ratu Sir itary strongman Voreqe Kamisese Mara during the Bainimarama makes "an 2000 George Speight coup. important state announceWhen Bainimarama declared ment" this afternoon. martial law in May 2000, Television and radio are to removing Mara, Iloilo became carry it live at 4pm. Iloilo, a forpresident. Iloilo was a mer school teacher, became paramount chief of the Vuda deeply controversial when he district on Fiji's northwest backed a December 2006 coast, using the title TuiVuda. coup in which Bainimarama In Fiji custom a death is not overthrew a democratically traditionally announced until elected government. heralds have gone into a disIn his coup Bainimarama trict and convened a gathering initially overthrew Iloilo, who Former Fiji President RatuJosefa Iloilo in 2006. of the other chiefs. was then president, and In pre-censorship Fiji, restored him later in January 2007. In a strangely when Mara died in 2004, his death was reported on scripted military operation, Iloilo was restored to office ahead of the formal announcements. There were then by "president" Bainimarama, and then Iloilo appointed complaints that custom had not been followed, but Fiji Bainimarama as prime minister. The whole stratagey at the time had a lively news media that was not given was later ruled as un-constitutional by the Fiji Court of to waiting for the formal word.

Queen Elizabeth dumped in Fiji

NO MORE: A gold Queen Elizabeth II 80th birthday coin is displayed against a photograph of the monarch in 2006. Fiji, 25 years after its first coup and becoming a republic, has finally removed the monarch from its coin. Twenty four years after declaring itself a republic, Fiji has finally got around to moving pictures of Queen Elizabeth II off their currency. But the Union Jack stays on its flag. Shortly after Fiji's first coup in 1987, then military strongman SitiveniRabuka declared Fiji a republic. Moving the queen off the coins has now been carried out by the leader of the fourth Fiji coup, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. In a statement he said he had ordered this in his self-proclaimed role

Navua soccer officials disappointed

Navuateam officials have been left in the dark as to why their National Soccer League game was cancelled between Navua and Ba this afternoon. Disappointed President Anil Sharma said that they weren’t informed of any decision that the game was cancelled however they were surprised that the referee and the match commissioner were in the same vehicle.



Hindus in Fiji mark Shivratri

Suva: Hindu devotees around the country have started with the five-day MahaShivratripooja.

The MahaShivratripooja is marked to honor Lord Shiva. Senior priest at the Sanatan Shiv Mandir (Temple) in Samabula, Pundit VijendraMaharaj said various activities would be held during the five days of prayer at the temple. Pundit Maharaj said a special focus would be given to youths who were away from home and studying or working in Suva. “Youths should be present during the five days of prayer because it will provide them ample opportunities to be part of the prayer and learn cultural values that are depicted by Lord Shiva,” he said. Pundit Maharaj said youths around the country have forgotten the importance of their culture and they should be reminded about its importance. He said it’s the duty of parents to provide moral and spiritual values to their children. The ShivratriPooja has been given tremendous significance in Hindu mythology. It is said that ritual worship on a Shivratri day pleases Lord Shiva the most.

Hunt continues for escaped Fijian national

The hunt continues for a Fiji national on the run in Sydney after he escaped from the Villawood detention centre yesterday morning. The Australian Department of Immigration said the man, a Fijian national, broke out from the centre run by security providers Serco at about 4am. The Sydney Morning Herald said six other men were prevented from leaving by security guards. The men had either overstayed their visas or had them cancelled for breaching visa conditions. A spokesman did not provide details of the nature of the escape, but said that his department was calling for a “full investigation and report” into how it occurred and what security arrangements were in place. The department is working with NSW Police to find the Fijian national. No description of him would

be released as “he is not considered a risk to the community”. It has been confirmed that the man was being held after having his visa cancelled. This report from 2GB in Sydney. There is an audio file attached to this story. Please loginto listen. Meanwhile there has been an increased rate of Fijians seeking to stay in Australia as refugees. A Parliamentary Committee in Canberra has heard that the number of Fijians challenging rejections by Australia’s Immigration Department remains high. In 2009 to 2010, 559 Fijians in Australia sought protection visas. Garry Fleming from the Australian Immigration Department said the 2009 2010 approval rate was 16 per cent. Only 38 Fijians were granted protection after all appeal options were exhausted between 2009-

Britian dismisses second Fijian appeal

THE second application of a Fijian soldier to stay in the United Kingdom has been dismissed.According to ABC, EpeliUluilakeba said he would appeal against the decision not to grant him permanent residency. He was a private with the British army until 2009 when he was discharged following a term in prison for threatening a fellow soldier. Uluilakeba suffered post-traumatic stress at the time after witnessing the deaths of fellow soldiers in Iraq. He put his life on the line for his English comrade who died in an explosion. He was seriously injured in an incident in Iraq in 2005 while his comrade Pte Phillip Hewett died in the same incident. The 28-year old hero was given until February 7 to leave England or face deportation. His initial application for a permanent residency in Britain was refused because he was courtmartialed in 2009. PteUluilakeba was described as no longer of service to the British Army and was not allowed to work because he was a Fijian citizen.

Fijians in Queensland safe, says HC

Suva: Fijians living in the flood stricken area of Queensland have had to move to either evacuation centerorganized by the Australian government, homes of other Fijian community members or the Fiji Church Hall in Annerley. The Fiji High Commission in Canberra during a briefing with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Fiji said “Fijian families that have relatives and loved ones residing in Queensland can be rest assured that members of their families are safe and well for now in light of the recent disaster experienced in the North-Eastern Australian state”. High Commission staff,

Cheryl Brown-Irava said so far there had been no reports of deaths nor missing persons

report of Fiji citizens in Queensland in light of the disaster that has shocked

Queenslanders. “I have spoken to Luisa Tuicolo, the wife of the Queensland Fijian community president DrVilaseri Tuicolo and she confirmed there were a number of Fiji citizens who live in Ipswich area of Queensland who have had to evacuate to either government evacuation centers, homes of Fiji community members and the Fiji Church Hall in Annerley,” Mrs BrownIrava said in an email to Foreign Affairs. The Fiji High Commission also maintains that it will continue to contact the Queensland State of Emergency (SES) for any information and updates on the disaster in Queensland.

Nadera man questioned over death of wife

A Nadera man is currently being questioned by police in relation to the death of his wife last week. Police spokesperson Inspector AtunaisaSokomuri confirmed the husband was taken into custody last night whose wife was admitted in hospital after she allegedly received injuries from burns. Sokomuri said the incident happened last month and the wife died after being in a coma for five days.

Two new bridges for Fiji's King's Road FIJI / BAY AREA NEWS

Suva: Work on the building of two bridges on King's Road on VitiLevu's eastern coast has been initiated following a ground breaking ceremony at the sites on Friday. Fiji Prime Minister Commodore JosaiaVoreqe Bainimarama officiated at the ceremony of the Naqia and Wainiboa bridges in Wainibuka on the Kings Road. Funding for the two bridges is provided by the ADB with the total amount of $9million. Commodore Bainimarama said the two bridges would be built by the Chinese Railway Fifth Group. “This is the same company that successfully built the NaqaliBridge, ”Commodore Bainimarama said. Landowners from the YavusaRara and YavusaBure accorded the Prime Minister a traditional itaukei ceremony of welcome. Sixty-seven-year old TaitusiNawaqabuli of Naqia village praised Government for the initiative. “This is a very happy occasion to the YavusaRara and the

PM Bainimarama at the ground breaking.

YavusaBure because these bridges needed to be replaced. They were built way back in 1930,” MrNawaqabuli said. “The bridges are prone to flooding and many lives have been lost because of acci-

Prominent Lawyers found guilty

Prominent Lawyers, Doctor MuhammedShamsud-Dean Sahu Khan, MehboobRaza and Vipul Mishra have today been found guilty in relation to certain charges by the Independent Legal Services Commission. Commissioner John Connors has found Mishra guilty of two counts of professional misconduct while MehboobRaza has been found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct. Connors has also found Sahu Khan guilty of professional misconduct. Vipul Mishra's charges relates to him representing one AmbikaNand for the sale of Nand's land situated in Ba to one Sashi Kiran Pratap, and failing to properly inquire or cause proper inquiry concerning the mortgage on the land in question. The charge said Mishra subsequently transferred the land in question to Pratap, a conduct which involved a substantial failure to reach a reasonable standard of competence and diligence. The second charge relates to Mishra failing to disclose to Pratap or her appointed solicitor, all the material

facts concerning the said piece of land. The third count against Mishra has been dismissed by the Commission. MehboobRaza's charge relates to Raza failing to protect SashiKiranPratap's interest in the land situated in Ba, where a duly executed transfer to Pratap had been lodged with the Registrar of Titles. Three counts in relation to Doctor Sahu Khan and the law firm Sahu Khan have been dismissed. However Doctor Sahu Khan has been found guilty of one count of professional misconduct. That charge relates to Doctor Sahu Khan executing a Deed of Indemnity and Guarantee with SashiKiranPratap, which provided that Sahu Khan would arrange at his own cost a loan of 120 thousand dollars for Pratap to pay one Mohammed Farouk Ali, who was Sahu Khan's client, when Pratap had already paid the sum of 130 thousand dollars to AmbikaNand. In exchange for this, Pratap agreed to provide Sahu Khan with her authority to take action for damages against the Registrar of Titles and or the Attorney General.

dents on the two bridges, “he added. Commodore Bainimarama acknowledged that the Wainibuka area had always suffered from flooding, loss of food crops and loss of school days for children during

Haji’s wife claim brother is alleged father of her baby

HAYWARD – A Fiji Muslim man who returned from Hajj several years ago and is seen around in Arabian gown is said to have been told by his wife that his younger brother is the alleged father of her newborn. An anonymous caller told the FIJI SUN that when a fight broke out between the Hajji and his wife, the wife told him off because he was always on TABLIGH trips and did not care for her. In the circumstance she slept with the younger brother of the Hajji and got pregnant for the first time in 50 years, the caller reported. The upset Hajji is said to have forgiven the brother and the family is believed to have compromised.

Fijian Church Member Finds Faith ..... continue from page 5

The Rev. Lawson and others used e-mail as a grass-roots pipeline to locate an attorney for Neomai, and encouraged pastors to be available to stand with her at her court date. Neomai said, “People were telling me what they were doing for me on the outside. Still, I was surprised when I saw them in court.” On July 18 Hendley, Pastor Lawson, and members of San Rafael UMC joined others to stand with Neomai. “We call it a Ministry of Presence,” said Lawson. “It was

short notice, but we were able to have 10-12 persons at ICE offices in San Francisco for Neomai’s hearing. It was very rewarding. Neomai and her community are aware that they are not alone in their struggle.” As a result of the hearing, Neomai’s bail was reduced from $25,000 to $6,000. Members of the Fijian community and an anonymous church member paid for attorney fees and bail, and in addition paid attorney fees for Neomai’s boyfriend who was later arrested. “Those days changed my life – my spiritual

natural disasters. “This is why Government is prioritising developments in this area. I fully understand the suffering that you’ve been experiencing for decades,” Commodore Bainimarama said. “I encourage local residents to take advantage of the opportunities that will become available after the completion of these bridges. “Excess to these bridges along with the completion of the sealing of the Kings Road will no doubt provide numerous opportunities including economic development for all Fijians.” The economic counselor at the Peoples Republic of China Embassy in Fiji, MrCaiShuizeng said the two bridges will take one year and six months to complete. “We have 20 Chinese workers and the majority are locals,”MrShuizeng said. MrShuizeng said the Chinese workers are happy to be associated with the friendly people of Naqia who are very corporative with the project.



Fijian women sex slave case thrown out

The case of two Fijian women found to be “sex slaves” at a Chinese run massage parlour in Edmonton, Canada has been thrown out due to lack of witnesses. Canadian news agencies are reporting that the case, which had touted the first human trafficking in Western Canada, was resolved with three people pleading guilty to keeping a common bawdy house. It said however, as a result of “significant witness issues”, the crown had to withdraw multiple charges of human trafficking, unlawful confinement and living on the avails of prostitution. At the time of the September 2009 raid at a West End Massage parlour and subsequent arrests, police said they had rescued three terrified immigrant women, two from Fiji, forced to perform sex acts, calling it a case of “modern day slavery”. Court heard the victims, who police earlier said were from China and Fiji, performed sex acts for money at the Sachi Professional Massage and Spa.

NSW high school bans hugging, parents claim

Outraged parents say hugging has been banned at New South Wales' Figtree High School in a crackdown against affectionate behaviour. Several parents told the Illawarra Mercury yesterday that students at school, which is in Wollongong, had been informed the practice was banned during a regular school assembly. Students at the school have even created a Facebook page cheekily entitled "imgonna hug you so tight tomorrow when i see you LOL JK i go to figtree high and it's banned", which has already received the "thumbs up" from 135 people. The Education Department yesterday dismissed the parents' claims, saying hugging had merely been mentioned during a discussion about inappropriate behaviour in the assembly. But parents insist it did occur, with one mother, who asked not to be named, saying she was stunned when her son, a Year 12 student, returned home from school and informed her of the new rule. "[A senior staff member] stood up at assembly and basically announced hugging was now banned and students would be given detention," she said. "If they can ban hugging, what are they going to do next - ban smiling?" She said students were not given any explanation on why the measure had been taken and rumours about the reason for it were rife. "It [angers me] that for the sake of one or two rotten kids everyone else has to suffer," she said. "I'm sick of the nanny state

life. I know now that when you pray in faith, believing, God answers.” Neomai still faces uncertain days ahead. At the time of her arrest she worked two jobs, the sole breadwinner for her family. Unable to contact her employers while in jail, she has lost both jobs. New court dates lie ahead for her, lawyers to pay. “This has been an awakening for me and for others in the Fijian church community. I am so grateful for the support our church is providing. And it’s made me sensitive to those in other cultures facing deportation. There are others like me in my church congregation who could be arrested. But now people in church are working to help

we live in," the mother added. Another Figtree mum said her son, a Year 11 student, was shocked by the announcement, which had started intense discussion among the children. "[My son] can't believe it and the majority, from what I can gather, feel the same," she said. "They are all talking about it, they all think it's really silly and there's no need for it. "It's rubbish, I don't believe it's right." The Illawarra Mercury spoke to other parents who were also told by their children of a ban on hugging. However, an Education Department spokeswoman denied any such ban had been imposed, saying that students might have merely misinterpreted a presentation on inappropriate behaviour. ''[A senior staff member] at the assembly talked about inappropriate touching of others - such as horseplay, pretend fighting, flicking and bumping - and gave a number of examples, including one about students hugging in the hallways and therefore blocking the path of other students returning to classes,'' she said. ''She discussed appropriate behaviours in the community and workplaces and made a comparison that the school environment was no different and that students were expected to be sensible and respectful of others as they made their way around the school, much as they would be expected to do so in the community.''

us know our rights, and to protect ourselves. I have been so touched to see the support from my church.” The New Sanctuary Movement will announce a sanctuary congregation in ContraCostaCounty forming in September and cluster congregations are meeting in Berkeley and San Francisco. The Northern California contact person is Rev. Sharon Brostrom, a retired Lutheran minister and EastBay coordinator of the New Sanctuary Movement. To learn more about the New Sanctuary Movement and how your church can be involved, contact Sharon Brostrom at (510) 834 3898 or e-mail

Death for 11, life sentence for 20 in Godhra train burning case 8


NEW DELHI: A special court on Tuesday pronounced the death penalty for 11 convicted in the Godhra train burning case and handed down life sentence to 20 others. Special judge P R Patel considering the case as "rarest of rare" pronounced death penalty for 11 out of the 31 convicted in the case while 20 others were sentenced to life imprisonment, PTI reported. "The court looking into their active role in the conspiracy and setting afire the S6 coach of Sabarmati Express train near Godhra, gave death penalty to 11 people," public

prosecutor J M Panchal said. The court also slapped punishment on them under various other sections, which will be concurrent to their life term. The prosecution had sought death sentence for all the 31 convicts, saying that it was a heinous act. Thirty-one people were convicted and 63 others, including the main accused Maulvi Umarji, were acquitted on February 22 by a special court here in the 2002 Godhra train burning incident that left 59 people dead and triggered violence in Gujarat that had claimed the lives of over 1200

'Pragya killed Sunil Joshi, feared he may spill beans'

DEWAS (MP): RSS activist Sunil Joshi was eliminated by fellow Hindu hardliners including Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur for his "highhandedness and the fear" that his arrest would unmask right-wing plotters of explosions in several parts of the country. This has been stated in the 432-page charge sheet filed by the police before Judicial Magistrate Padmesh Shah here on Sunday which says the sadhvi was peeved with Joshi as he had personally misbehaved with her and "his overall behaviour was something not expected by a woman". Coming a day after Devas police formally arrested Thakur for the 2007 murder of the RSS 'pracharak', the charge sheet with 89 annexures also contains statements of 124 witnesses.

people, mainly Muslims. The court acquitted prime accused Umarji while other prominent accused Haji Billa and Rajjak Kurkur were convicted. Scientific evidence, statement of witnesses, circumstantial and documentary evidence placed on record formed the basis of the judgement. The trial conducted inside the Sabarmati Central Jail here began in June 2009 with the framing of charges against 94 accused in the carnage that had triggered widespread communal riots in Gujarat. The accused have been charged with criminal conspira-

US court summons Cong, Kamal Nath for 1984 riots CHANDIGARH: A US district court has summoned the Congress (I), earlier avatar of Congress, for ''conspiring, aiding, abetting and carrying out organized attacks on the Sikh population of India in November 1984''. On March 1, the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, summoned Congress (I) following a law suit filed by Sikhs For Justice (SFJ). This is a US-based human rights group pursuing the 1984 antiSikh riots cases in India and US under Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) and Torture Victim Protection Act (TVPA). The SFJ, along with families of some of the Sikh victims, is pursuing the case in

the US court. The families had shifted to USA after the riots. Union minister Kamal Nath is also one of the respondents in the case. ''Within 21 days of the service of this summon on you... you must serve on the plaintiff an answer to the unattached complaint or a motion under rule 12 of the Federal Rules of Civil procedure,'' read the summons sent to Congress-I and Kamal Nath at the US office of Indian National Overseas Congress at Union Street, Flushing, New York. In a statement, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, SFJ's legal advisor, said, ''The gravity, scale and specially the organized

Barber gets Rs 2.5L in big, fat Gujjar wedding

NEW DELHI: The city`s big, fat Gujjar wedding lived up to its hype on Tuesday night. The reported Rs 100crore extravaganza saw two eight-acre farms in south Delhi`s Jaunapur, where mustard and sugarcane crops stood a month ago, being converted into a fivestar setting with wooden flooring. The barber from the groom`s side was reportedly gifted Rs 2.5 lakh. Artisans from across India spent the past month decorating the venues for the wedding of Lalit, youngest son of politician Kanwar Singh Tanwar, with Sohna ex-MLA Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria`s daughter, Yogita. A Rs 33-crore, seven-seater chopper, gifted by Jaunapuria, is likely to land at Tanwar`s farmhouse on Thursday afternoon. Tanwar confirmed that the seven-seater chopper would

cy and murder in burning of the S-6 coach of the train on February 27, 2002 near Godhra, about 125 km from here in which 59 people were killed. Defence counsel I M Munshi said the convicts will definitely appeal against the punishment awarded to them. "It (the punishment) is very difficult to swallow. Till we get the copy of the judgement, we cannot comment much," Munshi said. "We will definitely appeal against the verdict in the high court. Till the high court confirms the judgement, it cannot be implemented," he said.

land at his farmhouse in Asola about 3pm on Thursday. "But I don`t understand why there is so much hoopla about this marriage. All estimates of this marriage in the media are speculative. Had it been my intention to show off to the world, I would not have invited everyone to the wedding. There will be no film star at the reception," he added. Now all eyes on the grand reception that Tanwar is throwing on Sunday evening at a five-star hotel. Despite Tanwar`s denial, there are reports that top Bollywood stars including Bipasa Basu and Malaika Arora would join the party. Those close to Tanwars said actress Manisha Koirala had attended the reception party of his eldest son. The girl`s father, Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria, owns Gurgaonbased real estate firm — SS

Builders. About the transformation of the wedding venue to a five-star venue, Rupinder Walia of DS decorators said, "When we visited the site where the wedding took place, it was a mustard and sugarcane field. We took about a month to create this ambience and brought artists from different states." But Tanwar is not the only one to spend big on a marriage. Several Gujjar leaders from Delhi and its suburbs have hosted lavish weddings. Mercedes and BMWs have become common gifts. "An MLA`s son got a farmhouse, an Endeavour and two Santros recently besides huge cash. In several cases bride`s parents, who are into politics and are either sitting MLAs or ex-MLAs are gifting two Mercedes cars or a Hummer and huge quality of gold and silver,"

nature of these attacks was concealed by the Indian government portraying them as November 1984 anti-Sikh riots of Delhi. These attacks were neither riots nor were they confined to Delhi alone. In fact, during November 1984, Sikhs were attacked in 18 states and more than 100 cities of India in an identical manner and the attackers were led by Congress (I) leaders.'' Jatinder Singh Grewal, SFJ youth coordinator, said Congress (I) ''committed genocide against Sikhs as defined in Article 2 of UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, 1948''.

Arbitrary detention, torture of terrorism suspects in India: HRW

NEW DELHI: "When I asked my son if he was tortured, he said, 'They were hardly going to treat me with love...They used to make us memorize the police version of the case. We were not allowed to sleep until we could recite that version.' " These words by Nisar Ahmed are an excerpt from the106-page report released yesterday, by Human Right Watch titled, "The 'Anti-Nationals': Arbitrary Detention and Torture of Terrorism Suspects in India." Ahmed's son, Saqib Nisar has been charged for his role in the 2008 bombings as a member of Indian Mujahideen. Three bombings in 2008, in Jaipur on May 13, in Ahmedabad on July 26, and in New Delhi on September 13 claimed 152 lives and injured many more. Ahmed's confessions about his son's experience who is still in police custody is one of the 160 or more interviews that HRW compiled with terror suspects, their relatives and lawyers, civil society activists, security experts, and law enforcement officials. The HRW report documents consistent abuse by Indian security forces in their response to the scourge of terrorism attacks.


2,300 Indians evacuated from Libya over weekend

NEW DELHI: A record number of over 2,300 Indians were evacuated from Libya since yesterday and two-third of the estimated 18,000 Indian nationals would have been pulled out of the strifetorn country by this evening, government said today. "Three special Air India flights from Tripoli and one from Sebha (Libya), besides the Red Star One ferry (from Misurata) accomplished this task. By late evening today, more than 2/3rd of our nationals would have been pulled out of Libya, totalling over 12,000," External affairs ministry said in a statement. The second Boeing 747 sortie brought home another 400 passengers from Sebha (Libya) to Mumbai. Daily sorties have been scheduled to evacuate all the remaining persons from Sebha over the next few days. According to the ministry, Fly Dubai airline will undertake further daily sorties to clear the remaining 360 passengers from Dzerba ( Tunisia). 580 persons have already returned to India from Tunis in the last couple of days. "In the second round, MV Scotia Prince picked up all the remaining 972 of our nationals from Benghazi (Libya) and is headed back to Alexandria, where it is expected to reach in the afternoon of March 7. The passengers will be flown back to India on four special flights (one of them IL-76) on March 8 and 9," the ministry said. MV Red Star One commenced its return journey to Malta from Misurata (Libya) at 1730 hrs (LT) yesterday, with all the 301 Indians desirous of leaving Libya and 29 foreign nationals on board, including six from Bangladesh. "The vessel is expected in Malta by 0800 hrs today (local time). The evacuees will be flown back to India on a special Jet Air and Kingfisher flights," the ministry said.

India successfully testfires missile interceptor

BHUBANESWAR: India successfully flight-tested an indigenously built interceptor missile from Wheeler Island off the Orissa coast on Sunday, joining the US, Russia and Israel in an elite group of countries to have accomplished the mission. The interceptor, developed under the Ballistic Missile Defence System, destroyed the target, a variant of Prithvi-II mimicking an enemy missile, fired from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur on-Sea in Balasore district, about 70 km from Wheeler Island at an altitude of 16 km over the Bay of Bengal. "The interceptor was fired five minutes after the target was set offaround 9:32 am," said director, ITR, S P Dash. Defence sources said within three minutes of the target's launch, the missile tracking network, comprising long range and multi-function radars and other range sensors positioned at different locations, detected and identified the incoming missile threat, paving the way for the interceptor, Advanced Air Defence (AAD) missile, to zoom through the sky at a speed of 4.5 Mach and blast it. Several scientists and defence officers witnessed the achievement. Defence minister AK Antony congratulated scientists involved in the project. "It was an excellent flight. The interceptor completely destroyed its target. The trial, conducted from two launch sites of ITR off the Orissa coast, was a success," said Dash.


PESHAWAR. Imran Khan, head of political party Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf address to his supporters during a rally against the killing of two Pakistanis, Peshawar, Pakistan. A US citizen, named as Raymond Davis and described by the US State Department as an American civilian working for the US consulate in Lahore is accused of killing two persons on 27 January, in what he called an act of self-defence against a purported armed robbery attempt, police said.

Rehman Malik should resign, say Pak legislators

ISLAMABAD: The apparent ease with which Pakistan's minorities minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, was killed by unidentified gunmen has caused greater concern among the country's legislators who are demanding resignation of the interior minister Rehman Malik. During a fiery session of the National Assembly on Friday, several members from the treasury and opposition benches criticized Rehman Malik for failing to provide sufficient security cover to the minorities minister. More vocal to grill the home minister was Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Jamshed Dasti, who said that had if he been the country's home minister, he would have resigned after such a security lapse. Two other federal ministers, Babar Awan and

Raza Rabbani, had emotionally expressed their anger over the government's inaction against the deteriorated law and order situation in the country. Pointing towards the Malik in a cabinet meeting, they said that if no one is ready to demonstrate the moral courage, then they are ready to accept the responsibility for Bhatti's murder, and were ready to tender their resignations. Speaking on the occasion, a Christian MP Akram Masih Gill demanded a judicial inquiry into the incident to unearth the actual forces responsible for Bhatti's assassination. He said that Bhatti had informed the Interior Ministry regarding the threats he was receiving and had asked for more security from the ministry.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani government minister Shabhaz Bhatti was deprived of the facilities that most ministers enjoy, like privileges of bullet-proof vehicles and highwalled houses in Islamabad's Ministers Enclave. According to his family and friends, Bhatti had several times told president Asif Ali Zardari and PM Yousuf Raza Gilani about the threats to his life. Durrani insisted there was no security lapse as police escorts were provided to the minister, which he was not using. "The squad officer told me that the minister had instructed him to wait for him at his office. He used to often visit his mother's house without a squad," he said. Bhatti founded the Christianinspired All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) movement, aiming to bring oppressed minorities into mainstream politics. One of his first battles was against the law on blasphemy, introduced in 1986 by military dictator general Zia ul Haq and used mostly against religious minorities.

PESHAWAR: Ten worshippers, including a child, were killed and 30 others injured when a powerful bomb blast ripped through a mosque within a Sufi shrine at Nowshera in northwest Pakistan. The explosion targeted the mosque inside Akhun Punjo Baba mazar (shrine) in Akbarpura area of Nowshera, about 15 km from KhyberPakhtunkhwa capital Peshawar. Scores of people were offering on Friday prayers at the mosque while hundreds had gathered to take food from a 'langar' or community kitchen. Ten worshippers, including a child, were killed, police said. At least 30 others were injured and the condition of eight was described by officials as serious. The injured were taken to hospitals in Nowshera, Pubbi and Peshawar. Fazal Diyan, a witness, told Geo News channel

Minister not given bullet-proof car



Bhatti's killing leaves Pak govt split wide open 

ISLAMABAD: Amid clamour for his resignation in Pakistan's national assembly for security lapses that led to minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti's killing, interior minister Rehman Malik said he will quit if the lapses were proved and he, along with ruling PPP leaders Sherry Rehman and Fauzia Wahab, were next on the hit list of Pakistan Taliban. With several ruling party ministers joining in accusing their own government of inaction in the face of rising lawlessness , there were questions regarding the longevity of the federal government itself. "Today I am under threat. Perhaps next time you may not find me here,'' said Malik in response to demands in the House from both ruling and opposition parties for his removal as interior minister. The legislators were angry with the apparent ease with which militants gunned down Bhatti. While members from the opposition benches criticised Rehman Malik for not pro-

Mumbai attack: US links cover for ISI chief to Davis case

ISLAMABAD: The US has linked sovereign immunity for ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha in a lawsuit filed by relatives of victims of the Mumbai attacks in a Brooklyn court to the diplomatic immunity for an American arrested for the Lahore double murder, a media report said. The US administration "appears willing to claim sovereign immunity for the ISI chief in this case provided Pakistan also granted diplomatic immunity to Mr (Raymond) Davis, who is a CIA contractor ," Dawn newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying. "At one stage, the Americans were going to file papers in the court, stating that the ISI chief enjoyed sovereign immunity but decided not to do so after Mr Davis' arrest," an official source told the daily.

Why Kayani was mum on Taseer?

Pakistan's army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who had "declined" to publicly condemn the January killing of Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, had told western envoys that there were "too many soldiers" in the ranks who "sympathised" with the assassin, a noted author has claimed. For its part, the army has so far failed to express regret on either minority affairs minister Shahbaz Bhatti's murder or Taseer's, Lahore-based author Ahmed Rashid, also a senior journalist, wrote in 'The New York Review of Books'.

viding sufficient security cover to Bhatti, a Catholic Christian, PPP's Jamshed Dasti said he would have resigned if he been the country's home minister after

Lawyer suggests 'blood money' to free US diplomat in Pak

LAHORE: Since his brother was shot and killed by a CIA contractor, scores of Islamist politicians have met with Waseem Shamzad in his sitting room to bring sympathy, offers of help and a stark message: if US envoys come offering "blood money'' to get their man out of jail, tell them to go away. Shamzad and two other families mourning a dead relative because of the shooting say US has not offered compensation yet, but Pakistani officials suggested such payments could help end a crisis that has exposed fragility of ties between the two nations. While the

Terror strikes mosque at Friday prayers; 10 worshippers killed that the blast occurred just after the prayers ended. "The blast occurred within the mosque," he said. He estimated that over 1,000 people were present in the shrine. No group claimed responsibility for the blast. The explosion was heard from several kilometres away. Reports said the blast was caused by a remote controlled bomb hidden in a cupboard within the mosque. Footage on television showed caps and shoes strewn within the mosque. Windows were blown out by the blast, which also caused extensive damage to the walls of the mosque. Witnesses said many worshippers were hit by shrapnel. They added that there was almost no security at the shrine complex. The Pakistani Taliban are opposed to the practice of worshipping at Sufi shrines and consider it "un-Islamic". The

such grave security lapse. A Christian MP, Akram Masih Gill, demanded a judicial inquiry into the assassination to identify the people behind Bhatti's killing. He said Bhatti had informed the interior ministry regarding the threats to his life and had sought more security from the ministry. "The government had provided adequate security to Bhatti but it wasn't utilized,'' Malik said, adding, "The interior ministry had provided a security detail of two cars and 16 guards to Bhatti who did not engage them while visiting his parents on that fateful morning.'' Bhatti was without security escort when several gunmen surrounded his car outside his family home and riddled it with bullets. The government claims Bhatti was recently allotted a house in Ministers Enclave but he had not shifted. On Friday Rehman Malik said that a bulletproof car was offered to Bhatti but he had rejected it saying it was a second hand.

Taliban have claimed responsibility for several recent attacks on Sufi shrines in cities across Pakistan, including Lahore and Karachi. President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani condemned the bomb blast in the mosque. In a message,Zardari described the attack as an "abhorrent act" and said its perpetrators were the enemies of Islam. "The government would continue to take a firm stand against extremist and terrorist elements across the country and would not be cowed down by such acts of violence," he said. Nowshera has been targeted by militants in the past too. On June 12, 2009, at least six persons were killed and over 90 injured when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden truck into a mosque within an army supply depot in the city.

US insists Raymond Davis, the detained CIA contractor, has immunity from prosecution, his lawyer said "bloody money'' was "not just a good way, but the best way'' to resolve the issue. The US has not commented on whether it intends to try that approach, either formally or as a way of cooling popular anger if Davis is freed on other grounds. The families, meanwhile, say they want justice, not money. Pakistani law allows killers to walk free if they admit their crime and pay compensation to the heirs of the victim, who must forgive them.

Pakistani villagers in ai border town of Chaman along Afghanistan, collect oil spilled from an over turned tanker of Afghanistan-bound tanker. Militants in Pakistan attacked tankers bringing fuel to NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan on Friday, killing four people and causing a massive nighttime blaze.

Samoan elections: Tuilaepa perches on the cusp of history 10


hree days from the Samoan general elecT tions, caretaker Prime

Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ileleM alielegaoi perches on the cusp of history.He is back, unopposed, for a ninth term as a parliamentarian. If his Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) wins and he is re-elected as Prime Minister, he could become the country’s longest serving Prime Minister at 18 years if he serves out the full five-year term to 2016. Two more than his predecessor, the late TofilauDrEtiAlesana who resigned in 1998 having served 16 years as Prime Minister. In an exclusive interview with the Samoa Observer, he was asked whether he would keep going indefinitely in politics. And how significant has been the past five years in the context of Samoa’s political and social landscape? “Firstly, no, [I will not keep on going],” he says.

‘Age catches up’

“There’s a certain time that age catches up. I respond only to the wishes of our party, that’s what carries me. When the party says to me, stop, I’ll stop. And somebody else takes over.” He says he has no problems if the HRPP party tells him to step aside because “in our party we have very many able leaders. “I can be replaced tomorrow. I can be replaced today and this party will go on. I am also prepared for any eventuality because I am pleased that we have many who have that leadership quality to lead the party and country.” He says things such as the leadership “are normal things the party should address.” “That’s what I am trying to say, that in a party where democracy prevails, where elections are held, the party members must abide by the normal processes in the appointment of leaders. “When a leader needs to be moved out, he ought to be moved out. So when the party says to me to stop, I’ll stop.” In terms of his political life, Tuilaepa hails the past five years as historically the most reform-minded period in Samoa’s political and socioeconomic landscapes.

Noted period

“It is the most noted period because this is the five years we were elevated by the world,” he says. “In our economic status from an LDC [Least Developed Country] to a developing country. In terms of sport, we became world champions in Rugby 7s, we scooped three

blame them. Their drive borders on desperation to get people to support them and as such their proposals are getting ridiculous. But our people are no fools,” he says.

Current needs

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa ....returned unopposed for ninth term.

gold medals in the Commonwealth after nearly 50 years of trying. “So there’s importance to the incentive policies we established as their performance has improved and the result we have gold medals and world champions. “We do not look lightly at these achievements. These are fantastic achievements in the last five years.” But one of the big reforms he’s particularly proud of is the constitutional amendment that removed a discriminatory element from parliament, “where two seats had non-titled bearers. Now there is equality in Parliament,” he says. “It’s the first time in nearly 50-years of self-government, that our parliament is fully Samoan. That is, matai suffrage in terms of candidates, and universal suffrage (21-years eligible to vote) in terms of the right to vote.” He says: “We cannot just think lightly of a system that took care of stability in our society for the past 3500 years. You don’t just chuck that away.”

Pragmatism, commitment

In essence, over the past 29 years, Tuilaepa has been in politics his modus operandi is pragmatism coupled with commitment and never ending perseverance. “What I’m trying to say is that we’re working all the time, the government is not sitting still. We are looking at all different options. Time is not on our side. We cannot wait, our children are finishing school every year so we need to look at all kinds of options and possibilities of employment all the time.” He noted the main difference between HRPP and Tautua, “is they are more short term in their view. They target the kind of consumption developments/expenses for the time being. They are promoting only the things that please the people now, they’re not looking to take care of the problems tomorrow.” But he sympathizes with the Tautua Party. “I cannot

“They should see that the HRPP targets more longer term development while including the current needs of our people. That’s the simple difference between an untried party and us where we have the experience and necessary knowledge and expertise in how to run a country.” He points to their shortcomings in terms of how to realistically fund their manifesto. “Even when you want to do things short term you need money. You can’t do anything without money. So to kick off a campaign by saying we will eliminate this source of revenue and then we will do this without looking at the budget that we borrow $T149million to fill the shortfall is regrettable because they don’t have a surplus to play with. “To come up with the suggestion to do away with revenue sources because of the mad pre-occupation with the cost of living. The major impact is to render a government with absolutely no funds to bring into effect what they have been promising the people.”

Exit strategy.

Tuilaepa says he expects they are already planning an exit strategy, “in the unlikelihood they will come in they will have an exit to continue as a government withouthonouring the promises made.” One of the promises he says Tautua will not be able to deliver is increasing the pension scheme. “The pension scheme is ours and we review it in accordance with our affordability in the budget to make sure it’s possible and not just wishful thinking. “The scheme involves about 9900 people from a population of 180,000. We spend $T16million on 9900 people which is a tremendous amount of money. We have another 170,000 people to care for. So it’s really irresponsible for the Tautua party to think we should spend all the money on 9900 people. That’s how shortsighted they are. “The HRPP looks at the bigger picture, at the needs to ensure balance so the needs of all our people in the country are addressed.” Aigaletaule’ale’ā F. Tauafiafiis a columnist and reporter for the Samoa Observer. The Samoan general elections are on Saturday.

Fiji group wants closer ties

Fostering closer ties between Fiji, New Zealand and the rest of the world is the aim of a new North Shore-based group. The Fiji Council New Zealand has already attracted some 30 members two weeks after launching in Takapuna, founder and president Alton Shameem says. "Our mission is to enhance, promote, engage, empower, consolidate and build foreign relationships between Fiji our motherland with the rest of the world." MrShameem is a native Fijian and says Fiji's interests go beyond New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. "As Fiji is the hub of the Pacific and much sought after by superpowers like China, India, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, we are building on these relationships for the mutual economic, cultural and social benefits of all," he says. MrShameem says the council is the only Fijian organisation in New Zealand that looks at promoting Fijian interests in the international community. "We want to reach out to other countries to promote Fiji and help our Fijian brothers to progress." He says most of the 30,000 Fijians in the country live in the Auckland suburbs of Mt Albert, Mt Roskill and south Auckland. MrShameem also founded the All Ethnic Congress to promote cultural harmony in New Zealand.

Bid to stop Tongan king selling mansion


PALACE: Tongan politicians have gone to court in a bid to stop plans by Tonga's King George Tupou V to sell a faded Auckland mansion. Listed by real estate agency Bayleys, the 1.6 hectare property in Epsom, called 'Atalanga, is expected to fetch around $10 million. But three politicians in Nuku'alofa have asked the Tongan Supreme Court to declare whether the sale is in direct contravention of the constitution of Tonga, a lawyer told Matangi Tonga newspaper. King George's Auckland lawyer, Nicholas Fisher, told the newspaper the caveat on the property was "vexatious". "Any actions to interfere with the king's undoubted right to sell the 'Atalanga property, in which it belongs to him in his personal capacity, both in New Zealand or in Tonga, will result in a claim for damages, which are likely to be substantial," Mr Fisher said. 'Atalanga was purchased in 1952 as the personal property of the king's grandmother Queen SaloteTupou III and her heirs and successors. He said King George took the title in his own name and the Government of Tonga had no legal or equitable interest in the property, though opponents of the sale have claimed that the Tongan Government paid the annual Auckland City Council rates on the property.



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Focus on your waistline, not your weight. Your waistline is a better measurement of your overall health than your weight because the amount of fat around your waistline is directly linked to high blood pressure and high cholesterol and can place you at increased risk for diabetes.


ALCOHOL does more harm than believed


ow experts from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center can help you stick to that New Year's resolution of losing weight if you just follow these six tips. 1. Keep moving each day: all it takes to see a weightloss benefit is 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic activity daily. "You don't need to be athletic. Just brisk walking or dancing to your favourite music or using an aerobic exercise machine like a stationary bike or treadmill is all you need to do – just try to do it each day," said Anne McTiernan. "You can break it into 10- or 15minute sessions throughout the day to get the weight-loss benefit," she said. 2. Keep a food journal: "By spending a little extra time to write down everything you eat and drink, you'll be



Lack of sleep increases your blood pressure, induces stress, increases your appetite & slows down your metabolism, dampens your mood & decreases your cognition.


Get a good night's sleep. Sleep is one of the most undervalued elements of our daily routines, but it is absolutely vital to good health. Lack of sleep increases your blood pressure, induces stress, increases your appetite and slows down your metabolism, dampens your mood and decreases your cognition.

recent research has pointed out that alcohol does much more harm to the body than just damaging the liver. Researchers at the Loyola University Medical Center have found that alcohol intake can also weaken the immune system, slow healing, impair bone formation, increase the risk of HIV transmission and hinder recovery from burns, trauma, bleeding and surgery. At Loyola, about 50 faculty members, technicians, post-doctoral fellows and students are conducting alcohol research. Studies at Loyola

able to see where extra calories sneak in," said Caitlin Mason, an exercise and health researcher in the Public Health Sciences Division of the Hutchinson Center. "There are lots of good online tools that can help estimate the calorie content of common foods and track your weight loss progress over time," she said. 3. Set realistic goals: "For long-term success, aim for a slow, steady weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds a week. No one wants to lose weight only to gain it all back – and often more – a few months later," said Mason. 4. Set specific goals: set several smaller but more specific goals, such as eating five servings of vegetables per day, taking a 15-minute

and other centers could lead to therapies to boost the immune system or otherwise minimize the effects of alcohol, said Elizabeth J. Kovacs, director of Loyola's Alcohol Research Program and associate director of Loyola's Burn & Shock Trauma Institute. "Of course, the best way to prevent the damaging effects of alcohol is to not drink in the first place. But it is very difficult to get people to do this," she said. The latest findings were presented during a meeting of the Alcohol and Immunology Research Interest Group at Loyola.


to kick start


walk at lunch each day or drinking six glasses of water per day. "Adding healthy

behaviours to your routine is often easier than telling yourself 'don't do this' or 'don't eat that,'" Mason said. 5. Don't let one slip-up derail your efforts: "Don't throw your entire routine out the window after one bad day. Instead, try to identify the specific barriers that got in your way and think through strategies to avoid such challenges in the future," said Mason. 6. Practice yoga: regular yoga practice and weight maintenance and weight loss are related, according to several studies.Researcher Alan Kristal found that regular yoga practice is associated with the prevention of middleage spread in normal-weight people and the promotion of weight loss in those who are overweight.



Don’t snore at it


on't dismiss your snoring and disturbed sleep as mere annoyance. Get yourself checked for sleep apnea Pradeep Gogari hadn't had a good night's rest in a long time. To add to his difficulty in sleeping and breathing properly at night, he would often wake up with a sudden start and drift back to sleep much later. Gogari ignored his disturbed sleep and often took quick-fix nasal clearance medication instead. Without proper rest, he woke up on most mornings feeling lethargic and zapped of energy. At 155 kgs, this 42-year-old was morbidly obese with high blood pressure in the range of 110-170. When he came to Dr Shashank Shah, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital he was diagnosed suffering with sleep apnea. "I knew I snored, but I didn't know that I had a medical disorder. Twelve years ago, I had a car accident which left me in coma for three months and bed ridden for another six months. Left with nothing to do, I took refuge in food. After that, I never got back to normal weight or a good nights' sleep," says Gogari. When sleep eludes Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which the breathing becomes shallow or pauses for a few seconds while sleeping. "This can happen for more 30 times an hour, resulting in poor sleep quality that makes you tired during the day. It's also one of the leading causes of excessive daytime sleepiness. Most people who have sleep apnea don't know they have it since it happens only while they sleep," says Dr Shah. What Gogari didn't realise was the role his obesity was playing WATCH OUT FOR in his disturbed sleep patterns. He started with snoring few years ago,  Do you snore which was neglected as a common at night? (Ask annoyance. This soon progressed your parents or into episodes of disturbed sleep due your partner) to inadequate supply of oxygen to his  Do you get brain for a short span of time, a few sound sleep at times each hour. "My wife used to night? complain that my loud snoring didn't  Do you feel let her sleep well at night. So I selfsleepy and medicated myself and bought nasal lethargic during drops, thinking that my snoring was the day? If your due to a blocked nose," he says. The answer to most most common type of sleep apnea is of these quesknown as obstructive sleep apnea. tions is yes, This means that the airway collapses then... or is blocked during sleep. The block Avoid heavy age may cause shallow breathing or calorie meal at pauses while breathing. When you night do try to breathe, any air that  Avoid alcohol, squeezes past the blockage then tea or coffee at causes loud snoring. Obstructive night sleep apnea is a serious health prob Body should be lem since it is also responsible for the properly hydrataccumulation of carbon dioxide in the ed blood. This is toxic for the heart as  See a doctor well as the brain. "This is also called immediately daytime somnolence or structive airway disease and can also prove to be fatal if not treated in time," adds Dr Shah. Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed as doctors usually can't detect the condition during routine office visits.

Obesity the culprit?

Several studies show untreated sleep apnea is a risk factor for high blood pressure. Studies also suggest an association between untreated sleep apnea and a stroke, as well as other cardiovascular diseases. Additional consequences of untreated sleep apnea include heartburn, nocturia (the need to use the bathroom frequently at night), depression and weight gain. According to Dr Shah, 80 per cent of the patients suffering from sleep apnea are obese and have a Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) of more than 33 and the additional fat around the neck may make the airway narrower, making obstructions more likely to occur. "The most effective treatment will be to bring the BMI down to normal and lose weight." Three months ago, Gogari underwent bariatric surgery and a complete lifestyle change to bring his weight down to 100 kgs. "Now, I am conscious about what I eat and walk twice a day. I sleep like a baby now," concludes Gogari.

Progress of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community 12





by Imam Shamshad A. Nasir

Continu from last issue ow disgraceful it was that whenever the opposition to Ahmadiyyat came to a boil, this demand was always made that Zafrullah Khan should be removed from this important office. What was the result of this hue and cry? Zafrullah Khan sahib went on to preside over the World Court of Justice at the Hague. MajlisAhrar - the same Ahrar which conspired against Jama’at Ahmadiyya in 1934 -- instigated and led the riots against Jama’at Ahmadiyya in 1953. And one of their ringleaders, Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari, was always in the forefront. He used to work crowds into a frenzy through his fiery speeches against the Jama’at. Do you know what happened to him? It was a great sign from Allah. In his old age he retired to a mud house in the city of Multan. Once a journalist came to visit him and inquired from him if anyone ever came to visit him now that he was no longer in the public eye. Pointing to his tongue, he responded, “Son, as long as this barked the whole subcontinent was listening and loyal to me, and since it stopped barking no one knows where I am.” One opponent of Ahmadiyyat and Masih-e-Maud (as) expressed his malice this way: “All the books of Mirza should not be thrown in an ocean, but into a burning clay oven. And not to stop there, but if at all possible, his name should not be mentioned in any Islamic or non-Islamic history record.” Hadhrat Masih-e-Maud (as) wrote more than 80 books based purely on his love of Allah, the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (saw), and solely in defense of Islam – books that his opponents could not answer but could only decry, burn and ban. Yet look at the immense blessings of Allah. These same books – many of them translated in multiple languages -- can be read from almost anywhere in the world at, thus fulfilling yet another aspect of the famous revelation to the Promised Messiah (as) where Allah said: “I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the Earth.” And because of these books and the efforts of Ahmadis all over the world to spread the message of Islam, pure souls are entering the fold of Ahmadiyyat in large numbers. It is impossible to mention all the opposition faced and all the progress made by the Jama’at in so short a time. Hadhrat Masih-eMaud’s couplet shines brightly on the truth of his claim. The couplet FaSubhanAllazeeAkhzulAadee… Each and every Ahmadi present today is a witness to this fact -- that whenever opponents planned to harm Jama’at, or hurt us emotionally, or threatened us with loss of life and wealth, each Ahmadi responded to the call of the Khalifa with a renewed zeal, love and

determination to withstand the opposition.

Ahmadi families offered their fathers, brothers, wives, sisters and children, their income and wealth without reservation to Allah and proclaimed that Ahmadis would always submit to Allah’s will. And for the past 121 years. . . and on May 28th. . . and to this day. . . we have never wavered! A n d for all the tomorrows of Ahmadiyyat. . . we will never waver! Another period of turmoil manifested during the era of the third Khilafat, when the National Assembly of Pakistan in 1974 declared Ahmadiyya Jama’at nonMuslim. There were numerous riots against the Community. It was a time of terrible trials. In many different cities, towns and villages Ahmadis were boycotted. Ahmadi properties were burned and looted and many Ahmadis were viciously martyred. Because of all the religious and civil unrest, which was blamed on the Ahmadis of course, Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the Third Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at was called before a closed-door session of the Pakistani National Assembly to answer allegations against the Jama’at. A delegation of four Ahmadi scholars headed by Khalifatul Masih appeared as ordered for a dialog which lasted eleven days. The best and the brightest ulema who were all opposed to the Promised Messiah’s teachings and his Community, tried their best to prove their case against Ahmadiyyat. It is significant that, although publicly claiming victory in their arguments and religious “proofs” against the truth of Ahmadiyyat, the record of the proceedings which details what transpired has been kept sealed from public access since 1974. One non-Ahmadi in his speech said: “A liar Khalifa of a liar Prophet in their Assembly bested them with his arguments.” Consider the fate of the one who persecuted us and declared us non-Muslim. Look how God humiliated him in fulfillment of the revelation God gave to the Promised Messiah, saying: “I will humiliate him who tries to humiliate you.” The ignoble person so deserving of God’s punishment was none other than Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was hanged. In 1984, the dictator of Pakistan, General Zia-ulHaq, tried to stop the progress of the Jama’at by enacting the infamous Ordinance 20, under which Ahmadis could not call themselves Muslims. If any Ahmadis presented themselves, directly or indirectly, as Muslims, they could be thrown in jail for three years and/or fined. What is that Ordinance? You cannot call yourself Muslim, you cannot offer salat, you cannot

act like Muslims, you cannot call your place of worship a Masjid, you cannot call the Azan, you cannot propagate your religion as Islam, you cannot call your spiritual leader a Khalifa, you cannot say AssalamoAlaikum, you cannot recite the Kalima. In a nutshell, you cannot do or say anything considered “Islamic” in nature. Those who violate this ordinance will go to jail. This dictator in his speeches vowed his determination to eradicate Ahmadiyyat, calling it. . . a cancer upon the body of Islam. . . and that it was essential that an operation be conducted at once to root out this evil cancer once and for all, (na’uzubillah). These were the plans of the government of the time. At that time Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV migrated from Pakistan and after settling in London initiated the Jama’at’s Tabligh and training plans. He could not possibly carry out these tasks in Pakistan under Ordinance 20. Khalifatul Masih repeatedly admonished General Zia to end his persecution of Ahmadis, but Zia did not pay any attention. Hazur finally issued to the dictator and other Maulvis a Mubahila – a prayer duel. Allah informed his Khalifa about the impending demise of the dictator. Hazur in his Friday Sermon mentioned that if Zia and his minions did not stop their persecution then he should know the Allah’s crushing machinery had been set in motion and he would be severely punished. Not even a couple of days had passed when General Zia’s plane exploded shortly after take-off and crashed in Bahawalpur. A raging inferno ensued and his whole body was burnt to ashes and all they could find were parts of his false teeth and this is what they ended up putting in a coffin and burying. The Promised Messiah wrote in one of his couplets: The one who is of God, it is not right to challenge

him. O foolish one! Do not put your hands upon the lions of God. Even though Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV migrated due to this Ordinance 20, God had additional reasons for his migration. Within this apparently forced migration, a great blessing was manifested. Many doors for the progress of Jama’at were opened. Here is a glimpse of the successes during the time of turmoil and tribulations in the Khilafat of Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (ra). The opponents apparently thought that once the Khalifa leaves Pakistan, the nerve center of the Jama’at will be cut and Ahmadiyyat will die off without their Spiritual Leader. Their belief that Jama’at cannot exist without the Khalifa was correct -- every member of the Community, in obedience to Khilafat, devotedly serves and offers his or her life. How Allah miraculously blessed Jama’at that through Hazur relocating to London, Muslim Television Ahmadiyya was born, and because of MTA the Khalifa who left Pakistan was now residing in each Ahmadi heart through the daily MTA broadcasts that now came into every Ahmadi home. Once again, the plot to stifle the spread of the message of the Promised Messiah (as) back-fired on the opponents. Now, instead of the Ahmadiyya Khalifa being heard only in Pakistan, he was being heard in every corner of the globe. Even the opponents acknowledge this – decrying the inability of the oil-rich Arab Muslim states to produce a worldwide Islamic satellite TV channel as the “Qadiyanis” have done. With MTA broadcasts of 2,724 programs, the Islamic content being televised all over the world included the Friday Sermons of Khalifatul Masih IV, Questionand-Answer sessions in English, Tarjamatul Quran classes, homeopathic sessions, Urdu language classes, children’s education classes, Mulaqats in various languages, Hazur’s Arab Discussion Group, as well as timely responses to objections and attacks from our opponents. All produced by untrained volunteers. In 1982, Ahmadiyya community was established in 80 countries and by 1984, around the time of migration to London, the Ahmadiyya community was established in 91 countries, and by the time the 4th Khalifa (ra) passed away in 2003, the Jama’at, al-Hamdulillah, was firmly established in 175 countries. In the first year following the migration in 1984 there were 32 new mosques were built in the world, and during the 19 years since then, more than 13,600 new mosques were established by Jama’at Ahmadiyya. More Ahmadiyya Tabligh Centers were also opened. In eight countries of Europe in 1984, where there were only 16 Tabligh Centers, which increased over 19 years to 148 Centers in 18 countries. In the United States, the number

of Tabligh Centers increased from six to 36. In Canada in 1984 where there were only five mission houses, that number increased to five more. And in Africa there were 68 Tabligh Centers in 14 countries and now, after expanding to 25 countries, the number of Centers has risen to 656. Lord Eric Evebury in a speech at Jalsa Salana UK in 2002 said, “I especially honor your leader Mirza Tahir Ahmad under whose wise leadership you were saved from difficulties, and I am hopeful that under his leadership your community not only in Britain but also in the world will create a better future for the benefit of the whole world.” To put in clearer focus the Community’s amazing progress because of persecution, here is one opponent’s comments on the successes of Ahmadiyyat in Pakistan and abroad more than half a century ago. In February of 1956, a wellknown opponent of Ahmadiyya Jama’at, Maulvi Abdul Rahim Ashraf who was the editor of AlMimbar, wrote an article where he openly admitted that: “Our respected leaders with all their abilities opposed Qadiyaniyyat, but this fact is clear to everyone that the Qadiyani Community, even more than before, is stronger and larger. Those who opposed Mirza sahib were righteous, connected to Allah, honest, scholarly and were huge personalities. Our well-meaning thoughts about Syed NazirHussain sahib Dehlvi, Maulana Anwar Shah sahib, Maulana Qazi Syed SulaimanPuri, Maulana Mohamad Hussein Batalvi, Maulana Abdul JabbarGhaznavi, Maulana Sana UllahAmritsari and other leaders, were all well-intentioned in their opposition to Qadiyaniyyat, and their influence was such that there are very few among Muslims of their high standard. But even though these words may be difficult for our readers (and Qadiyani newspapers and magazines will happily quote me) but I am resigned to say that, in response to all these efforts, Jama’at Ahmadiyya has increased in numbers in United India and even after the Partition, and not only has this group rooted itself firmly in Pakistan with its membership ever increasing, but their name is so well-known that high officials and scientists from Russia and America come regularly to Rabwah to meet with them. And even after the 1952-53 great campaign against them, Qadianis are working towards achieving a budget of 2.5million rupees.” By today’s collection standard, this would not even equal the budget of the San Diego Jama’at! Remember, this testimony of our progress was from an opponent in 1956 and al-HamdulillahJama’at Ahmadiyya has progressed tremendously since then.


International World Day Prayers



13 Iva pictures.

Slain Cabinet Minister Is Buried in Pakistan

Faith-based violence in Pakistan is heart-wrenching. Christian Minister shot dead in Pakistan under effect of the Pakistans Blasphemy Law By JANE PERLEZ and WAQAR GILLANI ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — ShahbazBhatti, the Christian cabinet minister who was assassinated this week, was honored Friday at a Roman Catholic service here attended by thousands and then buried in his impoverished village, a bastion for over 100 years for the rights of minorities. Prime Minister YousafRazaGilani was the only senior Pakistani government official to attend. There was a phalanx of foreign diplomats, including the American ambassador, Cameron P. Munter, who sat in a pew near Mr. Bhatti’s coffin. Mr. Bhatti had served as the minister for minorities and dedicated his life to religious tolerance in this increasingly radicalized Muslim country. His killing on Wednesday underlined the anxieties among Western governments that extremists were using targeted killings as a way to move Pakistan toward an Islamic state and were doing so with impunity. Mr. Bhatti’s assassination followed the killing in January of an even more prominent politician, Salman Taseer, the gover-

nor of Punjab. The men campaigned for the reform of draconian blasphemy laws that are often used to persecute minorities, particularly Christians. Mr. Taseer was killed by his government bodyguard, who was widely hailed in Pakistani society after he confessed. Diplomats at Mr. Bhatti’s funeral at Our Lady of Fatima Church said they feared that the minister was killed on information provided by his government security detail. A branch of the Pakistani Taliban based in Punjab, where militants control many of the schools and mosques, claimed responsibility for the killing. After multiple death threats in recent months, Mr. Bhatti rarely traveled with his security guards because he did not trust them, a Western diplomat said. The minister tried to take his own security measures — for example, sleeping at his mother’s house instead of his own — but the killers knew where to find him, the diplomat said, citing the likelihood of leaks from the security detail. Another diplomat said that the government, which so far has proved unwilling or unable to take a

strong stand against the killings, would try to offer compensation to Mr. Bhatti’s family and then close the case. The ruling Pakistan Peoples Party, which was founded on secular principles but is now under pressure from religious conservatives, announced recently that it opposed efforts to amend the blasphemy law. But the dismay of Mr. Bhatti’s family and the angry atmosphere at the funeral, in KhushPur in Punjab, indicated that Pakistan’s Christians — about five million out of a total population of 180 million — were unlikely to let the matter rest. “We feel that

Pakistan is our country, but it seems there is no government in the country, ever, which gave us shade and protected us and fully respected our rights,” said the Rev. Andrew Nisari, one of the Catholic clergymen at the burial. “Will we be living in this hostile, harassed and fearful environment forever?” About 10,000 mostly poor people attended the funeral, many hailing Mr. Bhatti as a local hero and now a martyr. But anxiety mingled with pride. “The enemy is around us and hovering over us, so please be careful,” a loudspeaker announcement said before the arrival of Mr. Bhatti’s coffin by helicopter from Islamabad. Some mourners hoisted placards reading: “Shahbaz’s blood will lead to revolution.” In most predominantly Christian villages in Punjab, many residents work as employees of large landlords in a relationship that resembles a caste system, with the Christians at the bottom. But in KhushPur, founded during British rule in 1903 by a Roman Catholic priest, most residents have small farm holdings. The village has a particular tradition of fighting for reli-

gious rights. A Roman Catholic bishop, John Joseph, who shot himself in 1998 in protest against the blasphemy laws, was born in the village and is buried here. In a rare honor last September, Pope Benedict XVI met Mr. Bhatti in a private audience at the Vatican. In recent weeks, Mr. Bhatti, despondent about the murder of Mr. Taseer and fearing for his own life, sought advice on how to persist in his campaign for tolerance in the face of such threats. “We talked heart to heart a few days before he died,” Farhatullah Babar, the spokesman for President Asif Ali Zardari, said after attending Mr. Bhatti’s funeral. “He asked: ‘What should I do?’ I told him: ‘You are a sane voice. You must continue.’ ” Jane Perlez reported from Islamabad, and WaqarGillani from KhushPur, Pakistan. This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: Correction: March 4, 2011 A previous version of this article misstated that President Asif Ali Zardari had attended the funeral of ShahbazBhatti; his spokesman, Farhatullah Babar, attended.













he only thing worth remembering in Tashan (2008) was Kareena Kapoor sizzling in a bikini but she is still not comfortable with the ‘sexy’ tag. The actor admits that she was definitely embarrassed recently during a shoot of Bodyguard on a college campus, when some young girls sent her notes saying they found her sexy. She prefers being called glamorous and says being glam comes naturally to her. Thin is ‘in’ but the actor, who made size zero famous three years ago, would rather be vulnerable and voluptuous now. “I’m still slim but no longer stick-thin and that works better for me. Let the other heroines lose weight now since I’ve decided I’m not going to be wearing a bikini on screen ever again,” insists Kapoor, who has been voted Bollywood’s sexiest heroine by a leading film glossy, owned by media baron Nari Hira. KareenaThe focus today is on performance-driven roles and her look will be differently sensual in the five films she is currently juggling. In RA.One, she’s Shah Rukh Khan’s sexy wife. “Very Punjabi,” she laughs. Agent Vinod’s mystery miss also doesn’t shed clothes. “Her sex appeal lies in her eyes,” says Kapoor. Bodyguard’s Divya is “innocently sexy” and Short Term Shaadi’s Tiara “crazily sexy”. As for the Aamir Khan thriller, she can’t talk about that at all. Kapoor, who had to bring in Valentine’s Day a day early because beau Saif Ali Khan flew back to Bhopal to play a scheduled caste professor in Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan based on


the thorny reservation policy, admits that Khan finds her kajal-streaked eyes and spiky-heeled stilettos hot. “The kohl I wear often since it lights up my eyes and after Qurbaan (2009), 3 Idiots (2009) and Golmaal 3 (2010), has come to be associated with me. But the stilettos are only for holidays. For every day wear, it’s track pants and chappals, and Saif has no choice but to accept it,” she chuckles. Buzz is that she may be roped in to play a character modelled on Mandakini in the sequel to Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. The actor says that if she likes it, she will take it up as a challenge. “It was one of last year’s best films after 3 Idiots but I haven’t got any offer yet. Tusshar (producer Ekta Kapoor’s actor-brother) is my best friend but we don’t talk shop,” she says, adding that Mandakini became a sex symbol after the famous waterfall scene in her grandfather Raj Kapoor’s Ram Teri Ganga Maili (’85). “But I don’t think the role, if it develops, will be along those lines.

On a break


nushka Sharma is enjoying her much deserved break from work. The girl, who is riding on a high, has taken five days off to be with family and friends before she gets into the gruelling shooting process. We hear that Anushka is also travelling to unwind herself post the exhaustive whirlwind promotion during and after Band Baaja Baaraat. Friends close to the star confirmed about this development. The siren will be back in Mumbai this weekend.

I shouldn't have acted in 3 Idiots Aamir Khan


e won hearts with his portrayal of an engineering student in blockbuster 3 Idiots and Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan says the only reason he decided to act in the film was that its subject was education. "I shouldn't have acted in 3 Idiots as in no way do I look like an 18 year old. The only reason I did the film was because it was about education," said Aamir. The Rajkumar Hiranidirected film is the story of three students in an elite engineering institute reeling under pressure from the current

educational system to excel in their career. 3 IdiotsThe 45-year-old actor has been passionate about the cause of education ever since he made Taare Zameen Par, the tale of a dyslexic child's struggle to cope with the existing norms of education. "I was drawn towards stories about education ever since Taare Zameen Par and then 3 Idiots happened. Cinema has the ability to reach out to people and more films upholding this cause should be made," said the actor. Besides education, Aamir is also associated

with the cause of malnutrition. "All these issues are linked. I am working with the Women and Children Welfare ministry as well as the UNICEF for the betterment of malnourished kids."The actor was in the capital today to launch the book 'Colours of my Rainbow' by Himani Verma, which chronicles the charitable work of Salma Ansari, wife of the Vice President of India Hamid Ansari. The book tells Salma's struggles to set up schools through her Al-Noor Charitable Society to provide education to marginalized and underprivileged children in Aligarh. "It is very inspiring to see Mrs Ansari and her organisation trying to reach out to these children. Contribution in the field of education is one of the most important things to do," said Aamir, who flew down from Germany where he was a jury member at the Berlin Film Festival. Bollywood actress Gracy Singh, choreographer Shiamak Davar and designer Rohit Bal were also present at the launch.

Ranbir's Grandma

Katrina K


atrina Kaif is fast becoming a favourite at the Kapoor household. And a permanent fixture on Ranbir Kapoor's arm. While it is an open secret that Kat spends time in the Krishna-Raj bungalow on Pali Hill, the residence of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor, what came as a pleasant surprise is information that, Ranbir took Kat to meet his grandmother, Krishna at their ancestral bungalow in Deonar. Krishna Raj Kapoor is the first lady of Bollywood and a picture of dignity. She has seen a few of Katrina's movies. And she is also aware that Ranbir and Kat are friends. Says our source, "She was more than happy to welcome Katrina to her home."

'The King's Speech' sweeps Oscars 2011



atalie Portman wins best actress for Black Swan More P i c s 'The King's Speech' sweeps 4 Oscars at the 83 rd Academy Awards including Original Screenplay, Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor. THE OSCAR WINNERS... Best Film: Oscar goes to The King's Speech Best Actor: Oscar goes to Colin Firth for King's Speech. He thanks his crew, Jeoffrey, Helena, David Sydler, Tom Hooper for courage and clear sightedness and all the people who have been rooting him back home. Sandra Bullock nominees of present Best Actor- Jeff Bridges, Javier Bardem, Jesse Eisenberg, Colin Firth, James franco. Best Actress: Oscar goes to Natalie Portman for Black Swan. She says" This is insane. I truly wish that the prize tonight was to get to work with my fellow nominees, I'm so in awe of you," Portman thanks her parents, Luc Besson (who provided her with her first job in Leon), her agents and Darren Aronofosky. Jeff Brdiges presents nominees of actresses in Leading role Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman for Rabbit Hole, Jennifer Lawrence for Winter's Bone, Natalie Portman for Black Swan, Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine. Oscar goes to Natalie Portman for Black Swan. Lifetime Achievement Award: Annette Bening presents Lifetime Oscars to Coppola, Wallach, Brownlow Best Director: Oscar goes to Tom Hooper for The King's Speech. On stage, he heaps praise on his mother, who first pointed him towards The King's Speech. "The moral of this story: listen to your mother," he says. Hillary Swank and Catherine Bigelow present oscar for direction.

Halle Berry on stage thanks lena horne for paving the way for black actors in Hollywood Celine Dion is singing "Smile, while your heart is breaking" as we flit through the clips of the dearly departed. And there they go: big-aslife Tony Curtis, classy John Barry, glorious Patricia Neal. . Best Original Song: Oscar goes to Randy Newman for We Belong Together from Toy Story 3. Kate Hudson presents AR Rahman on stage. Rahman performing If I Rise live Billy Crystal, one of the greatest Oscar hosts paid an ode to Bobby Hope Film Editing: Oscar goes to Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter for The Social Network Visual Effects: Oscar goes to Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb for Inception Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law on stage to present Oscar for visual effects

When Susanne kissed Hrithik


rithik Roshan was in London recently to unveil his Madame Tussauds wax statue. He was their with his entrie family. Of course, his sons were mesmerised by their father's close-to-real-life statue, and were confused of finding 'two daddies'. However, it was wife Susanne who was overwhelmed

"That was a sweet gesture," said an on-looker, "but then she has the real Hrithik all to herself."

with joy. As soon as the statue was unveiled, she went by its side and gently kissed it on the cheek. "That was a sweet gesture," said an on-looker, "but then she has the real Hrithik all to herself." Hrithik, about the ocassion said, "It was a special moment for all of us. Tears wouldn't stop running down my eyes. I am thankful that I have done something and made my family proud. My sons were excited, my wife overjoyed, my father proud, and I was simply stunned." Well, kudos to this Roshan who stands tall and solid at Madame Tussauds.

Best Documentary Feature: Oscar goes to Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs for Inside Job. Charles says, "After financial fraud not a single financial executive has gone to jail " Oprah Winfrey is on the stage to offer the O u t s t a n d i n g Documentary of the year. Live Action Short Film: Oscar goes to God of Love, Luke Matheny Best Documentary (Short Subject): Oscar goes to Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon for Strangers No More. Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal on stage to present Oscar for Best Documentary short subject Best Costume Design: Oscar goes to Colleen Atwood for Alice in Wonderland Kate Blanchett gives away Oscar

n December 2009, I James Cameron’s Avatar straightaway took

us to a blue-tinted Pandora in mid 22nd century. The film was released for traditional 2D, 3D and 4D viewing. The stereoscopic filmmaking was a breakthrough in cinematic technique. And the following year, as many as 44 Hollywood films released in 3D, including Alice In Wonderland, Tangled, Alpha And Omega and a limited theatrical re-release of Avatar. The trend continues into 2011 with at least 15 films in 3D marching into the theatres, including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and Cameron’s just-released Sanctum. Bollywood too appears catching up. Vikram

for Costume Design Best Makeup: Oscar goes to Rick Baker and Dave Elsey for "The Wolfman" Kate Blanchett gives away Oscar for Best Makeup. Music (Sound Editing): Oscar for Sound Editing goes to Richard King for Inception Music (Sound Mixing): Oscar goes to Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick for Inception Scarlet Johanson and Matthew Mccauney present the best Sound Design Oscar Music (Original Score): Oscar goes to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Social Network Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman is on the stage to give away the Best Original Score Oscar. Best Supporting Actor (Male): Oscar goes to Christian Bale for The Fighter. He says, " Bloody hell, its such an honour. Thanks director of the Fighter David O Russel for translating our work to audiences. I am hoping not to drop the 'f' bomb like Melissa had done before. Dicky you are the best, our producers mark for supporting the film and to my wonderful wife and daughter. Reese Witherspoon is on the stage to give away the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Best Foreign Language Film: Oscar goes to In A Better World – Denmark. This is the 3 rd film from Denmark to win an Oscar. Russel Brand and Hellen Mirren give away the Oscar for best foreign language film Anne Hathaway in tuxedo sings calls Hugh Jackass (referring to Hugh Jackman) claiming he did not


sing with her! James Franco dressed as Marilyn Monroe says he got a text message from Charlie Sheen Writing (Original Screenplay): Oscar goes to David Seidler for King's Speech. He says, "I believe i am the oldest person to win this award and i hope that this record is broken soon. Thanks her majesty the Queen of England for not hanging him for using the Melissa Leo 'f word' in the film and to all the stutterers in world - we have a voice. " Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Oscar goes to Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network. He thanks the book on which his script is based, his researcher, his parents, Jesse Eisenberg and cast and crew. He says" I wrote this but fincher made this. He is the nicest guy who made a good film. This movie is a source of pride for me" Best Animated feature Film: Oscar goes to Lee Unkrich for Toy Story 3. He says "Thanks producer, Cast crew, Disney, Pixar and my family". Best Short Film (Animation): Oscar goes to Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann for The Lost Thing Best supporting actor (Female) : Oscar goes to Melissa Leo for The Fighter. This is her first Oscar, was nominated once before! She says "Thanks David O Russel, Amy, Bale, I'm speechless, breathless but thanks academy too." Kurt Douglas, greatest screenwriters on stage: Kurt on stage to give Best Supporting actress Oscar. Stars stand to show respect. Best Cinematography: Oscar goes to Wally Pfister for inception. He thanks master filmmaker Chrsitopher Nolan, says his work has inpired me for 12 years. Best Art Direction: And Oscar goes to Alice in wonderland - Robert Stromberg and Karen O Hara

Joker is India’s first

Commercial 3D Film AKSHAY KUMAR Bhatt’s Haunted, to be released on April 15, is being hyped as India’s first next generation stereoscopic 3D film. The technical crew comprises Hollywood technicians. On February 14, however, Akshay Kumar says his Joker will be flagged off and despite a Valentine’s Day launch, the actor-producer is quick to point out that it’s not an outand-out love story. “It’s India’s first commercial 3D film. Joker is a funny, emotional story loaded with SFX. And Shirish (director Kunder) is the perfect


guy to direct it given that he has studied the technique,” says Kumar. When asked on how he plans to make the project commercially viable given the high costs involved, Akshay reasons that as actor-producer his remuneration is down to zero so there’s no load on the project in terms of star fee, and whatever business it does, will be there on his plate. Incidentally the makers of Shah Rukh Khan’s RA.One are also considering Hollywood offers of releasing the film in 3D format.



Rebels, Gaddafi forces both make gains in Libya


TRIPOLI: Government forces in tanks rolled into the opposition-held city closest to Tripoli after blasting it with artillery and mortar fire, while rebels captured a key oil port and pushed toward Moammar Gaddafi's hometown in a seesaw on Saturday for both sides in the bloody battle for control of Libya. With the Gaddafi regime's tanks prowling the center of the city of Zawiya, west of Tripoli, residents ferried the wounded from the fierce fighting in private cars to a makeshift clinic in a mosque, fearing that any injured taken to the military-controlled hospital "will be killed for sure," one rebel said after nightfall. The rival successes — by Gaddafi's forces in entering resistant Zawiya, and by the rebels in taking over the port of Ras Lanouf — signaled an increasingly long and violent battle that could last weeks or months and veered the country ever closer to civil war. Rebels in the east advanced from their eastern stronghold toward Sirte, setting the stage for fierce fighting with proGaddafi forces who hold sway in the tribal area. Western leaders focused on humanitarian aid instead of military intervention, and the Italian naval vessel Libra left from Catania, Sicily, for the rebel-held port of Benghazi in eastern Libya, with 25 tons of emergency aid, including milk, rice, blankets, emergency generators, water purifying devices and tents. It is due to arrive early

Heavy machine-gun fire rocks Gaddafi's stronghold of Tripoli

RANIA CAIRO: Heavy machine-gun fire rocked Muammar Gaddafi's bastion of Tripoli today as the fighting between his forces and rebels raged in Libya's east and west, with the strongman seeking a UN or African Union probe into the crisis, promising that investigators would not face any hindrance. Eighteen days after the uprising against Gaddafi's 41-year rule began, extremely heavy gunfire could be heard in the capital Tripoli before dawn today. The gunfire in Tripoli began at about 0545 local time (0915 IST), BBC reported. The machine-gun and heavy weapons fire could be heard across the city. Some reports quoted government officials as saying that the firing was celebratory, while some others quoted residents as saying that it appeared to be fighting and not celebration. Anti-Gaddafi rebels Monday. The crisis in Libya has distinguished itself from the other uprisings sweeping the Arab world, with Gaddafi unleashing a violent crackdown against his political opponents, who themselves have taken up arms in their attempt to remove him from office after ruling the country for more than 41 years. Hundreds have been killed. Gaddafi has drawn international condemnation for his actions. President Barack Obama has insisted that Gaddafi must leave and said Washington was considering a full range of options, including the imposition of a "no-fly" zone over Libya. The storming of Zawiya, a city of

MANILA. Former Philippine president and hero of the 1986 popular People's Power revolt Fidel Ramos jumps during the 25th People Power anniversary celebration in Quezon City, Metro Manila, February 25, 2011. The late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was ousted on February 25, 1986 during a four-day popular People Power revolt that also installed into power the late President Corazon Aquino, the mother of current President Benigno Aquino.

have taken much of the country in the over two-week revolt and have repeatedly denied government claims they have lost towns. In an interview to French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, Gaddafi said he wanted the UN or the African Union to probe the Libyan crisis. "I want an investigation team of the UN or the African Union in Libya. We will allow the commission to go on the field without any hindrance," he said. Gaddafi said he favoured France "coordinating and leading" the investigative body. "France should have been the first to send a commission of inquiry. I hope that it will change its attitude towards us," he said. 68-year-old Gaddafi warned that the unrest in Libya would have serious consequences for Europe. "Thousands of people will invade Europe from Libya.

some 200,000 people just 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of Tripoli, began with a surprise dawn attack by pro-Gaddafi forces firing mortar shells and machine guns. "The number of people killed is so big. The number of the wounded is so big. The number of tanks that entered the city is big," the rebel in Zawiya said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he feared government reprisal. The rebels vowed to keep up the fight in the city. Witnesses who spoke to The Associated Press by telephone with gunfire and explosions in the background said the shelling damaged government buildings and homes.

Maoists join Nepal Cabinet, end stalemate

KATHMANDU: Nepal Prime Minister Jhalnath Khanal included four Maoists in his cabinet on Friday, ending we-eks of uncertainty over whether the former rebels would join his government or not. Khanal, who was elected Prime Minister a month ago after a seven-month political stalemate with the help of former Maoist rebels, administered the oath of office and secrecy to four Maoists at the presidential residence, Shital Niwas, in Kathmandu. Disagreements over the distribution of ministerial portfolios had delayed the formation of Khanal's cabinet. Krishna Bahadur Mahara was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Information. Top Bahadur Rayamajhi was appointed Minister for Physical Planning and Works, Barsha Man Pun was appointed Minister for Peace and Reconstruction and Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma was made the country's tourism minister. "Our party has joined the government. The main objective of the country is to write the constitution in time and to finalise the peace process. It is the government's main objective to create a consensus, keeping these two points in focus,'' a foreign news agency quouted Deputy Prime Minister Mahara, as saying. He added: "The next step is, we had entered into a sevenpoint deal with the government, which has become controversial. Despite that we are committed to create a consensus with the two priorities in mind.'' The government has until May 28 to finish drafting a new Constitution and resolve the fate of thousands of former Maoist soldiers who have been confined to camps since the end of the war.

Several fires sent heavy black smoke over the city, and witnesses said snipers shot at anybody on the streets, including residents on balconies. The rebels initially retreated to positions deeper in the city before they launched a counteroffensive in which they regained some ground, according to three residents and activists who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. By midafternoon, the rebels had reoccupied central Martyrs' Square while the pro-regime forces regrouped on the city's fringes, sealing off the city's entry and exit routes, the witnesses said. Members of the elite Khamis



Brigade, named for one of Gaddafi's sons who commands it, have been massed outside the city for days. The pro-Gaddafi forces then blasted Zawiya with artillery and mortar fire in late afternoon before the tanks and troops on foot came in, firing at buildings and people, witnesses said. Deputy foreign minister Khaled Qaid said "99 percent" of Zawiya is under government control. "The situation in Zawiya is quiet and peaceful right now," he said Saturday at a news conference. "We hope by tomorrow morning, life will be back to normal." The rebels fared better in the east, capturing the key oil port of Ras Lanouf on Friday night in their first military victory in a potentially long and arduous westward march from the east of the country to Gaddafi's eastern stronghold of Tripoli. Witnesses said Ras Lanouf, about 90 miles (140 kilometers) east of Sirte, fell to rebel hands on Friday night after a fierce battle with proregime forces who later fled. "Go to Tripoli!" one of the fighters yelled in English. Another brandished a bayonet, pointed to its blade and said: "I need head Gaddafi! Head Gaddafi I need!" An Associated Press reporter who arrived in Ras Lanouf Saturday morning saw Libya's red, black and green pre-Gaddafi monarchy flag, which has been adopted by the rebels, hoisted over the town's oil facilities.

Six dead as plane crashes in Russia during tests: Reports

MOSCOW: Six crew members, including at least two citizens of Myanmar, died when a plane they were testing crashed in central Russia, Russian news agencies reported. The bodies of six crew members were found after the AN-148 plane crashed around 130 kilometres (80 miles) from the city of Voronezh, the regional emergency ministry said, cited by the RIA Novosti news agency. At least two citizens of Myanmar were on board and the plane was undergoing tests prior to being sent to Myanmar, a source in Voronezh aircraft factory told RIA Novosti. "The plane had been tested for two weeks. This was its first flight today. It was being prepared for Myanmar. There were at least two Myanmar citizens on board and at least two Russians," the source said. The plane disappeared from the radar at 10:40am (0740 GMT), and a plane flying over the area later spotted a fire where it crashed, the source said. The AN-148, designed by Ukraine's Antonov factory, is a jet plane with a regional range that can be used for passengers and cargo.

Not a veiled threat: Burqa ban in France from April

PARIS: France will start enforcing a ban next month on full Islamic face veils, officials said, meaning any veiled woman can be summoned to a police station and asked to remove her face-covering or pay a fine. Officials say the law is mainly symbolic and police will not call in every veiled woman they see to avoid stigmatising Muslims. But a Paris imam said forcing veiled women to present themselves at a police station would be just as uncomfortable. When France passed the ban on full face veils last year, Muslim leaders voiced concern that it could lead to veiled Muslim

women being unfairly treated by police or singled out for harassment. "My gut reaction is to say this is all a bit clumsy," said Moussa Niambele, the imam of a mosque in Paris. The ban forbids wearing any garment concealing the face in a public space, namely the street, public transport, shops, schools, courtrooms, hospitals and government buildings. From April 11, police are instructed to summon veil-wearers to a station, where they will be asked to remove the garment for "identification" and leave it off. If the wearer refuses to remove it they will be fined up to $208.


No chance of Gulf style riots taking place : China



WikiLeaks suspect forced to sleep naked in prison

A woman walks across snow covered railway tracks in Belgrade, Serbia. Meteorologists predict heavy snowfall and sub zero temperatures in the Western Balkans throughout the week.

Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus' death in new book

VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict XVI has tackled one of the most controversial and critical issues in Christianity in a new book, making a sweeping exoneration of the Jewish people in the death of Jesus Christ. In " Jesus of Nazareth," excerpts of which were released today, Benedict uses a biblical and theological analysis to explain why there is no basis in truth to claims that Jews as a whole were responsible for Jesus' death. Interpretations to the contrary have been used for centuries to justify the persecution of Jews. While the Vatican has long echoed Benedict's conclusion, Jewish scholars said the argument laid out by the Germanborn pontiff, who has had his share of missteps with Jews, was significant and would help fight antiSemitism today.

BEIJING: Chinese government has dismissed chances of West Asia style revolution in the Communist nation, saying it has brought development to the masses, even as it has stepped up security to avert attempts by dissidents to stir up protests. Recent riots in the Middle East and North Africa will not be repeated in China as the government is doing a good job and taking people's demands seriously, Zhao Qizheng, spokesman, Chinese People's Political

WASHINGTON: The Army private suspected of giving classified US documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks was forced to sleep naked in a military jail at least once this week, the Marine Corps acknowledged on Friday after the soldier's lawyer complained. Commanders of the prison near Washington ordered all of Pfc Bradley Manning's clothing, including his boxer shorts, taken from him Wednesday night under provisions of the Navy Corrections Manual, which governs prisoner treatment, said 1st Lt Brian Villiard, a spokesman for the Marine Corps base. "It was a situationally

driven event but to go into detail about it would be inappropriate because it would violate the detainee's privacy," Villiard said. Col Thomas V Johnson, another spokesman, said the treatment was not punitive. Manning, a former intelligence analyst, is charged with aiding the enemy and 33 other offenses for allegedly stealing computer files of more than 250,000 confidential State Department cables, classified video of a deadly US helicopter attack and a raft of Iraq and Afghanistan war logs. The video and thousands of the documents have been published on

the WikiLeaks website. He was arrested in May and brought to Quantico July 29 from a detention facility in Kuwait. The Navy Corrections Manual permits clothing removal for prisoners who have threatened suicide or made a suicidal gesture, or for strip searches involving suspicion of a crime. Villiard said Manning hadn't been placed on suicide watch. The 23-year-old remains in maximum custody and on prevention-ofinjury status, designations that keep him confined alone 23 hours a day, and require removal of all clothing except his boxer shorts at night.

Consultative Conference (CPPCC), an advisory body told media. "Some media have said the problems in the Middle East will infect China, and that there have been such signals in China.I have said explicitly, with confidence, that such comparison is very absurd and does not match the facts," he was quoted in the official media here today. As for social problems such as surging housing prices and the deepening income gap between rich and poor, Zhao said the govern-

US examining 'full range of options' on Libya: Obama

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama said on Thursday he is examining the "full range" of military options, including a no-fly zone, if the revolt in Libya turns into a bloody stalemate and humanitarian disaster. Accusing Moammar Gaddafi of encouraging violence against his citizens, Obama again called on the Libyan leader to stand down for the go od of his country. "We are looking at every option that's out there, in addition to the non-military actions that we've taken. I want to make sure that those full range of options are available to me," he said. A no-fly zone, which US military leaders have warned would necessarily be preceded by US air strikes, "is one of the options that we would be looking at." Obama said he had authorized the use of US military aircraft to help move refugees who have fled the unrest in Libya, and was sending US teams to the Libyan border to help coordinate humanitarian aid efforts. "I don't want to be hamstrung," Obama said. "I want us to be making our decisions based on what's going to be best for the Libyan people, in consultation with the international community. "And we are doing that not just here in the United States within our own agencies, but we're also doing it in consultation with NATO," he told a White House news conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

US Army incorporates 'Putin Palace' sold for $350 million: Report yoga in training

WASHINGTON: The US Army has introduced yoga for the first time in its physical fitness regimen. The changes in its "combat readiness test" are being made as part of an overhaul of its fitness programme for the first time in 30 years, the Christian Science Monitor reported. The training will incorporate the elements of yoga and benefits of rest among other workouts. The new regimen, announced March 1, will be carried out in phases. "There have been all kinds of rumors about what this is and what it isn't. People have said, 'It's yoga-like, it's like Pilates' ... And frankly, it is all those things," the Monitor quoted Gen. Mark Hertling, deputy commanding general for initial military training at the US Army's Training and Doctrine Command, as saying. He pointed out that tough training leads to stress, fractures and other injuries. Hence, the new doctrine extols the virtues of breaks on long marches. This new training is a departure from how the army tests its soldiers. "We've only done push-ups, sit-ups and a two-mile run," for the past 30 years, said Hertling, but "none of those address the kinds of things soldiers are asked to do in combat". To address this issue, shuttle runs and long jumps have been added to the fitness programme, he said.

MOSCOW: A lavish holiday complex on Russia's southern Black Sea coast that has been linked to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been sold to a wealthy investor for around $350 million, a report said Thursday. Alexander Ponomarenko, the former owner of the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk, bought the complex for a sum close to $350 million (250 million euros) through a Cyprus-based company that he controls, he told Kommersant business daily. Whistleblower businessman Sergei Kolesnikov wrote an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev in December alleging that the Italianate villa was being built for Putin's "private use." An investigation by the liberal Novaya Gazeta found documents that linked the building in the Krasnodar region to the Russian government, although officials have denied this. Earlier this month, environmental activists were briefly detained at the complex and posted a video on the Internet showing that police and federal protection service officers

ment has made wise decisions, though they need time to show effect. "We are to build 10 million apartments in one year, can you hear about that in any other country around the world?" he asked adding that China plans to build 36 million government-subsidised apartments in the coming five years, including 10 million in 2011, so more apartments will be available for low-income residents. "So be relieved, that (the riots) will not happen," he said.

were guarding the construction site. The buyer of the complex, Ponomarenko, dismissed links to Putin as "rumours and journalists' fantasies" to Kommersant. He said he bought the complex from three owners after they asked him to invest because they had run out of money. Ponomarenko said that he bought the complex, which he described as a "holiday centre", from Nikolai Shamalov, a friend of Putin, and two of his partners. Kolesnikov told the newspaper he believed the sale of the complex, which is still being constructed, was a reaction to his open letter. He conceded that Ponomarenko bought it from the formal owners, but questioned where the money had come from to build the complex and extend infrastructure including roads. "The main question remains: where did the money come from for construction. Secondly, the purchase does not change the situation around infrastructure, which the state built at its own expense," he told Kommersant.

Frankfurt airport attack a jihadi act, says Germany

FRANKFURT: The suspect in the slaying of two US airmen at Frankfurt airport has confessed to targeting American military members, a German security official said on Thursday as investigators probed what they considered a possible act of Islamic terrorism. German federal prosecutors took over the investigation into Wednesday's shooting, which also injured two US airmen, one of them critically. They are working together with US authorities. Hesse state interior minister Boris Rhein said that the suspect, identified as a 21year-old ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, was apparently radicalized over the last few weeks. The attacker's family in Kosovo identified him as Arid Uka, whose family has been living in Germany for 40 years. The suspect opened fire on a busload of US airmen on their way from their base in England to serve in Afghanistan, said Marine Col Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman. Uka's family said he worked at Frankfurt airport and was a devout Muslim. He was taken into custody immediately after the shooting. There was disagreement Thursday between German and US officials whether the suspect may have had help. So far, German investigators thought he did not, but Americans were not ruling that out yet.


My first book: Fiji Diaspora


wrote my first book a few years ago motivated by my mentor Steve Manning author of “How to write a book in 14 Days.” FIJI DIASPORA is written in two parts. It is basically my memoir. This is the first part, which has a lot to do with my growing up in Fiji. Following an uproar in 1830s in the British Parliament against salary, British trading companies in India coined a new term ‘Indentured Laborer System’ to recruit collies for colonizing countries in Africa and the Pacific. Collies from various states of India were lured into what was promised as a five year work agreement (“girmit” in Fiji Hindi). By the time collies completed their “girmit”, many had lost contacts back home and many their will to go back. Born in Fiji’s second generation Indians, the descendants of the indentured laborers, I am part of the Fiji Indian Diaspora. Although I grew up in the final phase of the Colonial era and saw some of British, Australian and the New Zealanders work in Fiji in the Colonial Refining (CSR) company, the banking industry, the Lautoka Pineapple Factory and high-ranking government positions, I never felt any first hand experience of slave treatment. However, the presence of Whites was intimidating for the way

they were perceived and talked about by our people ( and the way they poised and positioned themselves). Because of the leadership positions the Whites occupied, their superiority was a conceded matter both by the Indigenous Fijians and the Fiji Indians. The situation gave rise to the presumption that they were superior people and deserved our highest respect , consideration and obedience. Like the more well-known Khans, the Shahs, the Singhs and the Sharmas, the Koyas also feature very prominently in the annals

of Fiji Islands. The book is not a biography nor does it pretend to be a history of the Koyas. However, I have deliberately hastened to write this small book ( taking time off from the editorial and graphic designing I am involved in with my monthly publication The Fiji Sun in San Francisco Bay Area for the past 15 years and another project on Introduction to Islamic Criminology ) intending it be very skeletal leaving wide enough gaps and voids for other writers to fill in. I hope it will help tempt other members of the Koya family to do justice to the subject where I have failed to do so. I must also admit that I am under pressure from my mentor and the publishers for another piece of work I have been working on for sometime - all of which are on hold right now. For two reasons, this book is not as comprehensive as I originally wanted it to be: One, the lack of resources and information due to the passage of time and two, the physical distance that I am at now (in San Francisco, USA) depriving me of a ready interaction with other family members who could have helped give me more details and depth to this book. As such, let’s settle for what can be seen as an abridged version.

Samisoni Speight Tikoinasau, says Fijians have had enough

A FORMER Fijian government minister will seek political asylum in Australia after he was arrested and allegedly beaten by soldiers in a crackdown on a growing internetled movement against coup leader and dictator Frank Bainimarama. Samisoni Speight Tikoinasau, who was in the cabinet of the deposed Qarase government, fled Fiji after being detained and allegedly interrogated for three days at Suva's Queen Elizabeth Barracks. Amnesty International and several sources, interviewed by The Australian, have reported an increase in violence and intimidation this year against opponents of the regime, which took power in 2006. MrTikoinasau, older brother of 2000-coup leader George Speight, who is serving a life sentence in Suva, was arrested after distributing an anti-regime DVD to villagers in his former electorate. The DVD was produced by a Canberra-based Fijian blogger, one of at least five anti-regime websites operated by former nationals, circumventing Commodore Bainimarama's censorship of the mainstream media. Minister of state for reform and public utilities under deposed prime ministerLaiseniaQarase, MrTikoinasau said there was a growing prodemocracy movement in Fiji, despite widespread fears of Commodore Bainimarama and his military. MrTikoinasau said opponents were relying on the internet in the face of the media crackdown, which included last year's forced sale of The Fiji Times by News Limited, publisher of The Australian. "It is similar to what is happening in the Middle East in that people are getting the message out about Bainimarama and to restore democracy," he said. "There is a growing opposition in the country and despite four years in power, his propaganda and control of the media, Bainimarama is still struggling to get popular support.

"People are suffering, the economy is in a bad way, there is corruption and they have had enough." MrTikoinasau, who was treated at a Brisbane hospital after he entered the country on a tourist visa, said he planned to apply for a protection visa in Australia. "I will be talking to Australian authorities about seeking political asylum; others from my country have had to do it," he said. "I will return to Fiji once democracy is restored." MrTikoinasau was arrested at his SDL party's Suva offices, which soldiers have since closed. The New Zealand branch of Amnesty International said last week that the Fijian regime had increased violence against opponents in recent weeks. Amnesty chief executive Patrick Holmes said it was possible the regime feared that internet-led uprisings in the Middle East could spread to the Pacific nation. "We've seen an escalation of the violence and intimidation that the Fijian authorities are using against their people,"Mr Holmes said on ABC's Radio Australia. "In think the people of Fiji, although there's no free press, of course, they still do have access to some press from relatives, and so on, abroad. "I think that it would not take a huge leap of imagination to think that maybe they'd like some of that in their own country and to get rid of of their own oppressor."

Ministry of Information, National Archives and Library Services of Fiji 

Vanua Vuda Thanks Taveuni Taukei Sawaieke Tevita Momoedonu says Taveunis loss became Vuda’s gain when the former President and Tui Vuda the late Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda left Taveuni to lead the people of Vuda. Mr Momoedonu, in delivering the eulogy of the Vanua of Vuda at the Jone Wesele Church at Viseisei Village, related that twice, the Tui Taveuni and his chiefly Nasuva clan, rejected the traditional request for Ratu Iloilos release from Taveuni. Ratu Iloilo was born and bred on Taveuni and it wasnt until he was 61-years-old that he joined his fathers people in Vuda. When he was nine-years-old, Ratu Iloilos mother Adi Melania Ciba was installed as the Tui Taveuni and when he was 16 his father became the Tui Vuda. In 1981 it was the decision of the Vanua of Vuda for a traditional



delegation to go to Taveuni to get Ratu Iloilo to come and live and be written in the Vola ni Kawa Bula of his fathers people in Vuda, Momoedonu said. We went twice and were rejected twice and the third time we were accepted and Ratu Iloilo came to live in Viseisei for the first time. They didnt want to give him up because he was their blood and was also marked to be the next King of Taveuni. Taveuni’s loss is our gain and for that we thank the Tui Taveuni for raising our great leader.” Ratu Iloilo ascended the Vuda throne in 1997 and led the people of Vuda till he passed at a ripe age of 90. He was entombed at the chiefly burial ground of Naburenivalu at around 2pm after a splendid state funeral that included the 21 gun salute farewell reserved for very senior military officials and presidents.

Mangal’s Profile



angal’s Market and Meat Distribution imports quality products from the South Pacific and other parts of the world and distributes these products to the U.S.A.. Our Mission Statement is simple: “To import and distribute quality food, meat, and seafood products at affordable prices”. Mangal’s is the Exclusive Importer and Distributor for many famous and iconic brand products from around the world. Mangal’s provides customers with their favorite goodies! Our company has been in business since 1984 in San Leandro, California and we continue to increase and expand our range of specialty products. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure quality and great taste. We credit our growth to our faithful customers all over the United States of America. Mangal’s provides good service with integrity and always looks forward to long business relationships with our customers. “For our Quality & Service we are well known in America.” Customers know they are getting quality products from us all the time. We own a Federal U.S.D.A. Meat Processing Plant Establishment #19103/P-19103. This ensures that our popular meat products are processed in a hygienically clean plant and meet all the strict regulations of the U.S.D.A. Our company is also U.S.D.A./FDA HACCP Certified and Food Safety & Handling Certified.


Robert K. Mangal of Koro, Fiji Islands and Sumita W. Mangal of Suva, Fiji Islands founded Mangal’s Company. They saw the need to cater to Fijians, Samoans, Tongas, North Pacific Islanders, Australians, and New Zealanders living in the United States of America. “After speaking to many people from the Pacific Region, a lot of them were missing and craving their favorite back home food

products”, says Robert. So the Mangal’s opened a corner store in 1984 with a mixture of American food products, some Polynesian foods, and some Indian groceries. They were blessed with good luck and their store was a success! As business grew and more people learned about the store, Robert and Sumita decided to import food, meat, and seafood products from their homeland of Fiji Islands, and then Australia and New Zealand. A few years later the company started to import food products from Asia and South America. Mangal’s Company then began wholesaling and distributing to other retailers and wholesalers in the United States, leading to the popularity of their products throughout the country. This is the foundation of one of the largest food importers and distributors in North America! Robert Mangal was born on a small island in Fiji. He received his education in business and accounting in Australia and New Zealand. After completing his education he returned to the Fiji Islands, where he became an auditor for a large Australian corporation, Carpenter Group. Robert comes from a family that has vast experience in the Pacific Region foods trade, as inter-island Traders. His family has been doing this in Fiji since the early 1900’s. Robert brings a lot of experience and knowledge about products from New Zealand, Australia, and the Fiji Islands. If you have any questions or comments about our products, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy your visit and favorite mouth watering goodies from Beautiful Clean Green New Zealand, Exotic Down Under Australia, Paradise Fiji Islands, Exciting South America, and Mesmerizing Asia. Sincerely, Mangal’s Co., LLC Managem



Arti Singh is Fiji Sun’s person of the month. She captured most votes in the Outdoor Adventures poll last month. An office administrator, Arti hails from Fiji and is an avid “hiking guide”.

People’s Profile


March-21 to April-20


June-22 to July-23

Try not to get hypersensitive or over react to other people’s comments. Sometimes you can just get yourself worked up about things that are not important. Try to give yourself some space to just wind down and be a bit more at peace if you possibly can. You may not have a practical plan of what your next move or should be.

The Moon is sitting at the highest point of your chart and clearly nudging you into being more protective of those around at work or out in the community. The more you give, the more everyone will think you are absolutely marvellous. You may find yourself being disappointed where joint finances and emotional relationships are concerned.

Don’t get unsettled if things are not going as you want. You will tend to react over-quickly to things. Balance is what you are aiming for, though you may be swinging to extremes. Having a close partner is vital to your September-24 confidence. You are in a blissfully romantic mood, looking for love but to you may be perplexed as lovers turn October-22 out to be weaker.



December-23 to Januar-20

This is a good day to retreat into a private place, preferably at home. So much the better, if you can manage to take the day off, put your feet up and wrap yourself around a warm teddy bear. But even if you’re at work, you need some kind of protective niche where you’re pushing away awkward people, hassles and hustle.


April-21 to May-20


July-24 to August-23


October-23 to November-22


January-21 to February-19

If you’re around others, you’ll end up being subjected to their demands so give yourself permission to go off and do what you want to do for yourself. You’ll be surprised in the quiet moments how inspiration suddenly hits you about things that seemed to have no answer. Regard setbacks at work as learning lessons now. There may be messages coming in from abroad. You’re thinking about loftier subjects, whether it’s philosophy, religion, education or politics. You need an escape route from restrictive chores. You want pals around you and nothing intense will do. Neptune can bring in spiritual connections, or links with creative companions. Other people may be demanding quite a lot of you, so watch you don’t end up feeling resentful. Having to fit in all the time with other people’s plans and orders can be a bit of a bore. Do what makes you feel virtuous, but don’t let other people push you too much. You will not find it easy to bring emotional differences into the open. If you could stand back a little at the moment and be a bit more sensible about things, it really would help enormously. You may have trouble coming to a deeper self knowledge about yourself but it is crucial that you do. Every person you meet seems to give you different feedback, or bring out a different strand of your personality.


May-21 to June-21


August-24 to September-23


November-23 to December-22


February-20 to March-20



You may be dashing around 16 different people, trying to sort out what they think about this or that, and getting confused. But at the end of it all you will be able to come to your own judgements. Then when the moment comes, you’re ready to decide what’s going to work for the future, and that’s where you should commit your energy. Your emotional responses will be more intense for a couple of days. Important, influential or strong minded people will be drawn into your orbit, but you need to tread softly, and not say everything you feel or think. Where your health is concerned, you are becoming much more interested in alternative medicine and herbal remedies. You want to be flamboyant and exuberant, to be in the spotlight. Clearly not a day to be keeping your feelings to yourself. So go flirt, have fun, play games with loved ones. Forget routine chores and duck out if you feel an order coming your way. This may be a difficult time to keep secrets since they seem to slide out into the open. Money and security are the main things on your mind for a brief spell. So push yourself to do the paperwork. Once you have that organised, not only will you feel better, you’ll be able to spend with a clear conscience. Watch for a tendency to become too escapist, looking for ways out of the boring, practical details of your everyday world.

Could the colour of your bedsheet affect



ave you ever imagined that the bed sheet on which you sleep each night could play a significant role in your relationship? Moreover, different colours and designs of bed sheets hold different meanings in terms of relationship. Vaastu advises us to keep in mind the following things while choosing the colour and design of bed sheets: Apart from other factors, bed sheet also play a vital role in a husband-wife relationships. A couple should choose pink, white, cream or light coloured bed sheets for building a base for a stronger relationship and to increase the flow of love in their lives. Big flower prints on the bed sheets are considered to be auspicious. A neat and clean design over the bed sheet leads to a healthy and smooth relationship between husband and wife and results in a blissful married life. If a person’s marriage is getting delayed, he should start using red or pink coloured bed sheet with prints of roses. Always spread a clean and washed bed sheet on your bed and avoid using those which are torn.



Takeaways from Vegas: Everyone wins


Great soccer fans pose for FIJI SUN picture.

This is certainly a seldomuttered phrase, but it is sincere. After a week in Las Vegas, we're sad to be leaving. Talk about epic proportions! The USA 7s was a thrilling international rugby event on American soil with a robust crowd to soak it all in. The teams on the HSBC Sevens World Series put on a show for a live American television audience, who watched the entire unprecedented event on NBC and Universal Sports. Add two days of sunshine, and at least for those who made it to Sam Boyd Stadium this weekend, everyone in Las Vegas was a winner. The final day held plenty of drama for the 25,000 fans in attendance. The Cup final was a fastpaced thriller, as South Africa and Fiji both appeared in their first title game of the Series. Fiji was amazing against New Zealand in the semifinal, but may not have had left anything in the tank for the last match. Fijian coach Tanivula may regret playing injured scrumhalf EmosiVucago, who could not manage to make tackles with only one good arm. But the real story of this final game and the tournament was the inspiring play of Cecil Afrika for the Springboks. The tiny South African flyer played like a giant, having just returned from a broken jaw. Clearly drained after willing his team to their first Cup trophy this year, little Afrika wept after the final whistle.

The USA shook off a plague of injuries and the disappointment of unmet expectations to lift the Shield trophy after taking out its frustrations on Japan in the final. Despite entering this home tournament with eyes on a larger prize, the Americans finished well. But Coach Caravelli will have to work some magic in the interim before the Hong Kong 7s, as injuries and inconsistent play have weakened the squad. Scotland finished with a deserved Bowl victory after they took down upstart Canada. The Maple Leafs had played well on Day 2, beating their cross-border rivals, USA, then downing mercurial

France to make the final. But they lost their mojo in the last match when they faced the boys wearing the Thistle. Scotland was a touch better in this tight match, as Canada squandered a last-second opportunity to score the game winner from five meters out. Samoa was too much for Kenya in the Plate final. A fortuitous match-up, both teams were backed by the loudest fans in the stadium, which added to the atmosphere until the bitter end. Samoa looked more like the team that won the Cup in Vegas last year with a show of overwhelming power. The good news for Kenya despite the loss was that Collins Injera was back to his sensationa

Sydney Ba all class in Cup victory

The jubilant Sydney Ba side after demolishing NZ Ba 2-0 for the SM Singh Memorial Cup. Former Fiji and Suva rep ShalenLal fisted the air in jubilation after guiding his Sydney Ba side to a 2-0 win over New Zealand Ba in a tough final of the 12th SashiMahendra Singh Memorial over 35s soccer tournament at Mangere Centre Park Sports Stadium on Monday. Laced with former Fiji district reps in Luke Tavuyara and ArifAzam Khan, the Sydney Ba side scored first through Sachindra Kamal [Pule] after he carved his way through a lazy NZ Ba side for an early lead with the game barely five minutes into the first half. Close to the 2500 fans converged at the Mangere Sports Stadium during the fiveday tournament and were entertained to good quality soccer. ShalenLal was the kinpin for the Sydney Ba side and worked tirelessly with midfield maestro ArifAzam Khan and proved to be an able leader. Lal played a commanding role in the midfield combining well with Arif and threaded quality through passes for his strike force that proved to be a thorn in the opposition danger zone. Pauliasi Singh and Dheeraj Singh played well in defence and were quick to defuse any attacks that came at random from

former Fiji reps and now Wellington based PoasaTubuna and SakeoVolavou. The Sydney Ba side kept the pressure on and after a good set move from the flanks, Lal followed through the scored the second mid way in the first half. NZ Ba had a chance to get back into the game after the referee awarded a penalty but the most valuable player of the tournament Shalen Nair shot sailed over the cross bar. Both teams went to the breather with Sydney Ba leading 2-0. The tempo of the final picked up in the second half and some good interchange of play in

the midfield by Ashraf Bhamji and AtishSwamy from the NZ Ba side had the opposition working overtime in defence. First Choice Sydney Ba keeper Luke Tavuyara sustained a injury while saving a half volley from SakeoVolavou and had to be replaced by Sachindra Kamal mind way in the second half. Sydney Ba captain ShalenLal said they faced tough opposition and it was never going to be an easy match. "It was indeed good feeling to be playing against former Fiji and district reps and NZ Ba was a very good side," said Lal. “This was one quality tournament and really

suited the title of being the first to be held at the New Centre Park Mangere Stadium.� The SM SINGH cup has now travelled evenly overseas with it going across the Tasman five times, once to Fiji and has remained in NZ for six occasions. The NZ teams will now have to work hard to go one up next year. In the semi finals NZ Ba beat a strong Sydney combined side featuring LorimaBatirerega, IsikeliSeva, LivaiDuguca and JopeLomu 1-0 , through a goal by Arafat Bhamji while Sydney Ba pipped NZ Lautoka 1-0 in the second semi-final.


QF 1 Hamilton 0 Vs Sydney Combine 2 QF 2 NZ Ba 1 Vs NZ Nadi 0 QF 3 Sydney Nadi 0 Vs Lautoka Blues 1 ET QF 4 Sydney Suva 0 Vs Sydney Ba 2 ET SF 1 Sydney Combine 0 Vs NZ Ba 1 SF 2 Lautoka Blues 0 Vs Sydney Ba 1 For their fine effort Sydney Ba walked away with the S M Singh Cup, $4000 cash and Gold Medals while NZ Ba were rewarded with the S M Singh Runner Up Trophy $1500 and silver medals. In the Billy Singh Memorial Cup Over 40s Tournament, defending champions Hamilton lost the title to a determined Sydney Nalawa BV [Black Virus] by 1 -0.


Tomato Couscous




Vegetable broth: 50ml; Couscous: 40gm; Piquant peppers: 30gm; Tomato puree: 20gm; Extra virgin olive oil: 3 tbs; Cherry tomatoes: 40gm; Finely chopped fresh basil leaves: 10gm; Parsley: 10gm; Salt: to taste; Pepper: to taste; Roasted walnuts: 20gm; Roasted almonds: 20gm; Caper berries: 5gm; Kalamata olives: 20gm.


In a small pot, bring the broth to a boil with tomato puree. Stir in couscous. Remove from heat and cover. Let it cool. Fluff with fork; set aside. In a large bowl, combine cooked couscous, piquant peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. Toss to combine. Divide into four small portions. Toss one portion with almonds, second with walnuts, third with kalamata olives and the fourth with just extra virgin olive oil. Serve warm or at room temperature.



here's no doubt that the single dish that's caught the world's fancy over the past decade has been sushi. You get sushi now on the menu from Bora Bora to Beirut. It's easy to eat, reasonably healthy and can please all tastes. And modern sushi, with its focus on presentation and introduction of exotic ingredients, is helping win more and more converts.

Molecular gastronomy

The whole concept of molecular gastronomy has fired up chefs and diners worldwide. Fathered by Ferran Adria of El Bulli, talented chefs everywhere break food down to its elements and then play with texture, taste to recreate dishes in unimaginable new ways. Love it or hate it, no trend has captured the imagination like this since the birth of nouvelle cuisine.

Asian influences

This decade, the world woke up to the delicious flavours of the Orient. Chefs everywhere started trying to understand our spices and then incorporating these in their food. This is particularly true of Australia and other areas with sizeable immigrant populations.



 1 cup rice  2 cup water  2 cups of cut vegetables (cauliflower florets, carrot, potatoes and green peas)  1 large onion  3-4 cardamoms  1/2 tsp red chilli powder  1 small piece of cinnamon 2-4 cloves  4 tsp cooking oil  1 tsp salt


 Wash and soak the rice for an hour, drain and keep aside.  Chop the onion finely and cut the potatoes and carrot into small pieces.  Heat oil in a pan and fry the onions till golden brown, add all the vegetables, cinnamon, cloves and cardamoms.  Saute for 2-3 minutes, add little water and cook till the potatoes and peas are half cooked.  Then add the drained rice, salt and red chilli powder. Mix well. Add two cups of water and boil. When the water starts boiling, reduce the flame and cover and cook till the rice is done.  You can also garnish the pulao with ghee roasted cashew nuts.


Spaghetti (boiled): 160 gm, Fresh cream: 180 ml, Spinach leaf: 80 gm, Olive oil: 1 tbsp, Chopped garlic: 1/2 tsp, Chopped onion: 1/2 tsp, Salt: 1/2 tsp, Fresh basil: 2 gm, Grated parmesan cheese: 25 gm, Butter: 1 tsp


 Heat saucepan and add olive oil and chopped garlic and onion.  Saute' garlic-onion lightly and add fresh cream till thick.  Then add boiled spaghetti, toss it in cream.  Add trim and washed shredded spinach leaves.  Finish with grated parmesan cheese, fresh basil and butter.  Add salt as per taste and serve immediately.  Garnish with parmesan cheese and sprig of fresh parsley.




ow you can choose a perfect recipe for every thing – whether you are trying to get rid of a hangover or to boost your mood. Dietician Dalhia Campbell has suggested that roasted vegetable with cheese and rocket on wholemeal bread works best for hangovers. "The combination of the slow-release carbohydrates in the bread and the protein and calcium in the cheese will keep your blood-sugar levels more stable so you'll feel less tired and irritable," The Sun quoted Campbell as saying "The vegetables can help top up your potassium and sodium, reducing cravings for salty snacks," she added. Sardines, excellent sources of


Pulao in a jiffy

Flavours that ruled



omega-3 fatty acids are proven to aid concentration. Sesame seed bagel with Edam works best for healthy bones and teeth, she says. "Bright, colourful fruit and vegetables such as beetroot are packed with antioxidants to keep your immune system fully charged," she adds. If you

want to avoid feeling bloated, have a tuna sandwich. And lean beef with chilli sauce on seeded wholegrain will uplift your mood. Avocado, roasted Mediterranean vegetables and spinach in a wrap is full whack of antioxidants - in particular vitamin E - to boost skin

and health, according to Dalhia. Tinned salmon in spring water with salad on oatmeal bread works best for a healthy heart and for sport enthusiasts, peanut butter and banana on halfand-half bread should do the trick. "Taken an hour before, it will help fuel your exercise, or taken within 30 minutes afterwards it will help repair your muscles." Peanut butter is high in healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats, as well as protein, which further helps to repair muscles.


Makes 30 glasses          

4.8 litres red wine 1.2 litres water 2 litres fresh orange juice Peeled zest from 12 oranges 40 gms cloves 45 gms deseeded orange pulp 45 gms star anise 80 gms cinnamon sticks 250 gms sliced fresh ginger 1.3 kg brown sugar


Place all these ingredients in a pan onto a medium heat then bring to a slow simmer. Simmer for 10 minutes. Turn off, cover and infuse for 15 minutes, then strain.




Fiji Legal Forum Fiji community’s own Attorney at Law MS. SHAAMINI BABU, ESQ

Guest Speaker will answer all your questions on career opportunities in legal fields in USA! Plus more! Weekes Library, Patrick Ave., Hayward, CA

SAT. MARCH 12, 2011 1.00 PM SHARP




The Islamic Scholarship Fund Accepts Applications for the 2011-2012 Academic Year.

DEADLINE March 21st, 2011 Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF) is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization that provides academic scholarships to Muslim students in the United States who pursue college and post graduate degrees in humanities, social sciences, liberal arts and law. Mission : ISF's mission is to address the problem that Muslims are underrepresented in the fields of studies and occupations that make public policy and influence public opin-


Apply Now!

ion. We aim to bring about long term change by providing academic scholarships for students in the fields of humanities, social sciences, liberal arts and law in order to encourage and support the future Muslim lawyers, politicians, writers, journalists, film makers and academicians of the society. Program Description and Eligibility: ISF accepts online applications once a year starting in January for a period of three months.

Scholarships are awarded to Muslim students who have been accepted to four-year colleges and universities in the US. Applicants must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements: 1. Muslim; 2. Majoring in humanities, social sciences, liberal arts, or law; 3. Citizen or permanent resident of US; 4. Minimum 3.4 grade point average;

5. College junior standing or above; 6. Active member of his or her community. Selection Process: ISF's Selection Committee which is composed of university professors, non-profit organization leaders and community members with years of experience in the academic and non-profit world review and score applications from April to June. Applicant finalists with the highest score are scheduled for

web-based video interview during the month of July. Final selections are made and all applicants are notified during the first week of August. Award Distribution: Scholarships ranging from $1000$10,000 will be awarded during the second week of August. With certain exceptions, ISF's policy is to send checks directly to an applicant's university. Exceptions can be made if the awards affect the applicant's financial status.

How to Apply : ISF's application submission system is now paperless. Please visit our website at http://islamicscholarshipfund.or g/apply.asp to apply for a scholarship. With the new system students will be given a username and password to login and to upload their application, essay, transcript and letters of recommendations. Providers of recommendation letters will be given a link to upload requested letters of recommendations.

ISF will accept applications through March 21st, 2011. |

Please visit us at for more information. You can email us at or call us at 650-995-6782 (M-F 9am-6pm PST).

Islamic Scholarship Fund






Spine Center Wellbrook

October, 2010

Chiropractic & Massage


New Patient Special !!! Complete Chiropractic Examination plus X-ray if needed and a report of our finding.

for only $19.00 (Reg. $299).

100% of the proceeds will be donated to


Phone : 510-582-7418 Fax : 510-582-7244 To aid the victims of the Flooding!





Kalikas celebrate 50th Anniversary in Bay Area 





20 Year poineer Fiji publication ins SFO BAY AREA.

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