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He never gave up on ... Bipasha Basu seems to have developed a taste for scary films. After Raaz 3, she is now busy filming what she calls a “supernatural psychological thriller” titled Aatma. Incidentally, how Bipasha...


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Kirtan samelan in Sacramento

This annual program was supported by Paper Clips Tax Inc., Roger Pravin of Honda of Hayward and several competing groups.( More pictures and announcement on photo gallery page -18)


Modi as PM candidate in 2014 Ahmedabad /New Delhi : In a new twist to the internal tussle within the BJP over its leadership ahead of the next general election, senior leader Sushma Swaraj for the first time endorsed Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as a possible candidate for prime minister. Support from Swaraj, the head of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, is significant because she is herself seen as a frontrunner for the mantle and has in the past only given lukewarm support to Modi. She told reporters on Modi’s campaign trail in Vadodara that the Gujarat strongman, who is seeking his third term at the helm of the state, is “a competent and proper leader to be the prime minister of India”. Swaraj has never spoken openly about the possibility of Modi for the top slot, let alone endorse his candidature. In fact, two years ago, she had said, “Modi’s magic and charisma have worked in Gujarat but it is not necessary that everybody’s magic works at every place.” Her latest statement has come a week after her counterpart in the Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, had said, "since so many leaders have campaigned in Gujarat, it indicates that the entire BJP is behind Modi. We are


Investing in Our Future


ddressing this budget session Fiji’s Prime Minister said: “ It is my task today as your Prime Minister and Minister for Finance to present to you the 2013 Budget. Next year will long be remembered as the year that Fiji made a bold investment in its future. For today, I am announcing a budget that decisively tackles some vital areas of need in our nation and especially one of its biggest challenges – the state of our roads. Only by an ambitious spending initiative can we overcome our greatest infrastructure problem and

one of the biggest barriers to Fiji’s economic development. So we will do a lot more to fix our roads by increasing our nati nal deficit - from 1.9 per cent to 2.8 per cent . Yes, it is an increase. But it is not reckless spending. It is a

focused and disciplined approach to building the nation’s economic capacity. It is a long-term investment in infrastructure that will bear fruit for us in greater productivity. It is a responsible way to solve a long-acknowledged problem, and every Fijian knows that it is necessary. We intend to build on my Government’s proud record of service delivery to the Fijian people- not only in roads but in a host of other areas that have been neglected for far too long. Ordinary people will see a difference. This budget will affect every household.


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Avenge Kasab death in a month ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani Taliban faction has claimed that its fighters were holed up in Amritsar and Hyderabad to carry out attacks to avenge 26/11 convict Ajmal Kasab's execution last week. "We will avenge the death of Ajmal Kasab on Indian soil within a month,'' Ahmed Marwat, a spokesman for Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan's Jundullah group told the TOI from an undisclosed location on Wednesday. "His death will not go waste. (Our) group has a number of fighters in Amritsar and Hyderabad Deccan, who will soon take revenge of Ajmal Kasab. With the death of one Kasab, scores of his other comrades are ready for martyrdom.'' Marwat spoke in what seemed like Pashto language's tribal accent spoken in Pakistan's tribal northwest bordering Afghanistan. The region has long been an al-Qaida and Taliban safe haven. The fresh threat comes days after another Taliban faction threatened to avenge Kasab's hanging by "striking Indian targets anywhere". The Pakistani state and minority Muslim sects — Shiias and Sufis — have so far been the group's prime targets.








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Fiji Idol show critique


H. Koya (PhD)

Had the best female judge, super star, best radio voice with largest listener base, a renowned musician and rated top Hindi singer in Fiji

have always maintained a very low profile in all my appearances and interactions with you and the FANA members as a whole. So, before I begin to comment or analyse the Fiji Idol 2012 event, allow me to introduce myself briefly to justify the fact that I do possess the merits to postmortem a musical event. The following are my achievements and these would ONLY be those that are relevant to the music field: •Been in the music field for over 25 years, starting in the 1980's. •Was the lead vocalist and compere for 2 leading bands in Fiji namely "The Gurus" and "LehrenSargam" and currently for "The Fijianz" in Modesto. •I was trained (informally) under the guidance of a very well known musician Mr Krishna Murti who has immense knowledge both in Pop and Calssical music. •Done numerous stage, party and wedding performances in Ghazals, Kirtans and Bhajans. •Our band "The Gurus" won the most prestigious Musical Award in fiji "The Vakalutuivoce Musical Award" for the song "BahotPyarKarteHai" sung by me. •Served as a Board Member of the Fiji Indian Cultural Center, Suva Branch. •Organized countless number of musical events for both the bands. •Personally carried out all sound related tasks for these bands - from tuning of instruments to hooking up the sound system, toning and balancing. •Worked with well known recording engineers like Jiten and ArunChakravorty from SPR to record and mix live and studio recordings. •Been a Preacher (Parchaarak) of my religion for over 13 years before I migrated to the USA. The list could go on but I choose to stop here assuming that this will give me enough credibility to move forward with my analysis of the said event. My comments would be on the basis of my

personal experience, my observations throughout the whole event and the feedback I got from some of my fellow participants and members of the audience. Let me begin by saying that I sincerely honor and applaud the noble cause for which FANA was brought into existence and greatly value the Mission Statement and the Commitments laid down by those who founded it. Sadly, as evident by the "Fiji Idol 2012" event, the underlying current of the activities and the chain of events that lead to it all point in the opposite direction then that of the commitments made by the founders. The following questions and issues need to be looked into with a view to verify them, respond to them and resolve them to regain the respect and admirations of those who support the cause. 1. There was no respect and recognition shown towards the participants at the entrance foyer. I stood there for more than 20 minutes as they could not let me in because I did not have a ticket until someone came with a participant list and verifications were made. No form of greeting or handshake by the Fiji Idol Chairperson even though he saw me standing there on several occasions. 2. What criteria, if any, other than that of being a RJ, a vocalist and having a close acquaintance and interaction with the Fiji Idol Chairperson, were used in the selection of judges? I had a telephone conversation with Steve where he assured me that all judges were qualified and were from India and none of them were from the penal of judges from previous Fiji Idol events. He lied to me. 3. One of the judges who was from the previous penal was doing a medley of 3 songs with the live band at a fundraiser at the Golden Peacock few months back. She lost track of the pitch and beat when moving on to the second song and after a few tries of

getting the act together she failed and simply handed over the microphone to the band to carry on with the rest of the program. This is the same judge who was sitting with my 2 CD's when I mysteriously lost them just prior to my performance last year and she did not hand them over even after several announcements were made until I took stage to perform. If Steve didn't lie to me and had I known that she would be one of the judges I wouldn't have taken part at all. I take it as an insult to be judged by the same person. 4. Towards the end of the program Steve commended the judges and posed a question to the audience as "What do you think. Did the judges do a good job and shall we book them for the next event?" The resonance from the back half of the hall was "NO" but still he went ahead and announced their placement for next year. Isn't this a blatant mockery of the selection system? 5. Why was there a gender discrimination in the judges penal? 6. These same judges were seen sharing tables and mingling with Vishal's supporters. 7. In the same telephone conversation (mentioned in item 2 above), Steve told me that this time we had some talented singers from the Bay Area and that he was training them. He said the same thing to another participant. Why, as an organizer, did he show personal interest in some participants?. Isn't this pointing towards some form of nepotism and as a result creating a prejudice on his part? 8. Steve was giving an unqualified piece of advice to the participants by saying that a lot emphasis will be placed on "SUR" and went on further to define SUR by saying that it means "how you say the words" and the judges nodded in agreement. Well Steve, what you were talking about is correct pronunciation of words or "ShabdUcchaaran" which has nothing to do with SUR. He said the same

thing last year as well. For your information "SUR" or SWAR" means "the musical notes of a composition pertaining to the level of sound of those notes and also maintaining the scale of that composition". The question is, should he be misleading participants at a point where their performance is going to be judged? 9. All the judges pointed out that my tracks were of poor quality - it was noisy and muffled. I agree with them because I could not get the feel of the rhythm (beat counts and cycles) as I was performing and that had a terrible effect on my timing. What I cannot understand is that I used the same CD and track at the Fiji Festival 2012 in Hayward and there was nothing wrong with the quality. Archana was present there and she enjoyed the song and personally acknowledged it to me. I practiced on the same tracks for months and played them on different systems and found nothing wrong with them. Do you think that I would have put all my experience to risk by playing a lousy track. The question is - How did this happen? I have my own theory on it but wish not to point a finger at anyone. The same thing happened to a few other participants. 10. The way I see it is that this event was designed and tailored for the Bay Area participants. Ideas were pre-conceived, stage was set and the plan was rolled out to produce desired results. This is surprisingly evident by the slogan used in the Fiji Idol 2012 poster as it appears below. It clearly says right at the top of the poster "BAY AREA WHOSE NEXT???". We, the outsiders, were merely used to fill in the positions to reach a certain decent number of participants. We spent hundreds of dollars in entry fees (self), tickets (family & friends) and travelling expenses not to mention the time, effort, sacrifices and other misc. costs involved in the preparation of the contest.

Where were Fiji community’s top singers? Where they no good for judges? You must be kidding!


conclusion I must say that all this happened in your watch, MrRauf, and I can only see 2 facts here: Fact 1 - You knew nothing about all these and therefore were taken for a ride - if this is true then it casts a bad reflection on your leadership. Fact 2 - you were fully aware (as you should be) of the plans and the nitty gritty details of the affairs that were taking place and those that were going to take place. In either case, the full responsibility is yours.

I truly appreciate the kind and generous gesture of the sponsors for their continued support to FANA without whom such huge undertakings would not be possible. However, I humbly request all the sponsors to find a way to see that your contributions are utilized to promote the true spirits of the values of the organization. Since your names are associated with such programs in a big way, the onus is on you to make sure that no illconceived motives are being financed with your $$$'s. I am deeply hurt and

disappointed by what I witnessed and went through at this prestigious event. I regret having participated in it and WILL NO LONGER PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF YOUR EVENTS HENCEFORTH. I WILL DISCOURAGE ALL ASPIRING AND POTENTIAL PARTICIPANTS FROM OUTSIDE OF BAY AREA TO PARTICIPATE AS WELL. I wrote this not at a personal but a professional level. However, if any of the recipients wishes to take it at a personal level then it is your discretion and you are entitled to it.








O'Connor: Fiji needs more women firefighters FIJI needs more women to join the fire force, says the National Fire Authority. NFA's chief executive officer John O'Connor made the comment while hosting the seven recipients of the Fiji Children's Award to afternoon tea on Saturday. Mr O'Connor was humbled by the interest shown from the children, including two females, in joining the force. "It is encouraging to see young people eager to join the NFA," he said. "It would also be encouraging to see more women join the force." Mr O'Connor revealed there were only 10 women firefighters in Fiji. He said only one, 25year-old Rokowati Koroidelaiverata was based in Suva. "There are much bigger reasons now to join NFA. "We now offer other services like emergency, road and industry rescue, and even ambulance services. The opportunities are countless.




Style Fiji raises 125K THE Project Bula Mai 2012 Style Fiji Show was hailed a great success with about $120,000 raised at the Sheraton Fiji Resort on Saturday night. Organising committee chairman Adrian Soffield said the event was bigger and better organised compared to last year and promised even a better show next year. Mr Soffield said the committee was overwhelmed at having exceeded its target of $100,000 that would be used for the renovation of the Nadi Hospital. "As an organisation, we are pleased that this whole event was very well supported by the local community," he said. "It takes a lot of time and lot of effort and commitment to raise funds and also to secure sponsors. "We believe we have raised over $125,000 which is beyond our expectation and it's amazing to see how people have

responded." Mr Soffield also thanked overseas models and sports personalities who accepted the invitation to be part of this year's show. He also gave a special vote of thanks to Australian Rugby League legends Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler who were star attractions during the glitz and glamour event. "We thank Brad and Andrew for being our key guests. They are well-known people and we have other people in the fashion field like Australian model Rochelle Fox and other celebrities from New Zealand and the Cook Islands and just a whole range of people that made this show such a success and it's very satisfying for our committee." Mr Soffield also said the involvement of local fashion advocates and former Hibiscus Festival celebrities also contributed to the event's success. "The local models

and some former queens raising $17,000 on the catwalk was a remarkable feat. "It's just amazing that we have these young girls wearing incredible colours and spotting very modern designs, it's a fantastic effort by our local designers who have a lot of talent in their choice of fabric and the way they put them together," he said. Mr Soffield said talks were in progress to make the fashion show an annual event with the main objective of raising funds for the renovation of Nadi Hospital. "Certainly the show is becoming a major function. "We have just planned on what to do next year. Last year it was our first year and this year was much bigger and just fantastic. "I thank my committee and the Ministry of Health who have given Project Bula Mai two seats in the board of directors for the Nadi Hospital,

A dress that fits every season and walk of life.

New lease of life Investment Fiji shares optimism

BORN with heart ailments, Setaita Raulu and Josaia Masivou will soon have a new lease of life after Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation sent them to India over the weekend for a heart operation. The two children, aged 7 and 12 from Labasa, departed on Saturday evening accompanied by their mothers and Doctor Maryanne Kora'ai from the Labasa Hospital. Doctor Shanita Sen, president of Fiji College of General Practitioners Children's Heart

Foundation, said four children were scheduled for the operation but the other two could not make it as they were not fit for travel. "It is a milestone achievement for our partnership today since we have been able to help save and improve the lives of over 68 children who otherwise may not have made to this life and made productive contributions," she said. "The Fiji College of General Practitioners Children's Heart Foundation (FCGPCHF) in

association with Vodafone ATH Foundation is proud to assist children suffering with heart disease and conditions not correctable in Fiji. "We are sending these children to cardiac specialists in India at a world renowned hospital which provide very high quality care to our children and we are committed to the care of children of Fiji to give them a healthy future and will continue to assist families and children suffering with serious heart disease," Dr Sen said.

INVESTMENT Fiji says an increase in the number of projects registered over the past three years was indicative that government policies to enticing foreign investment were working. This was the message from IF's Lautoka regional office manager Diane Reddy to participants at the Lautoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Bank of the South Pacific Business forum on Saturday. "The Western Division and especially Lautoka and Nadi continue to be where most investors are attracted

to and where they choose to establish businesses and in the process create employment," she said. "If you look at the period from 2008 to 2011 our rate of implementation of foreign investment projects has gone up. "And if you look at foreign investment projects by region, the Western Division has recorded the highest number to date." Ms Reddy said the success of government's investor friendly policies could best be measured by the increasing number of businesses setting up shop

in the sugar city. "If you look at the statistics for Lautoka, it is important to note where our investors are coming from. "Our traditional investors continue from Australia and New Zealand but a very interesting trend has emerged over the last two years where we have seen more projects being registered by investors from China, India and Korea. "If you look at the Lautoka region, wholesale and retail, transport, storage and communication and tourism rate the highest in 2012 registered projects.





PM extols Fiji art project in UK PRIME Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has commended the great progress on the Fijian Art Project in Britain. Commodore Bainimarama visited the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (MAA) early this week at Cambridge University in Britain and was briefed by the curator on the progress of the Fijian Art Project. He is also the Minister

for iTaukei Affairs and National Archives. The collaborative three-year project began this year. Stakeholders including the Fijian government aim to unlock the potential of the outstanding collections of Fijian art, material, culture and associated photographs and archives held in museums in the Britain. The bulk of these Fijian collections had never been displayed nor had they ever been thoroughly

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama poses with some artefacts at the Cambridge University with Dr Anita Herle, the curator of the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and Dr Lucie Carreau, a post doctoral research assistant


work on tight budget in 2013 The Water Authority of Fiji will be working on a tight budget next year. Its only been allocated one hundred and ten million dollars for next year. It had initially asked for 118 million dollars and the cut is being accepted by W.A.F CEO Opetaia Ravai who says, they’re not the only ones. Despite this, the Wateer Authority is determined to do all it can within its means for water and sewerage. Its targets for next year are to get as many people connected to its new sewerage reticulation,

increase the capacity of treatment plants – take extra load of increasing population and development, get sewer and waste water treated before disposal, reduce water loss, regulate water pressure and reduce intermittant water supply. “we started i think close to fourty a num-

ber of areas around fiji that suffered intermittant supply.we progressively reduce this now to the lower thirties so there’s still a long way to go. “the infrastructure is already there its basically getting the water to them is a struggle at the moment because of the demand and zoning not done well in the past”. The Water Authority has invested heavily in modernising its monitoring systems…..however it has no plans to expand its work force saying its comfortable with the current numbers.

Fiji unions to form their own political party


ne of Fiji's two peak union bodies has announced it will form its own political party and stand at the elections scheduled for 2014. Fiji unions to form their own political party (Credit: ABC) The Fiji Trades Union Congress has had an increasingly tense relationship with the Fiji Labour Party in recent years, and there was talk of breaking away earlier this year. But speaking from an international trade union meeting in Su\ydney, FTUC President Daniel Urai has confirmed to Bruce Hill that the new party will be formed, with details to be announced in two weeks time. Interviewer: Bruce Hill Speaker:Daniel Urai, President of the Fiji Trades Union Congress URAI: Looking into the announcement that there will be an election, the trade union movement is moving towards organising its own political party to stand up for the elections. HILL: Are you talking about the trade unions in Fiji organising their own political party? URAI: Yes. HILL: What about the Fiji Labour Party which says it stands for the working man?

URAI: The Fiji Trade Union Congress as you know, formed the Fiji Labour Party, but over the years the Labour Party has detracted from its intention that it was formed for. It has seemed more like only looking after one ethnic group and just one group of farming community, and its leaders had annouced lately that there's no link between the Labour Party and the Fiji Trade Union Congress. HILL: If the Fiji Trade Union Congress goes ahead and forms its own political party, given what you're alleging is the government's attitude towards trade unions, do you think the interim government would actually let such a party operate unhindered? URAI: Well it's about rights, it's about democracy, if you want to bring that back then first rights have to be given back. We cannot have democracy and rights limited to certain groups. We are banking on the fact that because of the international community or various governments now close their involvement with Fiji, that this regime will be directed to follow the norms in terms of human and trade union rights. HILL: If the trade unions form their own political party though and you stand for these elections in 2014, wouldn't you be tacitly acknowledging

the legality of the elections, by participating you're suggesting well this whole thing is ok? Previously you've said whatever this coup-installed military government does is illegal, if you take part in elections you're more or less saying it's ok? URAI: Well we're between the devil and the deep blue sea. You don't partake, things still move on. If we partake, then we may be able to have some say in the formation of the next government. HILL: How far advanced are these plans for a political party? Do you have a name yet or national office holders? URAI: That will be announced probably in a fortnight's time. HILL: And how much support do you think you might get at the elections in 2014? URAI: We've done it once, we'll do it again and we know we have support from the workers, not only the workers, but the families of workers and that takes a lot of people around the magnitude of the Fiji population. HILL: Would an FTUC-backed political party be multi-racial or concentrate on one particular community? URAI: It will be multi-racial. We are one of the rare organisations in Fiji that has a structure built on multi-racialism.

researched or documented until now, a statement from the Information Ministry said. Commodore Bainimarama commended the great progress accomplished by the project team in cataloguing more than 3000 Fijian artefacts from the 18th century collected by traders, missionaries, whalers and colonial officials during their visits to Fiji. He also extended the Fijian government's support to the project, which

also hopes to carry out a major exhibition of Fijian artefacts in Britain in the summer of 2013. He also expressed hope that this project would assist Fijians understand more of their history. Fijian artworks catalogued so far are visually impressive and beautifully made. They include sculptures in wood and ivory, shell and ivory regalia, ritual equipment, weapons, pottery and large decorated textiles.

union concern over possible Fiji sugar role The International Union of Food and Agriculture says it will oppose Fiji's bid to chair the governing body of the world's sugar industry. The International Sugar Organisation, which represents most of the world's sugar producing countries, is holding a key meeting in London this week, to elect a new chairman. Among those vying for the position is Fiji's interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama. But the IUF's coordinator for Agriculture and Plantation, Sue Longley, told

Radio Australia's Pacific Beat Commodore Bainimarama's appointment would legitimise a military dictatorship. "We're concerned that his is having a dictatorship,a military dictatorship in Fiji, and during his regime, we've seen substantial erosion of trade unions and human rights in Fiji," she said. "These have been well documented and recognised by the EU, by the organisations of Pacific States, by the International Labor Organisation." The International Sugar Organization is an intergov-

ernmental organization which seeks to promote the trade in and consumption of sugar. Fiji produces two million tonnes of cane a year, most of it still cut by hand. Ms Longley says the governments involved have criticised Fiji in other forums, and what it is calling for is a consistent approach. "The ISO itself has a commitment...that its member must respect fair labour standards, "We feel very strongly that Fiji is in breach of this agreement and certainly should not be received the chairmanship.

First bele shipment sails out FIJI sent its first consignment of fresh bele (Fijian spinach) to New Zealand last weekend. This came after New Zealand recently approved market access for export of fresh bele from Fiji to New Zealand. Describing the new market access for bele as another feat for Fiji's agricultural exports, Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) chief executive officer Elvis Silvestrini said 2012 had been an exceptionally good year for the country as far as new markets for fresh produce were concerned. "In April this year, New Zealand agreed to improved conditions for pineapple exports from Fiji to New Zealand and since then pineapple export to New Zealand has been going on exceptionally well," he said in a statement. "Now we have the market access for fresh bele to New Zealand, which is a wonderful achievement for Fiji," he said. Mr Silvestrini said bele exports would not only bring benefits for the farming communities and their families but would also boost Fiji's agricultural exports and bring in more foreign exchange. He also urged farmers to take advantage of this new opportunity and grow more bele for exports. New Zealand

Ministry of Primary Industries's senior adviser on Pacific market access fresh produce, Nacanieli Waqa, is in the country to assist BAF and fresh produce exporters in complying with biosecurity requirements. He said there was a huge market for bele in New Zealand particularly among people suffering from diabetes.





Fiji to push for continuation of Kyoto Protocol: gov’t SUVA — Fiji continued to push for a second commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol as negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) got underway in Doha, Qatar, the Fijian government announced Tuesday. Members of the Fiji delegation have arrived in Doha to attend prenegotiations meetings with fellow members of the Alliance of Small

Islands States (AOSIS) and the Group of 77 in the lead up to the two weeks of negotiations, Fiji’s Ministry of Information said in a statement. The Kyoto Protocol entered into force in 2005 and commits industrialized countries to stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions. The first commitment period of the Protocol expires at the end of this year. Together with its developing

country partners, Fiji was insisting in Doha that all amendments to the Protocol be effective from Jan.1, 2013 for a five-year period, and that industrialized countries honor their commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 45 percent during the second commitment period, and by at least 95 percent by 2020 as compared to 1990 levels. However, not all countries are parties to the

Protocol, and Fiji will continue to call on those countries to make emission reduction commitments comparable to those made by parties, said the statement, adding if hard decisions to cut emissions are not made now, developing countries will be forced to confront issues of adaptation on a previously unimaginable scale. The adverse impacts of climate change within the South Pacific country

continued to follow an extreme path and included flash floods, cyclones, rising sea-levels, storm surges, water shortage and droughts. Fiji’s position at the Doha climate change negotiation reflects a communique by AOSIS leaders adopted in September in New York calling on parties to agree to a fiveyear second commitment period of the Protocol to run from Jan.1, 2013, said the statement.

Fiji and PNG trade growth could affect Forum influence The trade relationship between Fiji and PNG is set to prosper with both countries looking to have more companies invest in each others country.

Another winner in the developing relationship is the Melanaisan Spearhead Group with its two major partners becoming more prominent in the regions trade. But, the collateral damage in all of this is may be the Forum Secretariat which could lose its preeminence in the Pacific as a regional organisation. A recent report into the Forum was not favourable and suggests the Forum is in need of a major overhaul. Presenter: Geraldine Coutts Waden Narsey, former professor of economics, University of the South Pacific NARSEY: Well I think you can call it that, because we had this regional trade agreements around for ten years now, PICTA, and also had the MSG, the Melanesian Spearhead Group agreement has been in place, but nothing much was happening when the economists designed this picture, they were all talking about this hugely increased market. There is nine million people, there is seven million people in PNG, but there's no great interest shown in PNG by people elsewhere in the Pacific and when I did some work for Forum Secretariat, I was rather dismayed to find for instance that PNG manufacturers were very, very protectionist about their own market. There is a boom now and it's

largely been driven by the very large financial flows being generated by the LNG investment and the amount of flows is so big, that I think that the PNG manufacturers themselves are unable to cope with those stores. So I think PNG is welcoming investment from outside of PNG. Of course, it has to be on their own terms, but as you will have seen from your own report, there are a lot of companies from Fiji who are very interested investing in PNG, in many big ways. COUTTS: I'm guessing that this is because of the rise in importance now in the region of the MSG, the Melanesian Spearhead Group? NARSEY: Well, it is partly that. I mean they felt that PNG people are also investing in the Pacific. You may have seen that they are trying to store up of good revenues into trust funds and things for future benefit for the PNG generations and the problem is always going to be a way to invest that money. So, of course, they will be investing very naturally in Australian stock markets and things, but they're afraid of stockmarkets crashing as occurred a few years ago, but they're looking around the Pacific and in Fiji, they have bought up hotels, they're going into a trade venture with GP Grand Pacific Hotel. They've bought out a large hotel down the

coast. It used to be called the Beachcomber It keeps changing its name. But these are very, very large investment by PNG. When you look at why there is such a healthy relationship, you're right, that the MSG is taking on a greater prominence. I think because PNG is very comfortable with Fiji, I think there also is a bit of an admiration for Fiji, because well, PNG has received a lot of aid from Australia, there is sort of a little bit of a not exactly an equal relationship in what the PNG government sees. The Fiji government for whatever reason, I think we all know what their reasons are, being extremely aggressive and truculent with Australia and New Zealand and in their Melanesian world I think they kind of admire this kind of upmanship. COUTTS: The flow of business, is it two-way, PNG investments in Fiji and Fiji investments in PNG? NARSEY: Yes, it is, it definitely is. I think the Fijians at the moment, well, they've got the Bank of South Pacific here in a big way. They bought out the Colonial Bank, which is used to be the National Bank of Fiji. So there is tourism, they're in the banking business and I'm sure they'll be looking at more investments. Fiji investors in PNG, I suspect that they will be a lot more comfortable in PNG than maybe other Australian and New

Zealand investment, because the PNG environment in some ways is very similar to the environment in Fiji, to Solomons and Vanuatu. So I suspect the companies that have done well in Melanesia, in Fiji, Vanuatu and Solomons. They all will probably tend to do well in PNG. COUTTS: Will the Forum Secretariat wind up as collateral damage in this and in damage of losing its pre-eminence in the Pacific as a regional organisation? NARSEY: I think that is happening to some extent. Right for the last three decades or so, there used to be a sort of cold attention between the Polynesian countries and the Melanesian countries and I suspect because the Polynesian countries have been a lot more advanced in modern terms than the Melanesian countries, especially Solomons and Vanuatu. I think there's been a certain degree of condescension and paternalism by these Polynesian countries towards the Melanesian countries and that has always been sort of resented. Fiji has been kind of half this and half that. Eastern Fiji, of course, is quite heavily Polynesian with the Tongan influence. So the fact that in Polynesian countries, while they may have a very big voice in Forum and they do genuinely have a big voice.

I mean there small countries, they all have the same vote as the Solomons, Fiji, Vanuatu and PNG, although in terms of population, the ratio is probably about 30 from Melanesia to one in Polynesia. Their markets are very, very small and with the rising pre-eminence of the MSG market, then really all the reasonable agreements like PICTA, are not going to be focused on eastern Pacific. They're going to be still focused on Melanesia. So the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting is definitely is becoming far more important. They've got their own Secretariat, which is in Vanuatu, and I think that's sponsored by China and there, of course, is another source of tension, because the Melanesian countries believe that the Polynesian countries are far to heavily influenced by Australia and New Zealand and they, of course, have new partnership with China, with whom they have quite a different kind of relationship. So the Forum Secretariat is very seriously in danger of being marginalised in the Pacific and I think to some extent when you look at the recent readmission of Fiji to the Pacific-ACP negotiations, in a way that is a symptom of the fact that the Melanesian countries are not going to allow one of

their partners to be marginalised from a regional and international trade negotiations in which Fiji is seen as quite central. I think the Forum Secretariat has recently had a review done of what they were doing and I think the review was quite critical. So it's probably a bit of a wake up call for them. They have to do far more in terms of how well they serve the Pacific countries and all of them than they're perceived to have done in the past. I notice that a similar sentiments don't seem to have affected the other very large regional organisations the SPC, but it may get to get to that as well. The SPC also, of course, has very many internal tension. Other regional organisations, well I think it's interesting that I think USP and Fiji National University have both been conducting talks in Papua New Guinea and they are talking about establishing branches there. Fiji National University has also been talking with Solomon Islands and I think Vanuatu is on their agenda as well. So the regional universities in the Pacific, in Fiji, they are also thinking of extending their campuses from beyond the normal countries in the Pacific to Papua New Guinea and possibly to Timor Leste, Topics:





e-Briefs on the iPad: An Exciting New Tool to Give Attorneys an Edge

By Morgan Smith Esq. There’s been a lot of hype about the iPad’s apps for the legal profession. I’m going to add to it with a prediction that may seem far-fetched, but I believe stands a strong chance of coming to pass: The iPad will revolutionize the way legal briefs are created, distributed and presented. This post describes how the iPad is superior for e-briefs and links to an example so you can check it out. The end result can help you organize, visualize and present your case for any phase of litigation in the most engaging and effective way possible. We all know the iPad is extremely popular. Consider the fact that it took seven years for

40 million Americans to own a smartphone, but tablet computers (a market dominated by the iPad) hit that mark in less than two years (comScore, 2012 U.S. Digital Future in Focus). But how much are attorneys really using the iPad at work? The general reaction I get from lawyers is that they own one, but it tends to either (1) sit by the bedside; (2) is used in the kitchen for getting cooking recipes; or (3) their kids love it for Angry Birds. This low level of use is not from a lack of third-party vendors who are pumping out lawyer-related iPad apps for presentations, depositions, case management and anything else you can think of. My hunch is the relatively slow integration of iPads into the attorney’s workplace has more to do with the fact that programs for laptops, desktops and iPhones currently perform the tasks most attorneys need, and often better (at least for now). Plus, let’s face it, the legal profession can be slow to embrace change. Now let’s look at the evolution of “e-briefs.” I just read an article from the year 2000 in which an attorney breathlessly predicted

A sample e-brief viewed on an iPad using the iBooks app.

that interactive briefs with hyperlinks were going to revolutionize briefing due to the ease of accessing them, and due to the functionality of linking all the cites to the actual cases and to all the exhibits. An e-brief—often made as a PDF and distributed on a disc or emailed—allows the reader to easily check for themselves all cases, documents and evidence related to the brief. However, 12 years later, the use of e-briefs is still limited. Now, thanks to the advent of iBooks, there’s a way to use the iPad to create and view e-briefs that will greatly enhance the usefulness of an attorney’s iPad



AIM AWARDS NIGHT EARLY NEXT YEAR. With select number of Fellows AIM there will be a cap n gown ceremony. FELLOWS WILL HAVE AN OPTION FOR REGALIA.

E-mail nominations for AIM AWARDS

while also making e-briefs more convenient and robust. If you’ve ever tried to make an e-brief as a PDF, you probably encountered some of the limitations, such as the difficulty of getting embedded videos to play trouble-free. By contrast, an e-brief on an iPad seems to me to be the Holy Grail: it easily and seamlessly allows attorneys to create and show interactive, demonstrativeembedded briefs that also are convenient to share with others, such as opposing counsel, mediators or whomever. Until recently, the substantial limitation on using the iPad to create a brief—or to create any

published and shared document—was the fact that any publication made for the iPad had to be distributed through the iTunes store. It certainly would put a major kink in the legal market if you had to publish your confidential mediation brief in the iTunes library. But, bowing to public pressure, Apple recently changed that requirement and now will allow books to be made and imported through email (or through an emailed download link). This change creates a huge opportunity, because now fully functional e-briefs can be created with all the interactivity of an iPad, and be shared or displayed in the form of an e-book, which can be confidentially provided to anyone with an iPad. Why is the iPad superior for viewing e-briefs? 1. iBooks allows the viewing of key documents of the case in handy “slide show” displays that could include key contract provisions, legal documents, pictures, graphics or interactive media, or anything else that can be viewed in a full screen by opening the slide show. ( To be continued).





Dealer who channelled millions of dollars to Taliban arrested An Afghan currency dealer accused of using his network of shops to channel millions of dollars to Taliban insurgents fighting British troops in Helmand has been arrested in southern Afghanistan. The arrest highlights ongoing attempts to disrupt the Taliban's web of financing Photo: REUTERS By Ben Farmer in Kabul 6:47AM GMT 30 Nov 2012 Haji Mohammed Qasim is accused by the United States Treasury of using his chain of money transfer shops to funnel significant funds for the Taliban commander leading

operations in the province. He also allegedly smuggled large quantities of weapons and ammunition into Helmand for the insurgents. The United Nations and the Treasury both last week announced they were adding Qasim and his firm to sanctions lists, along with one of his deputies. But the Nato-led coalition has now disclosed he has been arrested in a joint operation with Afghan forces. "I can confirm he was arrested during a joint operation conducted by Afghan and coalition troops," Captain Dan Einert, told Reuters news

US 'approaching tipping point when military conflict with al-Qaeda should end' In a speech to the Oxford Union on Friday night, Jeh Johnson predicted that the terror network would become so "effectively destroyed" that it would no longer have any capacity to be able to launch another attack on America. "There will come a tipping point," he said in the speech, "a tipping point at which so many of the leaders and operatives of al-Qaeda and its affiliates have been killed or captured, and the group is no longer able to attempt or launch a strategic attack against the United States." When

that time comes, Mr Johnson said, the responsibility for tackling alQaeda should pass to the police and other law enforcement agencies. The US government points to the existence of an armed conflict as the legal justification for practices such as indefinite detention of al-Qaeda’s members and allies. Mr Johnson said that it was time to consider how the conflict could be concluded. “Now that efforts by the US military against al-Qaeda are in their 12th year, we must also ask ourselves: how will this conflict end?” he said.

agency, without giving more details. Currency traders in the southern city of Kandahar said he was taken from his shop in October. The arrest highlights ongoing attempts to disrupt the Taliban's web of financing, with the insurgency

Briton led USbacked private army to hunt Taliban Lieutenant Commander Howard Leedham, an exRoyal Navy pilot, led a 25strong force of speciallyrecruited Pakistani soldiers raiding Taliban camps, hunting down kidnap victims and detaining suspected alQaeda militants. Eight years after leaving the country, Lt Cdr Leeham has broken his silence to describe a programme he believes offers a model for securing Pakistan’s porous borders against the militant threat.

far from defeated as Nato combat troops prepare to pull out by the end of 2014. The Taliban raise money from a mixture of local taxation, protection money, the opium trade and donations from Gulf benefactors, though analysts

disagree on which source is the largest. Funds are moved using a trust-based remittance system known as hawala which is common in much of Asia, including Afghanistan and Pakistan. The system allows customers to rapidly transfer large sums across borders outside the scrutiny of regulators. Naim Barich, the Taliban's shadow governor of Helmand province, used Qasim's Rahat Ltd hawala business, which has branches across Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. "Barich provides funds through Rahat Ltd to subordi-

nate Taliban commanders to plan and conduct operations in southern Afghanistan," the US Treasury said last week. "As of mid-2012, Barich had transferred money using the Quetta branch of Rahat Ltd. As of early 2012, Barich had received millions of dollars through the Quetta branch of Rahat Ltd and had provided a senior Taliban commander with over $250,000 via Rahat Ltd." Musa Kalim, manager of the Quetta shop, has also been put on the sanctions list, though there is no indication he has been arrested.

teenage girl killed by spurned suitors kabul : The girl, Geesa, was attacked earlier this week by two men from the spurned family as she went to collect water from a stream in her village in northern Afghanistan. The attack came after her father, Mohammad Rahim, had turned down a marriage offer for the girl, saying she was too young to be engaged. "At this stage it looks like they wanted to marry her and the father refused, so they

killed her," said Syed Sarwar Hosseini, police spokesman for Kunduz province. Two men, named as Massoud and Sadeq, have been arrested on suspicion of the murder, in Kulkul village of Imam Sahib district, he said. The two men were relatives of Geesa and lived in the same village. The provincial director of women's affairs said the province had been hit by a wave of violence against

women. Nadira Giah said 11 girls and women had been killed this year, up fivefold from last year. In January, a young woman was reportedly murdered in the province by her husband and her mother-in-law for giving birth to a daughter. The 22year-old woman called Stori was strangled after giving birth to a third daughter, when her husband wanted a son.

US 'wants to keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan long term'

The force would be far smaller than many commanders have suggested, amid acknowledgement of US disillusionment with the 11-year-old campaign and continued tensions with Kabul. Gen John Allen, the US Marine who leads the Nato coalition, has proposed a range of options from

keeping 6,000 troops up to 15,000, the Wall Street Journal reported. The force would be restricted to training and supporting the Afghan police and army and carrying out special forces operations against the Taliban. Barack Obama's administration favours a small deployment,

believing it would be more acceptable to both the American and Afghan publics, the newspaper reported. A final decision is expected to be made within weeks and Mr Obama will then decide how quickly to pull out the remainder of the 68,000 US troops currently in the country.

AfghAn government interference

'preventing justice for Kabul Bank fraud' Top Afghan politicians have dictated to the Attorney General who should face trial over loan fraud totalling more than £540 million, and have seemingly protected other participants, according to the inquiry. The bank nearly collapsed in September 2010 after it emerged huge sums had been diverted to a clique of shareholders which included the president's brother. The crisis threatened the entire Afghan financial system before the government bailed the lender out. Yet the Attorney General stalled criminal investigations for a year and several shareholders who took zero interest

loans with no intention of repayment have still to be indicted. "The major factor impeding the criminal investigation process is political interference resulting in reluctance to pursue charges against some of the participants," the inquiry found. The 87page report included evidence that the final decision on who to indict and who to leave was made "at the political level in the spring of 2011 by a highranking committee". "Prosecutors from the Attorney General's Office were called in to amend the indictment to conform to the decisions taken." The inquiry by the Independent Joint AntiCorruption Monitoring and

Evaluation Committee (MEC) said it could not trace interference directly to the president's palace and did not name those being protected. Mahmoud Karzai, the president's brother, and Haseen Fahim, a brother of the vice president, were among the shareholders and each received millions in loans according to a British-funded forensic audit of the bank. They have not been charged and both men deny wrongdoing. Sher Khan Farnood, former chairman, and Khalilullah Frozi, former chief executive, received the biggest loans and are being held by the Afghan intelligence service while on trial for fraud.

Donors are entitled for Income tax exemption order as per rules under section 80 G (5) (VI) of the Income Tax 1961

WORK AREA- ALL INDIA Established- 6 years back on 24th Jan. 2006. Registered by Registrar of Societies, Govt. of NCT of Delhi Under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, vide Registration no. 54738 of 2006 and Approved by Ministry Home Affairs, Govt. of India under Foreign Contribution Act

Bank details for donation Donors are entitled for Income tax exemption order as per rules under section 80 G (5) (VI) of the Income Tax 1961

Axis Bank Ltd., Greater Kailash II, Delhi (DL), S-266, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi-110048. Aditya Vocational & Health Care Society ʹ Account Label- FCRA, Customer ID no. 835343160 And Account no. 910010023784119, IFS Code- UTIB0000268, Swift Code: AXISSINBB268

We serve people (particularly patients) below poverty line on Preventive & Curative front of Health Care such as

HIV/AIDS, CANCER & Cataract We also impart Vocational Training to make them self dependent. We also help them financially as well as through medicines and cloths etc. Free of cost We have team of dedicated Doctors, Specialists, Psychologist, Surgeons, Gynecologists, Radiologists and Social workers on the panel of our NGO to serve the needy free of cost. We organize medical camps for the diagnosis/warning of Cancer, AIDS/HIV & Eye check up. We also organize specially designed lectures for students as preventive measure against HIV/AIDS, Cancer & Cataract




Two Pak-American arrested on terrorism charges in US WASHINGTON : Two American brothers of Pakistani descent have been arrested in Florida for plotting to provide material support to terrorists and to use a weapon of mass destruction within the US. Arrested in Florida the two brothers -- Raees Alam Qazi, and Sheheryar Alam Qazi - who are naturalized American citizens from Pak were produced before a court on Friday, the US authorities said. The charge of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists carries a maximum potential sentence of

15 years in prison; while that of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction carries a maximum potential sentence of life in prison. From July 2011 the two brothers conspired to provide material support and resources -- including property, services, funding, lodging, communications equipment, personnel and transportation - knowing and intending that this support be used in preparation for and in carrying out a violation of law - namely, a conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, the indictment alleges.

Snow slides kill 12, including 6 Pakistani soldiers ISLAMABAD: Rescue teams have found the bodies of 12 people, including six Pakistani soldiers, who were buried by snow slides along the Line of Control, a military spokesman said today. A snow slide in the Sharda or Kel sector of the LoC killed three Pakistani soldiers yesterday, and eight soldiers and 10 civilians sent to rescue them went missing after being hit by a second snow slide. The bodies of six soldiers, including an officer, and six civilians were dug out of the snow by search and rescue teams today, the military spokesman said.


Give proof of LeT chief role in 26/11: Hina Rabbani Khara ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will take action against LeT founder Hafiz Saeed - the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks - if India provides evidence against him that stands in court, foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar said in an interview to a news channel on Saturday. "Hafiz Saeed was in custody and the evidence against him could not hold in a court of law. We have said even now that we will be happy to

look at any evidence against him that holds in a court of law," she said. Asked if Pakistan will act if

India provides evidence against Saeed, she replied: "Yes, there will definitely (be action). He was already in custody. The evidence was not enough and he was released." Saeed, who heads the Jamaat-udDawah, was placed under house arrest for less than six months after the UN Security Council declared the JuD a front for the LeT in the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks in November 2008.

Pak and Afghan start talks for Strategic Partnership Agreement

A Hindu temple in Soldier Bazaar was demolished on Saturday while the court was hearing petition seeking a stay order.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Afghanistan today began negotiations on a Strategic Partnership Agreement even as Kabul called on Islamabad to take more steps, including the release of Taliban detainees, to push forward the troubled peace process in the war-torn country. Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar presented a draft of the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) to her Afghan counterpart Zalmai Rassoul during a meeting at the Foreign Office this afternoon. Both ministers told a news conference after their talks that tey would

Alleged encroachment: Soldier Bazaar temple razed in hurried operation KARACHI: In a hurried operation on Saturday, a builder demolished a century-old temple in Soldier Bazaar while the Sindh High Court was hearing a petition seeking a stay order. Apart from razing down the pre-partition Shri Rama Pir Mandir, the private builder also demolished three or four houses located next to it. Nearly 40 people became homeless as a result. “They destroyed our mandir and humiliated our gods,” said an angry Prakash, pointing towards

Pakistan all set to go to polls in May LAHORE: Pakistan's next general election will be held in May, information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Tuesday, offering for the first time a specific timeframe for the polls. "The general election will be held in May next year. In the presence of a vibrant media and independent judiciary , there is no chance of postponement of the elections," Kaira said .

the huge debris of concrete, stones and walls of the temple. The demolishing team did place the statues of four Hindu deities on the side but the residents accused them of taking away their gold jewellery and crowns. Pointing to the bruises on his arms, Lakshman said that, “they hit me with their guns when I tried to stop them. I told them to kill me instead of destroying our holy place.” Banwri recalled that the demolition teams arrived around 11 in the morning.

She was preparing breakfast when she heard the thundering noise of a bulldozer. She rushed outside, only to receive instructions to bring her bed, cupboard and other essential items outside the house. “I watched my house go down in just minutes and I couldn’t do anything.” She added that, during the demolition, the area was cordoned off by the police and Rangers with tents put up all around. Outsiders were not allowed to enter, she added.

37 killed, 92 injured in Pakistan terror strikes ISLAMABAD: At least 37 people have been killed and over 90 others injured in Pakistan since Wednesday, Xinhua reported. A total of 28 people were killed and 77 others injured in Pakistani cities of Peshawar and Karachi since Wednesday night. Claiming responsibility for both the attacks, Pakistan Taliban

Thursday warned of more such attacks in the near future. In Rawalpindi, in a sectarian attack Wednesday night, 23 people were killed and 62 others including eight children were injured when a suicide bomber hit a procession of Shia Muslims in the city, said Deeba Shehnaz, spokeswoman of state rescue department.

like the pact to be signed as soon as possible though Rassoul made it clear that such an agreement required "full trust" between the two sides. "The issue is that you cannot sign a SPA where there is not full trust and confidence between the two countries. I think you are reaching that grade now," he said in response to a question about conditions set by President Hamid Karzai for the pact. Rassoul said his discussions with Khar marked the "first step" in paving the way for signing the agreement. Khar said that both sides had started the

journey towards finalising the agreement, which was first suggested by Karzai during a trilateral meeting with the US in September. Karzai had angered Pakistan in October by demanding that it should stop backing terrorists as a condition for negotiating the SPA. At that time, the Foreign Office had described Karzai's comments as "entirely misplaced and without any basis". During the news conference, Rassoul acknowledged that a list of Afghan Taliban detainees whose release has been sought by Kabul had figured in his talks with Khar. However, he did not

give details. Referring to the release of about a dozen midranking Taliban detainees by Pakistan earlier this month, Rassoul said: "This is a time for continued action. Therefore I hope that we will continue with implementing other concrete measures in a timely manner in pushing the peace process forward as outlined in the peace process roadmap we have shared with the government of Pakistan". He said that "all those who can help advance the peace process (should) go free" so that the "Afghan government and Taliban can engage".





People Pay tribute to 26/11 heroes on 4th anniversary of Mumbai attacks Mumbai : Floral tributes were paid to martyrs and victims of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks amidst tight security here on Monday. Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar laid wreaths at the police memorial in South Mumbai. They paid homage to the heroes at the Police Gymkhana in Marine Lines where a 26/11 memorial has been erected in remembrance of the policemen, who lost their lives fighting terrorists during the dastardly strikes. With the anniversary comes close on the heels of terrorist Ajmal

Kasab's hanging, the family members of the victims welcomed the government's decision, but cautioned that the wounds of 2008 attacks would never fully heal. "I would request the government not to consider this (hanging of Ajmal Kasab) an end to 26/11, because I don't think 26/11 is ever going to end and Mumbai is ever going to forget and if the government forgets then it becomes our responsibility to not let them forget," said Divya, daughter of senior police officer Vijay Salaskar, who was gunned down during the attacks. Kavita Karkare, the wife of Mumbai

Lack of oxygen in Delhi hospital kills four, govt orders probe Four patients, put on ventilator at the Civil Lines Sushrut Trauma Centre in north Delhi, lost their lives on Tuesday allegedly because of lack of oxygen. The Delhi government ordered a probe into the incident after the bereaved families staged a protest at the hospital and the police have registered a case of negligence against the company that manages oxygen plant at the hospital. "We received a complaint from additional MS Dr Vikas Rampal about the death of four patients due to lack of oxygen in the hospital. We have registered a case of negligence under sections 287 and 304 A of IPC against PES,

the company that manages the oxygen supply," said Sindhu Pillai, DCP, north. The deceased are Javed (20), Rajkumar (35), Rehana (36) and another patient in his late 30s, who is yet to be identified. Initial inquiry revealed that the oxygen supply could have been restricted because of the operator's fault which led to the death of the victims. However, no case has been registered against him yet and police are probing his role in the negligence. "Delhi Health Minister A.K. Walia expressed grief over the deaths of four critical patients allegedly due to malfunctioning of oxygen equipment.

A new index prepared by an Australian think tank says that India, Pakistan and Afghanistan were among the nations most impacted by terrorism in 2011. The Global Terrorism Index (GTI), which was released on Tuesday by the Australia-based Institute for Economics & Peace, ranked countries based on data from the Global Terrorism Database run by a consortium based at the University of Maryland. The GTI revealed that Pakistan, India and Afghanistan accounted for 12 per cent, 11 per cent and 10 per cent of global terrorist incidents respectively from 2002 to 2009. According to the figures put out by the institute,

there had been 529 incidents of terrorism in India in 2011 that had taken the lives of 402 people and injured 687. India's high numbers come in the period 2006-2010 when the casualty figures averaged more than 600 per year, peaking at 735 in 2009 and 772 in 2010. However, in terms of public perception there is little doubt that 2008, the year in which the Indian Mujahideen carried out a number of bombing attacks across the country, and the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) strike in Mumbai would have been the deadliest year for the country. In 2011, the Middle East, India, Pakistan and Russia were the areas most

A police officer pays his respects to police and uniformed personnel who lost their lives in 2008 terror attacks outside a railway station in Mumbai.

Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare killed in action during the 2008

For better or worse?

First beaten up for refusing sex with brother-in-law, then husband wagers her in gambling and loses A man was on Monday booked for allegedly losing his wife during gambling in the Nehru Nagar area in Ghaziabad district, police said. According to the complaint lodged by the woman, the accused lost her in gambling ten days ago following which the fellow gamblers reached her residence to abduct her, they said. However, she managed to flee from the spot and later filed a complaint against her husband at the Jarcha police station here. She alleged that after few months of marriage, the accused even asked her to have sexual relationship with his brother-in-law to which she refused only to get beaten up badly at his hands.

Mumbai attacks after being shot three times in the chest, said that the security in

Mumbai was still not efficient and the blasts in the city after the 2008 attacks and in the Pune city were reminders of the evident shortfalls. "Bomb blasts are still happening. We need evidence that Mumbai is completely secure but that is not the case. Even after 26/11, there have been blasts in Pune, in Zaveri Bazar and Dadar in Mumbai. The security system should be tightened and we are not giving the required attention," she said. Hemant Karkare was honoured with the Ashoka Chakra on January 26, 2009. The locals in Mumbai also expressed their delight over

Kasab's execution. "We were very happy when Kasab was executed. The government was late in deciding, but it was the right decision," said Abbas Qureshi, a local resident. "Kasab's execution has sent out a message that militants should not attack Mumbai again. It has created fear among them, because if they attack again, the government will act promptly," added Manik Borade, another local resident. At least 166 people were killed when Kasab and nine of his aides unleashed terror on the country's financial capital four years ago.

Rahul Gandhi not campaigning in Gujarat to avoid blame of defeat, says Narendra Modi Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is not campaigning in Gujarat because he does not want to take responsibility of his party's likely defeat in the Assembly polls, Chief Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday. Without naming him, Modi took a dig at Rahul, often termed as the future prime minister , while addressing poll rallies at 52 places, using 3D holographic projection technology. "One of the Congress leaders from whom they have big expectations had camped in Uttar Pradesh for 12 months and people kicked that party out of the state. This 'precious' leader of the Congress has not dared to campaign for assembly elections," Modi

said. "The leader knows the temperament of Gujarati people. He has realised that they won't be able to impress the people of Gujarat. Hence, he decided to pay merely token visits here. He doesn't want to take the responsibility of his party's defeat here," the Chief Minister said. Modi also ridiculed the Congress for 'withdrawing' all photographs of Gandhi family members from its poll-related campaign material in Gujarat. "This has happened for the first time in 60 years. Even political pundits have observed that not a single photograph of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Priyanka or Rahul Gandhi has been used in Congress'

election campaign advertisements," Modi said. "Do you know why the Congress has been forced to withdraw these leaders? Let me ask: Are they believing that these faces don't bring votes for the party anymore?" he asked. "Instead they put up pictures of a Sri Lankan boy, which is totally irrelevant and misrepresentative," he claimed, referring to the controversy over a picture used by the Congress in its poll propaganda depicting malnutrition of children in Gujarat. In his speech, which lasted for almost an hour, Modi appealed to audience to bring back the BJP government under his leadership, which had provided them stability.

Overall, there were 7,473 fatalities in 2011 due to terrorism, which is 25 per cent less than in 2007. The

index shows that global terrorism only started to increase after the escalation of the Iraq war. This was subsequently followed by further increasing waves of terrorism in Afghanistan and then in Pakistan 18 months later. "Terrorism is one of the most emotive subjects of our time. The impact of terrorism does seem to have plateaued over the last three years but is still unacceptably high," said Steve Killelea, executive chairman of the Institute for Economics & Peace, which produced the index. Only 31 of the 159 countries ranked have not experienced a terrorist attack since 2001.

India is among top five terror-hit nations, reveals study

impacted by terrorism. India's GTI rank was 4 out of the 159 countries surveyed. While Iraq stood at

number 1, Pakistan at number 2, Afghanistan at number 3 and Yemen was number 5.





At least 74 dead in flood in typhoon-hit south Philippines At least 43 villagers and soldiers drowned in a southern Philippine town on Tuesday when torrents of water dumped by a powerful typhoon cascaded down a mountain, engulfing emergency shelters and an army truck, officials said. The deaths raised the toll from one of the strongest storms to hit the country this year to at least 74. Gov Arturo Uy said rain from Typhoon Bopha accumulated atop a mountain and then burst down on Andap village in New Bataan town in hard-hit Compostela Valley province. The victims included villagers who had fled from their homes to a school and village hall, which were then swamped by the flash flood. An army truck carrying soldiers and villagers was washed away, according to Uy and army officials. "They thought that they were already secure in a safe area, but they didn't know the torrents of water would go their way," Uy told DZBB radio.

He said the confirmed death toll in the town was likely to rise because several other bodies could not immediately be retrieved from

US weighing military options if Syria uses chemical weapons WASHINGTON: The White House and its allies are weighing military options to secure Syria's chemical and biological weapons, after US intelligence reports show the Syrian regime may be readying those weapons and may be desperate enough to use them, US officials said on Monday. President Barack Obama, in a speech at the National Defence University on Monday, pointedly warned Syrian President Bashar Assad not to use his arsenal. "Today I want to make it absolutely clear to Assad and those under his command: The world is watching," Obama said. "The use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. And if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be conse-

quences and you will be held accountable." Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, in Prague for meetings with Czech officials, said she wouldn't outline any specifics. The administration remains reluctant to dispatch US forces into Syria, but an American special operations training team is in neighbouring Jordan, teaching troops there how to safely secure such sites together with other troops from the region, the officials said. The warnings to Syria come after US intelligence detected signs the Syrian regime was moving the chemical weapons components around within several of Syria's chemical weapons sites in recent days, according to a senior US defence official. The activities involved movement within the sites.

floodwaters strewn with huge logs and debris. Bopha slammed into Davao Oriental province region at dawn, its ferocious winds ripping

Merkel re-elected party head by a landslide HANOVER, Germany: German chancellor Angela Merkel was re-elected leader of her conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) on Tuesday with a record 97.9% of delegate votes, a strong sign that her party is unified behind her ahead of next year's federal election. Merkel's previous top score was 95.9% in 2000, the year she took over as the head of the party following a campaign financing scandal that dragged down Helmut Kohl and his designated successor Wolfgang Schaeuble. "Those who know me know that I am touched by this," Merkel told delegates at a CDU congress in Hanover after the result of the vote was announced.

roofs from homes and its 500-kilometer wide rain band flooding lowlying farmland. The storm, packing winds of 140 kilometers per hour

UK PM: Clock ticking for press to set up regulator LONDON: Prime Minister David Cameron demanded newspaper editors come up with an effective system of self-regulation urgently on Tuesday following a damning inquiry into the reporting practices of Britain's scandalhungry press. Last week a judge who oversaw the year-long inquiry triggered by a phonehacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch's British media empire called for a new legislationbacked watchdog to police the sometimes "outrageous" behaviour of the press. That infuriated newspaper bosses who have lobbied frantically against the recommendation, saying any involvement of the law in press regulation would

Israel defiant on settlement plan JERUSALEM: Israel rejected concerted criticism from the United States and Europe on Monday over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to expand settlement building after the United Nations' de facto recognition of Palestinian statehood. Washington urged Israel to reconsider its plan to erect 3,000 more homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, saying the move hindered peace efforts with the Palestinians. Britain, France, Spain, Sweden and Denmark summoned the Israeli ambassadors in their capitals to give similar messages. However, an official in Netanyahu's office said Israel would not bend. "Israel will continue to stand by its vital interests, even in

the face of international pressure, and there will be no change in the decision that was made," the official said. Angered by the UN General Assembly's upgrading on Thursday of the Palestinians' status in the world body from "observer entity" to "non-member state", Israel said the next day it would build the new dwellings for settlers. Such projects, on land Israel captured in a 1967 war, are considered illegal by most world powers and have routinely drawn condemnation from them. Approximately 500,000 Israelis and 2.5 million Palestinians live in the two areas. In a shift that raised the alarm among Palestinians and in world capitals, Netanyahu's pro-settler government also ordered "prelimi-

and gusts of up to 170 kph toppled trees, triggered landslides and sent flash floods surging across the region's mountains and valleys. Two entire provinces lost power and more than 100 domestic flights were canceled. About 60,000 people fled to emergency shelters. Twentythree people drowned or were pinned by fallen trees or collapsed houses in Davao Oriental province's coastal town of Cateel, which had the most deaths after New Bataan, Davao Oriental Gov Corazon Malanyaon told the ABS-CBN TV network, citing police reports. Some towns in the province were so battered that no roofs remained on buildings, Malanyaon said. The other deaths included three children who were buried by a wall of mud and boulders that plunged down a mountain in Marapat village, also in Compostela Valley. Their bodies were wrapped in blankets by their grieving relatives and placed on a stage in a basketball court.

nary zoning and planning work" for thousands of housing units in areas including the "E1" zone east of Jerusalem. Such construction in the barren hills of E1 has never been put into motion in the face of opposition from Israel's main international ally, the United States. Building in the area could bisect the West Bank, cut off Palestinians from Jerusalem and further dim their hopes for a contiguous state. Israeli television stations reported Jerusalem's district planning commission would soon approve plans for several thousand more housing units, including more than 1,000 Israel had shelved two years ago after angering US by publishing the plans before a visit by Vice President Joe Biden.

amount to state control and an attack on Britain's centuries-old traditions of free speech. Cameron is himself against statutory regulation, but, keen to be seen as taking a tough stance on the excesses of Britain's notoriously aggressive newspapers, he said industry bosses had to act fast to get their house in order. "They've got to do it in a way that absolutely meets the requirements of Lord Justice Leveson's report," Cameron said. "That means million pound fines, proper investigation of complaints, prominent apologies, and a tough independent regulatory system. And they know, because I told them, the clock is ticking for this to be sorted out."

Pak, US officials discuss the regional security ISLAMABAD: Senior US and Pakistani defence and military officials met in the garrison city of Rawalpindi today to discuss the regional security environment and the situation along the PakistanAfghanistan border. The meeting of the Pakistan-US Defence Consultative Group, held at the ministry of defence, is part of efforts by the two countries to place their relationship on an even keel after a strong of crises, including the unilateral American raid that killed Osama bin Laden

and the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a cross-border Nato air strike last year. The two-day meet will review defence cooperation between the two countries and progress on decisions made at earlier meetings of the Defence Consultative Group, officials said. The talks will also focus on the regional security environment and challenges faced along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The 25-member US delegation participating in the talks is led by James Miller, under secretary of defence for policy.


























come from society not from script : Aamir


think villains have moved out of our scenarios. We don't have any villains anymore in our scripts by and large. It's more of a social thing. At one time our society had a clear moral view. So those people were the villains in our stories too. Mill owners were the villains


He never

My fingers are

crossed for

Bipasha Basu expecting much but he just blew me away with the script and my character. He is so persistent that he never gave up on me. And it’s been going on for six-seven years at least,” says Bipasha with a laugh. So, is Aatma going to be on the lines of Raaz 3? “There’s definitely an element of fear involved. But there’s no similarity between Raaz 3 and Aatma. Whatever we have filmed has turned out better than what there was on paper. It will see me in one of my strongest roles,” she says.

kshay Kumar, who has been promoting martial arts in the country for some time now, is set to take his passion a step further. The actor now plans to produce a full-fledged movie based on the arts. It will be the first of its kind in India. However, he is unlikely to act in the film that his company Hari Om Entertainment will produce next year. “In all likelihood, Akshay won’t star in the film. But matters are at a nascent stage right now, so it’s too early to say for sure. He wants to make the film as authentic as possible. That’s all he is concerned about,” says an insider, adding, “Akshay wants to promote the martial arts as much as he can. He feels his training in the combat form has contributed to his success as an action hero.” Apparently, the actor is looking to rope in newcomers for the film. “Right now, the script is being worked on. Once he wraps up shooting for the films he is currently working on, Akshay will personally do the research and decide the cast of the film as well as who will direct it.

upon a certain section and said that we don't like these people. Today, we don't have such strong moral concepts. Being clever and opportunist is not a bad thing anymore. We don't have black and white views and moralities," he opined. 'Dhoom' series revolves around daredevil thefts, their cupid protagonists and thrilling bike chase. Actors Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will reprise their roles as Jai and Ali in the third instalment as well.

I’m grateful to the dIrectors and producers who have cast me In theIr fIlms

gave up on me

Akshay to make India’s first martial arts film




hanActor Aamir Khan, who is playing a baddie in 'Dhoom 3', feels that changing moral values in society have blurred the line demarcating the good and evil on screen. After success of 'Dhoom' (2004) and 'Dhoom 2' (2006), there is already a buzz going around about the third edition of the series. In the upcoming instalment of 'Dhoom' factory, Aamir is playing a negative character opposite Katrina Kaif. "I think villains have moved out of our scenarios. We don't have any villains anymore in our scripts by and large. It's more of a social thing. At one time our society had a clear moral view. So those people were the villains in our stories too. Mill owners were the villains," Aamir told PTI. The actor says the profile of villains on screen has undergone a sea change over years and they are no more in-your-face baddies. ".....Then it was smugglers, underworld, politicians. So society looked


ipasha Basu seems to have developed a taste for scary films. After Raaz 3, she is now busy filming what she calls a “supernatural psychological thriller” titled Aatma. Incidentally, how Bipasha bagged the film makes for an interesting story: the director, Suparn Varma, was one of the first journalists who had interviewed the actor when she was establishing herself as a model. “Suparn was one of the first people who did an interview with me when I was a model,” Bipasha says with a laugh. “At that time, I hadwon the Ford Supermodel contest and he was a journalist. He has offered me all his films till date. There’s a funny story about how I agreed for the film.” The Raaz 3 actor reveals that she had refused Suparn’s last film on Valentine’s Day in 2009. “Before that, he had sent me a really cute bag as a gift and I felt very guilty to refuse him that time. So this time around, when he wanted to narrate the script, it was out of sheer guilt that I met him. I wasn’t

dabangg 2

At that time, I hadwon the Ford Supermodel contest and he was a journalist. He has offered me all his films till date. There’s a funny story about how I agreed for the film.


ctor Sonakshi Sinha is expecting her upcoming film, Dabangg 2, to hit the bull’s eye at the box office. “We have a lot of hopes from this film. The promos and songs have garnered positive response so far and we are expecting a lot now,” says Sonakshi, adding: “I get nervous before the release of all my films. My fingers are crossed for Dabangg 2 and of course, we hope it will do better business

than Dabangg.” The 25-year-old made her Bollywood debut in 2010 with Dabangg, which turned out to be a blockbuster. The actor’s latest film, Son Of Sardaar, has also hit the R100 crore mark in India, and she says the feeling of a movie’s commercial success is great. “When a film does well at the box office, it is very good for the industry. I’m grateful to the directors and producers who have cast me in their films,” says Sonakshi.



o you know that in less than 30 minutes, you can complete an entire round of activities that will ensure endless an supply of energy through out your day? The right moves and foods when incorporated at the start of any day lead to a positive and focused outlook. These must-do morning habits will enable you to enjoy your day no matter what the schedule. And to top it all, they will kickstart your metabolism levels on a high, thus helping you torch extra calories too. Here they are...

Brighten up your morning with colour! Colour experts suggest that if you see a bright, vibrant colour right when you open your eyes in the morning, you tend to feel a sudden surge of energy, which is good enough to keep you up and about all day long. Try throwing in a pillow, lamp shade or a blanket which is bright red, or orange (did we hear fuchsia pink?) in colour. Or if you love experimenting with food, then let your morning glass of juice do the talking with rich colours from pomegranates, cranberries or oranges.





drink water. Sipping on a tall glass of water as you wake up, aids in restocking bodily fluids lost over the night. Even a single percent drop in your body's water stores can tire you physically and mentally. Thus, maintain the level of water in your body by drinking 8 to 10 glasses in a day.

Morning Habits

make hay when the sun shines. As soon as you see the first streak of sunshine, your biological clock winds up on secreting melatonin (a hormone that makes you sleepy). Step outside for the morning sunshine or read your morning newspaper sitting by a sunny window.

start the physical actiVity. "you snooze, you lose" The more you hit the snooze button, the more sluggish will be the start of your day. This is because when you snooze your brain is aware of the fact that it can go off again for 5 minutes (and let's face it, it's more 15 than

5), thus you tend to go into a deeper slumber, waking up lethargic - and as a result yawn all day.

Visualize the day ahead. Now that you are up, try and visualize in your head what you need to do through the day. No,

Beauty Foods ow you look and feel depends largely on what you eat and how much Cosmetics merely enhance your body base. Experts say that there are certain food types that must be consumed to look beautiful, naturally. A diet rich in 'phyto-compounds' can stimulate DNA repair, increased collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve blood flow. This keeps you healthy and youthful for longer. Expert speak "Having foods with antioxidants such


as blueberries, strawberries, and spinach always gives a boost to your skin," says plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Meenakshi Agarwal. Antioxidants do a good job of acting as an excellent antiageing source. According to her, people these days are struggling to meet deadlines and have hectic schedules to follow. This not only results in lack of sleep but also induces high stress levels. Women especially, due to their menstrual cycle lose a lot of iron content from their bodies and end up having dark circles.

Says Agarwal, "Removing dark circles in your younger years is easier. The problem begins when you start ageing a bit. One should incoporate fruit juices like carrot and beet root. There will be a noticeable change within two weeks." Hair care has a lot of misconceptions attached to it, such as our hair is alive and by constant shampooing it and conditioning, it will grow long and strong. What comes as a surprise to a lot of us is that hair is alive only below the base of the scalp, which

this won't add to stress. Rather, this will help you compartmentalise your day and be better planne. Ask yourself what that one exciting and energetic thing you will be doing that day and that alone will be enough to get you thinking ahead positively.

means that the hair that are visible are only dead matter. Trichologist, Dr Dinesh Jain says, "The best treatment you can give to your hair is a balanced diet. Adding proteins and vitamins like B and E naturally, rather than having supplements result in healthy tresses." He suggests eating fruits like banana, oranges, fish, chicken and dairy products like milk and curds. Adding to this he informs, that excessive shampooing and conditioning can result cause hair dryness. Take a look at your fingernails. Are they strong and healthy looking or do you find them discoloured or with a yellowish tinge? Healthy nails are a window to a healthy you. Says, dermatologist Dr Chetna Ramchandani, "Women, especially, end up having brittle and soft nails since there nails are in direct contact with harsh detergents. Putting nails paints and going for constant manicures are a great deterant for your nails. Just like our hair, nails are also dead cells. Having a high protein diet with pulses, chicken is recommended. Broccoli, fish and onions are a rich source of silicon, which good for strengthening nails." The primary concern behind how to look beautiful, apart from diet, is by keeping the heart and mind pure. This will keep the inner self-beautiful which in turn will attribute to body being truly beautiful.

Kick starting your day with a 45 minute run outside or by visiting the nearby park for a quick walking session with friends, will help in shaking off that grogginess. Even though we already know the endless benefits of exercising, using morning sunlight to do so is a great way to start the day!

Water before meals aids weight loss H

ave you tried out every trick in the book to lose weight - crash diets, gyms, or simply starving yourself? Now, try a simple trick drink a glass or two of water before meals, as that's the best way to curb appetite and shed those pounds - says a new research. Scientists have reported that just two 8-ounce glasses of water taken before meals, can lead to weight loss. "In this recent study, we found that over the course of 12 weeks, dieters who drank water before meals, three times per day, lost about 5 pounds more than dieters who did not increase their water intake," said Brenda Davy of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. The simple reason is that it fills up the stomach with a substance that has zero calories. People feel fuller as a result, and eat less calorie-containing food during the meal. And it gets even better if you replace sweetened calorie-containing beverages with it. Although there's no exact amount of water one should drink, experts advise that most healthy people can simply let thirst be their guide. The general recommendations for women are about 9 cups of fluids - from all beverages including water - each day, and men at about 13 cups of fluids.





itness at workplace' is the latest mantra in the corporate world. Companies have realised that regular exercise boosts employee morale, enhances productivity, reduces absenteeism and signs of burnout or depression. Nowadays, the corporate employees not only stretch themselves beyond their responsibilities, but also stretch their muscles in the office gym. A little bit of planning and a few small additions in one's office routine can help one a healthier lifestyle. According to a World Health Organisation report, India could incur losses to the tune of $237 billion by 2015 due to rise in lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer, because of unhealthy workplaces. Here are some easy everyday things you can do to get healthy and fit while at your workplace:

stay hydrated Water helps your body with physical and mental performance, detoxification and digestion. Keep a water bottle at your desk and you'll find it much easier to drink the recommend eight glasses of water each day. It will ease stress and result in sustained energy throughout the day. You can also supplement it with fresh lemonade and coconut water, etc, to avoid monotony. Make reasons to walk around Give yourself several reasons to take a break and move around after every 40 minutes. Simply getting up and moving around for a few moments can keep you focused, less fatigued and feeling better. For example, avoid ordering a cup of coffee/ tea at your desk, go and get it yourself or while speak-




YOUR OFFICE according to a World health organisation report, india could incur losses to the tune of $237 billion by 2015 due to rise in lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer, because of unhealthy Workplaces. here are some easy everyday things you can do to get healthy and fit While at your Workplace ing with someone on cell phone walk around till you end the call. Get down from your car if driven by a chauffer a few blocks before your office and walk the remaining distance provided you leave home 10 to 15 minutes before your usual time. hit the offiCe gym in lunCh hours Try to exercise for 30 minutes during the lunch time and grab a bite at your desk afterwards. Encourage having an area of a simple gym in your office. It could be jogger or a stationary bicycle or a treadmill. simPle stretChing People often face stress, back and joint pains and weight gain problems at work. To get rid of such health problems, while sitting in your chair, flex your feet and circle your ankles, stretch your legs and arms as frequent as you can. take the stairs Whenever possible, get moving and take the

PartiCiPate in different offiCe games office games such as table tennis, basket ball are an interesting way to keep healthy and fit. these games not only keep your energy levels high but also keep your body in good shape.


e all know that fish and chips wouldn't be the same without salt. However, scientists have now claimed that the yearning for salt stimulates the brain like addiction to hard drugs or cigarettes. They found that the craving triggers the same genes, brain cells and brain connections. The finding could help explain why many find it so hard to cut back on salt, despite warnings about dangers to blood pressure and heart health. For the study, Australian and American scientists kept

ConduCt meetings on the go When it's practical, schedule Walking meetings or brainstorming sessions. do laps inside your building or take your Walking meetings outdoors.



SALT some mice on low-salt diets and gave others a salt drip. Activity in the creatures' brains was then compared with that in mice fed normally. They also studied the brains of mice that had been starved of salt for three days and then given salty water to drink freely. When the rodents were in need of salt, brain cells made proteins more usually linked


ave a sarcastic colleague at your workplace? Take heart, as he/she may be helping (though unknowingly) to bring the best out in you. A new study has found that employees who have to put up with a sarcastic colleague or boss are more creative than those who don't, reports the Daily

Mail . An earful of barb every day makes you work harder and smarter than if your office was a more caring environment.The inherent humour in the comments also defused the tension that comes with anger. The study by researchers from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel asked 375 engineering students to

imagine they were a customer service representative dealing with phone calls. They were played three conversations between another customer service agent and a caller in which he was either angry, normal or sarcastic. Those who had heard the angry conversation performed better than the neutral one

to addiction to substances such as heroin, cocaine and nicotine. "In this study we have demonstrated that one classic instinct, the hunger for salt, is providing neural organisation that subserves addiction to opiates and cocaine," the Daily Mail quoted Prof Derek Denton, of the University of Melbourne, as saying. The study also revealed that after salt was taken, the brain believes it has received its fix well before it should be physically possible.In other words, the changes caused by salt cravings disappeared well before the


stairs rather than the elevator. Taking stairs will keep you fit and energetic. PaCk healthy snaCks Rather than buying chips, junk food and sodas during office hours, bring some granola, fruit or raw veggies to snack on. This healthy diet will keep your energy levels fit and steady.


when asked to perform a simple creative task. But even more surprising was that after hearing the sarcastic caller - who used phrases like 'your service is as fast as a turtle' they did even better still. The researchers speculated that anger causes people to adopt a narrow focus on one's immediate con-

salt could have left the gut, entered the blood and got to the brain. "It was amazing to see that the genes that were set 'off' by the loss of sodium were already beginning to get back to the original state within ten minutes," said Prof Denton. "It is an evolutionary mechanism of high survival value because when an animal is depleted of water or salt it can drink what it needs in five to ten minutes and get out which makes it less susceptible to predators,' he added. The researchers said that the importance of salt to overall health means that cravings for it form 'an ancient instinct' deeply embedded in the brain. This may explain why we find salty foods so tasty. The study appears in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

cerns to avoid further suffering. The sarcasm had a better effect because it involved higherlevel thinking and the ability to process two realities at once. "Observing anger communicated through sarcasm enhances complex thinking and solving of creative problems," lead author Ella MironSpektor wrote in the study.The study has been published in the Journal of Applied Psychology .





Olympics: India says IOC suspension 'wrong and one-sided' India's sports officials on Tuesday slammed the International Olympic Committee's decision to suspend the country's membership, saying it was "wrong and onesided". The IOC's Executive Board, which met at the governing body's headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland on Tuesday, suspended India for flouting the Olympic charter in its election process. "I have not heard anything officially, but am told that India has been suspended by the IOC," Indian Olympic Association's presidentelect Abhey Singh Chautala told AFP. "If that is true, it is wrong and a one-sided decision. We will meet

tomorrow (Wednesday) to decide our future course of action." The IOA had been directed by a Delhi court to hold elections according to the government's sports code, while the IOC wanted it to abide by the Olympic charter that favours autonomy. Elections to the factionridden IOA are due to be held on Wednesday, but have become a formality after a rival group led by IOC member Randhir Singh withdrew from the contest last month. It left tainted sports official Lalit Bhanot elected unopposed as the IOA's secretary-general, while Haryana state politician Abhey Singh Chautala was set to take

Ponting cites Brian Lara as most dangerous opponent Newly retired Ricky Ponting says while Sachin Tendulkar was the best batsman he played against, West Indian Brian Lara was the opponent he feared most. Ponting pulled stumps on his Australian record-equalling 168-Test career at the conclusion of the third Test loss to South Africa in Perth on Monday. In 17 years of Test cricket, which produced 13,378 runs at 51.85 and made him the second-highest runscorer in Test history behind Tendulkar, Ponting said the pair stood out as his highest quality opponents. "I am on record before as saying I felt Sachin was the best player I played against," he said. "He has so much success against us in our conditions and their conditions. "But I probably lost more sleep on the eve of games against Lara, because I knew that he could single-handedly win games for his team. "The way I judge players is their ability to win games by themselves, and Lara could cer-

tainly do that and probably did it more than what Sachin did for India." Lara scored 11,953 runs at 52.88 in 131 Tests, while Tendulkar has 15,562 runs at 54.60 in 192 Tests. Ponting also nominated fellow 37-year-old Jacques Kallis, who took the catch that ended his final innings on Monday, as another modern great. Kallis has scored 12,980 runs at 56.92 and taken 282 wickets at 32.57 in his 158 Tests. "You have to put Kallis in that bracket as well, you put his wickets on top of what he has done with the bat," Ponting said. "He is averaging 57 in Test cricket, and that is remarkable considering the amount he has had to bowl."

over as president. Bhanot is out on bail after being held in custody for 11 months last year over corruption charges during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi when he was secretary-general of the organising committee. The IOC Ethics Commission had in October warned the Indian body against fielding either Bhanot or former IOA chief Suresh Kalmadi -who is also on bail over corruption charges.

Added responsibility may have helped my batting: Alastair Cook England captain Alastair Cook, who took over the reigns from Andrew Strauss before the India series, on Tuesday said that the added responsibility has brought the best out of him. "May be the added responsibility makes you more accountable to the side. That may have helped my batting...I really don't know if it happened that way but it's nice."As a captain you always want a good start with the bat... show that you can cope with the demands. That's how it has happened but I can't put a finger on how it happened," Cook, who has hit two centuries in last two Tests, said while addressing the media on the eve of third game against India. Stating that he was not someone who believed in the momentum, Cook said, "After the first game it (momentum) was with India but we managed to bounce back in Mumbai. So, not really (think that momentum helps)." "With the series at 1-1, and two more matches to go, it's a good place to be as a player. You want to play in big games and that's what we have over the next two weeks.

Chautala, known to be a close associate of Kalmadi, blamed his rival Randhir for the suspension. "When he realised he did not have the majority to win the elections, Randhir used his contacts in the IOC to get at us," he said. "He is the one who has shamed Indian sport and should resign from the IOC." Chautala added that the IOA had no choice but to follow the government's sports code. "We had explained to the IOC that we were ordered by the Delhi High Court to follow the sports code," he said. "We could not go against a court order. But we did not get a reply from the IOC." India's lone individ-

ual Olympic gold-medallist Abhinav Bindra said the IOA deserved to be suspended. "Bye Bye IOA, hope to see u again soon, hopefully cleaner!" Bindra tweeted. Former athlete Ashwini Nachappa said she was not surprised at the IOC's move. "We all saw it coming," she said. "I hope it helps to clean up Indian sports administration. But will it?" Woman boxer Mary Kom, a fivetime world champion who won a bronze at the London Olympics, said she was "shocked" at India's suspension. "I am absolutely shocked by this news," she said. "I don't know who

Nadal says he is unlikely to make Australian Open return Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal on Tuesday confirmed that he was unlikely to be fit for the 2013 Australian Open. The 26-year-old has not played since June when he partially tore a tendon in his left knee in a second round match at Wimbledon and has been working towards gaining fitness.The Mallorcan born player was realistic about his fitness prospects and said he didn't expect to be in condition to compete in the first major event of the season, which is held in January, Xinhua reports. "My recovery is going well. This past month I have taken an important step. I feel happy and the doctors are happy too," he said. "Miracles do not exist and I am unlikely to return and compete for the Australian Open." Speaking on Spanish radio station, Onda Cero, Nadal said his main ambition was to be able to compete in the French Open and to hone his form in Monte Carlo in April for his favourite event,

which he will try to win for a record breaking eighth time in May. "I want to be 100 percent in Monte Carlo and then prepare well for Roland Garros," said Nadal. "I will only come back when I am fit and I won't come back worrying about my knee. We are in the last stage of the recovery and I want to recover as soon as possible but I will not rush back and then have to stop again in six months or a year's time," he said Nadal was also asked about the possibility of tighter anti-doping controls in his sport and said he would be in favour of such a move.

Graeme Smith tips England for Ashes glory South African captain Graeme Smith has tipped England to win the 2013 Ashes Test series against Australia, saying home advantage will make the difference. Smith is in a good position to judge the merits of the two sides, with the Proteas having wrapped up their second successive series win in Australia on Monday, the first visiting team to do so since the West Indies in 1992-93. In August, the South Africans completed the same feat

in England, winning their second successive series there. Speaking after his side beat Australia by 309 runs to win the third and final Test in Perth, retaining the number one Test ranking, Smith said he had been impressed by the Australians under the leadership of Michael Clarke. But he expects England to retain the Ashes, having won them in Australia in 2010-11. "The challenge for Australia is going to be winning in England," he said of the

five Tests they are scheduled to play in July and August. "They do play well in their own conditions and they know how to win there. Being able to adapt and play well in England is going to be Australia's challenge. "They certainly have the players but from a mindset point of view that is going to be the challenge. Being a home series for England, they will be favourites." England are currently ranked second in Test cricket and Australia third.

Warne hints comeback with Ashes series, sets media abuzz Shane Warne on Wednesday apologised to Australia Test skipper Michael Clarke after comments about a possible dramatic return for next year's Ashes series against England sparked a media frenzy. "Sorry @MClarke23 if you woke up to calls!!!! See you soon buddy," he tweeted to the skipper, a close friend. The 43-year-old leg-spinner, regarded as one of the

game's greatest players, quit Tests in 2007 but captained the Indian Premier League (IPL) side Rajasthan Royals for four years, winning the inaugural tournament in 2008. Now preparing for another season in Australia's Big Bash League with the Melbourne stars, he told News Limited newspapers that he had "absolutely no doubt" he could bowl successfully at Test level again. Warne said

that if Clarke suggested his services were needed after the Test team's recent bowling struggles against South Africa, he would give it some serious thought. "If your best friend says, 'Mate, I want you to seriously consider making a commitment to Australian cricket and coming back out of retirement', (to) make myself available for selection, that's a different scenario," Warne said.





disciPlining thEir son costs indian couPlE dEar

norway court sentences husband to 18 months in jail, wife gets 15-month term It was a deep shock for 75year-old Vallabhaneni Satyanarayana and 70-year-old Seetha Mahalakshmi, as they heard the news of their son Chandrasekhar and daughter-inlaw Anupama being sentenced to imprisonment by an Oslo court on Tuesday on the charges of maltreatment of their sevenyear-old son Sai Sriram. The old couple broke down inconsolably as their lawyer in the Norwegian capital conveyed to them that Chandrasekhar was sentenced to imprisonment for 18 months and Anupama for 15 months. A few minutes later, Chandrasekhar spoke to his parents briefly and asked them not to worry, saying he would use all

the legal options to get out of the case. A steady stream of friends and relatives of Chandrasekhar visited his residence in Mrudula Apartments at Miapur on the outskirts of Hyderabad to console the old couple and other members of his family, even as mediapersons thronged the place to take their comments. "The Oslo court judgement was disappointing. It heard only one-side of the story from prosecution and had not given any opportunity to my uncle and aunt to present their version. We will challenge the judgement in a higher court," Chandrasekhar's nephew V Sailendra told the media. The family also blames it

Protest at Egypt President Morsi's palace turns violent A protest by at least 100,000 Egyptians outside the presidential palace in Cairo turned violent on Tuesday as tensions grew over Islamist President Mohammed Morsi's seizure of nearly unrestricted powers and a draft constitution hurriedly adopted by his allies. Crowds around the capital and in the coastal city of Alexandria were still swelling several hours after nightfall. The large turnout signalled sustained momentum for the opposition, which brought out at least 200,000 protesters to Cairo's Tahrir Square a week ago and a comparable number on Friday. They are demanding the Morsi rescind decrees that placed him above judicial oversight. In a

brief outburst, police fired tear gas to stop protesters approaching the palace in the capital's Heliopolis district. Morsi was in the palace conducting business as usual while the protesters gathered outside. But he left for home through a back door when the crowds "grew bigger," according to a presidential official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters. The official said Morsi left on the advice of security officials at the palace and to head off "possible dangers" and to calm protesters. Morsi's spokesman, however, said the president left the palace at the end of his work schedule through the door he routinely uses.

on the lackadaisical response from the Indian government in extending help to Chandrasekhar and Anupama in fighting the case in the

Did your teacher do this? A Kalashnikov for a teaching aid? Well this happened in China A teacher at a Chinese university has become an internet sensation after photographs showed him carrying real guns, including an AK-47, to a class, a media report said on Monday. Wu is from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology in East China and the photographs were clicked on November 28 when he taught the structure of automatic weapons to his students with over 30 real assault rifles, reported People's Daily citing news portal The students were studying weapon production. University authorities said there were strict controls regarding the guns and the police had permitted to do so. Wu said the class is not open to those without majors in weaponry.

Norwegian court. "For the first two days, the response from the Indian government was very good and cooperative. Subsequently, the

officials in the Ministry of External Affairs and Indian embassy in Oslo somehow did not follow it up and we had to face our own battle. At least now, the Indian government should intervene," Sailendra said. While Chandrasekhar's family members were in deep shock and anguish following the Oslo court verdict, Sai Sriram and his two-year-old brother Abhiram were quietly taking afternoon nap in their bedroom without knowing the fate of their parents. "The children are missing their parents. The judgement, in fact, is in violation of child rights as the kids are deprived of parental care for the next few months," Sailendra said.

french govt, lakshmi Mittal come to unconditional agreement to invest in steel site France's prime minister announced on Friday that there would be no layoffs at a blast furnace site that has become a symbol for maintaining jobs in a tough economic climate. Instead, steel company ArcelorMittal has promised a 180 million euros ($233.75 million) investment and the government will modernize it with an eco-friendly project. The announcement by JeanMarc Ayrault caps months of tension over the future of the site at Florange where the jobs of more than 600 people were at stake. The prime minister put to rest rumors the government would nationalize the site. Instead, he said in a televised announcement that ArcelorMittal had made an "unconditional" agreement to invest and that the government

would keep watch for "nonrespect" of the agreement. Unions were skeptical and the mayor of Florange cautious. The plan, which calls for an investment by ArcelorMittal of 180 million euros over five years, "has positive points if they are kept," Mayor Philippe Tarillon said on BFM television. But he expressed regret that the accord "rests on the commitments of Mr. Mittal." Unions expressed outright skepticism, saying that the deal means they remain "in the claws of Mittal." Edouard Martin of the CFDT union listed a series of demands, including guarantees the funds will be injected into the site with an oversight committee that includes employees. The five-year plan renders the commitment more fragile still, he said.


ovEr lEaking classifiEd MatErial to WikilEaks

A U.S. soldier acknowledged on Friday that he fashioned a noose and contemplated suicide shortly after his arrest on charges of engineering the biggest leak of classified material in U.S. history. Pfc. Bradley Manning's pretrial testimony appeared to support the military's argument that it was trying to protect the former Army intelligence analyst from harming himself by taking away all his clothes, keeping him in strict isola-

tion and shackling him when he was outside his cell. Manning's lawyers argue that the conditions he experienced for nine months at the Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia, amounted to illegal punishment, lasting well past the time he was having suicidal thoughts, and that the charges against him should be dropped as a result. Manning, 24, is charged with sending hundreds of thousands of classified Iraq and Afghanistan

war logs and more than 250,000 diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks while working as an intelligence analyst in Baghdad in 2009 and 2010. On Friday, prosecutor Maj. Ashden Fein produced a knotted, peach-colored sheet from an evidence box on the prosecution table and held it up, displaying a loop in the fabric. "You made a noose out of this?" he asked Manning. "Yes," the soldier replied. Manning said he fash-

ioned the noose while being held in Kuwait soon after he was accused in May 2010 of leaking reams of military and diplomatic documents to the website WikiLeaks. He said his time in Kuwait was the lowest he felt during his entire confinement. When he was transferred to the brig at Quantico in July 2010, he said, he wrote on his intake form that he was "always planning and never acting" on suicidal thoughts.

He was classified a suicide risk for eight days, then upgraded to the less-restrictive "prevention of injury" status. Manning maintains that neither designation was appropriate because he didn't feel like hurting himself after leaving Kuwait. Quantico commanders kept the restrictions in place despite repeated recommendations by brig psychiatrists that they be eased. Among other things, Manning was given scratchy,


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You could be a little bit touchy, tending to regard whatever anyone else says as a challenge. The influences around can be useful. But it also moves your tongue into top gear, which can prove a distraction. You’ll want to put energy into health, diet and almost everything that makes you happy and comfortable. You will defend your corner with vigour and energy at the moment. No one will interfere or cross swords with you and emerge unscathed. But if you can indulge into a little creative discussion where no one takes offence but everyone speaks their mind firmly, then you’ll emerge with better ideas.

You may be at risk of turning a mole hill into a mountain. Don’t say the first thing that comes to mind. Think about the likely consequences of what you say. Not in a competitive mood you may today fail to take the decisive step which would win you the argument.

Exercise some restraint at the moment, else you may stir up hornets’ nests. Be robust but don’t say the first thing that comes to your head. You will head straight to the heart of the matter and could be candid to the point of bluntness. Your direct, at times brutal, honesty can be unnerving to some.

STAR AGE taurus

April-21 to May-20


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January-21 to February-19

You will defend your corner with vigour and energy at the moment. No one will interfere or cross swords with you and emerge unscathed. But if you can indulge into a little creative discussion where no one takes offence but everyone speaks their mind firmly, then you’ll emerge with better ideas.

You need to flush tensions out into the open. There are things that really need to be said. So if you can get it over and done with, you can clear the air once and for all. The trick is not to keep grinding on to the bitter end. Say just enough to make your feelings known.

You may be spoiling for a disagreement. If you can find someone to argue with in a positive, constructive way, it’ll be helpful. Eyeball to eyeball squabbles will not get you anywhere very sensible. Mars in your chart area of friendships ensures that everyone is being pulled in the same direction. Be cool, calm and sensible. You could go rushing in where angels fear to tread, since you are not in a mood to concentrate on practical details. Your mind is pretty sharp. So use it without flaring up about trivial irritations. Also deeply secretive, you will be plotting and planning how to get your own way.



May-21 to June-21


August-24 to September-23


November-23 to December-22

February-20 to March-20


Don’t let your irritability show else the feeling could be infectious and get everyone over heated. What you have to say is important. Be clear, concise and detached. Mars in your chart area of emotional matters makes you throw all your energies into family life.

This is the time to make long-term plans and see where you are going over the next few weeks and months. Setting your goals is crucial since you do not want to drift around aimlessly in the days ahead. Your open, honest, friendly and very enthusiastic manner is attracting a really positive response from everyone around.

You are brimming with confidence. You might be delighted at your ability to assert yourself. Also, watch that you do not go slightly over the score. With Mars in your chart area of career, your dynamic energy is not surprisingly being channelled into work and achieving your ambitions out in the world. You’ll be in a rather competitive mood today. You’re mind is sharp and clear. But you may talk in a way that just ruffles other people’s feathers. Try to be little funny. You’ll attract yourself to competitive companions. Near and dear ones will be outspoken, so you need to keep the peace.




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SC asks Sahara to refund Rs. 24,000 cr to investors by February The Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed the Sahara Group to pay back Rs. 24,000 crore with 15% interest to investors of its two firms. A bench headed by Chief Justice Altamas Kabir directed the Sahara Group to immediately hand over a demand draft of Rs. 5,120 crore to market regulator SEBI and said the balance amount shall be deposited with the market regulator in two instalments. The bench also comprising justices S S Nijjar and J Chelameswar made it clear that the first instalment of Rs. 10,000 crore has to be paid by first week of January 2013 and the remaining by first week of February 2013. The bench, which said it was considering Sahara's application

to protect the interest of the investors, also expressed displeasure with Sahara's statement for extension of time for payment, saying it could not be accepted at face value. The order passed by the bench was objected to by SEBI and an association of the investors who said that the directions were being given without hearing their submissions. With today's order, a bench headed by CJI modified the verdict given by another bench on August 31 setting the deadline of November end for Sahara group to refund the money. SEBI strongly opposed the order dictated by Justice Kabir and said that it was not right to modify the earlier verdict given by a different bench and submit-

ted that Sahara's plea must be heard by a bench of justices K S Radhakrishnan and J S Khehar which had passed the verdict against the Group's two companies. Senior advocate Arvind Dattar, appearing for SEBI, further submitted that the Chief Justice must record his statement in the court's order pertaining to his submission that the case must be heard by a bench of justices Radhakrishnan and Khehar. Chief Justice Kabir got angry after SEBI's submission and said, "We will record what we feel to record. We cannot record what you say." An association of investors, who had put in their money in Sahara Group, objected to the order, saying that it was pro-

Power firms left with just seven days’ coal In what could spell a serious trouble for the power generation in the coming months, more than half of India’s power plants are facing shortage in coal with less than seven days of stocks. The ministry of power, said in a letter to the coal ministry , that 52 out of the 90 power stations in the country “continue to be in a critical stock state and hence need special attention”. “Letters have been written to Coal India Ltd and the coal ministry without significant

improvement,” power secretary P Umashankar told coal secretary. According to the letter, the poor supplies were due to lack of proper evacuation and transport arrangements by subsidiaries of CIL, especially the Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd (MCL), Western Coalfields Ltd (WCL) and Eastern Coalfields Ltd (ECL) besides stoppage of mining works at various coalfields. “Poor materialisation (coal supplies) from MCL, that had a materialisation of merely 74%

in the April-October period, is affecting at least 20 out of the 52 critical power stations in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu,” he said. “All the four power stations in Tamil Nadu are critical or super critical with Ennore and North Chennai having stocks for just three days.” Out of 10 power stations in Maharashtra, as many as nine are super critical. The problem of six power stations of Andhra Pradesh is also similar and three out of six are super critical.

nounced without hearing their arguments. Senior advocate Vikas Singh, in his remark against the order, said in the open court that the bench had stated that it will pass order to protect interest of the investors but the order is being passed without giving them a hearing. "You are saying that the order is being passed to protect the investors and you are passing the order in the guise of protecting the investors, but what is there for them if investors are not heard. It is not fair," an upset Singh said, immediately after the order was dictated by CJI. He said that his petition should not be disposed of along with Sahara's petition, but CJI shot back in a very angry tone "No, sorry".

The court passed the order on an appeal filed by the Sahara group companies against a November 29 order of the Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT), which had refused to entertain their plea by asking them to approach the Supreme Court, which had directed them to refund the money within three months by November 30. The apex court, by its August 31 direction, had also asked Sahara to supply within ten days the documents pertaining to the investors. However, today's order came even as SEBI's contempt petition and Sahara's review petition against the August 31 verdict are pending before the bench of justices Radhakrishanan and Khehar.

Are you ready for the new cheque regime?

Policy, growth slippages could lead to India downgrade: Fitch

If you have been wondering why your bank has been repeatedly sending you text messages and emails to change your old cheque book, even though you have plenty of leaves left, here’s the answer: From January 1, India will move to a faster, more efficient and secure payment settlement system in which banks will only honour cheques embedded with new features. Under the new Cheque Truncation System (CTS), cheques will be cleared in a day — against three days taken on an average at present.

Policy slippages and decline ingrowth trend could lead to downgrading of India's credit rating, global agency Fitch said on Monday while projecting 6% growth in the current fiscal. "Policy slippage and/or mounting evidence of a structural decline in the trend growth rate, such as protracted relatively weak economic data, could cause the ratings to be downgraded," Fitch

said in a statement.It said however that an improved investment climate that supports greater infrastructure investment, and a sharp sustained decline in inflation, would support the current 'BBB -' rating. Referring to India's economic growth, Fitch said, "We expect the economic recovery to be shallow. We forecast real GDP growth to fall to 6% in FY13 (year to March 2013) from 6.5% in FY12..." it said.

'India, China to be main growth drivers among Bric' India and China are likely to be main growth drivers among the Bric nations and the growth gap between two Asian giants is expected to narrow down in the years ahead, a Credit Suisse report has said. According to the report, though the slowing growth rate of Bric (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries has raised questions over the countries' longer term prospects, going forward,

China and India are expected to be main growth drivers among the group, however a return to pre-crisis levels is unlikely. The report added that "within this picture, we believe that the growth gap between China and India will narrow". Factors like moderate investment spending and constraints to labour force growth would limit China's growth rate, while, India in principle has the best potential to

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generate high growth over the longer term, the report said. "India in principle has the best potential to generate high growth over the longer term, simply because its starting point is the lowest and its catch-up potential thus highest," the report said. Explaining further, the report said the "pool" of labour that can be moved out of agriculture into more advanced and productive sectors is still enormous.

India had been growing around 8-9 per cent before the global financial meltdown in 2008. The growth rate in 2011-12 slipped to a nine-year low of 6.5 per cent. According to the official data, the Indian economy grew by 5.3 per cent in the JulySeptember period this year, while in the quarter ended June 30, the economy grew by 5.5 per cent. Regarding India, the report said the key to success is to further encour-

KOYA MEMORIAL NIGHT This night dedicated to the memory of the late Hon. S M KOYA is slated for early next year. Everyone is welcome share their thoughts, comments and memories. If you stories and pictures etc., you want to share you are most wel come do so. The man who fulfilled the journey crafted by one of the most learned and seasoned politicians of Fiji the late Hon. Mr. A D Patel. THE KOYA MEMORIAL NIGHT will be dedicated to celebrate the memories of tails of former leader of opposition the Late Hon. S M KOYA

age (already high) private saving and guide it into private sector investment instead of inefficient government spending. Moreover, foreign investment and technology transfer from abroad needs to be encouraged, and regulatory barriers to manufacturing and service sector expansion needs to be eased. China meanwhile, is likely to continue to benefit from fairly high domestic savings.


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Racing-Metro boss denies 'Fijigate' scandal PARIS — Racing-Metro president Jacky Lorenzetti on Tuesday strenuously denied that the Top 14 club tried to prevent Fiji players from competing in the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Lorenzetti's denial follows comments made by former All Black Simon Mannix that Fijian players at the French club where he coached last year were paid to be unavailable for the World Cup tournament. But writing in "an open letter to fans concerning Fijigate", published on the club's website Tuesday, Lorenzetti denied the accusations. "Racing Metro have never

prevented any player, neither Fijian or of another nationality from participating in the World Cup or an international tournament," Lorenzetti wrote. "The selection of one of our players in a national team is a cause for pride and honour in the club," he continued. "The best proof is that Albert Vulivuli, another Fijian playing for Racing, did indeed participate in the last World Cup. Mannix had claimed that the French club made payments to encourage Sireli Bobo, Jone Qovu, Josh Matavesi and Virimi Vakatawa to be unavailable for the 2011 Pacific Nations Cup, effectively ruling themselves out

of World Cup selection. But in a statement to AFP on Monday, Mannix claimed that comments made by him during an International Rugby Board (IRB) radio show "Total Rugby" in January 2012 had been "distorted". "The comments that were attributed to me in this broadcast should be clarified because they were distorted and do not correspond to reality," said Mannix, who now works as backs coach with Irish side Munster. "In fact, I had just wanted to say that if the club Racing Metro 92 had wanted to, they could have easily compensated the Fijians and presented a cheque

to those who did not wish to participate in the World Cup. "These (players) sometimes prefer to consolidate their club careers faced with the organisational difficulties of rugby in the Pacific Islands and overlapping national and international competitions and their respective calendars," he added.Winger Bobo and second rower Qovu, who are still playing for Racing Metro, cited "personal reasons" in 2011 for their decision not to play in the Pacific Nations Cup during the Top 14 season. RacingMetro signed Cornwall-born Fijian utility back Matavesi from Exeter Chiefs as medical cover in March 2011, and he too said

he wanted "to focus on his club" as did winger Vakatawa. The Fijian Rugby Federation made a formal complaint to their French counterparts over star lock Jone Qovu withdrawing from their autumn test squad claiming he was injured before he then played for Racing-Metro. The French Rugby Federation (FFR) took immediate action in telling Racing that Qovu would not be able to play until December 4 after the period when Fiji had played their three tests. The International Rugby Board (IRB) will decide whether to open an investigation into the matter during a meeting in Dublin on Tuesday.

Fiji 7s under the spotlight Fiji 7s to face battle The Digicel Fiji rugby 7s team will have to work harder than usual if it is to break its duck at the Dubai tournament this weekend.

Serious changes need to be made to the Digicel Fiji 7s team to find its winning form says FBC rugby commentator Graham Eden.

Eden says Fiji’s showing in Dubai was nothing short of disaster. Eden believes changes are needed at the helm of the sevens team. Meanwhile, Westfield sevens team coach Filipe Koroikai says the Fiji team looked underprepared. Koroikai says a combination of errors led to Fiji’s downfall. “The weakness that we found

was the lack of preparation. Their match fitness was not on par and we found there was no communication between the players especially in the quarter-final and then the plate semi-final. It seemed they didn’t have the passion to win, they lacked the focus.” Fiji now travels

to Port Elizabeth for the South Africa Sevens where they find themselves pooled with New Zealand, England and Scotland. You can catch live commentaries of South Africa Sevens on our sister station Bula FM with the voice of rugby Graham Eden.

Only three teams have won in Dubai since 1999 and they are South Africa, England and New Zealand. And South Africa coach Paul Treu says this is for a reason. “I think it’s just the pressure … Obviously with England, they have a lot of support with expats living in Dubai and also flying to the tournament and New Zealand always has

Club denies Fijian rugby players paid to miss World Cup French rugby club Racing Metro has denied claims it tried to prevent Fijian players from competing at the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand. The denial follows claims made by the former All Black Mannix Simon that the Fijian players at the club, which he coached last year, were paid to be unavailable for the tournament. But Racing Metro president Jacky Lorenzetti says the club has never prevented any player of any nationalist from playing for their countries at the world cup or any international competition. In a statement Mr Lorenzetti said the selection of its players in a national team is a cause of pride and honour in the club. "Racing Metro have never prevented any player,

neither Fijian or of another nationality from participating in the World Cup or an international tournament," Lorenzetti wrote. "The selection of one of our players in a national team is a cause for pride and honour in the club. "The best proof is that Albert Vulivuli, another Fijian playing for Racing, did indeed participate in the last World Cup." Mannix had claimed that the French club made payments to

encourage Sireli Bobo, Jone Qovu, Josh Matavesi and Virimi Vakatawa to be unavailable for the 2011 Pacific Nations Cup, effectively ruling themselves out of World Cup selection. But in a statement, Mannix claimed that comments made by him during an International Rugby Board radio show "Total Rugby" in January 2012 had been "distorted". "The comments that were attributed to me in

this broadcast should be clarified because they were distorted and do not correspond to reality," he said. "In fact, I had just wanted to say that if the club Racing Metro 92 had wanted to, they could have easily compensated the Fijians and presented a cheque to those who did not wish to participate in the World Cup. "These (players) sometimes prefer to consolidate their club careers faced with the organisational difficulties of rugby in the Pacific Islands and overlapping national and international competitions and their respective calendars." Winger Bobo and second rower Qovu, who are still playing for Racing Metro, cited "personal reasons" in 2011 for their decision not to play in the Pacific Nations Cup during the Top 14 season.

enjoyed support over the years. Obviously for us the last time we won it was in 2008 but in 2006 was probably the most memorable one we didn’t expect it to rain in Dubai.” Meanwhile, Alifereti Dere’s men face Spain in their opening pool encounter at 6.50pm on

Friday before taking on Scotland at 10.36pm. The last pool match is against Kenya at 3.58am on Saturday. You can catch live commentaries of the Dubai 7s on our sister station, BULA FM with the voice of rugby Graham Eden.

Father and son win IT was a double celebration for the Prasad family after father Yogen and son Rahil won their respective grades at the fourth Fiji Bitter National Rankings Snooker Championship in Suva yesterday. Yogen defeated Praneel Singh by four straight frames (75-11, 4832, 71-37, 61-56) to win the super premier grade while Rahil overcame Hazel Naidu of Labasa by 3-1 (53-30, 5529, 23-47, 64-4) to win the premier title. Both are members of Merchants Club and were elated with the historic win. Yogen said he was proud with the achievement. "I haven't been training because of work commitments but today (yesterday) I managed to get my old form back," Yogen, the former Fiji champ, said. Despite the loss, Singh of Nausori club finished top in

the National Rankings Snooker Championship after accumulated maximum points from the four tournaments. Billiard and Snooker Association of Fiji (BSAF) vice-president Riffat Batti said Singh's consistent performance throughout the four championships earned him the top rank. Batti also saluted the players that took part in the two-day tournament and hailed the series a success. He said the participants showed good discipline and displayed an improved performance to bring down the curtains to the rankings tournaments. BSAF acting president Anup Kumar said the top 16 from the rankings tournament from both grades would participate in the Champion of Champions which will be held on January 12 and 13 next year.











IOA defies IOC, elects Chautala, Bhanot

NEW DELHI: The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) continued to defy the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) diktat and went ahead with its elections on Wednesday, formally making Abhey Singh Chautala its president and Lalit Bhanot the secretary general besides electing a host of office-bearers for different posts. This development could further muddy the waters and make India's return to the Olympic fold even more difficult now as the IOC, as expected, dismissed the election's outcome. "Those elections are null and void, they won't count," IOC spokesman Mark Adams told reporters earlier in the day. "They can go ahead with them but they won't have any validity.

The newly-elected IOA officials seemed strangely unaffected by IOC's suspension of IOA. In fact, Chautala, with Bhanot in tow, went ahead to announce that he would be forming a nine-member Athletics Commission and will have three eminent sportspersons as advisors to ensure that India wins more medals in the next Olympics. IOA, which was suspended by the IOC on Tuesday, had been advised by the IOC's member in India, Randhir Singh, earlier in the day to refrain from conducting the scheduled meeting during which the elections were held. The results were declared late in the evening. Chautala told reporters that IOA

Sports Code which, he said, led to the suspension . "I want to make it clear today that we will follow the IOC which is our supreme authority. IOA did not do anything for which it should be banned," he said. Chautala said that apart from the nine-member Athletics Commission, the IOA will also have eminent sportspersons as advisors.

had no option but to conduct the elections - where 141 out of 183 members cast their votes - as per Delhi High Court's orders. As expected, Randhir Singh, who had convened the meeting on October 5, stayed away from the polls. Soon after the elections, Chautala accused Randhir of keeping the IOC in the dark on the

Kobe Bryant becomes youngest scorer of 30,000 points

LOUISIANA: Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant become the youngest player to score 30,000 NBA career points during the first half of Wednesday's game against the New Orleans Hornets. Needing 13 more points to hit that mark before the start of the game, Bryant scored his 13th and 14th points on a short jumper with just over a minute remaining before half-time. At the age of 34, the 14-time All-Star became only the fifth player to reach the milestone, emulating Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), Karl Malone (36,928), Michael Jordan (32,292) and Wilt Chamberlain (31,419). "It's a huge honour, to

say the least," Bryant told reporters earlier this week about the prospect of breaking the 30,000-point barrier. "Whenever you hear those kinds of names,

you think about the amount of players that have played this game, and then to be in that kind of company, it's always extremely, extremely special."

THE TEAM President: Abhey Singh Chautala Secretary General: Lalit Bhanot Senior vice-president : VN Nanavati Treasurer: N Ramachandran

Serena Williams named WTA Player of the Year PARIS: Serena Williams has been named WTA Tour Player of the Year for the fourth time after winning Wimbledon, the US Open and Olympic gold in a stunning summer of success. The American started the year poorly amid concerns over her fitness and motivation and lost in the fourth round of the Australian Open. But back-to-back tournament wins in Charleston and Madrid in April and May marked a remarkable change in fortune for her. Williams, who turned 31 in September, went on to win 48 of 50 matches, landing Grand Slam titles at Wimbledon and the US Open and taking gold in London where she defeated Maria Sharapova 6-0, 6-1 in the final.

Vice Presidents (8): Akhilesh Dasgupta, Parminder Singh Dhindsa, Anurag Thakur, RK Anand, Tarlochan Singh, Narender Batra, GS Mander and Birender Prasad Baishya Joint Secretaries (6): Anandeshwar Pandey, Raja K Sidhu, Rakesh Gupta, Kuldip Vats, Rajeev Mehta, and SM Hashmi IOC Members: Narender Batra and N Ramachandran CORRIGENDUM In the main Sports page of Wednesday's edition (How Dirty Politicking Shamed India), you may have noticed a few jumbled words in the fifth paragraph. It was a technical glitch and we apologise for it.

Sharapova aims for top spot after return to form MILAN: Maria Sharapova is looking to return to the No. 1 spot in the world rankings after rediscovering her best form this year. Sharapova endured a difficult few years after undergoing shoulder surgery at the end of 2008, but has come back brilliantly and briefly reached No. 1 after winning the French Open to complete a career Grand Slam. "Obviously the goal is always to shoot for top spot and that's always where you want to be and stay," Sharapova said on Friday. "It's one thing to reach the No. 1 ranking, another to keep it. "But what's most important and the main goal is to win as many matches as you can and then the rankings takes care of itself. To get to No. 1 the

only thing to do is to work hard and you have to treat every match, no matter what it is, the same. That's what we all do." Sharapova is in Milan to play an exhibition tournament on Saturday, with another former No. 1, Ana Ivanovic. They will face Italians Sara Errani, who Sharapova beat in the French Open final, and Roberta Vinci. Errani also comes into the tournament off the back of a fantastic year, which has seen her rise from No. 45 at the beginning of 2012 to No. 6. As well as reaching the final at Ronaldo Garros, Errani also progressed to the semifinals of the US Open and won the doubles title at both events with Vinci."I never expected it all either, it's been an incredi-

Referee has 'final word' on goal-line technology TOKYO: Referees can reject the use of goal-line technology or even overrule it in the Club World Cup, which starts this week in Japan, a senior FIFA official said on Wednesday. Two different GLT systems, Hawk-Eye and GoalRef, are to be used in the eight-game competition from Thursday, when continental kings of club football, including Chelsea and Brazil's Corinthians, will battle for world supremacy. "The referee has the final word when it's about the goal-line technology system," FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke told a news conference in Tokyo. In July, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) -- custodians of the game's laws -

- decided to use goal-line technology at the Club World Cup, next year's Confederation Cup and the World Cup finals in Brazil in 2014. Valcke said referees at these competitions will test the system 90 minutes before each game to see if it is working to their satisfaction. "If he has any doubt and if this doubt cannot be corrected by the provider who is on the site, then he has the right to say, 'Sorry, guys. I don't think I can rely on the system'," he said. "Again, the referee is the most important person. He's the one who's making the final decision and he has to keep this right for the final decision," Valcke said. Fans have called for years for the football world to embrace technol-

ogy aimed at eliminating human error, citing its use in other sports including tennis and cricket. "It's a big day because it's the first time that the technology will be used officially in a game or games. Up to now, it was just experimental."

Valcke said it was costing FIFA $1 million to run the two systems at the club championship. "For the time being, it is a bit expensive to install the goal-line technology system, but remember 10 years ago, a plasma screen or a flat screen cost a fortune," he said. "Today, you can find it for $500." Individual associations still have the right to decide whether they use the technology in their competitions. That means UEFA, for example, could opt not to implement the system. FIFA, football's world governing body, has given GLT licences to Britain-based but Sony-owned Hawk-Eye and Germany's GoalRef, from a shortlist of some 10 different companies. The

Hawk-Eye system uses seven cameras while GoalRef utilises magnetic fields to determine whether a ball has crossed the line. Both systems transmit their findings to devices that can be worn on officials' wrists. Both are in the running for installation in stadiums for the Confederations Cup in Brazil next June, but other companies can still apply for the chance to have their technology used, said Valcke. He said FIFA would have to decide the contractor "by the end of March at the latest". The Club World Cup kicks off on Thursday in Yokohama, with New Zealand's Auckland City FC taking on Japan's Sanfrecce Hiroshima.





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