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Volume 7, Edition 7, June 16-30, 2011

A hearty welcome to Batch 2013 FIIB is thrilled to usher in a brand new batch of entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovative business professionals in the making. Every year, around this time, FIIB revisits those unflinching entrepreneurial dreams fostered by young students, who enter the FIIB campus. With new students come new hopes, new aspirations, new destinations, new ideas, new thinking, new dreams and new strength. It has been an absolutely fun-filled journey for 16 years and the success will perpetuate, for as long as the spirit of entrepreneurship thrives! There is always renewed energy, spirit and enthusiasm to transform the FIIB experience to an unforgettable stint, for yet another bunch of zealots, coming together under the FIIB canopy of innovation, learning and growing. FIIB wishes Batch 2013 luck, success, joy and immense learning and growth in the forthcoming two years of the exciting FIIB MBA program! We believe sky is the limit and we want to shoot away from our home turf, at FIIB. P.S.: Fortune Cookies pulled out a few pictures of Batch 2013


Volume 7, Edition 7, June16-30, 2011 April 1-15, 2011

Editor’s Note

Faculty Spotlight

Prof S

Dr. Sadia Samar Ali

The ebb and flow of academics, career, life and shopping Sweet, stylish and slightly shy, Dr. Sadia Samar Ali speaks her mind, unabashedly , about issues ranging from what makes her tick to what ticks her off. Academics, Operations Research, FIIB’s innovations, travel and shopping , she spills the beans on everything that comprises her. If she’s not spending hours on research, she’s spending on spending! Yes indeed, you’re likely to catch her splurging in the Delhi malls, when time permits her. In this little chat with Sindhu Kaushik, she gives FIIB-ians a peek into her personality that certainly goes beyond books, academics, research and white papers.

Sindhu Kaushik: You're an intellectual, super-efficient and immaculate. You come across as a near-perfect professional. Let us hear something about you that drives people up the wall. Dr. Sadia Samar Ali: Not exactly. I find the statement in the superlative degree of exaggeration. I am in a different profession. In the teaching profession, no one can be any body’s competitor, as I feel every body has something to contribute, although there may be a lot of similarity. However, sometimes, when one get’s carried away by such feelings, then I am sorry to say that it is going to ruin an individual, who possesses these feelings. To be very honest, I haven’t come across any such character/professional, therefore my opinion about a sour chemistry may not be as accurate as I might describe. This could be my serious limitation while answering this particular question. I am simply an academician with your exaggeration. I have sort of started developing a feeling of flattery. SK: When you are not researching, what do we find you doing? Dr. SSA: To be honest with you, shopping is my second most favourite hobby, which I am extremely passionate about. Thanks to the ultra modern shopping malls in NCR, which has further cultivated this passion in me. I love to give myself some elements of space, which helps me rediscover myself. I love travelling to new places and explore new dimensions.

A new leaf in the FIIB book The change of every season gives birth to renewed hope and quest for knowledge – to seek excellence, strive to supersede one’s own target and constantly aim for higher recognition. FIIB has just shifted gears and ushered in another batch of aspiring business leaders and with this, the brand new academic cycle at FIIB has begun, for the 16th year, since inception. The FIIB family is enriched with fresh ideas, innovations and goals, yet again. Meanwhile, the World Environment Day was well celebrated and FIIB pledged to the United National Environment Programme, to conserve the environment and secure a prosperous future for the successive generations, through its academic rigor. Posters are framed all around the campus, to uphold this pledge. FIIB’s faculty went international this fortnight, as Prof Kalpana Chauhan represented FIIB on BBC Radio. And, so the excitement has just begun! - Sindhu Kaushik

Otherwise, I concentrate on my research. Writing research papers and findings can be considered as an additional hobby. SK: Has being an academician always been your dream? Dr SSA: Not exactly. I wanted to study and share my learning with others. This passion for continuous learning and sharing with others attracted me to this profession. It would be dishonest on my part to give a diplomatic answer. I am equally open to consultancy, with reputed firms, where I can derive equal satisfaction. SK: Could you please relate to an interesting research/ teaching experience? Dr SSA: In 2009, the summer training project was to be undertaken for students. After much deliberation, Glaxo Smith Kline was selected for this purpose. We decided to conduct a study for retailers’ satisfaction of health drink products in Delhi & NCR. It was decided to make use of ACSI, American Consumer Satisfaction Index, which was not used in India for this particular industry. A case study was prepared for gauging the retailers’ satisfaction per se, the health drink products for GSK. The findings and managerial implications of the case study was presented to the company. Based on this, GSK strategized and implemented possible improvement measures to enhance retailers satisfaction for a secured and smooth business operation. After the completion of their Summer Training students participated in various summer training competitions at various colleges of repute in Delhi & NCR and won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. The case study was later published in Emerald Journal. This experience was a great research & teaching contribution.


March 2011 Volume 7, Edition 7, June16-30, 2011

SK: How do you rate your experience at FIIB so far? Dr SSA: Well, truly speaking it would be too early to answer. However, I am excited to be amidst a learning environment, which aims to produce excellence. The mission and vision of FIIB is noble and in order to achieve such excellence, one needs to be excellent himself. I am confident that I would grow with FIIB. Here, I am surrounded by people who have great achievements under their belt. I am really impressed with such initial evidences. I must say that I did the right thing by joining FIIB. SK: What would you say is the most exciting part of FIIB? Dr SSA: The most exciting part about FIIB is the versatility of Education, Research, Consultancy and Faculty & Management Development Programs under a single banner. The diversified approach will strengthen the knowledge base of its students, who in turn will represent and showcase FIIB to the corporate world. The versatile approach also benefits its clients, who might be academicians or Corporate professionals.

Dr Sadia Samar Ali

FIIB Outside Campus Prof Kalpana Chauhan, Marketting, was invited to the BBC Radio Program titled ‘World, Have Your Say’ on June 15, 2011, to participate in a discussion on the Thomson Reuters Report on ‘The Dangerous Countries of the World for Women’, where India is ranked 4th, much ahead of various Arabian and Islamic countries.

Prof Kalpana Chauhan

The program was anchored and aired live by BBC London, in all the countries, where BBC has it’s reach (4:30-5PM IST). 00h5jrl/World_Have_Your_Say_WHY S_30_Is_India_one_of_the_worst_pla ces_in_the_world_for_women/

FIIB celebrated the World Environment Day with these posters

FIIB and the UNEP Pledge FIIB has pledged to the cause of enviornment, in association with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). On July 7, the campus lit up with posters, highlighting the importance of conserving the degrading environment. Not confined to the celebration of the World Environment Day alone, FIIB has long championed the cause of preserving nature and conducting sustainable businesses, with a green conscience. This effort on July 7 is only another step towards reinforcing it's motto. Please find FIIB's green pledge on the following link Please scroll down 'Delhi'. The excerpt reads thus: Fortune Institute of International business aims to be an eminent global management institute of business and social relevance. FIIB recognises the importance of engagement in sustainable development in the achievement of its vision. The institute pledges to produce responsible Knowledge Workers who are committed to sustainability in all their endeavours, at economic, social and environmental level. The institute also pledges to promote awareness of and engagement in sustainable development and to work towards achieving sustainable development in all aspects of its activities. Activity- The Institute has put up a poster display on (7th June 2011) at its campus showcasing the efforts and steps taken to fulfill its pledge and commitment towards a holistic- environmental, economic, and social development. Campus address- Fortune Institute of International Business Plot No.5, Opp. R.R. Army Hospital, Rao Tula Ram Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057. Tel: 011-47285000.


From the Students Favourite Hide-out in FIIB: TT Tables in the campus Favourite FIIB moment: Meeting Students of Sam Walton College, University of Arkansas Fictional Character that inspires you: Alladin and his magic lantern Management Mantra: Strive with passion, excellence will follow Worst Marketing Strategy: Emotional tactics MBA is… A way of life, not just a degree I would do anything for… Manchester United The best job in the world is… One that pays well with the least effort When I want it the most… It skids off my slippery hands The problem with the country is… Only talk , no walk

The Hunter and the Hunted!!

Pulkit Blaggan and Shailender Singh participated in Face-Off during Samavesh ’11. Fortune Cookies fished out this funky pics from

Facebook to make this page, dedicated to students, all the more special!

Jaspreet Singh, 2012 DEMYSTIFIED!

Volume 7, Edition 7, June16-30, 2011

What the Whack! A man was out driving, when he came across a flock of sheep. He got out of his car and walked over to the shepherd, tending the sheep. He asked, "Are you a betting man?“ "Why do you ask?", said the shepherd. "I'll bet you $20, to one of your sheep, that I can guess the size of your flock.", he said. "You're on", said the shepherd, "How many sheep have I got?” "367", came the answer. "That's amazing," exclaimed the shepherd, "You're absolutely right! go and pick yourself a sheep." Having claimed his prize, the man was walking away, when the shepherd called out to him. "How about another bet- double or nothing.", he challenged. “What's the bet?", said the man. "I'll bet you that I can tell your occupation, and who you work for.” "That's a bet." said the man. "What do I do?" "You're a marketing consultant, and you work for the government.", said the shepherd. "That's amazing," said the man. "How did you figure that out? “The shepherd smiled. "Put down my dog, and I'll tell you."


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