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Volume 7, Edition 6, June 1-15, 2011

Convocation Batch 2009-’11

Winners take it all: (Left to right) Rishabh Chopra, Gold Medal for the highest CGPA, Subhasis Satpathy, Silver Medal for the second highest CGPA, Amandeep Singh Chawla, RK Shrivastava Scholarship Awardee for all-round excellence, Priyanka Ghosh and Bhupendra Pratap Singh, Special Awardees for Innovation and Leadership in Samavesh ’11, FIIB’s Management Fest.

Convocation, such elation There were lights, camera and much fun-filled action. Surprise awards, entertainment, lessons for life , food, fun and frolic – Convocation 2011 had it all The 15th Convocation Ceremony at FIIB scheduled on Saturday, May 28, 2011 was an ‘entertainer’ in every sense that lit up all faces with broad smiles. This time, in addition to the Gold and the Silver Medal for Academic Excellence and the RK Shrivastava Gold Medal for leadership and overall excellence, the Special Award was instituted for leadership and innovation at the Inter-Collegiate Management Fest, Samavesh, to the Student Co-Heads, Bhupendra Singh and Priyanka Ghosh, Batch 2009-2011. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Chetan Bhagat, celebrated author, columnist and orator. His convocation address, replete with serious messages, was laced with plenty humour, through his rich audio-visual presentations. The true key to success, according to Mr Bhagat lies in a formula that he spelled out – ‘Thoroughly knowing

the business and knowing the right people.’ Besides, he emphasized on the power that the youth of today possess, in transforming the country to the Utopia that they visualize. Ms Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB, in her address pointed out that education was all about transformation. It may be gradual and passive but it is always visible to the world outside, she said. Education causes the process of the internalization of such transformation and subsequently its application, supplemented by knowledge and skills. Mr. Chetan Bhagat With precious pearls of wisdom rendered by the accomplished, the honored and the successful, the Convocation Ceremony was complete. It gave the graduating diploma recipients the impetus to take life head on.


Volume 7, Edition June1-15, 2011 April6,1-15, 2011

Editor’s Note

Centre Stage Where dreams and reality cordially co-exist

And the stars descended

Spot that immaculately dressed, polite and courteous gentleman , who instantly greets you with a warm smile and swiftly walks away? He is either working or working hard. He might not chat with you non-stop or freely whip a joke or two on the corridors but be sure to be surprised by his witty observations and unassuming suggestions that will set you thinking. He is warm and approachable to students, popular amongst his colleagues and stimulating company if he has the time. Behind that demure personality lies a hard-core sports fanatic, a movie buff and an IT whiz! Teaching, IT and FIIB were all a part of his destiny but Mr Neel Deshmukh had other plans! Read on, as he breaks out of his coyness and takes Sindhu Kaushik through what makes him tick! Mr. Neel Deshmukh Prof S Yes, it’s quite a surprise!!

The last fortnight was buzzing with feverish activity around the campus. It was time to pay a fitting tribute to another batch of young, bright, talented FIIB-ians. Batch 2011 was set to graduate and the faculty, staff and management was set to make this as memorable for them as possible, trying to cater to every aspect of the grand convocation, aiming for perfection, as always! Charged with grandiose it certainly was and the celebrity, who contributed to its exclusivity, a blockbuster with the students was – Mr Chetan Bhagat with his signature disarming charm and wit indeed. Topping this bundle of joy was the Special Award that was instituted this year, for Leadership in the student fest, Samavesh ‘11. Speaking of awards, FIIB bagged another biggie for being the best in International Business. Don’t blame us, we’re minding our business and guess we’re just good at it! - Sindhu Kaushik

Sindhu Kaushik: You seem to be a very quiet person. When can we catch you off guard? Neel Deshmukh:

middle class families. But my heart lies in sports even today. I make use of every opportunity to play cricket. I am an all-rounder and I gave it my best at Fervour, FIIB Sport’s Fest too.

SK: We know you as a Professional at the FIIB Program Office but I hear IT is your primary interest. ND: I taught Computers for about four years at a private institution earlier. Later, I was associated with the Institute of Marketing and Management and was a Senior Computer Lab In-charge and I used to conduct Practical Examinations for students. I came to FIIB through Prof Vilender’s recommendation and it’s been eight years since I took charge of the Program Office.

SK: With such fervor for sport, I am sure you worship a sportsperson. ND: It has to be Adam Gilchrist for being such a powerful attacking batsman. When the IPL was happening, I followed nearly every match. One might argue but I think there are both advantages and disadvantages to the business of IPL: the positive aspect is certainly team spirit that is evoked, despite the clash in geographical affinities. Contd on page 3

Kudos and Celebrations

SK: Had you always planned a career in IT? ND: Not really. When in school, IT was the most boring subject to me. However, my parents forced me into studying IT and now, I have no regrets. I have been extremely interested ever since and I am grateful to them. One may wonder but with the introduction of the ERP at FIIB, IT knowhow has proven useful.

Put your hands together one more time! We are on the top again. The Brands Academy Education Excellence Awards presented FIIB with the Best Management Institute for International Business Award.

SK: Given a chance, what career path would you have chosen? ND: I would have been a cricketer or any other sportsperson. I have a lot of medals and awards to my credit since school. My family however, didn’t consider the pursuit of sports for a career, secure enough and fairly so, giving credit to all Indian

Remember, this is the second award that FIIB has secured in the last month. So, does this mean sky’s the limit and FIIB is among the stars? Does this testify the quality of education imparted and the worldclass standards that we continue to establish? Does this mean FIIB aims to be nothing but the best and strives to aim higher with every milestone reached? Find more on this prestigious award on Page 3


Volume 7, Edition 6, June1-15, 2011 March 2011

Contd from Page 2 SK: So, Mr Deshmukh is all about IT and cricket? ND: Please also add movies. I am a movie buff and a huge fan of Hrithik Roshan’s, for his skills as a performer and his personality. I also deeply admire Aamir Khan. Amongst the female actors, I think Katrina Kaif is impressive. I mostly enjoy the typical Bollywood masala flicks with romance and comedy. This is also another favourite pastime of mine. SK: How has your journey with FIIB been, so far? ND: There is great solidarity amongst the employees here. Everyone is prepared to work beyond their set boundaries. Paramvir, for instance doesn’t mind undertaking any assignment. Likewise, Naresh is extremely helpful and doesn’t confine himself to the IT department and his Cell.

There is tremendous bonding. In the last few years particularly, there have been a lot of positive changes and increased activity in the campus. We are certainly moving upward. If we try harder and enhance student experience further by continuing with the CEO talks and student-driven activities, we will comfortably stay on the top. It’s only a matter of momentum and consistency. We might surprise ourselves with the immense potential we possess. Like always students should be the fulcrum of FIIB.

FIIB sports another fine feather

Mr Neel Deshmukh

A tribute to Batch 2009-’11 - Manisha Singh, 2010-’12

Now that you've graduated, Your adventure has begun. FIIB has prepared you For the race life has for you to run. I accolade you for your efforts and deeds, And send good wishes too, For a future filled with bliss, And your fondest dreams come true. Now that you’ve graduated It’s time start your career Because you all are well acquainted You all will glide like a river BIG AWARD: Mr. Chetan Bhagat, Author and Business Leader presents the Brands Academy Big Brands Research Award, as Prof Anuppam Bhaskar, Registrar, FIIB and Prof Hemant Kaushik, Finance, FIIB, accept it The Brands Academy Education Excellence Award Ceremony held in Gurgaon on May 28, 2011 spelled another milestone for FIIB. National level awards were given away to three institutes across the country. FIIB won the award for the Best Management Institute for International Business in India. The other two that received India level awards were XLRI, for Best Business School for HR in India and MDI Gurgaon, for Most Promising Business School of India. Institutes like Indian Institute of Finance, JIMS, KIIT, Accurate Institute of Management and Lovely Professional University also participated and won state level awards. 4000 institutes participated in the survey and 10,600 respondents gave their inputs for this six-month research conducted by Brands Academy Education Excellence Awards.

Your future looks strong and bright. May you achieve the things you hope for And have a life of sheer delight. It's a long and challenging journey To get a college degree, But you didn’t quit it, You just went and did it Now that you’ve graduated Nothing can stop you now. You’ve worked hard to get your diploma; It’s time to take a bow.

Congratulations, graduate!3

Volume 7, Edition 6, June1-15, 2011

From the Students Favourite Hide-out in FIIB: The FIIB Terrace Favourite FIIB moment: Every single moment Favourite Business Icon: My dad Best job in the world: Social Service Worst Sales Strategy: Calling The bitter truth about this world: Fake people Management mantra: Always be interactive All I dream of is… Social Service, of course!

Raj Laxmi Tiwari Demystified! 2009-’11

MBA is all about… Fun. FIIB MBA is awesome! Everything is fair when… You are in love 

What the Whack! Learn Chinese in 5 minutes 1) That's not right ........................................ Sum Ting Wong 2) Are you harboring a fugitive?.................... Hu Yu Hai Ding 3) See me ASAP................................................. Kum Hia Nao 4) Small Horse .................................................... Tai Ni Po Ni 5) Did you go to the beach? ...........................Wai Yu So Tan 6) I think you need a face lift ............................. Chin Tu Fat 7) It's very dark in here .......................................Wai So Dim

Caught FIIB-ians alive or dead!! 8) I thought you were on a diet .............Wai Yu Mun Ching? 9) This is a tow away zone ............................... No Pah King 10) Our meeting is scheduled for next week.. ………… Wai Yu Kum Nao? 11) Staying out of sight .............................................Lei Ying Lo 12) He's cleaning his automobile ..........................................Wa Shing Ka 13) Your body odor is offensive ..........................................Yu Stin Ki Pu

Batch 2011 showing off some blood and gore at the fashion show contest, Bedazzled, at Samavesh ‘11. Fortune Cookies fished out some funky pics of FIIB-ians from Facebook to make this page, dedicated to students, all the more special!


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