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Volume 7, Edition 3, May 1-15, 2011 April 1-15, 2011

Quarterly| July 2012|



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FIIB Alumni committee takes great pleasure to present before you yet another exciting edition of our newsletter- “FIIB Alumni Connect”.

FIIB has grown like a tree, where the branches spread out as the Institute welcomed its 18th batch and the 6-7 roots deepened and strengthened as we reunited with Dr. Sunita Chugh our alumni for a sports meet. This issue is dedicated to the alumni and new students as we present to you 8-9 highlights from both the events- Alumni Sports Meet and the Orientation week. 10 This issue of FIIB Alumni Connect also intends to share recent endeavors and accomplishments of FIIBians11 students, alumni, staff and faculty. We hope to keep the bond of FIIB with our alumni alive and invigorating 12 with this quarterly newsletter.

FINE FEATHERS FIIB in top 10 It was an honor for FIIB to have been ranked 9th in the country amongst the Private Business Schools by the prestigious Dainik Bhaskar as per its April 2012 rankings.

FIIB faculty brings laurels On 23rd May 2012, Professor K.B.C. Saxena and Professor Swanand Deodhar (Information System Management faculty at FIIB) along with Professor Rajen Gupta of MDI, Gurgaon, became the first faculty group from an Indian business school to publish a paper in a very prestigious journal in the information systems field -- the Journal of Strategic Information Systems. Read more on Page 9

That’s not all! We also bring to you our campus after a facelift, new initiatives and a mix of humor and information. On this note, we present to you Alumni Connect. Happy reading! Akshita Agrawal Editor-FIIB Alumni Connect

Quarterly| July 2012|


‘Reunion on the Grounds’ A quick recap of the wonderful time alumni of FIIB spent together revisiting the old campus and enjoying the sportsmanship spirit. An exhilarating FIIB Alumni Sports MeetSamanvay 2012 was held on April 29, 2012 at Bijwasan (FIIB old campus). After seven years, students, staff and faculty revisited the lush green lawns of its old campus. The beautiful and sunny morning of April 29, witnessed the finest sports and athletic spirit as the FIIB Alumni gathered for a full day of fun, food, drinks, sports and excitement. FIIB welcomed over 200 Alumni and their families with great zeal and enthusiasm. Former and existing Faculty members, Staff and Students cheered the teams and thoroughly enjoyed by participating in the various events which encompassed sports like cricket and other events like MiniSoccer, Tug of war, Carom, Table Tennis, Tombola, and Lucky-draw which kept every one engaged. The families were not forgotten and the kids were surprised with a magic show and snakes & ladder. This occasion was an opportunity for meeting old friends, sharing old memories, reviving lost ties and building new ones. Alumni were thrilled to be a part of this event as they think that events like these are a great platform for reviving old friendships. Events like this are link between past and present binding the FIIB family with thread of love.

“When I saw the Alumni exploring their old campus and enjoying their day at their Alma Mater, I felt equally satisfied. The day just flew by, and in one word, it was awesome! “ – V.K.Jain (FIIB Staff since inception)

Quarterly| July 2012|

Following sports titles made the game more exciting and live at BIJWASAN: Best Bowler – Shiv Karan Singh Gill (Batch 2007-09) “She compared it with kind of a family gathering we have at Best Batsman – Manish Chauhan (Batch 2009-11) home. When it was time to leave she asked me when we Best Fielder – Mohit Tihara (Batch 2009-11) could come back” Man of the Series – Pranay Sharma (Batch 2007-09) - Kokil Pandey, student, FIIB speaking for her 5 year old daughter Vara

Table Tennis: Winners – Ajay Ananad (Batch 2007-09); Runners up - Shiv Karan Singh Gill (Batch 2007-09) Snakes & Ladders: Winners – Master Shubh Bhaskar (Son of Prof. Anupam Bhaskar, Registrar, FIIB) and Master Sunil (Son of Mr. Raj Bahadur, Gardner, FIIB) CRICKET Winners - Funtush Warrior (Batch 2007-09) comprising of Puneet Goel, Samir Bhatnagar, Sudipta Dash, Kamakshya Singh, Jayant Sharma, Ajay Anand, Amit Jain, Vijay Kumar, Tarun Tandon, Shiv Karan Singh Gill, Pranay Sharma and Sauvik Sarkar Runners up - Destroyers (Batch 2009-11) comprising of Manish Chauhan, Bhupender Singh, Anil Yadav, Mukesh Singh, Mohit Tihara, Udit Grover, Sumit Sharma, Syed Hasan, Rajeev Ranjan, Pradeesh Nair (Batch 2010-12) and Amanpreet Singh (Batch 2010-12)

A big thank you to -Mr. Prateek Nirmal, Ms. Swarlipi, Mr. Suman Roy, Mr. Bhupender Singh for their significant contribution in making FIIB alumni sports meet Samanvay -2012 a grand success.

SOCCER Winners (Men) – Batch 2009-11 comprising of Sumit Sharma, Udit Grover, Anuj Soharia, Mohit Tihara, Syed Hasan and Rajiv Ranjan Winners (Women Team) –Mrs. Radhika Shrivastava, Mahima Choudhary, Riddhi Singh, Vinita Choudhary, Richa Mathur, Sudpita Chakraborty, Jayanti Gupta

CAROM Winners – Dr. Arun Kumar and Dr. K.M. Kumar; Runners up - Samir Bhatnagar (Batch 2008-10) and Puneet Goyal (Batch 2008-10)

Volume 7, Edition 3, May 1-15, 2011

Quarterly| July 2012|

Adieu and Swadikha

- Convocation and Orientation

The college bade farewell to its 16th batch and welcomed the 18th batch of students this year. Mr. Nitin Seth, Country Head- India, Fidelity Worldwide Investments was the Chief Guest for the Convocation where the Institute conferred P.G. Diplomas in Business Management on 116 students.

Chief Guest Mr. Nitin Seth

In June, the Institute welcomed the new batch of over 180 students with a week-long orientation program that was planned for them. The activities as a part of the orientation were based on the dual principles of learning and fun. The main objective was to bring innovation in various exercises that can introduce the students to life at FIIB and charge them to look forward to two years of learning, education and fun. The main objective was to innovate exercises that can introduce the students to life at FIIB and charge them to look forward to two years of learning, education and fun. Apart from the various team building exercises, workshops, seminars, lectures and case studies, the Orientation week

also had small interactive sessions and heart to heart talks as opportunities for the new batch to interact with the alumni of FIIB- Vinayak Pant and Yashi Shrivastava. The week ended with a cultural night, band performances and various activities like tall tales competition, photography contests, and DJ Night. The orientation week focused on welcoming the new batch to FIIB, and introducing them to the life on campus. The batch is now ready to take off with wings spread high!

Quarterly| July 2012|


It all adds up.. Riddhi Singh (Batch-2010-2012) Writes About Her Journey from Student to Alumnus “Time flies, but the memories collected along the way can never be replaced” ~ Ashley Tisdale.

My journey at FIIB started in June 2010. As an aspiring MBA student I pondered what change FIIB will bring in me as a person after I complete my 2 years of MBA. I knew I would come across lectures, management jargons, presentations etc. But apart from all this what is that little extra that I were to learn at FIIB that would hone my skills and explore my potential. During the course of my stay at FIIB, I learnt a lot. The small memories of coming to college and rushing to Ram bhaiya’s stall to have a cup of tea just before entering the class so that I don’t fall asleep, playing a last hand of carom and beating my carom champions and coming to college early and sitting in the library to decide as to who would say which part of the presentation. These are just small memories that I would relish, cherish and remember all through my Life. During these 2 years at FIIB , I realised management is just not about books, books and books… its beyond that. For me the definition of a B-School has changed. For me a B-School is the one that can bring a positive change in an individual during the course of his/her stay at the college, so that he/she is all set to face the world with confidence. And that’s what FIIB did to me, it made me realise what I am, what potential and capabilities I possess and I owe it to FIIB family. FIIB family, management gave me many platforms and challenges to make things happen, and these challenges became the turning point of my life. In the end it all adds up, so whether I was a FIIB student or now an Alumnus, I am proud to be a FIIBian!

ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD, FIIB Read about their Vision on Page 10

(LtoR)- Dipesh Jain (2007-2009), Suman Roy (2008-2010), Upendra Rai (2004-2006), Trailukya Dutta (2005-2007), Gaurav Gupta (1995-1997), Capt. Sandhu (1997-1999), Ravi Virwani ( 2003-2005), Prateek Nirmal (2003-2005), Shweta Nautiyal (2008-2010), Shahla Rahman (2006-2008), Riddhi Singh (2010-2012)

Quarterly| July 2012|


In a candid conversation, FIIB Alumni Connect Editorial Team talks to FIIB Alumni Vandana Chaudhry and Pritiman Sarkar (2000 Batch) who live in Jaipur as they speak about their life since FIIB, their work and passion.

‘We were slow coaches who took time to figure out what we actually wanted in life’ Alumni Connect (A.C.): You are amongst the select batch of Alumni at FIIB who found their life partners on campus. How did the two of you connect on campus? Pritiman (P): For the first three semesters at FIIB, we hardly spoke. It was at the end of third semester, you could say, we realized we were in the same class! We had different priorities and different sets of friends. She spent time with books and library while I would be in on the grounds playing cricket. Further, I was from Bhubaneswar while she lived in Delhi. So we were not literally connected. We graduated in 2000, but it was only in 2002 we decided that we wanted to spend our lives together. Vandana (V): It was in the third semester, that we got an opportunity to work together on a project which gave me an insight into Pritiman as an individual. We worked together on our first project and had a limited understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

AC: You mentioned about the project. FIIB is about having a good competitive spirit. Did you ever compete against each other for projects and placements or worked in a team to get the best possible results? P: Well we were not ‘competitive’ competitive, but yes we did strive to excel in whatever stream and projects we worked on. I can proudly say that we both excelled in our studies and perhaps created records for FIIB. While I topped the specialization paper (International Business); Vandana topped the 4th semester with a score which was perhaps tough for me to beat!

V: Yes, we never competed with each other. We, infact, often got together with more classmates and engaged in group studies. From working together on projects to presentation, we worked as a team and realized our skill set and potential. P: Oh I must add here, that I was regularly irregular in the class and would often be busy with cricket practices than lectures. So I would photocopy Vandana’s notes and refer to them for exams. Fifteen of us, would spend time compiling her notes and studying from them instead!

V: (Laughs) I would see my notes everywhere! Had I known, I would have charged a premium.

Quarterly| July 2012|

AC: Does sharing the same Alma Mater and current workplace add a new dimension to your relationship? How does it affect your relationship with the Alma Mater and Organization? P: We have had two different sets of friends. So being together does strengthen our bond with FIIB because we are well connected with our batch mates and even our juniors and seniors. As for workplace, we were working in two different organizations for 8 years after graduation. When we got married, I was to shift to Bangalore to work for an investment bank. We had to therefore find her a job in Bangalore so that we could stay together.

V: Our bank encourages spousal hiring. He was in Operations and I joined the Training Department. P: While working for the same organization, we have followed and learnt two important mantras. Work must stick to workplace. We don’t discuss issues related to work at home. Further, we behave like professionals and maintain our relationship as employees. V: Absolutely. He is in operations and I am in training, so he’s is one of the internal customers for my department. And when we sit across a table, he does give feedback on trainings and programs required for his teams. Working together provides me a different insight to his professional personality which is rarely seen off work.

AC: How has your passion of extra curricular activities at FIIB stay alive even at the workplace? P: While working in various organization work does keep us busy, but several of the qualities fostered at FIIB comes in handy. I not only participate but also lead several initiatives at the Jaipur site which is people and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) centric. V: Learnings at FIIB has today helped me to lead the Diversity’ initiative here in Jaipur. The initiative aims to create work life balance for women, who may otherwise leave their jobs once married. In a town like Jaipur, such initiatives are very important. Apart from this, I also work for more pan-India initiatives at the bank.

FIIB-ians get lauded at Toastmasters FIIB is the first B school in India to have chartered three Toastmasters clubs on campus, out of the 1300 clubs in the entire country, with a vision to provide to it’s a students a platform to improve their communication skills. Last year 22 students were recognized by Toastmasters International as ‘ Competent Communicators’. FIIBians also did exceptionally well in annual contests that were held by securing laudable positions (2nd and 3rd place) at the International Speech Contest held on 5th April 2012. Recently, Richa Mathur and Asim Agha were appreciated for their meticulous efforts in organizing an intra-city Officers Training Program for Toastmasters International on 15th July 2012 while Akshita Agrawal (Head, Corporate Communications, FIIB) was commended for her training modules to train the Vice Presidents of the Toastmasters Clubs. Faculty Presentations In another feat, Professor Anupam Saxena authored a book on Impact of Capabilities on Firms: an Enterprise Systems Perspective. This book presents many useful insights for managers who seek to improve their firm’s performance by implementing Enterprise Systems. Leaders in making- The Student Council Numerous new beginnings were celebrated on 31st of March in the campus premises. The day marked the transition of FIIBians from students to young professionals and for junior batches it was the time to take on leadership roles and step out of the cozy comfort of cocoons, afforded to them by the seniors, to take on greater responsibility.

Faculty presentations FIIB encourages its faculty to present papers and research on various topics of their interest. Professor Sadia Samar Ali (Operations Management faculty at FIIB) attended the India Urban Transport Summit 2012 on 25th may 2012 organized by FICCI. Professor Sunita Chugh (Human Resource Management faculty at FIIB) presented an oral presentation in the 13th Biennial Conference 2012 for the International Society or the Study of Work and Organizational values which was hosted by Goa University.

Breeding Excellence on Campus In order to enrich the learning experience of the students here at FIIB, the Institute launched a course on entrepreneurship Innovation for the batch 2011-2013. The course was conducted in association with the Dutch counterparts from INPAQT. In another step towards being a pioneer in the field, FIIB also signed an MoU with the Indian arm of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an international organization with over 250,000 members in 140 countries - as a part of its commitment to develop student managers with a professional outlook. This association would entail an intensive training and mentoring from industry professionals (approved and certified by NASSCOM) aimed at the development of the individual capabilities and competencies in each student.

Quarterly| July 2012|

FIIB Faculty brings laurel On 23rd May 2012, Professor K.B.C. Saxena and Professor Swanand Deodhar (Information System Management faculty at FIIB) along with Professor Rajen Gupta of MDI, Gurgaon, became the first faculty group from an Indian business school to publish a paper in a very prestigious journal in the information systems field -- the Journal of Strategic Information Systems. The paper is titled "Formatting Open Source Software-Based Hybrid Business Model: From Practices to Strategies". The paper provides an insightful study of the global software product industry in the context of open source software products, and considers various business models used by software product vendors in exploiting open source approaches in combination with the proprietary approaches (mixed business models). Furthermore the paper utilizes the emerging concept of 'practices' as a construct to understand mixed approaches, thereby bringing the cultural dimension as well in successful implementation of this mixed business model approach.

LIGHT AND VERITE Hop till you stop! Pankaj Lakhera (batch-2010-2012)writes about his experience in search of an ‘ideal’ job!

I graduated from FIIB this summer (2012). My campus placement took me to Franchise Mart where I joined in the Space Selling division. The very next day I hopped to another job at Space India as Senior Sales Executive. After 20 days, I shifted to India Coil Limited and I’ll be joining office on 21st July 2012. My mother tells me please get me a salary cheque now, not another offer letter!

FIIB Masterchef As a part of the orientation week, the new batch of students were welcomed with an exciting exercise. They went on to don the chef's hat to learn important management lessons. In a one-of-it's-kind simulation game designed by FIIB faculty, the incoming students were put in situations that required them to efficiently utilize limited resources, quickly scan team competencies, efficiently work under pressure, effectively negotiate superior outcomes and persuasively convince other team members. Pressed for time, yet with their creative juices in full flow, all teams put together exciting 3-course meals. Some of the items from the student menus included: Frutella Cremica, Bahar-e-Bread, Jain Shikanji.

Quarterly| July 2012|

ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD Emissaries from the various batches share with us their Vision and mission as they form the Alumni Advisory Board, as they attend their first meeting in July 2012 Gaurav Gupta: Batch 1995-1997

“I’ve been associated with FIIB for very long. Even my first job was with Fortune so it is but natural for me to lead the Alumni Initiatives from my batch. A lot of initiatives are being taken here at FIIB and it is upto us that we build a strong Alumni Association with the Institute” Dr. K.P.S. Sandhu: Batch 1997-1999

“It’s a privilege and honor to be a part of the Advisory Board. FIIB has given so much to us, and now it is our duty, given our position in the industry and our Experience that we contribute towards the enhancement of our Institute.” Upendra Rai: Batch 2004-2006

“There are two benefits of being an active Alumnus. First of course we get to come back to our Alma Mater and secondly we get an opportunity to network. This team (Alumni Advisory Board) is trying to get all the Alumni to connect, learn and grow.” Prateek Nirmal: Batch 2004-2006

“Being active will help in Networking, and networking helps everyone in growing! In the long run, getting connected with your juniors and with seniors will benefit all of us.” Sweta Nautiyal: Batch 2008-2010

“Its great to be a part of the Advisory Board. I will ensure that a lot of contribution will come from my batch towards the Alumni initiatives and for the current batches here at FIIB.” Suman Kumar Roy: Batch 2008-2010 “Lets Connect. Grow. Explore. And this can happen only with the help of all of you. In the process, I believe FIIB will get benefitted as well.”

Dipesh Jain: Batch 2004-2006

“Its really good to be at the Advisory Board’s first ever meeting. We need to reconnect with our batch mates to be able to network and grow. Lets get in touch soon!” Riddhi Singh: Batch 2010-2012

“Being the youngest Emissary here at the AAB, I will try my best to bring everyone- my batch and the bigger Alumni Fraternity together for every event that comes our way at FIIB. Lets reborn, relive every moment that we’ve spent here at FIIB.” Ravi Virwani: Batch 2003-2005

“I would just say, like they say in financial terms, we need to join the payback period now. “ FIIB Alumni Advisory Board appreciates the exponential power of networks. The Board will help create opportunities for participation and hence help the Alumni Fraternity to Connect. Grow. Explore. - Manish Kheterpal, Member, Alumni Advisory Board

To hear more from them and learn about events, Join us on Facebook Alumni Group groups/fiibalumni

Quarterly| July 2012|

FIIB CAUGHT ON CAMERA FIIB in its initiative to make its students competent managers has undertaken various steps and measures to provide opportunities to its students to learn from experienced faculty and the appropriate resources to easily access information and learn by doing. The library was revamped to house comfortable couches and hundreds of journals and books (both fiction, non fiction and Course related) for students to spend as much time as possible to gather information and get better equipped with knowledge. We have a new canteen which offers sumptuous food at reasonable prices. The college still boasts of a well equipped infrastructure including computer labs and air conditioned classrooms.

Quarterly| July 2012|



SAVE THE DATE 1st September 2012: FIIB Financial Stock Exchange: FSE Students Club will host a day long Annual Financial Conclave on ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Private Equity in India And Opportunities and Challenges for MSME Financing in India’. Alumni can be a part of the Conference by registering at the FIIB website by 25th August 2012. 1st December 2012 - Alumni Awards Night Venue: FIIB Campus, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi Nomination Process to be announced soon 20st January 2013: Mumbai Half Marathon. Registration ends 19th Aug 2012. Please contact Ravi at 10th February 2013 – Alumni Sports Meet After the success of Sports Meet 2012 where many Alumni participated, we look forward to meeting everyone again in the 2013 event! Details to be shared soon. Stay Tuned Dear Readers! In its endeavor to keep the tree of FIIB strong, FIIB has launched a strong initiative to keep the Alumni connect to the Alma Mater. One of which is the newsletter. In order to receive regular copies of our eNewsletter please do register yourself at FIIB alumni on-line community ( and update your contact information. This will also help us in sending you timely invitations for various events . This quarterly e Newsletter will get circulated to all FIIB alumni and important stakeholders at FIIB including Governing council, Academic council. For the forthcoming issue we would like to invite articles and views on important issues related to the world of business and also regarding your experience at the FIIB and how it has helped you out in your career and life. Please share with us your thoughts and ideas. Please send your articles to Looking forward to hear from you!

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