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You Snooze – You Lose!

ARTICLE Wellbeing

By James St Pierre. “When the sun comes up, successful people start running” Brian Tracy

James St Pierre is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Writer, Professional Speaker and the owner / founder of Unique Results – Personal Fitness & Development Studio. What is it with some peoples obsession with sleep? The belief that a weekend or day off somehow isn’t ‘legitimate’ unless they have lay in bed till about 10am? I believe that people can be separated into two main categories based on the answer to this next question: Are you a ‘Snoozer’ or a ‘Springer’? Take the average morning, you are sound asleep (unless you have young children!) and the alarm goes off to signal the start of your day. Do you: a) Roll over and hit the snooze button (any number of times from 1 to 15ish!) or b) Turn the alarm off and spring out of bed? The way we start the day very often sets a pattern for the way the day unfolds. If we begrudgingly clamber out of bed after 7 ‘snoozes’ complaining that we are ‘tired’ and mope around feeling sorry for ourselves our attitude and outlook may not be the most positive. If we turn the alarm off and habitually ‘spring’ out of bed and get the day rolling, we are mentally far more alert and setting ourselves up for a day of success. I don’t want to seem judgemental as I firmly believe that ‘Snoozers’ and ‘Springers’ are not specific ‘types’ of people. More so, these habits are a symptom of a level of motivation within each individual. These habits are a RESULT of programming (primarily self programming) that either causes you to be excited by what you may experience or achieve on any given day, or be apathetic to what may happen to you on any given day. There is a huge difference in mindset here. I had the pleasure a couple of years ago of seeing Dr John Demartini speak in London and something he said was very simple and also very profound ‘Nobody has to get you out of bed in the morning to do something you love’ What are you getting out of bed in the morning for? Many people I speak to turn their noses up at waking up early and exercising or doing something that would enrich their lives, yet we have all sprung out of bed in the early hours to drive to the airport for a holiday – how many snoozes did that take? If you find yourself struggling to wake up early and be productive ask yourself a few questions. Am I passionate about my life, job or business? Could the quality of my sleep be improved by more physical exercise and better nutritional habits? Am I staying up late watching rubbish on TV that is not helping me in any way? If I HAD to get excited about one thing in the day ahead – What could that be? Finally – Where can I purchase myself an alarm clock WITHOUT a SNOOZE BUTTON!?


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