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February 2011


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The Face of Chelmsford

From the Editor

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Happy Valentine’s

Editor Jane Holloway

For this issue of The Face of Chelmsford Magazine we have been off to do a review at The Hare which has been completely refurbished. We take a look into stress reduction and Hopi ear candles and I learnt how cook mussels with the chef at Loch Fyne!

Sub Editor Minna Edel

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What’s a Vitamin?


Hopi Ear Candles


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What’s a Vitamin? by Jane Holloway

We know we need vitamins to stay healthy, that they are present in wholesome foods, and that vitamin manufacturers are able to create and/or isolate them in labs. But the question remains, what exactly is a vitamin? Answer: a vitamin is an organic compound (one whose molecules contain carbon, that is) which is required, yet cannot be synthesized (made) by the body. Nice! There are 13 different universally-recognized vitamins, and they can be divided into two categories: fat-soluble, namely A, D, E and K, and water-soluble, which are the nine B complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12) and vitamin C. Simply stated, fat-soluble vitamins dissolve in fat while water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water; a critical difference when trying to make sure we’re getting enough of these vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins are tough. They are generally not destroyed during food preparation, aren’t leached out during cooking, and do not disintegrate when exposed to light. However vitamin D deficiency is sharply on the rise, especially in regions that don’t always get a lot of sunlight, so we must make doubly sure to take in enough of this extremely important vitamin. The safest way to do this is to increase intake through foods and/or supplements. Increased exposure to direct sunlight also provides vitamin D, but unfortunately carries risks like skin damage and even skin cancer. Note also that many doctors and scientists are calling for sharp increases in government recommendations for vitamin D intake. Kids, women, the elderly and those with darker complexions are particularly at risk for vitamin D deficiency, so speak to your doctor about whether you and your loved ones are getting enough! Now onto water-soluble vitamins. These are fairly easy to destroy, so foods containing water-soluble vitamins should be handled with care. Tips for retaining water-soluble vitamins are to store milk and grains in opaque containers and/or keep them away from strong light, refrigerate fresh produce, consume citrus fruits and juices raw, and use or drink, rather than discard, the water used to cook vegetables. A varied, healthy diet that includes all types of wholesome foods will almost always provide adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals we need; if you don’t follow this kind of diet, however, it can affect your health. But do not fear! That’s why we have supplements: to supply the vitamins and minerals we are not ingesting through food. Ideally vitamins should come from food, but supplements will do the job. Cells need vitamins and minerals to defend themselves against disease, so when we take in vitamins and minerals in the proper amounts, our bodies’ defences are strengthened and we’re much less prone to disease. Vitamins also control metabolic function, sustain the nervous system and so much more. So like mum says, eat your veggies and drink your milk – but since she’s not there all the time to see that you do, at least take your vitamins! If you are concerned about your vitamin and mineral intake, consider speaking with a doctor or nutritionist for ideas on how to get the most out of your daily diet. They will be able to help identify vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and can recommend a good multivitamin as well as any additional supplements you might need.


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Hopi Ear Candling By Jane Holloway

REVIEW Wellbeing

I have heard a lot about Hopi Ear Candling over the years, including the different benefits people have experienced with this therapy. I wanted to find out more about how ear candling works and what it can do, so I spoke with ear-candling therapist Amanda Pearson from The Daffodil Door. So first Amanda, what conditions can Hopi Ear Candling help? Ear candling can help with a number of conditions including -Rhinitis (hay fever), Headaches/migraines, Neuralgia, Built-up ear wax (much kinder on the ears than syringing), Swimmer’s ear, Tinnitus, Colds and flu, Vertigo, Snoring, Ear pain due to pressure when flying, Tension and stress, including benefits for people who simply want to relax. Tell me a bit about the history of Hopi Ear Candling. Also know as auricular therapy treatment, Hopi Ear Candling is named for the Native American tribe, the Hopis, who first introduced the practice of ear candling to Europeans. As long as 2,500 years ago ear candling was being used by traditional Shaman healers, and is considered to be a spiritual type of cleansing treatment. What are the candles made from? The candles are made from pure beeswax, which has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, antioxidant and anti bacterial properties. The candles also contain organically-produced flax, natural cotton and beta-carotene (vitamin A) along with herbs and essential oils like sage and chamomile. Note that many variations are possible with these ingredients. The candles are hollow and each contains a filter to prevent residue from entering the ear canal. How does ear candling work? The treatment works in two ways. First the candle creates a suction effect, based on the same principles as a chimney. The heat opens the pores inside the ear and draws out impurities, excess wax and any loose, flaky skin from the ear canal. The other therapeutic effect is through vibration; the sound of the candle burning creates a frequency that vibrates the ear drum and functions rather like an inner ear massage. This vibration helps alleviate any pressure due to blockage in the Eustachian tubes and breaks down wax and mucus blocking the sinuses and connecting pathways. The body can then rid itself of these substances naturally and easily. How long does the treatment take? Depending on the extent of blockage the candles will burn for different lengths of time. It may take 15 minutes for the candle to burn with very blocked ears, whereas clearer ears usually take 10 -12 minutes. Can anyone undergo this treatment?Ear candling is suitable for everyone, male or female, and is also very successful for children. Permission must be given in writing for anyone under 16, however, and minors should be accompanied during treatment. Is a one-off treatment successful? Results can be seen after only one session, but it is recommended that the treatment be taken three times for optimal results. This can be once a week or every two weeks depending on the extent of the blockage, then every six months thereafter to maintain results. How did it feel? The treatment was quite relaxing. The candle just sits comfortably in the top of the ear and makes fizzing noises, and after the candling part of the treatment is finished the therapist carries out a pleasant ‘drainage’ massage. My ears seemed much clearer and my head actually felt lighter after the session. Each Hopi Ear Candling treatment costs £25.00 and is available with Amanda at The Daffodil Door. The Daffodil Door Carne, Pipers Tye, Galleywood, Chelmsford, Essex; CM2 8NP 07970 418 805 enter your email addresses and receive a 15% off - birthday voucher.


ARTICLE Wellbeing

Stress Reduction – Part 1 by Jane Holloway

The western world is known for having a high number of stress sufferers compared to other parts of the world, even though in many of these places people lead extremely challenging lives. For example, over 80% of the world’s population survives on less than two dollars a day. A great number do not know when their next meal is coming, face severe sickness with no basic medical help, and have to walk miles just to get clean water. Yet stress in the western world is undoubtedly real, and has become part of our daily lives. Many of us seek stress relief through medication and alcohol, over 40 million workdays each year are lost to stress-related illness, and stress reduction has become a sought-after commodity, including massages, therapeutic relaxation and yoga/meditation classes. Stress is the body’s reaction to stressors, that is to say, the stress-producing demands of life. Although most stress is related to negative situations and circumstances, there are also high levels of stress involved in things we think of as positive like getting married, receiving a promotion, and even holidays like Christmas. And being stressed leads to many different problems, including fatigue, tension headaches, sore muscles, insomnia, aggression, irritability, depression, weight gain and skin problems, to name a few. About Jane. Jane is widely regarded as a leading authority within the professional skincare industry, sought internationally by the world’s leading spas and centres for her valuable knowledge and expertise. Jane is a social entrepreneur, a respected author and a soughtafter business mentor in addition to her responsibilities as Editor for ‘The Face of the World’ group of magazines. Her passion for positive results in her various professional activities, has led to the development of several businesses that are committed to delivering great products and services as well as contributing to people leading healthier, happier and more prosperous lives.


We all know of the ‘flight-or-fight’ response, which is our natural reaction to stress. This dates back to the caveman having to fight and kill, or run from, some wild beast. In today’s world, however, we do not face the same kind of stressors; it is often not possible to run away, and even less acceptable to fight. So although the flight-or-flight response still occurs within the body, it is suppressed instead of acted upon, and the resulting build-up of non-dissipated hormones can cause serious problems over time. The brain contains a nerve-control centre that sends out immediate messages to the entire body and causes adrenaline, steroids and other hormones to be released. This prompts an increase in cardiovascular activity; blood rushes to the internal organs and the skin becomes pale. The bronchi in the lungs dilate, glucagon is converted into glucose and sight and hearing become more acute. This all happens in seconds, preparing you for the stressful situation at hand. Stress comes from three sources: our environment, our body and our thoughts. Our environment encompasses elements ranging from the weather and crowded spaces to time pressure and personal security; our body includes illness, nutrition, sleep, aging and menopause; and our thoughts are what our mind interprets, perceives and labels as our present, and what it predicts for the future. Many everyday situations and circumstances can trigger stress reactions. Being on constant alert negatively affects the mind and body, and some are more depleting than others. Everyone deals with stress differently, though, and what is a major trigger for one person may easily be dealt with by another.

health | wellbeing | style | retail | food | living | travel | family | prosperity

Note that if stress fatigue is generally worse in the morning and improves during the day, it is classed as emotional stress, whereas if the fatigue increases as the day passes and is much worse in the evening, this is generally from physical exertion. People tend to have an inability to relax thoroughly and regularly, to take the pressure off. And while it is almost impossible to completely remove stress from our bodies and minds, finding ways of coping with stress makes a massive difference. Taking simple steps and controlling the problems so that they are not controlling us is an absolute must. Improving Time Management - We all have the exact same amount of time: 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, and no one gets any extra, no one! You can never completely manage or control time, but you can stop letting it control you. So try some of these suggestions to improve your time management: • Clear away clutter. A tidy house and/or office means a tidy mind. Clear up, chuck out, and sharpen everything up. • Write things down. Keeping a list of the things you need to do is a great way of reducing clutter – in your head! Go through your list and mark down which items you want to do each day, and always prioritise by tackling the most important ones, or the ones that are causing you the most stress, first. Also, highlight tasks that are really quick – say under five minutes – and when you have five minutes free here or there, get those done and cross them off the list. And as always, be realistic and don’t over-commit yourself. • Take one thing at a time and don’t try to work on 1000 things at once. Also, be a completer; finish any projects you start or have already started. • Don’t procrastinate. If the job takes less than two minutes, then just do it now! • Keep a diary or a calendar. Know what’s are coming up in your diary and plan ahead so that you can reserve time for yourself and for fun things you can look ord Knowing exactly where you need to be, and when, will help reduce stress. • Leave five minutes early. Being late for things because you haven’t left enough time can be a major energy drainer. Leaving five minutes earlier, getting up five minutes earlier, and preparing things the night before can save you heaps of stress in your day-to-day life. In our next issue I will explore other ways to help deal with stress and offer more steps you can take to make a difference in your life immediately! For more information contact or visit

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The Discipline Delusion By James St Pierre

ARTICLE Wellbeing

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘DISCIPLINE’? Or to ask a slightly more leading question, does it create positive or negative feelings? For many, ‘DISCIPLINE’ conjures up many negative feelings and connotations of misery, deprivation and monastic living. Why am I asking these questions? And why am I talking about ‘DISCIPLINE’? Because I know through working directly with hundreds of men and women over the last 12 years that many think that to get where they want to get in terms of health, fitness, body weight, body shape, strength or performance would take a huge amount of ‘DISCIPLINE’. A delusion is a fixed belief that is false, fanciful, or derived from deception. Which is why this article is entitled ‘The Discipline Delusion’. This may be slightly controversial, but I wholeheartedly believe that to get where you truly want to be takes no discipline at all!

About James. James has been a part of the ever evolving health and fitness industry for over 15 years. James has worked extensively as a Fitness Consultant, Senior Exercise Instructor and has a wealth of experience, qualifications and most importantly ‘real world’ knowledge. He is supportive & caring yet focussed & disciplined, with drive & passion for continual improvement. He is outgoing, energetic & has an infectious enthusiasm for health, fitness, exercise & personal development.

I will clarify what I mean. There is no doubt at all that if you are training for something because you have been PUSHED into it by someone else or because you feel like you SHOULD then it will take huge amounts of discipline. Because if the GOAL does not fit with your beliefs or is not in alignment with your values you will always be fighting with your true self to keep yourself on track (or more accurately off track!). If you set yourself a GOAL that truly matches your wants, desires and beliefs AND is in alignment with your values you will be pulled towards it almost magnetically! It will not be a struggle to get up early to go for a run or go to the gym. You will choose to eat healthily rather than unhealthily and most importantly, when friends or family are living a life that is in alignment with THEIR values you will not feel as if you are MISSING OUT! Those who flit from one momentary sensory high to the next without any strategy or plan find this hard to believe or understand. Essentially you are playing the LONG GAME, you are clear about what it is you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. You have commitment, passion and dedication towards living your dreams and that takes no ‘DISCIPLINE’ at all!


g o bl


So its the start of a new year, the time when everyones a bit down and everyone feels that they need a change and a bit of a revamp. The first thing many want to change would be their hair, its one of the main focal points and if your hair feels and looks good then so do you. My name is Lucy Adams and i am a creative stylist here in Chelmsford and I’m here to help you kick start 2011 with a little bit of glamour.....

About me

Im loving the fact that the new up and coming trends are sleek, sexy and glamorous (Everything a girl need to feel great this grim time of year). 70’s glamour if so hot right now, from clothes, to shoes, to hair. But just because it’s glamorous doesn’t mean it has to be hard work and will defiantly turn heads wherever you go. To create volume on any hair length apply a volumising product to the root area (Root Juice by Fudge is a fabulous product and costs under £10). And by using this with velcro rollers you can create ultimate volume. Velcro rollers are one of my favorite tools at the moment, they are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes which enables styles of all hair lengths to benefit.

I am currently situated in a salon in Chelmsford & feel that so many people are un happy with their stylist & feel that I can offer something that is special... more than just a hair cut!! I have had many years experience working with some very influential stylists that have helped me developed my skills over the period of time that I have been hairdressing. I hope to offer these skills & services to you.


By taking cross-sections approximately a finger width though the top section of your head. Take the hair straight up and with the roller behind the hair, roll down to the root. Starting at your forehead work your way back to the crown. This needs to be done when the hair is slightly damp. once the rollers are in place apply 5-10 minutes of heat and leave to set, which is perfect, leaving you plenty of time to spend on glamorizing the rest of your lovely self.

07809 446912


Once set, gently pull the rollers out and spray with a light hair spray, and smooth through with a brush. For a less structured look, don’t smooth through with a brush and just tousle though with your fingers and apply more spray. For ultra smooth hair, this would benefit people without coloured hair but more so those who chemically process their hair on a regular basis. A treatment should be applied once a week replacing conditioner. once the hair has been shampooed, slightly towel dry removing excess water (water causes a barrier between the hair and product.) Apply treatment to the hair, combing through and leave for a least 5 minutes. Resulting in smooth, glossy manageable hair (Kerastase “Elixir Ultime” is a great for getting the desired result). Well if the weather outside is dull and miserable, you and your hair certainly wont be!

Craig Hubert

Lucy Adams Creative Stylist!/Lucyadamshair

Frontup Design


La Certosa Sparkling Pinot Grigio Brut Virgin Wines Description: What could be better than your favourite Pinot Grigio? Easy. Your favourite Pinot Grigio with bubbles which you can also serve up to your Vegan friends. You don’t have to pay very much for the extra joie de vivre! The bubbles lift the softly aromatic apple and citrus fruit nose. Dancing delicately on the tongue, mellow ripe fruit salad characters weave around a creamy textured fizz. The Verdict: A light and refreshing wine, fun and easy to drink. Perfect as an apéritif or for parties. Country: Italy Grapes: Champagne Blends Style: Sparkling Alcohol %: 12.5 Vintage: NV Price: £7.99

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Description: This is our all time bestselling New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. You’ve probably never heard of Dr. John Forrest but he is New Zealand’s winemaker of the year 2000. If you’re a fan of Cloudy Bay a) this is the same grape variety, b) it is made next door, c) you can actually buy it! This has a price tag that would make most of its neighbours blush and is so good that we bought the lot! Drink chilled when you want to... chill. The Verdict: A classic crisp-and-clean New Zealand white, full of flavour and my favourite of the Virgin wines we tasted. Country: New Zealand Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc Style: Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol %: 13.0 Vintage: 2009 Price: £9.99


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Les Arbousiers Coteaux du Languedoc Cinsault Grenache Rose 2009

Virgin Wines Description: I have searched and searched for the rosé that I want (selfish I know). That pretty, pale pink, light, tiny-bit-sweet but devastatingly, mouthwateringly, refreshing rosé. And now I’ve found it. The young Languedoc gun of a winemaker, Jean Marie, may have eyebrows that caterpillars are sexually drawn to, but by ‘eck he can make wine. Especially rosé. And I just LOVE it. The Verdict: A refreshing rosé with a beautiful colour. Great for summer and best served cool. Country: France Grapes: Cinsault, Grenache Style: Rose Alcohol %: 12.5 Vintage: 2009 Price: £7.49

Rio Zancara Tempranillo 2009 Virgin Wines Description: Tempranillo is without doubt the king of Spanish varietals and is the major component, giving the wines backbone, in the production of the best Riojas. Rio Zancara is a modern, easy drinking red that is ideal for all occasions, the unexpected visitor or the annual family gathering. The great thing about this wine is its uncomplicated nature, just heaps of Tempranillo’s classic strawberry flavours and a soft juicy mouth-feel. A genuine value wine rack essential! The Verdict: A modern, easy-drinking red that will pair well with many different foods. Flavourful and robust with a fruity finish. Country: Spain Grapes: Tempranillo Style: Soft and Juicy Reds Alcohol %: 13.5 Vintage: 2009 Price: £5.99


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Snack Attack Roquefort and walnut ice cream


by Joris Larigaldie

Ingredients : 500 ml of single cream. 4 egg yolks 50 g of sugar 50 g of walnuts 200 g of good quality roquefort

Method: 1. put the cream in a deep pan and gentle simmer, then take off the heat. 2. In a bowl, mix egg yolks and sugar, and with a whisk, beat well. 3. Add half the cream to the yolk and with a wooden spoon, mix the two together. 4. Empty the bowl in to the pan with the rest of your cream. 5. Cook for a few minutes under gentle heat without stopping to stir with your wooden spoon. Do not bring to boil . When the cream has thickened a little bit, add the choped roquefort. Keep stirring constantly. 6. Try adding more or less cheese according to your taste. 7. When the cheese has melted, pour the mixture in a bowl and add the chooped walnut. 8. If you have an ice cream maker, chill the bowl in the fridge for a good hour minimum, then process in the ice cream maker. Keep in the freezer. 9. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, keep in the freezer, and make sure to get your ice cream out about ten minutes before serving as it can set hard. Bon appetit. Tip: I like to serve it on top of a really nice hot brocoli and ham soup, standing on a thick garlic crouton. Or, as the picture, on the side of the soup in a little pot, so people can choose to try and add as much as they want. You will be surprised how many people really enjoy it.


“Powering the way to a brighter future”

The strangest news story going around in these cash-strapped times is that the UK is experiencing something of an unseemly consumer rush on light bulbs. Yes, light bulbs of all things. The old incandescent filament-style bulbs are selling out in their hundreds, leaving shelves empty all over the country. Why? Well, it’s because they’ve been banned. The brightest 100 watt ones are going first, to be followed by all the other wattages (60 watt is my favorite, but then I’m a bit of a traditionalist) over the next three years to 2012. The ban prevents the manufacture and import of incandescent bulbs into the EU but not the sale of existing stocks. It’s all part of moves by the European Union to protect the environment. Their new regulations have set minimum energy efficiency targets for bulbs, meaning that the old-fashioned filament sort is out, and we’re going to have the modern energy-efficient variety. The EU claims that this legislation will save the rough equivalent of the energy consumption of Romania. There are many concerns being raised by various groups of disabled people, who say that the demise of the humble incandescent bulb will adversely affect them - from partially sighted people who rely on the brightness of 100 watt bulbs, which cannot be equaled with the energy-efficient alternatives, to those with conditions such as epilepsy, migraines and lupus, where it’s claimed that the more modern bulbs can worsen their symptoms. At The Electrical Shop we still carry stock of most incandescent bulbs and as the major retailers have dropped them from their ranges we have easy access to the huge stock piles that were made prior to the ban. We also have alternatives to the normal energy saving fluorescent lamps which many people dis-like. These come in the form of halogen lamps being fitted in normal bulbs and are a great if not better alternative to the incandescent bulb. If you have questions regarding the above subject please feel free to pop in we will be more than happy to advise you and recommend the right products for your needs

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Chicken is a common item on almost every restaurant menu. It is also very popular for home cooking and, because it’s relatively inexpensive, is one of the most-utilized meats in the world. In fact, there are more chickens on earth than any other species of bird. Consider some of the popular dishes that are based on or include chicken: roast chicken, fried chicken, chicken soup, buffalo wings, tandoori chicken, chicken fried rice.... We could fill many pages with all the different ways people prepare and enjoy their chicken. Worldwide, over 50 billion chickens are raised annually for both meat and eggs, and these ‘domestic chickens’ are primarily descended from a wild bird known as the Red Junglefowl. Chickens are gregarious creatures and live together in flocks with a communal approach to the incubation of eggs and raising of their young. Chickens farmed for meat are called broiler chickens, and typically reach market size in less than six weeks. Chicken meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol. It is also high in calcium, potassium and vitamins A and B, making it a good choice for a healthy diet. Mustard’s chickens are sourced from Norfolk and reared in barns with straw-covered floors and natural light. The chicken dish I sampled this week, prepared by Mustard’s chef, was Slow-Cooked Leg of Chicken and Bacon Casserole with Herb Dumplings. It is a wonderful, wintery dish and costs £12; a classic warmer for the colder months of the year. The word casserole comes from the Middle French for ‘dripping pan’ and refers to a single-pan dish, either slow-cooked on the stovetop or baked in the oven. There are hundreds of thousands of casserole recipes, and they contain main ingredients ranging from beef and chicken to lobster or courgette. Mustard’s casserole features a whole chicken leg, mushrooms, and generous morsels of smoked streaky bacon, all in a rich red wine sauce and accompanied by beef suet dumplings. The dumplings in this dish were delicious. They are made from flour, suet – which can be animal-based or vegetarian – and water. These ingredients are mixed together and separated into balls, then either steamed or simply added-in to cook along with stews/casseroles for about 30 minutes before serving. A few notes on suet. It is made from raw beef or mutton fat, especially the hard fat found around the loins and kidneys. It is a saturated fat and melts at about 21°C (70°F). Vegetarian suet, on the other hand, is made from saturated vegetable fat, such as palm oil, combined with rice flour. Readily found in supermarkets throughout the United Kingdom, vegetarian suet resembles shredded beef suet and can be used as a substitute for traditional suet in recipes. The chicken in Mustard’s casserole is moist and full of flavour, and because the chicken leg stays in one piece it presents well and looks very appealing on the plate. The entire dish is hearty and comforting, and the thick gravy-type sauce very tasty. And as mentioned above, I especially appreciated the dumplings; they go really well with the other ingredients and are just perfect for this time of year. The Face of Chelmsford has teamed up with Richard Adams, owner of Mustard Bar and Bistro (winner of the Essex Chronicle’s 2009 Best Restaurant Newcomer Award) to provide features that showcase some of the very best British food, drink and ingredients available throughout the year! From witnessing first-hand the start of the lambing season through to helping out with the autumn harvest, we will highlight just how abundant local food suppliers are, and how they support our community.

For more information please contact Richard directly on 01245 266612 or email Sponsored by:-



Restaurant Review of The Hare

The Hare Country Pub and Restaurant in Roxwell was another restaurant recommendation from a Face of Chelmsford reader, who has dined there several times since the restaurant re-opened in September 2010. Prior to then the Hare had been closed for four months for major remodelling, resulting in a complete transformation. The restaurant is managed by Gary Downham, William Crighton and executive chef Jean Luc Humphries, who really pay attention to detail and offer a great dining experience. The Hare is one of those special places that captures a traditional feel with some contemporary touches. The space has been really opened up and the newly-exposed natural wood beams look amazing. Pie & Pint Inns are committed to providing their customers with traditional, great-tasting food, which is always freshly made to order from high-quality ingredients. They source their produce from local suppliers and offer a really delicious selection of handmade cakes and other desserts. Their signature bread is a low-GI multi-seed loaf that contains wheat bran and oat flakes along with pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seeds. It is served warm on a wooden board and is really tasty. The Hare offers a range of meals starting with breakfast from 10 a.m. where you can have a traditional fry-up, hot breakfast sandwiches, cakes and coffee. Lunch is available from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.; sample their ploughman’s, salads, sandwiches and soups. On to dinner where you can have traditional or classic meals, starters, sides and deserts. The traditional meals are served with a complimentary cup of soup or chef’s salad, and are an excellent value. I also appreciate the unusual fact that the Hare serves food continuously from the time they open ‘til they close. So convenient! As for specific dishes, I really liked the prawn and crayfish cocktail and the lamb shank, and the dessert counter is fantastic. It has an enormous selection, ranging from The Hare’s own Toblerone cheesecake to individual Lemon Meringues. It was hard to pick, but the chocolate gateau was definitely a good choice! Other features include free Wi-Fi and a set menu on Sundays with a choice of classic British roasts in addition to other meals.

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A FEW THINGS ABOUT THE HARE... Garden - The Hare has a really picturesque, fully-landscaped garden with a river at the back. Well-lit and kitted out with chunky tables and chairs, it will be great for summer! Take-Home Dessert - This has got to be one of my favourite things. If you can’t manage dessert straight after your meal, choose what you want and take it with you at a discounted price. Or why not surprise the family and bring desert home for them!


Gift Cards - Gift cards are now all the rage, and what could be better than a gift card for an evening out.


Wine Wednesdays - Just launched is the Hare’s new ‘Wine Wednesdays’ offer, where you can purchase a full bottle of house wine, red or white, for just £6.50 when combined with the purchase of two main meals. Choose from the traditional menu and a two-course meal with bottle of wine can be had for under £30!


Valentine’s Day - For Monday, February 14th, The Hare will offer a special Valentine’s menu to celebrate the romance in your life.


Pancake Day - Join The Hare on Tuesday, March 8th for Pancake Day and choose from a mixture of savoury and sweet pancakes. Pancakes will be served between 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.


Breakfast Club - Calling all car enthusiasts! The Hare is starting a Breakfast Club on the First Saturday of the month, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.; it will be a monthly gathering of car enthusiasts from Essex and surrounding counties. You can arrive in any car, but the more interesting the better. The first meeting is set for Saturday, April 2nd, and participants will receive free coffee and Danish pastries.


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DETAILS General Manager: William Crighton Executive Chef: Jean Luc Humphries Our Ratings: Outstanding | Excellent | Good | Average | Poor Food Excellent – The food is very good with good portion sizes, and the dessert counter has desserts to die for. Décor Outstanding – The restaurant has had a complete revamp; it is a traditional English pub with fixtures and fittings of a really high standard and very well done. Service Excellent – All staff at The Hare are very polite and attentive. Value Good/Excellent – Prices are around £10 for a main course, and with their traditional meals a small starter is included, which pushes the value from good to excellent.

Opening Days and Hours Monday - Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Sunday: 12:00 p.m. - 10:3 0 p.m. Reservations - Not always necessary; can call 01245 248788 to book. Parking - Parking is available in The Hare’s car park. Meals served - Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks with continuous service throughout the day. Dress code - Smart casual. Website - Telephone - 01245 248788 Address - The Hare at Roxwell, Bishops Stortford Road, Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4LU Date Re-Opened - September 7, 2010 Good For - Any and all occasions, from business lunches to celebratory meals, and even for when you just can’t be bothered with the washing up. Special Features - They have their own cask ale (Golden Crust) brewed by Brentwood and a garden that would be the envy of any establishment come the summer sun. Atmosphere - Comfortable, warm and inviting. A Little History - The Hare opened just 21 weeks ago after a complete refurbishment. It is a traditional English pub, finished to a high standard and serving a range of meals and beverages with continuous service from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Based in Roxwell, this pub offers quality food and wine in really nice surroundings and features a landscaped garden with relaxing views.


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10:10 Update for 2011

10:10 is still going, right? Absolutely! 10:10 is carrying on into 2011 and beyond. Is the name changing to 10:11? We did think about that, but based on overwhelming feedback we’ve decided to stick with the 10:10 name. Was last year a success? We didn’t solve climate change (yet!), but yes the 10:10 community achieved a truly amazing amount in its first year. Just before Christmas, we pulled together a report summarising some of the main achievements so far. Seeing it all written down in one place, even we were surprised quite how far we’ve all come together in a little over a year. What’s the plan now? More of the same – but bigger and better. 10:10 will still be helping individuals and organisations cut their carbon by 10% in a year as well as creating exciting projects to inspire people from across society to work together to solve climate change. we have done 10:10 for a year. What next? First of all, send us an update. Whether you’re an individual, a school or a giant organisation, we’d love to know what you’ve been up to so far. Submit your carbon-cutting stories here or see what other people and organisations have been doing. If you’re an organisation, you could also use our nifty carbon calculator to tot up your carbon savings – some trailblazers have cut as much as 30% in their first 10:10 year. Okay, sounds good. And then what? If you’ve already done 10:10 for one year, we very much hope you’ll stay with us and keep cutting your carbon for another. The closer we can get to 10% year-on-year, the better we’ll be able to prove to the world that it’s possible to get ourselves on a safer, low-carbon path and to have fun and save money in the process. Can you give me more help? Yes! In a few months we will lift the curtain on a seriously brilliant new website to help individuals understand and reduce their carbon footprints. (Organisations will have a wait a bit longer for their version, but we’ll make sure we keep everyone busy in the meantime.) There’s a sneak peak on the web. The chap with the pointy head is called Blobman, and we think you’re going to like him. If you want to register as a test user for the new site, drop an email to About 10:10 10:10 is an ambitious project to unite every sector of society behind one simple idea: cutting our emissions by 10% in 2010. The campaign was founded by Fanny Armstrong, director of the climate change blockbuster The Age of Stupid. The Climate Safety report had identified a 10% cut in the developed world’s emissions by the end of 2010 as the kind of target we should be aiming for to maximise our chances of avoiding a climate catastrophe.


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The Art of Storytelling Comes to Chelmsford!


Do you or your children enjoying reading? Do you have fond family memories of tales of heroes, woe and magic from your childhood? A rich story experience is awaiting you and your youngsters in a location a little closer than a far-away land. Here in Chelmsford, dreams really do come true… Just Imagine, Chelmsford’s vibrant new bookshop and story centre, has opened in New London Road, a stone’s throw from the park and the town’s vibrant shopping experiences. The centre welcomes all ages and offers a unique chance to sample the magical world of fiction with loveable characters and well respected authors. Artists, writers, teachers, book lovers and children alike are able to come together to celebrate storytelling at its best.

64-68 New London Road Chelmsford Essex


Playful illustrations and ever-changing quirky window displays will delight you and inspire you to delve into the wondrous narrative world of make-believe. Just Imagine is the brainwave of writer and education consultant, Nikki Gamble, formerly a senior lecturer at the local Anglia Ruskin University: “Just Imagine will be an inspiring place where children can read and tell stories in every medium. We can make books! Comics! Animations! Plays! We believe in the endless possibilities of young minds. Think big, it’s all going to happen at Just Imagine.” Just Imagine’s unique logo was designed by award winning illustrator Sarah MacIntyre whose books include ‘Morris the Mankiest Monster’, ‘You Can’t Eat a Princess’, ‘Vern and Lettuce’ and ‘When Titus Took the Train’. It perfectly symbolizes the inspiration behind the venture. Sarah explains, ‘When I designed the ‘Just Imagine’ logo, I envisioned a child taking a book to a rather unpromising place - a burnt-out tree stump - and the tree comes alive and flourishes as the story weaves its magic in the child’s imagination. Childhood isn’t always a welcoming kind of place, but kids can explore a huge range of possibilities for different ways of living through the characters they meet in stories. Sometimes now I feel my whole life is a story, with limitless possibilities, if I can imagine them, and that’s a wonderful thing.’ For half-term, make sure you schedule a visit to the storytelling centre where activities from book-making, creative writing, puppetry and rhyme time have been planned for the forthcoming months. For further information on exciting activities coming up at ‘Just Imagine’, visit

Date for your diary: Celebrate National Storytelling Week in Chelmsford! Jibber Jabber, an exciting storytelling festival, is coming to Chelmsford’ town centre, with a series of storytelling ‘happenings’ on Saturday 19th March, courtesy of Chelmsford Borough Council and other local ‘creatives’. A curious launch will take place with local storyteller, and the event curator, Mike Dodsworth at 10am in Chelmsford Library. Visit for further information.




Rolling about with lion cubs is not something I expected to do on a recent trip to the island of Mauritius. Lions are not indigenous, but have been brought by Graeme Bristow, owner of Adventures Safari ( at Casela Park where you can also find a host of other wildlife, but it’s the lions that are the main attraction. Graeme enables groups of up to twelve to literally walk with two full grown lions for about half an hour through forest and have the pictures taken with the lions within breathing distance. Ajay, our guide, advised us not to walk in front of them, not to run, not to bend down and not to shout. ‘They are wild animals’ he kept repeating, but as I stroked one of the females on the back I had that surreal sense of doing what I had always wanted to do on safari as a child and ‘stroke the cuddly lion.’ If the lions are the icing on the cake, rolling about with the lion cubs is the cherry on the icing on the cake. These solid little bundles of play time have wide bright brown eyes and long sharp claws but in the same way baby elephants are more dangerous than fully grown ones, they don’t know their own strength and consequently could lash out playfully bearing their claws.

Sarah Tucker is an award winning travel journalist, novelist, producer and broadcaster. She has edited, produced and presented her own radio and TV series as well as presenting reports for BBC Holiday Programme and anchored I Want That House on ITV. She devised and presented the award winning Jazz FM Travel Guide for over two years and was a travel correspondent for Classic FM. She is the author of bestselling novels The Playground Mafia, The Last Year of Being Single, and the Control Freak Chronicles.


Ginger and Rolly were abandoned by their mothers even though lions are famed for being good mothers, but this is not necessarily always the case. If she feels the cubs will endanger the pride, she will let them die. So much for the largeness of a lion’s heart. But as I kneel down by Ginger, tickling his tummy, marvelling at the intimacy, looking into his large glassy eyes its hard to believe. It was also on the same trip I went skydiving (www.skydivemauritius. com). I’d done it before several years back in the UK, but this time I felt it was the best way to get the big picture of an island best known for it’s beaches and little else. I had the coolest dude flying tandem with me, called Lee, who came from California, who’d jumped over 6000 times in his life. My twelve year old son would have idolized him. Something else that is hard to believe are the demands of celebrities. On the southern tip of Mauritius you find the luxury hotel and spa of Shanti Maurice ( where Kylie Minogue and Liz Hurley regularly rejuvenate. Set in a glorious beach location, with extensive treatments, it also offers yoga and meditation as well as philosophy classes. But that’s not what interested me when I visited, it was the stories about the demands of some of the more exclusive and celebrated clients (which the manager was far too discreet to mention any names).

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The Lesson of the Morning Glory!


by Veronica Hay

I planted seeds in my little garden this year. I have never planted seeds before, because I am not a very patient person, and waiting for the little green shoots to rise above the ground, was just too much for me. But this year, I thought I would give it a try. I thought it would be a good metaphor for me, to plant something and watch it grow, much as I have many times, planted thoughts, dreams and affirmations and watched many of them become a reality. And so, in the Spring of this year, I planted my garden. I chose many types of flowers and among them, Morning Glories. Within a month, many of the other flowers were bursting through the earth, but not the Morning Glories. Each morning, I would run outside to check on them, and nothing, nothing for several weeks more. I was about to give up on them. I was sure that they just did not ‘take’ so to speak. But finally, it happened! They had broken through the earth, and were starting to climb. And climb, and climb, and climb, they did....with their big, beautiful, heart shaped leaves. And so, the saga continued, nothing for weeks and weeks and weeks but more and more beautiful leaves. And I thought to myself, “Well, leaves are nice, but that is all I will probably get at this point.” And then, one fine and glorious morning, there it was, the most beautiful sky-blue morning glory I have ever seen!!! It seemed like a miracle to me. I had waited over 3 months for this one delicate, funnel-shaped flower to show up and now here it was, in all its splendor. It reminded me of just how many times I had waited in life for something I had longed for, and how incredible it felt when it finally arrived, and also, how many times, that I had wanted to throw in the towel, and just give up. But I wasn’t prepared for what was to happen next, with these little flowers, and I was surprised and deeply saddened by it. Roses and geraniums and daisies and most other flowers bloom and stay around for a while, but not Morning Glories. Morning Glories open themselves up to the world, in the morning, in all of their glory, hence the name, Morning Glory. And if you look closely at them, you will see how extraordinary they are, both in colour and texture, and that in their centre, is a kind of golden light that shines from within.


But here is the hard part... At the end of the day, they turn a most beautiful shade of lavender, and then close up, wither and die. They live for only one day, and then they are gone. I cannot tell you how much this saddened me, and what a profound effect this little flower had upon my life. I kept thinking how sad to be so beautiful and live for only one day. And then, I suddenly realized what a gift they were. You see, it doesn’t matter how long your life is. It only matters that you were here, in all your glory, that you opened up completely, and let your light shine, and that you brought joy to those who came into contact with you. That’s what matters to the morning glory, and that’s what really matters to all of us. The morning glories make me appreciate every new day now, in a way I didn’t before. Each evening, I go and visit with them, knowing those particular ones won’t be here tomorrow, new ones will take their place. If we knew when we woke up in the morning, that we only had that one day to really live, life would be very different indeed for many of us. Now, each morning, I give thanks that I have been given the gift of another day, in all its glory. We can learn from all of life, if we remain open to the beauty that is all around us. And nature can be one of our greatest teachers. What a profound lesson from such a simple flower. Thank you, my sweet little morning glories! Veronica Hay is an inspirational writer and author of In A Dream, You Can Do Anything, An Extraordinary Collection Of Words. Her work inspires others to be more of who they really are. For more insights and inspiration you can visit her website at: or email her at


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by Jade Storey A Pictures worth a thousand words! So make sure you have a photographer who can make this happen. When looking for a photographer always remember these people are going to make your memories happen. They will take the pictures you will show your future family and any guests that couldn’t make it to the day. When searching for a photographer have a look at other wedding albums they have done and look at the whole album as it is easy to just look at the first 5 pictures which could be the only good pictures. Make sure you feel comfortable in their company as you will probably be spending more time with them than your own guests. Make sure they have alot of experience dealing with wedding situations so they can deal with any tricky family situations. Once you have found the photographer you like, go through any ideas you have, like different backdrops, group shots, single pictures as this will give them a guide to go along and it will easy the preasure on the big day. When going through any fine details make sure you tell his to the photographer that will be there on the day not just someone who works for a company or your request may not happen. With a top of the range photography package you'll look and feel like a film star. You can be photographed from early in the day getting ready with your bridesmaids till late in to the reception celebrating with your guests. An unlimited number of shots can be taken against wonderful backdrops and in a variety of styles. You will be given a large storybook album that will act as a lasting reminder of your entire day. Alternatively you can choose one of the cheapest packages where a few months after the wedding you will be left with a small album of photographs taken in the hour between the ceremony and the reception. Bear in mind that your photographs are one of the few permanent records of your day and its wise to spend as much as your budget can allow.



Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project

Just 30 minutes from Chelmsford Restoring the wild coast of Essex Just over 20 miles south-east of Chelmsford, an exciting project, the largest of its kind in Europe, is poised to begin construction in 2011. In a partnership between Crossrail, the Environment Agency and the RSPB the centuries will be rolled back over the next few years and a new nature reserve and visitor attraction will be created for anyone to enjoy. Hundreds of years ago, Wallasea Island, was an amazing mosaic of mudflats and saltmarsh, teeming with life, both wild and wonderful. Over the centuries this landscape was enclosed by man, tamed and cultivated, until it now bears little resemblance to the saltmarsh wilderness it once was. In 2006, mudflat and saltmarsh was created by allowing tidal flooding through realignment of the existing seawall on the Northern edge of Wallasea. This was done by Defra to replace habitat lost to port development and the area, managed by the RSPB on their behalf, is an integral part of the new project. After years of planning and consultation, the new phase of work will start in spring 2011. Earth will be imported from Crossrail, the new rail route under London, raising the land levels to aid the creation of mudflats, saltmarshes and lagoons. New bank paths will allow access to much of the Wild Coast in parts not currently open to the public. The project will also help reduce flood risk, and is contributing to the Environment Agency’s work to replace intertidal habitat lost elsewhere. Go and Visit.... This coast has always been important as a source of food for local communities through the centuries and more recently it has become a place of recreation and relaxation. The treeless horizon, immense space, sounds of birds’ voices, smell of sea air, wind and whisper of the tides make Wallasea Island an immensely beautiful, atmospheric and fascinating place to visit. Throughout the year they run events and activities, which will be advertised locally and on their website, but why not just go along any day, take a stroll along the seawall and experience the sheer immense size of the space, the wildness of life in the landscape and the tranquillity that seeps into your soul if you let it. Wallasea Island is open to the public every day. Current access is from the car park, along the northern seawall which runs beside the River Crouch and looks over to Burnham-on-Crouch. This path will be unaffected by the construction works. As the reserve is developed new and improved access routes, eventually totalling more than 15 kilometres, will become available, but until then this existing path will provide a ringside view of the action. Unfortunately there are no facilities at this early stage of development, though this will change as the project gets under way.


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Seasons’ Highlights On a stroll along the coast in spring, look out for noisy oystercatchers, the aerial display of redshanks and raptors hunting mice and voles along the ditches. Look along the banks of the seawalls for some of the more interesting plants such as sea clover, salsify and sea barley. Summer brings a deeper calm to the island. Go and see marshes ablaze with the colour of sea lavender and other saltmarsh flora competing to attract an abundance of moths and butterflies and buzzing insect life. During late August and early September, time your visit to catch the incoming tide to see ringed plover joined by avocet, dunlin, curlew, greenshank and redshank. Catch a glimpse of a brown hare if you’re lucky! The low ‘bark’ of the brent goose, the evocative whistle of wigeon or the mournful call of golden plover fill the Winter air as vast numbers of feeding waterfowl fill the marshes for the wildlife’s busiest season. Where is it? From Burnham-on-Crouch a scheduled ferry serves those with sustainable travel in mind, every weekend and bank holiday from Easter to the end of August and at other times by arrangement. By road, there are brown tourism signs on the Ashingdon Road from the Rochford direction. Turn in at Bray’s Lane and follow these signs to the RSPB Wallasea Island Wild Coast. Please visit for more information or to discuss a group visit to the island or a guided tour.

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Behind the Scenes Cooking Mussels at Loch Fyne


with Jane Holloway written by Sarah Perry

For this issue of The Face of Chelmsford, Editor-in-Chief Jane Holloway enlisted the help of Marcos Bornio Junior, Head Chef at Loch Fyne restaurant in Chelmsford, to learn how to prepare the traditional French dish moules marinières (steamed mussels in white wine).

The duo starts by examining the mussels for external debris and cleaning the shells. Next comes the all-important freshness check. Live mussels will be closed and therefore safe to eat whereas open shells indicate spoilage. Note that in a kitchen or other warm environment the mussels may be very slightly open, and this is usually okay. To be sure, tap the shell on a hard surface; if the mussel is living the shell will close again and if not, it’s into the bin. Now for the recipe. Marcos explains that while a traditional marinière sauce is made from white wine, garlic, shallots and parsley, Loch Fyne individualizes their version a bit by adding cream. Marcos and Jane place the mussels, along with all of the sauce ingredients except for the cream, into a pan set over high heat. They cook this for a short time then add the cream and gently toss to ensure that the mussels are evenly done, which all together takes a total of about three minutes. Marcos and Jane then check to make sure all the mussels have opened; any that haven’t must be discarded. Finally the pan is removed from the heat and served, Loch Fyne-style, straight from the hob with the lid on the pan prior to presentation. The mussels smell absolutely amazing and we all have a taste. Divine! Loch Fyne’s moules marinières is destined to become a very popular dish. It is surprisingly quick and easy to prepare and I highly recommend trying it at home. If you don’t feel like pulling out the pans, however, or you want to sample the end result first, pop into Loch Fyne and try the original. To view the video for this feature visit



Kids Jokes Doctor, Doctor When I press with my finger here... it hurts, and here... it hurts, and here... and here... What do you think is wrong with me? You have a broken finger! Doctor, Doctor, I can’t get to sleep. Sit on the edge of the bed and you’ll soon drop off. Knock Knock Who’s there? Arbus! Arbus who? Arbus leaves in 5 minutes? Knock Knock Who’s there? Atlas! Atlas? Atlas it’s the weekend!









Why does a flamingo lift up one leg? Because if he lifted up both legs it would fall over!

Happy Valentines Day!


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Best Present of All! by Brian Biro


As they so often do when I need it the most, my two daughters, Kelsey and Jenna, opened my eyes to what really matters. They helped me awaken to the truly precious present. At the time I had become so swept up in my business that night after night as my daughters prepared for bed, I'd stop off in my office for "just a moment" to check my voice mail before reading them a story and tucking them in. The next thing I knew, I was submerged in thirty new messages and my only connection with my little girls was a silent kiss long after they were sound asleep. My wife had read to them, cuddled them, and told them how much their mommy and daddy loved them. One evening after many weeks of this pattern, Kelsey and Jenna waited patiently in my office doorway until I hung up the phone, then ran over to tell me how much they loved me. I picked them up onto my lap and hugged them in the joy of the unexpected moment.

After a couple of tickles and giggles, Kelsey looked up into my eyes and said, "Daddy, we miss you." Chuckling, I responded, "Honey, I'm right here. I haven't been on a trip in weeks."

About Brian. Brian Biro is known as The Breakthrough Coach! He is one of the world’s foremost speakers and teachers of Leadership, Possibility Thinking, Thriving on Change, and Team-Building. He is described as having the energy of a ten-year-old, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old, and the wisdom of a seventy-five-year-old. Brian was rated #1 from over 40 Speakers at 4 consecutive INC. Magazine International Conferences.

"I know, Daddy. I meant we miss you because it seems like you have more time for voice mail than you do for us." Her words, so innocently spoken, shot straight through me. I had become so accustomed to being busy that I had stopped being present for my children. Being fully present means that 100% of your mind, body, and spirit are actually with the person you're with, where they are! All at once my children helped me see that in our moments of fully present connection we do more to help those around us than any other gift we can offer. How often does your response to family, friends, or associates begin with "just a minute," or "in a second"? When your family or teammates seek your attention, do you often view them as interruptions rather than delighting at the opportunity to share some precious moments? If you find yourself falling into any of these patterns, your focus is drifting into the past or future. It's time to be present. How? Listen completely before formulating your responses, turn up your tremendous powers of observation, and seek to understand before seeking to be understood. Watch your impact on others deepen and your enjoyment of life soar. Being present is a choice. It's one that will explode your business, deepen your relationships, and change your life!


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Did You Know? Valentine’s Day – Festival of Love Valentine’s Day originates from the ancient Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated on 15 February in honor of the gods Lupercus and Faunus, as well as the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. During the festival, young men would draw the names of women from a box, and each couple would be paired until next year’s celebration. Often they would fall in love and marry. At around 270AD Rome was facing battles and civil uprising. The men were not keen to join the army. Emperor Claudius II believed that the men did not want to leave their loved ones and summarily canceled all marriages and engagements. Two priests, Valentine and Marius, disobeyed the decree and secretly performed marriage ceremonies. Valentine was caught on 14 February and dragged to jail. Later in the day he was clubbed to death and beheaded. It is said that, before his execution, Valentine himself had fallen in love with the jailer’s daughter. He signed his final note to her, “From your Valentine.”

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