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Sunshine Through My Window

The month of June is blessed with the longest day of the year - Monday 21st of June and its Fathers Day the day before! Most of the exams are now finished and it's getting nearer to the kids summer holidays! As the days warm up it's time to slap on that sun protection and head outdoors and enjoy the weather! For the second month of our new feature, 'Behind the Scenes', I share my experience of being backstage at Acanteen, learning how to cook the perfect poached egg. View the pod cast online at Our new wedding feature starts in the next issue, where Jade will be looking at all aspects of making your big day come true including the venue, flowers, cake etc. and most importantly (for the bride anyway) the dress! Visit our website, which was re-launched last month for up to date information and features. We have introduced a new segment to our online health section, whereby James St Pierre of Unique Results will be giving us behind the scenes access, as he takes a client from induction to the achievement of their fitness goals. Stay tuned as the sessions are filmed live and uploaded every week! For the latest issue, and every previous issue, visit our website and you can refer back to some of the great articles that you may have missed or simply want to re-read. The next edition is also available online 7 days before the printed magazine comes out and, as always, it's great to be green! Remember to mention The Face of Chelmsford magazine when responding to features, articles and adverts!

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THE REJUVENATION REVOLUTION Oxygen Therapy by Jane Holloway Oxygen is essential for daily life and without it we would not survive. That's something that we all know! But what kind of effect does it have on the skin and can treatments with oxygen make any difference? Oxygen has been used over the last 10 years within skincare treatments to give maximum benefits for the skin. With the advancement of technology, machines have been designed to literally push oxygen into the surface of the skin. This is done by a transdermal delivery system that counters the natural resistance of the skin by using air assisted jet pumps to deliver liquid minerals and oxygen deep into the tissues. How do oxygen treatments work? Effective treatments deliver oxygen via a pulsed stream action to the skin. Liquid mineral products are always applied to the skin first and they penetrate deep into the epidermis to condition and repair it. Oxygen enhances the skin's ability to metabolise, absorb and utilise vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. How does oxygen benefit the skin? At age 30 the skin has already lost over 25% of its initial O2 and by 40 the ability to consume and retain O2 has been impaired by almost 50%. Less O2 in the skin results in more wrinkles, fine lines and dehydration. By re-mineralising skin, vibrancy is restored leaving a youthful glowing complexion. The treatments are perfect to maintain healthy skin, reduce dark circles and puffy eyes and boost lacklustre dull looking skin. Oxygen also improves the skin's natural healing process. This treatment is good for men and women of all ages, including teenagers, who can suffer with

extra sensitivity in their skin as it changes. Most skin conditions or problems can be improved with this technique, and often improvements and results can be seen after just one treatment, where your skin will feel softer and look brighter. Oxygen treatments will help to calm inflamed breakouts, speed up the healing of acne and acne scarring and reduce superficial redness and irritation on the skin. If the skin suffers from pigmentation and sun damage, treatment serums can be prescriptively applied to treat this. Oxygen treatments completely revive and rejuvenate the skin and can therefore have a big improvement on premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles.

h e a l t h | b e a u t y | h a i r | s h o p p i n g | family | r e l a x i n g | l i v i n g | d i n i n g

Which system is best? There are many oxygen systems on the market, with my favourite being the Skin Matrix MDA/O2. The main advantage of this machine is the pulsed system, which delivers a controlled level of O2 to the skin on every pulse delivered, rather than a continuous flow or oxygen mist machines which can lose their concentration of O2 towards the end of the flow or mist. How many treatments should I have? Optimum results occur over a course of 6-10 treatments. I would generally recommend having them once or twice a week for 6-10 weeks. After this it is good to follow with maintenance every 3-4 weeks to keep the skin at optimal health. How long do results last for? A one-off treatment is beneficial to everyone. To optimise the results, a series of treatments is recommended. Each subsequent treatment maximises, enhances and maintains the benefits. What are the main advantages with Oxygen Treatments? = can be used around the eyes = leaves little or no redness = no down time = can be a quick treatment = personalises the treatment to you = gives immediate results = gives skin a refreshed look To get the best results for your skin, always visit a professional centre for oxygen therapy treatments. For more advice, please contact: 01245 496578 page 7

Three great offers for new patients! Here at Gin Dental Studio we realise that a visit to a dentist can be very traumatic. That is why we specialise in NON-INVASIVE techniques such as tooth whitening, air abrasion and the Magic Wand which reduce the need for drilling and injections and make a visit to the dentist a more pleasurable experience and help you smile again. To encourage you to come along and see for yourself we are giving away some great offers to new patients. Contact us now to book your appointment and experience...

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The Kickboxer by Zara Ali I've always been fascinated by martial arts and kickboxing - from watching films like 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' to taking karate classes when I was younger but gave up because I used to bruise like a peach! Now I'm older and tougher I thought I'd go back to it and see if I enjoyed it as much as I used to. I feel that some kickboxing or martial arts classes can be intimidating, so I am pleased to announce that I have found a place in Chelmsford that prides itself on being a friendly, fun kickboxing club and its name‌Little Baddow Kickboxing Club. Funnily enough Little Baddow Kickboxing Club is based in Little Baddow. It is held at The Memorial Hall on North Hill every Thursday at 7.30p.m. The kickboxing club is run by a fully qualified trained instructor, Dave Perry. This club is part of the McAllister Academy. The McAllister Academy incorporates many types of martial arts like Kick boxing, Karate, Jujitsu and Weapons of Oriental Origin - named the system 'Kickboxing Karate'. The academy also teaches values that are lost in normal competing like the bow, etiquette, discipline and respect. This is something that Dave is a firm believer in and he ensures that he and his fellow pupils practice. The class started with a warm up that consisted of stretching and cardio. After the warm up we went straight into doing the basics of kickboxing: the jab, cross punch and the attack kicks. The beginners are at the back of the class, which is great for anyone who is self conscious about being on show. I found the people to be very friendly and the atmosphere very relaxed and welcoming. Usually after the warm up the class goes through different moves as a group. However, on that Sunday there was grading (a martial arts exam) for many of the pupils and so everyone split into their different levels. Those who were not doing the grading were helping those who were. I was with the white belts - the beginners. I went through the basics again but in more detail. Dave was impressed that I could punch and correctly guessed that I have an older brother! The keys to getting the moves right are: balance, coordination and quick reaction, aspects that improve as you train. Finally, you finish the lesson with self defense tactics. You split into pairs and after been shown what to do in a certain situation by Dave you practice doing it yourself. After the lesson comes the really interesting part - sparring. Sparring is also known as 'free-fighting'. It is where you can practice what you have learnt, under certain rules and regulations. The body is protected so that no serious injuries can occur. Sparring teaches you how to be disciplined when in formal combat. If you want to get fit, have fun and learn how to 'kick- butt' then leave Thursday evening free for Little Baddow Kickboxing Club! For more information contact Dave Perry on 07881902647 Little Baddow Kickboxing Club Held on Thursdays at 7.30pm in: The Memorial Hall, North Hill, Little Baddow, Chelmsford, CM3 4TA. page 9


Solar Defense Booster spf30 Dermalogica's Solar Defense Booster is a lightweight sunscreen formulated to give your skin full spectrum protection from the suns UV rays. The sunscreens in the booster provide full UVA and UVB protection. Green tea and grape seed extracts soothe the skin whilst antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin E help to control damage that is caused by free radicals and improves the skins smoothness and softness. Directions of Use There are two ways of using Solar Defense Booster = Mix equal parts of Solar Defense Booster and moisturiser and apply to the face, neck and chest. This, however, will dilute the sunscreen from a SPF30 to roughly SPF17 (which is suitable for everyday exposure). = For maximum SPF30 protection, apply Solar Defense Booster either under your moisturiser or directly to a cleansed face. Price: £29.00 - 50ml Free Solar Sampler Pack with every purchase.

Available at: Face 7-9 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, CM1 1SY

01245 496578, Please note: Solar Defense Booster SPF30 is not suitable for children under 6 months of age.



FREE Instant Lift Eye Treatment ‘BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Instant Lift Trial Session, limited to the First 15 Customers’



To book your FREE confidential consultation & trial session please call 01245-496578, or visit face | 7-9 Broomfield Road | Chelmsford | CM1 1SY

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HAVE YOUR SAY! If you got something to say... ...then say it! We want your comments on our reviews, our recommendations, our columns, our site, other peoples feedback—anything you like. If you know of a new restaurant, venue or business or have had a good experience in Chelmsford that you want to share, let us know. If you know of any upcoming events, or if you have something that you think our readers should know then let us know! Please email us

The Carvery House offers a choice of three roast joints everyThe evening, all the usual trimmings, allwith you can eat all cooked freshly and prepared on the premises.

carvery will be opening The 80 seater restaurant is open 7 days a week. in November 2009. Breakfast is available in the morning until 12.00pm, lunch through `til 5.00pm and a full carvery is served until 9.00pm. On Friday & Saturday the bar is open `til late.

34A Moulsham Street Chelmsford Essex CM2 0HX Tel: 01245 355083 Email: info@the

PARTY? Let us organise your special occasion for you.

Natural Skincare - Aloe Vera by Sarah Perry Aloe Vera which is Latin for 'True Vera' is also known as Aloe Barbadenis. Aloe is a compound expressed from the leaf of the aloe plant. There are actually over 300 species of aloe plant although only a few are used medicinally. Its naturally occurring healing properties gave it its nickname 'the first aid plant'. The green plant is short stemmed with thick leaves that have spiky serrated looking edges. During summer, the plant can produce a tall flower with yellow petals. References to aloe can be found thousands of years back. It's even mentioned in The Bible and Cleopatra is also said to of been a fan. Aloe is extremely calming and soothing and can be used to treat ailments including: burns, rashes, sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, bites, scratches and much more. Aloe is available in a gel and liquid form. I love aloe-spritz by face. The liquid aloe is protected in a silver aluminium spray bottle. The best part about this product is that as it's a spray, you are able to spritz your own back, something of a relief for those with sunburn who would rather not ask their heavy handed partner/friend to slap some gel on painful sore skin. With its super healing, anti-inflammatory properties it can be used after waxing, IPL treatments, sun exposure and to cool the skin on a warm day. Available from Face @ 7-9 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1SY. Tel: 01245 496578 or shop online at page 13

Natural Skincare is a regular feature in The Face of Chelmsford that gives an opportunity to familiarise our readers with nature's best natural skincare and remedies. In each issue I will feature a different ingredient that you could easily use to improve the condition of the skin and body. In this issue I want to share with you the benefits of Aloe Vera.

The Hair Facial by Jane Holloway This month I was off to Options Hairdressing on Broomfield Road to have an Aveda in-salon treatment - The Hair Therapy, which was first launched in 2006. It's just like a facial‌ but for the hair. My stylist was Elliot who is hot news at the moment because he has been involved with the Undercover Princesses show on BBC3. Options Hairdressing has been established in Chelmsford for almost 20 years and run by Norman Ellis. Norman has over 35 years experience in the hairdressing industry and is passionate about his clients receiving the perfect experience at Options. Originally based in Baddow Road, Options moved to their new location 4 years ago which is within walking distance of Chelmsford railway station and the town centre. The salon itself is open and spacious with a contemporary feel. When I arrived for the treatment I met Elliot who I had already heard plenty about! After the recent show broadcasts on the TV, Elliot who dated the German princess, has become a bit of a local celebrity! I had a brief consultation where we discussed my scalp and hair. Elliot tested the strength of my hair and assessed the condition and recommended for my treatment to add in intense moisture to my hair. He explained that the Aveda treatment is designed to reduce hair damage and revive the scalp. For various reasons our hair becomes damaged and the condition of healthy hair deteriorates, especially when the hair is longer. This luxury treatment targets the two main needs of the hair - moisture and strength. Moisture Immersion, which is what was recommended for my hair softens and smoothes hair up to 71%. There is also Strength Infusion, which strengthens and repairs damaged hair, increasing resistance to hair breakage by up to 71%.

h e a l t h | b e a u t y | h a i r | s h o p p i n g | family | r e l a x i n g | l i v i n g | d i n i n g

Aveda products contain pure flower and plant essences. The products used for my treatment were saturated with essential oils and powerful plant ingredients including quinoa & wheat protein, tamanu oil and babassu-nut derived conditioners. These blends are the key to both the experience and the results of the treatment. The first step in my treatment was to wash the hair with Damage Remedy Shampoo and then the hair was towel dried. After this the treatment products were combed through sections of my hair and worked in. The hair was then covered and it was time to relax with a pressure point hand massage. Pressure point massage is relaxing, reduces tension and helps to stimulate circulation whilst the Aveda hand cream nourishes and protects the hands. After this I was off to the luxury basin where the treatment products were removed, an invigorating scalp massage was done and the hair conditioned. To finish, the hair was blow dried and styled. My hair looked extremely healthy with lots of shine and the hair was very smooth. An instant improvement! Elliot, who specialises in not only this treatment but cutting and styling as well, explained that results are seen immediately and that this is a very popular treatment. Many of Options clients have the treatment done every 3-4 weeks and some clients with really damaged hair would have a few weekly treatments to get their hair back on track. There are 4 types of treatments: = The Express Botanical Hair Therapy delivers an intense result in 15 minutes and costs £15, ideal for those short on time. = The Scalp Therapy and Hair Therapy which both take 20 minutes and costs £20. They are for either balancing your scalp or to strengthen, repair and moisturize your hair. = The Luxurious Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy is a blissful 1 hour and costs £35. It is a powerful treatment that balances your scalp, mind and mood as it repairs your hair. For more information on Aveda visit Options 43 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, CM1 1SY 01245 491434/257203 Opening Hours: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday:

9.00 - 6.00 9.00 - 8.00 9.00 - 8.00 9.00-6.00 8.45 - 5.00 page 15

Make-up for Prom, Wedding and Special Occasions by Jane Holloway Professional make-up application has become a big thing, particularly since the launch of prom's. Having your make-up done by a professional make-up artist is definitely an essential for proms, special occasions and weddings. To get some advice and to discuss the importance of professional make-up application, I went to visit Blu who is renowned for wedding, prom and special occasion make-up. As a make-up artist Blu has been in the make-up industry since 2000 and has trained and worked for MAC Cosmetics for several years before becoming freelance. She has her studio at Silhouette Du Barry, where she does both make-up and eyelash extensions. She is available for on location makeup for all occasions and photographic work. Blu mainly uses MAC make-up, which is favoured by many make-up artists for its huge range of colours. A consultation and trial is not necessary for special occasion and prom make-up applications, but it is vital for a bride-to-be when it comes to wedding day make-up. This is the time to really look at what you want to create for the day. Whatever the occasion think about the colours you will be wearing and how you want your overall look to be - whether you want a natural, vintage, vibrant or a classic look, for example. Most people will want to focus on one area which is usually either lips or the eyes. It is essential to check the make-up in different lights, both natural and artificial. Things can look really different when you look at your face from different angles. For myself I decided to go for the focus being on the eyes with fresh looking skin. The make-up application itself was very thorough, with a full base, blusher, eye shadow (Blu used warm aubergine tones), mascara, eye liner…the works! With a professional make-up artist they go into more detail adding in things like high lighters, to emphasise different areas of the face or brow gel, to set the brows and applying individual cluster lashes! These are great to really emphasise the eye area and they last a couple of days. The price of the make-up application also includes the individual cluster lashes. However Blu explained to me that most people are now tending to go for the eye lash extensions, a treatment technique that was reviewed in the March edition of The Face of Chelmsford magazine. She recommends coming to her to apply the extensions 1-2 days before the occasion. This way they will last a few weeks. So if you're getting married they will last through the honeymoon as well. The result: the make-up lasted throughout the day and late into the evening; it was natural yet still looked vibrant, which is perfect for your special occasion! Bridal make-up in salon: from £50.00 and on location: from £100 Make-up Trial £40.00 per hour Prom hair and make-up offer available at Silhouette Du Barry £50.00 Contact Blu T: 01245 257137 M: 07760130687 E: Blu Make-up @ Silhouette Du Barry, 8 Moulsham Street (High Street), Chelmsford, CM2 0HR

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Breakfast at

CHECKERS by John Holloway

I was recommended by one of our readers to shake, rattle and roll our way down to Checkers, and enjoy an authentic American breakfast in a 1950's style American diner. As someone who was born and bred in the States, I quickly felt right at home with the ambience, decor and proper American seating booths. The booths, as it turns out were imported directly from Chicago! The music was a mixture of great classics from the 1950's, and the waitresses were very friendly without being intrusive. Situated within the grounds of Amaryllis House, in the Dukes Park industrial estate. Checkers opened its doors in 2008 after a complete revamp from the cafe before into an American Diner. Near Sainsbury's, it's a good place to visit before shopping or for a Sunday brunch! Although we were there for breakfast, I had a sneak look at the lunch menu and found myself trying to justify why at 10AM, it would have been perfectly acceptable to have one of their classic burgers or hotdogs with a Checkers shake followed by a slice of key lime pie. Checkers serves not only breakfast all day, everyday from 8AM (10AM on Sundays), but also brunch, lunch and light snacks throughout the day until 4PM. Once I looked back at the breakfast menu, I found it hard to decide what to have, as it all sounded so good! The pancakes with maple syrup, the toasted bagel or one of their freshly made omelettes sounded tempting, but I went for the Wall Street Mash Up. Scrambled eggs with ham, peppers and onions topped with melted cheese, served with two sausages, two slices of bacon and seasoned diced crispy potatoes, started off the day rather nicely. Jane had the Checkers Champion, which was a 'build your own breakfast' from a choice of over 15 items. These included sausages, bacon, black pudding, vegetarian sausages, sautĂŠed potatoes, grilled tomato, plum tomato, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, beans, fried bread, toast, bread and butter. As we waited for our food to arrive, we noticed all of the memorabilia and artwork from the 1950's on display. The decor as a whole was very real and authentic, from the jukebox, to the pictures of Marilyn Monroe, the 1957 Corvette and the wood panelling. Checkers offers free refills on coffee and tea and they have a great loyalty programme as well. For every 10 meals that you purchase, you get a free meal as a way of saying thank you! What a fantastic loyalty scheme! All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast: the food looked good and more importantly tasted fantastic! The Checkers staff seemed more like a family who were friendly and keen to make sure that our first visit to Checkers wasn't to be our last. And, rest assured, it won't be! Next time, I am keen to try their chilli dog and curly fries with a chocolate shake, extra thick! This well kept secret is certainly worth a visit. Checkers American Diner Amaryllis House, Montrose Road, Dukes Park, Chelmsford Essex CM2 6TE 01245 399094 Opening hours for Breakfast, lunch and snacks Monday - Saturday 8AM-4PM Sundays and Bank Holidays 10AM-4PM page 17





IPL Hair Reduction Safe and effective results for permanently reducing unwanted hair on the face and body. IPL Red Vein Treatment A non-invasive face and body treatment that targets red veins, broken capillaries and redness. IPL Photo Rejuvenation A stronger non-ablative process that is used to restore the skin's youthful appearance by reducing pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Pay for one IPL session and get the second treatment FREE!

please call 01245-496578, or visit face | 7-9 Broomfield Road | Chelmsford | CM1 1SY

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History of the Multivitamin by Jane Holloway Vitamin and nutritional supplements have been around for quite some time and represent a multi-billion pound business every year. This success is due to the fact that people are constantly searching for ways to improve their health and results are noticeable from taking vitamin supplements that actually work and often people realise this when you stop taking them for a while. In 1994 it was voted to change the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration for nutritional supplements. Since then, the industry has boomed, now many shops and supermarkets sell vitamins and minerals. Individuals all over the world are taking an interest in vitamins and minerals in order to improve lifestyle, reduce aliments and be more conscious of the health of their body. Vitamins are very important to our bodies and there are thirteen different vitamins that we need. Some of these are fat-soluble, while others are water-soluble. They are used for everything from regulating organ function to producing hormones. A multivitamin is a supplement that you can take on a daily basis that has a good balance of these vitamins and minerals. There are several different types of multivitamins that are made for different people. The reason that we need to take vitamins and minerals is that our bodies are not capable of producing all of the vitamins and minerals that we need, so they are usually supplemented from food. However, there are many situations today where people don't get the right kind of balanced diets that they need, and therefore vitamin deficiency could occur. Therefore, taking a multivitamin is going to allow you to get at least the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of vitamins is required. Most people will benefit from taking a daily multivitamin, but there are several people that are at a high risk for not getting the kind of nutritional support that is needed, such as the elderly, those prone to sickness, or those with allergies that prevent them from eating certain foods. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you are also going to find that you might need extra multivitamins to make sure that you are getting all of the healthy essentials that you can for you and your child. It is very important to follow the directions on the vitamin supplements and that you are taking them exactly as instructed, as sometimes overdosing on certain vitamins can have side effects. In order to really know if vitamin and mineral supplements are going to benefit you and your family, you should check with a nutritionist. He or she will be able to give you the advice and information that you need to get the right vitamins and minerals for you. page 19

The West End Art Gallery, Chelmsford They are art dealers, experienced arts practitioners, skilled fine art framers and interior design enthusiasts: all with an eye for cutting edge art and design. Meet Interior Angle Picture Framers & the West End Art Gallery, Chelmsford. Gallery owners Soo and Richard Turner have dedicated the past 16 years of their creative careers to developing a unique framing service and cutting edge art gallery based in the heart of Chelmsford. An eclectic portfolio of contemporary artists has seen the gallery exhibit in London, Glasgow and New York so far this year. Fast achieving a reputation similar to notable London based fine art dealers, and with additional exhibition space within Loft Living Selfridges, the business is ready to charge ahead with a new venture. Interior Angle will launch Chelmsford's first innovative visual arts hub that will be the West End Art Gallery next month when they relocate to a larger gallery and picture framing studio space in the heart of Chelmsford's West End. Here you will find a minimalist industrial basement exhibition space and a dedicated stage for vibrant window installations. The gallery hopes this will encourage creative collaborations and activity throughout the West End of Chelmsford as well as providing an opportunity to purchase affordable contemporary art. The gallery will act as a base for exciting exhibitions showcasing the work of legendary photographers, leading artists past and present as well as artists from the region. Both established and emerging artists will feature and in many different ways, from published prints to original paintings, large scale sculpture and challenging installations. Artists will also be given the opportunity to transform areas of the gallery with objects and bursts of creative personality! h e a l t h | b e a u t y | h a i r | s h o p p i n g | family | r e l a x i n g | l i v i n g | d i n i n g

Soo and her charismatic fine art team will be happy provide an informative and vibrant experience to all who venture inside the new art space. A full exhibition list will be available very soon. Interior Angle Art Design Gallery will also host exciting activities to support this year's Chelmsford Arts Trail, in September, to include a guest solo exhibition and book signing event of legendary vintage 60's photographer Philip Townsend. They will also use their new gallery space to curate an exhibition of selected Chelmsford Arts Trail artists and an anonymous art postcard sale.

The 2010 Chelmsford Arts Trail Sponsored by:

To view work by all artists involved in the fairs please visit the gallery or their website and for images and artist info/interviews contact Soo Turner: 01245 493100 For Business Owners Bring art into your business and support the Chelmsford Arts Trail for local artists. Being part of the Essex Summer of Art Project which unites all Essex based art trails, is a great way to be part of an exciting local event. It's on for 16 days and with extensive FREE press locally, FREE marketing in 5,000 leaflets and links to your website from the Chelmsford Arts Trail website it's definitely worth getting involved in. Your business must be located in central Chelmsford within the town centre to donate the use of your window space for the duration of the trail for a visually enticing window display to be created. The deadline is the 21st May 2010. For Arts Trail Visitors Book in your diary now for the Arts Trail 2010 which starts on Saturday 11th September to Sunday 26th September 2010. With 50 local artists you can literally walk the streets of Chelmsford for an art experience. The artwork is available to purchase directly from the artists and also at Interior Angle in Wells Street. For information on the successes of last year's trail as well as updates on the 2010 trail visit email call 01245 606691. To view list of artists who participated in the 2009 trail visit page 21

RESTAURANT REVIEW OF BAROOSH Baroosh is situated in Chelmsford's town centre and opened in September 2006. This bar/restaurant is an over 21’s venue, providing good food, cocktails and a large range of quality wines and other beverages. The menu offers a good selection from lighter bites and salads, to dishes from the grill, special dishes of the day and my favourite – the sharing platters which are great for a selection of tasty bits to graze to go along with a nice bottle of wine! Whether you’re relaxing with friends, having brunch, lunch, or dinner, Baroosh has something going on. This includes free live music on the last Thursday of every month, Sunday lunch and an excellent prix fix evening menu which changes monthly. The bar/restaurant has an impressive copper bar as you enter and relaxed seating and decorative wood panels on the wall. This modern, comfy venue feels relaxed and upbeat, warm and fresh. The food itself arrived fairly quickly and looked tasty, with the grazing slate for the starter, which was very nice. The food is all cooked to order and the chefs use where possible, local ingredients in all of their dishes. The beef burger was extremely good, and has been named before ‘Chelmsford’s Best Burger’ which is completely homemade with high quality meat..




Over 21s Baroosh is an over 21s bar and children are not permitted, so this means it’s a great place for a more civilised evening with a balanced crowd of mixed ages, but all over 21! Book Your Table Online If you want to make certain that you have a reserved table then simply book online and Baroosh will get back to you to confirm the booking. The Bar Atmosphere


The advantage with Baroosh as opposed to a standard restaurant, is that you get the whole bar atmosphere, which is a bit more lively, feels more like an evening out, but without being over the top.


For many people when you have had a good meal out, you are not ready to leave after the desserts. With Baroosh you can carry on enjoying yourself in the bar for the rest of the evening.

Fancy a Late Night?



With a whole mix of different events including Jazz Brunch/Lunch, live music on the last Thursday of every month, and special menus for days like St Georges Day. Check The Face of Chelmsford’s What’s On Guide every month on page 39 or visit for more details. Baroosh Buffet



Baroosh offer an excellent buffet service for small gatherings and parties, with a minimum of 10 people. You have a choice from Oriental, Asian, Mexican or Continental, with prices ranging from £7.95 to £9.95 per head. Email Visit the website, join their email list or become a fan of Baroosh-Chelmsford on facebook. Not only will you be able to keep up with all of their events, you will also receive various offers on food and drinks!

h e a l t h | b e a u t y | h a i r | s h o p p i n g | family | r e l a x i n g | l i v i n g | d i n i n g

DETAILS General Manager: George Matlach Head Chef: Roland Bake

Cuisine: Modern English/Continental Our Ratings: Food 8.5/10 Service 9/10

DĂŠcor Value

9/10 9/10

FACTS & STATS Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9.30am-11pm Kitchen Opening times are 9.30am-10pm Friday-Saturday: 9.30am-1am Kitchen Opening times are 9.30am-10pm Sunday: 9.30am-10.30pm Kitchen Opening times are 9.30am-9pm Reservations Not essential call 01245 256570 or reserve online at Parking The meadows multi storey car park is just a few minutes walk away. Meals Served Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks. Dress Code Smart Casual Website Address 3-4 Moulsham Street, (High Street) Chelmsford, CM2 0HR Date Opened September 2006 Good For Relaxing with friends, having brunch, lunch, or dinner. Special Features Free Wi-Fi, reserving areas and tables free of charge, DJ playing every Saturday 9pm-1am Atmosphere Relaxing & comfortable at lunch, live & upbeat on Friday and Saturday evening.

A LITTLE HISTORY Baroosh is a small chain with 7 locations in total, with their first one opening 10 years ago in Hertford. Baroosh opened its Chelmsford branch in September 2006. Open seven days a week they offer a seasonal menu which is complemented with a great selection of wines, cocktails and other drinks. It's a great place to go for food and drink including breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. page 23

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Travel Journal-New Zealand by Jane & John Holloway

Currency: New Zealand Dollar Airport: Christchurch Town: Queenstown Language: English As an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean, New Zealand makes a great weekend getaway! That is, if you are in Australia...which we were, but that's another story for another time. We found ourselves in Sydney, Australia on business and were looking for a side trip to unwind and relax, but only for the weekend. Some people recommended going to the mountains, or out to the wine country when the idea suddenly came to us to pop over to New Zealand. A short stroll to the travel agent and we were on our way that very day to Queenstown, New Zealand. Queenstown is renowned for its adventure activities, and in particular, bungee jumping! We wanted to chill out and experience New Zealand and relax as best we could over three days, and agreed beforehand that we would give it a miss and as it was during their winter, the idea of hanging from a giant rubber band in the cold just didn't seem appealing to us.

smashing up against the canyon walls! This really got the adrenaline going! We followed this with a relatively sombre ride back up into the mountains with 4x4 quad bikes. The journey down was a bit more eventful as we soon realised that Jane's brakes stopped working. She rode back down safely on the back of our guides' quad. It turned out our guide was from Loughton, Essex. He went to Queenstown six years prior, loved it and never felt the need to go back. So he started up a quad biking company. In the evening we relaxed by learning how to do the world famous Maori Hakka, made famous by the All Blacks Rugby Union team, before enjoying a traditional Maori meal and music.

Our first night was spent atop a mountain in a restaurant/bar that could only be reached via a cable car. Coming down the mountain was either by cable car or by luge, which is a type of mountian sledge. We did both but not on the same night. Kevin, our waiter advised us not only of the choice New Zealand wines to try, but of all of the other activities that we could do over the weekend.

Our 'relaxing' weekend away included horse riding, white water rafting, off road quad bikes, helicopters, a luge run, a jet boat, snow mobiles and doing the Hakka. Not as relaxing as we intended, but certainly a wonderful weekend away, never to be forgotten!

By day, the only words we could use to describe this part of the country, around Lake Wakatipu, were 'absolutely beautiful' and 'ridiculously exhilarating'!

Skyline Gondola, Restaurant, Luge and Maori White water rafting and jet boats

We were invited to ride horses where 'The Lord of the Rings' was shot, personally guided by one of the riders featured in the film. Then we went by helicopter atop one of the mountains in an area that is known as the 'Southern Alps' for some snowmobiling. Before heading to a spa for a well needed massage from Helga, who really knew how to limber up an aching body with an incredibly strong form of Swedish massage, we went back up the mountain to try the luge! The next day we were back up in a helicopter flying up a river so that we could come back down via the white water rapids in a raft. Afterwards, we were back on the river but in a jet boat which hurtles down the river at a tremendous speed somehow without

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The Best of British (in Chelmsford) by Jane and John Holloway

For this month's visit with Richard on New London Road, we went to investigate 'The Strawberry' to find out a bit more about different dishes that can be made with this delicious fruit and to taste a seasonal dish made by their head chef. Prepared for us was a delicious strawberry cheese cake, which was made with fresh strawberries, fresh strawberry puree with a mascarpone cheese body making it light and no need for the traditional gelatine to hold it up with a base of digestive biscuits for the perfect sweet crumbly mix. The strawberries were sourced though Vines the Fruiterers in the Vineyards, in Great Baddow, so nice fresh local produce. My Nan has always been a really big cheese cake fan, so I have had plenty of times to try out this dessert before. But this particular one was delicious! The cheese cake was well balanced, a good texture, full of flavour and you could really taste the fresh strawberries. Strawberries are loved for their sweet aroma and their bright red colour. They are consumed in large quantities, and the UK alone produces around 90,000 tons every year. They can be enjoyed as a simple dessert of just Strawberries and Cream, which is famously tasted at Wimbledon. Strawberries can be used in desserts, cereals, preserves, fruit juice, yoghurts, smoothies, pies, ice creams and milk shakes. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C. They are really simple to grow, and can be grown pretty much anywhere in the world. If your growing them yourself then try to buy plants in early to middle spring and put them in the ground, or in pots with full sun and plenty of water. They are strong, resilient plants that can survive many different conditions.

It surprises me how consistently underappreciated British cuisine is, not only throughout the world, but more so here within the UK. With a close proximity to London and some of the finest restaurants in the world serving authentic and traditionally prepared British food, Chelmsford has not only the residents that often visit these establishments, but the suppliers of such establishments to match. Only recently have more restaurants begun to appear in Chelmsford, that provide the high quality of food and service, but without the price, of their London counterparts. It is with great pleasure that The Face Of Chelmsford has teamed up with Richard Adams, owner of Mustard Bar & Bistro, (winner of the Best Restaurant Newcomer Award at the Essex Chronicle's Food & drink Awards 2009) to provide features that showcase some of the very best British food, drink and ingredients available throughout the year, right here in Chelmsford! From witnessing first-hand the start of the lambing season through to helping out with the autumn harvest, we will highlight just how abundant our local food suppliers are, and how they support our local community. page 27

Hair Tips

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For more information contact 01245 491434 page 29

Nourish Foot Balm Need to get your feet ready for the summer? Try The Face Range Foot Balm – a nourishing treatment that contains emollients like Shea butter, coconut, olive and palm oil that soften and condition the skin. The extract of tea tree helps to prevent bacterial and fungal infections on the feet and acts as a deodoriser. Directions of Use Using a spatula apply a small amount of Foot Balm to the feet and massage in. For an extra rich treatment, exfoliate the feet first and follow with the balm. The Foot Balm can be used up to twice a day. Price: £7.95 - 140ml Available at: Face, 7-9 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, CM1 1SY Telephone: 01245 496578 OR Shop

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Being Green by Jane Holloway Save the Water We all know that taking a shower instead of a bath makes a big difference on how much water we use, but there are many other things that can make a difference with water consumption. Making a few changes to your daily habits can literally save litres of water every day. The first thing to do is sort out dripping taps. Other than being annoying these can waste up to 15 litres of water a day. Most of the time you just need to replace the worn tap washers, so it's very quick and cheap. Also the old toilet cisterns can use huge amounts of water - as much as 9 litres for every flush. You can reduce this by placing a 'save-a-flush' or 'hippo' in the cistern. Check it out with your local water company as they are often available free of charge. Simple things can also make a big difference including; = Avoid leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth, shave or wash your hands. This can waste up to

6 litres of water per minute. = Run the dishwasher on an economy setting. = Only run the dishwasher when it is full. = Fill the washing machine; don't run the machine for small loads, unless you have a super economy run. = Wash vegetables and fruit in a bowl rather than under a running tap, then use the leftover water for watering house plants. = When you boil water in saucepans and kettles, use the minimum amount of water, that way, you'll save energy as well as water.

The Lunch Date For this month's feature we took a walk down to see Jane at 'The Munch Box', on Moulsham Street. The Munch Box sandwich shop specialises in big man-sized sandwiches - or 'manwiches' as I have named them - at a reasonable price. I even hear that regular customers get a little discount too! They have a large selection of fresh fillings to choose from and tasty thick sliced bread, I highly recommend their granary bread which is full of flavour. This sandwich shop has been open for 13 years and offers a whole range of tasty items other than the 'manwiches' including: baked potatoes, sausage rolls, cakes, biscuits, breakfast rolls and hot dogs. The friendly faces at The Munch Box provide excellent service with a smile. They also stock The Face of Chelmsford magazine, so you can grab your lunch and the latest copy of the mag at the same time!

My Three Favourites? Number 1. Duck in hoi sin sauce with cucumber. A refreshing, light taste with a hint of The Orient at lunchtime. Number 2. Cajun chicken with mayonnaise. The warmth of the spice on the chicken is cooled by the mayonnaise - a perfect combination. The chicken was a good quality breast meat. Number 3. Carrot cake. This was delicious. 10/10. It comes in its own container, not a paper bag, so you don't lose the icing. They have many other desserts to choose from including gingerbread men and chocolate and caramel slices.

The Meal: From £1.90 for sandwiches Open: Mon–Fri 7.00am - 3.30pm The Munch Box 185 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0LG 01245 284 018 page 31

A Lifetime of Planning Pays Off “You gotta be crazy!" That's what Lee Dunham's friends told him back in 1971 when he gave up a secure job as a police officer and invested his life savings in the notoriously risky restaurant business. This particular restaurant was more than just risky, it was downright dangerous. It was the first McDonald's franchise in the city of New York - smack in the middle of crime-ridden Harlem. Lee had always had plans. When other kids were playing ball in the empty lots of Brooklyn, Lee was playing entrepreneur, collecting milk bottles and returning them to grocery stores for the deposits. He had his own shoeshine stand and worked delivering newspapers and groceries. Early on, he promised his mother that one day she would never again have to wash other people's clothes for a living. He was going to start his own business and support her. "Hush your mouth and do your homework," she told him. She knew that no member of the Dunham family had ever risen above the level of laborer, let alone owned a business. "There's no way you're going to open your own business," his mother told him repeatedly. Years passed, but Lee's penchant for dreaming and planning did not. After high school, he joined the Air Force, where his goal of one day owning a family restaurant began to take shape. He enrolled in the Air Force food service school and became such an accomplished cook he was promoted to the officers' dining hall. When he left the Air Force, he worked for four years in several restaurants, including one in the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. Lee longed to start his own restaurant but felt he lacked the business skills to be successful. He signed up for business school and took classes at night while he applied and was hired to be a police officer. For fifteen years he worked full-time as a police officer. In his off-hours, he worked part-time as a carpenter and continued to attend business school. "I saved every penny I earned as a police officer," he recalled. "For ten years, I didn't spend one dime there were no movies, no vacations, no trips to the ballpark. There were only work and study and my lifelong dream of owning my own business." By 1971, Lee had saved $42,000, and it was time for him to make his vision a reality. Lee wanted to open an upscale restaurant in Brooklyn. With a business plan in hand, he set out to seek financing. The banks refused him. Unable to get funding to open an independent restaurant, Lee turned to franchising and filled out numerous applications. McDonald's offered him a franchise, with one stipulation: Lee had to set up a McDonald's in the inner-city, the first to be located there. McDonald's wanted to find out if its type of fast-food restaurant could be successful in the inner city. It seemed that Lee might be the right person to operate that first restaurant. To get the franchise, Lee would have to invest his life savings and borrow $150,000 more. Everything for which he'd worked and sacrificed all those years would be on the line - a very thin line if he believed his friends. Lee spent many sleepless nights before making his decision. In the end, he put his faith in the years of preparation he'd invested - the dreaming, planning, studying and saving - and signed on the dotted line to operate the first inner-city McDonald's in the United States. The first few months were a disaster. Gang fights, gunfire, and other violent incidents plagued his restaurant and scared customers away. Inside, employees stole his food and cash, and his safe was broken into routinely. To make matters worse, Lee couldn't get any help from McDonald's headquarters; the company's representatives were too afraid to venture into the ghetto. Lee was on his own. Although he had been robbed of his merchandise, his profits, and his confidence, Lee was not going to be robbed of his dream. Lee fell back on what he had always believed in - preparation and planning.

h e a l t h | b e a u t y | h a i r | s h o p p i n g | family | r e l a x i n g | l i v i n g | d i n i n g

Lee put together a strategy. First, he sent a strong message to the neighborhood thugs that McDonald's wasn't going to be their turf. To make his ultimatum stick, he needed to offer an alternative to crime and violence. In the eyes of those kids, Lee saw the same look of helplessness he had seen in his own family. He knew that there was hope and opportunity in that neighborhood and he was going to prove it to the kids. He decided to serve more than meals to his community - he would serve solutions. Lee spoke openly with gang members, challenging them to rebuild their lives. Then he did what some might say was unthinkable: he hired gang members and put them to work. He tightened up his operation and conducted spot checks on cashiers to weed out thieves. Lee improved working conditions and once a week he offered his employees classes in customer service and management. He encouraged them to develop personal and professional goals. He always stressed two things: his restaurant offered a way out of a dead-end life and the faster and more efficiently the employees served the customers, the more lucrative that way would be. In the community, Lee sponsored athletic teams and scholarships to get kids off the streets and into community centers and schools. The New York inner-city restaurant became McDonald's most profitable franchise worldwide, earning more than $1.5 million a year. Company representatives who wouldn't set foot in Harlem months earlier now flocked to Lee's doors, eager to learn how he did it. To Lee, the answer was simple: "Serve the customers, the employees, and the community." Today, Lee Dunham owns nine restaurants, employs 435 people, and serves thousands of meals every day. It's been many years since his mother had to take in wash to pay the bills. More importantly, Lee paved the way for thousands of AfricanAmerican entrepreneurs who are working to make their dreams a reality, helping their communities, and serving up hope. All this was possible because a little boy understood the need to dream, to plan, and to prepare for the future. In doing so, he changed his life and the lives of others. Cynthia Kersey Excerpted/Adapted from Unstoppable Copyright 1988 by Cynthia Kersey,

Karen Jones - Illustrator Karen Jones is an experienced, talented illustrator who creates dark and beautiful paintings touched with a modernist, thought-provoking twist. Her works are story telling images for the 21st century. Karen paints with gouache, a rich, dense watercolour that creates her trade mark velvety-flat illustrations. Her unique style and subject matter are a mixture of the real and the 'other worldly'; the mysterious and the macabre. Her delicately rendered images capture the viewer's imagination, taking them on a journey into the childlike world of folklore and fairytale; a discovery of the darker realms of the adult mind – love and death, possession and jealousy – emotions both exciting and terrifying. Speaking of an older time but with a modern voice, Karen Jones' paintings are fascinating objects of desire. With the inspiration of literature, history, a colour palette reminiscent of medieval wood-cuts and the influences of artists as diverse as Caxton and Caulfield, Karen Jones' work will capture your imagination with its power, beauty and subtlety. “It is important to me that all who view my work are inspired to stop and think – to emotionally walk into my paintings, find the story and create their own ending. In the next year, following the idea of 'The Story' l want to complete a series of paintings – each a 'chapter' to something greater. Whether it is a portrait, a Shakespearean character, a gothic fairytale image or a reflection of the natural world around us, if it prompts a deeper response, l have succeeded”. Karen is represented by Soo Turner at Interior Angle, and is an Artist in Residence at Hylands Stables Studios, Hylands Estate, Chelmsford – where she holds successful tutorials and workshops in illustration. In just over one year Karen has been accepted to over fifteen exhibitions. A prestigious public arts commission for Essex County Council called – Beyond the Frame is in progress with an exhibition in October 2010 at The Beecroft Art Gallery, and two solo shows are arranged for 2011. Karen Jones' work is becoming extremely sought after. Her fresh, original style, whilst capturing the spirit of our times, retains a homage to the past. Karen presented a collection inspired by Scotland and her love of the fable at the Glasgow Art Fair and has already applied to participate in the Chelmsford Arts Trail 2010 again!

The Chelmsford Arts Trail is an innovative scheme enabling Chelmsford based artists to exhibit and sell their work in the town and for visitors to celebrate the high quality work that is produced locally. The Chelmsford Arts Trail 2010 will be led by Chelmsford Borough Council Arts Development with partners The Face of Chelmsford, Interior Angle and many other supporters. To find out more about the Chelmsford Arts Trail which takes place Saturday 11th September – Sunday 26th September 2010 visit, e-mail, call 01245 606691.

h e a l t h | b e a u t y | h a i r | s h o p p i n g | family | r e l a x i n g | l i v i n g | d i n i n g

Art for All A very special thank you to Poppy Rose and her lovely artwork! Thanks to all the other artists who sent in artwork this month. Send a photo of your artwork, or other art projects including interesting photos to or drop into Hussey and Greaves in Moulsham Street who will be helping us pick the best pieces.


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SPECIAL NIGHT, PROM NIGHT or JUST ANY NIGHT Have a Designer Hair Up Style A Golden Spray Tan And a Mini Manicure and Pedicure For £45.00 normally £65.00 Please bring this offer with you to claim your £20.00 off 164 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0LD 01245 269127

Behind the Scenes with Jane Holloway

The Perfect Poached Egg At Acanteen written by Sarah Perry

We've enlisted the help of Acanteen head chef Charlie Renwick to teach our editor Jane Holloway how to poach the perfect egg. Over the years many chefs on TV attempt to teach the nation how it's done. Having tried and failed many times I was keen to know how Charlie gets Acanteen's poached eggs so perfect. I discovered for myself just how good they were during our lunch date review in the March edition of the face of Chelmsford. After meeting with Charlie he shows Jane to the kitchen and starts by demonstrating how it's done. Charlie's top tips: = Boil the water in the pan and add 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar. The vinegar helps to bind the egg together preventing watery scrambled eggs! = Next, stir the water so that it continues circulating. = Then crack open the egg and drop it into the centre of the pan. Be careful when doing this as you need to drop the egg in just above the water, dropping it in from a height may cause the egg to break up. So now for Jane's turn. Surprisingly (sorry Jane) she makes a pretty good egg, although it breaks up a little, it recovers well. Later that week I challenged Jane to do it again without the help of Charlie and it really was the perfect poached egg, proving our theory that if we can do it, so can you! To see our video clip of the perfect poached egg visit

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Ingrown Hairs? by Sarah Perry

So why do ingrown hairs occur and can we really do anything about it? Pseudofolliculitis barbae, more commonly known as ingrown hairs, affect almost everyone at some point and can be extremely irritating! Ingrown hairs occur when a hair starts to grow at a different angle to the way it should normally grow. Instead of the hair growing up and out through the hair shaft it begins to grow across and can curl back onto itself. The hair is then beneath the skin surface, yet often still visible. The body then tries to reject the hair which causes inflammation and can lead to a pimple like blemish which can be very itchy or sore. If ingrown hairs keep appearing on the skin this can lead to scars. Preventing ingrown hairs is definitely much easier than treating them. The best way to do this is to properly prep the area before shaving. An exfoliating product will help to shed dead skin cells and lift the hairs. A good exfoliating brush will have a similar effect and are often available in a variety of sizes and colours. Try to opt for one that has anti microbial properties so that there is no risk of contamination. The next step to prevention is to use a non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) shaving medium. There are many varieties of shaving mediums including foam, gel, oil and cream. The same product does not tend to work for everybody so it is common to try a few before you find out what suits your skin best. Make sure you read the packaging and avoid sensitizing ingredients such as artificial colours, artificial fragrance and alcohol which irritate the skin. This includes aftershaves, if it is fragranced; avoid using it directly on the skin. If it stings your face‌.it's not good! This irritation will also add fuel to the fire to your already inflamed ingrown hairs. I like Dermalogica's Shave range, which has a good selection of shaving products, that don't contain any irritating or comedogenic ingredients. Resist the temptation to pick and squeeze! Not only will this spread bacteria and increase spots, breakouts and redness, but it can also lead to scarring which is trickier to treat. So we know how to help prevent them but how do we get rid of ingrown hairs? It is not recommended to extract the troublesome hair with a needle or pair of tweezers. Unsanitised tools can lead to a bigger infection than the one you started with, as well as scarring from the tissue damage that can be done from 'digging around' in your skin. Although the most common method that people use to deal with their ingrown hairs is to pluck them out, others suggest that if the hair is dislodged from its ingrown position and is now standing visibly out of the skin, its best to leave it in the follicle, which can then help to 'train' the hair to grow straight up as intended. Treatments we recommend include: Treatment 1: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment will permanently reduce hair growth from the root. This is considered one of the best treatment methods especially in acute cases. This can be done for treating an area where you consistently get ingrown hairs or generally to reduce unwanted hair on the face and body. Treatment 2: Microdermabrasion is an excellent treatment for deeply exfoliating the skin and can be very successful in treating both the ingrown hairs and the scarring on the skin. Treatment 3: Use a recommended product for the treatment of ingrown hairs. Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can both be effective in treating ingrown hairs. These ingredients are often found in acne products as they help to unplug impacted follicles and eliminate bacteria. For more information contact Sarah on

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What’s on guide Truly Madly Vintage 01245 603652 Next vintage market weekends are June 19th and July 31st at the Shire Hall, opposite Barclays Bank. Phillipa will be showcasing classic fashion from the 40's to the 80's. Also don't forget that the Truly Madly Vintage shop opened in April at 173 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford Mustard 01245 266612 Vegetarian Nights - The last Wednesday of every month, Mustard offers a menu to broaden the choice for the Vegetarian community in Essex and those carnivores that would love to try something different to the usual meaty offerings. 2 courses £14.00 3 courses £17.50. 30th June & 28th July. Sizzling Grill Summer Nights - Celebrating our brilliant quality local meat. Think along the lines of an indoor bar-b-que and you'll get the idea! Wednesday 16th June & Wednesday 18th August. Faux.Pas DJ's - in the bar on 4th June & 2nd July. Vinyl Night in the Bar - Rubber Soul DJ's at Mustard playing the best of funk and soul on real turn tables! 18th June & 16th July. Carvery House 01245 355083 Tribute night - every 1 Thursday of the month. Advanced ticket @ £5.00, on the door@£7.00, ticket and a 2 course meal @£17.95. Stomp Radio - Every Saturday night at The Carvery House and it's exclusive to over 25's. Loch Fyne 01245 293620 Live @ the Loch – Live music on 9 June & 28 July from 7.30pm. Loch Fyne World Tour - Scandinavia on the 16th June and Greece on the 14th July. Loch Fyne's Seafood Week - Kids eat free days, platter and champagne night, speciality dishes, auctions and raffles to raise money for the RNLI and lots of fun events going on in the restaurant. Starts on the 7 June. Moules Frites Night - Serving traditional moules marinière or one of their specials sauces of the night. Every Tuesday evening from 7.00pm. New Set Price Menu - 2 courses and a carafe of wine for £30 for 2 people. Sunday to Thursday which starts 7pm. Pinchos 01245 268268 Salsa Tuesday at Pinchos - Every Tuesday night visit Pinchos for Cuban Salsa. It starts at 6pm and goes on till late and the entrance is free! County Hotel 01245 455700 Dinner & Dance Join us at The County Hotel for an evening of dining and dance on Saturday 19th June. Food and Wine Appreciation Dinner on Friday 11th June. Baroosh 01245 256570 Ladies Night - While the men have football over the summer, Baroosh will be entertaining the ladies! From 7pm onwards come join them to view and sample some of the best health and beauty products/services Chelmsford has to offer! They have created special food and cocktail menus for the event and to top the evening off, guitarist and singer Odette Michell will be performing at Baroosh from 8.30pm on Thursday 10th June. Live music on the last Thursday of every month. Riverside 01245 615050 Ice Skating Evening Discos - Wednesday 7.30pm-10.00, Friday and Saturday 8pm-10pm. Ice Skating Afternoon Discos - Saturday 2pm-5pm and Sunday 2pm-5pm. page 39


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The Face of CHELMSFORD 7 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 1SY Tel: (01245) 496578 page 41

The Competition Win a Luxury Confectionary Hamper worth ÂŁ30.00! This month's competition is sponsored by Bah Humbug on Moulsham Street. The winner of the competition will receive a hamper, stuffed full of a variety of traditional sweets. Good luck to all competition entrants! How to win? Simply find the words listed below in the word search and return your answers to The Face of Chelmsford and the winner will be chosen at random, on 28th June 2010.

The Face of CHELMSFORD 7 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 1SY NAME:




Face 01245 496578

Bah Humbug Unit 3, 28-31 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0HX. Tel: 01245 252228 Words to find Comfit: A type of confectionery consisting of dried fruits, nuts or spices coated in sugar candy. Glycyrrhizin: The main sweet component in liquorice, it also has anti-viral properties. Barrett: Judy Barrett 19th Century sweet pioneer inventor of the mint humbug and striped candy canes. Aniseed: Common flavour derived from the seeds of the anise plant. Not to be confused with star anise. Paregoric: More commonly called "Army & Navy" popularised during World War I, as a medicinal sweet for the troops. Pontefract: Yorkshire town where the first sugar and liquorice sweets were produced. Sherbet: A mixture of acid, alkali and sugar, for chemistry on your tongue. Dragee: Pronounced dra-zhay. A confection used for symbolic, or decorative purpose besides consumption. Bonbon: From the French for "good". In France refers to any kind of sweet, whereas in the U.K. it's a chewy centred sweet with a powdery flavoursome coating.

h e a l t h | b e a u t y | h a i r | s h o p p i n g | family | r e l a x i n g | l i v i n g | d i n i n g

Snack Attack Healthy Snack Cones by Meghan Mari

Ingredients 2 cups of plain popcorn 1 cup of granola type cereal ½ cup of dried fruit mix 10-15 wafer ice-cream cones

The Equipment Needed Mixing bowl Spoon

The Method This really is the easiest recipe to make and kids love it. They can eat the entire snack as it is served in an ice cream cone. A completely mess free snack and only a few items to wash up. It is a great snack and makes the perfect party food! Simply combine the popcorn, cereal, and dried fruit in a bowl and mix with a spoon. Scoop the mix into wafer cones, you should be able to fill 10-15 cones. Then let the kids tuck in, and don't forget to save one for yourself! page 43


yourself and friend in for an AGE smart skin treatment and only pay for one of the treatments.


Dermalogica products available from Face 7-9 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1SY 01245 496578

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