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Harper says income splitting ‘good policy’ Prime Minister Stephen Harper, pictured here visiting with seniors at the Garrison Green Seniors Community Home in Calgary, thinks that income splitting has been a good move for senior citizens. Submitted photo

Bruce Cheadle The Canadian Press Prime Minister Stephen Harper is hinting that the key Conservative campaign plank from the 2011 federal election that earned him a majority may not be pitched overboard after all. Income-splitting for couples with children under 18 was a multibillion-dollar pledge during the last election — a Conservative promise that would kick in as soon as the government balanced the federal budget. But Finance Minister Jim Flaherty began publicly questioning the policy even before his Feb. 11 budget that effectively balanced the books this year and projected a surplus for 2015. “I think income-splitting needs a long, hard analytical look ... to see who it affects and to what degree, because I’m not sure that overall, it

benefits our society,” Flaherty told the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce during a televised post-budget interview. Under questioning in the House of Commons, Harper refused to repeat his 2011 income-splitting pledge after budget day. Government sources, meanwhile, spread word that the prime minister and his finance minister were of one mind on the matter. However, following a week-long break in the Commons schedule, Harper rose in the House on Tuesday to strike another note. “Income splitting has been a good policy for seniors in Canada, and it will also be a good policy for Canadian families,” the prime minister said in French in response to Liberal goading about broken election promises. Harper did not repeat the statement in English. His comment came the same day

Flaherty told a Reuters news service interviewer in Australia that he has not decided whether he’ll run again in 2015. The Prime Minister’s Office repeated the emphatic defence of income splitting. “It is a good policy,” Jason Macdonald, Harper’s director of communications, said in an email. “It has been good for seniors and it would be good for families but, as the prime minister has said, we aren’t in a position to talk about additional tax relief until we have the fiscal room to do so. That means balancing the budget and creating a surplus before we talk about additional relief.” Seniors have been allowed to split pension income to reduce their tax burden since 2007. Studies by respected think-tanks such as the C.D. Howe Institute have found that family income-split-

ting would benefit only about 15 per cent of Canadian families and the benefits would disproportionately go to the wealthiest, single-income households. Nonetheless, a number of Conservative MPs — including some high-profile cabinet ministers — appeared to be caught flat-footed when Flaherty questioned the soundness of income-splitting as a policy, and there was some grumbling about how Conservative voters would react to any policy shift. The Conservative party in 2011 made several tax relief promises, including a $2.5-billion pledge to allow two-parent households with children under age 18 to split up to $50,000 in income for tax purposes to the lowerincome partner. “This measure will be implemented when the federal budget is balanced within our next full term of office,” stated the party platform.

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2 March 2014, CALGARY SENIOR

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CALGARY SENIOR, March 2014 3

Calgary woman targeted in “Grandparent scam” Police warn citizens after occurances escalate By Danielle Higdon Calgary Senior When Carolyn Hormon learned that her mother, Florence, 69, had received a phone call from her nephew, Clifford, on July 5th, 2013 saying that he had stolen a car and needed money for his court appearance, she immediately found the situation suspicious. “I thought about what she was saying and instantly thought something was up,” she said. “First of all, he was in a controlled rehabilitation facility at the time. Surely they would have been looking for him. Also, I didn’t think you needed money for a court appearance when you are first arrested. Bail yes, but to see a judge? I thought that was odd.” Carolyn also found it strange that the phone call had come on the day of the Stampede Parade in Calgary, where her mother lives and where the phone call had originated from. “Anyone raised in Calgary knows that the government buildings are essentially shut down the morning of the parade,” she explained. “I highly doubted the story when I realized that.” Despite Carolyn’s initial questions, the situation was not as straight forward for her trusting mother. “She did ask questions,” says Carolyn. “She asked how he left the hospital. He resides in the Ponoka Brain Injury Hospital. He said he had stolen a car, and for a brain injured 50-year-old, that isn’t impossible. But she didn’t question how he knew how to drive. She took his word for it and the fact that the police had him.” These types of situations are not uncommon in scams directed at seniors, especially where family con-

nection is used as a tool to obtain money. This is why it is imperative that seniors who are even the slightest bit suspicious contact another family member or the authorities to clarify what they are being told. In Florence’s case, that person was Carolyn. “I called the facility my cousin resides at and spoke to a few caregivers,” she said. “I explained to them the situation and they were able to confirm that my cousin was in fact at his residence, and not in Calgary. They let me know everything was well on his end.” From there, Carolyn went to the police. “That’s when I realized that it was some sort of scam phone call, so I reported it.” Earlier this month, the Calgary Police Service issued a statement warning citizens about the scam, which appears to have escalated in recent weeks. Since the beginning of the New Year, 12 cases have been reported connected to the scam. Often, the con artists speak of a scenario involving an accident or arrest while travelling, with a request that money be sent through a money transfer company, such as Western Union or Money Gram. The emphasis is always on needing money desperately and immediately. In one case alone, the scammers were able to con someone out of $12,000. Police estimate the total sum of money obtained through the scams to be around $65,000. For seniors, these kinds of scams are not only financially jeopardizing, they are also emotionally traumatizing, as they often involve a family member being in peril, as was the case with Florence.


“My mom was in such a panic,” Carolyn said. “I am so glad I was able to help.” The Calgary Police Service urge anyone who receives a suspicious call to not feel pressured to respond right away, to always ask ques-

tions that only your family member would know, and to ask for a call back number that you can reach in order to clarify what is happening. For more tips on how to protect yourself from these types of situations, see our story on Page 4.

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Precautions when solicited for donations

Calgary Senior News Staff Charities often target certain groups of people when soliciting donations. Those groups may include past donors and people who have recently attended charitable fundraisers. Such an approach can be very effective. It should come as no surprise that criminals posing as legitimate organizations tend to target specific groups of people as well. Anyone can be fooled by a fraudulent charity, but such criminals tend to target seniors more than others. Seniors often make attractive targets to con artists because seniors are most likely to have substantial savings, own their homes and/or have excellent credit. Elderly victims of fraud and other crimes are less likely to report those crimes out of fear that their families may feel they are no longer able to take care of themselves or manage their own finances. These factors make seniors especially attractive and vulnerable to con artists, particularly those who prey on well-intentioned men and women by posing as fake charities. But there are steps seniors can take to protect themselves from fraud. Be skeptical of solicitors. Many con artists will indicate that persons have given to the charity in the past, hoping that prospective victims simply won’t remember if that claim is valid or not. If a solicitor or appeal letter claims that you donated in the past, don’t simply take it at face value, especially if you don’t recall making such a donation. Get specific information about alleged past donations, checking that information against your own bank records and receipts. Many donors claim donations as deductions on their tax returns, which also can be used to verify or debunk solicitors’ claims. Don’t feel obligated to reciprocate a gift with a donation. Many charities send gifts, be it mailing labels or holiday cards, to prospective donors as a token of appreciation for past donations and as a way of encouraging future donations. Con artists are fully aware of this tactic and may try to imitate it in an attempt to defraud potential victims. No matter if the people behind those mailing labels or holiday ornaments are legitimate charities or con artists, you should not feel compelled to reciprocate a free gift with a financial donation. Beware of solicitors pressuring you to donate. Reputable charities should not be on the verge of shut down if you fail to make a donation, so such organizations never pressure prospective donors into making donations. If a solicitor is pressuring you into making a donation over the phone or in person, chances are this person is not representing a reputable charity. Hang up the phone or, if the solicitor is on your property, politely close the door, ask the solicitor to leave your property and contact the local authorities. Send donations directly to the charity after independently confirming their address. When making charitable donations, those donations should never be given directly to solicitors. Donations should only be made after you have independently confirmed the charity’s address and mailed straight to the organization. PRECAUTIONS, Page 5

CALGARY SENIOR, March 2014 5

East Village seniors to benefit from program born out of flood Rotary, Calgary Foundation contribute funds to launch program Lisa Rushka, APR Momentum Communications An innovative new program to help Calgary’s low-income seniors is set to launch in East Village today. The Seniors Collaborative Community Outreach Team (SCCOT) will help up to 80 flood-affected East Village residents who are living independently, but require assistance to manage the tasks of daily living. Made up of a multi-disciplinary team of service partners that includes The Alex Seniors Clinic, Calgary Family Services, Alberta Health Services, and Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta (TPFA), SCCOT will provide medical supports and intervention as well as support with tasks such as preparing healthy meals, cleaning their suites, shopping for nutritious food and maintaining laundry. The program was inspired by

events that followed the evacuation of more than 600 seniors during the flood last year. “After being evacuated from East Village during the flood, some of our residents moved into temporary accommodations that provided three meals daily and light housekeeping services,” stated Lawrence Braul, CEO of TPFA. “We noted that their mental wellness improved and we began to consider how to support seniors to more effectively maintain their independence as well as their mental and physical wellness.” “We believe that providing additional medical supports through the SCCOT program and more instrumental supports in suites will be beneficial to seniors who struggle with the tasks of daily living,” Braul added. The overall objective is to assist seniors to remain independent in their own homes.

TPFA applied for and received $110,000 from the Calgary Foundation Flood Rebuilding Grant Fund whose mandate is to support initiatives that restore community spirit and enhance community resilience. The Rotary Club of Calgary Olympic donated another $20,000 to the program. TPFA is awaiting word on a third grant application to supplement the program’s reach. Rotary Club member Grant MacEachern remarked, “We contributed to the program because we see value in the collaborative nature of the initiative and in helping seniors stay in their homes for as long as they can without compromising their quality of life.” The funds will be used to hire three independent living skills specialists, who will provide the direct services and supports to seniors. Many of the program participants have already

been identified by the outreach team, but any East Village residents who believe they could benefit from the program are encouraged to contact their social workers. About Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta is a charitable non-profit organization established in 1974 in response to the need for subsidized housing for seniors. Trinity is the largest provider of self-contained seniors’ housing in Calgary, offering variety of facilities and services responding to the needs of their diverse clientele. Trinity’s philosophy is based on hope for a future where appropriate housing is available for all seniors in Calgary. For more information, please contact: Lisa Rushka, APR Momentum Communications, office: (403) 4531066, cell: (403) 816-1038.

Bethany Care named one of Alberta’s Top 65 Allison Chorney Airdrie City View For the seventh year in a row the Bethany Care Society has been named one of Alberta’s Top 65 Employers. “That tells me it isn’t a fluke,” said Darrell Lang, vice president of human resources for the Society, of the repeat win. “It’s been something we strive to be recognized for.” Lang said the emphasis put on helping employees move forward and become better at their role through both in-house education and by education assistance that helps financially as employees pursue post-secondary education put the Society above other employers. He said the Society also helps employees’ children reach their goals by offering two $1,500 bursaries a year. The Society also provides two scholarships to Bow Valley College and two to Red Deer College for Licensed Practical Nursing students. Bethany Care Society has locations in Airdrie, Cochrane, Sylvan Lake, Red Deer, Calgary and High River and provides a variety of housing and care options for seniors and persons with disabilities. “I think for Bethany Care, it’s kind of confirmation that all the

work we do to support not only our residents but also our employees is important and meaningful to the staff we employ,” Lang said of the honour. Bethany Care was one of only a few continuing care and not-forprofit organizations to be selected this year for the honour, others include Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited and the United Way of Calgary and Area. Lang said that makes the award even more special because as a nonprofit they have to focus on what they can do for employees while still staying within their financial limits. “We have to focus on giving the staff the tools to get the job done,” he said. He added the Society also makes sure staff are aware of the impact they have with residents and try to highlight the importance of creating and maintaining relationships with residents. “The opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of Bethany residents on a daily basis is one of the most rewarding aspects of working at Bethany,” Land said in a press release. Alberta’s Top Employers is an


annual competition now in its 10th year, which is organized by editors of the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal. The competition recognizes employers that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work. Employers are evaluated on eight categories including the physical workplace, the work atmosphere, health, financial and family benefits, training skills, community involvement and more. To see the complete list of Alberta’s Top 65 Employers, visit www.

PRECAUTIONS From Page 4 Never make a cash donation, as cash provides no paper trail should you want to deduct your donation or should you learn that you were victimized by a con artist posing as a representative of a reputable charity. Request personal information not be shared. Upon receiving a charitable donation, many charities share their donors’ contact information with other charities. Such actions are legal as long as no sensitive information is shared. But many donors would prefer their contact information not be shared so they don’t find themselves being inundated with solicitations from other charities. Donors can ask to opt out of having their personal information shared upon making a donation. This is especially important for seniors living on fixed incomes who simply cannot afford to support many causes no matter how compelling those causes are.

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6 March 2014, CALGARY SENIOR


Who is being held accountable? Perusing through a daily check-in continue to make headlines? on a favourite news website, it is difNot only do we have a responsibilficult not to notice a pattern in the ity as a society, as people who were types of stories to be found – one all born and raised with parents, that describes an elderly woman’s grandparents, and family members ordeal after being left abandoned by who are now aging, but there are a company that was supposed to be people who are paid substantial providing her with transportation, amounts of money to be accountanother regarding a senior’s facility able when these types of things octhat failed to report an cur. That accountability incident of sexual abuse is a part of the position against a resident, and they hold – whether it’s of course, the still-to-bethe developer of a senior resolved issue regarding citizen’s home, the driver the lack of sprinklers in of a shuttle service, or a many seniors homes. personal care assistant. As I continue scrolling When someone is relythrough the headlines, ing on you to ensure that I can’t help but wonder they are safe, secure, and “what if our grandparents From the Editor looked after, you are acand parents had treated countable. Danielle Higdon us with this same level of Unfortunately, those regard?”. accountable do not seem to make Imagine for a moment, your par- the headlines as much as the issues ents not bothering to put a fire de- themselves. They often hide behind tector in your home. Imagine them public relations teams, policy statenot reporting an incident of sexual ments, and “ring-around-the-rosy” abuse to the police. Imagine them phone connections. When we try to leaving you stranded at school with find answers, we often find ourselves no answers, no way of knowing if in an adult version of “Who stole the they were going to come for you or cookie from the cookie jar?”. not. Imagine the kind of impact that It can be discouraging, scrolling would have on any child. through pages of headlines, seeing The impact is no less detrimental so many pressing concerns and so when it happens to a senior. In fact, few resolutions. But the only thing it can be even more severe, in its more detrimental to the well being own way, because a senior citizen is of all aging individuals than continsomeone who was once able to do all uous updates with no final solutions, of those things for themselves, but is to stop being aware of the issues now find themselves in a situation altogether. where their ability to defend and Being informed is the first step to protect themselves has been com- acting accordingly. promised. Here’s hoping the action comes Why do these types of situations sooner rather than later.

rock star

For those interested in geology, this unique helical formation discovered in northwestern Alaska is currently being investigated at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton. Supplied

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Letters to the Editor

Concerned about potential coverage changes

Editor, I read your excellent article against potential changes to drug coverage. As a senior it scares the heck out of me that the government should change my drug coverage. I have many medical problems but the government saw fit to cancel my optical and dental because my pension was supposedly over the amount allowed for this care. Funny thing, it is on your gross income not your net income that they decide to take you off dental and optical. This was a big blow to me because I live by myself and pay all my own bills. What gets me are the $1,000,000 severance payments Redford gives to people on her payroll upon their retirement. I guess that is why she cut off my optical and dental, which I desperately need, to pay the enormous benefits she paid to her staff. This comes from a woman who rode her bike ten miles a day and was very active. It was a shock to me that I came down with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but such is life. I just don’t understand how they think in Edmonton. It must be so easy to look at a senior’s pension and cut a person off. If I were living on my gross income I wouldn’t complain but take off $3500 to $4000 in income tax and then see how easy it is to live on your net income. For some reason it is easier to pick on the seniors than to take a look at what is going on in Edmonton and with Premier Redford. Joan Nelson, Calgary

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National Music Centre receives international architecture award The National Music Centre (NMC) has received a second international design award. The 61st Annual Progressive Architecture (P/A) Awards—an annual award given by Architect Magazine, one of the leading publications dedicated to architecture and design— recognized lead architect Brad Cloepfil and Allied Works Architecture at an awards dinner last week in New York for the visionary design of the new NMC building. Architect Magazine’s P/A Awards recognize unbuilt projects demonstrating overall design excellence and innovation. The National Music Centre was one of the 10 projects to be recognized out of 150 submissions, and was one of three to receive an award. “For over 60 years, the Progressive Architecture Awards have recognized the most innovative global architecture. We are honoured to have our design of the National Music Centre recognized with a P/A Award and look forward to the culmination of this important project,” said Brad Cloepfil, Founding Principal of Allied Works Architecture. Allied Works Architecture won an international competition to convert the historic King Edward Hotel and an adjacent half-acre parcel into a new building that brings the love of music to life by providing space for engaging exhibitions, recording studios, performance spaces, classrooms and a radio station. The new National Music Centre will be a 160,000 square-foot cultural destination in the heart of Calgary. Opening in 2016, the new NMC is part of the rapid and extensive revitalization of the East Village. Construction began in early 2013 and Allied Works Architecture is working closely with local architect partner Kasian Architecture and CANA Construction to realize the ambitious design. “When I first saw Brad’s design,

I realized that he understood the scope and importance of this project, not only to Calgary, but to Canada. Allied Works understands the heart of NMC, and has given it an aweinspiring home that Calgarians can be proud to have in their backyard, but it will also attract visitors from across Canada and around the world,” said Andrew Mosker, President and CEO of NMC. Cloepfil describes the building as a gathering of resonant vessels that hold the many diverse programs, spaces and experiences of the National Music Centre. Nine towers form the body of the building; the vessel walls, clad in terra cotta, will rise in subtle curves that merge, part and intertwine, modeled by light, gravity and acoustics. Inspiration for the building was drawn from Canada’s iconic landscapes – from the cadence of waves to the lullaby of lakeshores, from the silence of the prairies to the echo of the Arctic, and the energy

and diversity of Canada’s urban spaces. NMC construction partners: • Allied Works Architecture, Portland, Oregon and New York City, New York

• Kasian Architecture, Calgary • CANA Construction, Calgary, Alberta • Haley Sharpe Design, Leicester, UK To learn more about the future of NMC, visit: The P/A Award Jury included, Lise Anne Couture, AIA, Nataly Gattegno, Sasa Radulovic, and Marcelo Spina, Intl. Assoc. AIA. To learn more about the award, visit: www.architectmagazine. com/architects/the-61st-annualprogressive-architecture-awards_o. aspx?dfpzone=awards.pa_award. About the National Music Centre The National Music Centre is the home for music in Canada and its mission is to amplify the love, sharing, and understanding of music. The new National Music Centre will be a 160,000 square-foot, architecturally stunning destination in the heart of Calgary’s East Village. It will resonate with expanded programming including education, performance, artist development, and community building collaborations — both in Calgary and across the country. Learn more at

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8 March 2014, CALGARY SENIOR

Age groups level the playing field with Calgary 55 plus

A group of seniors enjoy playing pool, one of the many activities residents can enjoy at Calgary 55 plus. Submitted by Calgary 55 Plus

Linda Elder Calgary 55 Plus Because our physical prowess deteriorates naturally as we age most of the activities held by Calgary 55 Plus (Alberta 55 Plus) have age groups so that members can compete against their peers. Those members who are particularly strong in their events can chose to step down and compete in lower age groups where the competition might

be better. Some examples of age groups are swimming where we have 55 and over, 60 and over, 65 and over, 70 and over, and 75 and over. Less strenuous activities such as 8-ball pool and floor curling only have two age groups; 55 and over and 70 and over. Men and women normally participate against their own gender; the exception is mixed team competitions like badminton and ice curling, or

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open competition events like Scrabble and floor shuffleboard. Your age for membership and competition purposes is your age as of December 31st of the year of competition. You don’t have to wait until you have your 55th birthday to join. You could join as early as January 1st 2014 even if your 55th birthday was on December 31st 2014. In athletics (track and field), the weight of throwing implements (javelin, shot, and discus) decreases with age. For example, the men’s javelin weighs 700 grams for 55+, 600 grams for 65+, 500 grams for 70+ and 75+, and 400 grams for 80+. For those members who don’t wish to compete to see who can run, swim, or cycle the fastest, we have predicted time events. These events have no age groups but are separated into men’s and women’s groups and exclude the members who are competing in the other races in those activities. Predicted time participants estimate the time it will take them to walk, swim, or cycle a certain distance and the person finishing closest to his or her predicted time is the winner. Calgary 55 plus provides clinics (workshops) to teach members new activities or to help them improve during their first couple of years in the activity if there is sufficient demand. During 2013 clinics were held for swimming (Talisman Centre), athletics (Glenmore Track), and bridge (Arbour Lake Holiday Retirement Residence). Affiliate memberships in Calgary 55 plus are available for people who are 50 to 54 years young. Affiliate membership allows you to participate in any or all activities that are not Playoffs for Alberta 55 plus Provincial Games (or the Provincial Games themselves). For example, during 2014 you could participate in the Summer Fun Games (14 activities) but you could not participate in the Winter Games Playoffs in October, November, and December. Affiliate Members are covered by our Alberta 55 plus sport and liability insurance and are eligible to attend Clinics, when offered. Come and sign up to have fun with us this year and into the future. Check our website at www. for details.

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Health Snooze and you lose!

Like driving while impaired by alcohol there are measures that can be taken to avoid driving while sleepy. In the alcohol scenario there is the designated driver and if you are alone, don’t drink if you are going to drive. Same process could apply to sleepiness…if you are feeling sleepy, get someone else to drive, if you are alone, don’t drive. Consider the following: ‘Drive only when rested, keep your mind alert, find a safe place to stop if you feel drowsy, avoid sugary and fatty foods and drinks, instead drink water and eat highprotein snacks, drive defensively’. The term “defensive driving” means many things to many people, one defensive driving strategy is to work out what is or might happen on the road ahead and around you. Speak to yourself, what is that car going to do, or will that pedestrian dart across the street, etc. Most people if pressed will say they have


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ring Heart


John Tidridge Do you get enough sleep? Do you enjoy a “power nap” (whether you intend to or not)? Are you married and sleep alone because of trouble resting at night? These may seem like minor concerns, but the impacts can be major! Potentially dangerous, but entirely preventable, falling asleep at the wheel and being involved in an accident is a serious possibility. It could lead to your last accident or sleep, as we know it. A Canada Safety Report, dated May 2008, mentions a mother of 3, driving her vehicle when an oncoming vehicle crossed the center lane, striking hers. The impact killed the women and two of her children and left the remaining daughter badly injured. It was later determined the driver of the other vehicle had been a student who had not slept for 24 hours prior to driving. ‘The cause of this tragic collision did not involve drugs or alcohol, but rather lack of sleep. Driving while fatigued is comparable to driving drunk, only there is not the same social stigma attached’. According to the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators fatigue is a factor in up to 21 per cent of motor vehicle collisions, resulting in about 400 deaths and 2,100 serious injuries every year. At 21 per cent, fatigue would rank as the third highest measurable cause of collisions behind alcohol impairment and speedaggressive driving. An attempt to confirm these statistics has been unsuccessful at this point, but local Edmonton police, when contacted, indicated that 21% would be considered high. Both the city and the RCMP indicated falling asleep is not a ‘tracked accident cause’. Sgt. Ted Hrebien, Major Collision Investigation Section, of Edmonton Police service said, “We don’t see too many situations where we can say fatigue was the primary cause. In all my years in Traffic, falling asleep has never been the subject of a collision. For those situations where a vehicle veers off the roadway and collides with a pole, tree or rolls over in the ditch, alcohol impairment and speed are the primary causes.” But beware, in spite of the uncertainty of the statistics even one fatal accident is one too many, particularly if it’s your own. Whether statistics have been kept, and regardless of whether legislation might be enacted to class falling asleep at the wheel as a criminal offence or not, anyone who knowingly gets behind the wheel when they are aware they are over-tired should consider the consequences of their actions. The signs of fatigue are easy to recognize: loss of concentration, drowsiness, yawning, slow reactions, sore or tired eyes, boredom, irritability, missing road signs, drifting out of your lane, and nodding off. Potential passengers should check out the driver before setting off, just as you would for impairment by alcohol. Better an angry spouse than a deceased one. From the statistics, whether high or not, the picture is clear that the dangers of ‘driving while tired’ are simply not resonating with the driving public.

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driven ‘tired or sleepy’. Many think that just because they haven’t been drinking, they are okay to drive. But as stated above the evidence shows that an over-tired driver can be as lethal as an impaired one. Drivers of all ages are urged to consider the safety of others, and if necessary that of their own. There is nothing to say seniors get more tired more easily than young people, or is there… only you can be the judge of that! Now, to get a good night’s sleep!

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10 Diet Tips No Senior Should Skip! Calgary Senior News Staff As we get older, eating right becomes ever more imperative. Our bodies tend not to be as forgiving of overindulgence and lazy eating; they expect to be well maintained and will punish us if they are not. A proper diet for seniors promotes mental alertness, higher energy, better recuperation from illness or surgery, and avoidance of health problems like osteoporosis and constipation. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy diet as an older person: 1. Understand that as you age, your metabolism slows, therefore all else being equal, you need fewer calories. Depending on activity level, a man over 50 should consume 2,000 to 2,800 calories, while a woman over 50 should consume 1,600 to 2,000 calories. 2. Get plenty of fiber in your diet. This reduces the risk of constipation and certain chronic diseases. Good sources of fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables including beans, and whole grains. 3. Reduce bad fats like butter, fried foods, full fat dairy, and fatty meats. Eat good fats that promote the good kind of cholesterol, like avocados, fatty fish, nuts and seeds, and olive oil. 4. Older people are especially at risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures if they fall, so it’s important to get plenty of calcium in your diet for strong bones. Good sources of calcium include

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almonds, broccoli, cheese, kale, milk, tofu, and yogurt. 5. Drink plenty of water, even if you’re not thirsty. As we get older, we do not regulate fluid levels as well, and our sense of thirst can be dulled.



6. An older body does not absorb certain nutrients as well, such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folic acid. Be sure to get plenty of these in your diet, or take vitamin supplements. 7. Watch your salt intake. Salt is especially bad for those prone to high blood pressure. 8. Be aware of factors that can alter a person’s diet for the worse, and deal with them. Dental problems can affect the taste of food. Medications can affect the taste of food. Limited mobility can affect a person’s ability to shop for the food they need. Poverty can prevent a person from being able to buy the food they need. Alzheimer’s can leave a person confused as to what they should be eating, what they’ve eaten so far today, etc. 9. Don’t be too proud to ask for help if you’re having problems like these. Meals on Wheels, for instance, is a wonderful program for getting nutritious food to shut-in seniors. 10. Consult your doctor for nutrition tips specific to you and your condition. People are living longer than ever. Why not aim for 100 or more? With the proper diet, you’ll increase your chances of getting there.

Doctors, pharmacists, and nurses - your entire health care team need a complete medication list: prescribed medications, inhalers, patches, ointments, eye drops, vitamins, supplements - and even that “special” herbal tea. Your MedList helps the team to provide the safest treatment.

To learn how to make your MedList, go to: If it’s on the list, it won’t be missed!

more than a meal

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Fixes for Wall Colour Disasters Dual master bedrooms rising trend for baby boomers

Safety measures can help reduce bathroom injuries


Home & Reno Your guide to spring home improvement & renovations.


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Fixes for wall colour disasters Calgary Senior News Staff Wall colour disasters happen to even the most seasoned interior decorator. Paint chips can be deceptive, and once on the wall, a dream colour can quickly turn into a home improvement nightmare. Luckily, the wrong wall colour does not have to be a lasting problem. The following are fixes for wall colour disasters: Give colour a chance In the event the room has been completely painted, it may be tempting to run straight back to the paint store and start again, but a trial run of the new colour may be in order. Often, a negative reaction to a new paint colour is not dislike so much as shock, particularly if the change is dramatic. By replacing the switch and outlet covers, rehanging art, and returning the room to a functional state, the painter can get a better sense of whether the colour works or doesn’t work in the en- Luckily, the wrong wall colour does vironment. Once the not have to be a shock of the change sub- lasting problem. sides, the painter may just come to view his or her colour disaster as a decorating happily ever after. Try a Faux Finish Another fix for the less-than-fabulous painted room is a faux finish. By treating the undesired paint colour as a base, the painter can use paint or glaze to change the overall style of the walls. Any number of looks can be accomplished with faux finishes. For example, with paint and stencils, painted walls can be given the look of wallpaper, or layering glaze over the base colour with sponges can create an Old World look. A paint technique using a comb and brush can give walls the rich look of linen. A perusal of the faux finish section of a craft or home improvement store can offer inspiration, or websites like HGTV and DIY offer ideas and detailed how-to videos. Modify the Paint Colour If the painter realizes a paint colour is wrong early in a project, there may still be time to correct the problem. Unfortunately, unless an error was made in the mixing process, most hardware and home improvement stores do not accept custom paint returns; however, many paint stores are willing to alter the colour to a more pleasing hue. While magenta cannot be made over into ivory, slight changes can be made to the existing paint, which may be just enough to make the colour spot-on. Often, the store will make these adjustments at no additional charge. Start Again The last resort resolution in a wall colour disaster is to go back to the drawing board. Now that a paint mistake has been made, it should be used as an opportunity to see where changes need to be made. Was the colour too light? Too dark? Too red? The new paint colour should go right where the disaster paint colour went wrong. Painters needing a little guidance in selecting a new colour can follow expert tips like the ones found here. Before investing in a gallon or more of the new paint, a sample should be applied to the wall. By observing the test area of the wall at different points of the day as the light changes, the painter can determine whether or not the colour will work. Ideally, multiple tests conducted side-by-side to allow for comparison. Getting a wall colour wrong can be discouraging, but the crisis is only temporary. With a little patience and creativity, a wall colour disaster can be turned into a decorating success.


Dual master bedrooms rising trend for baby boomers Calgary Senior News Staff What began as an answer to buyers living alternative lifestyles has rapidly become a desired feature for maturing baby boomers buying a new home. Dual master bedrooms are becoming an attractive idea for couples whose children have long since left the nest. There are a number of reasons for this trend, not the least of which is getting a good night’s sleep. One reason for wanting dual master bedrooms is the need to care for elderly parents. As boomers age, so do their parents. Having a second master suite for elderly family members gives both the dependent relatives and their caregivers much needed privacy and a degree of independence. For married couples, sleeping together can sometimes become troublesome in the later years. For light sleepers, their partners’ nocturnal visits to the bathroom can rouse them from sleep, making it difficult to get a good night’s rest. Of course, there’s the age-old problem of

one partner snoring, while the other lies awake thinking of ways to clog up her loved one’s nostrils without causing suffocation. Having another comfortable bedroom to escape to may be the answer to the prayers of the sleep deprived. But nightly disturbances are not the only reason for wanting dual master bedrooms. For boomers leaving the workforce, dual master suites gives each partner a retreat, a place that needn’t be shared with anyone else. After years of sharing space, including bathrooms, with spouses, children, and overnight guests, having a space of one’s own can be a dream come true, a reward for years of sacrifice and tight living quarters. Retirement, though, is not necessarily quiet days spent before a television in one’s own bedroom. As boomers enter their retirement years, they’re drawn to active living communities. As is often the case with couples, interests may be divergent. As couples come and go through-


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We Facilitate & Simplify out the day and evening, partYour Moving ners can shower, change or nap Needs! without interfering with their spouses’ schedule. If all this sounds like couples are living separate lives, and Packing, Moving and Unpacking, the romance is gone, think Disposing of Unwanted Items, Settling again. The allure of visiting Client in New Home, Downsizing and one’s love interest in her bouCleaning, Transferring Household Services doir can be an aphrodisiac; and (403) 233-7212 Complimentary Moving Consultation visiting a gentleman’s quarters • can feel a bit naughty, adding a bit of spark to the passion. On the more practical side, dual master suites are certain to add market value to a Who willfor paypay forfor Who will pay Who will home. Particularly in commuyouryour funeral A nities catering to your the over-55 funeral funeral C A N A CD AAC NA AN D A D A market, housing need not be Shield expenses? Purple Shield expenses? Purple expenses? the traditional home for the nuclear family. Retirees need  Pays immediate No medical required!  Pays immediate CASH atCASH time at time Nomedical required!  Pays immediate CASH at oftime  No medical required! need! Up to not be concerned with meeting  Travel Assistance Plan. of need! Up to $15,000.$15,000.  Travel Assistance Plan. of need! Up to $15,000.  Protects against inflation!  Travel Assistance Plan.monthly premium rates to  Low the needs of children. Rather,  Protects against inflation!  Low monthly premium rates to  Plans increase inLow value. fit any budget  Protects against inflation!  monthly premium rates to they want their own needs met,  Plans increase in value. anyPlans budget  Accepted by funeral directors fit  available to age 85!  Plans increase in value. fit any budget and they want floor plans that  Accepted by funeral directors  Plans available to age since 85! 1963. everywhere.  Serving Canadians Accepted by funeral directors  Plans available to ageCanadians 85! accommodate their new active everywhere.  257-2279 Serving since 1963. Call toll free 1 (888) everywhere.  Serving Canadians since 1963. Call free lifestyle. Call tollfor free 1 toll (888) 257-2279 more information Dual master bedrooms are 1 (888) Call toll free 257-2279 BBB for more information Rating: A+ versatile and practical. They BBB All of this (and much more!) provided by Assurant Life of Canada, for more information Rating: A+ provide solutions to problemmore information the for oldest and largest funeral insurance company in Canada. All of this (and much more!) provided by Assurant Life of Canada, atic sleeping arrangements and the oldest largest by funeral insurance All of this (and much more!)and provided Assurant Life ofcompany Canada,in Canada. offer alternative living arrangeAll of this (and much more!) provided by Assurant Life of Canada, the oldest and largest insurance company in Canada oldest and largest funeral insurance company in Canada. ments for changingthelifestyles.

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Safety measures can help reduce bathroom injuries Calgary Senior News Staff Falls cause many injuries inside a home. Seniors are especially susceptible to harmful falls in the bathroom, where slippery tiles can prove too difficult for older men and women to navigate. A 2011 study from the Centers for Dis-

ease Control and Prevention found that nearly 234,000 people ages 15 and older were treated in an emergency department for nonfatal bathroom-related injuries in 2008. That adds up to roughly 640 people per day. More than 80 percent of bathroom-related injuries were caused by

slips and falls, mostly while getting in and out of the tub or shower, and about 30 percent of those injuries included cuts, scrapes and bruises. Bathrooms can be more dangerous than other rooms of the house for a variety of reasons. The bathroom is generally comprised


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of hard surfaces that can become slippery when wet or exposed to high humidity. A bathroom may become hotter than other rooms because of the steam that accompanies a hot shower. Heat may dilate peripheral veins and lower blood pressure in some people. This may lead to dizziness that can result in falls. People tend to rush in the bathroom as they get ready for work or school. Rushing around can lead to slips and injuries on wet surfaces. Installing safety features in the bathroom is a key way to reduce the risk of accidents. Many manufacturers have even designed these features so they blend with bathroom decor. When renovating bathrooms for safety, consider the following options.


“I dreamed of a debt-free retirement. MNP made it happen.” Calgary downtown (resident office) 1500, 640 – 5th Ave SW T2P 3G4 Calgary NE office 311, 32 Westwinds Crescent T3J 5L3 Airdrie office 110A, 400 Main Street NE T4B 2N1



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Anti-scald features: Burns can be serious business. Few people have been spared the momentary burst of hot water that occurs in the shower or at the faucet when another household member flushes a toilet or uses a large amount of cold water elsewhere in the house. Antiscald showerheads and faucets prevent sudden bursts of hot water. Use in conjunction with turning down the temperature of the hot water heater to eliminate burns. Nonslip mats: Bathroom injuries often occur when people are getting in and out of the shower. Having a non-slip mat on the inside of the shower or tub as well as one with a grippable surface and plush top layer on which to step after exiting the shower can reduce falls. Don’t step out of the shower onto a flimsy towel that can slip out from underneath your feet. Bath bench: The elderly or those prone to lightheadedness in the shower may want to invest in a bench or seat to put into the shower. This enables sitting while washing. Safety bars: It can be tempting to grab onto towel racks or faucets to get in and out of the shower, but these

items cannot provide the necessary leverage to safely move in and out of the shower or bathtub. Safety bars with a brushed surface for traction are more secure. Grab bars need to be securely attached to a wood stud in the wall and not into drywall or the tub enclosure. Raised toilet seat: A raised toilet seat reduces the amount of squatting and the distance that has to be covered to sit on the commode. Grab bars on the raised seat itself will provide added safety. Telephone: The bathroom may seem an odd place to install a telephone, but having one nearby in the event of injury can ensure help gets to the injured party much more quickly. Regular cleaning: Routinely ridding showers and tubs of soap scum and mildew can reduce the slippery coating that forms as a result of these substances. Also, be sure to keep clutter in the bathroom to a minimum to stop trips and falls over errant items in the area. Bathrooms can present many dangers, but certain safety tools and renovations can help reduce the risk of injury.

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Jokes: One day during the lunch shift at a local restaurant, a chef watched as an elderly couple ate. It seemed as if the man was the only one eating - first his appetizer, then his main, and then finally his dessert. All the while with his wife just looking on, not touching her food. Confused, the chef approached the woman and asked if there was anything he could get for her. “No thank you,” came her answer, “it’s his turn to wear the teeth”. An elderly gentleman visits the doctor complaining that his wife can barely hear. The doctor suggests a test to find out the extent of the problem. “Stand far behind her and ask her a question, and then slowly move up and see how far away you are when she first responds”. The old man, excited to finally be working on a solution for the problem, runs home and sees his wife preparing supper. “Honey” he asks standing around 20 feet away “What’s for supper?”. After receiving no response he tries it again 15 feet away, and again no response. He repeats again at 10 feet away and, as before, no response. Finally he is 5 feet away “Honey, what’s for supper?”.
She replies “For the fourth time it’s lasagna!”.






CLUES ACROSS 1. Plural of eyrir 6. Concord 12. Photographer 16. Atomic #18 17. Tobacco cylinder 18. Of I 19. 1/10 meter (abbr.) 20. In the year of Our Lord 21. Belittle 22. 1/2 of an em 23. Equally 24. Cornmeal mush (British) 26. Desires 28. Of sound mind 30. 1st moon man’s initials 31. Public broadcasting 32. Bodily cavity 34. Insecticide 35. County in China 37. Platforms 39. Frost 40. Crucifix 41. Bodily faculties 43. Seladang 44. Denotes three 45. Imbibe slowly 47. What’s left 48. Liberal degree 50. Competition 52. Confederate 54. 7th Hindu month 56. Senator Frankin 57. “Crying” singer’s initials 59. Taro root dish 60. Bahrain di nar 61. Sun god 62. 39th state 63. In a harmful way 66. Immunoglobulin (abbr.) 67. Differences 70. Moves slowly 71. Snarl, growl (var. sp.)

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CLUES DOWN 1. Aviator 2. Boutros’ group 3. Go over 4. Be among 5. Cloth scrap 6. Clerks 7. Vacuum tube 8. Actress Blanchett 9. Removes the lid 10. Atomic #45 11. Peremptorily 12. Dishonorable men 13. Spanish appetizers 14. Algerian gulf & port 15. Sets again 25. About Freemason 26. One point N of due W 27. Not happy 29. Accumulates on the surface 31. Peels an apple 33. Diamond weight unit 36. Possesses 38. Note 39. About heraldry 41. Hair filament 42. Title of respect 43. Hair product 46. Colas 47. Capital of Huila, Colombia 49. More diaphanous 51. Eliminate 53. Change to a vapor 54. Ancient temple sanctums 55. Pesters 58. Off-Broadway award 60. Light Russian pancake 64. Baseball official 65. Work unit 68. Jr.’s father 69. Atomic #77

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Leisure & Travel

Thorogood to play for 40th Anniversary Tour Blackjack, Roulette Wheel, BaccaRat, PokeR, cRaPs (in calgary) Breakfast, lunch and Dinner sPecials! calgary's Best Dim sum (every Friday, saturday and sunday 11 am - 3 pm) Bus touRs aRe alWays Welcome!!!

Cash Casino (Red Deer)

ing songs: “Bad To The Bone,” “I Drink Alone,” “Willie And The Hand Jive,” “Gear Jammer,” “If You Don’t Start Drinkin’ (I’m Gonna Leave),” “Who Do You Love? (Live),” “Treat Her Right,”



Friday, March 14 – 8pm Saturday, March 15 – 2pm (Added concert date!) Saturday, March 15 – 8pm Widely regarded as one of the greatest live concert acts in the world, The Barra MacNeils are bringing their distinctive East Coast flare to the Calgary stage for the CPO’s Cape Breton Kitchen Party.

Tickets as low as $25 4 0 3 . 5 7 1 . 0 849


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“I’m A Steady Rollin’ Man,” “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (Live),” “Get A Haircut” and “Do The Do.” For more information on the band visit www.georgethorogood. com.

4040 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, AB


Come play alberta's longest running Casino



6350 67 Street Red Deer, AB

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and his longtime band The Destroyers – whose current lineup includes: Jeff Simon (drums, percussion), Bill Blough (bass guitar), Jim Suhler (rhythm guitar) and Buddy Leach (saxophone), have released 16 studio albums, with two Platinum albums and six Gold albums. Taking the stage for the first time on December 1, 1973, the band has established themselves as a mega successful powerhouse rock group with bar roots, unchained attitude, and a love of its country and blues history. The ICON album includes the follow-


PRNewswire George Thorogood & The Destroyers will be kicking off their 40th Anniversary with a 2014 national U.S. and Canadian tour starting February 27. The first leg of the tour will take off in the U.S. from February 27-March 22, then hit Canada from April 30May 24, and then back to the U.S. for dates from June 19-July 20. Additional shows will be announced for the duration of the celebratory year. Touring in relation to their Universal Music Enterprises George Thorogood & The Destroyers ICON album and Eagle Rock Entertainment’s live DVD titled Live At Montreux, Thorogood and his band will give audiences the opportunity to hear their greatest hits live such as “Bad To The Bone,” “I Drink Alone,” “Who Do You Love,” “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” and many more. Says fellow guitar legend Slash, “George Thorogood’s genuine style and attitude continue to inspire me as he and The Destroyers rock on into their 40th year. He has been a hero of mine since I first heard his music in the 70’s, and is one of the baddest rock ‘n’ roll songwriters/electric slide guitar players ever.” Echoes Steve Miller, “For 40 years, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of sharing the stage with George many times, and what started as admiration has grown into a deep love and respect for the man, his music, his band, and his spirit. He is truly an original.” George Thorogood



2014-02-19 2:54 PM

18 March 2014, CALGARY SENIOR - leisure & travel

Upcoming spring travel shows

Calgary Senior Travel Photo Contest You could win by entering vacation photos in the Calgary Senior Travel Photo Contest. Every month a winning entry is selected to win a prize of $50.

Anderson pleased to announce their spring travel shows featuring new Journeys product, Travel Oregon, Tourism Winnipeg, Tourism Saskatchewan and Rocky Mountaineer Anderson Vacations is pleased to announce that on March 13th, 2014 at The Austrian Club in Calgary that they will unveil their 2014 product line up in conjunction with their destination and supplier partners from across Western Canada and the state of Oregon. This is a chance as well for the company to discuss more with their clients about their new “Journeys” tours which will include home pick up, be air inclusive and provide clients the opportunity to check off some of those “bucket list” destinations and experiences. Join President/CEO Corey Marshall, his management and product team as they announce their product line up and also share with you all of the ways they are celebrating their 20th Anniversary in business. For those interested in attending please RSVP to Heather Murray at or toll free on 1 866 814 7378. Space is limited.

Email your photographs to or mail to: Travel Photo Contest, Calgary Senior, #310 16 Midlake Boulevard S.E., Calgary, AB T2X 2X7 Photo submitted by Jillian Paulson “Resort in the Nusa Dua area of Denpasar, Bali”

Upcoming ToUrs PORTLAND: Waterfalls, Shopping & Tulips

April 6 - 13 – 8 Days Everything is in bloom in the Pacific Northwest, and it is a great time to meander through Spokane and the Columbia River Gorge to Portland, with its cool vibe and laid back culture. $1040 Price per person

Anderson Vacations Manitou Hot Springs EXCLUSIVE 20th ANNIVERARY April 28 - may 2 – 5 days Right in the province next door is at CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE April 14 - 17 – 4 days Fairmont Hotels has put together a program exclusively for Anderson Vacations, at the spectacular Chateau Lake Louise, premier resort hotel of the Rockies. Join us for this Gala Event! $995 Price per person


San Juan Islands & Seattle

may 25 - April 1 – 8 Days one of the best spa and healing Combine the flavours of Vancouver, with mineral springs in the country. its multicultural influence, with the glorious Take time out for you this spring … explosion of colour in the gardens of the coast and Vancouver Island, and you have a winner! $595 Price per person *Transportation to Edmonton available $1650 Price per person for Calgary customers at addition cost.

June 7 - 15 – 9 Days Whale watching off the Pacific Coast, quaint Friday Harbour, the best attractions of the Emerald City, and the lovely Bavarian themed town of Leavenworth. What better spring trip! $2125 Price per person

2014 Day Tour Schedule available! Call us to request your copy.

Below are a couple of Anderson new JoUrnEY Tours:

Get ready for Anderson Vacations Journeys product. These trips feature explorer itineraries to exciting and exotic destinations, places you have dreamed about and wished for. And we will take you there. As always, we want to take the worry out of travel for you and make sure your travel experience is hassle free. So we have added additional amenities to make your experience even better. · Home pick up on all Journeys Product · 50% off the single supplement for the first 4 singles on select departures!

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Vancouver Island Gardens & Gourmet

New Orleans & Cajun Country

April 11 - 18 – 8 days Experience the heart and soul of creole in The Big Easy and the dynamic state of Louisiana. Music, Cajun, plantation country, Mississippi River, and food that you just have to love. $3340 Price per person

March 13th, 2014

One Show Time: 1:00pm Calgary Austrian Club

Coast to Coast by Train

may 6 - 18 – 13 Days Canada was built on the railroad, and this tour gives you the opportunity to travel from the west coast to the east coast, experiencing the grandness of this vast country first hand. $5885 Price per person

Magic of Ireland

may 17 - 28 – 12 Days The beauty of Ireland is not only in its lush green hills, the ancient castles, the vibrant music and pub culture; it is in the warmth of the people, quick to laugh and open in heart. $5245 Price per person

• Show discounts of up to $400 per couple • • Prizes & Giveaways • • Refreshments •

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August 12 - 18 – 8 Days Join president Corey Marshall and his family on a 7 day Alaska Cruise with Princess Cruise Lines round trip from Vancouver. The best way to see coastal Alaska! PricES from $2475 Price per person Discounts of up to $400 pp still available

Call to RSVP today! Limitied transportation available

#301, 1117 1st Street SW, Calgary, AB

All pricing is per person based on double occupancy, plus gsT. single pricing available please call. gsT charged where applicable. single and triple fares available on most tours.

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A typical restaurant in Ajijic. The majority of restaurants have outdoor seating to enjoy the sunshine. (inset) A house in Ajijic, Mexico. Houses nd roads are more compact than in Canada. Submitted by Jane Milburn

Are you scared of Mexico?

Jane Milburn Are you scared of Mexico? Then the town of Ajijic would be your first choice. It abounds with Gringos and has many amenities, including a HSBC bank, a Subway, Walmart, TelCel and COSTCO, all within twenty kilometres. People who speak Spanish and are used to the experiences of true Mexican culture while traveling will probably shudder, but if you are just transitioning into the world of traveling south, it is a excellent way to wade your way into the waters rather than jumping in head first. There are houses, houses everywhere, but not a drop to drink! Well there is Tequila of course, but all your drinking water has to be bought and carried into the house in big blue jugs. Something that takes a little getting used to! You can amuse yourself by hiking hot dusty trails and peering over the vast local terrain, or kayak the Lake Chapala and observe (or torment, as I did!) the wonderful bird life. I paddled secretly and quietly (so I thought) amongst the grasses and reeds but apparently not quietly enough, as clouds of

cormorants, pelicans and ducks lifted into the rich evening sky. My kayak tutor was strict “Keep your arms straight and move from the waist!”, and I obliged. All went well! If golf is your thing, for 450 pesos (there are 12 pesos to the dollar) you can enjoy the sport. I saw a happy group of men yarning and preening in the shady nineteenth hole of a posh public clubhouse. It offered delicious meals of pescario (fish), or pollo (chicken). The only Spanish word that I really need is “quiero”, which translates to “I want”! You can also take spanish lessons at the Lake Chapala Society, which offers all sorts of intriguing classes: yoga, art, philosophi-

TourWorks Travel is our passion

DEADWOOD, SD. 6 Days: March 16 & 30, April 10 & 27, May 4


4 Days: March 13 & 24 Contact us at our NEW & IMPROVED WEBSITE Toll Free: 1-855-799-4443 Local: 403-945-9986

cal discussions and even travel talks. They also have a huge video library and books for everyone’s taste. You can join for the whole year or by the month, which is useful for visitors. Ajijic is a maze of tiny streets which house all kinds of tiny shops, offering a variety of clothes, art, jewelry, dainty hair coiffeurs, beauty products, and laundry services. There are a large number of realtors as well. Varied restau-

rants abound in savory; many featuring secluded sumptuous courtyards. Cars push down the tiny streets and bump over the cobbles, which rattle your teeth if you should try to bike down to the “Malecon”, which borders the lake. Public transport is excellent on jolly little buses which tear along the Caraterra; the main road around the lake. You do not need your car, as taxis are cheap and plentiful. Mexicans are vigorous

ESCORTED MOTORCOACH TOURS VICTORIA STAY AWHILE Enjoy a “taste of spring” tour! 9 days, April 7 guaranteed CALIFORNIA REDWOODS and SAN FRANCISCO Towering redwood forests, Reno & Jackpot 10 days, April 17, October 16 CALIFORNIA WINE COUNTRY Includes the Napa Valley Wine Train! 13 days, May 7, September 10 ALASKA MIDNIGHT SUN Includes the Inside Passage Cruise! 19 days, June 2 & 23 guaranteed VICTORIA and THE PACIFIC RIM Includes a whale watching cruise! 8 days, June 12 TRAVEL SHOW! • Sunday, April 6, 2014 - 2:00 p.m. Blackfoot Inn – Ballroom • 5940 Blackfoot Trail SE, Calgary Complimentary when pre-registered


37 years of service! 403-717-9999 or 1-800-562-9999

drivers and I witnessed two needless collisions as I hid beneath the shade of the Primavera trees, which line the main road. There is an excellent travel agency called The Charter Tour Company so you can make Ajijic your base for all sorts of adventures. Visit the swarming Monarch butterflies, a Tequila farm or a natural spa that plunks you in coffee and cider vinegar tubs and then massages you in mud; or go

to the beach at Puerto Vallarta. The evidence speaks for itself as every other person is either from the USA or Canada and they tell me they have visited each year, or have even bought properties and lived here for many years. The wonderful climate, friendly people, good food and company keeps this area high on the list of ‘where I wannabe.’ Who knows? Perhaps it could be where you want to be, too.

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Total Package including Shuttle into Spokane Mall & 3 nites accomm at Coeur D’Alene Resort Hotel

Total $399 Can. (Dbl./Occu.) * Only $379 w/$20 Off Coupon if booked/paid before Apr 20, 2014! Ph. Laurel at Travel Team 1-800-756-4348 or

Bill 780-466-5940

20 March 2014, CALGARY SENIOR - leisure & travel

Town On The

Compiled by Denise Daubert


Calgary Public Library Programs – Between January and April A number of programs at all eighteen branches of interest to seniors (some in the daytime and some in the evenings) are offered including: 50+ Coffee and Conversation, Chess in the Library, Stitch and Chat, Wii and Tea 50+, Cyber Seniors, Book Club for Seniors and Talking Book Club. Ph. 403-260-2600. Heritage Park Senior’s Follies Luncheons – March 3 to 7 This annual event includes lunch, entertainment, prizes and transportation from designated locations. Luncheons are held in the Wainwright Hotel within the park. Tickets and reservations required. 1900 Heritage Drive, S.W. Ph. 403-268-8500. Calgary International Auto & Truck Show – March 12 to 16 March 12 from 3 to 10 p.m., March 13, 14 and 15 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and March 16 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. BMO Centre, Stampede Park. Ph. 403-261-0531. Calgary Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show – March 22 and 23 March 23 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and March 24 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Displays and exhibits of outdoor products, sporting goods and travel destinations. BMO Centre, Stampede Park. Ph. 403-261-0531. Calgary 2014 Golf Show – March 22 and 23 Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. BMO Centre, Hall B. Ph. 403261-0531. TicketMaster 1-855-985-5000. Chinook County Historical Society AGM and Program – March 25 Tickets are required in advance for this event. The program will feature speaker Chic Scott with the presentation of Deep Powder, Steep Rock – the life of Hans Gmoser who was a guide, writer, the inventor of heliskiing and a film maker. He arrived in Canada as a penniless immigrant. 5 p.m. at the Danish Canadian Club. Ph. 403-261-4667. Bobby Chan Seniors Table Tennis Club – Ongoing Monday, Wednesday and Friday Free ping pong training for beginners – a great way to have fun, get fit and make friends. Beginners are welcome to drop in to the regular training class. Sign in anytime between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. The club provides the trainer, racquets and balls. Memberships are available. The venue is the Highland Park Community League, 3716-2 Street, N.W. Further info: 403-295-9553. Scandinavian Centre Choir – Ongoing Wednesdays Between September and May This mixed adult choir provides lots of learning and fun singing and the challenge of performing in different languages. New members are welcome! Rehearsals are held at 739 – 20 Avenue, N.W. on Wednesday evenings. Further info: 403-2831299. Calgary Music Makers Senior Citizens Choir - Ongoing Practices on Thursdays Consider singing for fun by joining this group of enthusiastic seniors! This mixed-voice choir welcomes new members aged 50 and over. The Music Makers perform once a month a seniors’ residences and community events between Sept. and June. Membership fee: $20 per person per year. Practices are held at the Fairview Baptist Church (230-78 Avenue, S.E.) between 9:15 a.m.

and 11:30 a.m. Note that this choir breaks for the summer. Further info: 403-243-8503 or 403289-9326. Calgary Farmer’s Market – Ongoing Friday, Saturday and Sunday Year-Round Over 75plus permanent vendors. Hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 510-77 Ave., S.E. (just off of Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive S.E.). Further info: 403-240-9113. Seniors Alpine Ski Club – Ongoing If you are 55+ and enjoy downhill skiing, you’ll want to learn more about becoming a member of the Seniors Alpine Ski Club. This club offers affordable prices for ski tours. Also featured are ski days, ski improvement programs, social functions (for example, dances and a summer golf tournament) as well as a newsletter. Further info: 403-2660003.

IN CONCERT Music At Noon Series – Wednesdays Throughout the Year Music At Noon is presented by The Pro Arts Society. Concerts from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m. take place each and every Wednesday at Cathedral of the Redeemer at 7th Avenue and First Street S.E. across from Olympic Plaza. Bring your lunch and enjoy music in the midst of the day. Concerts are free but donations gratefully accepted. Further info: 403-269-1904. Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra – March 7 and 8 Hungarian Rhapsody 8 p.m. both dates. March 9 Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage 2 p.m. for the Instrument Petting Zoo and 3 p.m. for the performance. A perfect opportunity to introduce your grandchildren or great grandchildren to the symphony! March 12 Stairway to Heaven: A Tribute to Led Zepplin 7:30 p.m. March 28 and 29 Beethoven and Prokofiev with The Gryphon Trio 8 p.m. both dates. April 2 Live and Let Die: A Tribute to Paul McCartney and The Beatles 7:30 p.m. All concerts at the Jack Singer Concert Hall at EPCOR Centre. All concerts at 8 p.m. excepting February 19 concert. Box Office: 403571-0849. Honens On Stage – March 13 An evening with one of the world’s leading concert pianists, Stephen Hough. 7:30 p.m., EPCOR Centre’s Jack Singer Concert Hall. Box Office: 403-294-9494. Calgary Folk Club – March 14 Arrogant Worms (opening act is West My Friend). March 28 Stephen Fearing and Andy White Venue is the Dalhousie Community Centre (5432 Dalhart Rd. N.W.). Box Office: 403-220-7202. PCL Blues Series – March 14 Mary Flower Performance at the Engineered Air Theatre at EPCOR Centre. Box Office: 403-294-9494. Celtic Celebration with The Barra MacNeils – March 14 and 15 8 p.m. These concerts are part of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra season. EPCOR Centre, Jack Singer Concert Hall. Box Office: 403-294-9494. BD & P World Music Series – March 19 Charlie Musselwhite & Ruthis Foster EPCOR Centre, Jack Singer Concert Hall. Box Office 403-294-9494. Noteworthy Nights Dinner and Music Series – March 21 The Wearing ‘o the Green An evening with the renowned Celtic band, Seanachie. 6 p.m. Heritage Park. Ph. 403-268-8500. EPCOR Centre Jazz Series – March 21 Kurt Elling EPCOR Centre. Box Office 403-294-9494. Calgary Pro Musica Society – March 23 Homage to Glenn Gould 8 p.m. EckhardtGramatte Hall in the Rozsa Centre, U of C. Box Office: 403-244-8277. Nana Mouskouri In Concert – March 25 7:30 p.m., Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. TicketMaster 1-855-985-5000.

Mount Royal University Conservatory Wyatt Concert Series – April 1 Gabriela Montero (piano). 7:30 p.m. at the Leacock Theatre at Mount Royal University. Ph. 403-440-7770. Calgary Opera – April 5, 9 and 11 Madame Butterfly Performances at the Arrata Opera Centre (1315 – 7 Street S.W.). Box Office: 403262-7286.

THEATRE Stagewest Calgary – February 6 to Second Week of April Unnecessary Farce 727- 42 Avenue, S.E. Box Office: 403-243-6642. Theatre Calgary – February 11 to March 9 Major Barbara March 25 to April 20 The Mountaintop EPCOR Centre. Box Office: 403294-9494. Jubilations Dinner Theatre – February 21 to April 27 Elvis & The Las Vegas Hangover! Jubilations Dinner Theatre is located at 1002 37 Street, S.W. Box Office: 403-249-7799. Lunchbox Theatre – March 3 to 22 Brick March 31 to April 19 Dad, Day 1 Showtimes Monday to Saturday at 12:10 p.m., Friday nights at 6:10 p.m. and “Date Night” at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday nights. 160 – 9 Avenue S.E. Box Office: 403-265-4292. Alberta Theatre Projects –March 5 to April 6 You Will Remember Me March 6 to April 5 Legend Has It March 7 to April 6 Games March 18 to April 6 Same Same But Different All these plays are part of the Enbridge Playrites Festival This is part of the Enbridge Playrites Festival. Performances at EPCOR Centre. Box Office: 403-294-9494.

MUSEUMS AND ART EXHIBITS Heritage Park’s Gasoline Alley Museum – January 23 to April 21 A new exhibit entitled Cars of the Big and Small Screen The cars are the stars in this exhibit – great classic vehicles that have become part of pop culture. Heritage Park is located at 1900 Heritage Drive, S.W. Ph. 403-268-8500. Glenbow Museum – February 8 to May 4 Two exhibits: Made in Calgary: The 1990s and Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket. February 23 to May 4 Photographer Bryan Adams Exposed The Glenbow Museum is located at 130 – 9 Avenue S.E. (downtown). Ph. 403-2684100.

DANCE Alberta Ballet – March 20 to 22 Giselle 7:30 performances all dates plus a 2 p.m. matinee on March 22. Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Box Office: 403-245-4549. Continued on next page

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Medicine Hat


Art Exhibits at Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre - February 22 to April 12 Two exhibits: David Alexander: The Shape of Place and Jacek Kosciuk: Everything Is New Again The Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre is located at 401 – 1 Street S.E. Ph. 403-502-8793.

Events at Airdrie Public Library – Ongoing Check with the library to learn about the following: Evening Book Club, Airdrie Knitter’s Group, Chess Club, Scrabble Club, Writers Club and Genealogy Group. Airdrie Public Library is located at 111 – 304 Main Street. Ph. 403-948-0060.

Banff Banff Whyte Museum of the Rockies – February 1 to March 30 Two exhibits: The Photographs of Scotia Waterous and Sarah Fuller: My Banff. 111 Bear Street. Further info: 403-762-2291.

Cochrane Cochrane Music Society – April 5 Jazz Night The Cochrane Riverside Jazz group will be joined by the Foothills Music Society Jazz Big Band and the Westwinds Silver Jazz Band for an evening of music. Show at 7 p.m.; supper also available prior to concert. Venue is Killarney’s at 240 Riverside Drive. Ph. 587-362-2552.

High River High River Gift of Music Society – March 22 Guy & Nadino Duo: Le Canet De Voyage Featuring the bassoon, piano and trumpet. 7:30 p.m. Venue is the High River United Church (123 Macleod Trail, S.W.).

Includes: • • • • • •

Performances at Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre - March 15 Peatbog Faeries Dance Troupe An evening of Celtic dance with this Scottish dance troupe. March 21 The Arrogant Worms In Concert An evening with this Canadian musical comedy trio. March 25 Andreas Klein and The Cortex Quartet An evening with this German-born pianist. All performances at 8 p.m. 401 – 1 Street S.E. Box Office: 403502-8777.

Okotoks Okotoks Art Gallery – February 28 to April 19 Two exhibits: Freedom: The Social, Symbolic & Senses of Freedom (group exhibit by high school students) and An Alberta Aviary (exhibit by artist Erika Schulz). 3 North Railway Street. Ph. 403-938-3204. Rotary Performing Arts Centre – March 23 Caladh Nua in Concert A talented band performing Irish music. 8 p.m. The Rotary Performing Arts Centre is located at 3 Elm Street E. Box Office: 403938-3204.

escape to your castle

Exclusive 20% Savings for Seniors Our seniors are important to us, and to show it we have a special travel offer just for you. If you’re 55+ years with valid ID, you’re entitled to an exclusive Seniors discount of up to 20% off our regular rates! Make your escape this spring to Canada’s Castle in the Rockies, The Fairmont Banff Springs. Banff is the perfect place to relax, breathe in the fresh mountain air, snowshoe in the pristine wilderness or enjoy the local museums and art galleries. Take advantage of our special rate for Seniors, available at The Fairmont Banff Springs year round. FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 1-800-257-7544 OR VISIT US AT FAIRMONT.COM/BANFFSPRINGS

Accommodation in Deluxe Room, double occupancy Full board meals (breakfast buffet, lunch, coffee / pastry and dinner) Consultations with our in-house doctors Daily treatments, designed for your specific health needs Access to our 7 different steams, saunas, and pools Complimentary internet and free underground valet parking

Call 1.877.275.1556 for more information and to make your reservation!

*Price is per person based on double occupancy.

Okanagan Valley, Vernon, BC


22 March 2014, CALGARY SENIOR


Beat bad doggy breath

You may have once looked forward to sitting and petting your new puppy and the excited sloppy kisses that he or she would lavish on your cheek. Now that your dog is older and bad breath has set in, you may run and hide from that once-precious pooch. Many changes take place as a cute puppy becomes an adult dog. Many pet owners notice that some dogs gain weight, become sluggish and develop foul breath as they age. This bad breath not only can be a nuisance, but also it can be a health problem for otherwise healthy dogs. Bad breath, medically termed “halitosis,” is a condition commonly reported by dog owners. There are many different causes of doggie breath, but the primary contributor is a dental problem. Some pet parents are not aware that dogs need to have their teeth brushed just like their human family members. Food particles can become lodged between teeth and eventually rot, causing an odor. What’s more, this food may cause bacteria to grow, which can decay teeth and lead to gum inflammation. If left untreated, plaque buildup and sore gums can progress to periodontal disease. According to veterinarians, plaque clings to the base of your dog’s teeth, causing the gums to recede and become inflamed. Once the gums are inflamed, they tend to leak blood serum, which blends with the plaque, increasing the amount of bacteria in the dog’s mouth. This appears as a yellowish coating on the dog’s teeth. Some dogs affected by serious plaque buildup will eat less. Routinely brushing the dog’s teeth can minimize plaque buildup. Feed-

ing hard kibble, which can further dislodge any other food, and offering chew toys and bones will also help keep plaque problems at bay. If plaque is a major problem, a veterinarian may suggest a thorough cleaning under sedation. In addition to periodontal causes, bad breath may be a symptom of other serious conditions. Diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal disorders or even stomach cancer can cause bad breath. Diabetes and liver problems are also culprits in halitosis. In other cases, foreign objects that become lodged in the teeth, including the pet’s own fur, can decompose and form a foul odor. The foreign objects also may irritate the skin and the gums. An infection that forms may produce an unpleasant odor. A pet with bad breath should be examined by a veterinarian, unless it is obvious that it is the result of something the dog ate, including stool or spoiled garbage. The following methods also may keep bad breath at bay. * Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. This helps prevent plaque buildup and will keep the gums healthy. * Change the dog’s food. Some canned foods may produce foul breath, as can feeding a dog raw meat. * Prevent access to garbage if your dog is a routine scrounger in the trash. * If your dog isn’t eating much and looks frail, the breath may be a sign of a serious illness. Visit with a veterinarian promptly.

Pet PHOTO of the Month WINNER

“Pip” Yorkshire terrier

Congratulations to Enid Binsted. Her photo of “Pip”, the Yorkshire terrier wins Calgary Senior’s Pet Photo of the Month contest. Do you have great photos of your pet? One of them could win you PRIZES or $50 in cash. Just enter them in the Calgary Senior Pet Photo Contest. Every month the best photo is selected by a panel of judges and wins the prize. Email your photographs to or send prints by postal mail to: Pet Photo Contest, Calgary Senior, #310 16 Midlake Boulevard S.E., Calgary, AB T2X 2X7

Prize Basket provided by the

Advertise on our ALL ABOUT PETS Feature Page 1.866.425.3722

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Get Your MONEY Back! A

If an impairment to your health affects your mobility, you’re not alone.

for five years, you’re eligible for a refund on lmost a third of Canadians over taxes you’ve paid over the last five years. the age of 65, and two-thirds of Canadians over the age of 75, To qualify, your condition must be certified have trouble walking around a by a doctor. Grants International has a city block. doctor on staff who will discuss your conWhat you may not dition and pass along know, however, is that a summary that you an impairment may can take to your own enable you to recovfamily doctor for cerer a portion of the tification. This makes income tax that you’ve the process easier paid every year over for doctors who are the last 10 years, up not familiar with the to $5,000 a year. application. Every year, the gov“Grants International ernment pays out hundid all the paperwork,” dreds of millions of says Heidi Kempin of dollars in tax credits Calgary, who received to people with impaira refund after conments. Yet thousands tacting Grants Interof Canadians aren’t national. “All I had to even aware that they do was give them the qualify for the money. information.” “It’s a shame that “DO THIS CORRECTLY THE Not only have Canaone can go for so dians like Heidi Kemlong without know- FIRST TIME, AND YOU’LL pin received a refund ing there’s help just GET THE MONEY FOR THE from income taxes a call away,” says REST OF YOUR LIFE. ” paid in past years, Andrew Burns of Victhey also continue to – Darren Earn, President, toria, who collected a receive the refund in Grants International refund with the help of the future, for as long Grants International. as their health remains impaired. “We work with the government every day,” “Do this correctly the first time,” says Darsays Darren Earn, president of Grants Interren Earn, “and you’ll get the money for the national, “to help clients access the refunds rest of your life, if you qualify.” that can make a difference in their life.” For more information, contact Grants InterThe refund is calculated according to the national today at 1-888-999-2221. taxes paid as far back as 10 years. For example, if your health has been impaired - By Bruce McDougall


QUALIFY? To be eligible for a Health Impairment Refund, you must meet all three of the following conditions:


Your mobility impairment must either have lasted or be expected to last for a continuous perious of at least 12 months.


Your mobility impairment must be severe, and it must restrict you all of the time.


Your severe and prolonged impairment must be certified by a qualified practitioner, like your family doctor.

In addition to a doctor’s verification, you also need to have paid income taxes for the last three years.

24 March 2014, CALGARY SENIOR

A new way to plant for your future is here Great GIC rates to help your savings take root. There’s no better time than now to plan for tomorrow. Whatever you’re saving for, keep your money safe with us. Our full range of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) options provide you with a secure way to invest your money, your way. Together with service that puts you first and eligibility for Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) coverage†, saving with Oaken is second to none. Isn’t it time you started planting for your future?

To find out more about some of the highest GIC rates in Canada, call 403-692-4747 or visit Ask us about our Mobile Deposit Specialist! †

Oaken Financial is a trademark of Home Trust, member of CDIC

CDIC coverage up to applicable limits.

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