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Using Martial Arts to Treat Kids with ADHD Living with ADHD can be heart wrenching for children. It’s difficult, especially for kids in elementary school who feel alone and can’t articulate what they’re feeling and why they’re feeling it. Therefore, they fall behind in school and have a hard time making friends. Because of this, they live their lives with low self-esteem and dreariness. The signs of ADHD comprise of dreaminess, hyper-activeness and carelessness. A good way that parents can assist their children is by enrolling them in martial arts training. With martial arts training, your children will ease their symptoms and conquer the problems that can occur with ADHD.

The Symptoms 1. Short Attention Span

The first sign of ADHD with a child is the lack of focus and attention. This constitutes moving from project to project without finishing, not being able to concentrate during conversations, and not being able to manage their thoughts, chores or hobbies. 2. Hyperactiveness

The second sign of childhood ADHD is hyperactiveness. Children who suffer from hyperactiveness have the tendency of being “antsy” with their bodies; particularly their hands and feet. They move up and down from their chairs, especially during inappropriate times and always feel the need to move around. They also have the tendency to talk too much. 3. Carelessness

The third sign of childhood ADHD is carelessness. Carelessness, meaning kids who find trouble awaiting their turn, who feel the need to disrupt and answer questions before the question is asked. These signs may be symptoms of ADHD and need to be paid attention to.

The Solution The affects of training in the martial arts will conjure great results for the child with ADHD. Martial arts will teach these children how to control their minds and their bodies through heavy discipline and extensive practice. They go hand in hand. By controlling their mind, they can control their body and vice versa. In the end, the skills that they learn in martial arts will help them with their daily life. By controlling their physical self, they will be able to tame their habit of moving all of the time. As with their mind, in the end, they will be able to have an extreme amount of focus on their schooling, their social lives, as well as their hobbies.

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Your child may not be diagnosed with the disease, but, it doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from one of the symptoms. Things will become much easier if you dedicate them to getting rid of the pressure in their waking life. Martial arts has a great advantage; it will help your child stay controlled in their everyday experience. These skills can be attained at a great martial arts institution. You have everything to gain if you give it a go; not only will it improve your child’s life, but it’ll improve yours too.

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Treating ADHD in Children With Martial Arts - Living with ADHD can be heart wrenching for children. It's difficult, especia...