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CLASS: Angel

BASE: Halo Mansion

FIRST APPEARANCE: Fighting Angels 1 (2004)

Actor: Eric Green

POWERS/WEAPON •Manipulates Nature's Elements •Sword

ALLIES •Fighting Angels •Superior Angels

FOES •Brotherhood of Demons •Acolytes, Hell Razor

Eric was chosen to be the leader of the Fighting Angels team. He was confronted by Dr. Khalil to start a new team to protect the world from the new batch of Eric was chosen to be demons.

the leader of the Fighting Angels

THE CHOSEN ONE Eric was cleaning his kitchen when he was approached by the voice of GOD. He told Eric that he was chosen to be a Fighting Angel. Eric now had the power of natures elements, and can now manipulate the weather and earthquakes. Eric always thought he had powers to move things with his mind. Erics first mission was to seek out others just like him, and recruit them to this team of Fighting Angels.

FIGHTING ANGELS Eric gathered his first group of angels; Brandaun, Lorna, Shelena, and Jocelyn. Each with their own new power, helped defend their neighborhood from a young man named Johnnie. Johnnie, a powerful demon, stopped at nothing to destroy the angels. Eric led this group and tried his best to guide them in the right path. Events turned to the worse though, as one angel developed a drug habit, one was captured, and Eric himself died in battle.

DEATH OF A LEADER Eric went alone to fight the dangerous being Johnnie. Eric figured he could kill this menace one on one. They got into an epic battle, but Johnnie was stronger than Eric. Eric was defeated and killed. Eric was then sent to another world, were he was met by a group of Superior Angels. These angels helped Eric understand the values of being a Fighting Angel. In return of helping them defeat a powerful demon by the name of Hell Razor, Eric was sent back to Earth to regroup his team of angels to stop Johnnie and his plans.

A GREAT LEADER Eric has since become one of the most important leaders in Fighting Angels history. He currently leads a team of more than 20 angels. Erics powers over the years have evolved, making him one of the most powerful Fighting Angels ever.

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