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Regional Ownership

A Chance to take ownership of your FIG Network...

Yaniny ties the knot... FIG hits a century... 100 for 10 not out...

FIG Annual Conference 2013 - Austria


FIG Regional Ownership - take control!


Yaniny Ties the Knot !


Grant Hickey - FIG IT Manager


New FIG Partners


Go Big FIG! - FIG hits 100 members!


Four Corners of the World - Focus on NZ


FIG ‘Gold Standard’


Venue for Next FIG Conference

- Africa 2014!

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FIG Annual Conference 2013 Vienna, AUSTRIA Another fantastic FIG Conference in a very chilly Vienna! Our FIG ‘family’ had a great conference in March this year where ‘old friends and new’ met for our ninth annual event. Naturally we had our usual ‘one-on-one’ meetings and our popular social events including a great night out at the Heurigen ‘Schreiberhaus’ and a spectacular Gala Dinner at the Kaiser’s Pavillion within the grounds of the Schӧnbrunn Palace. A number of important topics were covered and presentations by Colin Christie - FIG UK (The Clover Shipping Company) and Peter Bambury (Trade Attaché to British Embassy - Vienna) added to our conference theme of ‘Global Co-operation’. Our CEO, Chris Humphrey introduced some exciting developments including an opportunity for FIG Partners to take ownership of the FIG Network and our groundbreaking new product, ‘Interforwarder’ which will change the way forwarders communicate. Over the next few pages we will try and bring a little of Vienna to you with presentations and major topics covered.

Our host Harald (Harry) Ludwig and the future Mrs Ludwig...

2. (from left)

Shehan - FIG South Africa Kim - FIG Vietnam Massimo - FIG Switzerland

Mr & Mrs Kimio Ishisaki FIG Brazil

Arzu - FIG Turkey with Peter - FIG Thailand Cosmin and Adrian - FIG Romania

Meet a few of our 2013 delegates... More pictures are available on our facebook page... Click icon to view...

Reinhard , Gerald & Timea - FIG Hungary

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Delegates ‘hard at work’ in our ‘One-on-One’ sessions


Presentations A chance to view important Powerpoint presentations in video format... Colin Christie - Director - The Clover Shipping Company - FIG UK FIG UK has been working closely with FIG USA and many FIG Partners around the world on Europe-wide store opening programmes for the prestige leather goods manufacturer ‘Coach’ (a long-standing client of FIG USA - Encore Forwarding Inc ) and more recently a similar project for ‘up-market’ lingerie chain Victoria’s Secrets. Colin has identified further areas of co-operation for FIG Partners worldwide and introduced TWO exciting global tender opportunities where FIG Partners can work together as a single ‘multi-national’ group.

Click on the link (left) to view a video version of Colin’s presentation... “This MUST be the way for FIG Partners to work together now and in the future...” In order to make co-operation on multi-national projects easier, FIG has produced our FIG Agency Agreement which has now been signed by a large proportion of our members. A copy was attached to the notification for this magazine. If you have not already completed and signed this document, please do so at your earliest convenience. Colin also explained the need for an ‘Overseas Agents Protocol’ (also attached) which will help our AEO / C-TPAT Partners to work more closely with members who are not registered with these bodies. Please also sign the ‘OAP’ document and return for our FIG files. We will shortly show in our ‘Members Area’ of the FIG website which FIG Partners have submitted signed documents to FIG Admin. Contact Colin:-


Peter Bambury - Head of UK Trade & Investment - British Embassy, Vienna Our guest speaker who is Trade Attaché to the British Embassy offered an ‘in depth’ explanation of the role of (all) embassies around the world in supporting ‘local’ businesses large and small. Peter provided links to all British Embassies worldwide and suggested that all delegates made contact with both British Embassies (figgroup is a UK business) and embassies from your own countries

Click on the link (left) to view Peter’s Powerpoint presentation in video format.

Our FIG CEO, Chris Humphrey gave a presentation outlining how far fIggroup has come over ten years and demonstrated the future direction of figgroup.... From our first conference in 2005 with just NINE members to our ultimate goal to build the world’s first ‘Global Trading Platform’ where users can search for products/commodities, communicate directly with the whole supply chain, arrange transport and insurance and make payments all from a single website. See presentation >> How To Build a Global Network... Regarding the future direction of figgroup, Chris introduced the concept of Regional Ownership (see next page), where FIG Admin would ‘sell’ the FIG Network by dividing territories into SIX REGIONAL TERRITORIES where each ‘Territory Manager’ would receive all membership revenues and the six managers would form the ‘FIG Board of Members’ and would liaise on policies, strategy and work together on global tenders and co-operate on cross-border projects taking FIG towards becoming a single ‘multi-national’ entity rather than 100 companies working together.

FIG Admin is finalising an exciting new product which we expect will change the way forwarders, carriers, shippers and importers work together. Forwarders can search for an agent with very specific criteria and invite them to join their ‘group’. Users can communicate with multiple groups using IM, Mail or video chat directly from the website. FIG Partners will be offered a free listing on Interforwarder (subject to qualifying criteria) and will always appear at the top of any appropriate search listing.


FIG Regional Ownership Your opportunity to take ownership of your FIG Network as FIG moves forward to the next phase of development... FIG Partners are increasingly working together as a global group rather than just working together on single consignments. This has allowed members to tender successfully for significant global contracts and this trend is expected to increase significantly over the coming years (see Colin Christie’s presentation on previous page). As FIG Admin are not specialist freight forwarders we feel that the future direction of figgroup requires specialist guidance and a co-ordinated approach. Our CEO (as you may know) is now a Grandfather and would like more time to spend with his Grandson ‘Dougie. By arranging this succession planning, we have plenty of time to arrange a smooth handover to our new owners.

Who will our new owners be? Our existing FIG Partners!!! A chance to take ownership of YOUR FIG Network... FIG Admin will split our FIG ‘family’ into SIX REGIONS... Each region is available to purchase for a nominal sum... The ‘owners’ of the six regions will become the FIG ‘Board of Members’ and will take full control of our FIG ‘family’. DOUGIE Chillin with his Grandad...

FIG Admin will offer ‘administrative’ support during the handover period.

See Presentation on Regional Ownership... Presented at our FIG Annual Conference 2013 - Vienna Click icon (left) to view...

Regions 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:

Since announcing our plans for ‘Regional Ownership’ at our FIG Annual Conference, we have received several expressions of interest from our FIG Partners. As a result, we have produced a working document with our proposals to make this exciting step a reality.

Americas Western Europe Eastern Europe Middle East If you are interested in owning a part of our FIG ‘family’ and Indian Sub-Continent working with our new FIG Board of Members, please contact our CEO - Chris Humphrey >> Asia & Australasia


Cover Girl ! We are delighted to report that our principle contact at FIG USA has recently married and provided the best looking cover for our magazine ever!

Congratulations Yaniny!!!

7. Meet Our ‘FIGIT’ Man... Grant Hickey joins our FIG Admin Team Grant Hickey has recently joined our FIG Admin team as IT Manager in the UK and will oversee all current and future IT projects. Grant is a specialist in programming and database engineering and has already made several improvements to our FIG website. Grant’s primary focus over the coming months is to finalise our exciting new ‘Interforwarder’ product which will launch later this year.

Grant Hickey - FIG IT Manager This is probably the first and only time you will see Grant wearing a tie...

FIG’s IT function was until recently based in the Philippines but with significant growth in IT based projects , FIG Management felt that the time was right to create this key position.

Welcome aboard Grant!!!

Our Latest FIG Partners... If you have not already done so, please give a warm FIG welcome to the latest members of our FIG ‘family’. FIG BELGIUM Antwerp Global Shipping NV Contact: Mr Yavuz Baskan - Director Email: URL: FIG PAKISTAN Max Freight System Contact: Mr Muhammad Iqbal - Director Email: URL:

FIG UAE Masstrans Freight LLC Contact: Mr Shiyas PK - Director Email: URL: FIG CANADA Nu Era Logistics Inc Contact: Mary Pelltier - International Manager Email: URL:

FIG Represented in 100 Countries!


As we approach our tenth anniversary, we are delighted to announce that our FIG ‘family’ now extends to 100 countries worldwide ... Although we are still processing some of our latest members. FIG Admin wanted to share this milestone with our family. Not only is our global coverage increasing but our members are working better together than ever before and the quality of our members is becoming stronger and stronger. FIG Admin is approached on a daily basis by forwarders worldwide wishing to become a part of our fig ‘family’. As one of the world’s largest ‘exclusive’ freight alliances, fig has become respected globally by forwarders, importers and exporters alike.

Help us to fill the last remaining places in our FIG Network... Despite reaching this amazing landmark, FIG Admin is not complacent. We still have a few ‘key countries’ where we need exceptional forwarders. Our aim is not to grow for the sake of growth but to carefully select the best forwarders we can find to join our family of professional ‘elite’ forwarders. Nowadays the majority of our members come from recommendations by existing FIG Partners. We would like to ask you all to propose/recommend excellent forwarders for the following countries... ALGERIA












In addition, we would like to extend our coverage throughout the Balkan Region and Africa (see pg.11)

Meet FIG Partner #100... Appropriately named ‘Nu Era’, our latest Partner FIG Canada is our 100th family member... Nu-Era Logistics Inc. was established in 2008 and is continually growing with their commited, enthusiastic, and dedicated professional staff. Nu Era is committed to providing all aspects of transportation, Air, Ocean, Rail and Over the Road to meet our customers satisfaction around the globe. Nu-Era Logistics Inc. works with a number of reputable partner carriers which are all members of IATA, CIFFA, CITT, OTA, C-TPAT, Transport Canada and PIP Licensed, Licensed Bonded Warehouse with CBSA, to make sure all proper procedures are met for shipping our customers cargo, with minimal difficulties. (left) Mary Pelletier - International Manager - Nu Era Logistics Inc - FIG Canada

9. FIG New Zealand As FIG global coverage continues to grow... We take a look at one of ‘the four corners of the world’ A brief introduction by Mike Brough - General Manager Left: Mike Brough General Manager

Gilco International Freight Forwarders Ltd FIG NEW ZEALAND Gilco International Ltd is one of New Zealands oldest and most respected Freight & Customs companies. Established in 1967, Gilco has been serving the needs of New Zealands importing & exporting community for nearly 50 years. We are very proud to be the FIG Partner in New Zealand and look forward to working with more FIG Partners around the world.

Service to Tonga, Fiji & Samoa Seven years ago we launched a service to the Pacific Islands under the ‘Sendit’ brand which began as a personal effects service to help the community with good pricing and a solution to avoid their product being damaged or pillaged, which was unfortunately commonplace at the time. We designed our own MDF boxes (see picture) to ensure maximum utilisation of container space. We now have these ‘agriculture approved’ and re-usable boxes made for us on a large scale. As well as personal effects which we load with commercial cargo in our own consolidated containers packed on site to Tonga, Fiji and Samoa, we are also the largest airfreight consolidator to the Samoa’s sending over 50 tonnes of airfreight to Samoa alone. Our clients include a hotel refurbishment company, large stationery chains, many of the motor vehicle parts dealers as well as food and beverage consolidators throughout the Pacific region. The range of products we handle is vast and we are specialists in this area managing cargo from all over the world to these remote islands. We would be delighted to assist our FIG Partners with any consignments to/from New Zealand and throughout the Pacific Islands.

Sweating Your Assets!!!... Three years ago I was approached by a respected NZ ‘roading contractor’ with a request to utilise their equipment in the Pacific Region during the wet NZ winter months. The idea was to utilise ‘roading equipment’ such as graders, rollers, bitumen sprayers etc. in the Pacific Region in the winter and return them to NZ during summer for road maintenance programmes. After many months investigation with our exclusive Pacific Islands agents we have now handled many projects using this concept including:- Port upgrade in PNG, Port upgrade in Aitutaki, Northern Road upgrade in Fiji’s northern islands and currently upgrading the airport in PNG. Other Pacific Islands are up and coming and represent a huge growth area for our client.

Contact Mike :-


FIG Gold Standard Our role at FIG Admin is, primarily, to ensure that we select the best available FIG Partners around the world for our members to work with. It is important that we also monitor our FIG Partners to ensure that they are offering a first-class service and that our wider membership is happy to deal with them. We would like to demonstrate through a simple ‘points system’ which are the truly ‘elite’ FIG Partners.

We will shortly be offering a preliminary ‘grading’ available through the ‘Members Area’ of the FIG website showing members graded as BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD. We will also offer a discrete ‘feedback’ system where members can leave comments on the performance of other FIG Partners and a ‘scoring grid’ where FIG Partners can ‘score’ fellow FIG Partners as shown below.


General communication

0 - 10


Response to communications within 24hrs

0 - 20


Levels of trade with FIG Partners

0 - 20


Attendance at FIG Annual Conference

0 - 30


Prompt settlement of accounts (incl. FIG Membership Fees)

0 - 20


0 - 100

GOLD STANDARD 75 - 100 Points SILVER STANDARD 50 - 75 Points

NB: It is not possible to achieve the FIG ‘Gold Standard’ without attending our FIG Annual Conference. NB: Only FIG Partners achieving the FIG ‘Gold Standard’ will have a FREE listing in our new Interforwarder product.

NB: FIG Admin may consider replacement of FIG PartBRONZE STANDARD ners in the ‘Bronze Standard’ category. Less than 50 Points

11. AFRICA Cape Town - South Africa Venue Announced for FIG Annual Conference 2014 During our FIG Annual Conference in Vienna, our delegates were asked to choose the venue for our 2014 conference. The most popular choice was Cape Town, South Africa. FIG Admin is already working hard on our conference programme. Dates are likely to be mid-March 2014 - All Partners will be notified as soon as final dates are announced. As well as being the 20th Anniversary of the first democratic elections in South Africa and the end of apartheid , this is also the 10th Anniversary for our figgroup alliance. Needless to say we will be celebrating this milestone with a great party and some new initiatives to take our organisation forward to the next decade. The focus of our conference will be trade in Africa and FIG Admin are already working on making this our most exciting conference yet. With huge expansion in the African economy, any business would be foolhardy to ignore the massive commercial opportunities throughout Africa. Although some parts of Africa may not be the easiest place to do business, with professional support and guidance from our FIG Africa Partners, our members are well-placed to offer a professional service to most countries on this diverse and fascinating continent. FIG Admin has taken a different approach to managing African territories particularly in the sub-Saharan countries. We are appointing FIG Partners to manage multiple countries with expertise, contacts and physical presence in neighbouring countries. These regions will be designated as South, West and East Africa and will offer a single contact for all traffic throughout Our South Africa Region has been managed for a number of years by Shehan Seneviratne of Afro Asian Logistics and covers 10 countries. We have invited FIG Nigeria to expand the West Africa Region and we hope to report on this development shortly.

AFRICA FIG coverage to date Individual Countries South Africa Region East Africa Region

To manage the East Africa Region we are about to appoint Multilines International who have been recommended by FIG Nigeria. Our CEO met with Multilines Managing Director, Anne Omwandho in London recently and we expect to finalise this appointment over the next few days. Multilines has offered a highly professional service since 2002 and has own offices in 7 countries throughout East Africa.



More than a resource boom... To be sure, Africa has benefited from the surge in commodity prices over the past decade. Oil rose from less than $20 a barrel in 1999 to more than $145 in 2008. Prices for minerals, grain, and other raw materials also soared on rising global demand. Yet the commodity boom explains only part of Africa’s broader growth story. Natural resources, and the related government spending they financed, generated just 32 percent of Africa’s GDP growth from 2000 through 2008. The remaining two-thirds came from other sectors, including wholesale and retail, transportation, telecommunications, and manufacturing (Exhibit 1). Economic growth accelerated across the continent, in 27 of its 30 largest economies. Indeed, countries with and without significant resource exports had similar GDP growth rates.

Fig magazine june 2013  
Fig magazine june 2013