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june 2009

Welcome to Freight International Group... "Having been a FIG member for some months, I just wish to share our positive findings. We have met with a friendly and helpful attitude from whomever we have been in contact with among the members. Trust and confidence have been the keywords from first contact - and isn't that what we are all looking when we have to do business a new thepositive first time? We are been aforFIG member for some months, Iinjust wishcountry to shareforour findings. "Having happy to have joined the 'family' We have met with a friendly and "helpful attitude from whomever we have been in contact with among the members.

Jan Henriksen - Managing Director

Trust and confidence haveAgency been the -keywords from first contact - and isn't that what we Transocean Shipping FIG Denmark are all looking for when we have to do business in a new country for the first time? We are happy to have joined the 'family' "

Jan Henriksen - Managing Director Transocean Shipping Agency - FIG Denmark

Mr Jan & Mrs Anni Veje Henriksen Transocean Shipping Agency - Fig DENMARK Lighthouse Transport AB - Fig SWEDEN

Freight International Group UK Office: 163 London Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7RJ United Kingdom

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Colin Christie The Clover Shipping Company Ltd Fig UK


Eric & Gilberte Voyame ITS Transport & Shipping Co Ltd Fig SWITZERLAND

1: about us Formed in September 2004 in Queensland, Australia, FIG has grown in spectacular fashion. The FIG Organisation is now represented by over 100 offices in over 80 countries and has a group turnover in excess of USD$1.5 billion. Our FIG Partners move in excess of 250,000teus/PA making the FIG ‘family’ a significant global force. FIG Admin has recently established a second administration facility in the UK. FIG continues to grow and through innovative initiatives has established itself as the “Network Everyone is Talking About…!” FIG Administration selects only ONE exceptional forwarder to represent the FIG ‘family’ in any country - except where geographic diversity requires additional coverage. Each FIG Partner is selected through a comprehensive procedure to ensure that all FIG Partners are credit worthy and reliable. It is a significant condition of joining the FIG family that each forwarder is prepared to route a minimum of 25% of his freight volumes through FIG Partners. If Partners do not achieve this criteria FIG Administration may take the decision not to renew membership. Members are constantly scrutinized for performance, prompt payment and general activity. There is a reporting facility to ensure that FIG standards are maintained throughout the network. As well as promoting the FIG brand through various media, FIG has always promoted communication between FIG Partners (see ‘Communication’). Our latest innovation in this area is our online meeting scheduler which allows FIG Partners to fix a time and date to have a detailed discussion at a time convenient to both Partners. The FIG Annual Conference is an ideal opportunity to meet FIG Partners ‘face to face’ through both informal functions and pre-scheduled ‘one-on-one’ meetings during our conference. Naturally there are also opportunities to relax and unwind during your time as our guest. FIG will continue to grow through hard work, innovation and a policy of constant improvement.

2: communication Communication is the key factor in ensuring that FIG Partners gain maximum business benefit from joining the FIG Network. Our most successful FIG Partners are those who communicate to good effect. Our FIG Rules and Regulations clearly state that “ALL enquiries MUST be replied to within 24 hours.” There is a good reason for this, aside from common courtesy and the fact that Partners may lose business. We have declared that our goal is to compete with multi-national forwarders. If we are to do so, we must be capable of performing at least to the same standards in response times – if not better! FIG TOOLBAR: Contact details of our FIG Partners can be found in the secure area of the FIG website – although we will be moving contact details to the ‘public’ area very soon. A quick method of mailing FIG Partners is through the ‘FIG Toolbar’ (see page 4:). FIG NEWS: Our monthly publication ‘FIG News’ brings the latest FIG news and items of interest to all Partners and their staff. This is a great method of promoting your company through ‘news items’. New FIG Partners are also ‘introduced’ through this medium. SKYPE: For some years, FIG Administration has actively promoted ‘SKYPE’ as a free method of communicating worldwide to any broadband user. Communication can be through ‘chat’ or ‘VOIP’ telephone. There are significant developments in this technology and we would recommend that new FIG Partners investigate this method of communication. Skype now offers video conferencing simply by connecting a web cam to your PC. INSTANT CHAT: FIG Admin has recently introduced ‘Instant Chat’ allowing FIG members to ‘chat’ instantly rather than wait for a response to an email. The full ‘chat’ facility also shows when members are online. COMMON IDENTITY: We have made significant progress in establishing a ‘seamless’ method of communication. Exporters/Importers and Shippers will be presented with a simplified email system. Addresses in directories will appear as eg; giving a greater sense of identity and promoting the FIG brand. Mail will automatically be forwarded to your listed email address. This initiative will be launched shortly.

SKYPE Website >>

Instant Chat with FIG Admin >>

3: fig gold standard FIG Administration takes great care to select dedicated, reliable and financially sound forwarding companies to join our FIG family. New and existing Partners are continually measured to ensure that FIG’s high standards are maintained. Our standards are clear and fair to all FIG members and are based on the following criteria:-

GOLD 75+ Points

Gold Standard can only be achieved by attending the FIG Annual Conference.

SILVER 60 - 74 Points

It is expected that the majority of FIG Partners will achieve this standard.

BRONZE 50 - 59 Points

Bronze should be considered the minimum standard. Members with scores below 50 points may be refused renewal of membership.

Reply to all enquiries and communications within 24hrs


25 Points

Prompt settlement of accounts


10 Points

FIG Membership fees paid due date



10 Points

Participation in FIG Annual ence



20 Points

Appropriate levels of trade within the FIG Organisation. NB: Excludes ‘received’ orders.

Points awarded by FIG Admin

1 - 20 Points

General support , encouragement and promotion of the FIG family.

Points awarded by FIG Admin

1 - 15 Points

4: standards


All Partners will support fellow FIG Partners to the fullest extent and be active in sales activity for mutual benefit.

Partners will respect the customer base of each FIG Partner. All privileged information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

All Partners must be able to offer a full range of services including air and ocean forwarding and customs clearing unless agreed at the time of joining.

All stated international shipping advice must be adhered to by Partners.

Partners may only promote offices through FIG resources which have been awarded to them as exclusive territories by FIG Administration.

Partners will be offered exclusive territories only when offices are fully owned or operated by them (not agencies).

All communications and quote requests should be answered within 24 hours.

Monthly Accounts must be settled within 30 days of month end unless otherwise agreed.

Partners must attend the FIG Annual Conference within 1 year of joining unless exceptional circumstances prevail and with the prior agreement of FIG Administration.


(left) Mr & Mrs ‘SP’ Maniam

(right) Mr Uwe Schaedler

APP Global Logistics Consortium Sdn Bhd Fig MALAYSIA



Frank Xu

5: rules 1

All Partners will have equal standing within the FIG Organisation and no bias or favouritism will be shown by FIG Administration or any FIG Partner.


All fees invoiced by FIG Administration will be settled before the due date. Similarly, FIG Administration will undertake to make payments or rebates to Partners promptly. Fees may increase from time to time but by no more than 10% in any given year.


Partners will undertake to offer an exemplary service in respect of other FIG Partners and clients and will conduct themselves in a professional and considerate manner at all times. No abusive or defamatory remarks will be tolerated through any medium.


Failure to attend two consecutive Annual Conferences without the consent of FIG Administration may result in expulsion from the FIG Network


If a Partners leaves the FIG Organisation for whatever reason, the use of the FIG name or logo should form no part of that company’s promotional material. Nor shall that company continue to claim membership of the FIG network. Should this situation occur, FIG will consider this act a Breach of Contract and will prosecute accordingly


Non-payment of inter-network invoices by a Partner should be flagged to FIG Administration for mediation. If a FIG Partner is deemed to have defaulted on a payment to a fellow FIG Partner, FIG Administration reserves the right to notify all Partners. FIG accepts no financial liability for non-payment by FIG Partners


Partners may leave the FIG Organisation at any time. Fees will not be refunded. Should FIG deem that a Partner is in breach of FIG Rules/Standards and expel that Partner from the organisation, fees may be refunded at the discretion of FIG Administration.


All FIG Partners are required to dedicate a minimum of 25% of their annual sales volumes to FIG Partners


These Rules and Standards may be added to or altered without consultation.

Penavico Shenzhen Logistics Ltd Fig CHINA

6: toolbar The FIGToolbar is sheer genius… With a click of your mouse, you can have access to ’breaking news’ from the freight industry and around the world, numerous useful tools and resources and of course, access to the FIG Directory of trusted and approved global partners... The content of our toolbar is regularly reviewed as we can see from our statistics report, which are the most popular items and where the toolbar is being used. As you may have guessed, the toolbar is usually situated at the top of your desktop (screen) horizontally (ie. not as shown here). Let’s take you through a few of the features (from the top)… •

Click on the FIG logo to visit our website

Use the ‘Google’ search engine to ‘surf the net’

Visit ‘links & resources’ from the FIG website >>

Find and contact a FIG Partner with two clicks! either full directory or quick list. >>

Login to the ‘secure area’ of the FIG website. >> You will need your username & password. Don’t have one? Just ask Emily…

Visit the locations of our FIG Partners on ‘google maps’. >>

‘Live Chat’ with our FIG Admin staff >>

TV News in five languages - yes, real streaming TV! - a very popular recent addition >>

Ship Finder - Allows you to locate any cargo vessel anywhere in the world in real time! >>

There are numerous additional features which can be ‘customized’ to suit each user.

Once you have the FIG Toolbar on your desktop, we can send you ‘News Bulletins’ which will flashup on your screen for a few seconds...

To download your FREE FIG Toolbar

7: annual conference Each year FIG Partners meet in a different country for our FIG Annual Conference. Our 2009 conference was held in New York (previously Bangkok, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur & London). It is expected that ALL FIG Partners will attend our conferences and it should be noted that to achieve the FIG ‘GOLD’ Standard, FIG Partners MUST attend the FIG conference. The FIG Annual Conference is not just the highlight of the FIG calendar but a great opportunity to meet and do business with FIG Partners from around the world all in one room! FIG Admin has developed bespoke software to allow Partners to pre-schedule ‘One-on-One meetings’ during our conference. Check the AGM page regularly in the ‘secure area’ of the FIG website to find full details of our next conference.

Encore Forwarding Inc. Fig USA

Yan yan iny Oc iny@ hoa enc or.c om

Ter e te r e s a E W sa@ i enc ckham for. com

Cin t cint ia Och ia@ o enc a for. c om

We n wen dy Ins dy@ coe enc fo r . com

8: fig news Updates on membership and advancements in technology are regular items in ‘FIG News’ and FIG Partners are encouraged to submit newsworthy stories for publication. This is a great way to raise the profile of your company within the FIG Organisation. We are particularly keen to publish stories which show collaboration between FIG Partners. New FIG Partners are encouraged to submit a brief profile of their company by way of introduction to the FIG family. Should you have a news story (preferably with pictures) just email the copy to Emily.

We look forward to hearing from you... picture:

Stephane Gely (left) & Franck Nascimbeni Easy Freight Fig FRANCE

9: board of members

Board Member Bernard Lavery FIG UK

Board Member Jali de Silva FIG AUSTRALIA - Sydney

Board Member Rolf Bramann FIG CANADA

FIG Administration is proud to have a FIG ‘Board of Members’ drawn from the membership of the FIG Organisation. Our ‘Board Members’ will assist FIG Admin where technical input is required or where an unbiased opinion is required to resolve any dispute. We are pleased to report that our ‘chosen men’ have rarely been called on to perform duties in this area. Please feel free to approach any of our Board Members for impartial advice or guidance.

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left) ( a r m re: agede u t s . co c c i e t pi y Ud gis ridg o n l b A o I s a T e IND wing )-S t h Fig .blr@ g (r i y ey ton n e e .ie Sw ND dge y i r r r A b Te IREL se a @ g y i e F een t sw


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10: payment protection One of the most common questions we are asked is “Do you have a Payment Protection Plan?” Well, the simple answer is no. The reason is because they just don’t work! Let’s look at the options… Full blown Credit Insurance is expensive. For a group like ours, it’s even more expensive because with hundreds of members trading with all the other hundreds of members, the risk is increased exponentially (according to the insurers). Additionally, in these troubled times of financial uncertainty ALL companies involved in global transport are considered ‘high risk’ and can enjoy higher premiums as a result. As with most insurers, the time and cost of claiming and retrieving your money can take months and more $’s.

n aro vel srl Y i Ur t a No Y m Del ITAL e v Fig eltano d uy@

Next option to consider is a Self Insured Payment Protection Plan. We have over the years examined these products as offered by some other freight networks. Basically the members of these groups pay an additional ‘premium’ to the network which accrues interest and (in theory) will be used to ‘payout’ in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation. The wording of these agreements is always aimed at protecting the owners of the network (who are earning interest on this ‘pot’ of ‘insurance’ cash). The protection plan only covers members - not ‘ex-members’. Nearly all these schemes will only payout… say 80% of the total fund (shared between all ‘injured’ parties). This is what we do… Firstly, we make sure (as sure as we can be) that our members have a solid financial foundation and a sound reputation among their peers. Additionally, we may request a ‘second opinion’ from a reputable ‘credit score’ agency. These actions ensure that we have already minimized any risk of bad debt. Because we appoint only ONE representative in each country, any risk is automatically reduced. We can focus on quality rather than quantity. In the event of reported late payment, we intervene and arbitrate. If unsuccessful, we notify our members of a ‘bad debt situation’ and threaten to list the company on various online websites for bad payers in this industry. The threat is usually enough to ensure payment although we will follow through if necessary and will use our international collection agencies (no win - no fee) to collect any outstanding debts through legal means.

re ytu A tin hat tik a l m Y Se Lojis KE i Inc TUR j ilo Fig re@inc tu say

It works! FIGGROUP has used this system for five years and had only three cases of bad debt totaling less than USD$5000.00

11:message from ceo Many of our FIG Partners have been with us for a number of years and I am proud to consider them my friends and my extended ‘FIG’ family. FIG has grown in spectacular fashion over a five year period. At our first annual conference, we had just 11 members and today we have representatives in more than 80 countries with a realistic target to achieve global coverage (100+countries.) in the near future. As well as growing larger, we continue to strengthen our membership. With the introduction of the FIG ‘Gold Standard’, we can monitor members to ensure that our simple standards are achieved and that most importantly the FIG members continue to build professional relationships through ‘oldfashioned’ values of trust, pride and reliability. I am delighted with the standard of members joining our organisation and can report that we receive on average 10 applications to join our group each week. Because we appoint only one representative in each country, most of these applications are unsuccessful. This ‘exclusivity’ means that there is real value in being a FIG member and that our FIG Partners can take pride in displaying the FIG logo on websites and in stationery. I would like to re-confirm my commitment to our FIG family to work tirelessly to bring innovation and fresh opportunities to all. We are always delighted to receive your suggestions and comments. Remember - keep in touch!

Chris Humphrey FIG CEO

Pe Bil ter W l Fig ion Lo ang TH gisti pe cs A ter @b ILA Co ND Ltd .th

Mr Wi & Mr n s Fig gs Lo Tony SR gistic de win Liv gs. I LAN s era cm K b@ A win gsl ogi stic s.c om

12:interforwarder At the time of publishing this FIG Handbook, we are in the process of launching ‘International Forwarder’ (interforwarder) - a webbased directory of ‘approved’ service providers to the freight industry. From express parcels to air & ocean charter, users can search free of charge to find trusted global partners in specific disciplines. A small annual fee is payable to be listed on the directory - USD$250.00 + USD$ 250.00 Application fee. Users and listed companies are invited to attend an annual conference (which will follow the FIG conference). ALL FIG Partners can be listed completely FREE of charge on the Interforwarder database bringing additional sales opportunities.

nez a i r Pe nio ping o t n p eA Shi Jos sped com n N ed. Tra SPAI p s n Fig ez@tra ian jper

Martin Deventer Main Freight Carriers BV


karmona Semih Ben srl Delta Novel


a@deltanov sbenkarmon

eng George J Express lty Top Roya

AN Fig TAIW KONG G Fig HON proyalty.c sandy@to

Sahat Sianipar Jadi Cargo


ices aers Leon eight Serv m o T r ssy F Emba LGIUM E .be Fig B freght y s s emba tom@

Yassin Ghadeer t Logistics East Wes


o wanadoo.j eastwest@

Nick Olsen APA Olsen Pty Ltd

Fig AUSTRALIA Melbourne

FIG Handbook  

Overview of FIG Freight Network

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