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Selecting Your New Backyard Pergola

Pergola is Latin for a protective arbor. There are a lot of options nowadays for these beautiful structures, whether it’s designed to cover a patio, spa, walkway, or garden. In the next few pages we’ll see the different options and materials you can choose to create the perfect pergola.

Pine is versatile, beautiful, and economical.

Pergolas made of pine look great in a wide variety of stains, and they take to exterior latex paint quite nicely.


Pine should be treated to withstand decay, insect damage, and bowing.

Cedar is truly a beautiful wood, with its rich textures, warm color palette, and soft scent.

Cedar’s naturally occurring oils resists warping, decay, and insect attacks but these same oils can make this wood difficult to apply paint. Choosing a stain and/or sealer will keep your cedar looking amazing for years – and the maintenance is relatively easy.


Vinyl is an environmentally friendly option that can survive a lifetime of wear and tear. This is the best option if you want a no muss, no fuss solution. Vinyl doesn’t have to be stained or painted, and cleans easily. Pick from a brilliant white or a graceful ivory.


Talk about strength meets versatility. Fiberglass is the strongest option available – made out of the same material as your car or boat. These pergolas are also lightweight and can be made into any color your heart desires.


Be sure the area you are placing your pergola is flat and strong enough to hold the structure. Pergolas can be placed on your current patio or deck by adding anchor bolts to each leg. They can also be added to the yard – as long as you reinforce the legs with concrete. You can also create a custom base from wood, rock, or brick to complement your new pergola.

The Base

There are a couple options as add-ons depending on what you want from your pergola. Lattice can be added to the sides or roof to provide privacy, shade, or a place for vines and flowers to grow. Privacy Screens can also be attached to the sides and roof. They are attractive metal panels that come in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. If you want to be able to enjoy your pergola without the fear of too much sun, or even rain, consider adding a retractable canopy – which comes in a variety of colors.


Styles Pergolas come in many different styles and materials. Look to your home for inspiration. • Period homes can go well with rounded pillars or “aged” wood. • Modern homes will look handsome with complementary clean lines. • Classic style homes can afford a little flair, such as lattice or an arched roof. • Eclectic homes have the gamut to choose from. No matter what your personal aesthetic or family lifestyle, there is a pergola option for you.

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Selecting your new backyard pergola | details the wide selection of materials and styles for backyard pergolas to match an home...