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Get Ready for Summer with these Unique Backyard Decorating Tips

Lush landscaping and sunny, warm days often trigger the desire to turn the backyard into a more enjoyable place. From taking a backyard holiday with your family to entertaining friends and family with grilled food and seasonal side dishes, you can create an outdoor oasis that makes indulging in all types of summer fun convenient and affordable. Some ways to enhance your backyard even on a budget are: ● Accent your patio by recycling an old piece of vinyl flooring and making it new. Paint the back with vibrant summer shades and set in the middle of your patio furniture. Match to cushions or any other décor for a custom look. ● Dining outdoors doesn’t have to be strictly casual. The modern dining sets from include teak and aluminum sets that are as appropriate for family meals as they are for more formal candlelit dinners under the stars. ● Purchase plain white melamine dishes for outdoor use that are strong enough to take on the outdoors but elegant enough to set a fancy table. ● Add a fire pit to your patio to keep warm during those chilly evenings and to create ambiance. ● Use cushions on all of your seating to add color and comfort. ● A flower garden is a must to provide natural beauty that nothing else compares to. Choose some with large blooms, such as peonies or hydrangeas, to make fresh centerpieces that look wonderful. Something to keep in mind when planning your garden is that peonies have the strongest scent and one that many people like while hydrangeas have no discernible scent. ● Pergolas make wonderful additions to gardens or to any area where there is a walkway or outdoor seating. While adding climbing plants to accent a pergola is a traditional way of adding shade and beauty, running lights can also be used in the top to make it a great place for enjoying get-togethers or meals in the evenings. ● Nothing adds interest and comfort to your backyard like the right lighting. Add accent to your patio, gazebo, or any place where you want to extend the hours that it is convenient to use during the day. ● Hang a hammock and remember what it’s really like to be in the center of nature. ● Invest in slip covers for your chairs. This allows you to change color themes and protect your furniture at the same time. ● Add a porch swing, even if you don’t have a porch! Swings are available in frames that allow them to be placed anywhere, including the patio or under that big elm tree. While the styles of swings available today have changed, the peaceful feeling you get while using them hasn’t.

● Consider kid-sized picnic tables to create a dining place just for the little ones. Not only does this add space, it makes it more enjoyable for them to eat with each other and give adults more elbow room. ● Make the most of your landscaping. A large backyard could feature a pond, a beautiful decorative bridge, planters, deck boxes, trellises, and many various details that add up to a highly detailed area. From simple to extravagant, the touches you add to your backyard will make it more diverse and extend the time that you can enjoy it. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money but want an impressive dining area outdoors, purchase a quality dining set and then cut corners on the decorations and accessories. You may be surprised at the variety of items you can find for summer at the local discount store for only a dollar each! Elegant or festive dinnerware, napkins, tablecloths, dishes and glass vases for your fresh-cut flowers are just some of the ways you can budget your money without sacrificing a beautifully decorated backyard. Company Bio is an online marketplace for the home, garden and family. They carry an unmatched variety of indoor and outdoor furniture, including garden structures, pergolas, arbors, and planters. They also have a variety of furniture for the patio, deck and porch to turn your backyard into your favorite place to spend the summer. Find everything you need for a special event or for the outdoor room you have always dreamed of.

Get Ready for Summer with these Unique Backyard Decorating Tips | Simple ways of decorating your backyard include “recycling” old items from indoors. You can a...

Get Ready for Summer with these Unique Backyard Decorating Tips | Simple ways of decorating your backyard include “recycling” old items from indoors. You can a...