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Designing Your

Backyard Pavilion

Making an Outside Pavilion Like outdoor patios, backyard pavilions can really add space and beauty to your property and home. The process of building or buying a customizable pavilion is surprisingly inexpensive and it’s easy to find space. Check out some different designs for pavilions and how to decorate yours.

What Style will You Choose? Along with styles, your pavilion can also be built out of a wide variety of materials. Choose between: • Treated Pine • Vinyl • Red Cedar • Rough Cut Cedar Also, styles can include: • Savannah • Orchard • Charleston • Victory • Santa Fe • Phoenix • Summerset

What Furniture Do You Need? Pavilions don’t need to be heavy on furniture. You really only need some comfortable outdoor furniture like chairs and maybe a table if you plan to cook in your pavilion. To make your furniture more comfortable, consider adding some pillows and cushions or a nice weather proof tablecloth for your table.

Choosing Your Accessories Also, you can decorate your pavilion to match your home or your personal style. One way to do this is to hang some curtains to provide shade or warmth.

You can also make your pavilion the home for your grill. Many people use their pavilions as an outdoor eating area.

If the roof is high enough, you can also add a portable fire pit to enjoy during summer and winter evenings.

How Will You Use Your Pavilion?

You can use your backyard pavilion in a wide variety of ways. Some people choose to use it as an outdoor living room for lounging during all times of the year.

Some people convert their pavilions into outdoor kitchens and use it for grills, or even as a home for a full outdoor kitchen with sinks and permanent brick ovens or smokers.

Large pavilions can even encompass a small sports area for basketball.

Benefits of an Outdoor Pavilion Backyard pavilions are an extension of your home where your friends and family can gather all throughout the year. They’re perfect for family cookouts and holidays. If the weather is hot, they can provide shade, and with a few curtains and a fire pit, they can protect you from the cold and rain. With large pavilions you can easily host: • Reunions • Weddings • Birthdays • Dancing Events

Start Building Your Pavilion Today!

Small or large, your backyard pavilion will add space to your property and provide you with an extra room to hang out with your friends and family all year long.

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Designing Your Backyard Pavilion Thinking about building a backyard pavilion for your home? Check out the different styles, building mate...