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• It is more often that homeowners focus on the interior of their home simply because it’s where the family spends the most time. • Although by utilizing your outdoor space, your family can enjoy the full benefit of having an outdoor area. A beautiful outdoor area unifies and compliments the indoor area, making your home a holistic and elegant home.

• There are many ways to utilize your outdoor space. Depending on your specific taste, you can use natural elements to enhance your outdoor design.

• Considering your pre-existing landscape, available space, sun movement and other natural elements can determine the boundaries or opportunities with your outdoor design. • Outdoor furniture can activate your outdoor space into a real living space, perfect for accommodating any setting. Whether you want to retreat and relax, or have an intimate conversation while enjoying the weather, outdoor décor can provide that environment. • Color coordination is a great way to design and blend your flora, outdoor furniture and house together.

• There are many ways to add more comfort to your outdoor area. The first step would be to consider the function of your outdoor area. This determines the foundation and layout of your design. • Whether you want your outdoor area to be more for social gatherings or a weekend retreat, emphasizing comfort is the goal in all outdoor living areas. • Accessorizing your outdoor living space can include the tiling, potted plants, fireplaces, grills and much more. These small additions can really brighten and make your outdoor area welcoming to visitors. The possibilities are yours.

• Ramadas are an elegant and beautiful addition to your outdoor space. Traditionally, ramadas are used to provide shade, usually placed above brush or other plants. • Ramadas vary in size and although considered as an extension of your outdoor area, they are highly adaptable and can be turned into fully featured entertainment areas. • Other traditional uses for ramadas are for walkways or porches. In most cases, ramadas feature a fully covered roof. This cover matches the style and material of the home, while serving as an excellence source of shade and comfort.

• Shade is very important to consider when planning your outdoor space. In fact, shade is crucial to creating a comfortable and functioning outdoor living area. • These areas are where you will be spending the most time, and most likely where you will plan to build near. It’s a great idea to consider the movement of the sun. Depending on your placement, you can arrange your outdoor area to maximize shade throughout the day. • Ramadas are an excellent provider of shade as they are primarily used with covers. These covers can vary in material. A popular example is the usage of plant covers which not only cool down the area but the foliage scatters light in a very beautiful way.

• Knowing your existing landscape conditions helps immensely in optimizing opportunities in the available space and function of your outdoor space. • For example, depending on your taste, you may want to clear areas occupied with brush, trees or just simply create even ground. In some cases minimizing your preexisting yard features can enhance the positive elements of your outdoor living area.

• Landscape determines the foundation of your outdoor design. Whether you plan to make your outdoor area private or more social, knowing your landscape can make your designing much easier.

• Outdoor water features come in a variety of styles and are added to your outdoor décor to create a decorative, pleasant and calming atmosphere. • From fountains to waterfalls or other moving bodies of water, water features can greatly enhance the overall ambiance of your outdoor environment. • Water fits perfectly in the outdoors. This is why it’s a great feature to add onto your outdoor design. The presence of water is naturally beautiful. The sound, movement and reflection of water can transform your outdoor area into a serene and refined paradise.

• Generally, many people who design an outdoor area forget to consider the night time. Although a beautifully designed outdoor area is likely to be used as much in the daytime as it is at night time, if not more often. • Considering outdoor lighting for your area is needed. The first step would be to take a look at the way your outdoor area naturally looks at night. This will help determine what you need and don’t need for outdoor lighting. • In many cases you may not need a lot of light in your outdoor area. A simple way to test how much is needed is to start with a small amount of lights and try different placements. Just a few properly positioned lights can illuminate your outdoor area in a perfect way.

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