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the proof is in the pudding...

FIFTEEN IS doing great stuff, and now we know exactly what it’s worth... Fifteen’s Apprentice Programme is now in its ninth year. In that time, they’ve radically transformed the lives of many young people. As a result, the apprentices and their families enjoy a whole host of far-reaching positive life changes including improved long-term wellbeing, better family relationships and improved diet, not to mention reduced risk of homelessness and offending. In January 2011 Fifteen commissioned social researchers Just Economics LLP, to produce a Social Return on Investment (SROI) report for their Apprentice Programme. As part of their cost-benefit analysis, Just Economics identified the many and varied short and long-term benefits that result from the Apprentice Programme. They then worked out what those benefits are worth in financial terms. The report is a fantastic tool for understanding just how effective Fifteen’s work is. By giving the benefits a monetary value, Fifteen can clearly and simply show the full impact of what it does and what their investment actually achieves in the real world.

tHE BIG PICTURE Fifteen’s Apprentice Programme was set up to help unemployed young people into fulfilling, sustainable careers. But the benefits go much further than simply getting someone into work. These are just some of the positive effects of the programme: The apprentices G  ained meaningful employment I mproved social skills I mproved budgeting skills I mproved family life I mproved long-term health Reduced risk of homelessness Reduced risk of offending I mproved long-term wellbeing I ncreased long-term income Their families B  etter relationships with their children Their children Reduced risk of growing up in poverty and being unemployed The State I ncreased social mobility Reduced risk of homelessness R  educed offending

The researchers have looked closely at the first eight years of Fifteen’s work, following up graduates to find out how their lives have changed. Through interviews with past and present apprentices and their family members, analysis of statistics, and surveys of state policy, the researchers have worked out the value of Fifteen’s work. This means that every £1 invested in Fifteen, £9.50 of social value is generated. They estimate that in an average financial year the total benefits of the programme – to apprentices, their families and the State – are worth over £5 million. “Apprentices learn skills that will help them for the rest of their lives: to improve their professional and personal relationships and to cope with challenges that they will encounter. The Fifteen approach aims to create a highly supportive, even familial environment for apprentices. The combination of high quality skills training, wraparound support services and ambition for the young people make it stand out from other training services.” Social Return on Investment



NOT JUST A JOB “Since i was 11 I have been involved in crime but now i see a future and a career.”


“I can now be a role model for my daughter. I had nobody to look up to when I was young. She will grow up seeing me work.”

To read the full Social Return on Investment report, go to foundation Fifteen’s Apprentice Programme, part of the Jamie Oliver Foundation, registered charity number 1094536 15 Westland Place, London N1 7LP | T: +44 (0)20 3375 5502 | W:

Fifteen London - Apprentice Programme condensed Social Return on Investment  

The proof is in the pudding...

Fifteen London - Apprentice Programme condensed Social Return on Investment  

The proof is in the pudding...