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THE CHALLENGE Levi’s was launching a flagship store on the Champs Élysées. But how do you get the Parisian ‘Progressives’ who hang out in much cooler parts of town to come to the grand opening? How do you get them to participate in activities instore that will encourage further interest and footfall from a wider audience? Our challenge was like trying to convince Hoxton Hipsters to come to a store launch on Oxford Street.


Levi’s arrival on the Champs Élysées marks the US and France’s shared love of freedom, equality and originality. The store embodies this by giving people the freedom to create a unique style through customisation, tailoring, extensive choice, and exclusive limited edition pieces. To celebrate this shared spirit of US and France we want Parisians to Go Forth to the store and feel free to collaborate and create with Levis.



FACEBOOK PAGE TAB CHAMPS ÉLYSÉES OPENING TAB •  Hub of all activity •  Have to ‘like’ Levis page to access content •  List all the features of event e.g DJs, limited edition pieces •  Behind the scenes photos and videos •  Previews of collection  •  Link to Pinterest •  Live streaming of content

PINTEREST PAGE CHAMPS ÉLYSÉES PINBOARDS •  Create a range of boards some managed by brand admin only & others are collaborative boards (invite admins from USA/France) •  Pin photos and videos of collection •  Pin photos and video of store •  Pin photos and videos of what will be at the opening •  Pin limited edition pieces •  Pin Customisation process •  Pin Artists, DJs, fashion designers, style icons current & vintage (e.g. Jean Seburg vs. Mia Farrow •  Pin all photos and videos after event •  Like and repin for rewards


Get the progressives to the Champs Élysées store in a creative and collaborative way.

1 – IT TAKES TWO TO TANDEM If we want ‘progressives’ to come to the store let’s make it easy for them to get there. We lock up Levis branded Tandem bikes (with French and US denim seats) all over Paris where the ‘progressives’ hang out. ‘ They have to 'like’ the Fb page to see a map to find where the bikes are and get the code to unlock the bikes. This means they collaborate with a friend and ride together to the store.  Prizes given to the teams who arrive at the store in the quickest times.

2 – ‘THE OTHER HALF’ INVITE Progressives have to ‘like’ the Fb page to get an invite to the opening. But they are only given half an invite. (One half US design one half French design) Andre and Shepard Fairey exclusive design. Fans then make the ½ invite their profile pic so they can find each other to collaborate and match their invites up and all go together. They half come they

can still get entry with an invite but If they both with the matching halves get VIP entry.

3 – WORK YOUR STYLE WITH LEVI’S 2 weeks before opening we go out and track down 20 of the most fashionable progressives on the street and take street style photos of them. We tell them that they have been exclusively invited to the store on the 11th where we will create and customise a free pair of Levis to suit their style. This incentivises them to come down to watch them being made, try them on and own them (and bring their friends). We take another photo of them in the street/store with their new jeans on. The before and after photos get added to Pinterest  to highlight the variety of styles you can create in collaboration with Levis.

4 – OUI WOULD WEAR‌ The freedom to create any style together with Levis. Via FB encourage people to use a Polyvore style app to create the ultimate Levis outfit together using all the styles available (must include at least 1 Levis item). The exclusive pieces available only in the Champs Elysee will be featured encouraging visits to the store. All outfits created get posted onto Levis Pinterest board. The outfits get voted on and all collaborators are invited to the store launch to find out if they have won. The collaborators of the winning outfit get to win a limited edition Levis piece.

5 – CREATE AND CELEBRATE-DENIM BLUE PLAQUES Levis celebrates creativity. To show this support we will give out virtual denim blue plaques to creative people and geotag them to the places where they live/work/ create.  Using an app like Layar people can hold their phone up around the streets of Paris to see these virtual denim blue plaques. You have to register in store on the 11th to be able to get one of the limited number of plaques. In the future we can shine the light on well-known ‘creators’ in each area from music, art, fashion e.g. Joakim (DJ, Producer, Record Owner) lives in X.   If you find his plaque – you are able to access content – music to download / tickets to his next club night.  Can stagger such activity to continue to ignite interest of activity over a period of time.

6 – COLLABORATIVE TREASURE HUNTS We create unique and quirky treasure hunt trails for friends to follow together around Paris. Both start at the same position and head off on different trails. But the clues/ co-ordinates for the next location are with the other friend.  They have to work together to get each other to the Champs Élysées store. At each point they can be rewarded e.g collect a free music track (Busy P / James Murphy). Once checked in at the store the treasure can be downloaded onto their phone.



Get the Progressives to collaborate and create something together in store to share with the world.

1 – TWEET VENDING MACHINE Champs Élysées store becomes a hub for creatives to come to so they can collaborate with each other. A dedicated space (glass box) contains materials, equipment and brainstorming areas. Via Levis Facebook page, people can send out a message requesting to meet up with

2 – SWIPE TO ‘LIKE’ ‘Like’ the Facebook page and register to get 2 Levis RFID leather cuffs (one for you and one for a friend) to 'check-in' to the new store and swipe over the Levis pieces they 'like'.

The cuffs could be a U.S. and French design. A photo of the piece and the 'like' goes instantly up on their Facebook page and on their Pinterest page ‘Fashion’ board.   This increases awareness of the store opening and awareness of the range that Levis offers as all their FB friends and Pinterest followers see these 'likes'

3 – SPEED STYLE CHALLENGES Team up with a friend and collaborate to create the best Levis outfit in 5 minutes. Run around the new store collecting all the pieces, try it on and have your photo taken by a fashion photographer and uploaded to Facebook. People can vote via Facebook for their favourite outfit. Could be via live changing room mirrors that are streamed live onto facebook. The team with the highest votes gets to win 2 of each piece used.

4 – ‘OUI CREATE’ DEDICATED SPACE Champs Élysées store becomes a hub for creatives to come to so they can collaborate with each other. A dedicated space (glass box) contains materials, equipment and brainstorming areas. Via Levis Facebook page, people can send out a message requesting to meet up with other creatives and book a slot in the box. ‘Hey I’m a graphic designer, wondered if anyone’s up for a bit of creativity tomorrow at 3, See you at the Levis store’ A graphic designer could then meet up with a musician and a photographer to create something which can go in the Levis ‘Oui Create’ gallery instore and online. The space can be used to hold workshops and entertainment nights. Weekly missions could be set at these events to inspire people to get out there and create something together for Levi’s.

5 – WEEKLY DJ COLLABORATIONS After Busy P and James Murphy’s collaboration, we can continue doing live DJ sets instore once a week/ once a month. We select local up and coming Parisian DJs. The people instore decide the tracks mixed by tweeting the track directly to the Djs – the more random the better. People outside the store can also get involved by tweeting too E.G one person tweets: #Leviscreate DJ1 Justice Another tweets: #Leviscreate DJ2 Bob Dylan The DJs then have to work together to create a unique track. These unique tracks can be downloaded/ streamed via Spotify/ Last Fm Levis radio.

For the rest of the week when the DJS aren't there we create a Levis Juke box which you can tweet or SMS a track request to so you can hear it instore instantly.

Mixes can also be created online on Spotify or Soundcloud using French and US tracks. Voting can take place to see whose mix makes the official instore playlist.

Levi's Champs Élysées Opening - Digital Ideas  

Digital ideas to promote the grand opening of Levi's flagship store on the Champs Élysées.