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Early Methods For Making a lot of coins with Fifa Ultimate Team 14. Welcome  to  quick  guide  to  making  early   coins  in  Fifa  14.     For  the  best  deals  with  Fifa  Coins  Online  please  visit  our  website   at  

Below we  have  3  great  tips  which  you  may  know  from  the   previous  Fifa  Series  but  if  you  start  of  early  then  this  can  start  to   make  you  some  early  bucks!  The  main  tip  which  is  ESSENTIAL  is   learn  the  market  from  early  –  the  quicker  you  start  to  notice   players  prices  the  easier  it  will  be  to  get  a  headstart  from  the  rest!  

The 59TH minute This method  is  all  about  scrolling  the  trade  window  all  the  way  up   to  page  1000  or  so,  so  you  can  browse  through  the  players  that   are  being  placed  in  the  market  with  1  hour  expiration  time.  So   experienced  traders  would  hawk  the  59minutes:59  seconds  page   scrolling  up  and  down  until  a  good  underpriced  player  hits  the   market. Most  big  money  traders    use  this  method  along  with  custom  price   intervals.  So  for  instance,  they’ll  look  for  players  in  the  20-­‐30k   interval,  maybe  focus  on  getting  IFs  and  hit  Buy  Now  on  the  ones   that  are  priced  below  the  others  in  the  Market  Place,  after   checking  the  price  on  existing  market  players  on  a  website  that   can  monitor  the  market  in  Real  Time  like Why this method has worked in the past A  lot  of  people  don’t  bother  looking  the  price  of  the  players  in  the   market  before  putting  them  up  for  sale.  Others  just  want  a  quick   sale  because  they  need  money.  You  can  find  some  pretty  good   underpriced  gems  due  to  that. So  during  peak  hours  of  the  platform  like  prime  time  UK  or  Happy   Hours,  you  could  usually  get  people  to  list  their  IFs  for  lower   prices  because  they  just  didn’t  know  how  much  they  were  worth. Another  great  method  is  to  focus  in  the  Silver  and  Bronze   overpowered  players.  People  usually  know  Messi  is  worth  a  few   hundred  thousand  coins,  but  a  lot  of  people  don’t  play  with   Silvers.     So  you  might  pick  up  a  few  if  you  try  to  find  Silver  and  Bronze   players  in  the  59th  minute.  

Trading Unpopular/Older In Form Players The method  is  simple:  gather  a  List  of  In  Form  players  (especially   outside  the  big  3  leagues)  and  check  their  prices.  Avoid  the  three   most  popular  leagues,  as  most  people  trade  them  and  are  aware   of  the  IF  prices. So  the  trading  would  be:  if  the  price  of  the  lowest  for  sale  is  LESS   than  the  2nd  lowest  player  for  sale  +  taxes,  then  buy  it  and  relist  it. You  can  actually  just  use  the  Ultimatedb.NL  for  this.  It’s  actually   quicker  than  looking  for  players  inside  the  game.

Price Fixing The idea  is  basically  to  buy  all  cards  of  a  single  version  of  a  player   in  the  market  and  relist  them  all  at  a  higher  price,  so  that  anyone   who  wants  that  player  has  no  choice  but  to  pay  your  price. First  of  all  you  need  a  lot  of  money,  depending  on  the  player   you’re  trying  to  fix. Secondly,  if  you’re  going  to  fix,  you’ll  need  to  fix  smart.  I  see   people  trying  to  fix  common  cheap  players  of  rare  formations  like   4-­‐1-­‐2-­‐1-­‐2,  because  they  don’t  have  enough  money  and  that   ALWAYS  fails. Obviously  they  can  make  some  quick  coins,  but  sooner  or  later,  as   the  player  is  too  common,  the  market  will  be  flooded  of  players  at   the  usual  price  and  the  price  fixer  now  either  keeps  buying  those   players  that  come  up  and  relist  them,  or  just gives  up  and  is  left  with  a  bunch  of  cards  that  he’ll  have  to  sell   below  his  expected  price.

The smart way to do this is obviously to do it with the rarest In Form players of the game, maybe MOTM cards. On XBOX  right  now  there  are  a  couple  of  players  who  are   permanently  price  fixed  and  they  are  among  the  rarest  like  MOTM   cards  for  players  who  got  no  other  IFs  released. Fifa Ultimate Team 14 Guide  

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