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Sustainability: Traffic Volume & Air Quality By: Katya Kaslow & Ava Orr

Brief Overview A recent study conducted in 2018 has discovered that the famous London black cabs are emitting up to 30x more pollution than the normal commuter car. With over 24,000 cabs on the streets, Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared to pull some cabs out of use to help lower the CO2 emissions in London.

Why Do We Care? ● Climate change is transpiring worldwide ● London is one of the biggest metropolises in the world ● London is experiencing hotter, drier summers, and warmer, wetter winters

Why is Air Pollution Bad? The Earth’s Health: ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Ozone Depletion Global Climate Change Crop and Forest Damage Acid Rain Haze Wildlife

Case Examples: ○ Earth's temperature is rising ○ Arctic sea coverage has shrunk every decade since 1979 by 3.5% to 4.1% ○ Sea levels are rising 3.4 mm/year

Human Health: ○ Increased risk respiratory diseases ○ Increased risk heart diseases ○ Increased risk of lung cancer Case Examples: ○ London Smog 1952 caused 12,000 deaths ○ Air pollution causes over 500,000 premature deaths in Europe

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Mission ● Make London the greenest global city ○ Clean up toxic air ○ Green its streets ○ Reduce waste ● Zero-carbon city 2050 ● At least 50% green by 2050

The Car Problem ● All vehicles release pollutants into air ● 23% of UK‘s CO2 emission are from road transportation ● 2.56 million cars licensed in London ● 61,200 private hire drives ● 50,663 private cabs

Key Question #1 Is it ethical of Mayor Sadiq Khan to rule out black cabs and the jobs this provides or is it more ethical to control the amount of air pollution? ● 24,000 black cabs = 24,000 drivers ● Expensive switch to electric vehicles (£55,600/ electric cab) ● Mayor Sadiq Khan’s plan ⟶ win-win solution

New vs. Old Black Cab Models New Models ● TX4 Euro 5 models account for more pollution than older models (50%).

● TX4 Euro 5 models are responsible for 60% of London’s nitrogen oxide emission.

Old Models ● Emit 30% more nitrogen oxide than personal cars. Conclusion ● With over 24,000 black cabs in London, they're leaving a negative impact towards London’s air quality.

Mayor Sadiq Khan on Electric Models His solution: “We all need to play a part in cleaning up our toxic air and while I am encouraged that almost 1,000 taxi drivers have switched to cleaner electric taxis, this damning report really highlights why we need to accelerate their uptake.” - Mayor Sadiq Khan

Investing £24 million into the black cab industry. Ensuring: ● Higher labour wages ● Switch to electric models ● Reducing 20% of London’s nitrogen oxide pollution

Key Question #2 How much profit do black cabs make and is it enough to justify hurting the environment? ● ● ● ● ●

40-50 hour week £23,000 after expenses £28,000 new vehicle £1,600 insurance £1,300 garage fees

Benefits of Electric Black Cab Models ● 1,000 electric black cabs ● Travels 80 miles with zero emission ● Technology based (wi-fi & USB compatible) ● Models include a multi-filter system

Key Question #3 If London were to emit less air pollution, what percent of that would help the overall world? ● 9,000 people die every year from the capital ● London is 940 out of 1,622 out of the most polluted cities ● 8.6 million people in London

Ethical Recommendations ● Make the switch to electric vehicles ⟶ reduces nitrogen oxide pollution by 100% (electric cab models can run 80 miles emission free)

● Mayor Sadiq Khan’s plan will reduce 20% of London’s nitrogen oxide (putting 432 electric cab models on London roads)

● Result: Mayor Sadiq Khan’s plan concludes successful & in turn receives funding in the future to allow more drivers to keep their jobs ethically (with electric cab models)

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Profile for FIE: Foundation for International Education

Sustainability: Traffic Volume and Air Quality  

Session 4 Track: Ethics in Sustainability Room: Kingfisher FIE Ethical Leadership Students, Katya Kaslow and Ava Orr SGLC 2019

Sustainability: Traffic Volume and Air Quality  

Session 4 Track: Ethics in Sustainability Room: Kingfisher FIE Ethical Leadership Students, Katya Kaslow and Ava Orr SGLC 2019