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I is a crowd


spring 2022

I Is a crowd Is a sensuous grid Is a low buzzing noise Is many purring lungs Is constantly constellating Is a slow unpronounceable cure Is the ocean, which is big Is a small shared continent Is cruising the shoreline Is thriving in thickets of confusion Is a two-headed calf, not in a museum yet Is an animal that digs tunnels underground Is every area of skin as an orifice Is GALAXIES HURTLING THROUGH IT Is our grinning faces made of foil Is totally unhinged, but in a good way? Is not guests, we are your family We are happy to be moving outside our cupboard/office with the fan heater cooking our brains out on a daily basis, happy to be escaping our awful glowing heads zooming in their screen boxes and to find ourselves in the real world and in your hands, dear reader. We present you with this new issue which is another way to say: WE ARE STILL ALIVE.

fieldnotes I is a crowd

issue 3 spring 2022

CAConrad & George Finlay Ramsay



Charlie Hawksfield

They Fox


Peter Gizzi



McKenzie Wark



Angus McCrum



Kate Paul



Michelle Williams Gamaker

The Silver Wave


Open window, Angus McCrum


I Don’t Ask


Georges Bataille trans. Rachelle Rahmé

6 Poems on Death


Declan Wiffen

3 Cruising Texts


Rosa Barba

Send Me Sky


Travis Jeppesen

U in a Movie Called El Topo Robert Glück & Arnold J. Kemp

My Last Day


Cecilia Pavón trans. Jacob Steinberg

A Screen of My Own 146

George Lynch



Yuhan Shen

Fragments of Cosmology 6, 22, 39, 45, 96, 104, 111, 155


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All content, unless otherwise attributed, copyright © Fieldnotes and individual contributors, 2022. All rights reserved. No reproduction, copy or transmission, in whole or in part, may be made without written permission. ‘Woolloomooloo’ from Philosophy for Spiders, McKenzie Wark, pp. 7–12. Copyright © 2021, Duke University Press. All rights reserved. Republished by permission of the copyright holder and the publisher.

Can Xue, Love in the New Millenium [annotated], p.154, Yale University Press, 2018. Arnold J. Kemp, Who's Afraid of Something Real, archival pigment on somerset paper, each unique, 43 3/8 × 35 inches, 2012. Courtesy of the artist and M. LeBlanc Gallery, Chicago.


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Poetry editor

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Senior editor

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In the shade of a tree Thomas Forster Keira Greene Joachim Hamou Lauren Houlton Ffion Jones Sarah Pearson Monika Rossiter

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