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Brand Experience Agency of the Year

The challenge for the trophy The awards threw some powerful brand experience agencies into the limelight this year. There was only one on the shortlist, TRO, that had been on the shortlist before after a quiet FMBE for reigning champions Wasserman and previous AoY winners Circle. Sense and RPM (although 1 gold and 1 silver for Circle was not exactly poor result). In bronze we witnessed a coming of age for N2O who capped an exceptional year with a first ever raft of FMBE award entries. The agency works for several of the leading experiential brands on behalf of client Unilever, including Lynx, Sure and Ben and Jerry’s. The agency has seen 55% turnover and 30% personnel growth. N2O was Lynx’s partner for a new concept store.

campaign that will surely be an award winner for its immersive quality later this year. Space’s cleverness has been allied to solid agency growth The agency also impressed with its imaginative leadership. Several internal platforms at Space encourage free thinking and strategic brainstorming that help the agency deliver ideas that unleash the stated purpose: to ‘Move people to choose our clients brands’.

that won our small scale/local campaign by tapping into the agency’s Urban Partnerships proposition. It was one of the case studies of the year at FMBE. MKTG also showed exceptional versatility with winning and shortlisted entries for diverse businesses - for instance Cadbury, Norwegian, Bank of China and Nakd. MKTG seem capable of turning small and large budgets into client success. A Euro1.8M stand for Coca-Cola in Italy tallied against clever effective budget ideas including the silver winner in interruptive marketing with Air New Zealand. What did the judges especially like about the entry? A £2million rise in billings on 2015 looks like sustainable growth, as the agency is consistently building at the same rate year on year and is well placed to exploit global brand requirements, especially after the acquisition of MKTG in the US (and consequent rebrand from psLIVE) that shows massive intent. MKTG clocked up 40,000 experiences in the US last year.

What stood out about the winning agency? MKTG’s innovation came to the fore in its work for London and Partners

Bluewater’s Max Scally presented the award to MKTG

“Launching the Black Space was such an important project for Lynx. Our pop-up concept store embodied everything we want the brand to stand for over the next 5 years, so it was vital that we didn’t sell it short. The biggest testament to it all was the feedback we received; people just couldn’t believe that the store was only there for 3 months, thanks entirely to the superb quality of the build and install by N2O. It was only fitting that it was not only recognised by the public, but also by the internal Global marketing team, who chose to host a number of crucial brand functions there, delighted by how well the execution matched our high expectations for the brand.” David Titman, Marketing Manager, Lynx In silver, Space, an agency that often allies bold creative thinking to expertise in managing the experiential event. The agency impressed with a gold winning Coral campaign, but also a silver winning UEFA

Sponsor: Bluewater Shopping Centre The figures are extraordinary – but no more extraordinary than the place. With 150,000m² of retail, 330 of the best UK and international brands, 50 restaurants and bars, 13,000 free parking spaces, 20 hectares of parkland and seven lakes, Bluewater is like no place on earth. There is no comparison. There are ten experiential locations within Bluewater that create a unique platform where you can reach a wide target audience and be certain your car promotions, product demonstrations and sampling activities will be an outstanding success. Connect and engage with your audience close to the point of purchase.

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