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Most Effective Sponsorship Activation (Sports) GOLD Amplify – Lavazza SILVER Toucan – Ocean Spray BRONZE Traffik – Samsung The challenge for the trophy A long debate and much of it surrounded the bronze winner, a campaign with obvious and game changing credentials that left a fair bit of the sponsorship programme out of the entry. So, Samsung’s Slideliner, a winner at Cannes, was third here (and a winner of our immersive category). The debate opened the door to just what effective really means in terms of sponsorship activation and two campaigns outran Samsung on the run in. In silver an Ocean Spray activity with Color Run that wasn’t a game changer but which drove effectiveness from the sponsorship directly to the retailers, where it counted, showing a +6% sales growth. A detailed budget breakdown left no one in any doubt as to how the strategy had been weighted, how the marketing approach had been integrated and how it had performed with accountability.

What stood out about the winning campaign? The gold winner took one narcissistic innovation – draw a selfie on a coffee using a new device called a Ripple Maker – and used it to reach out to the most committed sports fans and provide them with much needed levity – by connecting with fans in the Wimbledon queue. 5000 Ripples, 10,000 coffee samples from the Lavazza bar, social media and press coverage, enhanced by the engagement of celebrity servers, including Judi Murray meant masses of amplification for the brand from one simple and relevant stunt. What did the judges especially like about the entry? One judge comment spoke for the group. “Brand recognition at such a high profile sports event can be hard to achieve but Lavazza showed how to achieve cut through with a simple device that made it talked about by the most excited fans of the sport.”

Most Effective Sponsorship Activation (Music and Film) GOLD Fusion – Renault SILVER FreemanXP – Vodafone BRONZE Vision Nine – Three BRONZE White Label – Stolichnaya Vodka What stood out about the winning campaign? At one point this was a four-way tie. It Renault and Fusion got the nod because was seriously close. The category also received the highest feedback in terms of the activation at the Big Feastival had it all – event symbiosis, a celebrity tie in quality from our judges. with Jamie Oliver that focussed dad and For Stolichnaya, White Label maximised family interest on the brand though an on a Fabulous tie in opportunity as the online and offline cooking competition, Ab-Fab movie reached out to the heart of and a promotion at the event that a LGBT+ audience and embraced Pride saw the stand offer fun activities and and bar promotion with a star-studded adventure, the cars offer convenience to float that brought the vodka to the core festival-goers and the competition draw of a burgeoning fanbase. large crowds. But the ability to convert For Three, Vision Nine connected nearly genuine interest was never far away with every facet of the Snowbombing festival 162 qualified sales leads generated at with a message that underlined the the 3-day festival. brands lead core roaming message – Prime location at The Big Festival and ‘use your phone abroad at no extra cost.” a strong web presence gave Renault a Vision Nine brought the TVC proposition sense of ownership of a space where and the brands Kiss FM association they are unrivalled by other car brands. to life in Austria creating a new raft of What did the judges especially like brand fans whilst enhancing the festival about the entry? experience. The challenge for the trophy

For Vodafone, a much-desired softer brand look and feel connected seamlessly with the future heroes of the Summertime Ball fans, taking over the journey to Wembley online and then off with fantastic results.

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Social media interaction numbers were impressive, but more than the numbers given the online presence was relevant and targeted for the brand and the event. Viewers of the competition entrants cooking their recipes were encouraged to enter a draw for 2016 Big Feastival tickets.

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