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Most Effective Tactical Campaign (ROI led)

GOLD Worth Retail – The Pet Shop Boys SUPER SILVER Contract People – Hop House 13 BRONZE eXPD8 – M&S Rosie

GOLD Logobrand – Tassimo SILVER REL Field Marketing – Tetley BRONZE Gekko – Acer BRONZE PSfm – Sonos The challenge for the trophy The top two were stand out entries leaving Gekko’s entry with Acer and dutch agency PSfm’s with Sonos as honourable mentions – Gekko for the sheer effectiveness of a dynamic sales demo team and PSfm for enabling the brand to take full advantage of its store-in-store. In silver was a relatively new Tea Warriors Tetley team maximising sales from a Green January push for a season of post-Christmas healthy habits. The activity allied to a Tetley market lead in both value and growth. Display gains were supported by active selling and sampling to consumers in store. What stood out about the winning campaign? Logobrand has an unrivalled

Most Effective Tactical Campaign (Marketing/ POS Led)

The challenge for the trophy

record in this category. This year, a 2015 campaign for Tassimo pods and brewers in Tesco generated universal acclaim – and sales uplift - with a campaign that led by prioritising rectification of Lost Sales Value in stores that Logobrand’s Availability Manager system identified. What did the judges especially like about the entry? Logobrand delivered an average ROI of £24.94 per Tesco store for every £1 invested during November and December. Client Lee Harris, Bosch clearly enjoyed the campaign insight saying ‘It’s the most comprehensive reports we have had. The compliance has significantly been increased this peak and the detail and feedback has been very good. It’s certainly over and above what we have had before.”

First a footnote on this category. The shortlisted finalist from the Philippines for Cebuana Lhuilier, a pawn shops business was an only at FMBE one of a kind for the right reasons. Though the entry didn’t win it challenged our judges to gain a quick understanding of the cultural challenge and firm belief in Field Marketing that the business utilised – and impressed with a story that showed great insight into business commitment. The top 3 here were rated the best we’ve seen for any tactical FM campaign in the Marketing/ POS Led division.

In silver, the launch of Hop House 13 in Ireland as Guinness owner Diageo moved into the craft market in a big way. Contract People were desperately unlucky not to pick up gold for what AC Neilson rated as the product launch of the year in Europe a job that drew upon many different FM skillsets. What stood out about the winning campaign? This was a pop-up shop that had look, location, experiential values and a highly successful result. What did the judges especially like about the entry?

Whilst sales, album success, very effective use of budget and location negotiation all impressed it was the convincing ‘brand’ environment that impressed most. eXPD8’s Said Angela Becker bronze was a from client Becker first campaign Brown, “The for the agency SUPER store was for M&S a perfect extension Beauty for of the Pet Shop their cosmetics Boys brand – launch Rosie. forward-thinking, A 3-phase ground-breaking merchandising and unique. Worth set up was run by eXPD8 with exacting professionalism that truly captured the essence of the album by gave M&S a broader outlook on what constitutes delivering a totally unique marketing solution for its launch.” ‘field marketing’. All 3 were rated as the winner by at least one judge so it was a split vote that decided the 1-2-3.

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