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FBF members forming the logo at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony

FBF members revealing the flags at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Closing Ceremony

INTRODUCTION It has been a very busy first half of 2010 for the Field Band Foundation. Some highlights are: • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • •

Started two new projects, one in Dordrecht/Indwe in the Eastern Cape and one in Danielskuil in the Northern Cape Completed two terms of the FBF Academy before the 2010 World Cup Hosted a visit to the FBF Academy by VLAMO to teach there Hosted Investec, NORAD and FK Norway at the FBF Academy Held two training workshops with the youth leaders 41 HIV Life skill workshops all over the country 370 FBF members volunteered to be counselled and tested for HIV - 1 tested HIV+ The FBF has enrolled 72 FBF members in our Children in Distress programme 140 FBF performances all over the country earning a total of R230,000.00 Started another Impact assessment 18 FBF members formed the musician cast of the IFAS production “Les Grandes Personnes” and performed at the 2010 World Cup, at the Grahamstown Festival and toured Rwanda 371 FBF members participated in the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Another 60 FBF band participated as a band leading the cast procession to Soccer City and performing at the stadium 240 FBF members participated in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Closing Ceremony We processed information from over 3000 FBF members to establish the social profile of the general FBF member. Please see statistical report “Appendix A”

NEW PROJECTS The new projects in Dordrecht/Indwe, in the Emalahleni District in the Eastern Cape, is the first project of the FBF to be fully supported by the local Emalahleni Municipality and that is certainly a step in the right direction. The new Danielskuil project is in one of the most desolate parts of SA and we are delighted to be able to bring the FBF project to this area. The youth have absolutely nothing to do and we are inundated with children. This project is supported by PPC and De Beers. In July/August we are starting a new project in Thabazimbi with the support of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund and other possibilities are in Kathu in the Northern Cape and Ugie in the Eastern Cape. But we will have to wait for the NLDTF to come on board with the equipment before we are able to start those additional projects. FBF ACADEMY The Field Band Academy’s first and second terms were completed before the 2010 World Cup started. Normally the second term would have been in June, July but with all the activities we planned to finish the second term before the 2010

activities. Reports from the Norwegian and SA staff on the students indicate that we have not experienced any behaviour problems. They are all working hard and seizing the opportunity with both hands. This is truly very encouraging and seeing the absolute commitment from the FBF members underlines that the FBF Academy was a very good decision. A Vlamo delegation, from Flanders, has visited the Academy for 7 days and offered courses in show design and drum break design. From now on this will be a regular feature of every term for 1 week. Presently this programme is funded by the Flemish Government but this is unlikely to continue, however Vlamo is so committed that they are sourcing alternative avenues for the support for this programme. A computer lab has been installed in a secure room at the school with the donated Kellogg equipment. Having our own room has vastly improved the situation as we now have 6 groups of 5 students receiving highly individual attention and the learning speed has increased with the improved facilities. We have access to the Eshowe High School Library but it is clear that we will have to have our own library so we are asking all supporters for any books which they might want to get rid of. There is a Rotary book distribution centre in Johannesburg which we have already made use of and we will also source books from other NGO’s who actually specialise in that. We believe that it is important for the students to experience different productions so we make every effort to get them to performances either in Durban or closer to home. In the first term they attended a performance of “Moses” the award winning production of Musa Hlatswayo, and during the second term they attended a concert in Eshowe by the KZN Youth Choir and also performed before the start of the concert at the venue. These kinds of distractions are important for the students as it is both educational and exposes them to new experiences. The schedule at the Academy is very busy from 08h00 to 17h00 and whilst this was a challenge in the first term this has completely disappeared in the second term. They now understand that this is a condensed learning experience to gather as much from as possible. Importantly the feedback from the projects is that the students speak very highly of the FBF Academy which means that it is exactly what the students need. Next year we will increase the numbers to 60. This is important for two reasons – it will be more cost effective and we need to train tutors faster in bigger numbers. However, we face some challenges to achieve this as the present facility, we will struggle to accommodate the two groups and the time the Norwegian teachers have available is limited due to Norwegian labour law. To address this we

have asked FK to extend the contracts to 14 months instead of 12 which will give us more time with the Norwegians in SA. Whether this request will be granted is not known at present. We are still assisting the Zululand Diocese to source the funding for the refurbishment of the property at Rorke’s Drift but in the present financial times this is a tall order but we will persevere. However the Eshowe High School, although not ideal, is adequate for the present and we simply could not wait for the other property to be ready – the need for the uplifting of the staffs’ skills levels is too urgent. TRAINING WORKSHOPS FOR YOUTH LEADERS It is imperative for the FBF to ensure ethical and strong youth leadership. Presently it is not possible to incorporate our band coordinators of the projects at the FBF Academy. They are pivotal to the success of the present projects. Once the first tutors have completed their two year course we will be able to address the Band Coordinator challenge. However in the meantime it is important to keep improving their skills so that the tutors do not overtake them and the levels of education become unbalanced. Therefore we continue to work with them as a group – mostly on ethics and leadership to enable them to be strong role models in the communities. The first two workshops this year dealt mostly with the ethics of servant leadership. However it is clear that we need a separate programme for the present leadership to keep them developing. At the end of the year we will start with an accredited leadership course which will take place three times a year for 10 days over the next two years so that, first of all, they have a transportable qualification and, the programme is structured and specifically designed to address the issues of the FBF youth leaders. We are excited to see the outcome. HIV LIFESKILLS WORKSHOPS This remains one of the most important aspects of the FBF programme. This year to date we have tested 370 FBF members and tutors and one FBF member tested positive – this is indeed a real and measurable outcome of the long-term impact of the FBF programmes. Presently the FBF has 5 members on ARV out of a 132 tutors and band coordinators who fall in the much higher risk statistical category of 18 to 26 years of age. This is equal to a 3.8% infection rate where the national average for this age group is 30.7% In all the 41 workshops we have held this year we have had a full complement (sometimes more) of members attending. Having the HIV programme in house has had added benefits as it now also includes many social services for the individual members of the FBF. We provide school uniforms, clothing, mattresses, tables and chairs for study purposes, paraffin lamps and cookers for all the FBF members registered in the FBF Children in Distress programme. Most importantly we also network on their behalf to get all the government grants to which they are entitled and assist them in getting birth certificates and ID numbers. To date the FBF has identified and enrolled 72 members countrywide in this programme. We expect this number to increase dramatically over the next year as we appoint social officers in all the projects.

FBF 2010 WORLD CUP ACTIVITIES Our thanks go to VWV who invited the FBF to be part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Opening and Closing Ceremonies. However without the assistance of the NLDTF none of this would have been possible. The NLDTF made a substantial allocation to the FBF to enable us to get our members participating in the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP. This also enabled us to spread this privilege all our members countrywide - so a massive “thank you!� to the NLDTF. Almost 700 Field Band members can now say: "I was there!" Our collective enthusiasm for this project is further enriched by the knowledge that it was FBF youngsters that made the FIFA logo and spelt out the participating country names in display boards during the opening ceremony. At the closing they marched in their full "mining" regalia to reveal the flags of the participating countries before lighting up the Dutch and Spanish flags as the final act of the last night's ceremony. Organising and coaching band members from all corners of the country (not to forget the six Norwegian participants!) during the weeks leading up the World Cup and then accommodating, feeding, encouraging, coaching and disciplining them over the past month was a massive undertaking. The stress levels were extremely high, not least when the organisers changed the routine during the final rehearsal on Friday night! We have never been more proud knowing that 500 million people were watching our youngsters perform on television. FIFA restrictions meant that we were not mentioned by name but I am sure we can now use out networks to ensure that our performers get the recognition they so richly deserve. KeNako! OPENING CEREMONY



GENERAL The Field Band Foundation has commissioned our second Impact Study from Keystone and the results will be available at the end of July 2010. Our main aim with this study was to identify and develop measuring tools for the FBF to enable us to measure our own progress and to be able to pass that information through to our stakeholders in a meaningful manner. The FBF Board has scheduled a two day review session on the 14th and 15th of August 2010. We have also invited some of our long term supporters to enrich the review. This will enable us to develop a meaningful 3 to 5 year implementation plan for our clear strategy. The FBF is at the point where we are moving from being a small and successful NGO to a rather substantial organisation and we need to put systems in place to continue to deliver in a meaningful way to our constituency through the growth period. The FBF remains a strong organisation with a committed Board and that is not a luxury that every NGO has. Therefore we look forward to their guidance and input from our stakeholders. We will report on the outcome in detail later in the year. Please also note that we have changed the dates of our Annual Financial Year to January to December. A copy of the AFS of the FBF for the 9 months April to December 2009 is available on request NATIONAL STATISTICS OF THE FBF 2010 ASPECT Average Age % Males % Females Number of schools attended by FBF members Number of townships where FBF members live

Nr 15.09

% 42.03 57.87

214 79

% of Members living with both parents % of Members living with their mothers % of Members living with their fathers % of Members living with their grandparents % of Members living with their uncle / aunt % of Members living with a guardian % of Members living with no adult present

41.35 36.52 2.70 11.46 5.60 1.14 1.56

% Mothers unemployed % Fathers unemployed % Households with no income ( some social services income) % of musician members who had NOT played an instrument before

57.52 60.53 58.92 92.31

Submitted by: Retha Cilliers Chief Executive Officer Field Band Foundation 24 July 2010

FBF Mid Year Report  

A mid-year report on the progress and accomplishments of the FBF