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If you hold more than 100,000 Euros with your bank you should read this

The EU has agreed new rules which will mean that investors and depositors will be forced to bear losses. We have already seen losses for account holders in the case of Cyprus where many investors had to suffer a “hair cut” and the new rules which will take effect from 2018 will implement a new regime where banks will effectively have to bail themselves out. In the meantime what might happen is anybody’s guess- are you prepared to take the risk? Why not let us help you straighten out your financial affairs and make sure that you do not suffer financial loss? For wealth management advice please call us on Tel: 956 796 911 or email

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No two clients are the same. A successful strategy for creating wealth begins with a sound financial plan which is determined by a careful analysis of your financial needs, investment objectives, lifestyle goals and time horizon. The foundation of your wealth plan should include the ability to provide financial support for your family, business or those you care for. Once your financial goals have been established after making a careful assessment of your appetite for risk we will devise a bespoke investment strategy that makes use, wherever possible, of tax efficient savings and retirement schemes to minimize personal and business taxation. Whatever point you are at in your journey to achieving your wealth goals you will find our services of value, be that in establishing your wealth planning needs, reviewing existing financial goals and objectives or providing a second opinion to your current financial arrangement.


The preservation of wealth is a vital component of a successful wealth management strategy. As you travel through life your financial circumstances change and so too do your financial planning needs and at some point in your journey the emphasis will shift from wealth creation to wealth protection and the need to consider a variety of strategies to protect your wealth for the future. The manner in which you hold your assets becomes a central issue in the management of your wealth and you may require legal, tax and financial advice on the best way in which to hold your assets to maximise tax efficiency, preserve wealth and ensure a smooth transition to your heirs. A forward looking wealth preservation strategy will help ensure a lasting legacy for you and your family.


Preparation is everything and whilst planning for death is not the nicest or easiest of subjects to consider, let alone plan for, it is very important that appropriate financial arrangements are made to ensure that your estate is distributed in an orderly and thoughtful manner after you pass away. However it is essential that you put in place structures and mechanisms to ensure your wealth is transferred to your heirs in the most tax efficient manner keeping administrative costs and unnecessary bureaucracy to a minimum.

Whether you are a wealthy entrepreneur with global business interests, an international worker or an expatriate retiree; residence, domicile and where you generate your wealth may cause cross border conflict. This can be compounded when you generate income or own property in more than one jurisdiction and you may well need a team of professional advisers who can work together on a cross border basis to address the complexities of tax and inheritance planning and ensure a flawless transition. Even where your assets are confined to one jurisdiction the need for proper planning to minimise any inheritance tax liability is essential.



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