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Anger Anger sounds like the white noise that blocks all coherent thoughts Anger feels like the shame and regret of hurting someone you love Anger looks like the tears of someone you adore when you hurt them in more ways than one when you don’t know your own strength Anger smells like the fresh blood that you promise you will never create again Angers tastes like you choking down your phlegm so you can keep yelling

Some more Sunday relaxation sound like the birds singing along with the rhythmic music

Surfing smells like the ancient sands of the sea

Dreams feels like you have all the options and possibilities to do what you want

Fear looks like your life crumbling beneath your feet s Fear feels like your carefully made plans crashing down on you

Nerdy Exceptional Light shine Swords grace Oak fleshed Nifty

Secretive Creative Hardy Obligated Limitless Enlightened Special

Forever intertwined we will be to Remember the good times and forget the immoral and wicked we have cause. Incomprehensible is the bond we share to the inevitable End but until that we will care for each other. No is what I will never say until our unfortunate Demise. We will Surrender or pride for on another

A stolen car screeched around the corner of a brick laid path The stench of corpses, rubber and blood filled the air of the alleyway A vampire stumbled onto the bricks he had the face of a killer and his eyes where as dark as his soul Blood was spat onto the street it was like a snake striking a spider As the moon hid behind the storm clouds it was trying to escape the all touching rain You could hear deals were made from a pocket full of mumbles and sharp promises Not caring for the life that would be taken or the family left alone You could hear the last raspy breath of a soul the fear in his eyes was as obvious as the second rate cologne he wore which would linger till the day he was buried, if he was buried People where cheaters fast, strong and determined Their feet crashed on the wet concrete the sound echoing all over the town The man didn’t have long until they came he tried to make peace with god but no god would allow this tragedy to happen Right before the end he saw them they were still with him still in his heart and then nothing He cried out in his anger in his pain don’t leave me not now not yet He felt the chill of titanium of the revolver pressed against his own temple his finger trembled and then‌

Like a leaf in a Hurricane I fly twirling


So trapped and helpless

The chilled ice devoured All sight including the height Of the mountain caps

The tree swayed in The cyclonic gale you could Even see some scary hale


Environ Colourful coral bleached black by pollution The devastation has turned it into a wasteland or fallout mental zone poem The silent screams of sea life echo across the ocean The standstill helpless coral shouted out in its rag and pain What a hellish place the beauty of the ocean has become

The only safe haven are the dark deep dangerous bottom depths that only house the cruellest brutes Animals run in fear of the darker than black crude that envelopes all The monsters that who hide in shadows are forced to run Death slowly, steadily, strongly and skilfully devour all it touches All animals including humans revert to their barbarian instincts All animals run but to where nowhere No reconciliation will be given or received The ocean shrieks in pain because of our foolishness so please help!!!

Poetry Techniques Metaphor His voice was as loud as an atom bomb, as he yelled every second getting louder and louder as if a stampede was coming closer and closer.

Simile He was like a slippery snake sneaking and plotting revenge.

Alliteration The Bright bubbly babbling brook brought beautiful bunches of water our

way when it crashed next to us.

Hyperbole She was so cold it was a wonder she wasn't an iceberg floating in Antarctica,

Onomatopoeia Screech went the car as it zoomed and whirred and around the corners.

Personification The bow shook in fear of the target ahead, and then shanked it in the head and stole his life. The stormy sea took his last breath.