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The angry owl glared down at Oskar and squawked,

“YOU WOKE ME UP!” “I’m sorry, Owl,” said Oskar, “but it is daytime you know, not sleepy time.” This made the owl even angrier. “Don’t you know that owls sleep during the day?” Oskar was puzzled by this and asked, “What do you do at night then? Play?” “PLAY?!” shrieked the owl, “We don’t play. We hunt and eat our dinner!”

Oskar could see there was no chance of a game here, and quickly ran down the path into the forest ‌

And of course, one day, SPRING did arrive! How Grandma and her animals loved being outside in the sunshine. The hibernating animals were there too having woken up from their long winter’s sleep.

Only Oskar was sad. He had waited so long but there was still no sign of Marmot.

And Oskar had to wait many more days until finally, early one fine spring morning, he heard a whistle. Yes! THE LOUDEST WHISTLE IN THE WORLD! And he knew that Marmot was awake and climbing up the mountain to see him. And when the two friends met, there was no need for words: they both knew exactly what they wanted to play. And you can guess what that was, can’t you? You’ve got it! DIGGING!

Fun-loving puppy Oskar runs down the mountain looking for a friendly animal to play with. But where are the animals? And why must Oskar wait till spring to play his favourite game again?

A heartwarming tale full of fun and adventure.

Sample 8pp from Oskar's Amazing Adventure  
Sample 8pp from Oskar's Amazing Adventure  

Eight page sample from Fideri Fidera Publishing's full-colour picture book: 'Oskar's Amazing Adventure'