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Fidel Tukel: What Does a Boxing Manager Do?

Fidel Tukel is well-versed in the sport of boxing, having worked within various roles and with numerous fighters for much of the last ten years.

An experienced trainer, promoter and trainer, Tukel has come face-to-face with much of what the boxing world can throw at you, and has been able to navigate those challenges with relative success each step of the way.

One role in which Fidel Tukel has made a name for himself is that of Boxing Manager; a position which has included the management of various medal-winning, championship boxing talent throughout his career. As a manager, Tukel has been responsible for:

--garnering interest in the athletes. Managers such as Tukel are responsible for spreading word of their boxers to the right people, as well as securing each individual the best, most lucrative fighting opportunities possible.

--working as representative for each fighter. When facing promoters, training teams and other fighters, boxing managers serve as the fighter’s representative, and are therefore responsible creating the best image possible.

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Fidel Tukel: What Does a Boxing Manager Do?  
Fidel Tukel: What Does a Boxing Manager Do?