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Total Expert: Mastering the Basics Checklist Below is a list of tasks and skills that each LO should be able to complete. I.

Leads and Contacts a. Submit a spreadsheet of contacts to be uploaded into the system b. Understand how to create a contact c. Create an “All Contacts” Smart Group d. Create Client and Agent Smart Groups

II. Print Marketing a. Know how to generate and print a single branded flyer III.

Email Marketing a. Send weekly rate email b. Put all contacts on Holiday Video Email Campaign c. Put borrowers on the In-process Video Campaign d. Choose Monthly Newsletters to distribute and assign to appropriate groups: i. Conscious Calendar: Audience: Prospects, Post Close. Highlights month-specific content such as National Home ownership Month and Men’s Health Awareness Month and showcases related activities and resources. Will deploy on the final workday of each month. ii. Monthly Dish: Original recipes for with unique, modern twist. Deploys on the second Tuesday of each month. iii. Monthly Dispatch: Audience: Prospects. Mortgage, real estate and household financespecific content with consumer tips and recommendations. Deploys on the third Friday of each month. iv. Economic Roundup: Audience: Referral Partners, Real Estate Agents, Service Providers, CPA, Financial Planners. Higher-level finance and market piece dealing with various indicators and the economy. Deploys on the first Wednesday of each month. v. Market Snapshot: Audience: Referral Partner, Real Estate Agents, Service Providers, CPA’s, Financial Planners. Info-graphic based piece with real estate, mortgage and other housing market information designed to provide general update on trends. Deploys on the second Wednesday of each month. vi. Welcome Home: Audience: Prospects, Post Close. Lifestyle magazine piece with home improvement,enhancement,entertainingandtime-savingideas.DeploysonthefourthWednesdayof each month. IV. Available Resources: Know where to get help. a. Resources Section in Total Expert i. Articles, webinars, guides, videos and blogs ii. Live Chat: Ask your questions! iii. Your Mortgage Marketing Team

TE Basics Checklist  
TE Basics Checklist