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Need a New ID Card? Replace It Fast With One Phone Call

Fidelis Care is pleased to offer members a new, convenient way to order replacement ID cards. Members can now quickly order ID cards over the phone without speaking to a representative. Simply call us at 1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547) and follow the prompts to get started. Don’t forget: Once you order your ID card over the phone, visit the Fidelis Care Member Portal online at members.fideliscare.org to print out a temporary ID card.








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You and Your PCP: A Healthy Relationship

Haven’t yet scheduled an appointment with your primary care provider (PCP) this year? Now is the perfect time. If you haven’t yet chosen a PCP, or haven’t gone back to see one in more than a year, here are some reasons why you should:

PCPs help prevent illness

They offer proper preventive care and guidance--from routine checkups to vaccinations to dietary recommendations--to ensure you’re less likely to get sick in the first place.

If you DO get sick, PCPs know the best course of action for YOU

They can treat your condition right in the office, refer you to appropriate specialists, or oversee your treatment should you need to be admitted to a hospital.

When in doubt, call your PCP

Your doctor, or someone on his or her team in the office, can address all non-life-threatening health issues. It’s reassuring to have a trusted medical professional you can call with health-related questions.

To choose or change your PCP, visit the Member Portal at members.fideliscare.org.

Have Fun, Play Smart This Summer

The sun is shining, a warm breeze is blowing, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. It’s the perfect summer day to get outside for a day at the beach, a family picnic, or a neighborhood barbecue. But before you run out the door, make sure you and your family are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Before you leave..

When you’re outside..

Keep a first aid kit handy

Out for a bike ride? Wear a helmet

Drink plenty of water

Walking around the neighborhood? Cross the street safely

It’s always good to have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand in your home or car in case of any accidental bumps or bruises. Smaller kits that fit in a purse help too. First aid kits can be purchased through the Red Cross and at most pharmacies and department stores.

Summer heat means a higher risk of dehydration, especially in children and older adults. Keep ready-to-fill water bottles by the tap, put a case of water in the trunk of your car—whatever helps everyone remember to drink up. The key is to not wait until you’re thirsty: Keep sipping water throughout the day.

Wear sunscreen

If you’re going to be out in the sun between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm, sunscreen is a must to protect from sunburn, skin damage due to sun exposure, and skin cancer. It’s ideal to put on sunscreen at least a half hour before you go outdoors, then reapply every two hours.

Accidents happen, even when you’re being careful. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear a helmet. If you do take a tumble, or if a serious accident occurs involving another bicycle or vehicle, a helmet can increase your chances of survival and reduce chances of serious brain injury.

Always stop and look both ways, even if there’s a pedestrian traffic light, and make sure the little ones are walking with an adult or and older, responsible child.

Swimming? Eliminate distractions

Leave the smartphone in your bag. A responsible adult should always be on hand watching if the kids are swimming. Anything can happen in an instant—even to kids who know how to swim well or are using flotation devices.

For more smart summer fun tips, visit fideliscare.org and click “News & Information.”

Summer Sprain or Strain?

When we think of summer, we think of fun activities like baseball in the park, climbing trees, running, and pick-up basketball games. Unfortunately, it’s this type of fun that often causes joint sprains and strains, and contributes to the standard spike in ER visits during the summer months. If you or a loved one is injured, call your primary care provider. Then, answer the following questions so you and your PCP can determine what level of care you need.

Can you move it?

Typically, a good range of motion is a positive sign, but no motion, or extremely painful motion, needs a medical opinion.

Can you walk more than three steps?

An injured joint that can’t bear weight needs your PCP’s guidance to treat.

Are you in a lot of pain?

Don’t “tough it out.” Pain means your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.

For more smart summer fun tips, visit fideliscare.org and click “News & Information.”

Your Mobile Phone Could Help You Quit Smoking The reassurance you need to quit smoking could be just one text away.

Talk to your PCP about quitting

Fidelis Care partners regularly with The New York State Smokers’ Quitline to help our members stop smoking for good. The Quit Messaging program is one of many free, easy-to-access resources the Quitline offers. Quit Messaging allows you to receive text messages and information on your mobile phone, via email, or on your landline phone to help you stay on track and put you in touch with help when needed. New Yorkers trying to quit smoking can write out their own text messages and automatically schedule to receive them at set times of day. Or, keyword and Quick Response (QR) messaging is available to regularly give you access to information and resources that can help you quit. You have your scheduled texts, you have your Quitline resources—now make time to talk with your primary care provider. This is a very important step, because your PCP might recommend other ways to quit that require a referral or prescription. For example: medication is available to help smokers quit—but your PCP is the only one who can help you find out of those methods are right for you. If you are ready to quit, congratulations: You’re doing an amazing thing for yourself and your loved ones. Talk to your PCPC, then visit nysmokefree.com and click “Tools to Help You Quit” to find Quit Messaging and other helpful information.

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healthyNOW - Summer 2016  

The Summer 2016 issue of healthyNOW, the official Fidelis Care member newsletter.

healthyNOW - Summer 2016  

The Summer 2016 issue of healthyNOW, the official Fidelis Care member newsletter.