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A Note to Our Customers: The autumn of 2016 marks our 43rd Anniversary as pioneers in water-based pigment printing and manufacturing of the finest kitchen textiles and home décor, all proudly made in the USA at our factory in Greenwich, NY. Since we opened our door in 1973, we at Fiddler’s Elbow have perfected the art of silk-screening and have dedicated ourselves to using only the highest quality organic pigments and natural fabrics to deliver gifts and home accessories of unparalleled quality to our customers at a fair price. While growing and changing with the times and trends that each new era has brought, we’ve continued our tradition of partnering with world-renowned painters and illustrators, ensuring that all our products are rendered from original artwork. We know that American Made Quality is important to you and your customers. Our pledge is to continue designing and manufacturing the very best in gifts and home décor with the same time-honored traditions you’ve come to know and trust. It’s only by your loyal patronage that we’ve been able to fulfill our vision of a world that lives more artfully and we thank you! Sincerely,

John Gunther Founder and President

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Kitchen Towels & Mugs

18-27 Coffee Coasters, Mugs & Mouse Pads

28-34 Pet, Door & Mud Mats


Feline Impressions - Totes & Pillows

36-39 Decorative Doorstops

OPENING ORDER: $250.00 RE-ORDER: $125.00 PRICES: Prices F.O.B. Greenwich, NY CLAIMS: Claims for defective merchandise, shortages, errors in shipment, or merchandise damaged in transit must be made within 3 days of receipt of order. RETURNS: Merchandise will not be accepted without a return authorization number. 20% restock fee. A credit memo will be issued for returns. No cash refunds. BACK ORDERS: Automatically ship when available. PAYMENTS: We accept MasterCard,Visa, Discover, American Express. We charge your card the day your order ships. Charges will appear on your statement as The Toy Works Inc., our legal company name. Be confident your credit card transaction is processed in the most secure web environment. NET 30: To apply for Net 30 account, send 3 trade references with your customer account numbers, bank reference and resale number (NYS only). Accounts past 90 days liable for all collection and attorney’s fees. SERVICE CHARGES: Accounts over 30 days are charged 1.5% per month. $35 charge for returned checks. Refused shipments are subject to a $15 service charge. PRIVACY INFORMATION: We do not sell, trade or distribut any of your personal information. COPYRIGHTS: All our artwork is Licensed and Copyright protected.

Kitchen Towels Fiddler’s Elbow 100% cotton pique silk-screened towels add colorful flair to any kitchen dècor. Choose from our sassy humor, playful puppy and kitty designs, country charm and friendly farm kitchen collections! Generously sized at 22”x 32”, towels are packaged on a colorful header card with butterfly punch for ease of display.

E40 Allergic Dog C40 Mug

E33 Coffee Bitch C33 Mug E38 Drinking Alone C38 Mug

K704 Cat Hair


E32 Coffee Break C32 Mug

Great Novelty Gifts!

E30 I Don’t Like You C30 Mug

Ceramic Mugs Fiddler’s Elbow 15 oz. ceramic mugs feature vintage art, sassy sentiments and artful animal designs. Our colorful collections of mugs are permanently dye-printed in Greenwich, NY and are microwave and dishwasher safe. Pair your favorite mug with one of our silk-screened kitchen towels and create the perfect gift combo for your customers!

K706 OOPS! E89 Classy People E34 Wine Time C34 Mug


E1 Drink Coffee C994 Mug

E31 Hours Between C31 Mug

E36 Unfriend Them


100% Cotton!

E37 She’s Drunk

E39 Marijuana C39 Mug E27 Side Effects C27 Mug

E35 F-Bombs

Organic pigments! 6

E86 Beer C520 Mug

E28 Agree To Disagree C28 Mug

Add warmth & humor to any kitchen!

E62 Crazy Cat Lady C62 Mug

E90 Going To Hell

E64 Kiss My Ass C64 Mug

E66 Dog Hair C66 Mug

E110 My Fantasy

826 Bad Relationship


E41 Bitch Face? C41 Mug

E61 Dirty Girl C61 Mug

American Made Quality!


E11 Being Stacked

E69 Boobs

E10 Throbbing Vocabulary

E26 Terrible Warning K702 Bottled Up!

E25 Puh Leez!

831 Coffee! 415 Mug

K700 Wine Makes You Lean

E103 Guess What Mom


Great Novelty Gifts!

E105 I’m Still Hot

825 Really A Bitch 412 Mug

E6 Clean House

828 Kitchen

E3 Being Unstable C516 Mug


E83 Hot Flashes C513 Mug

E108 Never Laugh 829 Call It Bitching

827 Save Time 413 Mug

TL23 It’s Been Lovely C51 Mug E81 Bitch E106 Always Right

100% Cotton!


E5 I Understand C515 Mug

E84 I Can Cook C518 Mug 824 Child Proof

Add warmth & humor to any kitchen!


TL24 Breakfast In Bed C517 Mug

E82 Every Day

E92 Raisin Cookies

E65 Bad Cook C65 Mug

More Ceramic Mugs

414 I Know

C511 Shopping

E22 Naughty


E63 Obey The Rules C63 Mug

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe!

C519 Instead Of Cleaning C514 Explain To Me

ME7 More Nog

C521 Let’s Just Say

512 Get Married

ME10 Tinsel In A Tangle!

C522 Square Meal


Original Artwork by Leslie Anderson

K36 Pug C109 Mug

K49 Bichon Frise’ C104 Mug

K34 Dachshund C108 Mug


K40 West Highland Terrier C115 Mug

K45 Yorkshire Terrier C105 Mug

K35 Golden Retriever C111 Mug

K39 Black Labrador C106 Mug

K46 Chihuahua C101 Mug

K37 German Shepherd C114 Mug

K48 Corgi C113 Mug K51 Boston Terrier C110 Mug

American Made Quality!

K38 Yellow Labrador C112 Mug


B4 Bunny Collage

B5 Flowers & Butterflies

B3 Bird Collage


K60 Bonjour

K61 Farm Alarm

B2 Hens C500 Mug

K28 Full Moon C899 Mug

K29 Peeping Toms C204 Mug

100% Cotton!

840 Warm Holiday Wishes

841 Cheers

K315 Peculiar Perspective C315 Mug

842 Meowy Christmas


Coffee Coaster / Mouse Pads Measuring in at 8” x 9”, our coffee coasters and mouse pads are large enough for your computer’s mouse and a matching Fiddler’s Elbow mug! Our dog, cat, farm and nature designs are individually printed on a thick neoprene backing to keep your desks and tabletops scuff free while giving your mouse a smooth work surface to improve accuracy. Perfect for dressing up your home or office workspace!

M401 Black Lab C401 Mug

Includes graphic header card for ease of display!

M409 Beagle C409 Mug

M400 Pug C400 Mug

M403 Chihuahua C403 Mug


M405 Dachshund C405 Mug

Ceramic Mugs Fiddler’s Elbow 15 oz. ceramic mugs feature vintage art, sassy sentiments and artful animal designs. Our colorful collections of mugs are permanently dye-printed in Greenwich, NY and are microwave and dishwasher safe. Pair your favorite mug with one of our silk-screened kitchen towels and create the perfect gift combo for your customers!

M402 Yorkie C402 Mug

M408 Chocolate Lab C408 Mug

M406 Boston C406 Mug

M407 Yellow Lab C407 Mug

M404 Golden Retriever C404 Mug

M410 German Shepherd C410 Mug



M24 Yorkie/Porch C6 Mug

M14 Chihuahua/Path C15 Mug

M15 Westie/Porch C5 Mug

M22 Yellow Lab/Porch C11 Mug

M18 Golden Retriever/Porch C4 Mug

M17 Chocolate Lab/Porch C3 Mug

M2 German Shepherd/Porch C8 Mug

M13 Dachshunds/Path C13 Mug

M16 Black Lab/Porch C2 Mug

M23 Dachshunds/Porch C12 Mug

M25 Pug/Porch C1 Mug

M36 Bulldog/Porch C17 Mug


Double Duty Mouse Pad & Coffee Coaster! M35 Corgi/Path C16 Mug


M12 Boxer/Path C14 Mug

M19 Sheltie/Porch C7 Mug

M21 Cocker/Porch C10 Mug

M37 Peeping Puppies C308 Mug

M73 Tabby Cat C73 Mug

M70 Black Cat C70 Mug

M71 B&W Cat C71 Mug

M72 Orange Tabby C72 Mug

M11 Peeping Toms C204 Mug

M74 Calico Cat C74 Mug



M315 Peculiar Perspective C315 Mug

M316 Sun Bath C316 Mug

M319 Spunky C319 Mug

M321 First Spring C321 Mug

C200 Buggy & Juliette

C201 Kitkat & Boots

C202 China Blue

M1 Long Shot C307 Mug

M10 Heart’s Desire C304 Mug

M306 Special Connection C306 Mug

M310 Caroline’s Horses C310 Mug

Permanently Dye-Printed for Lasting Quality!

C302 Simple Pleasures C300 Los Tres

C305 Good As Gold

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe!

C999 Drinking Buddies


M995 Bay Horse C995 Mug

M996 Grey Horse C996 Mug

M997 Chestnut Horse C997 Mug

M998 Black Horse C998 Mug

Designed by Top International Painters and Illustrators!

C67 Nut House


C117 Dairy Queens

M240 Chickadees C240 Mug

M311 Goldfinches C311 Mug

M992 Hummingbird C992 Mug

M993 Bluebirds C993 Mug

C504 Cardinal

C505 Chickadee

C130 Springtime Cardinal

C507 Goldfinch

C650 Downy Woodpecker

Permanently Dye-Printed for Lasting Quality!

C506 Hummingbird


Pet, Door & Mud Mats These Fiddler’s Elbow 27” x 18” designer doormats have a variety of uses throughout the house. Great for welcoming guests, keeping dirty paw and boot prints off your floors and keeping your pet feeding areas mess-free. All doormats are packaged with colorful graphics on an 18” header card with butterfly punch for ease of display.

Proudly Made in the USA!

D1031 Dreamers Welcome X29 Who Goes There


D651 Life After Death

D18 Anger Management

D315 Wipe Your Paws

D84 Giddy Up

Original Artwork!

D520 Summer Friends

D733 Deer Camp

D1061 Welcome To The Nuthouse

D11 Over The Gate

X34 Racoon

D480 Dairy Queens

Indoor or Outdoor Use! D109 Christmas Bunny



D251 Choose Me

X37 Chihuahua

X35 Dachshunds

D540 Corgi

D94 Pug

D93 Westie

D69 Poodle

D70 Scotties

D102 Cocker Spaniel

D114 Garden Party

D115 Partners In Crime

D23 Shih Tzu

D252 Subtle Hint

X10 Two Pugs

D190 Bassett Pups

D91 Black Lab

D92 Chocolate Lab

D95 Yellow Lab

D96 Golden Lab

D105 German Shepherd

D21 Rottweiler

D240 Heart Of Gold

D30 Yellow Lab

X36 Boxer

X26 Pit Bull

D220 Irish Setter

D29 Beagle

D20 Chocolate Lab

X41 Faithful Friends

D36 Wolf



D51 Boston Terrier

D73 Patience

D83 Jack Russell

X39 Peeping Puppies

X47 Springtime Cavalier

X48 Springtime Yorkies

X46 Springtime Bluebells

D42 Lady

D560 Jack’s Night

D60 Los Tres

D98 A Good Days Work

D99 Good As Gold

X38 Special Connection

D250 Lady Marmalade

D160 Cuddletime

D731 Heads Up

D732 Welcome To The Farm

D310 Caroline’s Horses

D100 Heart’s Desire

D101 Simple Pleasures

D108 Harmony

D130 Cardinals

D521 Backyard Friends

D72 Winter Robins

D650 Downy Woodpecker

D992 Hummingbird

D993 Bluebirds

X240 Chickadees

X311 Goldfinches

D990 House Finch



D71 Cat At Fishpond

D311 Nelson

D541 Bad Kitty

D570 Fiona

D610 Gardener’s Helper

D620 Gardener’s Assistant

D88 Buggy & Juliette

D89 China Blue

X28 Willow

X40 Rose Garden

D316 Sun Bath

D319 Spunky

D321 First Spring

D97 Birds & Geraniums

D86 Peonies

Visit for more bird mats.

Feline Impressions - Canvas Totes Fiddler’s Elbow stylish totes combine the look of a glazed oil painting with versatile functionality. Amply sized at 12” x 14” with a 5 ½ “ gusset and bottom insert, these sturdy totes are durable with a water-resistant polymer coating and snap closure – perfect for a day at the beach or farmer’s market, grocery shopping, library visits or overnight trips!

T804 Black Cat T812 Orange Tabby Cat

T803 Tabby Cat

T805 Black & White

Feline Impressions - Pillows Fiddler’s Elbow cat pillows are individually silk-screened on 100% combed cotton featuring the original artwork of renowned Canadian artist, Adeline Halverson. Amply sized at 14” x 16”, pillow are trimmed and backed with black duck and stuffed with a hypoallergenic pillow fill. These pillows are plump, amazingly lifelike and purrfect for an afternoon nap!

92 Black & White Cat Pillow

90 Tabby Cat Pillow

99 Orange Tabby Cat Pillow

91 Black Cat Pillow


Decorative Doorstops Fiddler’s Elbow doorstops and soft Kitty-Weights™ are bottom-weighted to remain upright. Silk-screened on pima cotton with organic pigments and stuffed with a hypoallergenic pillow fill. These cuddly cat and farm inspired soft sculpture designs have all been artfully rendered to lend a cozy and lifelike charm to doorways, desks and sofas.

127 Pig

128 Bunny

Designed by Top International Painters and Illustrators!

126 Gigi Rooster

79 Santa Cat


370 Santa Kitty

108 Rooster

Kitty WeightsŽ Featuring the art of Leslie Anderson Stuffed and weighted, 8� tall

Remains Upright with pellet-weighted bottom!

224 Gray Kitten 216 B & W Kitten

214 Siamese Kitten

223 Calico Kitten

225 Orange Tabby Kitten 226 Brown Tabby Kitten


Decorative Doorstops

Original Artwork!

81 Tuxedo cat 15” Tall

74 New Calico Cat

80 Maine Coon Cat 15” Tall

Amazingly lifelike!


78 Siamese 15” Tall

71 B&W Cat 15” Tall

Organic & Eco-Friendly!

70 Black Cat 10” Tall

73 Long Hair Tabby 15” Tall

75 Brown Tabby 10” Tall

100% Cotton!

72 Orange Tabby

76 Gray & White Cat 10” Tall


Fiddler’s Elbow 101 Fiddler’s Elbow Road Greenwich, New York 12834

Fiddlers elbow 2016  

American Makers of Quality Gifts

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