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India’s largest, fully integrated wholesale textile mall.

The perfect business address for the future of your wholesale textile business.

A project that makes Erode the future... Erode is special. A bustling town in the interiors of Tamil Nadu with an unrivalled entrepreneurial zeal. Its people have passionately overcome challenges to excel in endeavours they have set out to accomplish. It is this cumulative DNA that defines their success across a wide range of industries - textile manufacturing and trading being a major preoccupation. ‘The Textile Valley’ of the South is a title that is often associated with the region because of its large textile industry.

A glimpse into the future

The future of textile business

World class infrastructure

Texvalley, an integrated wholesale textile trading hub is built on an 18-acre land with 16-lakh square feet dedicated to trading. This iconic development is all set to become Erode’s shiny new textile marketing address.

Giant Open Plazas

Texvalley’s core philosophy is that of a transformational infrastructure designed to take Erode’s economy to a global market and unleash new opportunities for business.

Picturesque woodlands

16 lakh Sq.ft. Trading Centre with state-of-the-art facilites Spacious open-to-sky atriums Ample space for Green Belt and Serene Water bodies International Convention Centre for Textile Shows, Fairs and Expos

An ideal location for growth Erode has the twin advantage of having textile manufacturing and trading within the region. A significant part of the textile products manufactured in a 70km radius of Erode is pushed through its gateways to the retail grids of South India and the rest of India.

Erode’s Trade Gateways 1. Daily Market Gateway

With over 12000 shops, the daily market is an intermediary market dominated by wholesale traders and some manufacturers to a lesser extent. Currently, most of the trade in the daily market trade gateway is done in the heart of Erode across major streets inside the town. The shops in this gateway are primarily family owned and managed for generations.

2. Weekly Market Gateway As the name suggests, the weekly market runs on a weekly rental basis by small and medium sized manufacturers of textiles who sell their products directly. The weekly market gateway has approximately 4500 shops operating out of the old market areas in Erode.

The dawn of a new era in the Indian textile industry In 2009 the ministry of Textiles (Government of India) sanctioned Power Loom Cluster under the Comprehensive Power Loom Cluster Development Scheme in Erode (Tamil Nadu). A diagnostic study was conducted to identify interventions required to take the cluster to the next level. The outcome of this study among other interventions showcased the need for an Integrated Textile Marketing Centre as a primary intervention. Based on a PPP (Public Private Partnership) model, the plan to develop a modern textile trading hub is soon to be realised.

3 Parts of Texvalley




Daily Market

Weekly Market

International Convention Centre

The perfect business address of the future

Where business grows with pride

Transforming Erode into a global textile city

11.5 LAKH SQ. FT.

1 Daily Market The perfect business address of the future With state-of-the-art facilities and highly enabled business support facilities, the Daily Market is a sprawling 11.5 lakh square feet monolith of regular market days. This dedicated trade centre epitomises the very spirit of this region that made Erode the Textile Gateway of the South.



2 Weekly Market Where business grows with pride This vast 4 lakh sq. ft. building is dedicated totally to the weekly traders of the region. The Weekly Market of Texvalley offers a business friendly environment to grow your business comfortably without hassles. Its strategic location and smart design gives a whole new meaning to the weekly shandy textile business of the region.



3 International Convention Centre

Transforming Erode into a Global Textile City A trendy 1 lakh sq.ft. convention centre designed to take Erode to the world, making it a top destination for textile engagements from R&D to industrial co-operation. It will play host to trade fairs, large conferences and fashion shows. True to its title, the International Convention Centre is well resourced to become a major crowd puller for Erode’s Daily and Weekly market players by taking their products to the world.


Do business the modern way

Business works best when everything is in place. This is where Texvalley stands apart. Strategic location and smart design gives a whole new meaning to doing business by balancing new generation amenities with plentiful opportunities to relax and refresh. Here, everything your business requires is available to help you achieve the most ambitious business goals. Planned with green expertise, designed with vision and executed with world class know how, Texvalley creates a stimulating business environment.

Green Features Rain Water Harvesting Use of LED’s to reduce Energy Consumption


Renewable Energy Utilization


Waste Water Recycling through STP


Storm water Management

Green Lawns & Fountains

Building Automation Systems

Serene Water Bodies

CFC-free Refrigeration and HVAC equipment

Seperate Roads and Walkways

Iconic in Design. Greentelligent in Plan Designed to make business a pleasure Texvalley is an impressive creation where structure and materials combine technology with nature. It strikes a perfect balance between being environment friendly and functional. The design is timeless with endless possibilities to reconfigure features around the foundation design even after decades. The Texvalley experience begins the moment you enter the promenade. You will be greeted by three impressive mega structures that are intense business hubs. As you enter the main market building, you will find plazas with information kiosks and activities that present a new dimension in business engagement. The thoughtful design allows you to move quickly from the Daily Market to the Weekly Market simply by walking across the plaza. Intelligent orientation and building depth are optimised to capture a glare-free natural light and reduces heat entering the buildings.

World-class Warehouse Facility Superior facilities. Smarter details. The Texvalley campus has dedicated wide spaces for traders to receive and store their shop samples and immediate shelf inventories. Traders have the option of hiring storage space on a daily, monthly or long-term basis. Common packaging facilities and RFID technology for storage and retrieval of goods are some of the facilities on offer at Texvalley’s large warehouse.

Incomparable in vision. Impressive in style. Everything your business needs to thrive Texvalley is all set to become the new landmark of business in South India and definitely the most sought after textile trading destination in the region. Your business here will enjoy the benefit of being in a strategically planned location with unmatched accessibility, convenience, and proximity to all important destinations. The Texvalley experience is further enhanced with thoughtful features for your recreational activities, fine dining options as well as retail establishments for your convenience. It’s all right here – Perfectly located in the fast developing Gangapuram area of Erode Corporation... World-class amenities, meticulously planned architecture, flexible shop options for running your businesses, superior business facilities, and above all, an entirely business-friendly environment.

Features to find...

Texvalley Transport

24x7 Services

Texvalley has a fleet of buses and vehicles for convenient transportation of traders and buyers from all major points in Erode and its surroundings. Shuttle services will regularly ply between Erode to Texvalley throughout the day.

Everything from uninterrupted power and water supply to Security and Emergency services like the on-campus medical response team is available in Texvalley round the clock. Operating a business here is not just safe, but also stable and hassle free.

Banks & ATMs The banking infrastructure within Texvalley enables a secure means to conduct business transactions. Banks and ATMs are located at convenient points offering a safe means to handle cash transactions within the secure premises of Texvalley.

Premium Business Lounge The premium lounge serves shop owners and visitors who hold Platinum Cards. This exclusive space allows patrons to conduct business meetings or to simply relax and unwind within its luxurious confines.

Ample Parking


Ample Parking makes business within the campus convenient and accessible for all.

Texvalley provides a short term Dormitory arrangement that allows a person to utilise the facility for a few hours at a stretch on a “pay and use� basis.

More features for business convenience Packed with lifestyle features. Exceptional in choices. Business Center

Food & Dining

An exclusive Business Center with spacious meeting rooms and conference rooms well appointed with hi-speed internet and telecom facilities which provide the added advantage of administrative and secretarial services. The business centre offers a “use and pay” option for shop owners and their privileged clients only.

Multi–Cuisine Food Courts, Gourmet Restaurants, Cafes, Tea Lounges and Staff Canteens offering a wide array of food and beverages are available to satisfy a diverse set of patrons.

Locker Rooms Texvalley has ample locker room facilities for the requirement of buyers for short term use. The locker room option is available for weekly market visitors as well.

Other Features Superior signage systems and high tech Information Touch Screens make it simple to find products and traders with ease. The market buildings have separate lifts for goods and people.

Fitness & Games For a person who puts in long hours of hard work, the opportunity to stay fit takes the first hit. Texvalley makes the process of finding the time and place to stay healthy with an indoor fitness and games facility for trades and visiting buyers.

Crèche & Ladies Restrooms The rest rooms for women employees aims at providing comfort for working women. The child-friendly Crèche available at Texvalley will take care of your toddlers and will be managed by trained personnel.

More services for powering business Marketing


Logistics Support

Sales Assistance

Texvalley will conduct high-octane marketing campaigns using traditional, online, as well as social media marketing. This will positively impact your business with superior status, higher footfalls, and a massive global recognition.

Transporting goods to and from Texvalley will be fast and convenient with booking counters of major transporters at various locations. The on-campus logistics support system makes it simpler for buyers to buy and ship their products anywhere in India & abroad.

International Trade Fairs & Business Conventions

Texvalley will play a proactive role in promoting textile firms operating out of its premises through events, fairs, conventions, and fashion shows to encourage interactions between buyers and sellers.

Texvalley will leverage the strength of numbers to facilitate procurement of material and capital items at special rates from suppliers across the globe. Technical consulting will be offered to take advantage of this database of suppliers alongside other expertise in areas relating to government assistance.

Texvalley will have a team of sales assistants who will be available at various locations to assist visitors in finding the right zone. This will help customers looking for your product find you sooner.

Quick Response Team

A Quick Response Team is available within the campus to attend to any health emergencies. The QRTs are further supported by an infirmary that will be managed by qualified doctors and paramedics. Texvalley uses a single Emergency Care number to make access faster and easier.


Texvalley has an Integrated Security Management System to offer a safe and secure environment for traders and visitors. The Security System monitors and quickly tracks any irregularity and takes immediate remedial as well as safety precautions within the levels of the facility.

5 good reasons to move to Texvalley Texvalley is poised to make Erode’s Daily & Weekly Markets into one of the top textile destinations in the world.



Your stable long – term business plan

A business worthy of the next generation

Rest assured. Your business is located in a trading centre that is backed by the Ministry of Textiles and state government bodies. The immense planning that has gone into developing Texvalley ensures that your business will flourish well in to the future. Business is sure to grow faster, thrive better, and compete well backed by such an assured, stable, and sustainable environment.

Texvalley is undoubtedly the one future perfect business address that will make the younger generation proud and help carry on the legacy of your family business. Operating your business out of this world–class location will bridge the age gap and provide credible incentives for the younger generation to thrive.

3 New opportunities to grow business Texvalley world-class infrastructure, building and shop interiors, facilities and features will automatically draw new business and growth opportunities. It is a business fact that large systems attract large footfalls, in turn attracting new customers to where the price and product options are the best. Take your business global with this iconic market of the South.

4 Empower your business

Your ability to turn your hard work into business and profits is only as good as the infrastructure that supports you. Realise your full potential by running your business at a trading centre that is enabled with the best of business technologies, resources, and technologydriven systems aligned with your business vision and goals. Increase your competitive quotient with a system that helps you compete on an equal footing with the largest players in the market. Moving your business to Texvalley will be the ultimate game changer.

5 Build your brand & get more visibility Texvalley as a branded destination for textile trading puts you way ahead of the rest in the market place. Generally speaking, it takes a lot to become a brand, hence the locations of your business within Texvalley gives it the scope and platform to get a headstart in becoming a brand to reckon with.

Convenient ShopLocator Features Shop visibility is ensured wherever you are located because of a zone-based orientation of shops for ease and convenience in locating. Your shop in Texvalley will be located within a zone that is specific to the product mix you deal with, thereby making it easier to find for your patrons.

With a large numbers of buyers coming to Texvalley from all over India and overseas, Texvalley’s organized trade environment and scientific approach to zoning will ensure that your customers are able to locate your shop easily.

Multi Product Zone Men

Lungi, Dhoti, Shirts, Shirting fabrics, Shorts


Sarees, Churidhars, Dress Materials, Petticoats and Night Dresses

Kids Wear

A wide range of western as well as traditional outfits for boys and girls of all ages.

Single Product Zone Lungi Dhoti Fabrics Bed Sheet Towels Kerchiefs Men’s Garments Ladies Garments

Home Furnishings Upholstery Bedroom coordinates Bathroom coordinates Made ups

Accessories Kerchiefs Scarves Ties and others

Daily Market Own Your Future

South India’s largest Trading Centre. Erode’s futuristic market place with ultra–modern infrastructure and superior facilities to grow your business.

More choices in shop spaces. Flexible plans. Make an informed decision to get the best value for your investment. Standard shop sizes begin from 210 square feet with the option to expand based on your unique requirements.

Multiple Shop Options Air –Conditioned Shops Attractive False Ceiling Quality Floor Tiles Toughened Glass Partition and Doors Display Lightings Unique Signage Smoke Detectors & Sprinklers Direction Finders Information Kiosks Lifts & Escalators

Weekly Market Shops

Live your dream... The largest Weekly Market in South India Complete business support for growth More facilities to enjoy doing business

Affordable rental options. World class environment. Texvalley Weekly Market is where dream of having your own space in a modern environment will be realized. It is where all the years of hard work will bear fruit right from providing you with modern comforts and unique facilities to deliver top quality inside marketing and sales support with a hassle-free approach.

International Convention Centre

Transforming Erode into a global textile city The International Convention Centre is a state-of-the-art 1-lakh square feet building with a basement and two floors designed with the sole aim of turning Texvalley into a much sought-after destination for Textile engagements playing host to international conference, trade fairs, fashion shows, business meets, and industrial cooperation. True to its title, the International Convention Centre is well resourced to play this role for the two prominent gateways of Erode.

Convention Centre Features • • • • •

Expo hall Banks Banquet Halls Conference Halls Business Centres

Events and Activities • • • • • • • •

Domestic and International Trade Fairs Erode Regional Trade Shows Textile Machinery Fair Accessories and Embellishment Show Annual Sales Festivals Annual Erode Textile and Fashion Show Textile Innovation Show Buyer – Seller Meet : Domestic and Overseas

Conventions • Sustainable Production • Technical Textiles • Environmental Management

by ERODE TEXTILE MALL LTD A Special Purpose Vehicle established under Comprehensive Power loom Cluster Development Scheme of Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India and supported by Govt of Tamilnadu.

The Board The Board and top management comprise seasoned business professionals from Erode with a good grasp of the region and the cultural nuances of doing business here. They have successfully steered their companies to reach lucrative milestones and have a vast experience. Passionate as they are about the growth of the region, they have come together to lead one of corporate India’s most ambitious ventures in the space of building transformational infrastructures for B2B trading systems.


Supported by:

Promoted by:

Bankers :

P. Periyaswamy

C. Devarajan

P. Periyaswamy is the Managing Director of Lotus Group, a six decade old company having 500 crore turnover in the region and enjoys a significant presence in Logistics, Automobiles, Textiles, Infrastructure, and Retails.

C. Devarajan is the Managing Director of URC construction, a 57 year old 750 Cr Construction company having operations across the country. He is also CMD of URC InfoTech, which has operations in US, Malaysia, Middle East and Indonesia.

Managing Director

Vice Chairman

P. Raajashekar Managing Director

E.P. Kumar Director

S. Palanisamy Director

The Team CONSULTANTS & ASSOCIATES C. S. Architects Pvt Ltd

– Cluster Management & Technical Agency empanelled by Ministry of Textile Govt of India.

C. S. Projects India Pvt Ltd – Project Management Consultant to SPV

“Erode Textile Mall Ltd” , responsible for implementing the project from concept to commissioning.

URC Constructions Pvt Ltd – A reputed Civil and Electrical contractor, established their foot print in renowned landmarks of the Country.

Mithran Structures – L.S. Jayagopal – Renowned structural

Engineer in Asia with a proven record of developing various land mark projects in India.

Madhi Architectural Designs – Form and Façade Consultant who came

up with an elevation that has put the entire facility in a league of its own.

Tri Tech Corporation

– Provided the Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Engineering consulting for the project. Mr. Bijo K John heads this firm with rich experience in the retail and mall category.

Sixth Sense Architects

completing floor plans.

– Technical consultants in supporting and

Creative Group – Provided concepts and inputs in designing the project. Address Architecture – Associate Consultant for Interior designing. ASHMII – Interior and Exterior Technical associate.

Sky Scrapper – Associate in Facade Technology and Detailed Engineering Ravi Associates – Mr. Ravikumar is a landscape consultant of repute whose vision for the project helped turn a simple landscape into a green paradise.

Hydra Consulting Services – A management consulting firm that is instrumental in setting the marketing, communication and sales strategy.

KSR & Co – Dr. K.S. Ravichandran, a leading luminary in the field of company

secretaryship has been guiding Texvalley in adopting a corporate structure and engagement model that would benefit the traders and the investors of Texvalley.

Purplehat Advertising – A brand consulting and design firm that has helped shape brand Texvalley. Purplehat provides all marketing communication as well as strategic communication inputs.

Signatures Designs & Communications Pvt. Ltd. - A design firm working across a broad spectrum of projects covering branding, digital and print, have conceptualized and designed this iconic marketing brochure for Texvalley that will add an edge to the brand Texvalley. Hitech Universal Printers and Publishers

– A new age innovative company making their presence felt worldwide, unveiling never before possibilities in printing and packaging, has partnered with Texvalley in printing this iconic profile.


To transform the region into a thriving textile marketing hub by doing business with a whole new perspective..


Highlight Erode as the destination of choice for textile trading. Revolutionising business practices in the region by leveraging inherent resources. Unparalleled commitment and maximum value to shareholders and tenants alike. Enriching people’s lives by providing modern and distinctive environments.

REACHING TEXVALLEY NEAREST RAILWAY STATION Erode Junction Distance – 14 Kms NEAREST BUS STAND Erode Bus Stand Distance – 12 Kms NEAREST AIRPORT Coimbatore Distance – 75Km

GET IN TOUCH OUR TOLL FREE DEDICATED LINE 1800 42 555 555 REGISTERED OFFICE Erode Textile Mall Ltd 37.1st Floor, Lotus Building, Sathy Road, Erode – 638003 Tamil Nadu, India Phone : +91-424-4560107 Fax : +91-424-4560109 PROJECT OFFICE NH 47, Salem – Coimbatore Highway, Near Chithode, Gangapuram Post Erode – 638 102 Tamil Nadu, India Phone : +91-424-2536200

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