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"Shopping in a planet friendly way" Eco Fashion

Article Abstract:

Global apparel industry is driven by the consumer’s preferences towards ethical lifestyle. They are emotionally influenced by environmental concerns, and demand ethical practices be followed in apparel making. This is a trend that is picking up speed. Apparels made from organic fibres, organic cotton, and by adopting manufacturing process that does not harm the environment, or living beings are considered important. Along with this, they also prefer their eco-friendly Clothing to be garnished with some fashion elements. Consumers of North America are more interested towards green lifestyle comparatively over the European consumers. With more new brands springing up in the British market, shoppers therein are showing increasing interest towards the trend. To play their part, US has initiated a two year pilot project of introducing Fair Trade certified apparel and home textiles. This gives a guarantee to the shoppers that the garment in manufactured in safe working conditions. "Subscribe to your Premium Articles"

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Shopping in a planet friendly way Eco Fashion