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Cotton outlook: potential applications of the King Fibre

Article Abstract: Cotton plant has numerous applications useful to mankind. Apart from its fibre that are used for making fabrics, linters of the plant provide cellulose, which is used in making furniture padding, paper etc. Cotton seeds are used for oil extraction, which is even used later on as animal feed or fertilizer. Slender stalks of the plant are used to enrich the soil. Such is the versatility of the plant. Even after the numerous profitable applications, there are still amazing options; that are gradually revealing. Researches are being conducted to further utilize cotton plant and its components. A recent research report states that on an average, 450 million pairs of jeans are purchased every year (Source: Each pair of jeans approximately weight around one kg. Used jeans can be recycled, and the resulting cotton has useful applications as an insulation material. Raw cotton fabric is used as decontamination wipes. Cotton threads are given special properties through nanotechnology, which is used to make garment that can monitor heart beats.

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Cotton outlook potential applications of the King Fibre