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Can Counterfeiting be beneficial for Brands? a third dimension on Brand Piracy­article/paidArticles/3082.asp

Article Abstract: Many   companies   in   North   America   and   EU   off­shore   their   operations   to  Asian countries. Here, anti­counterfeiting laws are not very strong; generally.  Brands are imitated at these places, as profits are more, and even if they come  under legal issues, the resulting penalties are mild. Habitually, a local label is  added to the faked goods to give it an impression of the original product.  

regarding his product. 

Despite all   the   arguments’   against   the   practice,   still   a   positive   viewpoint  states that, counterfeiting is not always negative, and if  fashion brand  are  vigilant enough, then the same can be manipulated to leverage the growth of  the brand image. Piracy can give a new and stronger market access to brands.  They provide a benchmark about the health of the brand, by compelling the  manufacturer of the original brand to protect, and bring out new innovations 

Most of the consumers buy counterfeited goods with the understanding that it is a fake. This implies their desire to posses a   branded item, to project the same image the brand is attempting to create through promotions, and publicity. Learn More about Can Counterfeiting be beneficial for Brands? a third dimension on 

Brand Piracy @ Fibre2fashion

Can Counterfeiting be beneficial for Brands a third dimension on Brand Piracy  

Can Counterfeiting be beneficial for Brands a third dimension on Brand PiracyCan Counterfeiting be beneficial for Brands a third dimension o...

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