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Asian PTA industry on a roller coaster ride:Forecasts for 2013

Article Abstract:

In 2007, global consumption of PTA was 37 million tons. It is estimated to grow at 6% per annum and reach more than 50.5 million tons by the end of 2012. The industry is currently facing surplus capacity. Massive capacity expansion in China and capacity additions in the polyester industry fuels the growth of PTA industry. Textile industry consumes huge volume of polyester, and PTA is used in making polyester fibre. Increase in the price of PTA has simultaneously increased the price of Polyester Staple Fibres (PSF). Capacity utilization of PTA depends on the downstream growth of polyester industry, especially in the textile industry. Polyester fibres constitute a big share in the global output, and PTA is primarily used in making polyester fibres. Global recession has stopped new projects and investments. With gradual recovery in the Asian markets during 2009 and 2010, fresh investments are expected. Asian producers will attempt to strengthen their competitive advantage. "Subscribe to your Premium Articles"

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Asian PTA industry on a roller coaster ride Forecasts for 2013