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Apparel sector gets the jitter of rising cotton prices article/31/3023/apparel- sector- getsthe-jitter- of-rising-cotton-prices1.asp

Article Abstract: Cotton prices have marched to a 15 year high since 1995. Natural disasters in the major cotton producing countries, and an increasing demand for cotton have boosted the prices. Prices increased 55% during the past year, and consequently; other costs relating to cotton are also on the rise. Prices of apparel too, cannot escape the clutch. Consumers, as a result will have to pay a higher price for their apparels during this festive season. Apparel retailers would try to shift the price increase by adding a little more on the prices of their apparels. Discount fashion retailers will be more affected due to their low profit margins. They will have to keep their ‘low price credential’, by selling more quantities for lower profit margins. Read More about Apparel sector gets the jitter of rising cotton prices @ Fibre2fashion

Apparel sector gets the jitter of rising cotton prices