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Roadmap Elements

Last Updated Monday, 26 October 2009 15:12

The Capital Projects Technology Roadmap is divided into nine critical element areas listed below and depicted in the vision diagram. Each element area is comprised of a detailed, tactical plan for achieving the overall vision. Earlier in the decade, teams of motivated technical experts from all stakeholder constituencies developed the tactical plans for each of the nine element areas. These plans do not, even at this stage, represent everything that must be done. The plans are dynamic; new projects will be added and modifications made as progress is made. In all cases, the tactical plans focus on a migration strategy - delivering value now, while moving directly to realize the vision of a totally integrated capital projects environment. Each of the elements are led by an industry champion(s) who volunteers on an annual basis to manage the review, maintenance and expansion of their element area of the Roadmap as well as recommend to FIATECH which research and project work should be prioritized for the coming year. This is submitted for approval to the FIATECH Board of Directors. 1. Planning 4. New Materials, Methods, & Equipment 2. Workforce & Training



3. Mgmt & Controls

Procurement & Supply Network



Operations & Maintenance 6.



Lifecycle Data Management & Information Integration



Roadmap Elements

Last Updated Monday, 26 October 2009 15:12


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