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Streamlining Valve Selection: GVCC Delivers‌ November 2006


Global Valve Cross-reference eCatalog (GVCC)


A FIATECH project in cooperation with PIP to MAKE IT EASY to select the RIGHT valve for the RIGHT purpose

Global Valve Cross-reference eCatalog (GVCC)

A FIATECH project in cooperation with PIP to make it easy to select the right valve


Agenda • • • • • • • • FIATECH

The need for GVCC Benefits, Opportunity, Objectives Demonstration of GVCC project software Questions and discussion GVCC project sponsors Call for Sponsors Next Steps Contact Information

NEED for GVCC A way to quickly verify that a valve is technically suitable for service • Supplier and purchaser engineers verify valve details manually • Correct valve materials, trim, etc are CRITICAL • Can take hours to verify several valves


BENEFITS: Work Process Sample Valve Order 20 Different Types of Valves

Existing Process – Manual Research to Validate Valves Submitted

Place Order

Receive Quotes

Manual Technical Evaluation 4 Valve Manufacturers Approx. 2 hours/valve type Or 20 x 2 = 40 hours

Select Valves that meet Technical Requirements

Proposed Process – Using Online Valve n Matcher in Catalog System Place Order


Receive Quotes

io ion t c t u a d r Automatic Technical e u R D Evaluation 95% r and o 4 Valve Manufacturers b a Approx. L 2 hours total

2 hours per TYPE of valve is conservative. Researching Manufacturer sites and information can be time consuming

Select Valves that meet Technical Requirements

End User Request Valve Quotation

95% of Valve Quotes Require Clarification

Quotation sent to Distributor

Distributor sends to Manufacture

Manufacture review Valve Specification


Manufacture need clarification

Send Clarification back to Distributor


Manufacture Quotes Distributors send back to contractor Distributor send back to manufacture Contractor send back to engineer Engineer send back to Distributor Engineer makes decision or forwards to End User

Decsision made


Send back to contractor

Opportunity Verification required for bid proposal and evaluation • Valve specifications must be independently reviewed.

PIP has extensive reference valve catalog • Available in Microsoft Word • Requires a valve engineer to interpret


Opportunity FIATECH has computer-interpretable format • Automating Equipment info eXchange (AEX) • EXtensible Markup Language (XML) format • Internet standard text file format for structured data


Objective: Online Valve Matching PIP valve catalog characteristics expressed in XML become the comparison basis for any catalog Suppliers load their valve characteristics and equivalents mapped to PIP standard valves • Supplier/Manufacturer number mapped to PIP number Owners/Contractors load their valve characteristics and equivalents, mapped to PIP standard valves • Internal number mapped to PIP number


Objective: Online Valve Matching Everyone uses their preferred catalog numbers • Electronically cross-reference to anyone else as needed Automated comparison of valve numbers & characteristics • Technical approach works for standard and nonstandard valves


“Valve Matcher� Prototype Supplier Valve Catalog (Most users)

Valve Matcher Validate valve equivalents Report available valves Review specifications Access supplier technical data FIATECH

(Only a few users) PIP Valve Catalog Internal Valve Catalog

Valve Editor Add or update MY valve catalog Review valve equivalents Record internal matches & verifications Specify links to technical data

Benefits: Work Process

95% reduction in labor and duration‌ 95%..!


Demonstration of GVCC Project Software


Valve Catalog Entry Editor.

Valve Matcher.

Alar Engineering Software Inc.


Prime software development contractor to FIATECH for GVCC, contributor to FIATECH AEX, designer of cfiXML

Rurik Turton, MSc, BEng, Founder & President, over 22 years experience in software development

Specializing in data analysis, application integration, data exchange software and electronic datasheets for the Oil & Gas and Engineering industries

Clients include: AspenTech, BP, Bechtel, FIATECH, NIST, PetroCanada

Valve Catalog Entry Editor


Microsoft Excel look and feel using fields

Easy to learn

Instantaneous validation

Extensive selection options

Valve Matcher


Microsoft Excel based search utility

Catalog selection options

Offering up to 10 search criteria fields

Ability to transfer selected match values to Valve Catalog Entry Editor

Questions and Discussion


Sponsor Companies • • • • • • • • • FIATECH

Aramco Services Arkema AVEVA BE&K Bonney Forge Burns & McDonnell Chevron Degussa FMC

• • • • • • • • •

Honeywell/UOP Huntsman Intergraph The Newdell Company REC Group Rohm & Haas S&B Engineering & Constructors Sunbelt Supply Sunoco

Call for Sponsors… • • • • • • FIATECH

$15K shortfall against original budget of $60K – failed to realize estimated # of sponsors <$15K project over-run estimated as well Need $30K in sponsorship to achieve minimum acceptable functionality Need additional $30K to realize web-based vision – $60K total requirement (thru phase 3) Thru 2006, only $5K gets your company in..! – only 12 sponsors needed(!) Ladies & Gentlemen; your checkbooks, please…

Next Steps… • • • • •


Secure Sponsorship (funding) Complete Phase 2; ~2calendar months – Valve Editor, XML PIP Catalog, Valve Matcher, Report Function, Update Service Complete Phase 3; ~4 calendar months – Web-Site, Web-Based Services Establish Training, Support, & Maintenance Operating Models & Capabilities Gold (product) Release, plan the next (control valves, pumps, heat exchangers, …)

Contacts Jim Macek, Technical Program Mgr., FIATECH (512) 327-8960 (CST) ----------------------------------Rurik Turton, President, Alar Engineering Software Inc. (403) 278-8424 (MST)



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